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    Good evening all! Most of you won’t be surprised that today’s post is so late in the day, because I mentioned recently the Wednesday updates were going to be changed soon. I’m currently leaning towards Thursday or Friday, but a final official decision has not been made. For this week, the Briefing will be Friday morning. Or sooner, if events warrant. We’re on the cusp of a good number of significant possibilities, so I’m not ruling anything out. Talk to you Friday morning at the latest. Be well, and GO RVVVVV!!!! - Adam P.S. This was a quick post, but we have some REAL good news coming soon. I can't wait. CAN NOT WAIT! To share more of what is lurking just round the corner for us! Good things come to those that wait, and it's looking like we've all waited about long enough... things are coming for us. More on that soon. *** update: The Friday morning post I mentioned above can now be found here:
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    Urgent : The next stage will witness great economic openness on the regional and global environment Date of release: 2019/1/31 14:16 • 172 times read[/ (Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Prime Minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, said that "the next stage will witness great economic openness to the regional and global environment." A statement by the Office of the First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of Abdul Mahdi said during a meeting with First Deputy Speaker Hassan al-Kaabi, that "within two days will be implemented an important agreement with Jordan on the export of oil and open the port of Trebil, and this will provide thousands of opportunities Work in transport and service delivery ". Abdul-Mahdi and al-Kaabi also discussed a number of bills referred to the House of Representatives with the aim of legislating them at the beginning of the next legislative term, as well as the laws that were passed back to the government for the purpose of modifying them to suit the current direction of the government. The follow-up deputies to their control in the ministries and the need to facilitate the mechanism of entry to the headquarters of government. " "The three legislative, executive and judicial authorities should cooperate and coordinate among themselves to draw up mechanisms capable of treating poor performance in the previous stage, which resulted in accumulations in all sectors affecting the type of services provided to citizens," al-Kaabi said. The two sides discussed "the most important items that were added to the law of the general budget 2019, and is likely to arrive in less than two days to the government and the Presidency of the Republic for ratification and start to apply." Al-Kaabi said that "most of the items added are subject to the availability of financial wealth." The two sides touched on the importance of holding provincial council elections at the time it was agreed with the Independent Electoral Commission on 16/11/2019, and the urgent need to amend the law of council elections. They also discussed the security situation of the capital Baghdad and the positive step taken by the government to reopen all areas and remove the concrete barriers, and the need to pay attention to the entrances of Baghdad, which suffers from overcrowding and lack of interest. And al-Kaabi, that "there are additional allocations in the budget for this file, and the next phase will witness positive changes will be touched by the Iraqi citizen, and also the project of the neighborhood of waiting for more than 20 thousand families Baghdadiya." Al-Kaabi called on the government to issue instructions regarding the opening of the university graduates who are not appointed as lecturers in the evening evening study, and prevent the teachers from studying in the evening because they will provide more than 20 thousand jobs for those holding certificates. To pay attention to the Iraqi scientific complex as a facade of the country's scientific facades. "
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    There Are Some Telltale Signs That Davis Is Out Streaking !
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    It when you see stuff like this you have to think: just get the RV done, get our troops out and let this place go up in smoke. Totally ungrateful group of people. Every time they open their months it sounds like they did this on their own.
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    Now if they could just match currencies a bit closer in value!
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    That's cool Brother A. Just got one thing for ya up there in Wisconsin
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    Adam must of got the 1800 numbers 😂😂. Cheers Adam 👍👍
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    Thank You For Withholding Comment UNTIL Warranted, Adam, AND The Very Best Of The Rest Of Your Week To You AND Your Up Coming Weekend!!! In The Mean Time............................................................................................... Could You have a KNOWLEDGEABLE Woman that knows what's REALLY going on give us HER rendition of what is REALLY going on???!!! AND (of course)..................................................................................................... Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY, READY WHEN YOU ARE BROTHER (OR SISTER) - LET 'ER BUCK!!!)!!!
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    Maysan calls on the central bank to increase the share of Maysan of the small currencyميسان-تطالب-البنك-المركزي-بزيادة-حصة-م/ 29th January, 2019 (Independent) / Ali Qasim al-Kaabi / .. A member of the provincial council of Maysan, and the Chairman of the Committee of Trade and Finance Laila Hamid Al-Dhahibawi Iraqi Central Bank Branch Basra need to solve the problem of small currency ("scrap") in Maysan "This demand came after many complaints from citizens about the absence of a crack in the market," Al-Dhahibawi told Al-Mustaqbal newspaper. "This led to an increase in the citizen's suffering in dealing with the market for the importance of this currency. She stressed that the bank should increase the share of Maysan province of small currency (scrap)
  11. 5 points Thanks Adam but did you have to use the word SOON!!!!! Haha
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    Unbelievable Robert Mueller incompetence. With all the KNOWN Russian hacking, whether public or not, Mueller is NOW claiming HIS investigation to be a victim of precautions HE did not take???!!! What will the 1,000 hacked pages identify???!!! NOTHING to be found for The True The United States Of America Patriot President Donald J Trump collusion with the Russians resulting in The True The United States Of America Patriot President Donald J Trump being elected as President BECAUSE of the Russians???!!! NOW Robert Mueller is ATTEMPTING to appeal to the sentiments of The United States Of America Citizens before HIS whacked probe concludes with NOTHING claiming HE (Robert Mueller) is a victim???!!! The Guardian News none the less. Russians leaked Mueller investigation evidence online, prosecutors say Jon Swaine 50 mins ago © AFP/Getty Images Mueller’s court filing on Wednesday said the names and structure of folders containing the leaked files matched those used by Mueller’s office when it shared the data. Evidence gathered by Robert Mueller, the special counsel, was obtained by Russians and leaked online in an attempt to discredit his inquiry into Moscow’s interference in US politics, prosecutors said on Wednesday. A court filing by Mueller’s office said more than 1,000 files that it shared confidentially with attorneys for indicted Russian hackers later appeared to have been uploaded to a filesharing site and promoted by a Twitter account. “We’ve got access to the Special Counsel Mueller’s probe database as we hacked Russian server with info from the Russian troll case,” a tweet from the account said. “You can view all the files Mueller had about the IRA and Russian collusion. Enjoy the reading!” The tweet was posted in October last year by the account @HackingRedstone, according to the filing. A reporter was also offered leaked material via a direct message the same day. The account has since been removed from Twitter. Mueller’s court filing on Wednesday said the names and structure of folders containing the leaked files matched those used by Mueller’s office when it shared the data, and that these had not been made public. The prosecutors said the filesharing site had confirmed to the FBI that the account which posted the material was registered from an IP address – an identifier for devices connected to the internet – in Russia. FBI investigators had found no evidence that government servers holding the data had been hacked, according to Mueller’s team, pointing instead to a leak on the Russian side. Mueller disclosed the leak in a filing as part of his prosecution of Concord Management and Consulting, a Russian company that allegedly funded hacking operations by Russia’s notorious Internet Research Agency (IRA). The filing argued that attorneys for Concord should not be given access to “sensitive” evidence gathered by Mueller’s team for the case. It said: “The person who created the webpage used their knowledge of the non-sensitive discovery to make it appear as though the irrelevant files contained on the webpage were the sum total evidence of ‘IRA and Russian collusion’ gathered by law enforcement in this matter in an apparent effort to discredit the investigation.”
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    Yep! IndraMan, AND The Very Best Of The Rest Of Your Week AND Up Coming Weekend To You!!! Talk about egg ALL OVER Robert Mueller NOW!!! Not ONLY is the Trump/Russia Collusion PROVEN beyond a doubt NOW to be a Witch Hunt AND Farce BUT ALSO THIS Special Investigation will GO DOWN in flames AND be the laughing stock in the History books FOREVER!!! Buh Bye Robert Mueller - See Ya, Wouldn't Want To Be Ya!!!
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    Muller probably left his private server at home open for hackers and now is going to blame it on Prez. Trump and the russians, so need to investigate this too.
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    So let me get this straight...the Russians hacked the Mueller Trump-Russia Collusion Investigation and posted documents to show that the Mueller Trump-Russia Collusion Investigation has no evidence to prove any Collusion of any kind? Indy
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    Thanks Adam, sure sounds like something is Brewing in dinar land! Can I retire soon?😉
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    Well this could be a turning point for Mahdi. If he does give this information out, well I'm sure the Don will giving Mahdi a few choice words. If anything happens I"m sure the Don will be sending more troops in. This stooge Taqi is an Insainian puppet and is only looking for info to send to Iran. So let's see how this plays out. I'm sure the Don is fully aware of what is going on with this. SR
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    I like your thinking 10 ! After a 12hr grueling day you made me smile ! Ain't that the damn truth..... there's one thing I like about being 61 years old is that we call it like it really is. If the rest of use my contractor around here live long enough...they won't see things the same way!
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    Evil Democratic Socialists LITERALLY want to MURDER BABIES now.
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    Planning: Launch of the Social Fund for Development with an initial capital of 300 million dollars Planning: Launch of the Social Fund for Development with an initial capital of 300 million dollars 30/01/2019 06:16 PM | Number of readings: Planning: Launch of the Social Fund for Development with an initial capital of 300 million dollars He announced the Minister of Planning Dr. Nuri Sabah al - Dulaimi on Wednesday, the launch of the Social Fund for the development of business, with an initial capital of $ 300 million, in partnership with civil society organizations, with the support of the World Bank, to support the ministry 's strategic plans for poverty alleviation. Dr. Nouri al-Dulaimi said during the press conference held at the ministry's headquarters that the fund will start its work based on the results of the rural development survey in three governorates as the first stage, Muthana as the poorest and Salahuddin as the most affected and poor in the rural areas. Which received large numbers of displaced persons. The Minister of Planning said four provinces will be included In the second year of the work of the Fund, provided that all governorates are covered in the third year, noting that the Social Fund for Development will support the direct services of citizens, primarily education, health, job creation and youth capacity building. Pointing out that the ministry was able to obtain the World Bank's support without any benefits, calling on all international donors to increase support for government strategic plans, to provide the best services to citizens, and improve their standard of living, stressing the selection of executive elements with experience and experience, and follow-up performance and results directly . Dr. Nuri al-Dulaimi pointed to the importance of the optimal guidance for this support, and not to diverge as it was in the past. This dispersion has returned to one of the factors affecting the increase of poverty and unemployment in Iraq, stressing that this is what prompted the ministry to search for effective solutions, The idea of establishing the Social Fund for Development.


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