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  1. nannab MM 11/16 05-17-18-19-69 MB 25 PB 11/17 21-29-46-48-53 PB 21 brob MM 11/16 01-22-40-42-62 MB 25 PB 11/17 21-39-47-63-66 PB 03
  2. Thanks 3n1 So Turki should be questioned I would think.
  3. Shabibi was in the office at the time maybe he could shed some light. I might be wrong but didn't Malarki try to get money from the CBI and Shabibi was not having it and left the country? Then PM Malarki put Alaq in the office. At this point I don't know whether I'm coming or going regarding theses crazy people. Butifldrm
  4. Your are very welcome Jeepguy. And thank you so much for keeping this going for us. You do know that we are going to hit both when the dinar goes international Big things come in three's.
  5. Open Malarki's file before assigning anyone to the Integrity commission. Good morning DV
  6. nannab

    Amazing Acts of Love

    Ah this is the best post of the day! Thank you LGD
  7. Oh goody now they are forming a joint committee for the 2019 budget. Good morning Yota
  8. This is too funny Iran calling for transparency an effective tool to fight corruption. What a hoot Have a good day Butifldrm and DV.
  9. MM 11/13 05-17-18-19-69 MB 25 PB 11/14 18-19-28-30-50 PB 05

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