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  1. calkid11

    Adam Montana Weekly 12 December 2018

    Thank you Adam
  2. calkid11

    Questions for Adam Montana 5 December 2018

    Hello Adam, I’m back now any good news about the HCL? Thank you
  3. calkid11

    Adam Montana Weekly 29 August 2018

    Thank you Adam
  4. calkid11

    Questions For Adam's Update 4-11-2018

    Good morning Adam, safe travels. I am finally back to where I can get around after another surgery. Can you give me a update on what I’ve missed in the past 3 months. Thank you God Bless
  5. calkid11

    Adam Montana Weekly 8 November 2017 - WHOOPS!!!!

    Thank you Adam we always have your back
  6. calkid11

    Questions For Adam's Update 10-11-2017

    Hello Adam, good to be back on here. Surgery went fine .Any news on the hcl yet? Thank you god bless calkid11
  7. calkid11

    Questions For Adam's Update 8-9-2017

    Hello Adam how are you doing today? I'm finally up to where I can check out the site again. Any news on the HCL? Thank you
  8. Thank you Adam, my wife just lost her mother and we need this to happen as soon as it can.
  9. calkid11

    Adam Montana Weekly 2017 Tres de Mayo

    Thank you Adam
  10. calkid11

    12 April 2017 Adam Montana Weekly (it's postponed, FYI.)

    Thank you Adam it's ok take your time

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