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    I like Breitling because he's a "just the facts" kind of guy and I therefore respect what he has to say. He said earlier this year that he thinks if oil prices continue to stay low (and he didn't say how long but he did mention months), it will put pressure on Iraq to RV because that's one of the few ways they can make up the shortfall. Recently, he posted an audio where he quoted the Wall Street Journal as saying Iraq needs $55/barrel to breakeven and anything below that means they're losing moning. As I write this, oil is at $46 - so today, Iraq is losing $9/barrel. And of course, Iraq doesn't just want to get to $55, they want it to be much higher than because the higher it is, the more money Iraq makes. Since 90% of Iraq's economy is based on oil, this is getting pretty serious for Iraq. Below, investment adviser Lance Roberts presents his reasons why he believes oil prices will remain low. If Breitling is correct that lower oil prices will put pressure on Iraq to RV to make up the shortfall (and I believe he is), Robert's belief that oil prices will remain low is really good news for us in terms pressuring Iraq to RV sooner rather than later. GOOOOOOO RV! Why The Secular Bear Market In Oil Prices Remains In 2013, I began warning about the risk to oil prices due to the ongoing imbalances between global supply and demand. Those warnings fell on deaf ears as it was believed that “oil prices could only go higher from here.” It didn’t take long for those predictions to play out. In May of 2014, I wrote: Of course, as with all things, particularly when it comes to commodities, it doesn’t take long for speculation to once again grab hold and drive prices higher in the short-term despite the long-term fundamental problems which still exist. In September of 2017, I wrote a piece reviewing those fundamentals. The conclusion was not what most were hoping for. Well, here we are wrapping up 2018 and the prices of both energy-related shares and oil have been disappointing. The expected decline in oil prices is more important than just the relative decline in share prices of energy-related stocks. As I wrote previously, energy prices are highly correlated to economic activity. To wit: Since then, the price of oil has declined further as economic weakness continues to gain traction globally. Despite the occasional rally, it’s hard to see the outlook for oil is encouraging on both fundamental and technical levels. The charts for WTI remain bearish, while the fundamentals remain basically “Economics 101: too much supply, too little demand.” The parallel with 2014 is there if you want to see it.
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    Gooooood morning all! As we creep up on the Christmas holiday and New Years, I want to take a quick second to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS (or whatever you celebrate!), and also a Happy New Year! You'll be hearing from me a couple times between now and 2019, and I'm excited for the new year to roll in! At the moment there is a distinct lack of news regarding HCL. I believe there is a good reason for this - and it's good for our 2019 outlook. Many many things are being taken care of, stamped, passed, and resolved right now. Things that are essential for forward progress. But, the fact remains... that pesky and elusive HCL is simply not on the table right now. As soon as we see word about it, then we can get excited! For now... patience is a virtue, and we have plenty. Don't get me wrong here! They aren't sleeping on the job - check out this thread that started back in 2017, and seems to be gaining steam: Next, a quick announcement before I get to the Weekly Q's: There will be an opportunity to save some money on VIP before Christmas. Use it to give the gift of VIP to a loved one or for yourself! I'll send out information later this week. It will be a limited offering, so don't delay when it hits your inbox! Fingers crossed for some HCL news soon, but in the meantime... lots of love for you all, and be sure to hug your loved ones. This wikipedia page should help you there. Iraq has long been a sovereign nation, but they lost some freedoms in 2003 with the overthrow of Saddam. Their currency plummeted in value, they had to travel a very long road to get where they are today. Chapter 7 was lifted in 2013, which marked a major milestone for them regaining their position in the world. Since then, they have established a very balanced and stable government and worked their way to the point we are currently at - in position to implement the new Hydro Carbon Law, which will likely trigger a change in the value their currency is traded at. Good stuff, right?! I think the main difference would be the players involved - Chapter 7 was an outside decision. They were at the mercy of the UN(etc) on that one. HCL is not that way - this is an internal decision. The HCL is done when Iraq says it is done, and no outside influences can stop them. Appreciate the praise on your service here! We work hard to provide 5 star quality and it's nice to hear it when we hit that mark. Lord knows you can't make everyone happy, but we sure do try. GOI formation is proceeding very good IMO. Everyone should keep in mind that Iraq will never have a fully seated government with absolutely 0 contested seats. We are talking about a society that operates very different than anywhere outside the Middle East. 80% good is about as good as it will ever get, and we are pretty much there. Check out the last page of this thread (currently page 40): I'll take it!!!! That's it for this post. Be sure to get in our weekly Powerball Pool! Merry Christmas, Happy whatever else you may celebrate, and of course, GOOO RRRVVVVVV!!!! - Adam
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    And where were you when Hitlary's husband was raw-dogging the intern? Oh, that's right not a word edgewise about either the godfather or the Messiah. Or did you also think that wasn't sex? I guess its okay to trash and destroy the women that Hitlary's husband literally accused him of nothing short of rape. But hey, that's okay because as long as your political purposes are met who the heck cares. Vilify Trump all you want, no one and I mean no one is saying it is okay, but at least no one has accused Trump of rape and the fugly porn star one, consented to the tryst an then two, consented to keep it quiet in which she got paid for nothing the creeps in Congress haven't done. If you want to go after the POTUS for this, then declassify the slush fund recipients and who paid them. The halls of Congress will clear faster than cockroaches when the lights are turned on. As they say, don't throw stones at glass houses unless you're a demonRat who in that case it doesn't apply right? There is more to Billy boi Clinton than you want to know. When he has had his cardiac arrest and he has lain in state, how long will it take for the truth to come out? Too many supposed suicides around them for it to be just conjecture. Who killed Seth Rich? And why?
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    Parliamentary intention to pass the law «oil and gas» Thursday, December 27, 129 Baghdad / Shaima Rashid A member of the oil and energy parliamentary committee on the reform and reconstruction movement, Ali Aboudi, the determination of his committee to approve the law of oil and gas, during the current parliamentary session. Aboudi said in a statement to «morning»: The adoption of the law of oil and gas will be a priority in the work of the Committee, especially since there is a sincere intention within the Committee to be the priority of the laws of interest to the people ». "This law is very important and there will be some revenue that can be passed by law," he said, calling on political forces to have a consistent and unified vision on the law. He added that there are many laws within the Committee of Oil and Gas Committee started to prepare them for approval within the parliament, stressing the need to be seeking to pass laws that concern the people and join the process of distribution of wealth And oil.عزم-برلماني-على-تمرير-قانون-النفط-والغاز
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    Morning Chuck an all of DV..Hope all well with you and everyone..Merry Christmas everyone..Hopefully this is the last Christmas we seek Iraq news...
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    Parliamentary intention to pass the law «oil and gas» Thursday, December 27, 129 Baghdad / Shaima Rashid A member of the oil and energy parliamentary committee on the reform and reconstruction movement, Ali Aboudi, the determination of his committee to approve the law of oil and gas, during the current parliamentary session. Aboudi said in a statement to «morning»: The adoption of the law of oil and gas will be a priority in the work of the Committee, especially since there is a sincere intention within the Committee to be the priority of the laws of interest to the people ». "This law is very important and there will be some revenue that can be passed by law," he said, calling on political forces to have a consistent and unified vision on the law. He added that there are many laws within the Committee of Oil and Gas Committee started to prepare them for approval within the parliament, stressing the need to be seeking to pass laws that concern the people and join the process of distribution of wealth And oil.عزم-برلماني-على-تمرير-قانون-النفط-والغاز
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    Why does this merit a red. Ridiculous. Got you covered Yota
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    Go trump go sure could use him in Canada
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    Looks like you two are here to give out negs. and spew hatred of our President. I don’t give out Reds but if that makes you feel good go ahead it doesn’t bother me at all.
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    No doubt if this is a get-rich-quick scheme, I don't even want to think about a slow plan.
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    The National Covenant provides a request to extinguish the debts of the liberated governorates and re-evaluate the deposits of minors 13:30 - 22 December Last updated 13:52 - 22 December 599 BAGHDAD (Reuters) - National Assembly deputy Kefah Farhan announced on Saturday that she would submit a request to cancel debt on the liberated provinces and re-evaluate the deposits of minors. "We have raised a request to discuss the extinguishment of debts provided for housing and reconstruction in the liberated provinces because their displacement to other provinces made them unable to pay them," Farhan told a news conference in the House of Representatives attended by Al-Ghad Press. "On the other hand, we submitted a request of 50 deputies to re-evaluate the deposits of minors in gold because the current value in Swiss currency is not equal to the actual value of the Iraqi dinar and called for a re-evaluation in order to have value for them to be able to benefit from them."اخبار-العراق-السياسية/185508/العهد-الوطني-تقدم-طلبا-لاطفاء-الديون-على-المحافظات
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    On the campaign trail Trump said the US would no longer be the police of the world. I guess he’s just keeping his promise to do what he said he would do.
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    Trump has a plan to get out from under the Central Banking the States that would be the Fed.........HR 5404 was introduced in Congress in March which would put the US back onto a Gold backed financial system......Google it.... Are we there yet? Not sure.........last President who proposed dumping the Fed was JFK...........somehow he died a short time later..... Perhaps a reason Trump has surrounded himself with so many Military advisors.......JMO CL Luigi1 gets the purple cup from me........
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    Hey everyone! Wednesday snuck up on me, and I’m enjoying the family time so I’ll skip the “weekly” for now. Merry Christmas, DV! Blessings to you all. - Adam
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    There is a big reason why Trump did what he did in Syria. Do a little reading and you will maybe have a better understanding. BTW there is at least one General that thinks the move is a good one.
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    +1 KristiD. And thanks for not bring in the usual BS like someone else in the 'rumors' section. I tend to trust info from Breitling as he is mostly 'news' based, not rumor and pie-in-the-sky cr@p. I want to believe that 2019 will be a moving point for Iraq and the dinar. Their people and their country need it, and they're not going anywhere without change. Happy Holidays to you and all of DV. 🎅
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    Hoping this is the last auction we see. Go cbi Go end of auctions Go RV Go international on 1/1/19 Go $1:1
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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Davis411- and to everyone else who commented in this thread this far. LaidBack- your statement was very well said. I recall looking at a website years ago called the Hodges report or something close to that. The name Dave Hodges sounds familiar. There were a lot of 'facts' that he said would all point to a China/Russian invasion about 5-6 years ago on the U.S.. soil, and some of it almost seemed plausible if you read his predictions from the perspective of an anxious or scared mind. (I personally recall having the feeling that any foreigners lucky enough to be on our soil would simply defect.) Obviously nothing came to pass that he spoke of - with the exception of dollars going to his bank accounts. There's a term referred to a fractional banking or something close to it, expressed in an article written by someone who claims to have made accurate predictions in the past regarding the housing collapse, who now predicts the dollar will fail as a reserve currency and be replaced by something even Trump can't stop. I recall a similar but different prediction being made about 6 years ago, which I read and shared with a friend of mine that never went to college but who happens to have a very clear-thinking mind. His response was that although others have been trying for decades to de-throne the dollar as a reserve currency, "the dollar would always be king." His reasoning and explanation are a bit off-topic but his answers were sound and I no longer have concerns which I used to have in that regard. I think 1:1 would be the way to go - or .86 for some other reasons- and would be happy with either one at the moment. There have been 2-3 times in the past 8 years when I could practically feel things going into motion regarding the lifting of the artificially imposed rate on the dinar, and it felt it was days or less away each time. Although the reality in retrospect of Maliki and the dasholes that followed was was unanticipated, it had to be dealt with. I personally think that the implementation of SWIFT codes and development in relations with the WTO, the IMF, oil contracts with countries that are considered 'new business for Iraq', the new and extended pipelines built within the last 4 years producing record volumes of output, international accounting and auditing standards for Arab nations being applied in Iraq, the release of new forms log currencies designed to prevent money laundering and fraud, and too many others to mention (well, article140 seems to be coming up a lot lately) since June 2017 are definitely more than coincidental. One additional piece of info that I consider to be indicative of Iraq being "open tor international business" pertains to an email that was shared with me - originally sent to an individual I know who happens to be associated with extreme wealth. Unfortunately, the association is limited to just that, as the individual is not a billionaire - many times over - as they should be, due to an unfair business deal few are aware of that took place between the US govt and a family member of theirs .I was privy to a copy of the document they received from the Iraqi government - just a few weeks ago - which refers to investment opportunities on a large-scale. The latter isn't a rumor but is a fact. I am not disclosing who the individual is for multiple reasons, but the important take away is the timing of the correspondence - and the fact that it's unprecedented.
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    I Think things are changing and I feel people have had it with the BS those in the Swamp want and how they want to Rule....France is in an uproar with the Yellow Vest, Spain , Belgium, Germany and a few others countries are starting to fight back.... Today I ran across the New People of California.....Yellow Vest are starting to push back against the way Moonbeam and newsom want to/have run things. You don't have to be a Battle Trained, Dyed in Blood Warrior to take a stand....To Stand up for what is Right. 200 Years ago it was Farmers, Lawyers, Tailors, Blacksmiths and Common People that took a Stand against a Radical Tyrant that what to Rule them....Then it was a 2 or 3 cent Tax on Tea.....Look what you are taxed on today and what those in Power Still Want to Tax as well as Take Away. Those in Power want to Stay in Power to become Rich and it you don't believe it look into the net worth of Schumer, Pelosi, waters, obama and the rest.......They sure as well didn't get there working for the American People. We now have a President running the show....1st one since Regan that cared about the American People (note, they tried to kill him) before that the last President that cared for the American People was a Democrat, John F. Kennedy (they did manage to kill him) No if the truth were known and the FBI was real.......They would not have wiped Strzok or his Mistress Lisa Pages phones other than than there were text messages there about a plan to assassinate then Candidate Trump if need be. It is time for everyone to reach deep down inside and figure out just what it is you want, what you want for you family.....You want the America your parent had, what your grandfathers and Grandmother were Proud Enough to go off the war at the age of 18-22 years old and fight in in Europe, Rosie the Riveter, ladies that piloted planes across the country to where they where needed.....You need to ask your selves where you will be in 5 years the way this country in going...... Kids that don't care about the American Flag, Kids that refuse to say The Pledge of Allegiance, football players that take a knee, Hollyweird stars that condone pedophilia just so they could get ahead and they ***** about it later #MeTo and I could go on and on for hours. Seriously....what the hell has happened to America, to Americans and the American Way of Life, the American Dream? We can't fly the American Flag as it might offend Muslims. We can't wear a Red Hat that says MAGA because it triggers some people.....What the hell is Triggered? Can't cook Bacon, can't have a Cross, can't drink beer or wear a bikini (okay I don't) There are more You Can't Today because it Will Offend Someone. As I see it America and Americans are at a 4 way Intersection they they have gone through 800 miles of rough and rocky road. 200 miles ago things changed, new tires , a service and back on the road and things are going pretty smooth at last. Then the 4 way stop and a left hand turn leads to liberals kids running the show, hat 2 weeks ago their mother was wiping their butts.... no more free speech, no 2nd ad, Safe safes and bubble rooms with petting bunnies. . A right hand turn and in leads to Sharia law, no Rights, no religion, no hotdogs, bacon or beer. ladies has no rights what so ever and can be raped just because starting at the age of 8......Your wife has no rights and can be raped just because she was going to work....... You all had better wake up as this is what those want the future to be...... Ya, damn right, I don't have any real time Combat Experience, Have I trained and made a mindset for myself...Check. Have I prepared for the worst and prayed for the Best.....Check. Am I willing to ..........a Life....I don't want to but I will to save all that I love and care for. I don't carry a damn gun everyday just for fun nor do I ever want to use it...I avoid problems but if the issue comes to me I will have to fight back. Karsten
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    Abdul Mahdi: US decision to withdraw from Syria has a direct impact on Iraq 04:54 - 24/12/2018 BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said on Monday that the decision to withdraw from Syria has a direct impact on Iraq. "The US government officially informed the Iraqi government of the withdrawal of its combat troops from Syrian territory," he said, adding that "the Iraqi government has taken precautions to face any repercussions after the US withdrawal from Syria," adding that " US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo formally told the government to withdraw from Syria and provide support for Iraq, "pointing out that" Iraq is an independent country and did not receive any request for action after the US withdrawal from Syria. " He added that "the Iraqi government has taken its precautions to face any repercussions of the result of the US withdrawal from Syria," noting that "Iraq enjoys serious relations with all neighboring countries and with the majority of the forces in Syria and has an important role in the Syrian file."
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    climber, I’m not so sure I agree with the move either but we are not privy to all the information. I do know from my readings that The US is due to sell Turkey 3 b worth of fighter jets and patriot missles. One of the main ways Russia is making money these days is peddling military equipment. I believe this is a move to keep Russia from cozying up to Turkey. I also think it is not the worst thing talking to Erdogan. Turkey is a NATO Member We have over 5 thousand troupes in Iraq. If we needed to I’m sure we could always go back into Syria. This is a new story and will take a little time to figure out all the ramifications and specifics as to why President Trump wants to pull out. My problem with the earlier posts are people who know nothing but have an agenda to trash Trump. Remember the hysteria over North Korea. How did that work out? Give the guy a chance. Geez.
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    Looks like this guy believes anything from CNN too.
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    This is an October 2018 article. It seems the Assistant Professor believes the project to delete the zeros should be delayed due to unstable conditions. I think this article is important because of his statement about the dinar going international: 10/18/2018 Assistant Professor Dr. Safwan Qusay Abdul Halim, said that the current economic situation does not allow the implementation of the project to delete zeros from the currency, attributed to the unstable conditions in the Middle East and the possibility of the existence of illegal local currencies looking for a way to enter the domestic banking system. Abdul-Halim said in a statement to the Iraqi National News Agency "Nina" The Iraqi Central Bank is trying to restore confidence in the Iraqi currency and enter into the international currency market and facilitate the task of calculations by deleting zeros, and pointed out that the project can cause confusion in monetary policy and the value of the Iraqi dinar. Therefore, the procedure to delete zeros is a correct measure, but the current government to choose the appropriate time to replace the currency and transparent and subject to the highest degree of control was the governor of the Central Bank Ali Alaq announced earlier in a press statement that currencies of small categories may prompt citizens to bid farewell to banks for difficulty to store As the central bank has a future plan to restructure the Iraqi currency, including the deletion of zeros.


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