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  1. The World is in a World of Shiite ( Kudos to Full Metal Jacket for that ) - and we know who all the global players are that are responsible for this runaway train.
  2. Someday ALL our squadrons of drones will carry MOAB's - ( just a little dream of mine )
  3. Perhaps plunging Iraq into the abyss of Civil War is more preferable to doing the right thing. . . but this is Iraq and as we've seen, anything & everything is possible. I still believe the IMF & WB and anyone else that can turn the screws on these miscreant knot heads needs to do it now - providing they're serious of course.
  4. Thunder, Lightning, Tornados, Fire, Flood, Torrential Monsoon Rains & Camel Size Balls of Hail. Then comes a Really Pizzed of mass of folks with " Blazing Torches with Pitchforks, Axes and all sorts of automatic weapons w/RPG's "
  5. Most undeniably true. . . Definite Creep Factor on the scale of 1 to 10 - 10 the Chart topper . . . we have a 12 ( probably more, just being polite today for a change ).
  6. Hmm . . . " firm gaze " to the camera." Translation: Deer caught in the Headlights look, " firm gaze " We've seen plenty of those in photo ops throughout the years with this Rodeo, now haven't we.
  7. Just a cheap shakedown on Reuters for telling the truth.
  8. As promising as #1 is, it's gosh damn vague; but then shhhh . . . they don't want the give away the game after 16 1/2 years.
  9. Shocking ! Just shocking to see this sort of thing taking place in an otherwise quiet, peaceful & serene part of the world.
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