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  1. Political Theater....China already has made many profitable inroads into the M.E. A guess only, but is Iran being propped up on the quiet by China ? If so, all the crying Iran does-political theater. We’re only getting the picture the media (s) deem necessary to keep ALL the different menacing Bogeymen front & center in minds of the global herd of cattle: mooooo...gunshot.....STAMPEDE!!!! [ politically speaking ] The Power Brokers win, again. The fear Generated around the world is, of all the political & socioeconomic “ Onions “ the most multi-layered of them all.
  2. That’s the Ticket!!!! Put the Squeeze to them. Make it hurt. Wonder if this could have a cascading effect & get a lot more folks to jump on ?
  3. I’d like to see the process for dismissing a “ legally elected “ by the people Dude or Dudette. On the other hand, yanking $$$$$ out of their bank accounts is a good idea just so long as it REALLY HURTS. Next & foremost, public shame = humiliation. Publish the names of the slackers & slackeretts in all the newspapers across the land and on TV & Cell Phones - ( TVs can be found in the homes to a certain extent, but always can be found in neighborhood shops of all kinds ). News travels fast in Iraq & Kurdistan. Although Neighborhood shops are gathering places for locals, the news gets blasted far and wide when Achmed hits Speed Dial.
  4. The video Trump drone strike is hilarious. . . For starters, The roads are clear, no layered security. . . These fools are dreaming from waist with this nonsense: and they’re real proud of this ???? !!!!! lol Nuff said, huh
  5. Forget what I said earlier:take out the Spud, go all in, go for broke
  6. Bunch O misleading news here. Look, up in the sky ! It’s Drone, it’s a plane.... it’s SUPERMAN ! Probably some teenager Aliens swiped Dad’s Spaceship, then buzzed Baghdad for kicks.
  7. If they Don’t RV/RI by the end of the 1st Quarter 2022, kiss it by by ‘til 2023. Of course you’ll read it will happen by June ( uh boy here we go again). CLOCKS a ticking for a 1st Quarter 2022 RV/RI. Sadr wants it & a lot of others want it as well. It’s fast & furious, a mad scramble to get all their camels in a row. IMO, ( opinions be like butt holes-everyone gots one ) this is just about a wrap. It’s realistic to expect the Big Kahuna in the 1st Quarter of 2022, but this is Iraq & they could really screw this up by whatever eye rolling means these knuckleheads can dream up. Be prepared folks. Keep your Tranquilizers at the ready, box up sharp implements & if the unthinkable becomes a reality: for goodness sake don’t say “ Oh what’s the use in going on I might as well kick the chair out from underneath me & end it all right here” ... there’s always Ancient Aliens & the annual AlienCon where you can dress up. If you’re stuck for a costume get a copy of Barlowe’s Guide to Extraterrestrials. See, Life is worth living, keep a healthy mixture of humor & cynicism at the ready and We’ll only have to wait another year. I’m off to Hartleypool to by some exploding trousers, then put my underwear on my head, stick 2 pencils up my nose and say Wubble. ( it also helps if you have multiple personalities: you’re never alone ).
  8. “ OPEC PLUS “????? What is this, OPEC 2.0 ????? ... ...& we’re “ selling “ 18 million Barrels of oil reserves to lower gas prices ????? What monumental stupidity !!!!! Drop in the bucket as far as this goes. We’ve got idiots running the show: I wouldn’t put these pin heads in charge of an amusement park circular Choo Choo train. ...what a train wreck this country is.
  9. Tease me with a good time....I just got all anxious in my tummy and a wonderful hot flash.
  10. True on both counts and most certainly U have LOGIC on your side...however, this is Iraq. We all will pray on by now extremely sore bended knees that Sadr understands this & would keep Kaz at his post to carry on his good work: & GET US THE HELL OFF THIS MERRY GO ‘ ROUND. ( still waiting for the coffee to brew up ).
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