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  1. They are trying to deal with arrears and continue to work on corruption. Next article I want to see is about the IMF, but we need to see the outcome of Davos first. Or what Trump does with the Fed and the USD.
  2. Let them restore the Hanging Gardens or the Garden of Adam and Even and open a John Deere dealership, they can have the Harley Davidson dealership they just opened up because wth does King Kong have to do with Christmas? The JD dealership usually sets up Christmas lights but the HD dealership took the land. There were no lights last year and this year they put up a cyclops that looked like either the Abominable Snowman or King Kong because he had a star and one hand and there was a lighted biplane nearby which was trailed with a Merry Christmas banner. The lights of its outline were brown so I believe it was KingKong others had mixed feelings when we drove by it. I always asked them who they thought it was.
  3. And I would do it all again.
  4. On top of all of this, I almost gave my life serving my country. My accident wasn't some accident while off duty in a car accident it was in the line of duty. It almost cost me my life and in a way it has. It almost cost me the ability to walk and talk because I had a TBI due to an improperly fitted O2 mask. So let's see, I did not take a bullet but I almost gave my life for you, I almost gave my ability to talk and walk at the age of 18 for you. I gave my career for you. I don't just say I "would" give my life because I was there at the precipice and almost did give my life. And if being without a heartbeat is giving my life then count me in since I was 18. So who is mocking whom?
  5. If you have served then you know your time of survival. My time was three seconds in the Army. And ues we joked about being fodder all the time since we were given 3 seconds to live in armed combat. So yes I have every friggin right to say what I say about grunts. Like I said I wore the uniform and carried my gear in rhe army. Time to live is what makes grunts fodder. So tell me what was yours? Had I stayed in, meaning I did not have my accident I would have been in gulf war 1. I went in knowing we were going to war in the middle east. We have been there 27 years since the first gulf war. Why is that important... watch Man of Tomorrow with Orsen Wells. Its why i studied the Middle East in HS. And it is why i studied the Quran and the Hadiths after 9/11. A lit of people joined after 9/11 because of 9/11. I volunteered to prevent 9/11.
  6. A fact is a fact is a fact. Can't deny a fact.
  7. No doubt you have seen, or have heard about Gillette's commercial However, Egard Watch Company crafted a response You decide.
  8. Theseus


    This is one of the theories why Trump is staying in the WH as a transition is taking place Remember Trump has been yelling at the Fed for interest rates
  9. Theseus


    not sure if this is true anon because it falls under another poster than anonymous.
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    I have been doing some research on current events related to these posts. SOME very interesting finds. First, there are claims two prison barges, one from each coast of the US, are making their way to GITMO. Some say the tribunals or the storm has begun and people are seeing things that are not there. Case in point, the vlogger who saw a take-down in Crystal City, thinking the mass arrests were happening. Another thread was looking at the tweets from several high-level people who have a pattern of frequent tweets, have not tweeted since before Christmas. For example, Laura Bush to name only one of these. There are others that Q refers to. A common theme I have run up against is how the current shutdown is going to play out. While the shutdown is done under the guise of "illegal immigration" it really is to clear the swamp. In government contracts, a furlough lasting 30 days or more can lead to the let go of those government workers. This is a brilliant move by Trump if held true. Since it has been said that those "essential" workers have been quoted as saying that they don't need those who are currently furloughed. What better way to get rid of the swamp than in private sector parlance to "lay them off". Another theory is that because Trump cannot, due to UNion contract, be able to point out specific swamp creatures, getting rid of them by the boatload is best. Another theory states that Trump knew of the deep state doings long before he ran for POTUS. Michelle is rumored to be coming out as a tranny and a couple of times 'Obama has referred to Michelle as Michael in public on the mic while he was president. Back to Trump, he never gave up birthism as he and others know Obama is not a natborn citizen. Since if this comes out as truth, everything Obama signed and all of his EOs are null and void as his entire presidency will be like it never happened. Another interesting fact is that Anonymous did not like Q in the beginning but now, based on the Jan 20, 2019 youtube posting, Anonymous is firmly in Q's camp. Trump is not going to Davos because of the transportatio issue but because he needs to be in office to switch back to the gold standard and he needs to be in the WH. This is a very weak rabbit hole. Tribunals and arrests are waiting for the new AG, BArr, to be confirmed next week as the shutdown is a distraction to this. Ohr threw everyone under the bus but there are two paths which the coup took place. The first ring is the members of the FBI and the second which most do not know. And if they think they know, that they are confusing it with the first ring. The second ring brings OBAma into the picture as it was done as Brennan led it. The project name for the second was called project FULSOM. Which is not the same as Project Hurricane(?) the project involved with the FISA abuse. This is not a conspiracy theory as the first project has been proven and the second project people lump together with the first but in reality they are two different projects implicating higher eschelon members of the DOJ, FBI and other agencies. Somehow this kind of links to Snowden but not sure how. Check out Greg RUBini on twitter for some of this.
  14. I was in the Army then went into the Navy. My mos in the Army was 31mic. My mos in the Navy was supposed to be ASW/RSS until my accident. I was transferred aboard CV-64 for a while. While aboard CV-64, I met another former Army, he did nothing and wanted to nothing but time. He was a low life loser, like you, and I thought I would meet anyone lower than he was. I was carried off the CV-64 in a stretcher which led to my discharge. They thought heart attack but it was O-2 toxicity my lungs were healing from. I knew a Marine aboard that carrier which caused millions of dollars of damage when he put his M16 into several planes in the hangar bay because during a security drill he tripped over a chain which held the planes down. I have been in the Army so I know the people which make up its ranks. I can say what I say because I have been there done that. By the way, I was calvary when I was in. You need to quit because you so behind that I know snails that have looped you. your theme song shabs (notice the sheep mentality it portrays that you follow)
  15. Apparently, you do not know this since you continually spout the left talking poinst "Repubs have control of the Senate"; so whatever they wanted they should get. Be honest is this your talking points or is this the hot air that your form into words which emanates from the orifice you are most heard from (Hint: its the lump five feet from your head.)

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