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  1. It just goes on & on doesn't . . . This has become surreal. Twilight Zone has nothing on this. What utter bizarre & dysfunctional behavior.
  2. Failure, delay and a host of other excuses for the inability to tackle problems in a timely fashion.
  3. These idiots should be burning the " midnight oil " instead of mulling over how many sessions they should work. Such a feckless hapless mob.
  4. 16 years ago many of us realized then, what this lady is pitching in this article now. None of the folks I know ever thought it would come to this. These corrupt politicians are very myopic. You oppress and ignore the population. What did you idiots think would happen while your financially raping the country, creating 24/7 Chaos, Mayhem & Misery ????? Good God, create a prosperous Iraq. Such a greedy mob of little boys. How many Billions of $$$$$ do you need in your Bank Accounts. You fools keep going the way you are; you'll piss the population off so much, they won't be satisfied until your heads are all on Pikes. The eyes of the world are on you pea brains. Having said that, The most corrupt organization on the planet the UN, just might be on your side. Certainly will be interesting to see how all this fleshes out " in the coming days "
  5. Deputy: a radical solution to all the problems of the oil file by law and political blocs intent on legislation The radical solution simply, is to quit arguing/stonewalling/sand bagging/delaying/postponing this issue to death and . . . JUST GET IT DONE !
  6. When it comes to kicking the can(s) down the road, delays, postponements, feeble & pathetic excuses& dishing out truckloads of bureaucratic verbal diarrhea and just plain good old fashioned ; these people wrote the book - they own this. Everyone inside and outside of Iraq sees this . . . whats galling is they ( GOI ) continue to push this transparent, ridiculous narrative expecting everyone to buy what these fools are selling. Fingers crossed they make the final push over the finish line so we may realize the monetary gains we've waited for - SOON.
  7. I imagine the bribes are monetarily insufficient...better get back to the “ negotiations “ table and sweeten the deal.
  8. That’s a big show of faith....probably something else going on that we’ Not privy to.
  9. Here’s a way to “ compensate “ everyone prior to 25 October....RI/RV your IQD ? Oh, and get on with doing the job your countrymen now DEMAND you do. ... just a thought.
  10. Means nothing if not backed up by ACTION and a positive outcome for the population. The folks demand what these fools have so far yet to deliver on....EVERYTHING. cant live on air, broken promises and rhetoric
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