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  1. DV, Good luck to us...Keeping the faith..😊😊 3-19 11-12-19-20-28 MB 14 3-20 11-12-19-20-28 PB 14
  2. DV, I wonder why the CBI no longer talks about "Delete The Zeros Project". Security & Stability currently exists IMHO. Hopefully once GOI is complete and "HCL" voted the CBI can finally implement this project and increase the value of the IQD. Always Keeping the faith!!!!!!
  3. tigergorzow

    Go Iraq

    SYN, Well stated my friend and 100 Percent wholeheartedly agree with your opinion & analysis.....Always Keeping the faith....😊😊 GO RV / RI
  4. DV, Good luck to us...Keeping the faith!! 3-16 24-36-38-52-53 PB 16
  5. DV, Good luck to us...Always Keeping the faith!! 3-12 28-33-35-49-56 MB 7 3-13 23-28-48-52-55 PB 9
  6. Tuesday، 12 March 2019 04:30 PM Officially, Falih al-Fayyadh out of interior ministry's candidacy list Breaking The IMIS candidate for the interior ministry in Adil Abdel al-Mahdi’s cabinet, Falih al-Fayyadh has officially withdrawn his candidacy bid, al-Fatah MP Hunain al-Qado said Tuesday. “Fayyadh will remain on top of National Security Ministry after merging it with the security authority,” al-Qado said, pointing out that that Sairoon and Fatah blocs have not settled on a new candidate yet. “Negotiations are underway between Sairoon and Fatah to name the new interior minister, waiting for the parliament’s approval,” al-Qado added. The political parties and coalitions have been disputing over the candidacy of Fayyadh over the past three months, objecting to his loyalty to the Mullah Regime in Iran.
  7. Tuesday، 12 March 2019 01:50 PM US helicopters fly above embassy in Green Zone, as Rouhani visits Baghdad US helicopters have intensified presence above the US embassy, located in the Green Zone in Baghdad, and its vicinity, coinciding with the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s visit, an informed source said. In remarks, the source said “around six helicopters have been flying above since the morning to watch the US embassy in the Green Zone and its vicinity.” Rouhani arrived on Monday morning in Baghdad for a three-day visit on top of a high-level delegation.
  8. Yota Thanks, DV, Remember the Parliament Legal Committee have already voted to send "HCL" to the Parliament to read, vote, etc. We need the POR to move the "Oil & Gas Law" to the front of the line and git er done ASAP....😁😁 GO RV / RI
  9. screwball, Truly appreciate your opinion & analysis. We are inching ever so slowly but surely IMHO to an increase of the IQD. I do believe much is going on behind the scenes...😁😁 GO RV / RI
  10. SYN, Yeah Yeah truly appreciate your fabulous opinion / analysis....Come on CBI do what ya do and release the "Kraken".......Everybody is ready...😁😁 GO RV / RI
  11. DV, I do believe the "Bill" they are referring to is the "Payment of Debts" owed to the KRG citizens in the 5th term. IMHO, The "HCL" is upon us bc we know from previous articles the Parliament Legal Committee have already voted and now awaiting the Parliament to read, vote and get this "LAW" published in the Gazette. Always Keeping the faith..😁😁 GO RV / RI
  12. Yota Thanks, DV, What about voting on the remaining minister positions? What about the important laws that serve the Iraqi citizens? Come on Parliament do your darn job & git er done. The International Community is waiting for the "True Value" of the IQD. Give the citizens the "Purchasing Power" they 100 Percent deserve. GO Important Laws...."HCL" GO RV / RI
  13. SYN, Right there wit ya....Go Moola Nova....Bring home the Bacon...Southern Style....😁😁
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