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  1. More targets of opportunity.....the US AIR FORCE thanks you.
  2. Are you FRACKING KIDDING ME. !!! LOSER - I’ve had enuff.... where’s my authentic Indiana Jones Bull Whip !!!!!👋
  3. Perhaps I’m reading this incorrectly..... is the 2020 Budget designed to fail by the road blocks they’ve imbedded within said Budget ?
  4. Uh .... will the PMs Cabinet of 10 be plugged in or do we have to witness yet again the lengthy and agonizing process of voting on each one ???
  5. Way, Way, Waaaaaaay past believing anything these Morons say. Actions not empty words are the order of the day.
  6. There’s a new time line definition of Soon I didn’t see coming - SOON = 4000 years 😢
  7. On & on it goes ..... endlessly discussing what has already been endlessly discussed & way beyond the point when implementing reforms should have been carried out. Yet here we are, still reading articles about “ discussing implementation of reforms “ Iraqis are being butchered in the streets and the verbal diarrhea continues.
  8. Geeez......all these folks want is to be rid of a corrupted government, live a decent & prosperous life. They want their country to become an economic hub & the envy of the M.E. For this they’re being murdered in the streets with a corrupt government still in charge & foot dragging all the way. By God, there’s going to days of reckoning for all these crooks. . . Someday, somehow punishment will be meted out.
  9. If they know ( which I seriously doubt ) what’s good for them they won’t leave until Until they get the Lions share of the demonstrators demand IMPLEMENTED. If these idiots break leaving a bunch of stuff hanging ... well, unfinished work won’t be the only thing hangin’-the people have had enough!!!!
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