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  2. MM - 15 18 34 49 59, MB - 05 PB - 13 22 38 55 66, PB - 05 And... may the odds be ever in our favor!
  3. Lol ! No - I’m A Proud And Well Documented Shoplifter From Other Dinar Sites For Years ! U’ve Only Been Here For A Little Less Than A Year - But If Use The DV Search Engine U’ll See Several Hundred Postings As In The Samples Above Where I’ve Referenced Where It Came (Or Was Stolen) From ! Nice Try Though ... Yes, And Since U’ve Only Recently Joined Here - I’ll Repost (Above) Some Of How I Responded Last Year To A Butt Sore Trol
  4. CL....This one goes right along with your video......Turn the Volume Off and stop/start the video while reading teh English Subtitles Below. Karsten
  5. Remainder will pullback to bases provide strike support assist with training and they will change their rate soon very soon I hope
  6. Lol ! Those Are ‘Pumper’ Jokes - ‘Butt’ Feel Free To Put Me On Ignore If U Don’t Enjoy Reading It !
  7. I found this somewhere else and it sorta goes along with some of this.....Turn the Volume off and read the Subtitles in English below. Karsten
  8. Oh PM... Bless Your Heart!!! You are a piece of work!!! You don't add value or anything constructive anywhere on this site. You complain about everything! If you are so miserable why are you still here? Go somewhere else where you can get your information spoon fed to you exactly how you want it.
  9. They hardly work now Mary B, what with all the Holidays they give themselves. Maybe they are Millionaires already ? LOL, I thing for sure Mary B, we appreciate your hard work finding and bringing great articles. Same goes for Thuggies, Yota, 6LY and a few others. Cheers, have a great week-end, and keep those articles coming !!! pp Now we return you to a thread that has gone off the rails big time. pp
  10. No, I said, What difference does it make???? YOU seem to have the need to be right and correct others that are doing more than you are to add value to what is brought here. You sure aren't!!!! Who gives a RAT's ass that DT isn't doing the coloring... or writing the articles??? I don't! I consider myself lucky that I don't have to do the hounding myself. IT's all the same information. DT is just bringing it...Thanks DT!!!! You do know that when you point your finger at someone you have 3 pointing back at you????
  11. I can't see GE, Siemens, Deawoo and any number of other being paid in Oil just so hey can find someone to buy it to re Coop there Labor and Material Costs...... Most of these companies wouldn't have a clue about how to dump Oil on a Secondary Market. There is also Article 8 and the Multiple Currency Practices that they have to use IQD to pay these Contractors (Read here years ago) so the IQD would have to be Internationally Tradable....So unless something has changes with the IMF, BIS and other PTB this should still be the case. Karsten
  12. I believe the target date was set for April 20th, with special early access for this Sunday and Monday. .
  13. A good one to start the weekend..... Crazy......or is it?.... CL
  14. A good one to start the weekend..... Crazy......or is it?.... CL
  15. I seriously think that the can they are kicking this time actually has a destination.JMHO!!! fingahs crossed!
  16. This is EXACTLY what I'm talking about. They love to shove it in our faces knowing that very few people will believe it.
  17. Today
  18. Mary, it is my understanding that the Dinar will be worth the value of the Dinar "In Country" which might be 1 USD, maybe a little more or less. It wont be the same value there as it is here in the USA or various other places around the Globe depending on the Exchange Rate per County. This is why the drive to bring in all the Mattress Money held by the Average Citizen and I hope they are getting close to their Goal. I can't see with the Pay Scale of the Average Citizen them buying a whole lot of Dinars to store away. It would be sorta Like Visiting Vietnam on $20.00 USD
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