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  1. They have a much younger population so I believe digital wallet adoption will happen much faster in places like Iraq than in older western nations. Thanks
  2. Not to get excited but this weekend is a three day weekend due to Juneteenth here in the US. Just got a notice from my bank
  3. I’m just looking forward to singing, “It’s good to be King” by Tom Petty when the dinar finally appreciates
  4. My adrenal glands have failed due to this heightened state of alert since 2010
  5. I’ve heard of PTSD, and RVI just didn’t know that stood for “P”issed “T”hat I’m “S”till waiting on “D”inar to “R”e”V”alue
  6. I think the vast majority of Dinar Vets has health issues as a result of Erbil and Baghdad not passing the fricken Oil and Gas Law! LFG! You’re killing me smalls…..
  7. The thing is, Obama said that too, and Trump happened to use one to lower gas prices, create jobs, and make us less dependent on foreign oil. The truth is they do have a magic wand and they can use it but the powers that be won’t or ha l them yet. Fiat is just that! Fiat or by decree…. So Decree that $h*t! Gosh the people there and here have waited sooooooo long 😂
  8. Source or a hunch? Whichever is fine with me
  9. Isn’t Norwuz celebrated on 3/21? Kinda like a Persian New Year….. I think it’s a bigger deal in Iran I’m not sure, but it’s always been a date I keep my eye on
  10. Would absolutely love this to be true. Not to quote Jim Carrey in “Dumb and Dumber”, but “So you’re saying, there’s a chance!?” 😂😝
  11. Thanks for the article, Coorslite21. I believe that the SEC and those powers that be do not want ordinary people to escape the matrix they have created in Wall Street and DC. It is frustrating that they believe they can handle people’s finances better than the individual working hard for the money they invest. If we are right, Cryptos, Gold, Silver, IQD and Farmland could be the best investments on planet earth. This is why there is so much FUD relating to these investments. We shall see! But I do believe most people in the Dinar Community should qualify as Accredited Investors in the future. So the SEC can go pound sand.
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