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  1. Thanks Adam! I agree about crypto..... Please educate yourselves about the plan to “level the playing field” as it relates to the US dollar as the global reserve currency. I believe it ties in with this China trade deal. Japan has also just signed trade agreements as it relates to Digital Assets..... not all are created equal. RTGS (Real Time Global Settlements) is the future and I believe it hinges at this point on XRP Currently .29 cents has been as high as $3.84 in peak of the bull market in late 2017-18. IMO it will become the global bridge asset to tie all these RTGS currencies together similar to gold but settles in seconds. Please do your research. Lots of change in the air for those that have truly been following the markets. Federal Reserve has been pumping 60-100 billion a day into the repo markets and treasury markets trying to keep the global economy afloat. That liquidity has to go somewhere! Hope we are close Adam
  2. If they disappeared it would probably be the best for all the nations of the earth! Nothing but a bunch of rent seeking elite that embezzle and do hardly anything for the poor countries they supposedly represent.
  3. I wonder if Okie’s plane re-fuels in the air..... He’s been circling the runway for years and years! Never has managed to land the ✈️
  4. Gosh I hope you’re right! Getting into my slower season at work, would love to not have to go back after the 1st of the year!
  5. Maybe this is the $h*tshow we always thought would happen right before the RV/RI...... Propaganda to shake the weak hands loose and have people running scared for the exits into the safety of the Dollar only to revalue the Iraqi hard currency right afterward? Would be a wild ending to this rollercoaster anyway. At this his point I think we are only going to have a short while before all fiat currencies are devalued against digital assets anyway.... we’ll see
  6. I recall both of those numbers being spoken...... 3+ I’m happy 😆
  7. @gregp Didn’t you say something abuout 10/5? Things are looking up!
  8. I remember this topic. We maybe. Hope so
  9. Well unfortunately it’s still the same on the xe converter which seams to be working again
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