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  2. navira

    Go Iraq

    Ok bro(botzwana)..u got it, haha
  3. I appreciate your response. I was getting worried for a while.
  4. 3-21-2019 Newshound Guru Breitling Iraq needs the price per barrel to be at $57 to pay for their economy. But to pull it out of the ground is much cheaper…they’re probably pulling it out of the group for $9 or $10 per barrel and then putting it on the market and the market price is $57. 3-21-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru David M. Witty Iraqi MP from Fatah Coalition says Parliament's schedule for next week does not contain a vote on vacant cabinet positions. However, he thinks there will be a vote in the following week. Still disagreements among political blocs about cabinet positions. 3-21-2019 Intel Guru ADMINBILL We will get there folks. ...The roll out started last week and continues today. It's kind of like rolling out a new carpet. Stays curled up at the end making it easy to trip over. It will be flat & usable soon enough.
  5. Botzwana

    Go Iraq

    My life Will be completed when I am called bro by you two.
  6. I think this is Maliki´s spin paper at work again.
  7. Heartland Institute Debunks Bill Nye | Heartland Institute Indy
  8. Uhh oh. Kick US troops out and ignore US sanctions and get cozy with Iran big mistake.
  9. You would not come back across that border either " Thinking this has drifted out into the sea of desparity. Botz, you and the other 2 million Americans are always welcomed to America! 😊 Thanks. I have Heard worse than what Aritech proposes. I have Heard people over at godlike say to nuke mexico. Some people get really insane with their stances. Yes I know the drugs are pouring in etc. Who is buying them? Uh, americans in the u.s. which he shows no blame to. It is all those evil mexicans fault according to him. Personally I like Uruguay´s laws. They just legalized everything. Drug use actually went DOWN with that. Mexico is really close to legalizing weed. I hope it cuts the cartels power in half at least.
  10. Iraqi Parliament Prepares to Evict US Troops US military's presence in Iraq falling out of favor across several political blocs Jason Ditz Posted onMarch 20, 2019CategoriesNewsTagsIraq, Pentagon In the wake of the ISIS War in Iraq, Pentagon officials will tell you what they’ve been saying all along, that America’s intention is to stay in Iraq, and that there is no consideration being given to leaving. It’s not clear the US has spoken to the Iraqi government about this, however. While many Iraqis accepted the offer of help in the more desperate moments of the ISIS War, the US military has quickly worn out its welcome. Across a number of major political blocs in Iraq, there is growing consensus that the US, and indeed all foreign military forces, need to go. This has been brewing for months. The Iraqis saw Trump’s visit to Iraq, during which he didn’t meet the Iraqi PM, as a sign of disrespect. That the Pentagon keeps insisting they’re staying in Iraq, without asking the Iraqis, only adds to the sense that the US isn’t really an invited guest in any real sense. Hawks are already trying to spin this, as with everything else that doesn’t go America’s way in Iraq, as Iran’s fault. Iraq’s political scene is dominated by Shi’ite parties, and US officials have plenty of practice pretending that Shi’ite is just a fancy word for “Iranian” these days. Yet this underpins one of the major reasons the US is on the outs with so much of the Iraqi parliament. US hostility toward Iran has meant practical hostility toward Iraqi Shi’ite militias who fought against ISIS and enjoy strong support from the Iraqi government. US ultimatums to disarm militias that are practically part of the Iraqi government have always come with the implied threat of the US leaving, when they never had any intention of doing so. And now, when hostility to the Shi’ite militias has turned parliament against them, US hawks are still trying to spin this as proof of an Iran problem, In reality, the US and Iran have been backing the same parties in Iraq since 2003, and US discomfort with that fact has been consistently undermining their goals.
  11. You would not come back across that border either " Thinking this has drifted out into the sea of desparity. Botz, you and the other 2 million Americans are always welcomed to America! 😊
  12. Today
  13. Trump Signs Executive Order to Protect Free Speech on College Campuses by Fairbanks March 21, 2019
  14. Yeah I avoided the politics. It just caught me by surprise that someone actually suggesting to dictate what americans do is all. That just stood out to me because I happen to live in MExico. Wiljor does too. I guess he cannot come home either according to Aritech.
  15. From what I have been watching in Iraq these days, either the Pres is stuck back on chapter 3 of this book... or playing the part of ignorant politcian trying to engage and distract the Iraqi population through their Fake News Network.! "Squirrel !!!!! "(Americans)... That bone head will never promote the fact Americans are rooting for them on so many levels it's stupid at this point. 🤣
  16. Well, this thread has been derailed. Everyone has an opinion about Trump and I believe everyone can agree McCain was an admirable war hero. Let’s get back on track and stop with the political diatribe...
  17. But then when I called him on that that he would not stop my money...then he said he would keep me on the other side forever. So let´s asume you are right...and he really is talking about tourists…. Mexico's tourism industry is booming. The country is the No.1 destination for tourists from the U.S. and is receiving record levels of visitors. Mexico logged over 10 million tourist arrivals during the first quarter of 2018 and is expected to attract 40 million tourists by the year's end, a new record.Jul 26, 2018 So going to stop 40 million tourists from visiting Mexico. HAHA...I HIGHLY doubt it. He is trying to firebomb a house infested with snakes rather than just deal with the snakes at hand. YA cannot stop drugs by stopping all tourism. It wouldnt work.
  18. ADVERTISEMENT ISIS Published 10 hours ago ISIS caliphate has crumbled and last stronghold liberated, Fox News has learned
  19. Boy. Talk about Jaded . Bombs. Corruption and Poverty. Sectarianism Al La Iran and we're Screwed up ? Jeez.
  20. Does anyone know if Al-Jazera is still in business? I did receive a dividend notice but he's not answering any emails and no confirmation on my last buy order. I'm concerned. Please let me know if you have any information on him. Thanks
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