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  1. “ ..... work is underway “ - kinda suspicious that this may be the new “ soon “ or “ in the coming days “ ??? Hope not....would appear time is running out for these folks to get those reforms and such kick started: seeing as how elections are coming this June ( I think that’s still holds ). If they still haven’t initiated reforms by then ( there’s real disappointment ), I don’t think any politicians could run on a platform of “ Trust me, Re-elect me we’re real close to Getting it Done “ Sure has been a real Pecos Bill Cyclone of late over there.
  2. Whaddaya bet the Kuwaitis roll their eyes, break out in a sweat, hide their goats and their tummies get all squirty when they know it’s time to deal with an Iraqi delegation.
  3. Awfully pathetic excuse isn’t it. All the negative adjectives have been applied to these greedy feckless screw heads .... and they’re all true .... didn’t I just get away with taking another shot at these morons or what !!!!😆
  4. Does make you wonder just exactly how long they’ll continue talking about this before any or if any will be taken.... damn these people are tedious.
  5. Keep going Iraq.... only 175 more years to go ( it’s an arbitrary number at best-probably take them longer to catch up. Having said that, the way the global economy is being manipulated, we might be fast tracked to meet up with Iraq “ on the way down “ ).
  6. Yep .... all will be safer & better soon once there’s a wealthy & prosperous Iran with silos full of nukes.
  7. We are witnessing Iraq having entered the realm of the surreal .... my 17 year old granddaughter has been following this for 4 years now .... when she understood what granddad was as doing in this investment she became most interested-she’s a braniac-SHE bloody well knows what should be done AND she’s also exhausted with the endless games & going on. She asks how could I have put up with this for 18 years and still no results ? Lithium darlin’ ...: Lithium... she laughed, she understood.
  8. Soooo......I poured myself a very tall Scotch on the Rocks, down the hatch it went: came back to this post annndd...DAMN !!!! If’n staring at this ain’t a whole lotta fun !!! Thanks haymon!!! 😆 Lots cheaper than Disneyland!!!
  9. Exactly ! What’s it gonna take for these foot dragging screw heads to get off the dime ? Or .... are they really quite content with the status quo ? .... suspicious ? After 18 years-Yep.
  10. After 18 years at this, never ceases to amaze, frustrate or feel like you’re just plain getting jerked around. Now I know what that cat must have felt like as it was getting violently shook to death in the jaws of my Rottweiler all those years ago. .... aaaaannnddd, we wait.
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