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  1. Yes it is..... It’s a big club and we ain’t in it.................. yet!
  2. What do you think this means? Do you feel it is somehow tied to Article 140 or HCL? Because if so I would give it a Wohhh too
  3. Awesome, hopefully while you were at it, you calibrated the RV for this weekend or next at the latest Welcome back bud
  4. Thanks for the article Pitcher! Like Coorslite21 always says... “it’s all connected”
  5. Thanks Adam, aside from this being “Good Friday” This makes it an extra Good Friday with a second update from you with great geo political news! Havea Fantastic weekend
  6. I remember reading that and seeing a spreadsheet on it years ago here in Dinar’s true HCR
  7. Haha.... tell me about it. I travel for work usually 12-14 hr days 5days a week and on Saturday about 8 hrs.... I’m over it my friend. We’ll get there!
  8. I wonder if this ties into the article we saw recently of the ISX being advertised in Times Square regarding the Nasdaq... the 19th looks to be an important date, who knows! I believe the Banks and ISX will be closed for the next 3-4 days.... would be cool 😎
  9. I like your line of reasoning Synopsis! I can dig
  10. Um.... it doesn’t.... YET! “Soon” “In the coming days” “Suddenly” 😂 I still got my fingers crossed 🤞🏻
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