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  1. nannab

    Harmonization of customs tariff

    Floridian was right compared to a few of us you are a young fella. Then again it is only a number.
  2. If they come out with the big names then the world will know Mahdi is serious. Thank you Butifldrm
  3. The UN has spoken ah ya next case step down Thank you Butifldrm and good evening DV
  4. MM 2/19 13-23-31-45-58 MB 10 PB 2/20 21-29-46-48-53 PB 21
  5. Nothing like giving a blow by blow heads up regarding the clandestine operation. As Aunt Pearl would say Bless their hearts. In some cases pea pick'in hearts Thanks Butifldrm and have a good night DV with happy dreams!!!!
  6. nannab

    May 18, 2018 - Articles

    Thank you Umbertino
  7. nannab

    D.V. lottery games 2/15--2/16---2019

    MM 2/15 13-23-31-45-58 MB 10 PB 2/16 18-19-28-30-50 PB 05
  8. Thanks Yota and good morning DV Happy Friday!!!!!!

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