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  1. Number 9 should read: If you can't fix it with a hammer, there is always the shotgun, it's like Mikey and will fix anything.
  2. The man card doesn't say anything about Chuck Norris so it can't be a true man card.
  3. Why buy potato ice cream (soft serve) when you can have the real thing from Handels or at a hard serve ice cream place?
  4. Well if the cow is grass-fed and regurgitate's what is in the cow's rumon and continues to chew on it, wouldn't what be stored in the rumon be grass or hay depending on what the cow ate? And do they not swallow what they have been chewing on? So technically they are eating grass or hay. Some are just slow eaters. Inquiring minds want to know.
  5. Fourth term? He hasn't even finished his first term. A term for President is four years. A commencement of the fourth term would indicate Trump has been office for the previous 12 years. Any President holding office for more than 8 years is unconstitutional according to the respective amendment passed after one of the Roosevelts held office for four terms. The idea behind the amendment was that President George Washington only held office for two terms and no President should hold more than Washington did. Would love to go back to that mindset, but early indicators are that Congress has turned
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