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  1. Are we referring to flatulence or perhaps something else. I gotta keep my humor going with this 20+years investment: which feels more & more like a career. All the Best
  2. Better not be another road trip full of empty slogans, empty golden future promises & empty headed rhetoric. Big things better come of this. If it's business as usual like the last 20+ years, will anyone except other "criminal enterprises" take Iraq seriously???
  3. WOW!!!! LOOK at all the folks in that pic...must be really important stuff
  4. Welcome to Biden's Banana Republic, huh. I think not positive on who stated this long ago-" Liberal policies will be the death of us all"'re seeing this in Spades. Looks more & more like a global House of Cards.
  5. I'm at that point: don't give shooby dooby, just want the $$$$$. Fed up with 20+ years of their criminal histrionic foot dragging . My patience filter has just about run out
  6. These fools don't need a reason for foot dragging: when a made to order epic excuse drops in they're lap, well guess we'll see whether they continue to move forward or deliberately slide back into their old ways.
  7. Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me. Fascinating tidbit -- Male Pirates of old teamed up with other male pirates & that joining of 2 male Pirates was called Mateledge. Hence, especially at sea they would hail another ship as they were brought up alongside one another "Hello Mate." This was the hail indicating male Pirates of the aforementioned persuasion were on board. Not making this up, why would I: it's history.
  8. There's a big difference from navigating those "Ships of the Desert" (camel 🐫) to ships at sea ⛵. That's all we need are these fools unleashed on the high seas.
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