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  2. I read your explanation yesterday keylime but I still come back to the point GameStop has been over $200 for 6 months with the hedges having NO margin Call and no Shorts covered!! So what makes anyone think it will be different for AMC at $70-$100?? Sorry it won’t be these big boys are all in bed together with the right people and the politicians. Also remember GameStop has a lot less free float then AMC which is easier for the retail investors to control the float and most likely why they are still over $200. Do we think the new SEC will really do anything I highly doubt it you know
  3. Peru’s knife-edge election could be good news for Latin America’s left The socialist candidate Pedro Castillo is on the verge of victory, but a hostile elite could stymie his agenda Sat 12 Jun 2021 12.00 BST Tony Wood
  4. ‘My God, I’m in a whale’s mouth’: lobster diver recalls brush with humpback Michael Packard, 56, endured a half-minute ordeal as the feeding giant scooped him up: ‘He was going to spit me out or swallow me’ Edward Helmore Sat 12 Jun 2021 14.34 BST
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  6. Hedgies and their clients aren't scared. They will never stop looking for someone to shake down, so they can keep their multiple properties, yachts, planes, trust funds, off-shore accounts. They are going to be just fine, even after we pone these MFs HARD. These folks will just try to find new ways to destroy our Ape habitat to build their mansions. And, yes, I understand the irony of wanting to build wealth. The Hedgies, like the banks before them, systematically worked on buying politicians and becoming too big to fail. They know if they make this big enough and bad enough that
  7. I am rooting for the guys holding the banner!! Come on with the revolution to make these clowns do the right thing!!
  8. My eye are leaking at the thought of our country at the hands of miscreants and traitors who show no respect for the flag of our nation in the guise of the 1st amendment. Dems and Libs are the British who want the flag down.
  9. Hooah…Time to “Gear up”!!👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸
  10. And how are you going to have a military using aircraft with different systems from two different countries!! Idiots!!
  11. I hope they are sanctioned!! Why would you want to continue business with a Communist Country but you want International investment and an open market economy!! These guys are beyond stupid! They only thing that will make them do the right thing are sanctions!! They should have left Sadaam in power!! What a waste!!
  12. If not 70, I am thinking 80-100 will be our so called HCL for this to get triggered. They are going to fight like H E Double Hockey Sticks to keep it below even 60 because once over that FOMO will kick in and their ship will start to sink. Next week with all the 40 dollar call options coming due on Friday we may just have the week of our dreams. One thing for sure, they're going to pull out all stops to keep it down to 40. Exciting battle ahead. Put on your APE helmet.
  13. Hooah!!! Appreciate the break down!!!👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍
  14. I could live either with 0.30 usd or 0.33 usd. But according to cbi official rate 1 usd=1460 iqd, then 1 iqd=0.68 usd. If i have to choose, i choose 0.68. 0.68 is even better than 0.33 or 0.30.
  15. That is why i have still been waiting for the articles about " deleting 3 zeros ". Because There has never been articles about " deleting 3 zeros " lately. I miss reading the newest articles about " deleting 3 zeros " from yota or everybody else here.
  16. Fellow Apes, this is the endgame. All exists are closed for hedgies. Apes 🦍 own the float, Apes🦍 run the show now. So for hedgies, there is no way out, they can only delay the inevitable! And here is why: As you Apes already know, the higher the price of the stock, the more collateral hedgies need to provide. AND more collateral for their short positions means that holding onto the shorts will be very costly for hedgies, So they would eventually have to close their short positions. So now, the big question is, when would hedgies get into s
  17. It's kind of like here in the US. People (on all sides of the political spectrum!) take advantage of our wealthy country for their own financial interests. Some our covert about it and some are blatant. Some stories are put into the media, but most are not. For anyone to say corruption doesn't happen in our government is naive. The same things happen with most governments. We want to complain about it with Iraq because we are invested there. It's a fact of life. Anywhere there is a lot of money, there will be corruption and theft. If all you read about is the corruption and theft, you
  18. Stinchfield: Told you so 19,575 views•Premiered 10 hours ago Patricia Parodi 8 hours ago We need trump back he is the real president not Joe fruad trump will make America great again like he Did before Handiman Jay 8 hours ago Not funny that they called everything Trump said a conspiracy theory that’s turning out to be true and their truths are all turning out to be conspiracies. Stacy Harris 9 hours ago Do God's Duty and he'll take care of the results. Nestor Matos 9 hours ago Trump is a man of his word,
  19. Report: US sanctions await Iraq because of Russian weapons political| 02:30 - 12/06/2021 Follow-up - Mawazine News The American Defense Journal published a detailed report on Iraqi aspirations about the possibility of Iraq moving strategically to purchase huge quantities of Russian weapons, in compensation for the lack of American and European arms exports to which Iraq may be exposed, as a result of the missile attacks against the military bases of these countries. in Iraq. The American session on armaments affairs held a numb
  20. Iraq remembers Speicher massacre anniversary By SETH J. FRANTZMAN JUNE 12, 2021 10:45 AN ISIS fighter uses his phone to lm a military parade in Syria’s northern Raqqa province in 2014 (photo credit: REUTERS) The Speicher Massacre as it became known was one of the first examples of the genocidal brutality of ISIS Seven years ago members of ISIS kidnapped more than 1,700 unarmed young cadets who had been training in Iraq and executed them. The Speicher Massacre as it became
  21. New Zealand Family Reacts to The Star Spangled Banner As You've Never Heard It! (EMOTIONAL) 522,150 views•May 20, 2021 Pankyes Dashan 3 days ago I'm a Nigerian, star spangled banner was the first anthem I ever learned and the first sense of patriotism I have ever had. I still get emotional and put my hand on my chest when it's being sung. We moved to America in the mid 80's and came back to Nigeria in the mid 90's. We lived in Elkhart Indiana and later Chicago Illinois. Those were some of the best years and memories of my life. Long live the USA. P
  22. Laying the foundation stone for Nasiriyah International Airport.. Al-Kazemi: It will bring thousands of tourists 2021-06-12 07:22 Shafaq News/ Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi laid on Saturday the foundation stone of Nasiriyah International Airport. In his speech on the sidelines of the airport groundbreaking ceremony, Al-Kazemi said that Nasiriyah International Airport will open up prospects for investment and international tourism in the province, and the project will provide many job opportunities fo
  23. Nassif calls for an end to the smuggling of hard currency from Iraq through oil licensing companies political| 03:37 - 11/06/2021 Baghdad - Mawazine News MP Alia Nassif, the Prime Minister and the Integrity Commission, demanded to stop the smuggling of hard currency from Iraq through the salaries of employees of oil licensing companies, stressing the need to deliver them through Iraqi banks. And she said in a statement today: "The salaries of the employees of the licensing companies are more than 200 million dollars per month,
  24. luvalife, Totally agree the folks behind the curtain are definitely making their "Magic"....😁😁👍👍🙏🙏...We will be surprised 4 sho..😁😁 GO RV & RI
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