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  1. Once again, theY find themselves in the midst of a bewilderment......kinda breaks up your day don’t it ?
  2. Apparently more than just an overnight stay at a Holiday Inn Express is needed to be a top notch Economist to understand how the IQD at the present rate is now offered up on the global Stock Exchanges. Not quick enough to catch on to the “ logic “ yet....just now.
  3. Yep Yep !!! Big Time Big Money more gooderer happenings... ergo: The Bees Knees of Prosperity!
  4. Always asking for a World support for every issue. By all appearances they’re too corrupt and screwed up to handle anything at any level On their own. Of course all the different/tribal and a host of other agendas coupled with endless debates and arguments just exacerbates everything.
  5. Continue to internally borrow. You hope there’s the proper resolve & oversight to make good on payback, quickly: otherwise they’re throwing gasoline on the fire. Also, just this morning I anticipated ( again ), yet another financial rabbit being pulled out of the hat. If big things coming “ soon “ with Kazemi driving the bus, hope it all comes out in the wash. Otherwise, they’ll be all washed up.
  6. “ Par Excellence “ - Never heard this used in Iraq to describe anything. The 2021 Budget must be chock full of Big Stuff.
  7. When I see these pics of politicians in their opulent settings, no doubt so do the citizens. Must aggravate the hell outta them to know that “ here I am STILL in these squalid conditions while there they are in their “ High Tower “ 16 years, the October massacres and another year since those awful days and still we wait.
  8. So many doom & gloom articles of late. I’d like to think ( dare I go there ) with so much smokey mirrors, Kazemi Must be getting closer to giving the High Sign to pushing the “ button “ ????
  9. Only been to Anaheim Disney park, however your probably right. The French lifting another great idea from that downright mean capitalist Republic, the USA. Im 1/2 French, I can say that about the French 😂 AND we bailed them outta 2 World Wars - take that you Frenchies. No coffee this morning, boy am I cranky.
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