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  1. These fools have lost their minds haven't they. They've jumped completely of rails. It's about $$$$$, control & power _ has nothing to do about Iraq or the people. They're not even in the conversation. Matters not to the Pro-Iranian criminal elites that really do control it all. It's why I think, only think at this point in time Civil War will likely erupt. Maliki will not budge, Sadr keeps pushing who's gonna blink?
  2. Somethings gotta give here. This impasse must be resolved. All everyone does is talk and this is going nowhere fast. Of course the UN was as always no help. Isn't there be anyone, anybody that has the moral clout, integrity to shame these idiots to move forward & resolve this ? I guess the question is can people that possess no shame, be shamed ? They're into the 11th month of this. Hey Allah, you need to come on down and sort your people out. Honestly, your the only guy that's gonna get through to these boneheads. I'm not joking here.
  3. This entire governmental & judicial system is an Epic FUBAR/ SNAFU. It's designed & controlled by the criminal elite so in reality NOTHING gets accomplished if they choose to do so. This is an amazing mechanism to use as a Stranglehold over it's people & the nation. Easy to see that Civil War might be in the offing. Neither side is willing to give even an inch.
  4. Uh boy ... It's like a tennis match that has no ending. Ole Tater is really laying the on pretty heavy these days. A most interesting power struggle isn't it.
  5. Whip it into shape, it's not too late, whip it good !!! Your asking the the right questions and making all the right assertions. Now go the last mile and make your country proud !!!
  6. Pretty much it...praised for their intentions never their actions...and boy oh boy they certainly have the talk and what they intend to do down to a political science Actions & Results, well they better form a committee to " talk " about that.
  7. I saw pigs fly on an episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus, that's legit, right ??? 😄 Wish they'd get on with things .... spinning your wheels getting nothing done: just neverending chin wagging with your country's future hanging in the balance is very nonproductive.
  8. Final text simply states give it up, give it all up or we will feel utterly compelled to squeeze U like a grape. I know, I know....I was voted in my senior year of high school least likely to become a diplomat. I've not changed.
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