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  1. Thank you wealthhound for your thoughts about our venture and your heart to see His Kingdom advanced...Ron
  2. 2-28-2020 Newshound Guru Chattels For a parliament session to obtain a quorum, half plus one of its members must show up to vote — which is 168 members. Half plus one of the attendees must vote for the Cabinet to approve it. This means Shiite parties can hold the parliament session or make quorum without the Sunni and Kurds, but today there were Shia defectors also and even if the Shia can muster quorum and decision without the support of Sunni and Kurdish parties will add to an already divisive situation in Iraq , in my view.
  3. 2-28-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 ...On the 24th I think they pushed the button that 15 days later this Cabinet and this Prime Minister would receive the new budget that God willing with the new rate... 2-28-2020 Intel Guru MarkZ [Guru] Mr. Cottrell and I spoke this morning. This could be the absolute “Perfect Storm” we have been looking for. We know that financially we have been so close and now we have a rolling correction or a “rolling crash” as it rolls from one nation to the next. It is not a complete and total sell is a very sharp correction. This is painting them in a corner. How better to save the world then to say “Hey…we have to stem this crash because of the corona virus…and this is how we are going to do it…with asset backed currency. There could not be a better opportunity to kick this in…This is in his opinion and mine. 2-28-2020 Newshound Guru Vital Brad Article: "Iraq fails to form new government, prolonging crisis". They were supposed to meet on Thursday. Allawi showed up. About a hundred members of parliament showed up and they couldn't get the job done...Allawi wants to put in what's called technocrats. People that aren't necessarily associated with a party...To try to get rid of this corruption...Allawi is really doing what the people of Iraq want. They want that Iranian influence out, and by him coming in and putting a cabinet of technocrats, or basically independents, in - it potentially could take away that corruption...If he doesn't get it done by March 2nd, we're talking Monday, then his time's up...They're supposed to meet tomorrow. They've got to get it done tomorrow [By Monday at latest] otherwise Allawi's out. What does that mean? This thing could get dragged out...
  4. Actually the above times are wrong - they should be: 11:11 am EST 10:11 am CST 9:11 am MST 8:11 am PST 7:11 am AkST 6:11 am HST Also remember, Iraq is 7 hours ahead of EST & 10 ahead of PST...! Most likely they will do it between 1-3 AM and it will be reflected on the forex, if they comply with Article 8. Let's assume they publish it at 9 AM in Iraq. For it to hit in the USA ON 22 March 2020, (with them at 3 AM) that would be effective time: 8:11pm EST 7:11pm CST 6:11pm MST 5:11pm PST 4:11pm AkST 3:11pm HST So, we should pray the following times on the 22 March 2020 - just before it would go at 3 AM in Iraq. This would have us all praying at the same time... 11:11 am EST 10:11 am CST 9:11 am MST 8:11 am PST 7:11 am AkST 6:11 am HST or 2:11 pm EST 1:11 pm CST 12:11 pm MST 11:11 am PST 10:11 am AkST 9:11 am HST I like this best for everyone's convenience, plus ScaryMary suggested it first Thanks for your post ScaryMary and suggestion you made...even before h-e-v..! Ron
  5. Thanks DW ... ALL IS WELL...! Lots happening here in Las Vegas - waiting for the Power of God to fall on us in March - we're hosting the biggest Christian event ever in Nevada. I'M TRUSTING ALL IS WELL WITH YOU AND YOURS...! What's happening in your neck of the woods? When the IQD increases in value you can donate some to the ministries I'm supporting - how's that...LOL..!
  6. Thanks hawk-eye-view (Donna) I appreciate your kind words and your perspective - you're right on...! Ron
  7. Thanks keylime...When Kim said 20,000 he wasn't speaking of a specific number, he was referring to it reaching that level. No one at the time expected it to even get there, much less so quickly. The fact that it's dropping isn't indicative that it is supposed to drop back to 20,000 before it pops. I think the C. virus is just the work of the enemy, but God will use it for good. Many people are turning to God, asking for protection. It's humbling people and nations. They are being made aware of their mortality, and how quickly our circumstances can change. Besides the Book of The Revelation says that in the last days there would be plagues and pestilences - and we know we're in that last generation. You wrote a lot and much more can be said, but I type with one finger, so I'll stop here. Blessings brother....RON
  8. 2-28-2020 Newshound Guru Pimpy We've been trying to figure out if Iraq has the money to cover an exchange rate of $3.20. There's a lot of good arguments for it. I get it. I really do...but you know the amount of currency that Iraq has issued is way higher than what Kuwait has. It's not like a little bit. It's drastically higher. I mean huge. So that really lowers the value of the dinar because they have so much out there. What I'm hoping makes a difference is less than 5% of it is in country. I still think about 90% of it, 92% of it is in central banks everywhere. Not as much as people think are out there in the hands of spectators. I'm hoping that Iraq, IMF and World Bank realize that although there are some that are in the hands of the public but there's not that much of it. That they could go ahead and take a chance on a higher rate. In order for Iraq to really grow economically they're going to have to come out with the sweet spot. We know this... If you recall, former CBI Governor Adnan Shabibi (author of the plan to delete the zeros) said that Iraq could support a value in excess of $10 (I think he actually said $14). We realize circumstances have changed, but not so significantly as when he made that statement. I suspect he knows some things that Kaperoni doesn't when he makes the statements he has been. RON 2-28-2020 Newshound Guru Jeff ...since the beginning of the year I basically said...Iraq would take their sweet time because they really had nothing left to do and that's playing out tremendously within the formation of the government...they are milking the formation of the government. IMO though the formation of the government is done. Complete. I really wouldn't worry about it...we're at the end of this's all coming together right before our eyes...
  9. Thanks Pitcher, I have to remind myself every day ... I appreciate your posts and perspectives... Ron
  10. 2-28-2020 Intel Guru Footforward There has been a shift in the middle east and in Iraq. I hope people can see that. It's why I believe the RV is coming. Why I say actual progress is finally being made. 2-28-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 ...everything is ready to go. All you need is the rate. Because the rate change has to come before or with the budget. It's that simple...
  11. Thanks again Keylime ... your post was most encouraging ... I tried to get as much visible so I shortened it, hoping some would read what you wrote, then click "read more" to get the salient points. May you have a blessed day and weekend...your Brother in Christ, Ron
  12. Thanks fancy and Artitech --- much appreciated ... trusting God for His timing and to move the plans of man to suit His purposes. Blessings, RON
  13. Thank you screwball and Chuck ... much appreciated ... it's all in God's hands - Men plan, but God moves to make things happen for His purposes and in His timing..! Be blessed brothers....RON
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