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  1. Yeah with OBiden back in charge, I have friends that are losing their jobs on the pipeline and he’s only been in office 50 hours. Same ole’ shenanigans that went on under Obama will commence under the new admin but worse, because with Obama there was at least a plan with Iran.... now that the Nursing home is running the show, between the frequent naps and changing depends, Iran will run right over Iraq and Syria again. I’m not feeling very hopeful as it relates to the Dinar. I’m starting to realize we are the goats In your aforementioned post.
  2. I’ve noticed the DXY was tanking tonight right after open... some forex traders said it was halted for like 3-4 hours which was weird, gold and silver are up $1922.00 and 27.06 respectively and crypto is going through the roof, so if they want to make their Dinar worth something, they may want to get a jump on it
  3. Has anyone thought, maybe Thugs got stuck trying to get out of his tiny Clown car? I never could figure out how they got so many clowns in one little car at the circus 🎪 Hope it’s nothing more serious!
  4. I looked it up he is the executive producer of a lot of superhero movies.... wild 😛
  5. Well, from your lips to God’s ears..... He’s gotta listen one of these times and make the Iraqis do the right thing for their people for once!
  6. He lost me at its getting delisted.... it is not, it is going to have trading suspended as of 1/19.... sounds like a BTC maxi trying to drive the price down.... they are doing a good job of that but I’m holding. I feel they are shaking out retail investors and that shortly after the first of the year it is going to the moon. go check out @nikedragonn on twitter has some interesting theories, but I’ve been following some interesting threads and I’ve been mentally prepared for a massacre before we see the promise land. Phoenix rising from the ashes.... but it all has to burn first. I’m
  7. Could they be getting ready to flip the switch, Yota!? It would be wild 😜 and I know a few of us that could use a little padding in the bank account after the first of the year. Hope You had a nice Christmas 🎄
  8. I have read in various places that every American will have a digital wallet as of Jan 1, 2021 per the US Treasury. We will see. They will most likely use a public private partnership using an existing blockchain like XRP or XLM to base the stablcoin off of. Ive also read that USDC will be built on the XLM blockchain
  9. Merry Christmas to all! Like CL21 always says.... it’s all connected.... the party is just about to start.... shake n bake!
  10. I sure hope that Adam is right about the World Economic Forum being a non starter! Their plans seems to be in advanced stages... I hope that Trump and Patriots with a National Sovereignty best can pull us up out of this tailspin
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