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  1. Congrat's DOD on your makeover coming because we know they are not going to do JACK!!!!!
  2. Yota MM 3/5 18-43-47-64-67 MB 07 PB 3/6 21-29-46-48-63 PB 21 Me MM 3/5 13-23-31-45-58 MB 10 PB 3/6 20-23-26-28-66 PB 21
  3. Yota MM 3/2 18-43-47-64-67 MB 07 PB 3/3 21-29-46-48-63 PB 21 Me MM 3/2 13-23-31-45-58 MB 10 PB 3/3 20-23-26-28-66 PB 21
  4. Thank you Mr. Adam . No nonsense and straight to the point.
  5. Free B's MM 2/26 08-37-45-58-60 MB 10 MM 2/26 09-12-19-32-50 MB 14 PB 2/27 05-27-54-57-66 PB 02 PB 2/27 12-29-33-37-67 PB 16
  6. All that was is a guy beating up a girl. God bless us all!! Don't care what you do or who you are in your mind. Each to his own but don't try to shove it down my throat. And I will be damned if I even see what remotely looks like a guy going into a ladies room there will be hell to pay. Oh and if I hurt some feeling's like I always say get over yourself spell my name right. Oh and if they want to compete in sports ya know EQUALIY start your own MMA or what ever sport your are interested in. How about Men's, Women's ,LGBT, Boy's and Girl's League's or this that to easy. The more the m
  7. Yota MM 2/26 18-43-47-64-67 MB 07 PB 2/27 21-29-46-48-63 PB 21 Me MM 2/26 13-23-31-45-58 MB 10 PB 2/27 20-23-26-28-66 PB 21
  8. So you and Davis are coming to the party as twins? Although Davis said nothing about flip flops just his leopard print thong.
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