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  2. I do hope it changes before I pass on. Every time,this time of year, the hype is up With all the predictiations (yea I know how to spell, just like to put it that way when it comes to the gurus) “It will happen on December 31st” or “on January 1st” hope it really is true this time for the peeps of Iraq’s sake. Can you imagine,( and if Brandon has his way It could be for the USA) what it would be like having worthless money???
  3. Must be global warming...🤣
  4. So much for this being the rumors section! Might have to change it to the Fact Section!
  5. Magnificent...One of his classics....Thanks Mr Full Cheeks
  6. Saw Dizzy in concert in 1978 in Bologna ( my university town) and then in 1990 I literally stumbled into him at Milan Linate airport and we talked for a little while....I was so honored of course.....He was touring Europe I recall helping him go through customs (Italy was his 1st stop in Europe and he had to switch aircraft as he was heading for Lisbon, Portugal) and I told the airport cops "Please treat him extra kindly and courteously....He's a worldwide known Musician!"
  7. Massey Hall, Toronto 1953 The Dream Team-RIP ( all jazz giants) Charlie ("Bird") Parker - alto sax Dizzy Gillespie - trumpet, vocals Bud Powell - piano Max Roach - drums Charles Mingus - bass I was lucky enough to get to see live shows of Dizzy Gillespie in 1978 and Max Roach in 2003 or 2004
  8. Today
  9. Thanks ADAM ... Appreciate the update ... Blessings ... RON
  10. I just got one too I still have the big jar of penny's Our/my extra ticket PB 11/27 24-42-46-67-68 PB 24
  11. Out of money Saturday, after black Friday 😄 power ball numbers 03/04/20/23/62--- 06 poker player ( frozen north) ! 06/14/15/22/62--- 05 jeepguy 01/06/23/46/67-- 06 extra ticket
  12. “There is an important and significant role for the Central Bank of Iraq, where a large set of laws, instructions and facilities have been initiated, which enabled a number of banks to provide possible facilities in order to achieve the desired goal.”
  13. Project financing and its impact on development Saturday 27 November 2021 Development projects are the main nerve for the development and sustainability of the economy wheel in any developed economic system in the world, and it is indispensable for achieving financial stability, and it depends on financing. The concept of finance is defined as the supply of funds in times of need, at any time and place, and this part is indispensable as it is an essential supplement supporting the advancement of the economy, along with the system of states to achieve economic balance by creating job opportunities for the private sector, which supports the balance sheet in liberation from The weight of the obligations that must be met, especially since the population of any country in the world is constantly increasing. Therefore, it has become important for the specialized agencies to be aware of this very important matter, as it is the planting of today and the harvest of tomorrow, in order to secure a promising future that is planned wisely. Notable, in terms of providing financing for small and medium-sized projects to the community, in order to create job opportunities for young people, as well as building an infrastructure for projects affecting the economy that attract skilled human energies and others, and reducing the migration situation witnessed by a group of countries in the world, as well as securing projects that are proud of in front of the countries of the world. . Such an important initiative contributes to limiting the expansion of the unemployment problem and moving the wheel of the economy forward. There is an important and significant role for the Central Bank of Iraq, where a large set of laws, instructions and facilities have been initiated, which enabled a number of banks to provide possible facilities in order to achieve the desired goal. Providing financing and building important and influential projects in the development of the private economy in order to support the public sector, achieve financial inclusion, and seek financial stability through concerted efforts that in turn enable the sectors to work freely and equally between the public and private sectors. Banks are among the most important financial institutions in providing various production and financing units by securing financial liquidity, to take various forms, such as short-term, recurring, and micro loans or financing the purchase of assets, including commercial mortgages. The interest in financing projects in developing countries has increased in order to reduce the state’s role in economic activities, to move towards the private sector, and to activate its important role as it should, as the focus is on important elements when the desired goal is achieved, which is the ability to repay the loan amount or Financing as it is called in Islamic banks, according to the terms and conditions agreed upon by the two parties, and the feasibility study of the project is one of the most important pillars upon which the legislator relies, as it serves as a road map to achieving the success we seek.
  14. Post haste: Alabama police investigate mystery of ravine full of FedEx packages ‘River of boxes’ numbering up to 400 found dumped, prompting rush to rescue and deliver the mail – and to find culprit Associated Press in Hayden, Alabama Fri 26 Nov 2021 19.14 GMT
  15. Thank you Adam, I really believe in what you are doing !
  16. Oil price drops 10% in biggest one-day fall since early days of pandemic Emergence of possibly vaccine-resistant B.1.1.529 variant threatens to reverse recent gains just as travel and economic activity were beginning to recover Jillian Ambrose Energy correspondent Fri 26 Nov 2021 12.22 GMT
  17. In a postwar Britain divided by class identity and economic decline, they were complex, emotional men whose music still thrills Fri 26 Nov 2021 16.48 GMT Jonathan Freedland
  18. The Sicilian town where the Covid vaccination rate hit 104% An ‘extraordinary’ campaign is credited for Palazzo Adriano’s stellar uptake – even if topping 100% is a statistical quirk Lorenzo Tondo in Palazzo Adriano Sat 27 Nov 2021 08.00 GMT
  19. A new Covid variant is no surprise when rich countries are hoarding vaccines Western countries are destroying surplus doses of vaccine while the poorest nations go without. This must change Fri 26 Nov 2021 16.00 GMT Gordon Brown (is the WHO ambassador for global health financing, and was UK prime minister from 2007 to 2010)
  20. ‘We will start again’: Afghan female MPs fight on from parliament in exile From Greece the women are advocating for fellow refugees – and those left behind under Taliban rule Amie Ferris-Rotman Sat 27 Nov 2021 12.00 GMT
  21. The stars with Down’s syndrome lighting up our screens: ‘People are talking about us instead of hiding us away’ From Line of Duty to Mare of Easttown, a new generation of performers are breaking through. Meet the actors, models and presenters leading a revolution in representation Hayley Maitland Sat 27 Nov 2021 08.00 GMT George Orwell: how romantic walks with girlfriends inspired Nineteen Eighty-Four Details from 50 newly released letters echo scenes between Winston and Julia in the dystopian novel Vanessa Thorpe Sat 27 Nov 2021 14.00 GMT
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