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  1. All currencies will remain fiat in a digital form for their respective countries, however there will be a new anchor for the financial system and it won’t be the dollar! They are going to level the playing field. Look up Triffin’s Dilema..... this is what xrp will solve in my opinion. It will link all rtgs global payments via a bridge currency application
  2. Blessings to you and your Husband!
  3. Just curious what others thought about this morning’s explosion in Lebanon... supposedly a high level general was killed... similar to the solemani From Iran. This one was involved in sex trafficking. Lots of theories on twitter... some even saying that lots of Iraqi money was hidden there and in explosion. I’m just curious to thoughts or opinions.
  4. August 1 onward at this point! Go Keylime, Go August, GO RV!!!
  5. I like the idea of a radical solution with Kurdistan too! Let’s go! @keylime You May have heard correctly on AUGUST... two days left till then... I was just hoping for any August in the last 12 years... but this one will do too
  6. Same here! They look sweet and they are gonna give the wrangler a run for its money
  7. You da man, Montana! Here we go!!!! Can’t wait
  8. Lol, with ya Chuck... Silver running today too! $22.77 As of 20 min ago...
  9. Or Drippin’ in Ice got lost in translation from English to Arabic?!
  10. Didn’t even see that! Liquidity!!! oDL good catch Floridian and Yogaman
  11. Is that me or is that money shooting out of the ATM! Are they sending us a subliminal message that they bout to “make it rain”!?
  12. I felt something running down my leg! Thankfully it was just sweat 😓 Thought I had pee’d my pants! Getting closer Thanks Adam, NEP
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