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  1. That’s the one, Navira I saw it on Twitter but could not copy and paste video here, sorry I’m not super tech savvy. That’s the announcement I heard. We’ll see
  2. Well seeing as how Trump just announced a big surprise in the next two weeks, any time between Betty Boops Crystal and July 4th works for me. Add to that the G20 meetings regarding digital assets and crypto we could be on the precipice of revaluations and a monetary reset. 🤞🏻 Gonna work till the 💴 is in the 🏦
  3. Well at least they can wear jeans to the training 😂 with as much Shite as they shovel.... might not be a bad idea 💡
  4. That’s a whole lot of training going on.... maybe something, maybe not 😁
  5. Thanks for the reminder Synopsis, I’ve watched every Kim Clement Video I could back in the day... and though I’m not a huge fan of Televangelist type. He did make some very spot on prophesies about Trump and Rain in California, Stock market going to 20K when it was 14k.... The only thing left I’m waiting on is his Dinar prophecy! He even prophesied that America would take its hand out of Iran, which was fulfilled when Trump broke the Nuclear Treaty and said we would place it in the hand of Iraq... Also the Saudi’s have cleaned house in a lot of ways.... So We are just waiting on the SUDDENLY! Hopefully we can play the song “Here comes the BOOM!” Soon
  6. This part sounds good....👌 So if you could just go ahead and implement this one part.... we’d probably all turn a blind eye towards the rest of your intentions, and forgive you for the endless can kicking!
  7. It’s crazy to me that we had all sorts of good news during Ramadan and Eid, and yet now afterwards it seems to have gone dark? Am I the only one feeling this way? Could be a good thing... quiet before the storm? I surely hope we don’t have to wait till Jan 2020. I was hoping for Christmas in July this year 😂
  8. So In the article they say 1:1,200 dinars and they also say 1:1.200 dinars..... which is it? Deliberately confusing.... I know, I know they use periods and commas interchangeably. But come on!
  9. So you are saying their new building is just a big middle finger to Kuwait? 😂
  10. Oh and Ramadan is over tonight!!! Game On you can hit the pause button again and resume regularly scheduled activities, although I must say this Ramadan was more fruitful and the political activity was visible that things were still getting hashed out behind the scenes
  11. De dollarize by forcing them to receive salaries in dinar.... I like it! Let’s go Iraq.... let’s cross the finish line
  12. Just saw this, Fantastic thanks for the update!
  13. Come to Papa! Show me the 💰 Thanks 6ly410 on the heels of the FML.... this is the right direction
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