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  1. When I read articles like this I’m firmly convinced there’s a lot more folks smoking whacky tobacky than I ever suspected.
  2. Maliki needs to be on an episode of Naked & Afraid, dropped on a deserted island 🏝 ( location undisclosed ), instead of wild animals let’s put a number of family members of those people that Maliki has their blood on his hands. Prime Time telecast of course
  3. Great article, however, we know how they love to talk an issue into the ground, dig it back up then begin again. Not saying this is the case: I’ll get excited when I walk into the Bank for that “ special chat “
  4. The GOI is kinda like the Arizona Diamondbacks MLB team. Always find a way to blow it in the 9th inning. .... Although the GOI’s intentions are deliberate.
  5. Two Taliban fighters having morning tea ☕️ One says to the other, “ You know, the airport is just overcrowded with people.” The other one sipping thoughtfully on his tea says, “ it’s a slow morning, let’s liven up the day. Wanna blow up a crowd of people.” The first one says, “ You always have the best ideas. Let’s finish our tea first. Not likely they’ll be going anywhere any time soon, where else they gonna go after all, huh.” They both chuckle as they sip their tea.
  6. Too right ..... issues are made simple or extremely difficult depending on the decisions by the criminals aren’t they.
  7. There are EPIC FUBARS throughout History..... the Biden Administration’s handling of Afghanistan is a stand alone example of what grossly incompetent clueless politicians who have the WORST record of Foreign Affairs ever in the history of the USA, show the entire world what a mob of true morons can do when they put their brain dead minds to it. Worse still, is the complicit Media spinning the glowing narrative of the great job Mentally Bonkers Joe & his clown bus full of fools is doing. You can’t hide this one. Too many Global news agencies have scrambled to cover this not to mention the personal phone videos out there. For all you brain washed Lefties that think I’m a hater ... first of all I don’t care about your feelings. Secondly, Why don’t you go to Afghanistan & tell some Taliban you’re an American as you show them your passport—no doubt they’ll welcome you with open arms - after all, they’re just misunderstood huh. Hope your Will is in order.
  8. It takes these people forever to get anything done.... another note: didn’t they form a special committee to form a “ special committee “ to rebuild Mosul & implement strategic projects well over a year ago ????? What like hell happened to that special committee, huh ???
  9. E-GADS ! Forming committees is what these weasel brains live for !!!! WE’RE DOOMED, DOOMED I TELL YA !!!!! ....... ( I wish this Zanex would kick in ) 🤣
  10. Been there ! I worked in the Bakken and several clients supplying pumping parts were up there - go up to Minot half a dozen times a year-even got a tour of those “ abandoned middle silos “ Winter time .... cold 🥶 enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey
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