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  1. ...and the Epic SNAFU/FUBAR S+#T SHOW Train keeps on chooglin along. Our gang of investors said the 1st 2 Rounds of voting went down too smoothly and to expect this crap on the 3rd vote. It's predictable isn't it after seeing these kind of shenanigans 20 years on. The Criminal Elite and their playbook.
  2. Certainly. I'm in it for the long haul. Just an observation with a bit of opinion as always. After 20 years I get a might grumpy with all their foolish behavior
  3. Foot slogging, sand bagging & kicking all the cans down the road. What the hell should be expected other than what we see here. Just despicable & disgraceful. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if they dragged it all through the weeds for the rest of the year, then screaming we have a Crisis.
  4. Well I know I would be comfy in the knowledge my country's currency is abso-fraggin-lootely worthless. I'm gonna go right out and buy all sorts of stuff...NOT ! All this talk and STILL no RI or a RV. Is everyone in that government on drugs ? Welcome to Fantasy Camel Boss, de Camel. Hey, it can't be an Island for obvious reasons so chillaxe. 🤣 This is what happens to a guy who's been through 2 wars and in his First marriage his wife used to self medicate with copious amounts of Vodka to cope with her " cycle "& threaten to kill him as he slept. I'm not kidding when I say those eventful days of intense negotiations I " Slept " in the living room chair facing the Hallway with a .45 in my lap.
  5. Do tell. Probably be flapping their yaps about this for another 20 years. Nothing but talk ... Endlessly
  6. These fools never let up yapping about all the great things that's gonna happen in the near future. Their near future is so far down the road they can't even see it ! It's like living on the Prairie. It's so damn flat you can watch your dog run away from you for days. That's Iraq's future: no matter how fast they might chase that near future, it's always out there & outta reach.
  7. My dogs play poker, caught'em cheating more than once too. That whole opposable thumb thing : don't you believe it for a minute. 4Aces & Joker in one winning hand, nice try Beagle.
  8. Claymores, don't for the Claymores. They're a fabulous deterrent. God bless and " keep your powder dry"
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