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  1. nannab

    Silly Smiles II

    🤣 Too funny and so true ! The best one of the day. +++++ Markinsa
  2. Rest in peace Penny Marshal aka Laverne and thank you for making us laugh. Thank you Bostonangler
  3. My goodness Yota you are a busy busy fella this morning. Thanks
  4. Agreed Synopsis Soleimani was the first person I thought of for the next accident.
  5. Lock and load mattress check starting with Malarki. Ready set go! Thank you Umbertino
  6. MM 12/18 13-23-31-45-58 MB 10 PB 12/29 21-29-46-48-53 PB 21
  7. nannab

    The new UN envoy arrives in Iraq

    Or he thought that he was picked to be the goalie.

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