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  1. Gates after all is one of the main architects....Death to 99% of the Global population, long live the 1% is the way Gates sees it. The vast majority of the people I interact with on a daily basis have NO IDEA what’s really going on ( there are a few who do ).They can’t wrap their heads around it, simply not caring or interested. This is what the Globalist count on.
  2. As the USA’s educational system has all but been turned into nothing more than than propaganda & brain washing institutions, these “ primitive spelling bees “ don’t look so “ primitive “ these days in a world of Idiocracy do they Thug. Thank U for the excellent post.
  3. Just a blackout....he’ll be right back. Does kinda break up your day though.
  4. Too just doesn’t add up. The business deals are coming in big at a fast & furious pace. Everyone wants a piece of the action. Yet articles stating the exchange rate will remain where it is ( or dip even further ) for 4 more years ???? Naw ... ....unless there’s a clause and box to tick off in all these contracts stating “ Will work for Beer “ none of this jives right. They'll drag this through the weeds until the last possible moment then pull the trigger. Wish I knew when “ the possible moment “ is. 18 years of waiting is long enough ( you would think, right ? ).
  5. He also needs some professional assistance with his makeup...too much mascara and the eye shadow is sloppy....I think RuPaul could be of great help here.
  6. I guess now everyone and including their goats & camels are going chime on how committed they are to economic reforms.
  7. Too right.... I like the hot tingling sensation running up my leg as I’m teased with a good time: all the while waiting in anticipation of the Main Event 18 years in the fracking making.
  8. Perhaps an emptying of the bladder would suffice. Horse feels & thinks better afterwards
  9. Soooooo, ole Tater Head is just about halfway there to building his “ own state the size of Iraq “ with all the $$$$$ he’s managed to pilfer over the years. Go Tater !!
  10. I’m sure if they wish to, they’ll find a way to “ unpass “ that which has already been passed. Creative criminal geniuses are like that. Would like to try some of that “un “ again when it comes to some of the things I’ve seen. Hasn’t worked thus far.
  11. There’s a Captain Obvious moment if ever there was one. You go Iraq !!!! Uh, and Kurds too.
  12. So we’re now in the let’s talk and drag this through the weeds for well who knows how long ??? Only 18 years to get this far.... looking good for “ in the near future “ C’mon Iraq enough is enough..... well maybe not. These folks will push the envelope all the way to the sticky bit - then give it a damn good nudge right into a crisis. Guess we’ll see.
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