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  1. Ron Thanks, We patiently await the "Final Outcome" of the Currency Auctions once the ISX starts back up & Curfew is lifted. Always Keeping the faith!! GO RV & RI
  2. 6ly410 Thanks, Excellent articles
  3. MaryB Thanks, DV, Does this mean the CBI will restart the "Currency Auctions" once the curfew is lifted? Only time will tell and we wait patiently. I do hope the "Auctions" have ceased for good. Let's hope we will get an RV & RI sometimes in April 2020. GO RV & RI
  4. DV, Good luck to us...Always Keeping the faith!! 3-31 5-7-24-39-61 MB 13 4-1 10-13-44-54-62 PB 15
  5. DV, Good luck to us...Keeping the faith!! 3-27 2-3-33-46-65 MB 8 3-28 29-31-47-50-57 PB 10
  6. DV, Good luck to us...Keeping the faith!! 3-24 4-6-22-33-42 MB 24 3-25 25-47-49-51-67 PB 22
  7. DV, Good luck to us...Keeping the faith!! WE GOT THIS.....👍👍🙏🙏 3-20 10-33-41-43-69 MB 14 3-21 13-22-27-34-45 PB 11
  8. whatsfordinar? Thanks, Excellent videos from start to finish.... Very interesting information we all should know. Truly appreciate... 👍👍
  9. DT Thanks, How??????? Please tell us DV Members your "Secret" Mr. CBI Governor Al-Alak. Inquiring minds would love to know your final answer to this mystery. GO RV & RI
  10. Adam Thanks, Truly appreciate...👍👍 GO RV & RI
  11. Adam Thanks, Truly appreciate this analysis of the Auctions & Budget. GO RV & RI
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