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  1. Defense 'We feel incredibly betrayed': Thousands of Guardsmen forced to vacate Capitol Guardsmen said they were not given a clear reason why they were asked to vacate the buildings. Some National Guardsmen sleep on the ground of a parking garage near the U.S. Capitol on Thursday. | POLITICO By LARA SELIGMAN, NATASHA BERTRAND and ANDREW DESIDERIO 01/21/2021 07:22 PM EST Updat
  2. MegaMillion #'s for 1/22 13 28 29 34 35 MB 02 PowerBall #'s for 1/23 TexasGranny 10 22 43 56 62 PB 04 Jetman 10 11 42 46 48 PB 12 babycakes61 15 27 29 37 57 PB 04
  3. It's not just Aussies --- my farrier has been using it for years. There are so many people now using it that the company is having trouble keeping up with demand. Farm stores are selling it faster than they can re-stock. There are MD's prescribing it too. BTW, all of the people I've talked swear it is better than HCQ.
  4. This is from the American Journal of Medicine - any government official that prevented doctors from prescribing HCQ because of the "FAKE NEWS" reports, should be sued. How many people died because they were told their medical licenses would be revoked if they prescribed it. I don't know for sure, but my D-I-L might still be alive if the Texas Medical Board had allowed her physician to use HCQ. If you don't believe me just do a search on for "HCQ Forbidden" to see how many politicians and Medical authorities banned this medicine from use. Abstract Approximately
  5. In the case of Solyndra, according to news reports, the company had drawn down all but about $8 million of its total loan allotment at the time that it announced it would file for bankruptcy. It’s not clear that taxpayers will get any of that money back. And while the Solyndra project was responsible for creating 3,000 construction jobs, according to the company, nearly 1,100 people lost their jobs when it announced it was shutting down operations at its solar plant. The construction jobs were to build a plant that only employed 1100 people. The cost to American taxpayers was $535
  6. This is wrong - not sure where you got it but the United States of America is Constitutional Federal Republic.
  7. Sure, you want to be fair now but when everything was being destroyed for the last 4 years - where was the fairness then. Sorry, you don't get a pass when your side deliberately tries to dismantle the entire country. Any acceptance of this administration by Trump supporters will depend on Biden and his first day is certainly not showing anything positive. He is going to undo everything Trump did that was good for everyone - purely out of spite - to hell with the American citizen.
  8. Here's just one - a search on duckduckgo reveals several more. You should be able to
  9. Wow, in this day and age of sending Trump supporters to be deprogrammed, social media sites being blocked and companies firing employees that supported Trump, it's refreshing to hear someone remembers what our 1st Amendment is all about. Shame the rest of your peers don't think the same.
  10. Do you know how many media outlets ran with the story of "Russia Collusion" - not one of them has retracted a word even though the Mueller Report said it didn't exist. All the declassified documents show that it was a put-up job by the Obama CIA, FBI, and DOJ along with complicit journalists (including Jake Tapper) to take down the Trump campaign and later the Trump administration. As I said just because a lie is repeated by others, it doesn't make it true.
  11. First, the source for this "News" is out of the UK. Just another story dreamed up by some journalist with no real knowledge about the truth - yet, you liberals love it and can't wait to spread it around. Why don't you question these types of articles? Simple, because you hate Donald Trump so much, it doesn't matter if there is truth or not - just spread the gossip like it's true - If you repeat a lie enough times, it will be considered true - isn't that what Goebbels said? Just because a small group of Trump supporters want to start a new party, it doesn't mean Trump even put forth the id
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