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  1. 1) Kurds stopped sending oil profits to Baghdad because Baghdad stopped paying Kurd wages. Major point of contention. 2) Kurds have always kept a good portion of the oil profits and not told Baghdad about ALL of the profits. Major point of contention. Points 1 and 2 are the major obstacles when Baghdad and Erbil come together each year before the budget can be passed. They play the he-said-she-said game. 3) The 17%, or thereabouts, has been in the Budget law. A law with a definitive start date and a definitive end date. Once the law expires, everyone including the Kurds have to go back to the drawing table to negotiate the next year's budget. (I say next year's budget with a tinge of sarcasm due to the fact that 85% of the time they are still negotiating the "next year's budget well into "the next year"). 4) Until a more stable law (one that does not expire without legislative interference) is passed, Baghdad and Erbil will always be on this merry-go-round of negotiations with the Kurd oil, no matter what the Iraqi Supreme Court has to say. In other words as long as Iraq keeps themselves in this endless cycle of passing laws in the Budget,, a one-year law in and of itself, they are not permanent and hold no validity past their expiration date. Case in point, the oil profits from the Kurds. Anything placed in the Budget law is only good for one year, unless a law is passed outside of the budget law.
  2. Also, "the neighboring countries, companies, banks, and those who control the economy may resort to a game that leads to its collapse, which also leads to a double loss of the dinar's value against the dollar," according to the expert. Hogwash. This is nothing more than fear-mongering. "The neighboring countries" have not collapsed nor has their currency had a double loss against the dollar. When the exchange rate was changed in December 2020, the rate was only supposed to be at that rate for only one (1) year. One year only. This article is to make the GOI look like they know what they are doing from an expert standpoint when they really have no clue. In that time since the exchange rate was changed, the White Papers came out and was implemented. The one year magically became 4 to 5 years via the White Papers. Notice in the roll out of the coins they state they will be deleting the zeros proceeding the roll out of smaller denominations. Thus from the implementation of the White Papers, 5 years becomes 2025 to 2026 for the implementation of the zero deletion project and RV. And the roll out of the coins becomes 2027. So by this schedule an RV will happen anywhere between 2025 and 2027. (Unless they add more to this at a later date).
  3. All purchases one makes has an overall psychological effect on the purchaser. In the United States that psychological effect is called Consumer Confidence.
  4. Well at least they have some sort of documents unlike those that "do not walk over the Southern US border". (I guess they float/climb over.)
  5. Okay people with a rational sense understands why a 20,000 dinar note is to be issued by Iraq. Let's take a look at this rationale. 1) Most countries have paper denominations in 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100. Since these are the most denominations of paper currency for most countries, it only follows suit that Iraq would do so as well. 2) Removing three zeros would make the specified dinar notes become: 250 dinars => 0.25 dinars (parallel to the twenty-five cent piece in the US) 500 dinars => 0.50 dinars (parallel to the fifty cent piece in the US) 1000 dinars => 1 dinar (parallel to the one dollar bill in USD) 10,000 dinars => 10 dinars (parallel to the paper currency of the ten dollar bill in the USD) 20,000 dinars => 20 dinars (parallel to the 20 dollar bill) 50,000 dinars => 50 dinars (parallel to the 50 dollar bill) 25,000 dinars => has no comparison to US currency and most likely will be done away with in favor of currency parallel to the 100 dollar bill) Now why would Iraq do this? Because the Iraqis' main form of currency, at this time, is the USD. This means when they do remove the zeros, RV or not, there will be no need to educate the Iraqis on the denominations in their currency. It would be like the Iraqis have always used the dinars going forward. Lastly, there has been talk on this subject going back to before, years before, the pandemic. Some of us knew they would be implementing new denominations, most likely the 20,000 and 100,000 denominations so that the currency was more on par, denomination wise, to the USD after the RV since Iraqis use mainly the USD today. This was foreseen as to happen and there is a lot more to this subject than just implementing the 20,000 dinar note. So sit back and enjoy life as we await the RV event to come Iraq's way. One other note, a 3.63 to 1 RV would be great but it is a pipe dream. There is no chance when the RV happens that it would come out at that amount as the IMF would not allow it in a tumultuous Iraq. In addition, the dinar even when it was artificially inflated was not worth that amount, 3.63 to 1, and really only worth about 1.65 per dinar, if that, at its highest point.
  6. More Christians other Christians in the world just plain ignored and forgot about long ago. How many others are out there like the Yazidi Christians that Christians ignore their existence? Ah it's good to be a Christian believing in a faith standardized by man so man can become rich off of other men. Man's magical sky fairy is going to solve all.
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