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    I don’t know if it’s the extreme cold up north or the fact Adam can’t wait to tell us something huge tomorrow morning.....but either way I’m pretty sure I just pee’d in my pants a little 😳
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    Thanks Adam and Sunday is almost here. 😉 😉 Call any hour PA LEASE
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    Can't wait to hear the latest news from someone you can trust.
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    My cousin has 2 tickets for the 2019 SUPER BOWL, both box seats. He paid $2,500 for each ticket, but he didn't realize last year when he bought them, it was going to be the same day as his wedding. If you are interested, he is looking for someone to take his place...It's at the Church of Christ, in Beaumont at 3pm. Her name is Milli T. Gonzalez. she is 5'1, about 140lbs, she's a good cook too...She'll be the one in the white dress. GO RAMS!
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    Iraq's Planning Min. starts national strategy to alleviate poverty Iraq's Minister of Planning Nouri al-Dulaimi directed launching the mission of the executive management of a national strategy to alleviate poverty in Diyala province, a statement by the ministry said. During his meeting with the head of the Diyala Provincial Council Ali al-Daini, and Diyala MP Nahida al-Daini on Thursday, Dulaimi affirmed the importance of unifying efforts to ensure improving effective services to citizens during the current year. "Among the ministry's priorities is to empower the [low] and middle-class [citizens], provide them with basic services, improve their standard of living, and ensure the sustainability of their income," Dulaimi said, pointing to the importance of providing low-cost housing units, the statement read.
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    Adam, Truly appreciate all you & your staff bring to us "SUPER DV MEMBERS" GO RV / RI ALWAYS KEEPING THE FAITH!!!!!
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    I believe your drawers will stand on their out outdoors. 😂😂
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    Just give the people a real currency. All that oil money and people are starving. What a waste.
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    Again, multiple Countries, the World Bank etc are assisting in rebuilding the country and giving loans...Get it together GOI! These Countries know something that we don't...I just want this to be over so I can tell people "I told ya so" because no one listens to me when talk about the potential Iraq has.
  11. 3 pointsالحكيم-وعبد-المهدي-يشددان-على-وضع-الحلول-لمعالجة-الخدمات-ومكافحة-الفساد 2019/01/31 20:29 Hakim and Abdul-Mahdi emphasize the development of solutions to address services and fight corruption BAGHDAD / The leader of the Reform and Reconstruction Coalition, Ammar al-Hakim, and the Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, on Thursday, 31 January 2019, to develop solutions to address services and fight corruption. Al-Hakim said in a statement that "during our meeting with Adel Abdul-Mahdi, Prime Minister, we discussed the latest political developments and government cabins and service and development projects and the implementation of the government program." "We also reiterated our support for his government, stressing the importance of taking into consideration the priorities as the services and the fight against corruption are urgent issues. "We also stressed the need for cooperation between the government and the House of Representatives to pass important laws, especially laws that touch the need of people and the structure of the political system of the Iraqi state." He explained that he called for "community-based remedies that invest the state of harmony and political tranquility and the universalization of the democratic political system to go to a societal reconciliation capable of immunizing society."
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    yes they will cause it'll be a birthday to remember if i get to go cash in Monday 😁
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    I really don't know what to say here. To actually be so paranoid as a think that the Russians are involved in everything in American politics is beyond belief. Furthermore, if Mueller had evidence of Russian interference in his business, don't run your mouth bring it out in the public. He doesn't have it because it doesn't exist and if it did exist it would show just how pathetic and investigator he is.
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    In Australia Nannab it's Friday already ... So if your waiting for Sunday I'll have to wait till Monday 😃
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    Nah Putin wouldn't spy or interfere… He's a nice guy... You can trust him. B/A
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    I DARE anyone who believes in abortion at any point after conception to listen to this abortion doctor. Own it, this is abortion.
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    So @Shabibilicious earlier today you define Donald Trump as evil. I'm curious how do you define this?
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    PARANOID!? Deep State paranoia?....or just regular level paranoia? GO RV, then BV
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    If only these people new the meaning of the words urgent accelerate or implementation! Thank ya 6ly10
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    You're not a big fan of our 3 separate but equal branches of government, eh?.......Banana Republics feel that way, as well, and they're always quick to use the military to play the martial law card, too. GO RV, then BV
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    Parliamentary Finance: a week after its adoption .. Surprise in the budget of 2019 31/01/2019 09:37 PM | Number of readings: Parliamentary Finance: a week after its adoption .. Surprise in the budget of 2019 A member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Sherwan Mirza; on Thursday; a "surprise" for the lack of preparation of the House of Representatives the final text of the law of the general budget after: and not sent to the Presidency of the Republic for approval. Mirza said, in a press statement seen by the "Covenant News"That "the House of Representatives did not send the budget law to the Presidency of the Republic, because the President of the Council Mohammed Halbusi outside the country, has not signed the text of the law." He pointed out that "the final text of the law is not yet prepared." He added that "the presidency of the Council will review the minutes of the session and scrutinize its details, especially with regard to the articles rejected by the Council of the law as well as ratified by it. Mirza expected that "the text of the budget law will be sent to the presidency within the next two days, for approval by President Barham Saleh." The House of Representatives voted on January 23, the general budget for the year 2019.
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    Hey Pelosi, you’re not winning. You are allowing more illegals to enter our country and your refusal to negotiate in good faith makes you and your party look weak on Border Security.
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    This is absolutely insane. You actually brought this over as a legitimate story? Come on.
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    Europe Sets Up Payment Vehicle For Iran Trade To Sidestep U.S. Sanctions By Tsvetana Paraskova - Jan 31, 2019, 4:30 PM CST After months of deliberations, European countries have set up the special payment channel to handle trade with Iran that would allow transactions with Iran, including oil, as the European Union (EU) still works to salvage the nuclear deal with Iran, German broadcaster NDR reported on Thursday. Germany, France, and the UK have created the payment channel— ‘Instrument in Support Of Trade Exchanges’ (INSTEX)—which will be an alternative channel for transactions with Iran. INSTEX will be based in Paris and managed by an experienced German banker, while the UK will chair the vehicle’s supervisory board, according to the German broadcaster. Months before the U.S. sanctions on Iran’s oil returned, the EU pledged to create a new payment system, the so-called special-purpose vehicle (SPV), that “will assist and provide reassurance to European businesses wishing to continue trading with Iran, mitigating the effect of re-imposed US sanctions, in accordance with European Law.” The idea behind the SPV is to have it act as a clearing house into which buyers of Iranian oil would pay, allowing the EU to trade oil with Iran without having to directly pay the Islamic Republic. Still, the bloc had been struggling for months with the set-up of such a vehicle because no EU member was willing to host it for fear of angering the United States, the Financial Times reported a week before the American sanctions on Iran returned. The EU hoped that the payment mechanism would be legally in place by the time the U.S. sanctions on Iran returned, but the vehicle was not expected to be operational until early this year. This week, on Monday, Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that the vehicle “will be registered, it has not yet been registered, but I would say that the implementation of our plan is imminent,” the AP reported. The French Foreign Ministry told CNN on Thursday that a joint statement regarding the payment vehicle would be sent out later in the day when the foreign ministers of the EU meet in Romania’s capital Bucharest.
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    The Latest: Democrats unveil border plan, no wall money WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on President Donald Trump and congressional negotiations on border security (all times local): 1 p.m. Democrats are offering further details of their border security plan. They unveiled a measure Thursday that would not provide money for President Donald Trump’s U.S.-Mexico border wall and denying his request for additional border agents. The move ignores Trump’s warnings that they’d be wasting their time if they don’t come up with wall money. The Democratic measure, totaling almost $22 billion for U.S. Customs, the border patrol, and immigration agents, would significantly increase spending for scanners at ports of entry, humanitarian aid for apprehended migrants, and new aircraft to police the U.S.-Mexico border. It would also freeze the number of border patrol agents and block any wall construction in wildlife refuges along the border. I would provide for hiring 1,000 additional customs agents. Negotiators face a Feb. 15 deadline to avert another partial government shutdown. __ 12:50 p.m. Vice President Mike Pence is urging Congress to provide money for a border wall during a visit Thursday to the headquarters of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Pence says President Donald Trump is calling for an “all of the above strategy” to keep illicit drugs out of the country, “but all of the above includes a wall.” Pence spoke to several dozen agency employees. He says the administration will fight for a physical barrier in “critical, high-density areas where our law enforcement community says it’s most needed.” The DEA has reported that land ports of entry are the primary means for getting drugs into the country, not stretches of the border without barriers. The agency says the most common trafficking technique by transnational criminal organizations is to hide drugs in passenger vehicles or tractor-trailers. __ 12:45 p.m. President Donald Trump says he’s not waiting on Congress to move forward with building his long-promised southern border wall. Trump pointed to work that’s already underway at the U.S.-Mexico border with funding previously appropriated. Trump also suggested he’s still weighing the option of using his executive powers to declare a national emergency if necessary. Such a move would almost certainly face legal challenges. Trump told reporters Thursday at the White House: “I’m not waiting for this committee.” He’s referring to the bipartisan group of lawmakers that met for the first time Wednesday to try to hash out a border security deal before the government runs out of funding again on Feb. 15. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that whatever deal is reached will not include money for Trump’s proposed wall. Trump accused Pelosi of “playing games” and says: “If they don’t give us a wall it doesn’t work.” __ 11:50 a.m. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says there will be no money for President Donald Trump’s border wall in any deal to keep the government open past a Feb. 15deadline. A bipartisan group of House-Senate negotiators met for the first time Wednesday, and Pelosi addressed the issue at a session with reporters on Thursday. The California Democrat said she wants to see the negotiators’ bipartisan bill by next Friday. She told a news conference: “There will not be any wall money in the legislation.” Trump took to Twitter on Thursday, appearing to sour on the congressional talks and tweeting that Republicans are “wasting their time” trying to negotiate with Democrats. House Democrats offered a vague border security plan with no money for his wall. Trump wants $5.7 billion for his proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. __ 8:35 a.m. President Donald Trump says Republicans are “wasting their time” trying to negotiate with Democrats over border wall funding. And he says he doesn’t “expect much help” from Congress in getting it built. Trump’s comments Thursday came the day after Democrats offered no money for Trump’s long-promised wall during the first day of congressional talks on border security funding. Trump last week signed a three-week deal to reopen the government, giving Congress time to try to hash out a deal. He’s threatened to declare a national emergency to circumvent Congress if they fail to reach a deal he can sign. But Trump already appears to have soured on the process. He says, “Democrats, despite all of the evidence, proof and Caravans coming, are not going to give money to build the DESPERATELY needed WALL.” But he adds: “I’ve got you covered. Wall is already being built, I don’t expect much help!”
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    Actually where this comes from is that way back when mueller indicted 12 Russian Business Men knowing the Russian's would never Extradite them.......They did expect the Russians to come here, hire a US Base Law Firm and show up in court and demand to see the evidence against them.......Whoops, that did work out like he planned. mueller asked for an extension to present the evidence and was denied by the court.....Whoops. So they send them the soppused evidence and somehow it ended up leaked and posted to the internet.....Humm, read the article below for some idea on how it was leaked and posted so mueller could claim he was hack and his evidence has been tampered with.....Oh what a wicked web they have woven in this feeble attempt to deceive the American People. Karsten
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    Mueller will say and do anything to keep he and his team relevant and on the payroll. He has nothing and he knows it. He's just grasping straws now. The new AG needs to give a deadline.
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    From what I hear the special prosecutor was hacked.....1000 pages one wants to admit something like that what's a special prosecutor to do??....oh of do you tell if an Attorney is lying???.....his lips are moving.... So Mueller says....." we just fed those 1000 pages to them....setting a trap"..... Bet he'd sell you some "swamp" land in DC too...... CL
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    Skoot that boot cowboy...
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    What dis you expect, from Muller and the other person. Dont be so suprised next time! Dont get frustrated and respond to these brainwashed currupt people. Problem solved.
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    If he starts denying the Far Left their Starbuck's overpriced creme brulee' latte fix.....they'll be forced to fall in line and back him. GO RV, then BV
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    There will be no deal and Trump will go the National Emergency route instead...JMHO. Indy
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    Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the ..... hmm.... absofrackinglootly sod all these days.
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    I’ve followed this man for years as he lead Starbucks to the juggernaut it is today. He is a very level headed businessman. If he declared as a Dem he would probably win.
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    I'll give Trump NOTHING for a wall but if he wants to call anti-car fencing a wall he's welcome says Nancy Pelosi as she gloats: 'Winning is good!' Speaker Pelosi made it clear there would be no money for President Trump's border wall in the legislation being working on to avoid another shutdown 'There's not going to be any wall money in the legislation,' she said But she did indicate she was open to 'enhanced fencing' 'If the president wants to call it a wall he can call it a wall,' she said Trump fired back: 'Nancy Pelosi will be begging for a wall' 'If there's no wall it doesn't work. She's just playing games,' he said of her Trump repeatedly said that Democrats were free to call his wall a barrier or a fence to get past their pledges not to support a wall Now he says they may as well call it a wall, because that's what he's building He began laying brickwork for his case that the nation is facing an emergency at the border; claimed Mexico's murder rate is contributing to illegal immigration Also told Republicans on a bipartisan panel that they are 'wasting their time' trying to make a deal with Democrats 'I've got you covered. Wall is already being built, I don't expect much help!' Speaker Nancy Pelosi made it clear Thursday that there would be no money for President Donald Trump's border wall in the legislation lawmakers are working on to avoid another government shutdown but she did leave the door open to 'enhanced fencing.' 'There's not going to be any wall money in the legislation,' she told reporters at the Capitol. But she did say she would accept 'normandy fencing' - crisscrossed posts, lined with barbed wire or mesh - as it already exists in places on the border. 'If the president wants to call it a wall he can call it a wall,' she said. click the link below to read entire article. Having trouble downloading.
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    Good Lord, who the heck do these people think they are? I mean really what is the president's office now, just a figurehead. I hope and pray with everything in my body did Trump really has the military on his side, because martial law seems the only option left.
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    So much for negotiating. Democratic Socialist never really do, their idea of negotiation is do what I say or die. Kind of like Islam, if you ask me.
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    You actually believe The Apprentice knows more than those agencies you mentioned......You're further embedded than I thought. GO RV, then BV
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    Why would I tear him down? His message is fantastic and he's not Donald Trump....which is a huge bonus for the whole country. My only concern is he would split the Democratic vote and hand Trump a second term....unless one of the better Republicans rises up and gives Donnie a run. Who knows, it's early. You keep forgetting, not only am I a "never Trumper", I'm also not registered with any party. It's very telling that you think adultery is funny though. GO RV, then BV
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    Our children will pay the consequences for the 65 million plus murdered babies. Believe me nothing else will matter. Just look up, "Democratic Socialists ", and imagine the history of that on steroids. I am beginning to truly believe we have entered an endgame, and all he×l is really about to break loose. As a father of two beautiful young ladies it breaks my heart to say so. I pray fervently everyday that it doesn't happen. But there are forces at work here that are bent on destroying everything.
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    Mike Allen, the well-wired reporter for Axios, says Democrats are beyond being furious at Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks. Allen is “hearing threats of boycotts and social isolation, attacks on Starbucks, and emotional, insistent lobbying of his advisers.” The anti-Trump talking heads and liberal consultants are terrified at the mere thought that an “independent centrist” presidential candidate like Schultz would draw some votes from a liberal Democratic nominee running against President Trump in 2020. Democrats claim that third party candidates such as Ross Perot and Ralph Nader have swung elections in the past. SCHULTZ SAYS DEMS PUSHING FALSE NARRATIVE’ WITH BIG-SPENDING PROMISES, 'OVERREACTING TO 2020 TALK Jim Messina, Obama’s 2012 campaign manager, goes so far as to say Schultz should “spend this time and money doing something that won’t ruin the world.” So Schultz, a lifelong Democrat who nonetheless thinks some ideas like excessive debt and the cost of entitlements should be up for debate, has gone overnight from being viewed on the left as an innovative business hero to a partisan piñata Let’s calm down and look at the evidence that Howard Schultz is an enemy of democracy. “It’s not at all clear – in my opinion – whether an Old Rich Business Guy running a 3rd party bid would be more likely to hurt Trump or to help him. People are assuming the latter but not really presenting much in the way of proof,” said Nate Silver, founder of the election website FiveThirtyEight, which has a good track record of prognostication. “If you think Ross Perot and Ralph Nader belong in the same category you probably ought to be doubting yourself a lot more.” Other analysts agree. Steve Kornacki – now with MSNBC – wrote in Salon in 2011 that independent “spoilers” often don’t spoil who people think. In 1980, liberal Republican John Anderson was thought to hurt Ronald Reagan’s chances of beating President Jimmy Carter. “But at a practical level, (Anderson) was simply another option for frustrated voters who had already decided not to back Carter for another term,” Kornacki concluded. “Polls found Anderson voters nearly as likely to list Reagan as their second choice as Carter.” In 1992, Texas mogul Ross Perot won an astonishing 19 percent of the vote against Bill Clinton and incumbent President George H.W. Bush. Many people concluded that Perot cost Bush the election by siphoning off conservative voters. But Kornacki cites exit polls that found Perot voters were equally split on who they would have voted for as a second choice. Even the epic story of how Ralph Nader’s campaign as the left-wing Green Party candidate in 2000 wound up destroying Al Gore’s dream of the White House is more complicated than the conventional wisdom would have it. While Nader did win 100,000 votes in the decisive state of Florida – which Republican George W. Bush ultimately won by only 537 votes – there are caution flags in drawing any conclusion from that. Following Schultz’s announcement, FiveThirtyEight’s Silver pointed out that Nader wasn't cut from the same centrist cloth that Schultz has woven his campaign from. “Nader hurt Gore because he was a leftist 3rd party candidate,” Nate Silver notes. “The centrists didn’t affect things much.” He cites exit polls showing that Gary Johnson (2016), Perot (1996, 1992), and Anderson (1980) all drew about equally from both major party candidates. But there’s one last thing that the blowtorch critics of Howard Schultz forget. If in the fall of 2020 the former Starbucks CEO finds himself depleted of electoral caffeine and trailing badly in the polls he can always pull the plug if he thinks Trump is indeed a greater danger to his values than the Democratic nominee. Note that Ross Perot pulled out of the 1992 race against George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton in July of that year (he later bizarrely parachuted back into the race that October). Some of Schultz’s most fervent supporters believe Schultz is unlikely to invest heavily in a clearly losing effort. Andrew Caiano, a New York businessman, told the Washington Post that if Trump looks like he would win in the home stretch of the 2020 election, he thinks Schultz is “going to back out before that happens.” If that’s true, the roasting of Howard Schultz isn’t just about a fear that Donald Trump might be assisted a bit by an independent candidate. It may represent a fear by liberals that his voice will be a powerful rebuke to any overly left-wing Democratic nominee. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Schultz has already blasted Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s proposed wealth tax as “ridiculous” and Sen. Kamala Harris’ proposed single-payer health insurance plan as “unaffordable.” Rather than engage in overheated denunciations of Howard Schultz, Democrats might be better off viewing him as a warning signal that if they really want to beat Donald Trump and outflank any independent challenge they should consider running a more moderate candidate.
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    It is possible for more than one person to be evil, you know......just as it's possible for more than one person to be Catholic. GO RV, then BV
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