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  1. More like float to above 3. Shabibi stated he was after 1.16 at RV. If they deleted the three zeros, today, it would be around 1.19 to buy and 1.17 to sell. However, it was Sadam who put the Dinar to over 3. At the time there were people in the industry who stated that at that time the dinar was way over valued and really was worth half of that. They claimed the dinar was really worth only 1.62. If it starts out at 1.19 then floats the first goal would be to see if it reaches the 1.62 price point and check out the support and resistance at that time. If it does shoot up to above 3, I am not convinced, at this time, it will stay there for long.
  2. Anyone else notice the differences in the two photos above? Hint the guy on the right has a different color tie on and appears to have changed suits.Any other differences that can be pointed out? The guy on the left? Look at arm placement.
  3. Been saying this since 2012. Have been lambasted, harassed and more. Yet the mods are the ones who give me warnings and let these people slide by. I coined the phrase a grain of sand moved, it must mean an RV tomorrow, this year etc. When these people don't like what you have to say, for example, they said the RV would happen this year (2012 through current) and I have stuck to until after 2019. Was told by many I had little info and had no idea what I was talking about. Yet here we are in 2019 and no RV, no Oil and Gas Law. The IMF controls the trigger, don't care what anyone has to say about that. The IMF is the one that will give the approval for Iraq to enter Article 8. Think about that. Think about why I say that. Which governing body controls the Article 8? The IMF. If Iraq crossed all the t's dotted all the i's, implemented Article 140 and passed the Iraqi Oil and Gas Law and had a fully seated government, it would still be the IMF to approve or disapprove Iraq going into Article 8. It is the IMF who will give the CBI the green light to RV. Then and only then will Iraq's CBI to choose a date and pull the trigger. If you disagree, then you don't understand how the Central Banks and the IMF have evolved over the years. Think the Fed Reserve is bad, the IMF is even worse. The most important document until this point will be the release of the report from the committee on the latest SBA. If the IMF didn't need to green light the RV, sure it could be done at any time. Yeah we have all heard no one knows, but the IMF will know before Iraq knows when an RV can happen. Think about something else for a moment, who is behind the program rate changes? Iraq? No. The UN? no. Then who? The IMF in all cases have advised and told Iraq to change the program rate. Iraq could not change the program rate from 1166 to 1188 to 1190 with out approval first. Where did they solicit this approval? Who did they go to? The IMF is controlling the ball here. The IMF will then hand the ball off to the CBI so they can land on a moving deck and RV this currency. And yes with this last election and rereading some documents, I am not sure how close after the SBA is completed they will RV. It could be extended out to 2021 or beyond. Or it could be in 2020. I personally think the Oil and Gas law is an important piece of legislation for the citizens of Iraq but am firmly coming to believe it is not necessary to have an RV. The IMF wants Art. 140 to be implemented but that too, I am coming to believe is also not necessary. Art 140 of the Iraqi Constitution is an internal matter that needs to be worked out between the Kurds and Iraqi's. The goal of IMF would be to see successful implementation of this, but the Kurds were denied a nation state when the ME was divided after WWI during the tenure of the League of Nations. Because their territory, in their eyes, was stolen from them it is a much deeper matter that can not be hashed out in a few years.
  4. Developing countries trying to boost their economies are turning to China and in doing so are finding out when the China man cometh, they are in a world of hurt. The Chinese are strategically investing into countries around the globe for vital resources. South American countries are finding this out as well as African countries. China is after the oil and when a country cannot pay, China takes over their oil fields and ports. Doing business with China comes at a cost and that cost is not translated into currency but also government ideology such as communism. Beware Iraq, you play with a fire yet to be unfurled.
  5. I wouldn't read to much into the statement "since 2003" because since the ousting of Sadam, they have done the budget the same way since that time. Now they are going to do it differently going forward. It's like saying I have made 20 dollars a day selling popcorn since 2003 but now I am going to make 20 dollars a day selling popcorn salt as well as the popcorn. Hmm... now I want some nice hot buttery popcorn with popcorn salt.In the end it changes nothing as far as the rate goes because the rate is never in the budget.
  6. RayRat is funny within 4 words he contradicts himself.
  7. Maybe Iraq is not the least favorite but definitely ranks near the bottom based on this statistic: Iraq is the 168 least corrupt nation out of 175 countries, according to the 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index reported by Transparency International. Corruption Rank in Iraq averaged 162.19 from 2003 until 2018, reaching an all time high of 178 in 2007 and a record low of 113 in 2003.
  8. Ah poor wittle boy got his wittle fweelings hurt. Maybe if you didn't mention a comic book was "real art" than nothing would have been said. Third graders know to color in between the lines. Apparently you call that real art. Hey did you see the backlash against Renoir today? Yeah, Renoir getting called out for creating "real art". I know kindergarteners who scribble better than Renoir.
  9. They don't use toilet paper could be the reason why it's still on the roll. They use three stones.
  10. Literally, I didn't but what ever you say must be the word. THis is real art. /s
  11. I will point you to a quote reported back on October 29, 2014, after Maliki suppressed the Delete the Zeros Project in 2012/13. Combined with the IMF report due out in July/August (more than likely August as it has been in the past), this does look promising going forward towards 2020. The only obstacle is seating a full government and here we are a year later and still have 3 cabinet ministers yet to be appointed. Iran still needs to get their behind out of Iraqi politics (will never happen) and if an incident were to occur between the US and Iran, this could be an excuse to put this on hold. A grain of sand could move and the Iraqis would find an excuse to delay then go have a holiday until the political tryst between the US and Iran settles down. Let's see what the IMF has to say because it could lead to Iraq going into Art. 8 and the dinar being reinstated on the Global Currency market before the Iraqi Oil and Gas Law is passed.
  12. Apparently they can't color in between the lines. Ironman has some serious bleeding of red off his helmet. I guess a third grader could do better.
  13. Here is a hypothetical (and everything is hypothetical until it is not). In the post I previously posted, Iraq first unofficially uncoupled itself from the GBP and when it officially uncoupled it pegged itself to the USD. With the push to get away from the USD, what would the exchange rate be if the CBI chose to unofficially peg itself to the EU and/or the GBP instead of the USD? The GBP has a current exchange rate with the USD of 1.26 USD to 1 GBP. Or the EUR has a current exchange rate of 1.12 USD to 1 EUR. And we use the mean of the two to derive a rate, it would come out as 1.19 today (hypothetically). Who knows its always fun to run the numbers and do the calculations. I mean hypothetically a bird could get into the room and trying to get rid of the bird, the bird flits and flutters about and the rate gets typed into the computer as 3.22. Then the lowly tech after removing the bird notices he didn't enter the rate as he was told and just hits enter. So now the rate is 3.22. Or a sasquatch comes thumping down the hallway and as the lowly tech is typing away, the vibrations of bigfoot's large feet that moves the typist's finger over so instead of 1 it gets entered as 2.20. Or a grey transports into the room and the lowly tech gets so scared he bangs his hand on the computer and he enters .01 and the enter key is pressed as well. Now the rate is .01. Or let's say a flying unicorn comes in powered by farting rainbows. The lowly tech is so enamored by all the love in the room he falls into a joyful happy sleep. His head slowly and gently lands on the keyboard and the rate is entered as 657832. Or the ghost of Sadam drops from the ceiling and his feet (since he is hanging by a rope) touches the keyboard as the lowly tech goes screaming out of the room. Sadam's big toe touches a 5 and his right little toe touches the 9. And as Sadam continues to fall through the room, the enter key is pressed and the new rate becomes 59. Or it could just be simply aliens as to the reason for the rate.
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