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  1. Thank you, the movies tend to glamorize war.... it’s important to remember these were just boys fighting banker’s wars. We have got to limit politicians and their lust for power. There is nothing wrong with sacrifice for a just cause. That is greatly appreciated. Enjoy your family and friends this Memorial Day
  2. They have to send the increase in value to my bank account directly.... do not pass go do not collect $200 dollars. Those are my conditions anyway! I can’t read Arabic so I don’t know what those ones say 😂😆
  3. I heard Adam was working on a new dating app.... similar to “only” It’s a niche site called “Dinarhodlers” where you basically place a headshot and how much you hodl..... also whether you are male/female/trans/pan whatevs.... It’s pretty much the opposite of a gold diggers site, it’s more like a charity.... where people who feel bad for you, can go to a go fund me page to try and help you recoup your lost capital spent on the pretty wallpaper called Iraqi Dinar! That’s what I heard anyway.... treat as rumor... your opine Luigi. 😉😆
  4. The fact the budgets passed and printed and the next convo oil and gas is a very positive development! Let’s get this across the finish line and in Ramadan no less!
  5. 🥰🙏 to you and your husband.
  6. What was it about? Curious I hate YouTube and their Nazi/ Commie censorship tactics
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