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  1. 6ly410 Thanks, DoD Totally agree we are hopefully witnessing the final pieces of the RV / RI puzzle and the purchasing power for the Iraqi citizens. Always Keeping the faith....😊😊 GIT ER DONE BOYS AND GIRLS ASAP....😁😁 GO RV / RI
  2. DV, Good luck to us...Keeping the faith!! 5-18 1-6-15-27-53 PB 20 36-41-44-47-48 PB 1
  3. Adam & Staff truly appreciate all that you do for us DV Members. GO RV / RI
  4. 6ly410, DV, All good news & always Keeping the faith...😁😁 GO RV / RI
  5. DV, 16 Trillion Dinar / 16 Billion Dollar Surplus is Excellent.....Come on CBI pull the darn trigger asap....😁😁 GO RV / RI
  6. DV, Good luck to us....Keeping the faith!! 5-11 3-23-28-43-64 PB 10
  7. bluesyline Thanks, GO PRESIDENT DJT.....It seems all countries are adhering with the Iranian sanctions because they know darn well we are the most powerful "Country" on the Planet and we protect their arses.....MAGA...😁😁 GO PRESIDENT DJT MAGA.....πŸ‘πŸ‘
  8. 6ly410 Thanks, DV, Excellent article....Heck yeah....The KRG is full of crap & delay tactics. The PM & GOI, Parliament needs to hold the Barzani's 100 Percent accountable and also pass the darn "Oil & Gas Law". Hurry the heck up. GO RV / RI Of The IQD GO HCL
  9. DV, Good luck to us...Always Keeping the faith!! 5-10 13-33-40-50-60 MB 12
  10. DV, Good luck to us...Keeping the faith!! 5-8 6-34-41-55-57 PB 26
  11. DV, Good luck to us all....Keeping the faith!! 5-7 21-28-31-40-42 MB 17
  12. Adam Thanks, Truly appreciate and looking forward to the next update. GO RV / RI
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