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  1. The worst kind of money to trade or invest with …. is your own. Think about it.
  2. Biden sees your 500K and throws in 2 million on Vietnam. HANOI, July 10 (Reuters) - Vietnam has received 2 million doses of the Moderna (MRNA.O) COVID-19 vaccine donated by the U.S. government, the American embassy in Hanoi said on Saturday, as the Southeast Asian country battles its worst outbreak of the pandemic.
  3. If I were to ask you if Black were classified as a color. The answer would be yes. I didn't ask you to define the color black as we all know black is the absence of other colors. Yet it is classified as a color just like red, white (all of the colors) and blue. Atheism is the absence of God or the belief there is no magical sky fairy. It is a belief nonetheless. And it is always brought in religious discussions. Atheism is guilty of being a religion. Now any form of worship done by a group of people where their belief is the same can be considered an organized religion. Religion is just a group of people with the same beliefs. If I replace God with another entity like for say the Easter Bunny and people believed in the Easter Bunny as their creator and worshipped the Easter Bunny then that would be considered an organized religion. The Altar of Government is the proverbial pedestal a governmental leader stands upon. Some will call this a mandate. The leader can claim his mandate comes from a divinity or the Easter Bunny or even himself. If the people agree and believe in him (or her) then they begin to worship the Government if they lose their faith in their own personal Creator, who ever it may be, Gaia, Zeus, Thor, the nose hair of a camel that has magical mucus healing powers, etc. It can even go so far as replacing addiction with the belief in something else - which is how Alcoholics Anonymous started. Hi Iam Theseus, and I am NOT an Alcoholic. This later transferred over to overcome drugs but not as successfully. Communism as written by Marx said Religion is the opiate of the people. At the time Marx lived there were opiod dens that were exported from the Far East to put the quote into context. So Marx proposed to replace religion with Government. Just like AA. Instead of worshipping the magical sky fairy, you were to worship the all masterful leader put on a proverbial pedestal and he was given the mandate not by the people but by whatever the leader claimed. Communism existed before Marx and will exist long after we all have turned to dust. Communism is just another religion whether you want to call t that or not. Most people nowadays put their faith and hope into that magical sky fairy. With Communism it is the Government even though individuals may still believe in the magical sky fairy. Now I can hear your brain already clacking away and your llips pursing up as you read the words "magical sky fairy". I am using this to illustrate as the US Declaration of Independence states ".... your Creator...". In Atheism, there are people who believe that mommy and daddy are your creator and the Government is their savior. Your Creator in the Declaration of Independence was purposefully chosen to include even the Atheist because even if you do not believe in the magical sky fairy you believe something or someones (plural) created you. (I know you said you were not an Atheist). Communism devoid of the belief in God was not Communism's downfall and it never has been. The downfall comes from the replacement or substitution of one religion for another. Government, as bleak as it is, becomes the religion of the people. It oppresses people does not allow class movement upwards, except in rare cases, and turns neighbor against neighbor. Marx had it right, religion, even when that religion is the government, is the opiate of the people. There is no other God worshipping religion that has latched onto this concept better than Islam has done. Islam was around before the Father of Communism was born. And their so-called prophet didn't even invent it. Communism has always been in the heart of men (and women) since man walked upon this Earth. Just as religion in one form has also been in the hearts of men (and women) since man has walked upon this Earth. Christianity comes from a long line of religions before it and Judaism isn't even the oldest religion from which Christianity was born from. Atheism is a religion just as black is considered a color. In Communism, the government replaces the addiction of the magical sky fairy with the magical fairies who think they have the right to rule/Lord over you. Just like AA, Communism seeks to replace one thing for another. And the ousting of religion in the Soviet Union was the least of the issues Stalin and Lennin had to deal with. It's hard to change and ideology but it's good to be the King (Ruler/President etc.)!
  4. Van Tharp teaches people how to trade. Whether that be swing trading, day trading, with commodities, the exchanges or other wise. The first year of his training is all psychological learning about yourself in different situations over the course of a year (or longer) before he even begins to take you into the market. Knowing that aspect of yourself and your beliefs, and I mean a real honest to god truth about yourself and your beliefs, actually makes that aspect of separating your emotions from your trading or investment a whole lot easier. You cannot even move beyond this phase of his training until you have completed the psychological assignments to his satisfaction. He has been training people, and he is very picky who he trains, how to successfully trade the markets and investments for a very long time. I am not advocating you take his training nor am I affiliated with him or his business. To get into his program you have to have some serious cash to trade. Like I said knowing yourself is 95% of how to make that "easier said than done" get done. The other 5 is the research and pulling the trigger on the investment or trade. He holds in person seminars in Cary, NC (Raleigh) at least he did before COVID.
  5. Okay so no more talking about the GOI, legislation being passed or what the CBI is doing. Since they are made up of politicians who are using politics in their country to prevent the RV from happening. Gotcha! Like Sands through the desert so are the days of Iraqi politics.
  6. Let me clarify: He didn't mention the year because contextually his conversation included the year he was speaking in. Again reading comprehension. And again, overthinking is sometimes worse than the actual dialogue. If he was talking about any other year, he is a big boy with big boy britches and would have come out and said the exact year he was talking about if it were not the year he was speaking in. I have six words that you need to remember: Over analysis leads to emotional bias. Remove the emotional bias by not over analyzing. Van Tharp said that you trade the market based on your beliefs. Those beliefs rule your emotions and thus rule your investment mindset. Detatch from the emotion of investing by not over analyzing into your beliefs. Right now your belief is that you believe the RV will happen. Your emotion is to HOPE it will RV yesterday. By changing this to the belief the RV will happen and you are sure (notice I did not say hope as hope is a feeling) it will, and not go any further will stop you from over analyzing and getting your emotions in the way of your decisions. It all starts with reading comprehension though. How to read and retain the information then to make an inference of what was said is just as important. Right now your emotion of hoping it will RV yesterday (and we all want that) is interfering with your thought process of inferring what is being said in the context of what is being said. This is not putting words into someone's mouth this is deriving what is actually being said. You inferred he meant some other year when in the same paragraph of the conversation he clearly said "at the beginning of the" meaning he was still talking about the current year he speaking in. He even went so far to say it could revalue tonight, again the current year he was speaking in. More to the point he is defining the current year for September 1 by stating tonight or even at the beginning of the year. Reading comprehension without biased emotion does wonders to where you see this investment as it is a long term buy and hold investment. Please by all that is Holy, don't do long term investments again (aka swing trading). You will lose money or leave money on the table.
  7. He didn't mention the year because contextually his conversation included the year he was speaking in. Again reading comprehension. And again, overthinking is sometimes worse than the actual dialogue. If he was talking about any other year, he is a big boy with big boy britches and would have come out and said the exact year he was talking about if it were not the year he was speaking in.
  8. Man did you just look at the date and say to yourself "See he named a date!"? By saying "realistic" he is saying Iraq could do it if they wanted and it is not out of the realm of possibility. HOWEVER, Iraq won't. He also is talking about this year. He also said they "could have" done it at the beginning of this year. They didn't. Bone up on reading comprehension please, so next time you won't get so triggered..
  9. Eliminate Islam and you eliminate these groups. Let me ask you this: Have we truly eliminated the Nazi ideology as it was set forth in Hitler's Manifesto called Mein Kampf? A book mind you that is number one in the Middle East. HAve we eliminated Communism or Marxism? Have we eliminated Fascism or totalism? Tyranny? No because those ideas march forward into new generations or are rediscovered by new generations. Islam is a theocracy, it controls your life as well as your religion. As long as Islam exists, these groups will exist spouting the same verses and killing those same peoples. Eliminate ISlam, eliminate the groups.
  10. The question to this is not an easy answer as it has to do with Islam. ISIS is not a unique organization as it is an offshoot of Al Qeada. The answer to this is very long and goes into a much deeper depth into a lot of subjects that many may or may not understand. The quick and dirty answer is this, as long as Islam exists, groups like ISIS will never be defeated. Sure new names for the group will appear but they are all the same. These groups are only "radical" in our eyes, they are not radical according to the Islamic mindset. "Islam has been hijacked", "These are radical groups" are both talking points of the West and most Muslims will tell you that no such thing has happened. Then they will talk about what in the past (key phrase here, "in the past") that the peoples of Islam have contributed. This is false because Islam invaded conquered then assimilated the conquered peoples tech as their own.
  11. Why? The current trading Session of the Iraqi Stock exchange is on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 10AM to 12PM (noon) local time for a total open time of 6 hours per week. A week has 168 hours in a seven day period. The Iraqi Stock Exchange is only open for 6 hours per week or 3.5% of the time in any given week. So for 162 hours or 6.75 days every single week the Iraqi Stock Exchange is closed. A 7 day closure is nothing to write home about. The last time the currency rate was changed was on December 20, 2019, on a Friday. The Iraqi Stock Exchange only closed their doors from December 27 through January 1 that year. Think about it.
  12. It was done to 0Bummer. A caricature of a man in the 1920's with a wind up box and a monkey on a leash was used. The left went absolutely off their rockers and decried the caricature racist. The man in the 'toon was white btw. People will be people then there is the left to change all of that. GOP hopeful not sorry for posts depicting Obamas as monkeys By ADAM BEAMSeptember 30, 2016 LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) — A Kentucky Republican state House candidate is refusing to apologize for several Facebook posts depicting President Obama and the first lady as monkeys, but the state GOP chairman has condemned the posts and issued his own apology for them. ADVERTISEMENT The posts on Dan Johnson’s Facebook page include a picture of a chimpanzee with the caption “Obama’s baby picture” and a photo that had been altered to give Obama and his wife ape-like features. Johnson’s page also displayed a photo of a young Ronald Reagan feeding a monkey with a bottle with the caption: “Rare photos of Ronald Reagan babysitting Barack Obama in early 1962.” His page also included a post calling Islam a “criminal syndicate.” Johnson, who is also the bishop of the Heart of Fire Church in southeast Louisville, says the posts are satire, and said some of them were shared on his page by others. Asked why he did not delete them, he said “some of you may take it as being funny.” He said Facebook deleted some of the posts. “It’s a satire. I’m not trying to be racist. I have political opinions, but I’m not racist,” he said. On Friday, Johnson posted several photos to his Facebook page showing him with various African-Americans, including civil rights leader Jesse Jackson. In an interview with The Associated Press, he said he would not apologize for the earlier posts. “I really don’t think I’ve done anything as someone to be a racist,” he said, adding that he had also posted a picture of former President George W. Bush depicted as a monkey and “no one has said a word about that.” In a news release, Republican Party of Kentucky chairman Mac Brown called Johnson’s posts “outrageous.” “They represent the rankest sort of prejudice present in our society and do not in any way, shape or form represent the views of the Republican Party of Kentucky or the many fine candidates representing us on the ballot this November,” Brown said. “I want to apologize to the members of Kentucky’s African-American community.” Democratic Party chairwoman Sannie Overly has called for Johnson to drop out of the race. Johnson said he would not, adding that he will win the election on Nov. 8. Johnson is challenging incumbent Democrat Linda Belcher in the 49th District, which includes part of Bullitt County. Belcher has held the seat since 2009. The controversy comes as Republicans and Democrats are battling for control of the state House of Representatives, the last legislative chamber in the South still controlled by Democrats. Republicans need to pick up four seats to win a majority in the House for the first time since 1920.
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