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  1. Per minute charges add up fast. Just ask those who were with AOL in the early days. Not uncommon to have a telephone bill between 800 to 1200 dollars a month back in the 90s if you were on AOL. In addition, there is a reason why 900 numbers charged by the minute. They flat out made more money. Let's say, hypothetically speaking, the average Iraqi spends on average 300 minutes (5 hours) over the course of their day on the phone, giving the company 15000 dinars per day. On average there are 30.47 days in a month that comes out to approximately 457,050 dinars per month over a 12 month period. Yeah I wouldn't be too excited about that either unless you had thousands and thousands of customers each spending 460K dinars per month. That would be best case scenario but there are some below and some above those numbers.
  2. You can enter pretty much any country with MORE than $10K USD. You just have to declare it. However, I wouldn't walk around the US with that much cash as the US is as corrupt as Mexico when it comes to cold hard cash. If you don't know what I am talking about, get pulled over with more than 2K in cash. The cop at their sole discretion can confiscate it and you can't do jack about it. Try getting the money back and you will spend in legal fees more than what was confiscated. And that is how they keep your cash. The cop doesn't need explicit proof of what the money is for, just their suspicion of what it will be used for. So the confiscation is subjective and US Citizens can't do a darn thing about it. No reason to walk around anymore with more than 100 cash. Billions in personal assets are confiscated every year because of this law.
  3. Translation: Iran doesn't have the technology to build missiles to reach the American soil, so I will spin this to make Iran look good, knowing by the gawd in hell Iran wants that technology and will steal it so keep typing we will hack... err I mean...crack those dirty American companies (Zionists). Bwahahahaha!
  4. We have been saying that since 2005. Nothing new. Expect the expected and get the unexpected.
  5. What no Kerry? C'mon man! Send Kerry back! He did such a fantastic job last time they negotiated the Nuclear deal with Iran! /s
  6. 0's and 5's are psychological numbers. Next year on this date the CBI bank has its 75th founding anniversary (diamond anniversary). Just a-saying.
  7. Only as long as they are pegged to the US. If they chose to peg their currency elsewhere such as one of the BRIC nations then their need for a major trading partner for oil will change. Everyone thinks that green energy means the end of fossil fuels. This is one of the biggest myths in the world. While true that fuel is the major user of oil, it will not end oil production as it is a resource in many products and the production process for many items that everyone consumes and uses on a daily basis. And since most of this world is a consumer of goods and services using oil in their processes, oil processing and manufacturing is not going to go anywhere for a very long time. Green energy does not threaten oil, it only diminishes it as a resource, and will never replace it.
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