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  1. Great to see you back in the saddle @yota691 Appreciate you bringing the goods again. Have a great weekend DV! Saw this, this morning and it made me laugh!
  2. The older I get the less I understand. Just want to get off this roller coaster and live debt free. Set my kids up and love my neighbors as myself. That’s about it
  3. Trust me this video pissed me off too! I was Christened Catholic, raised Pentecostal, studied at an Evangelical College, was a worship leader/youth Pastor for 20 years, been on mission trips and completely stopped going to Church about a year ago...... so needless to say this has been a topic that I’ve studied and wondered about for years. I feel like a loving God is setting us up for failure as there are so many conflicting opinions of what the actual mark of the beast is! I’ve heard everything from it’s the Pope and the Sunday changing from the original Sabbath(Saturday) like Seventh Day Adventists believe all the way to a Pre-Trib Rapture like the Baptists believe.... (well depending what Baptist’s you talk to)..... Anyway it was just food for thought. I do believe that XRP is going to be the world currency or at least a bridge to all fiat currencies. I also believe the US Treasury will print new currencies after dissolving or absorbing the FED and doing away with Federal Reserve Notes so there will be a turn in period... but I believe it will be over the next 10 years. Look up Agenda 2030 the old Agenda 21..... darkness guised as light. The girl in the video brings up a lot of interesting points. Don’t know how I feel about Nesara and Gesara. Been hearing that in Luigi type posts in Dinar forums for 12 years.... so I feel the same way about that as I do the Rapture... I’ll believe it when I see it! Oh well, not trying to hijack this thread just thought it was pertinent to the above statements They are trying to Kill the Petro dollar and replace it with something digital and new and shiny
  4. Agreed but this is a perspective to consider..... something I’ve been noodling. Not sure how I feel. Here is a good video to have a look at possibilities. WELL worth you watching this. It is a great summary of things I have been researching. Will it be exactly this way...maybe may be not but it's an interesting look at biblical perspective...imho. Feedback please.
  5. Trump is about to unveil the new way they will distribute monies to the people... the Democrats way doesn’t work... checks by mail ain’t gonna cut it. They are going to use Distributed Ledger Technology. A new system.
  6. Nope I’m a New England Fan through and through. I love Tom Brady and I’m thankful for all the good years he’s brought our teams. I consider myself a blessed man. My Grandfather was born in 1921 and died in 1994 never saw the Red Sox win. He played semi pro Boston Farm team ball but never got the joy of seeing them win. Same thing really with the Patriots. I had a great run with the Celtics in the. 80’s but at the end of the day I’ve had so many championships I can’t be greedy. If Tom brings the Tampa Bay fans a win, good for them! But I’ll be cheering on my Pats and whoever the next QB is. It maybe a rebuilding year.... like every year in Cleveland 😂
  7. Used them twice about 3 years ago never had trouble. My Dad did as well. Same thing. Processed, delivered as advertised
  8. All these dots connect! The Treasury is now in control of the Fed... In my opinion they are going to bankrupt the Fed and come out with gold backed dollars again that will be traded digitally. I’m looking for a temporary days of darkness between 4/1-4/10 and when the Internet comes back up we re launch the economy on Easter. We will see
  9. Yes Screwball! Sec of Treasury Deputy.... Craig Phillips was just hired by Ripple. Ripple just opened a DC office 6 months ago. Brian Brooks Chief Legal Officer of Coinbase (crypto only exchange) was just hired by the Treasury and starts 4/1 All currencies will be backed by Gold and traded through the XRPL ledger for cross border remittances.... I think Dinar and all RTGS currencies will revalue and trade through the Hyperledger Distributed Ledger Technology that the Ripple Labs donated to the W3C who controls the internet. When Trump says the best is yet to come.... this is a big part of what he means. Immutable, transparent transactions on open source protocol. Gets rid of Govt waste. Levels the playing field! Going to be an interesting month coming up.
  10. The Dinar may not have revalued yet but......
  11. I just picked up a little. My friend who is a dealer is completely out. He has a supplier who is a wholesaler, and last night my friend and a second gentleman bought him out. The premiums for silver used to be $1-2 over spot... now charging $10 over spot for silver and $150 over spot for Gold. Crazy! This happened back in 2008 as well. Those who remember saw the paper price of ETF’s drop while physical sky rocketed. With the way the Fed is now injecting 1 Trillion a night into the repo market till end of March.... Precious Metals, Cryptos should respond accordingly. Within a week or two we should see a spike upward. Just from experience. Good luck finding it.
  12. As close as we’re gonna get to Kim Clement prophesy of Iraqi Dinar and 20k, we’ll see
  13. We’ll see synopsis! Exciting and trying times for sure. I don’t want to tell you the rumors I’ve been hearing from military friends. It will get darker before it gets lighter. Hang tight. See you on the other side. We may have a temporary blackout of all technology. Internet, phone, tv etc. bout 10-14 days or so. Im not trying to scare anyone. This is second hand information. But military personnel(reserves) were told to have 2 weeks food on hand for sheltering in place. Just a word to the wise! I do hope Kim clements 20k Dow is spot on for RV even if we have to wait ten to fourteen days to exchange at banks. I’ve heard similar stories from state police connections as well. Logistics for F E M A also. Again I am not direct conversation this is second hand. I just have a lot of military/ police / paramedic and fire friends. Just a heads up. It’s always wise to be prepared anyway. Just a little more urgent due to present situation
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