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  1. Keep pushing it out there until its no longer feasible, practical of financially logical to do anything else but keep the IQD where it is, give or take. Meet the New Year, same as all the previous years.
  2. These Criminals are slick. More rabbit holes, deflections and some point " soon "excuses and postponement announcements looking forward to " next year " Leaves alot of time to plan 2024 shenanigans.
  3. if these peeps pull this off in the 1st quarter of this year I will be astonished to no end. I've seen every type of Chinese fire drill imaginable from the Kurds & Iraqis on this issue. Yep, I'm jaded to be sure. finally see this done pronto would deserve a Champagne bottle opened to this achievement just for this; considering just how much foot dragging & sand bagging they've managed to do through the years it would be an Epic accomplishment of their 3 Ring Circus. Not holding my breath; however, I've seen too many " Delays, Postponements & Crisis " statements in the past. We all want ACTION, not words; their words are empty.
  4. Nothing quite like the Iraqi 2 Step when it comes to dealing with a " Crisis. " The Histrionics driving this Tom Foolery is impressive. We know these people aren't as stupid as they make out to be...all by design. A most clever mob O criminal politicians. Just how long they intend on keeping this up & whether or not they'll even have a globally recognized IQD this year is anyone's guess. Maliki is still very much in control. Could be he's just not inclined to quit his nefarious & stealing ways no matter what the UN, IMF or WB says: not that it really matters.
  5. Expecting something is one thing, I'm expecting positive results: 20 years of flapping your yaps is ridiculous, move your country forward!!!
  6. How the hell did a senile, demented, decrepit old fool become president ? The fanatic Left uses the constitution as a doormat, lest they need to wave it around momentarily for nefarious means, then they go right back to doormat mode. Don't think a whole lot positive about the other side of aisle either. We've been thrown overboard a very long time ago. This is your normal now. Survive & thrive the best you can.
  7. Don't be too sure... Run on sentences, construction isn't great - it's one very long paragraph & it's just plain tedious. I know, I'm judgy. My college writing instructor would be throwing a fit reading this. Certainly appears to be written by one of their own. All the best
  8. Find/Create every Negative possible and turn that into more Negativity. Criminal politicians infect all governments and their institutions. " One Nation Under Blackmail "( Whitney Webb-just finished it. A real page turner ). It's a global thing and you can see why things like in Iraq are by design. All the nasty corrupt goings on GLOBALLY is interconnected by the Big Club & we ain't in it. The key is to stay focused, not allowing yourself to become distracted. Pay no attention to man behind the curtain who's pulling all the levers. A prudent lesson from the Wizard of Oz no less.
  9. Every year more of the resolution, feigned indignation & good luck trying to prosecute anyone.
  10. Makes a lot of sense if they feign all sorts of indignation then " invade " You have all this talk going on with currency reform and not very much in the way of the corrupt speaking out against it: as if they're " seemingly " going along with the reforms, then Iran suddenly crosses the border ?! Oh oh, instability again can't go ahead with reforms...real convenient and it gets these cheese balls of the hook- well possibly huh.
  11. It's a MYSTERY alright ! Ya know, I'm no Columbo or a Kojak ( don't ever change, who lovs ya baby ), & I don't need to stay at a Holiday Inn Express ( although I have ) to figure THIS MYSTERY out !! The absolute ABSURDITY of it all.
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