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    Happy Wednesday and good morning! Any day this side of the earthworms always has potential to be great, and today is an exceptional example... we have breaking news. I'm going to give us two names to discuss this morning... Barham Salih and Abdul Mahdi. For the last few months, we've been in a holding pattern. We know what's coming, and it has been obvious that progress was being made, but let's be honest... it was a lonnnnng, slowwwww couple months waiting for SOMETHING to pop. As of yesterday, that slow moving train gave it's first puff of black smoke and the wheels made the first turn. The rust feel off of pieces that seemed to have been stuck motionless for eons, the tracks even groaned a little in protest as this giant piece of history began inching forward, and we have some actual news... ... Iraq has a new president. Here's a name you'll be seeing more of: The new Iraqi President, Barham Salih. What's more, and this happened lightning fast... President Barham Salih has named Abdul Mahdi as Prime Minister. Before I get too far into this, let's note a couple of important things: 1. This is happening fast. If you're not in VIP when an RV is announced, you will never get in! Join VIP here and ensure you are set to receive the most important news first, regarding any tax implications, cash in procedures, and more. The doors will close immediately upon announcement of the RV!!!Don't put that off - the benefits are staggering. We are talking about $$$$(+!) in your pocket on cash in, not to mention all of the other benefits. Get in! 2. This is happening fast! New Iraqi President Barham Salih had 15 days to name the new PM, but he did not wait. He did it immediately. There are obviously plans being set into motion, that were organized well in advance of this announcement. Related article: This is breaking news at this time, so the situation is fluid... but this was a major milestone, and we're hearing the train start to chug. CHOOOO CHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Let's go, Iraq! Couple questions from the members: I don't see anything wrong with this pick. In fact, his immediate announcement of a choice in PM says a lot about how we can expect things to change. This is possibly even better than Abadi remaining PM... the status quo is due for a shakeup, and a "fresh face" can certainly do that now. Looking forward to the coming days! I did not predict Abadi to be the next/new/continuing PM, although there was certainly a chance. Regardless - I have a good feeling about the new guy. The coming days will be a strong indicator of how things will shape out. =================== This is big news, so I'll be monitoring the thread and checking in throughout the day(s). I don't normally respond to the follow up comments in the weekly updates, but this one is big enough to make an exception... leave your comments below. GO RVVVVV!!!!! - Adam P.S. The VIP entrance is here: Remember... you snooze, you lose!
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    This thread has taken a nose dive - any chance we can get back to the issues of delete the zeros instead of arguing over religion. All religion is evil in my book and all religions have caused atrocities throughout today and history. I believe in GOD but I say stick religion where the sun don't shine
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    Good morning and HAPPY HUMP DAY! Today's update is going to be short and sweet, you all know I don't like to use 100 words if 10 will suffice! Short update: October 2nd is a critical date. If you want to just take my word for it, carry on about your life and wait for my email, you can go now. Longer version: (**WARNING! Tin foil hat zone ahead. Proceed with caution!**) We're still slogging through the election/appointment process. I said weeks ago that this wasn't going to be a fast process, but we're nearing the end of it. You'll notice I just added the term "appointment" to the election situation... that's another thing I have been talking about for the last couple months. They made a big deal of "counting and recounting" the "votes", they came to within a very small percentage of accuracy on the ballot totals, so it should have been a no-brainer who the winners were, correct? Ah-ha, nope! Not in this game, my friends! Iraq calls their process a democracy, but anyone with half a brain knows it's not. Take this article, for example: This isn't bad for us. It might be frustrating and unfair to the Iraqi people, the ones who cast their votes and find out later that their vote really didn't matter... but that's the way the world works, and it's just a bit more obvious in Iraq. The good news is that we're nearing the end of this 3 ring circus of Iraqi "elections". A few "winners" will be announced (selected, appointed, anointed, or whatever you want to call it), and progress will resume. I mentioned that October 2nd is a critical date. Here's why: Parliament is set to vote in a President on that date. I have no opinion or real preference on who gets the job of "Head Puppet", but here's some info on one potential. Keep in mind that the "Presidency" is much less important than the Prime Minister seat, in my opinion. I'll link to an opinion piece from a writer who shares my opinion, I think it's a good read. And with the understanding that the entire process is rigged, I'm really looking forward to the very real possibility of a "*SUDDENLY*" event where Abadi retains his seat and this rocketship gets it's fuse lit! That might have been a lot to take in, so feel free to comment with questions and I'll check back in later to clarify my thoughts. My summary today is simple... we could be a short week or two from seeing major events. I'm looking forward to it! That's it for now, friends.... GO RRRRVVVVVV!!!! - Adam P.S. Remember a little over a year ago, when one of the hot topics on the forum was the threat of Kurdistan separating and causing havoc in this whole situation? Remember I said not to worry about it? My opinion is unchanged. Check out this article: P.P.S. Don't forget to join us in the Weekly Lotto Pool!
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    Good morning Dinarians! If you didn't catch my weekly update yesterday, check it out here: I talked about the importance of finalizing the Prime Minister seat and more. It was mentioned in the weekly Questions that there are some good people affected by Hurricane Florence recently, and the general consensus is that the Salvation Army is doing a fantastic job down there. If you'd like to donate directly, here's the link: OR, sign up for ANY VIP package from now till Sunday at midnight and I'll donate a portion of your payment to the same link. (I'm donating whether you sign up for VIP or not!) This community has a long history of charitable work - remember Hurricane Erika? We raised over $20,000 for that effort! And although I can't make it to the Carolinas to physically chip in like I did with Dominica, the least I'm going to do is show support for a great organization that is able to be on site. Get in VIP, or renew or upgrade your VIP now! Speaking of great organizations, is a dinar site and most of us have bought dinar at some point or another, or we want to buy some dinar. In all the years DinarVets has been online, there is one company that has proven to be extremely solid and stands out from the rest. Reliable, excellent communication, and from my dealings with them - just good people. The good folks over at have also agreed to donate a portion of their sales to the effort. Head on over to BuyIQD (<--- click that link) and use the code "HELPINGOUT" when you check out. Whether you choose to grab a VIP package for yourself or someone else, or you pick up some dinar from BuyIQD, a portion of your money is going to help those that got hit by Hurricane Florence. Thanks for your support. P.S. GOOOO RRRRVVVVVVV!!!!!!
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    "strengthening the currency and the Iraqi dinar at the present time". This was from the recent article. Now the CBI came out today(Saturday) that it will accept dollars from all banks according to the law's criteria...this really tells me that CBI is about to dedollarize Iraq...before this happens, CBI has to give the dinar the purchasing power...then the dedollarizarion will take place which is why i agree with LB...and like i said before, i have a really good feeling that our blessing may come week
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    Trish in the category of 100 thousand dinars Central Bank: We plan to restructure the Iraqi currency, including the deletion of zeros 2018/10/03 9:29 am Revealed the Governor of the Central Bank of the existence of a plan for the future restructuring of the Iraqi currency, including the deletion of zeros, while the bank is currently defrauding the issue of the currency of the category of 100 thousand dinars. The governor of the Central Bank Ali Al-Alaq: The idea of putting the currency of the category of 100 thousand dinars traded by the Central Bank, but at the moment to delay them, indicating that there is a tendency in some countries to reduce the currency categories so as not to be stored or falsified. He continued: The currencies of small groups, may lead the citizen to bid farewell to banks for the difficulty of storage, revealing that the central bank has a future plan to restructure the Iraqi currency, including the deletion of zeros, but this plan needs to consider steps, and a stable situation fully so as not to Exploit this in the work of forgery and others. The Central Bank of Iraq also announced the abolition of the requirement of appointing the director of the intermediary companies. The bank said in a brief statement that based on the decision of the board of directors of this bank No. (114) for the year 2018, it was decided to cancel the condition of owning shares in the company for the purpose of appointing the director of the brokerage companies to sell and buy foreign currency. While the Central Bank of Iraq announced that it was officially exited from the list of sanctions imposed by the European Union, during the era of the regime buried. The bank said in a statement that the Brussels move, published in the official newspaper of the European Union, confirmed the abolition of sanctions imposed on this bank under the former regime. The European sanctions provide for the prohibition of dealing with a group of Iraqi financial and non-financial institutions, including the Central Bank of Iraq. The Central Bank of Iraq that this development came after making significant progress in improving the performance and application of international regulations and standards in the banking field. He added: Under these recent amendments will allow the international financial banking institutions to deal with the Central Bank of Iraq, in accordance with the new instructions, because it has become a reliable financial institutions to deal with European international institutions. The Central Bank denied the circulation of the $100 for the previous editions of the pre-2006 publications, pointing out that rumors in this regard fall within the category of market speculation. "The bank is trading all categories of the dollar and all previous editions even before 2006," said Mahmoud Mohammed Dagher, general manager of the Department of Financial Operations and Public Debt Department at the Central Bank. "The circulation of $100 for the pre-2006 period is far from Indeed". He added that "the bank does not reject a specific category or edition of the dollar, unless it is forged, "noting that" the non-circulation of some citizens and banking offices of the old issues, back to the Iraqi market and the bank has nothing to do with it. He pointed out that all the neighboring countries of the Turkish and Jordanian markets are dealing in dollars without account of the categories or editions of the opposite market in Iraq. Some owners of Iraq's banking offices refuse to buy the $100 category from pre-2006 issues and return $1 notes to their owners.
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    (Note: This is posted as an update to the original news posted here.) Link - New Iraq President Barham Saleh names Adel Abdul Mahdi as PM 1 hour ago Share this with Facebook Share this with Messenger Share this with Twitter Share this with Email Share Image copyrightAFP Image captionAdel Abdul Mahdi (2nd L) and Barham Saleh (2nd R) left the parliament chamber together Iraq's new President Barham Saleh has named veteran Shia Islamist politician Adel Abdul Mahdi as prime minister-designate, ending months of deadlock. Mr Saleh, a Kurdish former deputy prime minister, was elected to the largely ceremonial post by MPs late on Tuesday. Soon afterwards he asked Mr Abdul Mahdi, who has served as vice-president and oil minister, to form a government. The French-educated economist is the nominee of the two Shia-led blocs that won the most seats in May's elections. He will have to oversee the reconstruction of Iraq following the four-year battle against the jihadist group Islamic State (IS), which left tens of thousands of homes and business destroyed and displaced more than three million people. How was the president chosen? Under a de facto power-sharing deal agreed in Iraq after the US-led invasion that overthrew Saddam Hussein in 2003, the speaker of parliament is always a Sunni Arab, the prime minister a Shia Arab, and the president a Kurd. There were 20 candidates for the presidency, but it was effectively a contest between the nominees of the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region's two main parties - the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. Mr Saleh was the PUK's choice, while the KDP backed Fuad Hussein, the longtime chief-of-staff to former Kurdistan regional president Massoud Barzani. In the end, Mr Saleh won 219 of the votes cast by the 273 MPs who attended Tuesday's session, according to the Speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi. Mr Saleh was reportedly the preferred candidate of MPs because of his perceived stance on independence for the Kurdistan Region, a year after the federal government and judiciary rejected the result of a referendum called by Mr Barzani in which residents overwhelmingly backed secession. Who is Mr Saleh? The 58 year old joined the PUK in 1976, when it was an underground organisation, and fled Iraq four years later for the UK. After studying for a PhD in statistics in the UK, he became the PUK's spokesman there. He then served as the Kurdish envoy to the US from 1991 to 2001, before returning to Kurdistan to lead a PUK-led government. Image copyrightAFP Image captionBarham Saleh reviewed an honour guard at a handover ceremony on Wednesday Between 2004 and 2005 Mr Saleh was one of the deputy prime ministers in Iraq's interim government. He also served in that role from 2006 to 2009. He was then prime minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government until 2012. In 2017, he broke away from the PUK after the death of its founder, Jalal Talabani, and formed a new Kurdish opposition party, the Coalition for Democracy and Justice. But last month, Mr Saleh resigned from the CDJ and rejoined the PUK. Why did he ask Mr Abdul Mahdi to be PM? Under Iraq's constitution, Mr Saleh had 15 days to invite the nominee of the largest bloc to form a government. But he immediately tapped Mr Abdul Mahdi. He was the consensus candidate of the two Shia-led blocs both claiming to be the largest in parliament - one led by the populist cleric Moqtada Sadr and outgoing Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the other by the Iran-backed paramilitary leader Hadi al-Amiri and former Prime Minister Nouri Maliki. Mr Sadr welcomed the compromise, tweeting: "Iraq is bigger than the biggest bloc." Who is Mr Abdul Mahdi? The 76 year old fled Iraq in the 1960s after being condemned to death for his political activities, and settled in France. There, he gained a PhD in economics, worked for think-tanks and edited magazines. After flirting with Maoist politics, he joined the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council - a powerful Shia Islamist organisation with close ties to Iran. Image copyrightEPA Image captionMr Abdul Mahdi has been a political independent since last year He returned to Iraq after Saddam was ousted, and as finance minister in the 2004-5 interim government he persuaded international creditors to write off Iraqi debt. Mr Abdul Mahdi was tipped to become prime minister after the 2005 elections, but he was instead chosen to be vice-president - a position he held until 2011. He also served for two years as oil minister under Mr Abadi, resigning in 2016 amid what he called "an atmosphere of anxiety and chaos" triggered by the decision to replace political appointees in the cabinet with unaffiliated technocrats. Mr Abdul Mahdi was a member of SIIC until last year, when its leader Ammar al-Hakim left and established a new party called the National Wisdom Movement.
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    I have to agree with Navira here! The people aren’t letting go of their Dinar till they get paid!!! In my job I meet a lot of people, one of the potential customers I met a couple years back was an Iraqi refugee living here in the United States, She lost three brothers in the first Iraq war. After speaking with her about her family at the end of the appointment I asked her if she ever thought the Iraq he currency would go back to its previous value, without hesitation she said absolutely! She also told me that she was holding Iraqi dinar. I told her that I had invested in some the only thing she told me was “smart”. That is one of the things I have hung my hat on all these years to keep the faith!
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    I think you should take your hate somewhere else. Stupid insane libretards are gonna get their A$$es handed to them in November if for nothing else than the simple fact that 75% of Americans refuse to go along with the insanity the left is currently displaying. SUCK IT UP BUTTER CUP
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    Adil Abdul Mahdi. The new PM. He is an Economist. he was formerly served as the finance minister and Oil minister. Go new GOI Go important laws Go cbi Go new monetary policy Go RV
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    I did it!!! Got Married on 9-29 to the most Beautiful and Wonderful woman that i could have ever asked for Moving down to TX this week and not sure when i will be able to be back here. Everyone take care and hope to be back on soon!!! moose 57
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    U will see many more of this type of article as we get closer to the CBI's plan of distributing the lower notes this month. The CBI will not announce when as to when they will execute the plan because as they said not to alert anyone out there especially those who are doing forgery n more.A SUITABLE ENVIRONMENT is needed going forward with such plan. The 100thou note is only traded for BANKS only n not to be distributed for the public use. We are almost there folks...the CBI said the lower notes will be out this month. Cheers all
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    Mmmm, they order the USA to lift sanctions. Something makes me think there may be a new building for sale in NYC before too long. Maybe The UN should ORDER Iran to stop sending MISSILES all over the ME. Maybe the UN should ORDER Iran to stop supporting Terrorism and ORDER them to stop threatening the USA!!
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    Last week the CBI told the banks to start lending money to small and medium enterprises to make profits....They can't profit from the currency window anymore. This week the CBI warned the electronic payment companies. The foreign currency auction are coming to an end. Go CBI Go end of MCP Go new Monetary policy Go RV Go $1:1
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    navira, my friend I think you’re onto something.! Dollarize ~ RV ~ Dedollarize..... Have been my theory for years.! Dollarize... Flood the market with dollars Rv.... Increase the dinar rate equal or higher than the dollar and roll out lower denominations notes Dedollarize..... Collect the dollars from the local market The private banks need to start lending money because they can’t profit from the currency window anymore.! CBI is moving forward to an open market economy. Go RV Go $1:1
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    And there were twice as many more outside, ON A TUESDAY NIGHT
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    image .. Iraq is being changed to design one of its currency and posed a “significant quantities” October 4, 2018 Twilight News one hour ago Shafaq News / The Central Bank of Iraq put the quantities described in large small currencies for daily transactions. A statement by the bank said that it would introduce large quantities of small categories to meet the need for daily transactions.The quality of the material used has been improved, as well as a small change in the new format that will be presented for trading next week. He said the deal would be done in a new and old form, without discrimination. Keywords:
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    I was thinking along the same lines on both of these
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    Master Kart honors the Central Bank of Iraq September 30, 2018
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    Judge Rahim al-Ukaili filed a complaint with the Iraqi judiciary against a former prime minister - PUBLISHED ON SEPTEMBER 27, 2018 Judge Rahim al - Ugaili submit to the Iraqi judiciary complaint against the former prime minister presented Judge Rahim al Ugaili former head Integrity Commission complaint against former Prime Minister Nuri al Maliki asking his trial what been committing crimes against Iraqi people documented that evidence and documents and following full text of request complaint: took accused ( Nuri Kamel al-Maliki) as prime minister and commander-in-chief of the armed forces in Iraq between 2006 and 2014. During his rule, he committed a number of serious violations and crimes. Whereas the post of commander-in-chief of the armed forces is a civilian post according to article 9 / Of the Constitution Stated: - (armed forces security services made up of components Iraqi people and subject to civilian authority ..) So there no legal face to say that The charges attributed to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces are within the jurisdiction of the military judiciary because they are civil, but the courts of the internal security forces and the military courts are exclusively concerned with crimes committed by the military. The Constitution stipulates in Article 93 VI that the Federal Supreme Court shall be competent in: The accusations against the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, and the Ministers). Therefore, the allegation that the crimes attributed to the accused, including treason, is the responsibility of the military judiciary is to evade the judiciary to perform its constitutional responsibilities and to try to give up confronting the people's issues. Therefore, we ask for legal action and criminal proceedings against the accused for the following crimes: First: - His crimes as he was the general commander of the armed forces: - 1 - The treason: - In the fall of a third of Iraq, however, a terrorist organization (Dahesh), and caused the arming of this criminal organization Balayat and weapons of the Iraqi army, the development of estimated (more than 15 billion dollars) left by the army behind him when abandoning the defense of the ground And the resultant killing, wounding, displacement and displacement of millions of citizens and the violation of their right to life and their symptoms and their money and the captivity of women and sell them in the markets of the dacha. 2 - Spyker massacre: - When thousands of young people (other than the coach) were harassed and appointed for defiant electoral purposes and pushed them to a camp in Saladin and left them there without training and weapons to defend themselves and without military justification for their presence there, making them easy hunting for a terrorist organization, A crime in the history of modern Iraq. And the evidence (the file being investigated by the Central Criminal Court in Baghdad). 3 - committing major massacres against the Iraqi people are crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity: when hundreds of children, women and demonstrators, as he did in Zarka, Hawija, Falluja and Ramadi. Evidence: - The prosecution of these massacres in the police stations, the justice department and the prosecution services in those areas on the assumption that you are informed of your presidency in accordance with the Public Prosecution Law No. 159 of 1979. 4 - The massacre in Karbala: against the supporters of Mr. Hassani in 2014. (Files in the Karbala Police Directorate and the courts of investigation and crimes in Karbala .) 5. Caused by the tragedy suffered by the minorities: caused by the tragedy suffered by minorities (Christians and Isidis) And restrict them in their protection and ease in their relief and provide the minimum requirements for them. (Files of the House of Representatives and national and religious institutions of national and international). 6 - Spreading corruption in the military and security establishment: (Closed and open investigation files within the offices of the public inspectors in the Ministry of Defense and in the Ministry of Interior and the Integrity Commission) 7 - shed the sword of ablation on them To ensure their loyalty and not to depart from obedience in order to implement his agendas beyond the law and the Constitution. And the evidence (lists of the eradication and excluded from the ablation of security institutions without the approval of the House of Representatives) other than the law of accountability and justice No. 10 of 2008. 8 - Establishment of military and security institutions: 10 - Deviation of the army building sectarian and exclusionary approach: 11 - Exercise of emergency work without authorization from the House of Representatives: 12 - The execution of prisoners and detainees in prisons and detention centers: 13- Implementing arbitrary arrests: 14 - Enforced disappearances systematically committed against thousands of Iraqis by security forces linked to him or supported militias, killing them and throwing their bodies 15 - Using his powers to stop the legal proceedings or refuse to direct the judiciary to take legal action against the leaders Civil and military crimes accused of criminal offenses against civilians (files covered in the Ministries of Defense and Interior and the courts of investigation and misdemeanors and crimes in Iraq on the assumption that your presidency to inform them according to the law of the prosecution). 16 - Use of armed forces in 2012 to threaten the Kurdistan Region - to achieve narrow political gains - in a dangerous precedent contrary to the Constitution, which prevented the intervention of armed forces in political affairs in accordance with Article 9 (I) of the Constitution, which limited the role of armed forces in the defense of Iraq . (The formation of the Tigris forces and the threat of confrontation that took place in July 2012). Second: - His crimes as Prime Minister: - 1. Violation of the independence of the judiciary and its interference in its affairs, its use in liquidating its political opponents, the purchase of political positions, and the granting of patent documents to political loyalists of criminals and corrupt parties (judicial files against the Central Bank Governor and the former Minister of Communications) President of the Judicial Council in front of the Vice President Dr. Ayad Allawi and the announcement of the latter on television channels, and editorial evidence, all the orders and executions and directives preserved files of the Judicial Council and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.
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    Getting ready for dedollarization process. Dollarize.....RV....... Dedollarize Go RV Go $1:1
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    I will be happy if the cbi revalues the Iraqi dinar to the same rate of the JD Jordanian dinar $1.41 Go RV Go asap
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    " Hey Iraq shut up you ungrateful pos. The USA liberated your sorry country twice. Now you want to cry about a .25 raise in the Fed rate. Give me a break. Why don’t you people push the damn Dinar button and then your economy will boom." Well Dang it ! . . . Thats what I wuz gonna say ! I will add, however, " Y'all a Bunch O' Chicken Shiite Whiney Cry Babies what couldn't pour pee from a boot with the instructions written on the bottom of the heel ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! CRISIS, WHAT CRISIS ! AINT NO DAMN CRISIS, EXCEPT YOU " I don't got no damn Snickers Bars DRAMA QUEENS " have no problem solving skills. A problem comes up,You Idiots go straight to " Chicken Little, The Sky is Falling " STOOPID, STOOPID, STOOPID - OMG Y'ALL SOOOOO GOSH DAMN STOOPID . . . Buh Wah Ha Ha HA HA HA ( uh, I'm really just getting started, be right back -gotta go poo poo )
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    I will be back in iraq on Wednesday as its a 15 hour flight and a day lost returning. Once I get there I will tag some of the locals I work with and see where we are. The elections are always a joke as Al Sadr keeps things stirred up. Give me at least until mid week of the 3rd or 4th. I will try to post something that may give you an idea with the elections and direction they are heading next. Cheers
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    Davis411, I too wish and hope I'm wrong but having boots on ground and doing what I do I'm not at liberty to explain my position but being there and how the Iraqis conduct not only their business but day to day lives they are quite not responsible or respectful of anyone. As long as they are conducting their horrific corruption and rolling g in god awful money they will never get anything done. Sorry for that brutal truth but I have absolutely no faith in the Iraqi government to do the right thing. Maybe you heard about the rioting in Basra, well because they have NO POWER OR RUNNING water they are fed up with it. The small village where I'm at also has none of the basic necessities. They are afraid of the government's goons so they mostly keep quiet. Like I said, I will try to keep things in perspective as I hear it and post only the truth. It may get me banned because it could bite into someone's extra revenue but I will give you what I can with no smoke and mirrors. Cheers all


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