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  2. GreedyDinar07

    US calls on Iraq to disarm Shia militias

    Jamartin1145...Obama didn't start this. This is a result of the Prime Minister at that time which was Maliki. He reniged on the SOFA agreemnt and wanted the US Military to remain in Iraq without immunity to Iraq Laws. No President in their right mind would have allowed that. Thats why the majority of our Military had to leave and that is exactly what Maliki wanted because he is a traitor and a puppet for Iran. He jas always been trouble.Do your reseaech first.
  3. CSM (R) Thackrey

    US calls on Iraq to disarm Shia militias

    Yes they are!!!👍🇺🇸
  4. Hooah!!!!👍🇺🇸
  5. After pondering. I started to think about us here in the best country in the world. Just change a few words like malitias to street gangs and I think you will get my point. We have our own problems also. What is this world coming to. I also believe that Trump is doing his best to get us back on the right track. If only the dems could unveil themselves and put their own politics aside we could reunite the country. Look what the dems stand for, and it wasn't long ago they would have been considered the anti-Christ.
  6. I would like to see the following: 1. An end to DACA with a date be given to the Mexican government in order to be disseminated to their people before they come to this country illegally. Todays date would be good. 2. Build a wall in the place most needed as Indicated by the Border Patrol. 3. Put in place, and enforce, a punishment for those aiding and abetting immigrants that came into the country illegally. 4. Put in place and enforce, a punishment for those hiring, and exploiting, illegal immigrants at their companies. Often the worker is being paid below minimum wage. no heath benefits ,and more than likely, unsafe work conditions. Nobody, ere legally or illegally should be taken advantage of that way. It also is aiding and abetting an illegal immigrant. 5. Provide funding, training, equipment and facilities to streamline the process of becoming a legal citizen and eliminate a backlog. 6. Reduce funding to countries where the immigrants are coming from to pay for the wall and Items referenced in line 5. Just a start.
  7. Practicing.....for a Maliki. We can only hope.
  8. puckster_guy

    Silly Smiles II

  9. The Democrats don’t want to hear about the Trump accomplishments and great economy. Security? Baloney. More Political games. Democrats, the party of NO!!! RESISTANCE!!! The only thing they can run on. “Get Trump”
  10. jmartin1145

    US calls on Iraq to disarm Shia militias

    Obummer started it. Hillarious was up his rear.
  11. GreedyDinar07

    US calls on Iraq to disarm Shia militias

    Wow I thought all of this was taken care of. First isis and now Iran. Will it ever end. So this is the secure Iraq that will be a beacon of wealth in the Middle East. I have no idea which direction this thing is going but I don't see an RV this year with all of this B.S going on...I hope I am wrong though. Iran really has gotten cocky all of sudden. I wonder why??
  12. I see there are a lot of passionate people here that are for and against the wall. Since we were all smart enough to invest in the dinar, let us use those smarts and put them to good use while we await our riches. I propose we come up with a proposal that would consist of both side compromising and coming to a deal that would end the shutdown and at the same time start steps to secure the border. If we can't achieve some sort of compromise at our level then we will see first hand how difficult it is to achieve it in congress. The ole saying "you have to give a little to get a little" has never been more relevant than at this time. Maybe this will go somewhere maybe it will go nowhere. Rules are: 1. No arguing, name calling or degrading of each others ideas. 2. If you aren't going to compromise then don't comment. 3. Debates are a wonderful thing to prove or disprove an idea. Refer to rule number 1 for conduct. 4. Use greenies for agree and rubys for dis agree as votes I'll try to keep an updated bullet point draft posted, to add to or take away from, as comments and votes come in.
  13. Today
  14. Ah, the refreshment of witnessing the factual, inherent, referenced based, AND TRUTHFUL substance provided for EVERYONE'S benefit by The True The United States Of America Patriots. I am Grateful. Thank You. Contrasted, of course, by the drivel of the petulant Liberals AND/OR Progressives for self seeking motivations contrary to Personal AND Common Good to serve We The People. I can not imagine Liberal AND/OR Progressive is name calling in any respect whereas, in like turn, terming ANY individual as Citizen OR Non Citizen AND Male OR Female is a necessitated unbiased classification. So, we ALL perpetually see in actual practice.............................................................................. So...................................................................................................................................................... REMEMBER The Steps ( ) Play Chess With A Liberal AND/OR Progressive. "Commence" "Active Cleaning". Allow "Sufficient Time" For "Liberal Self" AND/OR "Progressive Self" "Deep Preening". Repeat (Go To Step 1). Problem Solved!!! Soldier On AND Carry On True The United States Of America Patriots!!!
  15. BA, Almost everything you say is wrong but I’m too tired to debate you.
  16. never ends....Be back next year...
  17. @bostonangler So you think the wall will be ineffective and in no way will contribute to the reduction of illegal immigration ? You believe that the border patrol agents do not want a wall and that it won't help them with there day to day job of monitoring the border and catching illegal immigrants that try to cross the border? Just curious. I agree with your belief that we need to stop hiring them and giving them a reason to come here. Absoloutely! Those that do hire them should be fined or penalized somehow. Those that give sanctuary should punished for aiding and abetting a fugitive. Lots of things should be done now and simultaneously. Speaking as someone who has worked security a nuclear site and at Combat Outpost Bases and Forward Outpost Bases in theaters of combat I have to say I like walls. They make me feel safe, warm and cozy. (a little humor). When manned, maintained and monitored correctly they are a great deterrent and force multiplier (sorta speak). JMO.
  18. 1-16-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Will the reinstatement happen in 2019? We don’t know when the reinstatement will occur for sure and many say the project to delete the zeros is now all done. So go figure? ...This news is coming from some VERY credible sources of information... ...there are no more delays expected. The process is on the move. They (WHO ARE "THEY"..?) are telling us once again 2019 is our timeframe. OK – hold on to your horses! I do not know the exact timeframe in 2019 but all we can confirm is two things – 1) they just told us this week in the news media that 2019 is our year; and 2) we know they normally like to target January and we still have half of the month of January remaining. So let’s see what happens in January and if it does not happen then we move to another target...(post 1 of 2)...More to come..! 1-16-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni A member of the Economic and Investment Committee said today that Iraq may be forced to float the dinar to encourage investment in Iraq...Sound familiar? There is no doubt in my mind we will see the dinar float at or about the same time as the launch of the banking system and market economy for investment. Hang in there. This seems to be the year Iraq will move forward launching a private sector and encouraging foreign investment. 1-16-2019 Intel Guru Bruce [via PinkRoses] is kind of coming down to the wire now. We are getting some really positive input...We heard some activity started last night. ...We believe that we are at the point very little is required now before we get notified to go. ...there has been a number of meetings and conference calls in the recent days... Calls that took place with the large banks in conjunction with the Secretary of the Treasury...we think part of the plan was to talk about where we are in terms of the release and...can this thing happen immediately meaning in the next day or two. ...What I am telling you is you are very close. Everything we can say about Iraq appears to have been completed...We hope that we are at the end of the ride because the evidence is showing things are moving. I can just can tell you the rates that will be on the front screens for the Dinar and Dong will be much closer together than we thought. 1-16-2019 Newshound Guru Daytrader A number of members have expressed concern over a statement regarding an IMF Article IV consultation not occurring until later this year. This is Iraq’s normal Article IV consultation schedule. Most countries have an Article IV consultation with the IMF every 24 months, including the United States. It provides an opportunity for both the IMF and the country to discuss specifically where the country might have monetary policy or procedural shortcomings that need correction, and review what they’re doing that meets Article IV criteria...(post 1 of 2)... 1-16-2019 Newshound Guru Daytrader All that happens as the result of the consultation is agreement on a plan of action to make any necessary corrections. There is no failure, only a plan of action to rectify concerns. Iraq and the IMF have been planning the reinstatement of the IQD for a very long time, and during this time they continued to develop and fine-tune the process specific to Iraq's needs. IMO this has nothing to do with, nor will it have any impact on, what we seek...(post 2 of 2)... 1-16-2019 Intel Guru RayRen98 Contracts are to be funded by February 5, 2019. [Could this be the outside date?] PM Mahdi sent out a tweet stating that he is moving onward with implementing the program for government that was presented to Parliament and intends to complete it within the time frame that was previously announced. It appears he is making promises to the Iraqi citizens.
  19. January 16, 2019 CBI - Foreign Currency Selling Window for tHURSDAY, 17/1/2019 that was performed on Wednesday, 16/1/2019 Announcement No.(3873) Sale Date - 17/1/2019 performed on Wednesday - 16/1/2019 Details Amount Total sale for the purpose of strengthen outside assets (Transfers and credits) 258,032,865 Total sale cash 20,250,000 Total sale amount 278,282,865 Note: Selling price of remittance money to bank accounts outside is (1190) ID for each Dollar. Cash selling price is (1190) ID for each Dollar. * Schedule of sales of the Central Bank of Iraq for foreign currency (amounts in thousands of dollars) on Thursday 2019/1/17 and implemented on Wednesday, 2019/1/16
  20. ChuckFinley

    Adam Montana Weekly 16 January 2019

    Great stuff, thanks Adam.
  21. Everyone is beginning to see there was an agreement and Trump is refusing it because he wants the wall to be his legacy... Experts have all said there are better solutions for the money than medieval technology. I don't think people are against security, they just want what is best. We all know Trump's record isn't doing what is best. Ask the Americans who are working for free. Ask the economist who are saying the effect on the economy is twice as bad as the administration thought it would be. Ask the farmers... They are dying with the effects of tariffs. Ask the soldiers who are dying in Syria, because ISIS isn't defeated like Trump just stated. Ask our allies. They know what will happen if Trump pulls out of NATO. Ask the people in South Korea. Because North Korea is no longer a threat according to our president. I could go on, but the bottom line is he is full of himself and fewer and fewer people are believing. B/A
  22. The polls may show people want the government to open but Pelosi is wrong on Border Security and absent of common sense. Maybe she should go to the border and talk to some Ranchers, Border Patrol Agents, and anyone with some common sense..Oh I forgot she is too busy playing in Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
  23. Border rancher: 'We’ve found prayer rugs out here. It’s unreal' Print this article LORDSBURG, N.M. — Ranchers and farmers near the U.S.-Mexico border have been finding prayer rugs on their properties in recent months, according to one rancher who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation by cartels who move the individuals. The mats are pieces of carpet that those of the Muslim faith kneel on as they worship. "There’s a lot of people coming in not just from Mexico," the rancher said. "People, the general public, just don’t get the terrorist threats of that. That’s what’s really scary. You don’t know what’s coming across. We’ve found prayer rugs out here. It’s unreal. It’s not just Mexican nationals that are coming across." Her comments were part of a larger conversion about how many in the region believe migrants are coming to the U.S. illegally from all over the world, not just Central America. Border Patrol and its parent agency, Customs and Border Protection, did not respond to multiple interview requests. But CBP's Arizona region issued a statement on Twitter Wednesday that said agents had arrested people from across the world over the past five days. The rancher, who lives with her family in a remote, southwestern part of the state, said the discoveries raise questions about how many people who illegally entered the U.S. in Hidalgo County, N.M., traveled thousands of miles from overseas to sneak across the southern border. She is one of just a few hundred residents of Animas, N.M., a tiny town that sits between the international border and the Border Patrol's Lordsburg Station, which is 95 miles north of the boundary. A New Mexico rancher speaks with the Washington Examiner about migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border illegally, Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019. The few hundred residents have no local police department. They rely on the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Department and U.S. Border Patrol to help when they need it, but otherwise count on tips and support from one another because of the 40 miles that separate the community from the county headquarters in Lordsburg. The rancher and six other residents of Animus told Washington Examiner this week that migrants from places other than Mexico and Central America are arriving. "I've talked to several agents that I trust. There’s not a lot that I do trust, but the ones I do trust, I talk to them," she said during a tour of her property. "What Border Patrol classifies as OTMs [other than Mexicans] has really increased in the last couple years, but drastically within the last six months. Chinese, Germans, Russians, a lot of Middle Easterners. Those Czechoslovakians they caught over on our neighbor’s just last summer." Billy Darnell, a cattle rancher in Animus, said his neighbor had 18 women and children from the Philippines show up on his property last year. Border Patrol was called to the scene and took the group in. A New Mexico rancher holds a bottle found while touring her property near the U.S.-Mexico border, Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019. (Anna Giaritelli / Washington Examiner) Government data indicates six known or suspected terrorists were caught trying to enter the U.S. from Mexico from Oct. 1, 2017, through March 31, 2018. However, the Trump administration has stated on several occasions that 3,700 people who were identified as coming from countries with terrorism problems have also been apprehended at that border. "We’ve talked about the thousands — the thousands of terror watch list individuals who traveled through our hemisphere last year," Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said on Fox News this month. "To pretend there’s not a danger on an unsecured border, on an open border, is just ridiculous. It belies common sense."
  24. Iran may be bleeding. Now is the time to finish it and bleed them out 100%. Make all the muluahs stand down and return the govt to a democratic pre '79 model.
  25. Apparently he was not well liked ?
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