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  1. Thanks ADAM ... Appreciate the update ... Blessings ... RON
  2. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... RON *** MilitiaMan *** ...There is far to much information out that supports Iraq is about to go international with a new exchange rate with the real value to go with it...There is proof that the WTO suggests that there is imminence to ascension and there is more on that matter to come out, as early as next week...the positive effects in play now have made the environment today what it is so that the investors and private sector can flourish once the exchange rate with real value is exposed...imo... *** Adam Montana *** Whether you see and acknowledge the progress or not, Iraq is continuing to move forward. The wait can seem eternal if you look at this situation through a microscope, but the big picture is much different. Many of us have been here through some incredible changes, even if we haven't seen THE change we really want...Here's a prime example of the progress we can see clearly - in May of 2021, the number was 6 billion. Article: "More than five and a half billion dollars in Iraq's oil revenues in a month" Just a few short months later, we are reading 7.66 billion. Article: "Iraq: $7.66 billion, the value of crude oil exports during October". [post 1 of 2].. *** Adam Montana *** The increase in dollar amount isn't just from the increased price of oil, either - Iraq is refining their entire production system, exporting more efficiently, and making progress. The price of oil isn't hurting them, either. Every time I look at this situation in a "big picture" way, I can't help but get excited. There's really only one way for this all to end, and that is with an increase in the value of the Dinar. How could it not end that way, when everywhere we look there is proof that, indeed, Article: "IRAQ SUBMITS A PROPOSAL TO COMPETE WITH THE WORLD ECONOMY" Quote: "Iraq possesses great and enormous wealth that allows it to be a major economic player," This has never been a question of "IF", only "WHEN". Stay positive, grounded... GOOOOOOO RRRRRRRVVVVVVVV!!!!!! [post 2 of 2].. These posts were taken from another site that follows Adam's postings, and they post snippets from them. You can read adam's full chat on the DV Chat Logs Forum at: Adam Montana Black Friday update 26 November 2021
  3. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... RON *** Pimpy There's no back numbers. There's no back screens...Nobody has the codes. There's no military intel. There's no redemption centers. There's no 800 numbers...When the time comes and you feel like changing in your Iraqi dinar you will go to an exchange center, unless it's some astronomical amount that they gotta give you, have to wait until you find a bank that will allow you to deposit the money...That's it. You don't have to turn it into nobody. Don't get scammed. Nobody's going to get you together in a group and get a better rate. The rate is going to be the same for everybody. *** Frank26 Question: "After the reinstatement occurs where will we look to find out how much time we have to exchange certain notes...? I assume they will expire at different times?" Yeah, there is a possibility they will expire at different times. There's also the possibility that they will all expire at the same time...we don't really know...Here in the United States of America we still have three zero notes that are legal tender...
  4. 5 min read November 26, 2021 The Amazing Story Behind Our National Anthem How do you feel when you see Americans dishonor our national anthem as it is sung? Personally, I put my hand over my heart and thank God for the brave men and women who have fought for our freedom. Actually, the historical meaning behind the writing of our national song dates back to The War of 1812, when we were fighting Britain because of trade interferences. The song was inspired by a flag that flew over a fort after America had won a decisive battle. What about the “Great Garrison Flag” that waved? It was a massive flag with 15 stars and 15 stripes—the one we sing about that Francis Scott Key saw in the early morning light of September 14, 1814, as it flew over Fort McHenry in Baltimore’s harbor, signifying America’s victory. It measured 30-feet by 42-feet, weighed more than 50 pounds, and it is said that it took eleven men to hoist it to the top of its 90-foot pole. It was reportedly the largest flag flown in combat at that time. And yet, it was not the same flag that actually flew over the fort during the heat of the battle for Baltimore.(1) I’ll explain momentarily. What led up to this battle? We need to get a full picture. Great Britain had well-trained soldiers and the most powerful navy in the world. On August 24, 1814, British General Robert Ross, with his five-thousand-member force, defeated the Americans at Bladensburg, Maryland. That night British troops entered Washington, D.C., setting fire to the Capitol, the President’s Mansion and other public buildings. President James Madison and his wife Dolley barely escaped. The British plan was to capture Baltimore and its important port next; Baltimore was currently America's third largest city. So they advanced up the Chesapeake Bay to the mouth of the Patapsco River. (2) Early on September 13, 1814, British ships began what became a 25-hour bombardment of Fort McHenry. Rockets burst. Mortars exploded. The fort’s commander, Major George Armistead, with just one thousand troops, had ordered them to return fire, but their guns could not reach the enemy’s ships. “The British guns had a range of 2 miles and the British rockets had a 1.75-mile range, but neither guns nor rockets were accurate. The British ships were unable to pass Fort McHenry and penetrate Baltimore Harbor due to its defenses, including a chain of 22 sunken ships, and the American cannons. The British, having depleted their ammunition, ceased their attack on the morning of September 14.” (3) What were the results of the 25-hour battle? “Only one British warship, a bomb vessel, received a direct hit from the fort's return fire, which wounded one crewman. The Americans…had four killed…and 24 wounded. At one point during the bombardment, a bomb crashed through the fort's powder machine. However, either the rain extinguished the fuse or the bomb was a dud.”(4) To celebrate the British retreat, the American troops fired their guns and played “Yankee Doodle.” The storm flag came down, and up went the Great Garrison Flag which could be seen from several miles away. (Three months later on December 24, 1814, the war formally ended).(5) Now, about that famous flag. A year before the battle, Major Armistead knew his fort, which was built to guard the water entrance to Baltimore, would probably be a target. So, he requested a flag “so large that the British will have no trouble in seeing it from a distance.” A professional flagmaker, Mary Young Pickersgill of Baltimore, and her helpers made two. The larger Garrison Flag measuring 30-feet by 42-feet had 15 stars and 15 stripes -- each star and stripe representing a state. They used 300 yards of English wool bunting. But the stars, each measuring two feet in diameter, were made from cotton. They also made the smaller storm flag measuring 17-feet by 25-feet, which actually flew over the fort during the battle. Unfortunately, it was lost.(6) Today the famous flag we know as the “Star Spangled Banner” is displayed in the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of History in Washington, D.C. Extensive repairs were made due to damages from years of use at the fort and from pieces being removed as souvenirs.(7) Let’s talk about the song’s origin. Francis Scott Key, a 35-year-old American lawyer had come from Washington D.C. to Baltimore with approval of President James Madison a week earlier, to appeal to the British admiral to release their captive, an American doctor, William Beanes. The admiral finally agreed but required them to wait until the battle was over. So, the American civilians watched aboard a ship probably eight miles away, while rockets glared and bombs burst. Due to the intensity of the attack, Key believed the British would win.(8) With “the dawn's early light" of September 14, when the smoke of battle lifted, Key spotted the American stars and stripes flying -- not the British Union Jack. The British were retreating and the fort still stood. On the back of an envelope, Key wrote a few lines of poetry describing the moving scene. Later that night in his hotel room in Baltimore, he revised and finished four verses about America’s victory – as an eyewitness to the bombardment. He called it “Defence of Fort M'Henry” and it was soon joined with the tune of a popular English song. Before long it was being sung across the country. By the 1890s, the military had adopted it for ceremonial purposes, to be played at the rising and lowering of the colors. Congress officially declared it the national anthem of the United States on March 3, 1931.(9) Some of our USA passports have an artist’s drawing of Francis Scott Key standing on a boat looking out over the waters at a waving flag. Handwritten words above it read: “O say does that star- spangled banner yet wave o’re the land of the free & home of the brave.” That massive “banner” inspired Key to write his long poem, now our national anthem. Portions of the last verse read: “Blest with vict'ry and peace, may the heav'n-rescued land Praise the pow'r that hath made and preserv'd us a nation! Then conquer we must, when our cause is just, And this be our motto: "In God is our trust" And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave” (10) ********************************** Pray with me: Father, thank You for giving our forefathers victory when our country’s future hung in the balance. And we thank You for the 50 states that now make this the United States of America. May we accomplish Your will and purpose for our nation. We are grateful for our beloved homeland. We decree: I will honor my flag when I hear the anthem played and will thank God for the freedom I enjoy in America. *********************************** Today’s post was contributed by our dear friend, Quin Sherrer. You can find out about Quin and see her amazing books here. __________________________ Click the link to watch the full video: 1. 2. 3. 4. Ibid. wikipedia 5. 6. Ibid. Smithsonian 7. Ibid. Smithsonian 8. Ibid. Smithsonian 9. Ibid. Smithsonian 10.
  5. ( IQD Rates - Updated: Thursday - 11/25/2021 Official Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) Dinar Rate: 1460 IQD to 1 USD Dinar Market Rate: (CBI last reported 8/11/2021) ** Still No Change Noted on CBI.IQ ** 1478.744 IQD to 1 USD - Rates Are Within IMF 2% Rule: YES... (Rate is at 1.28383%) Started 16 June. - Are Rates IMF 2% Rule Compliant for 90 Days: YES -- "162" days in compliance..! Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Day Everyone - GOD is Good & Faithful..! RON
  6. CBI Currency Exchange Rates Thursday - 11/25/2021 Currency Converter US dollar USD 1460,000 Euro EUR 1636,076 Pound sterling GBP 1952,531 Canadian dollar CAD 1151.692 Swiss franc S.FR 1559.746 Swedish krona SEK 161.306 Norwegian krone NOK 163.183 Danish krone DKK 219.999 Japanese yen JPY 12,675 Chinese Yuan CNY 228.525 Australian dollar AUD 1052.514 Special drawing rights SD 2035.094 Gold for 24-ounce Gold 2,583,972,500
  7. The results of the foreign currency sale window Sunday 28/11/2021 and implemented today Thursday - November 25, 2021 CBI - The results of the foreign currency sale window for Sunday 28/11/2021 and implemented today Announcement No. (4535) Sale date - Sunday 28/11/2021 and executed today Details Amount Total sale for the purpose of strengthen outside assets (Transfers and credits) 160,457,790 Total sale cash 33,510,000 Total sale amount 193,967,790 Note that: The selling price of the amounts transferred to bank accounts abroad is ( 1460 ) dinars per dollar. The cash sale price is ( 1460 ) dinars per dollar. Link: » The Central Bank of Iraq’s foreign currency sales schedule, Sunday 28/11/2021, implemented today
  8. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... RON *** Pimpy We're still waiting to hear the results of the election and audits. Then we're going to wait for the new formation of the government. Then the United States is going to be leaving Iraq. These are all major things. As long as some big huge terrorist group doesn't go in there and overrun the country like we see in Afghanistan then we should be fine. Iraq will be getting their sovereignty back. They keep rebuilding their country. Keep investing in the private sectors, get away from oil dependency and stick to the reform papers because obviously it is working. As time goes on we're going to see the dinar IMO go up in increments. I know everybody's expecting an overnight RV or RI I'm not saying that's not going to happen but most likely what's going to happen is you'll see the dinar go up in increments.
  9. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... RON *** Sandy Ingram Article: "Central Bank of Iraq begins to activate self-management of foreign reserves" Iraq's increase in foreign reserves since the devaluation last December and now the announcement of self-management of foreign reserves all points to a country coming onto the global financial platform...the increase in foreign reserves is a good thing, a really really really good thing... *** Frank26 Question: ["Once this change takes place...have your friends indicated what the time frame on calling in the three zero notes may be? Are we going to have 30 days? 90 days? Maybe a year?"] We don't know. We know that by standard it's usually at least up to a year to coexist. I don't think that is an issue because if it was our friends would have been told already and they haven' would be very bad because you think you're the only one that has dinars? Hundreds of counties have dinars in their reserves right now. And what you're going to screw them all over? Iraq is about to become the Mecca of financial currency in the Middle East...they will coexist...
  10. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... RON ** Mnt Goat ** Article: "BAGHDAD SENDS MORE THAN TWO BILLION DINARS IN FINANCIAL DUES TO THE KURDISTAN REGION" So, the CBI sent payments to the Kurdistan region. Remember what I said that if they do this they will have to make these so-called loaded ATMs available to use. How can they use them if they are all filled with the lower of the lower denominations... So there is now a showdown coming. ...are they really going to distribute the lower denominations? We will see..!
  11. I'm in total agreement with you DoD...I was thinking the same thing when I made the post.
  12. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone on DinarVets ... May Almighty God bless each one of you and your families ... RON
  13. Young Iraqis Receive Grants to Kickstart their Businesses 23rd November 2021 in Iraq Industry & Trade News - raq-businessnews Twenty innovative business ideas driven by young people from Kirkuk and Mosul have received a grant of US$ 5,000 each. This will help kick-start their business ideas and boost the local start-up system. The startups include unique solutions to smart home systems, women's health and wellbeing, taxi services for women and environmentally friendly architecture. It is a part of the 'Youth Innovation and Creativity Award' project implemented by the Kurdistan Organization for Human Rights Watch (KOHRW) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with funding from the Government of Canada. The project focuses on providing small grants and mentorship to young people and their business ideas. On the overall experience, 31-year-old Kanyaw Wali Ali from Kirkuk said, "Thanks to the exposure through this project, I learned a lot about project development. I also picked up social networking skills and made new friendships and potential new business partnerships." She will use the grant to start a premium pastry and sweet shop. While 32-year-old Mustafa Faris Abdullah from Mosul added, "I enjoyed being part of this project, as I had a chance to learn, fine-tune my ideas and gain the much-needed confidence to start my own business." He hopes to start an architecture agency to provide interior and exterior design services. "Through this experience, I enjoyed the positive and forward-looking approach to the mentorship. I now feel confident about my skills to become a successful entrepreneur," said 33-year-old Muhannad Khader Yousef from Mosul. He will use the grant to start a specialized men's tailoring unit in Mosul. The process of selection included a transparent application process, followed by a jury selection and an intensive mentorship programme. The project received over 6,000 business ideas. Of which, 100 were selected and provided mentorship. They were grouped into 35 teams to further fine-tune their business proposal. Finally, the top 20 most viable business solutions were awarded the grant. Each team comprised of 2-3 members each, of which 40 percent of them were women. About the Project: This project was implemented through UNDP's flagship programme Funding Facility for Stabilization (FFS) in partnership with the Kurdistan Organization for Human Rights Watch (KOHRW) and generous funding from the Government of Canada. In 2015, UNDP established FFS to facilitate the return of displaced Iraqis after the ISIL conflict, lay the groundwork for reconstruction and recovery, and safeguard against the resurgence of violence and extremism. To date, FFS has provided over 3,400 business grants and more than 6,000 cash grants to women-headed households. (Source: UN)
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