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  1. Just what’s needed right now....another Wing Nut writing a book with his convoluted theories based on knowledge he obtained no doubt from smoking Camel dung cigarettes laced with powerful mind altering ( unknown ) substance (s).
  2. If I were a professional cartoonist I would sketch out the (outrageous ) picture in my mind and upload into DV..... I hope Trump has Dog Crap mixed in with American soil on his shoe.
  3. Legitimately, the Iranian lawmaker who put the “ bounty “ on Trump automatically paints a target on his back: owing to the Fact that Iran is Recognized as a terrorist nation ? Drones Away !
  4. Way toooo go, Iraq ! Nicely played!!!!!! Theres just no bottom to this Abyss of the Absurd.
  5. Definitely in the running. THATS an honest face.👺
  6. Trump the STAR attraction - this MAN ain’t no dancing bear or monkey. He’s the only chap there with BIG BALLZ Let the circus at Davos commence 🤡 ( bunch O Clowns ).
  7. Agreed ..... I know who would be top of the list. I spy with my little eye, somebody who’s name begins with “ M “😀
  8. Being an Earthquake veteran in So. California during 92-97 . . . it wasn't a whole lotta fun. You just kinda " rolled " with it. This is gosh damn hilarious though.
  9. This is like watching the most fast & furious Pin Ball Machine. The machine being jolted violently, Flippers ( politicians etc. ) going Wild, and the Ball ( issues ) just pinging everywhere. Nothing ever seems to get settled. Every issue is in disagreement. Endless arguments, accusations, treachery & lies at every turn. Multi-faceted opinions that just muddy the waters to such a degree the truth of it is all but lost. Uh, wait a minute; sounds like I'm describing OUR own government
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