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  2. Over 18 he is not a minor, parents aren't responsible. Maybe the LEOs should have flagged him after all the bb gun incidents shooting people. Maybe the doors to the school should have been locked. Maybe the school cop should have been where he was supposed to be.
  3. You're a very good person for your post. I appreciate your comments more then you could ever know. I'm calling this the post of the day. pp
  4. MM 05/27/2022 25-29-31-35-41 MB 15 PB 05/28/2022 02-07-09-44-58 PB 13 Pray for Uvalde Texas please. Donate to Go Fund Me sites for the families if you are able. And as always....may the odds be in our favor!!
  5. Well we're now in the power hour and currently at $14.43 Let's see if we can hit $15.00 before close. I'm kind of giddy as we all are so faithful and need a nice rally going into the weekend. pp
  6. Agreed now look at this something has to give no way these crooked hedgefunds and crooked Kenny can keep holding at these prices for much longer in my opinion. Shares on loan now over 174 Million, max cost to borrow is 15%, average cost to borrow is over 13% and min cost to borrow is 4% which I bet no one is getting! Utilization is 100% and short interest is over 23% according to Ortex which we know is 100% BS!! Short interest is most likely closer to 40% IMO!!
  7. economy Central Bank Of Iraq: Our Initiatives Have Pushed The Country's Economic Wheel Forward Author: Ahad7 in 2022/5/27 - 9:14 pm 53 central bank of iraq: our initiatives have pushed the country's economic wheel forward - covenant news ( The Central Bank Of Iraq Said Friday That Its Initiatives Have Pushed The Country's Economic Wheel Forward. "The Central Bank Of Iraq Participated Today In The Intellectual Symposium On The Development Initiatives Of The Central Bank Of Iraq And Its Impact On Closing The Government Funding Gap, Which Was Organized By The Department Of Economic Studies At Dar Al-Hikma On The Sidelines Of The Baghdad International Book Fair," The Bank Said In A Statement Received By Covenant News. "The Deputy Governor Of The Central Bank Of Iraq Attended The Seminar, Which Witnessed A Remarkable Presence, Stressing That "The Central Bank Of Iraq Has Had A Significant And Effective Impact In Improving The Country's Reality Since Its Inception, Especially In The Transformations That The Country Has Witnessed Over The Past Years," The Statement Said, Noting That "The Initiatives Of The Central Bank Of Iraq In Various Sectors Have Pushed The Country's Economic Wheel Towards Progress And Created More Jobs."
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  9. Thank God for Lawmakers & Politicians who have a strong Moral Compass, and who respond to the Word of GOD and the will of the people. RON
  10. Dare I hope we see a surge to $15.00 before the closing of the market? Would set the pace before Tuesday open, would create a strong rally. HODL my friends it's going to get very interesting. pp
  11. Well good thing it will never come out at 1 cent that will never ever happen! So I guess you will need to do back flips naked down the street Now back to the AMC rocket to the moon. We are now at $14.23 with over 64 million in volume so far! I cannot wait to hear the box office numbers for Top Gun after the long holiday weekend this alone should push AMC much higher on Tuesday I believe!! Hopefully Top Gun turns out to be the all time top grossing movie of all time for opening weekend!!!
  12. I agree caddieman, if that were the case, I am sure the parents would pay much more attention to where their guns happen to be and probably be more attentive to making sure they STAY locked up until they are needed. Don't know what you are talking about with regard to background checks. Just purchased a pistol a few weeks ago and had to fill out all the required paperwork (all on a computer) for background check and it had to come back approved before the gun shop would even consider the sale. So perhaps the solution you seek comes from the authorities doing the job they are being paid to do. If we could surveil the social media of the Diaper Head terrorist to catch them before the committed a heinous crime after 9/11, then for DAMN sure we can find out what the nut job teens are doing and saying, especially on these dark demonic sites. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE, there are states that have the toughest gun laws in the country and they are the places with the highest incidences of gun violence. So pass ALL the laws you want, but if you are not going to enforce them then you are urinating into the wind. AAnd we all know that the whole objective of the Rats is to eventually get to the point the where YES they will come for our guns. And they will use ANY means that serves their end game. However, I don't think they will like the results, when the populace of our nation gets wind of the gun roundup. Just saying.
  13. I agree with the back ground checks, cool off periods and other reforms that limit this from happening again. I say limit because it will never be stopped completely. The fact it was an AR15 really has nothing to do with what happened. As close as this person was to the people, they could have completed the same carnage with a handgun or pump shot gun. You can drive into a crowd of people, you can make pipe bombs or whatever comes to mind to harm or kill many people. When a lone person is determined to take lives of those who are suspecting and unable to protect themselves, it is very hard to prevent it from happening. But we should do everything we can to limit it. Although it is extremely hard to do, emotions need to be shelved when making decisions. After all, it's the person acting that makes a rifle, shot gun, car or other devices dangerous. The devices sitting idol are no threat. My opinion
  14. 2022/05/26 15:05 The arrival of dollar reserves to 90 billion, ringing the bells of the exchange rate ( The arrival of dollar reserves to 90 billion, ringing the bells of the exchange rate Baghdad / Obelisk: Calls are rising among the popular and political circles, to reduce the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar, after the foreign currency reserves in Iraq witnessed a jump during 2022, thanks to the rise in global oil prices. Finance Minister Ali Allawi said that the country's cash reserves are expected to rise to more than $90 billion by the end of 2022, noting that this level is a record for Iraq. He added that the recovery in oil prices and prudent financial management helped the reserves to become 70 billion dollars by April. After Allawi's statement, Representative Mahmoud Hussein al-Qaisi said that merchants are taking advantage of keeping the exchange rate high despite the recovery of foreign currency reserves in Iraq, to raise the value of goods by several times their real price. Al-Qaisi's tweet represented an explicit call to reduce the exchange rate, after its rise revived the dollar's reserves in the country. Writer Yassin Al-Yasiri believes that it is time for the exchange rate to return to what it was in the past, after its rise achieved many positives for the state treasury, and negatives represented by the crises that afflicted the citizens. Financial market experts stressed that reaching the central bank's reserves at the threshold of $70 billion would strengthen the structure of the local economy and its global standing. But the challenge of ill-considered and unproductive spending remains Iraq's biggest economic challenge, and the step of raising the value of the Iraqi dinar, if achieved, will make the dinar a competitive currency that helps lower the prices of commodities and foodstuffs in the markets. According to the experts. And the Iraqi cash reserve recorded during the second half of last year more than 60 billion dollars, after it was 51.9 billion before the start of the reform measures of this government. At a time when official data indicate that Iraq's cash reserves are close to 90 billion dollars, the external debt rates amounted to about 20 billion dollars, which are very good rates compared to its share of Iraq's gross domestic product of 180 billion dollars, representing only 11%. Comparing the hard currency reserves in Iraq with the external debt, means that the rise in reserves will enable Iraq to pay what it owes to the creditor countries, in addition to solving the financial crises inside the country. At the present time, the Iraqis are hoping to return the exchange rate to what it was before to return the markets to normal after the crisis that resulted from the depreciation of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar.
  15. 2022/05/27 10:20 Baghdad begins implementing the Federal Court's decision and ending the regional government's control of oil and gas ( Baghdad begins implementing the Federal Court's decision and ending the regional government's control of oil and gas Baghdad / Obelisk: The Ministry of Oil begins the first step to implement the Federal Court's decision regarding the region's oil and gas law, as the ministry asked companies operating in Kurdistan to sign new contracts with the state-owned Marketing Company (SOMO), in a new attempt to control oil revenues. Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar says the Oil Ministry will start implementing the Federal Court ruling issued in February, which deemed the legal foundations of the oil and gas sector in the Kurdistan region unconstitutional after talks with the regional government failed. The Iraqi Ministry of Oil has appointed international law firm Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton to reach out to oil and gas companies operating in the Kurdistan region to begin discussions to bring their operations into compliance with applicable Iraqi law. Implementation of the court ruling will require changes to the companies' contract systems. According to the National Oil Company, the region’s conclusion of oil contracts and agreements with international companies and countries to export the extracted oil and gas violates the provisions of the constitution, since the jurisdiction of the federal government is to formulate oil and gas development policy and manage the activity related to them and its competence in foreign trade. The production-sharing contracts for the region’s fields gave the contractor a share of the extracted oil in addition to the freedom to dispose of his share of the produced quantities and sell them at the place and time specified by the contractor, and this violates Article 111 of the Constitution, which clarifies that oil and gas is the property of the Iraqi people, according to the National Oil Company. The regional government, through production-sharing contracts, also signed a contractual commitment to exempt contractors from taxes and allowed them to inflate their profits without imposing any kind of taxes or sharing those inflated profits, especially when oil prices rose globally, and this violates the tax law of 1982 (amended) and its instructions. The writer, Faisal Idris, considered that the Iraqi government's demands to control the national oil revenues are legitimate. Oil expert Abbas Kazem says: They do not have the right to reject the Federal Court, which is the final reference in interpreting the constitution, which Iraqis, especially the Kurds, voted on by a large majority, and its decisions are final, binding on all and irrevocable, adding that concluding contracts without authorization and signing them by the regional government does not make These contracts are legal or constitutional. Journalist Jaafar Al-Barrak commented that the region's contracts entitle foreign companies to have full control over the petroleum operations. Academic Ali Al-Badri believes that the region's contracts were made when the oil barrel was 120 dollars, and when the oil fell to less than 50 dollars, the loss became for them, meaning the group got involved, and here is not the problem.
  16. What will it take to have common sense gun control. An eighteen year old can’t buy alcohol. An eighteen year old can’t rent a car. An eighteen year old can’t buy a hand gun(in Texas) But an eighteen year old CAN go out an buy an AR15 assault rifle! Really how f-ing stupid is that? And no, nobody is taking away your guns. If parents want to buy a gun for their kids, fine. Kids go hunting all the time with parents, or go to shooting ranges. But if that kid takes the gun and goes out a kills somebody with it, the parent should be liable for the actions. Just like if you supply alcohol to minors. You are responsible. And why in the hell can’t have background checks to make sure someone isn’t a wack job? Simple common sense. Is that to damn much to ask of the idiots in congress. I guess so, sadly!
  17. Oil contracts for the region without the knowledge of the federal government (sales contract with Rosneft model) Posted 5 seconds ago news sourcenoon agency Oil contracts for the region without the knowledge of the federal government (sales contract with Rosneft is a model) - Iraq news ( Written by: Zaid Al-Mohammadawi Since the regime change in Iraq after 2003, and the authority in the region deals with the center, its state deals with a state, not a region with a central government, and the issue of oil was the most prominent file in this regard. It is trying to weaken the control of the federal government in order to be in control and also in order that the federal government cannot hold the authority in the region accountable for constitutional abuses and bypassing the powers granted to regions and governorates that are not organized into a region. The region’s authority has contracted with oil companies in large investment contracts related to the economic security of the whole country and its sovereignty, but without the knowledge of the federal government, and in a type of contract that is different from what the federal government in the center and south went to with oil contracts in the manner of oil service, it adopted another type, which is the oil partnership contracts Which costs the country a lot of money that goes to corporations not the federal public treasury. Among those contracts are oil sales contracts. In this matter, which is one of the powers entrusted to the federal government and its representative, the Oil Marketing Company SOMO exclusively, the region did not commit to: 1 - No controls 2 - Not to the parties to which it is sold 3- Nor by handing over such funds to the Federal Government and the Federal Revenue Authority. There are many examples of those contracts, but today we will shed light on the region’s authority contract with the Russian company Rosneft, so we will show you the most important contractual, technical and financial consequences of this contract, which are as follows: 1 - The contract was concluded without reference to the federal government, and thus the contract is a constitutional violation, as well as a decision of the Federal Supreme Court No. 121 / Federal / 2022. 2 - The duration of the contract between the two parties is annual, and everyone knows that the conditions that have passed in the world, especially after the Corona pandemic and the Ukrainian crisis, have shown us that prices are in great fluctuation and therefore it is incorrect to conclude a sales contract for a year. 3 - The name of the sold oil does not refer to Iraq, as it is under the name (Kurdistan Crude Oil Blend) and it would have been better (Iraqi Kurdistan Crude Oil Blend), and this indicates their separatist tendencies. 4 - In one of its clauses, it included (in the event the seller fails to supply the contract quantity under the contract in terms of supplying the entire contract quantity before the end of the eight years or his failure to pay) and here it appears to us that the contract has either continued for another eight years or it has been over eight years. 5- The oil will be loaded by large oil tankers (AFRAMAX) (which belongs to the Russian company “Sovcomflot”, which owns 83% of its shares, according to “Bloomberg”). The weak point is that the region is obligated to completely fill the tanker until And if the order is less than the specified tonnage of the tanker, which is 600,000 barrels. But the contract did not refer to this quantity and how to treat it. 6 - The contract specified that the specifications of the crude oil be API 30, and the price is the reference crude for Brent minus 7.35 dollars / barrel, as an upper limit for the price was set without the region protecting the value of its oil exports by setting an acceptable minimum price. 7 - The price paragraph of the contract indicated that the default density value is 36 (API) and the buyer will be compensated by (0.40) dollars / barrel for each degree of density less than the aforementioned limit. ) grade (API), and this clearly means adding a price discount of (2.4) dollars / barrel) 8- Some articles of the contract also indicated that an additional price discount of (0.75) dollars/barrel will be imposed on the selling price when the final price of the barrel exceeds (22.75) dollars. 9- The contract also included the method of calculating the price of the signal (Brent) to be the average price of the signal oil, Brent Crude Oil (DATED BRENT) is the average for only two price bulletins of the PLATTS Corporation out of five price bulletins calculated starting from the date of the policy Shipping. Where the buyer has the right to name the days of the aforementioned two bulletins after a maximum of seven working days after the date of the bill of lading (noting that working days mean the days on which PLATTS issues its price bulletins) (This option adds another price advantage for the buyer to choose the pricing days to be the lowest price The reference oil is among the five bulletins for the aforementioned period. 10 - The contract referred to the value of the oil sold monthly, which is 405 million euros as a first payment, 310 million euros as a second payment, and 175 million euros in a third installment. Thus, the total value is 890 million euros, and in US dollars, the total amount is 955 million dollars. 11 - Dealing is in the euro instead of the dollar, unlike what is done in the center 12- The issued oil money is deposited in (BankMed or BANKMED SAL) ((is a Lebanese bank established in 1944 and owned by the holding company GroupMed). It is one of the five largest banks in Lebanon in terms of assets and deposits, and it has 44 A branch in Lebanon, one in Cyprus, and one in Geneva (it is called Bankmed Suisse. Bankmed is owned by the Rafik Hariri family)), and the money was supposed to be deposited in the Trade Bank of Iraq like the rest of the federal oil revenues, but the separatist tendency and the secrecy of the region’s dealings with the issue of oil It makes them deal with offshore banks without the knowledge of the federal government. 13- Oil value funds are issued by DEUTSCHE BANK AG FRANKFURT (the bank is headquartered in twin towers in Frankfurt, Germany). 14- In the event that the final price of a barrel for the processed shipments exceeds the amount of (23.5) dollars / barrel and up to the price of (28.5) dollars / barrel, an additional price discount of (5) dollars / barrel shall be applied, provided that the value of the shipments is calculated in the event that the final price exceeds a limit of) 28.5 (dollars/barrels based on the difference between the final price and the mentioned price limit without an additional price deduction for the seller’s account. 15- The contract includes an unfair article and also includes a waiver and stipulates that (in the event that either party delays paying the dues of the other party, an interest rate of (5%) shall be applied) higher than the international average (LIBOR)), and therefore the total interest rate is 8%. 16 - The contract stipulated that in the event that the Iraqi government or any Iraqi entity or institution takes measures against the buyer of the region’s shipments that would incur any responsibilities, costs or expenses, the seller is obligated to compensate the buyer for all that, here the region gave guarantees that it does not possess and this paragraph It gives us a hint that the Russian company knows that this procedure is contrary to the laws and regulations of the federal government, so it wanted with this article to ensure its legal integrity in the event that the federal government requires it. 17 - A second article has been added to ensure that the company puts its legal protection, which is (the seller (Kurdistan region) must sign a legal protection agreement attached in the third appendix to the contract by which it protects the buyer from all consequences of purchasing the region’s oil shipments through his pledge that he has sufficient authority, authorization and authority to implement His obligations under this contract and that he has the ownership to dispose of the oil shipments With the offer that the text of Annex III expressly specifies that the region (the seller) protects the buyer and any affiliate thereof or his commercial group or his parent company and even other parties buying oil from him and tankers loaded with sold oil from any actions taken From the Government of Iraq or any of its political institutions, agencies or departments, including the Oil Marketing Company (SOMO)). We say the prince has given what he does not have. 18 - The contract also indicated the following (United Nations resolutions regarding global sales of products issued in Vienna 1980 do not apply to this contract) and they are therefore selling oil in violation of international trade rules.
  18. Up 11% at lunchtime today. Let's light up those green candles!
  19. Even if it hit 1cent I would be doing back flips!! If it hits 1.17, I will pay someone to do my backflips. 😆
  20. il minister: $114 per barrel of oil 'little'. the post-opec agreement is worrying 2022.05.27 - 12:38 like 1 oil minister: $114 per barrel of oil 'little'. the post-opec agreement is worrying ( baghdad - nas iraqi oil minister ihsan ismail said friday that the price of $114 for brent oil is low "taking into account inflation and high prices of services and consultancy." Ismail is currently in Paris for a number of events, including talks with Total Energy President Patrick Buyani, a meeting of members of the BusinessMen's Association, which includes the heads of major companies Medef, and french Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna. "instead of pressuring poor people, the west should reduce taxes on gasoline prices in their countries, where 60 percent of their cost is taxes, wages and fines on the oil industry," ismail said in an interview with the arab day website. washington pressure "any demand for oil finds the right supply, there is no shortage," he said, when asked about the shortage that would occur with russian oil sales in europe. on his post-opec forecast of an increase of 40,000 barrels per day in september, he said: "i don't know what will happen and i'm afraid of what's going to happen because talking about excess production capacity is just about saudi arabia, the uae and russia, and talking about it at a level of one million barrels, but i'm not sure what's going to happen. iraq has an excess production capacity of 250,300,000 barrels per day and by the end of 2023 we will be able to increase it to 1 million barrels, but some investments have been delayed. our production today is 4.7 million barrels and ourtarget is 8 million barrels by the end of 2027. we had previously planned to reach 12 million barrels but we returned to the target of 8 million. we could reach 6 million barrels per day in 2025," he said. "contracts and businesses in companies have nothing to do with the caretaker government and have self-financing," he said. crisis with the region "the ministry should implement the government's decision and the issue is sensitive and i do not want to comment," he said. as for gas imported from iran and the reduction in quantities due to iraq's failure to pay for it, he said: "iran has the right to ask us to pay for imported quantities, and we have the right to ask iran to provide us with the expected quantities. iran's demand is normal, for example, russia has cut off supplies to two countries that have delayed paying for their gas purchases. iran is asking us for more than one billion and five hundred million dollars and we have not paid and iran has not complied with the contract in terms of quantities, and so far the relationship is good and we cannot punish iran because we are also failing. now they export us 35 million cubic meters per day of gas and 50 million meters a day, but in the end we have not found a cheaper source than this contract." "basra gas company is currently implementing in partnership with shell and mitsubishi, which is currently implementing twotrains and our gas production will reach 600 million cubic feet in 2025, but we still need imports for three months, it will not dispense with imports," ismail said. on iraq's oil contract with lebanon, he said, "lebanon now takes 80,000 tons per month of fuel oil. "they take oil and market it on the market with oil that meets their standards, and lebanon will pay for this oil services, not money after a year, it's kind of help." ismail said: "we have two oil pipeline projects from basra to aqaba that first pass from basra to haditha with an export capacity of two million barrels and from haditha to aqaba one million barrels, but normal operations are to export 200,000 barrels. the line to aqaba is advanced, but not before 2025, andthe other project, which is currently under consideration, is an export pipeline from haditha to ceyhan in turkey with a capacity of one million barrels." iraq's financial balance, which has risen to 90 billion dollars, will be allocated20 billion dollars for emergencies and "we will support the supply and electricity plan," he said. position on the war on ukraine "our position is neutral, we have applied sanctions on trade with russian companies, but gazprom and luke oil are continuing their work in iraq and we have a partnership with russia in opec and we are committed to that," he said. on the giant contract to invest$27 billion with total in three projects in basra to develop the ratawi oil field, the seawater pumping project and an accompanying gas production site in the southern fields, he said there is a discussion about quotas because total wants to introduce partners with it "and there is no disruption will start implementation on july 30 and enter the new partner before june 20." let us know who the partner is, but we don't want to reveal it."
  21. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq... RON *** Pimpy Article: "The Iraqi currency reserves are expected to exceed $90 billion by the end of the year" They are quickly getting up there as far as their reserves are concerned...the more they have in reserves the more they have to support the economy as well as the Iraqi dinar which is what you want...we were all happy when they reached 70 billion now they're projected to be at 90 by the end of the year. This is awesome. This is great news. *** Godlover I am still hopeful they do not pass the FSL, if they do pass the FSL, I expect the government formation to drag on for some time unfortunately...
  22. Talk & more action. They'll be at a 100 Billion and they'll still be talking.
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