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  1. There’s a saucy joke here, but I’m not going to be the one to trot it out.
  2. Business as usual I guess ? Always next year, or the year after that. Are they really broke ? Pretty thick smoke screen then. Can’t honestly say I believe a damn thing they put out in the news. Just hoping they’ll do the right thing, although that still appears to be the greased pig 🐖 no one can catch. If/when they do get that damn toilet paper IQD global, it will be a shocker, huh.
  3. I guess over there, since very few have any real amount of money to speak of; you can in lieu of $$$$ pay your crooked Lawyer in Goats or Camels. But having said that you might not then have any transportation cuz your crooked Lawyer has it. Still screwed
  4. STOP IT ! FRACKING STOP IT ! ! ! Just get your toilet paper IQD global for frack sake ! What idiots
  5. Very kind of you to say HCR. I played Baseball as a kid all the way into college. Dodger Stadium was my second home as I would go there quite allot with my friends to watch them play at the very least 20 day/night games a year. Now all Sports in 2020 have been upended - no Baseball is making me cranky.
  6. Ain't no Whiffle Ball being played here. Straight up Hardball and Kazemi's throwing 100 mph Fast Balls that the Kurds can't even see the stitches on as they go flying by. Could be it's the 9th inning for the Kurds and a few runs down, 2 Outs, No runners on base and the count is No Balls & 2 strikes. Kurds better cut a deal, time is NOT on your side. Sucks to be you.
  7. i. e. They’re broke ? Nooooo .... say it ain’t so. Butt they’ve been so fiscally responsible and stuff !!!! I m surprised it took the criminal politicians 16 1/2 years to bleed Iraq White Of . They can’t even steal quickly. A disgrace to the Thieves Unions to be sure.
  8. 16 1/2 years and they’re at the clarification stage ... getting closer kids. Only 10 more years to go.
  9. Considering Kazemi's past I don't think he scares easily or at all. He's a crafty one; let people think what they will, he has a plan for everything he does.
  10. The “ whole “ of the M. E. stinks ....situated right at the butt crack of the planet
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