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  3. 1-17-2020 Newshound/Intel Guru BGG Article: "The Central Bank of Iraq file … an employee reveals the hidden" Quote: “White House sources assured her that the US administration has started investigations with senior influential employees of the Central Bank of Iraq after it became clear that pro-Iranian banks are trying to break US economic sanctions by smuggling the dollar to Iran and its allies in the region.” Once the US gets serious about putting pressure on Iran through the CBI (of Iraq), it could well mean good news for us… with any luck at all. The end of the CBI currency auctions, which is the main door through which Iran transports US dollars into their economy, means the beginning of economic and currency reform in Iraq. This scenario may turn out to be the “Golden Unicorn” for us. Have a great weekend everyone. See you all tomorrow - RON
  4. Kurdish source: Barzani discussed with US officials the establishment of 4 new military bases in Kurdistan Politics 01/21/2020 21:50 925 Editor: gf Baghdad today - Erbil A political source familiar with the matter revealed that the meetings between American officials and leaders of the regional government during the past two days focused on a set of points. The source said (Baghdad today) that "American military and political delegations met with the President of the Territory, Negervan Barzani, and the Prime Minister, Masroor Barzani, and his deputy, to discuss the file of the American presence inside Iraq and the region as well." He added that "the process of continuing Kurdish support for the survival of the American forces was discussed, and he refused to withdraw or cancel the security agreement and cooperation in the field of establishing 4 military bases, including the silk base in the Kurdistan region." He pointed out that "discussed the strengthening of diplomatic relations as well as cooperation in the political and economic field and the speedy opening of the largest American consulate in the world in the city of Erbil." In the context, the President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, said that the decision of the Iraqi parliament to remove American forces from Iraq was not a good decision as it was taken by the Shiite bloc only without consulting with the other major components in the country. Barzani said in a press interview, "The decision taken by the Iraqi parliament regarding the removal of foreign forces was not a good decision and the Kurds and Sunnis did not participate in this decision, moreover, it sets a bad precedent, as the decision was taken by the Shiite bloc without consulting with any One of the main components of this country, the Kurds and the Sunnis (Arabs) It was a very decisive step that was taken without seeking consensus and thus violating the spirit of the Iraqi constitution, this is not good for Iraq now or for the future. link
  5. And This Just In From Jamal Cougar Mellenkamp ! Kurdish lawmaker: America will not leave Iraq to its opponents ... removing its forces will lose the air cover Politics 01/21/17 17:33 670 Editor: ht Baghdad today - private Jamal Cougar, a member of the Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc, considered Friday (January 17, 2020) that the United States of America will not leave Iraq to be a fertile ground for its opponents in order to gain the spoils . "There are alternatives in the event that the United States imposes sanctions on Iraq, such as Russia or China, but we must not forget that America will not leave Iraq to its opponents to gain the loot," Cougar said in an interview (Baghdad Today). He added that "the Iraqi government should not rush in its decisions regarding the removal of foreign forces," stressing that we are not with any foreign forces remaining on Iraqi soil, but their departure must be the least losses. He continued, "We must be realistic in our decisions because the time is not right, given the danger of ISIS still exists," noting that "the expulsion of foreign forces will lose us the airspace, because we do not have security forces capable of controlling the borders without the assistance of the international coalition forces, as well as Weapons remain in the hands of many political parties. " Earlier, the President of the Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, said on Friday (January 17, 2019) that the decision of the Iraqi parliament to remove American forces from Iraq was not a good decision as it was taken by the Shiite bloc only without consulting with the other major components in the country. Barzani stated in a press interview, "The decision taken by the Iraqi parliament regarding the removal of foreign forces was not a good decision and the Kurds and Sunnis did not participate in this decision, moreover, it sets a bad precedent, as the decision was taken by the Shiite bloc without consulting any One of the main components of this country, the Kurds and the Sunnis (Arabs) It was a very decisive step taken without seeking consensus and thus violating the spirit of the Iraqi constitution, this is not good for Iraq now or for the future. He added, "The question that must be addressed first is: Why are the American forces present here? They are here at the invitation of the Iraqi government in 2014 and in consultation with the United Nations Security Council when the Islamic State was on the outskirts of Baghdad, and the second: Is the current situation in Iraq The withdrawal of US and coalition forces is justified in view of its mission, which is to help defeat the Islamic State? As much as we are the Kurdistan Regional Government, we are concerned that the answer is not clear, as all intelligence indicates that ISIS regrouped and that they were carrying out attacks against Iraqi targets On a daily basis, hence, the interest of Iraqi Kurdistan concerns the American forces as much as it is in the interest of all of Iraq. " Nechirvan Barzani continued, "Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi's recent visit to Kurdistan, in which he confirmed that he is looking to solve this issue through dialogue instead of confrontation, the idea will be to reach a new formula, reshaping if you will, for the future presence of American forces and forces." The coalition in Iraq, "indicating that" the presence of American and coalition forces is necessary for all of Iraq. " link
  6. Yo Snap - This Hector Sounds Pretty Straight Up Legit ! Does He Know Anything About Building RV Buttons ...
  7. Iran and the end of the time of smartening America - 51 Minutes Ago The Iranian regime cannot change its skin. This is due to the fact that this system was originally based on the idea of "exporting the revolution" and on the refusal to recognize the Iranian people and their aspirations. This is confirmed by the disasters that afflicted the whole region and Iran itself. At the forefront of these disasters is the Iraq-Iran war. That war erupted in September 1980 and ended in the summer of 1988, with the proclamation of Ayatollah Khomeini, the "guide", at which time the poison cup was swallowed. There has always been disagreement over the true history of the outbreak of that war. When Saddam Hussein was president of Iraq, Iraq is considered to have erupted on the fourth of September, when the newly announced "Islamic Republic" began to molest Iraq militarily along the borders between them. On the other hand, Iran considers that the beginning was with the widespread attack launched by the Iraqi army on the twenty-second of that month, an attack that Saddam Hussein thought, with his limited political experience of what is going on outside the borders of Iraq, that it would lead to a rapid military defeat of Iran and the fall of the new regime. What happened, in practice, is that the "Islamic Republic" was the primary beneficiary of that war, given that Khomeini, who had turned against the liberals and moderates who participated in the revolution against the Shah and disposed of them one by one, took advantage of the Iraqi attack to the fullest extent. There is no need to restore details of the events that have occurred in Iran since the return of Khomeini and the departure of the Shah, including the disposal of the Mehdi Bazargan government in parallel with the occupation of the US embassy in Tehran and the detention of its diplomats for 444 days starting in November 1979. Iran has invested in ruin. Despite this, its system remains unchanged, especially as it believes that the "Islamic Republic" has something to offer its neighbors and what is beyond its neighbors. The Iranian regime can only be hardline. Just because he has no other option, that is, the option of Iran being a normal country. If it were a normal country, it would have found a formula for coexistence with Iraq instead of continuing to sow ruin and destruction throughout those eight years of war in order to revive the Persian national spirit and get rid of the regular army, the Shah's army, by sending it to the war fronts. Since the end of the Iraq-Iran war, a war that ended in the semi-Iraqi victory, nothing has changed in the “Islamic Republic”, which I believed has always been able to cook for successive American administrations. Moreover, Iran cannot undo all the victories achieved since 2003, the date of the American invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein's regime. Iraq was the biggest prize for Iran. Iran has achieved a historic dream of revenge against Iraq, especially after the transfer of Iraqi sectarian militia leaders fought alongside the "Revolutionary Guard" to Baghdad on the back of an American tank. In light of these facts, it is impossible for the Donald Trump administration to deal with Iran as if it were engaging with a natural country with which to take and respond. The problem in Iran is due, these days, to the fact that no one in Tehran wants to admit that the time for smartening Americans has ended. What Iran has lost by eliminating the Americans from Qasim Soleimani is a loss to the crown jewel in the empire that the Revolutionary Guards dreamed of establishing in the region. This dream was renewed in 2003, after George Bush Jr. handed Iraq over a plate of silver to Iran. It is no more difficult for Iran to come to terms with reality, including with the fact that Iraq, which it wants to turn into an Iranian protectorate, is of a sectarian outlook before anything else. Iraq is not an easy-to-follow country, just as Iraqi Arab Shiites have enough patriotic sentiment to rise up against Iranian colonialism in all its forms and all its tools. It is not just Iraq, which is hard for Iran. There is a huge investment in Syria that does not seem to be beneficial in the long run. This investment forced Iran to spend billions of dollars in order for Bashar al-Assad to remain in Damascus. It is no secret that the head of the Syrian regime has positioned himself since his father's succession in the Iranian bag, out of great admiration for the person of Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah and his slogans. In the end, what is the result of the Iranian investment in Syria that included sending fighters from Hezbollah to defend the regime of Bashar al-Assad and changing the demographic composition in certain areas, on top of which is Damascus and its surroundings and all the Lebanese-Syrian border strip, as well as going to Aleppo and its vicinity? The answer is that Vladimir Putin came to Damascus at a certain moment to say very frankly that Syria is in the custody of Russia and nobody else, and that all the guarantees required by Israel are in the custody of Moscow and nobody else. Iran has invested in ruin. Despite this, its system remains unchanged, especially as it believes that the "Islamic Republic" has something to offer to its neighbors and what is beyond its neighbors, that is, to Yemen, to name a few. It is time to face the truth. There is far beyond the liquidation of Qasim Soleimani. There is a return to Iran to take its normal size and give up the illusion of the superpower in the region. This does not appear to be acceptable in Tehran, which has an appetite for further publication of misery in a non-Arab country. Yes, Iran cannot change because any change means recognition of failure on the one hand, and recognition of the Iranian people and their aspirations on the other. The last thing that matters to the Iranian people is revenge for Qasim Soleimani, who turns out that all of his investments outside the Iranian borders were of the kind of little use. Well, Iran fought against the Syrian people alongside Bashar al-Assad, that is, the future of Bashar after all that befell Syria. But any future for Syria? To put Iraq aside, what is the benefit of investing billions of dollars in "Hezbollah" other than to deliver Lebanon to the state of collapse that it reached, while it could benefit from its geographical location and the Arabs embracing it instead of being an isolated country looking for friends as is the case now. Nothing succeeds like success. This is what the Islamic Republic has not been able to absorb. It did not understand, in particular, that spreading ruin and misery cannot be a policy, and that the establishment of sectarian militias in this or that country cannot but fall back on the owner of the idea of these militias. What is good for Iran, the Islamic Republic, is nothing before reconciling with its people first. The Arabs LINK
  8. Advisor to the Mahdi: The China Agreement is the most important in the history of Iraq .. This is the reason for the postponement of the China-Iraq Forum Politics 01/17/2020 12:09 691 Editor: ht Baghdad today - follow up The advisor to the Prime Minister for Economic Energy Affairs, Abdul Hussein Al-Hanin, Friday (January 17, 2020), considered that the Iraqi-Chinese agreement is the most important in the history of Iraq, indicating that the recent events directly affected its implementation. The official Iraqi News Agency "conscious" quoted Al-Hanin as saying that "Iraq required Chinese companies to implement projects with global American and European technology," noting that "the government will not accept second-class projects, but rather first-class projects and serve the community." He added, "There are 40 major Chinese companies ready with all capabilities, financially and technically guaranteed at the practical level, capable of carrying out major works in the field of roads, bridges and city building." Al-Hanin said, "Some people describe the agreement as pledging Iraqi oil and this is not true, because it is a guarantee for selling oil for a long time and is a major achievement," noting that "this agreement includes the implementation of projects on the principle of oil for construction and reconstruction ." Al Hanin pointed out that "Iraq will pay 100 thousand barrels per day, equivalent to the price of the oil market, 6 million dollars per day, and by 180 million dollars per month," noting that "the agreement rate of oil is 10% of Iraqi oil exports to China, which reaches Million barrels per day. " And he added that "the recent events directly affected the implementation of the agreement," noting that "it was hoped that the China-Iraq Forum would be held in Baghdad on 11-17 of last year for a period of four days, but it was postponed and replaced by small workshops that will take place these days and in coordination with the Chamber Chinese trade, Chinese embassy, prime minister's office and other ministries. " Al-Hanin went on to say that "the ministers had issued a book a few days ago requesting ministries and governorates, including the Kurdistan region, to update their previous data to prepare for the completion of projects related to infrastructure in all sectors," usually "the agreement with China that it is one of the most important agreements that occurred in the history of Iraq." The Adviser to the Prime Minister for Financial Affairs, the appearance of Mohamed Saleh, revealed Tuesday (January 15, 2020), new details about the most prominent offer of the agreement between Iraq and China, indicating that the agreement will focus on the implementation of infrastructure projects . Saleh said in a press statement, "The agreement includes the exchange of oil revenues for the implementation of projects in Iraq," noting that "the Iraqi government opened a credit account in one of the sober Chinese banks to deposit oil revenues of 100,000 barrels per day within the Chinese agreement." He added that "this account is spent on companies that implement projects," noting that "the agreement will focus on infrastructure projects such as schools, hospitals, roads, electricity and sanitation, to be determined through the Ministry of Planning and in coordination with the Council of Ministers." Saleh added that "the agreement will provide many job opportunities for the unemployed and give an opportunity to the Iraqi private sector companies, as well as relying on Iraqi products to implement projects such as cement, bricks, sand and others," noting that "this will create significant economic development in the country." And that "the age of the agreement reaches 20 years, stressing that this agreement will revive the infrastructure of Iraq, which has been destroyed for four decades." link
  9. Bakken My Day - We Had To Walk 6 Miles Uphill Both Ways In The Snow To Get To School ! And That Was Just The Summers ...
  10. From ; MEGA MILLIONS RESULTS Friday January 17th 2020 3 25 30 54 70 9 MEGAPLIER: ×3 Sorry, we had no winning matches here tonight. BETTER LUCK TOMORROW !
  11. FYI - the conference I'm attending is in early Feb., so I probably won't have any info until mid-Feb (after my phone consult with Bob). Great info on gifts, Floridian.
  12. Something always most uncomfortable whenever projects are referred to as " Schemes "
  13. Is everyone ignoring the fact that Hector is going to be running 3 Honda Civics with Spoon engines?? And that he ordered 3 T66 turbos with NOS and a Motec System exhaust,,,,
  14. Oh yes they are HOLDING HANDS . . . EEEEEEYYYYUUUUU. . . Talk about how " politics makes for strange bedfellows "
  15. MM 01/17/20 04 07 11 20 52 MB 06 PB 01/18/20 05 08 14 23 53 PB 06 GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY!
  16. MM 07 28 49 54 69 MB 24 - 01-17-20 PB 31 38 42 46 64 PB 10 - 01-18-20 Back to Back - Make it happen! Thank you Jesus!
  17. Still noncommittal at this this point in time. I think we might be looking at " just around the corner " . . . " in the coming days " or " In the near future "
  18. BAKKEN Veteran - Cold as I never wanna be that cold ever again. Minus (-) 64 with 65+ mph winds were the coldest days - Weather like that you find in Antarctica; you sure don't expect that sorta stuff in N. Dakota. Still, the $$$$ was Exceptionally GREAT.
  19. So he didn't RUN, thats a given . . . You can't HIDE something that large, they don't make closets to contain THAT. . . but with all the poverty in Iraq how did he get that ENORMOUS ??? Kinda reminds me of " Fat Bastard " . . . " Fat Bastard: Get over here! I’m gonna eat ya! I’m bigger than you. I’m higher on the food chain. Get in my belly!" Fat Bastard: I want my baby back, baby back, baby back ribs.
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