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  2. Good Evening Dinar Vets, here's several opinions & comments that might be of interest to you. Remember, no one really knows what will happen, or when. They're simply stating their opinions based on what they perceive to be happening in Iraq. *** BobTheTaxMan ...this is all a crazy or delusional or something like that idea that you invested into - it's not true. This is an honest bonafide investment. And when you have that kind of investment you have to seriously take a look at what are your options to retain as much of this as you can possibly can. How to prepare
  3. Exactly! Even my Kurdish friend used to tell me how corrupt the Barzani family was.. this was back in 2015 and one of the reasons he felt it would never RV because the corruption was everywhere throughout Iraq!
  4. Australians must know the truth - this virus is not a pandemic': Alan Jones 498,166 views•Sep 16, 2020 Sky News Australia 624K subscribers Sky News host Alan Jones says he has warned time and time again the political leaders who are the architects of this coronavirus response will not be able to escape the criticism that is now finding its way into the public place. It comes as an economist in the Victorian Department of Finance and Treasury, Sanjeev Sabhlok, on Wednesday penned an article in the Australian Financial Review announcing his resignation from his positio
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  6. https://thenationalpulse.com/politics/trump-china-interference/ The European Bureau Chief of China’s state-run outlet China Daily appeared to confirm U.S. intelligence reports concluding the Chinese Communist Party prefers a Joe Biden presidency. In response to a CNN tweet containing a video affirming reports foreign countries are “influencing the 2020 election” and that “the Chinese want to make sure President Trump is not reelected,” Chen Weihua wrote: “Europe wants Biden too.” In other words, Chen uncritically accepts the assessment provided by CNN
  7. Since when was Kurdistan not part of Iraq? Al-Kazemi should make a point to these thieves that if you want money from Iraq you fall under the same guidelines as everyone else. The corruption in Kurdistan is probably 10 times worse than the rest of Iraq. He would probably have to open files on all the Barzani family is the reason their telling Al-Kazemi to chill out you can't open any files up here an we will take care of this ourselves....yeah right
  8. Well, I know one thing the Dems can’t do since Trump will nominate a woman. There shouldn’t be a parade of last minute MeToo Rape accusations. They will probably make a big thing out of the Religious Beliefs, including an Anti Abortion stance. Nothing will make the Left happy. They just want their way and if they don’t get it they threaten us with more unlawful activities.
  9. I highly suspected it bigwave. I believe I read where his name is on the list of those that had visited Epstein’s island. Good find. Thanks for sharing.
  10. https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/coronavirus/hold-new-congressional-report-says-china-and-who-could-have-helped China failed to stop pandemic, engaged in coverup with WHO's help, GOP congressional report says The House Committee on Foreign Affairs is set Monday to release an audit report on actions perpetrated by China and the World Health Organization at the beginning of the global coronavirus pandemic. The report, written by Republican members of the Democrat-led committee, states that "beyond doubt" the Chinese Communist Party "actively engaged in
  11. https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/you-think-theyre-panicking-over-rbg-just-wait-till-roberts-resigns-soon/
  12. There is no rush.....It is Trumps job to name a replacement.....he has had his list out there for 18 months.....Biden hasn't issued a list of his potential picks yet.. Mitch will schedule hearings.....and the left as they did with Cavanaugh, will once again embarrass themselves trying to derail the process.. No matter how the election results play out.....there will be a vote on the nominee after the election....and even if the left sweeps the Senate.....holds the House...and wins the Presidentcy.....the Republican held Senate will likely approve the nomination.....
  13. This is what I’m seeing Adam. It’s not a problem and it doesn’t bother me one bit.
  14. There is a new social media app called Wimkin and it's just like FB but non censored. It's 45 days old and easy to use like FB is. Check it out.
  15. .......I will give $5 to whoever can convince me that Mr. Burns and Mr. Rothschild were not separated at birth. 🤣
  16. Thanks Adam, For You’re Speedy Response ! 😁❗️
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  18. Can Al-Kazemi Committee open corruption files in Kurdistan? September 21, 2020 Parliamentary parties are ruling out for Al-Kazemi to open corruption files related to Kurdistan Ultra Iraq - Editorial Team With the issuance of the first package of measures by the Supreme Committee set up by the Prime Minister to open the files of corruption, and despite its being limited to figures who held middle positions and did not live up to those whom Iraqis define as "corruption whales", calls are mounting to expand its duties to
  19. Aghhhh that yellow is horrible Thanks for letting me know, that will change.
  20. This one I don't understand - I checked on my ipad in safari and chrome and everything looks fine. More info - screenshot perhaps, please?
  21. Monday 21 September 2020 | 11:34 PM| Views: 196 Statement of the meeting of the three presidencies, the Chief Justice and leaders of political blocs Today, Monday, a meeting of the heads of the republic, the government, the House of Representatives, the Supreme Judicial Council and most of the leaders of political blocs was held in the Government Palace in Baghdad. A statement by the Prime Minister's Office stated that "during the meeting, a frank and comprehensive discussion took place on the latest security and political developments at the national, regi
  22. The US President’s envoy discusses joint files with the Kurdish leaders in Iraq and Syria September 21, 2020 52 Erbil -qamhley -elziman As part of a quick American move after the Pentagon decided to send 100 additional soldiers and six armored vehicles to eastern Syria The US Special Envoy for Syria James Jeffrey visited northeastern Syria and the Iraqi city of Erbil, where he was conducted Conversations with senior local officials. Jeffrey held separate meetings yesterday, Sunday, with officials from the "Syri
  23. In case you hadn't notice Shabs, in today's political arena, bipartisan compromise means the Rats get what they want, when they want it, and the Republicans just grab their ankles and go along. Sorry those days are LONG GONE!!
  24. Miles' tribute to bass player Jaco Pastorius-RIP ( deemed as best electric bass player in the world for some time....) who played for a certain period with Weather Report in Albums and live concerts Was lucky enough to see him in 1986 here in Italy.... but not with Weather Report ( which I had already seen anyway the year before...Bassist was Alphonso Johnson...Another stunning bass-player).... Impressive in the least.....He got killed in 1987 unfortunately ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaco_Pastoriu
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