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  1. Miamiheatnic, I second that Keeping the faith...😁😁👍👍 GO RV & RI
  2. KD, gregp, This is the "Minister of Higher Education" they are referring to in the above article. The "Minister of Education" position have not been filled and currently awaiting PM Madhi to submit a name to be voted. However, They are considering merging the latter with "Minister of Higher Education". Unless, They pulled a fast one on us....😁😁 GO RV & RI
  3. DV, Good luck to you...Keeping the faith. 7-13 11-34-45-47-63 PB 22
  4. bluesyline, Agree the moment is coming because the "World" demands it from Iraq. We will definitely be a part of history once this event happens and will send shockwaves all across the DV Community....😁😁 GO RV & RI
  5. A.M., Truly appreciate all that you & your staff does on a daily basis. GO RV & RI
  6. DV, Good luck to you us....Keeping the faith!! 7-10 1-5-30-38-53 PB 13
  7. 6ly410 Thanks, Excellent articles keep it coming with positive progress being made each and every day.......😁😁 GO RV & RI
  8. DV, Good luck to you...Keeping the faith!! 7-6 10-14-15-20-35 PB 11
  9. DT Thanks, Come on Parliament vote the darn "HCL" asap during this legislative session........👍👍😁😁 GO RV & RI
  10. DT, Excellent articles this ride is becoming very interesting.....👍👍 GO RV & RI
  11. DV, Good luck to us...Keeping the faith!! 6-28 1-4-9-22-62 MB 14 6-29 7-9-35-59-69 PB 19
  12. tigergorzow

    Go Iraq

    navira Thanks, Let's hope the RV & RI is upon us...😁😁👍👍
  13. tigergorzow

    Go Iraq

    DT, Good stuff keep it coming. The best things in life RV &.RI Of The IQD. GO GO GO!!!!!!!!
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