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  1. Raise the value of the dinar and give each 300k IQD would make more sense. We would just luv ya to death for the raise in value of the dinar alone. Thank you Yota
  2. MM 04/03 01-12-30-36-42 MB 19 PB 04/04 02-04-35-61-62 PB 01
  3. Thank you Adam Stay home everyone and catch up on that much needed rest that you know you need. Read a book play a board game play cards with the family. to your health for good measure long distance of course.
  4. So this means that we can print our own money on DV Islands a small but mighty country and get bailouts too? Welcome back Yota
  5. We are doing fine Jeepguy thank you. The city just sent a letter uninviting families and friends to the swearing in ceremony for police officers April 6. My son and two friends are in the group. I told them to make sure they sing their ABC's while washing their hands just like I made them do when they where little. Have a good day and stay healthy. MM 3/31 01-12-30-36-42 MB 19 PB 4/01 02-04-35-61-62 PB 01 Come on lottery for us!!
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