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  2. I believe CBI gold & foreign currency holding are much higher than what's being made public. CBI has a history of under reporting the real numbers. IMHO.
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  4. From beautiful ( yes I know...Repeating myself...But I do like them enormously) "Elegy" album Awesome piano ( as usual) and tambourine ( somehow essential....You be the judge) To me ( I'm very biased mind you) a dropdead track...Esp the 1st half... Fillmore East, NYC late 1969 (Keith was 25 years old...Just saying...) Voice here appears to be much better...I don't know who's the vocalist .....Sure enough doesn't sound like Jackson at all...Or maybe it's still him....just better rec'd / mixed....But again...I just don't know... For a moment in track below Keith Emerson even makes a reference to "Summertime" by George Gershwin
  5. This is the original ( composed by K.Emerson).... Then Dutch band "Ekseption" (with awesome keyboardist Rick Van Der Linden - RIP) made its own version which is as good...I'd dare to say maybe even better ( sorry, Keith...You sure have the great merit of composing this one btw...)...More modern somehow.... Agree on the fact bass player & vocalist Lee Jackson has apparently a terrible voice esp on this particular track.....
  6. From "Five Bridges" live and studio (beautiful) album Fugue: 4th Bridge Live
  7. Country Pie ( B.Dylan) intertwined with Brandenburg Concerto No.6 ( by J.S.Bach, who composed also 1st track)...Live
  8. Featuring stunning Keith Emerson ( later to found Emerson, Lake & Palmer ) at age 24... Likely greatest keyboardist in pop-rock history....RIP Right after him for me there's Rick Van Der Linden-RIP of Dutch band Ekseption Got so overwhelmed when I heard this for the 1st time......I was around 14 / 15.....
  9. Here's another article related to the above...let the games begin... Jeff: Final Countdown!
  10. Here's an article of Dinarian interests... The process of raising the value of the IQD is being worked on. Treat as a rumor. Not verified. Your opine. Frank26 via Iraq-Boots-On-The-Ground Report via FIREFLY: We Are Working On Raising The Value Of The IQD. ARTICLE: [Alaq] is live & he is telling us be patient, we’re working on raising the value of the Dinar. He talked about how the IMF is helping & he talked about cleaning up the books…He wants us all to be patient. FRANK: You have been reassured by the right people that you’re supposed to trust…You’re about to get a new exchange rate with new denominations of lower notes because there going to lift the three zeros...I’m excited for you…Let’s see what Sudani does next.
  11. Beautiful vid ( and sad)... I once just felt like writing this on youtube comments: Our lives are just meant to be like symbolically going up and down those escalators.......Until the end comes....With the hope it all did make some ( if at all...) sense for ourselves and the ones around us .....
  12. Painfully beautiful & moving ( just like most of his songs)...A gem He will not be forgotten Respect for a Giant Artist
  13. So powerful...Deep...It does get to you The great jazz bass player Ron Carter on "The Prisoner"
  14. Another great track ( and real social issue...worldwide)
  15. Special to me..... RIP Karen Silkwood (mentioned in lyrics) There's a great movie about her life ( & murder) featuring Meryl Streep & Kurt Russell ..It's called "Silkwood"
  16. Note: song should be understood / interpreted in the ( difficult) context of its time ( many years ago when struggle / conflict was real strong)...Just saying...
  17. One of the absolutely greatest...Love the lyrics ( and music)...RIP And he ( not the only one, mind you) achieved a little big miracle....Intelligent songs....Sort of a dream come true.......
  18. Thank you Ron...Hopefully we won't see a whole lot more of these auctions, but thank you so much for taking time to post these.
  19. What are you I love this one...Too bad it doesn't last long ( enough) Awesome riff...
  20. This will Improved road infrastructure enables the smooth flow of goods and services, thereby reducing the transportation time and cost. This, in turn, makes the goods and services more accessible to a larger audience, leading to increased trade and commerce. Go Iraq 🇮🇶 Go economic growth Go stronger dinar
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