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  1. Hope you’re right bruh....... It would be nice to see Iranian influence if not completely gone, at least significantly diminished!
  2. Thanks Adam, you would think if Trump is gonna get any credit out of this it needs to happen before the holiday shopping season. Let’s be honest, with Deutsche Bank on the brink of collapse, the Fed pumping 75-100 billion a night into the repo markets..... the economy is on the brink. If he waits and let’s economy collapse before the 2020 election, there is no way the media and people will forgive him for that even though it’s not his fault. I think the best chance he has is revaluing the Dinar, paying down national debt and then using digital assets as a new reserve currency to take pressure off US exports. Hope you hear something fantastic soon
  3. That’s cuz the funds for the HCL have been siphoned off to pay for two homes in Beverly Hills
  4. I’m in church and just shouted out “Hallelujah” at the totally wrong part of the sermon! They don’t realize I’m reading a Dinar forum. Cell phone is sitting in my Bible..... 😂. can I get an “Amen“ on this article!?
  5. You’re welcome! Some good nuggets of info in here as to where the world currency is heading.... former Bank of India answers a question in here and so does David Schwartz creator of Xrp and CTO of Ripple XRP will be the world’s bridge asset in the next 5 years I believe maybe sooner depending on financial crisis
  6. Maybe someone who has done it with Coinbase can help you. It could be the lighting or the size of photo I would assume.
  7. Thanks for clarifying at time I posted I believe the only way was Coinbase pro. I don’t use it... but that’s what my friends I sent told me. No worries. The important part is it’s the easiest way to get it at coinbase
  8. You’re most welcome! I’m trying to help as many people as I can! This was posted on twitter from the ripple swell conference in Singapore last night..... I don’t believe it’s a mistake.... the world will run on ripple..... using XRP
  9. I like your line of reasoning! Stranger things have happened. Plans within plans
  10. Sorry for your losses! Your story really resonates with me. My parents have been in this investment due to me telling them about it 11 years ago. I’ve had the “ya heah anything about the Dinah lately” (picture that in a South Boston accent) I feel bad because they’ve both survived cancer, heart issues, a stroke etc. and they so badly want to be able to not think about finances in their retirement years. Due to the setbacks with health it put a strain on their financial situation. They are making it, but I would just love to make that phone call, that they can pay off their house etc. Many good and decent people have not had that chance! So thanks for sharing your story. Here’s to you getting to realize the dreams you shared with your Wife and Mom! 🎩 off to you lost one
  11. You’re correct but as a member of Coinbase you have access to Coinbase pro to get xrp.
  12. Hackers if they get your email and password... cyber security. You should be ok. Extra cautious that’s all
  13. Simplest way: go to open an account... use a new email and password you’ve not used anywhere. Write those down so you don’t lose access to your account in future. Hit get started.... follow prompts. Answer all know your customer/ anti money laundering questions. Then link your debit card or savings account to coin base. they will check your account to make sure the money is there then you will be cleared to make your first purchase. it takes a day or two to become authorized. ive had about 10 friends do it that way successfully. you will then go to Coinbase Pro section of the website to make your XRP purchase. I have some friends that buy $50 bucks a week and will do so until it goes up. I have other friends that purchased $500-$1000 all at once. Just whatever you can afford to lose. Weigh your risk tolerance and don’t FOMO in. in the next couple weeks anything under $1 is a good buy. Please do your own research. I’m only trying to be helpful. No vested interest in whether you invest or not. I’m not a financial advisor. I’m just a guy in a Dinar forum. This should get you close to what you’re looking for
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