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  1. From this morning’s threads there certainly is quite a Pecos Bill Cyclone of coming from all those talking heads outta Iraq today. On with the Rodeo
  2. These fools never cease to amaze .... it’s all about the $$$$$, and they have a tremendous amount of pride in their criminal abilities- nothing else matters but $$$$$ - the people and country be damned.
  3. Hmm...on the Cusp....promising...coming from the UK, hoping this is signaling a short time line, rather than an all too familiar Iraqi “ in the near future “ Gotta say: after 18 years this is just downright exhausting, tedious, monotonous & well y’all picking up what I’m laying down, huh. It’s pretty ridiculous that we’re still waiting isn’t it ? This turned into a Farce some time ago, & yet they’re quite content to plod along at the speed of quicksand ( which should probably be called slowsand cuz ain’t nuthin quick about it ).
  4. .... and for everyone else in the country, they’re scraping trash cans for food-what a diabolical situation
  5. Ya gotta admire the willful, determination & tenacity of these criminals to continue to drag ALL of this through the weeds for 18 years while still bending over and dry humping an entire country and it’s citizens .... all the while cramming more$$$$$ into already bloated overseas bank accounts.
  6. Can ya hear it ! ? ! Yep .... that ever delightful far off HUM of money laundering continuing at the speed of light.
  7. My merry band of 18 year investors kinda figured with the all the goings on this year that might just be the plan for quite some time now....hopefully follow through is closer than “ in the coming days “ Got saddle sores from this 18 year Rodeo.
  8. How exciting to add so many new & exciting features to absolutely worthless currency
  9. Probably is .... he rose from the dead to show everyone he could really do it...can’t keep a good Dicktater down huh
  10. Mutant Screw Heads...actions are what counts. Regardless of news releases, I look to what positive actions are taken on any issue (s). We all know who and what these people truly are: as frustrating as it is, all we can do is wait and hopefully be delivered from years of Deja Vu all over again before we’re all confined to a Rest Home with explosive flatulence & drooling oatmeal.
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