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  1. We got a designated driver at the after party everyone!!!! Thanks for volunteering Umbertino! Just not sure how you are going to fit all of us in your Italian sports car of choice? There are more than a couple of us that might need a lift after this thing hits. Freedomwish already has been put on the liver transplant list since he’ll be able to afford a new one LOL 😂
  2. Oops I meant to say “on” the list.. I hate typing on my phone..... it definitely needs to be on the swear word list! I want to see **** in its place
  3. Good advice and food for thought
  4. Very cool by the way @ChuckFinley! Congrats to your son
  5. Nice to see you back RMC10.... Congrats on your first little one.... Enjoy every minute. They grow up fast. Mine are in teens now
  6. I can’t see how with International Swift Sanctions that the IMF and International Community would honor a new currency from a country who is actively trying to disrupt traffic through the Strait of Hormuz, like “Hey guys our worthless currency is now worth infinitely more!” Trust us, we’re good for it! Like every other word and bond we’ve broken over the last few decades” Not gonna happen. Iraq on the other hand is working with the IMF and trying to jump through all the proper hoops and channels! Completely different story. I could be wrong, but I just don’t see it happening for Iran. I hope for those tha have purchased the rial that I’m wrong... BTW I vaguely remember that if a country is going to change their currency they have to apply for a new ISO number I believe. Iran is changing their currency, Iraq has not applied for a new ISO.... it’s the same currency. A Dinar is a Dinar not a Rial to a Toman. Just food for thought
  7. Can we get the word “soon” out on the cuss word list..... I don’t even let my kids say it in the home.... or they put a dollar in the swear jar on the counter!!
  8. Can a Million Iraqi articles be wrong? So so far they have been.... Here’s to hoping that changes! Lots of educating of the citizens happening regarding small categories/ exchange rate/ notional value/ etc! Thanks Thuggie
  9. I can’t do it cuz I have that Noassatall (No-ass-at-all) disease.... just saying’
  10. That visual and it’s logistics just made me spit out my hot black coffee this morning.... so thanks for that! 😂
  11. I’m hoping RV first so I can buy a ton more Crypto..... double dip!
  12. We are already onto GO IRAQ part 6? Dang! I hope it RV’s before part 7 please lol
  13. Do those of you that are following the rial, have a timeframe that you believe you will see a change? I saw that the 12th was of some significance. I just know they are like 8hrs ahead of us time zone wise
  14. Thanks @DoD Maybe they know something we don’t know..... like how this economic activity will be spurred on. One can only hope! but I like how they say second half of 2019
  15. So they’re doing some type of redenomination and then a managed float I wonder?
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