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  2. 07-16 - 03 35 59 62 66 MB - 09 And... May the odds be ever in our favor!
  3. Well the reason I am in Mexico and not Costa Rica is I know myself too well. I like some U.S. creature conforts. I enjoy Mcdonalds, applebees etc. that are in Mexico. Costa Rica may be beautiful but too much culture shock for me. I can drive my car to the u.s. and it takes around 5 hours. I can pick up taco bell or visit a comic book shop in a day. IN costa rica....way too far to drive. If you flew, you are limited by how much you can fill your suitcase with to bring home. Just some things to consider.
  4. quite honestly the division of our country started imo with MSM decades ago ....the parties just fell in line. People believe way to much on what they hear & read.....we are all sheeps to some degree......just the way our gov/msm like it.
  5. That's because you were basking in the light of your "chosen one". He did more to start that divide and get us where we are today than anyone. He started by calling police stupid and questioning everything they do and by calling a thug that was killed, "that could be my son" and so on.
  6. You're a loving wonderful and caring person. Politics and lifestyles do not override who you truly are.
  7. I don't recall the division being nearly this wide.....Perhaps out here in the sticks I wasn't paying as much attention to angry old white guys as I should have. My military service introduced me to diversity that doesn't exist in the fields between coastlines, so obviously I didn't understand the angst coming from my own hometown during the Obama years. GO RV, then BV
  8. That's a solid theory, if the millions of young progressives who were awakened in the midterms by candidates like these 4 rabblerousers are still interested come 2020....Trump's smile might turn upside down. As always, just my opinion. GO RV, then BV
  9. You have missed the point I was making and turned it into a hate Trump thing again. You said.. "We try our best everyday to be best in God's eyes.....most times we falter. Of this I'm sure. " and I said..."I would like to think that Trump does also." Meaning...If God is big enough to forgive you, what makes you think he won't forgive Trump. Then you said ..."I support any President of the United States who doesn't preach hate and works for the common good of ALL citizens...... and I said..." Yet in almost every post about Trump you show hate through text or picture and insult all the people who did vote for him. "
  10. Shabs Please explain how Barry included millions of citizens.....last time I checked the country was just as divided. He just schmoozed the left & MSM the end it was the same
  11. Trump steps on his own feet from time to time.....(hmmm...big feet, small hands?...wonder what that means) So try this theory out......first though remember despite the entire establishment....right and left .....working against his being elected....he won......he out smarted them all..... So now you have these 4 new young women in Congress... that are literally shreading their own party.....(each having approval ratings from 9 to 22 percent) Trump goads them into a joint statement......Pelosi pulls some more hair out......and Trump can only smile....😄 ......
  12. It's a mighty hypocritical country, Left and Right....don't you all think? GO RV, then BV
  13. You mean the hate the Right shows from them at every turn? i.e.....Peehosi, the muslim & Cotex GO RV, then BV
  14. Trump has shown who he is, his true character and what he stands for, that being himself.....he's excludes millions of citizens of this country with no desire to close that gap. If his supporters are insulted by the push back Trump created they should engage and defend his hateful rhetoric or look away....this thread is a microcosm of that very thing. GO RV, then BV
  15. I get it....the left & MSM Hate Trump.................ho hum, no biggie. Lets move on......he will continue to tweet. If those that hate him so would ignore him.......their blood pressure would surely go back to normal - jmo
  16. I would like to think that Trump does also. Yet in almost every post about Trump you show hate through text or picture and insult all the people who did vote for him.
  17. do you own stock in the guardian?
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