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  1. Thanks Adam, My best friend since college just had to have a triple bypass.... ugh. Cholesterol and genetics... never smoked or hardly drank. He’s a Dinar holder, and I’d love to see this hit. He’s got about 75-100k of medical bills that will be out of pocket coming up. Sure would like to help him get rid of those so he can focus on recovering. On the positive he had 99% blockage in his widow maker valve and he had no heart attack or muscle damage. So hopefully he will have a new lease on life after he rehabs. He has a six year old son.... that I very much want to see him be able to know and raise. Dinar would sure help ease the situation. Hopefully not long now
  2. To me this means China isn’t too positive that Trump will be impeached in Senate so they figure they might as well play ball
  3. If he doesn’t like it.... I’m sure if he moved over there.... he could play in their Camel Polo league and they’d welcome him with open arms..... 😂
  4. That’s the plan! Jump out of Dinar and into precious metals, farmland, crypto, debt free.... help others as best we can
  5. Yes Floridian, Kim Clement has had my attention for a long time. I grew up believing in words of knowledge and then I pretty much gave up on that..... He’s been so right on major things that it has had me believing again. He also says there will be a break in the “financial system”.... I’m thinking this means everything.... gold, oil, silver.... banks going down for temporary outages... then when it reboots back up there will be major revaluations in asset prices and currencies. All on a level playing field suddenly, bridged by the internet of value where we can transact across borders in seconds. It’s coming.... gonna be scary for a bit but those that are positioned well will be the head not the tail anymore. We will have to help a lot of our neighbors and family and friends
  6. In all seriousness, just spoke to my friends wife. I reached out via text to tell her we were praying for her husband that is stationed in Kuwait for 9 months. She informed me he was coincidentally in Iraq unrelated to current situation. He is now in Iraq.... she is very nervous. Said it’s been a stressful couple of days so far. Makes it very real for me, not just a far away conflict with people I don’t know. 🙏 for our troops, innocent civilians, and our leadership to make the best decisions with the least amount of lives lost!
  7. I think he and Kim Jong Un just soiled their britches..... #warheadsonforeheads we’re not messing around anymore... time to negotiate peace
  8. Just a thought , but with the fog of war or rumors of it, it might be a good time for Iraq to RV.... strengthen themselves against Iran and a good cover for when it happens. Everyone in media will be focused on Iran war not Iraq monetary situation. Who knows..... so unpredictable in that part of the world. @Artitech 100% agree
  9. I hope this does not breakout in all out war..... Israeli Troops have been put on the highest alerts possible. Im hoping there can be a peaceful resolution, like the Iranian regime being toppled from within, but it’s not looking good. We’ll see.
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