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  1. But I thought Frank26, militiaman, pimpy…. Said when we see shabbibi come back we would get our RV! We’re Screwed!!! %#&*@! 😂🤣🥴
  2. Working through the Holidays…… not normal….. they’re usually declaring new ones every week and looking for reasons not to work 😂
  3. This is good stuff! I could be wrong, just clarifying my point was that The IQD would not be one to one with XRP. They may use xrp to base their IQD STABLECOIN-CBDC on similar to what other coins are doing based on Stellar/ ALGO/ HBAR
  4. That’s a new one! I wouldn’t complain lol….. but I don’t think it’s true. As there are only 100 Billion XRP total. 47 Billion of which are wrapped up in an escrow account held by Ripple the company, and they are embroiled in a current lawsuit with the SEC for 1.3 Billion for selling “Supposedly unregistered securities” While I think there will be a settlement, and that xrp will get clarity, there isn’t enough xrp to cover the Dinar in circulation. Trillions doesn’t divide into 50 Billion evenly at 1 to 1.20. I don’t believe there is any truth to this rumor. I do believe that they could create a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency ) and give everyone digital Dinars for a trade in of their physical Dinar, and then using XRP as a bridge currency you could trade your Dinar for anything (US/ EUR/ CNY etc. The Central Banks are amazing for a net zero Carbon Economy and the legacy system doesn’t help their goals. Plus they want to tax everyone globally and they want to track every digital transaction… i.e. look at the proposal to send the IRS any transaction over $600 bucks…. The world is changing and XRP will be a part of it. But I don't think it will be linked to the Dinar
  5. I’m not an umpire but I’d say that one was low and outside Pitcher, 😂 😂
  6. It may not happen but Montana has been in VIP as of yesterday FYI, working on OSI regulations and changes. We all knew the dinar RV was speculation
  7. Throw a dart at the calendar blindfolded, I’m sure you’ll hit an Iraqi Holiday! You’d have a harder time trying to hit a workday!!! 🤦🏼‍♂️
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