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  1. More talk. A professional Bureaucrat's answer to everything. Going on 20 years of stagnation and closing in on the 1 year anniversary of Iraq without a seated government....and it's more dialogue that's called for. I wonder what Plasschaerts piece of the action (take) is in all of this: not forgetting everyone outside of Iraq in various financial & government institutions that has a stake in sand bagging Iraq's development.
  2. Looks like " torches, pitchforks, farming tools, AKs & RPGs " time. These criminals have caused horrific damage to Iraq & it's people while enriching themselves beyond the most wild of expectations. I don't expect any type of of RI/RV: what I do expect is an absolute Volcanic uprising of the Iraqi people to once & for all rid themselves of this cancer that's killing their country. Protests aren't working, new elections WILL NOT solve the problem: all that does is elect the same Pro-Iranian criminals & new ones.
  3. Yogi Berra of the NY Yankees was right... Deja Vu' All Over Again & again & again & again. These folks are stuck in a Rut. Living proof that Time Can Stand Still.
  4. Here we go again... " Stressing the importance " Just keep flapping your noncommittal yaps.
  5. How's all that working for ya Iraq 4 years on. Rise up, take your country back ... Protests aren't working, don't you get it !?!?!?
  6. This thing has been on the " ping pong " table for so many years it's a joke these days. No doubt the criminal politicians will give it a thwack and right off the table it flies.
  7. Yep..." Losing all that money " Call me suspicious but I think all that $$$$ is in foreign bank accounts. These money laundering criminals don't lose $$$$: it's stolen then laundered...IMHO
  8. All part of the the global elites master plan. Us & THEM. One day they'll be the only ones eating strawberry jam and we'll be eating Soylent Green. I love Sci Fi don't U - Lol
  9. If you're going to come out with a 20K note with no intentions of changing the rate what's the the point of all of this ?? I'm sure everyone has their own opinions on this but damnit all, it just been 20 years of having one sandal nailed to the floor & running in circles.
  10. be over real real real soon. Amen to that, enough is enough but sadly these knuckle heads don't know when that is. They just can't get outta their own way
  11. Probably code for quietly moving $$$$ through the " backdoor " Darn tootin I'm jaded. Decades of talk and the only movement on anything is just how adept they are in money laundering and plopping $$$$ in foreign Banks
  12. Sometimes I just can't help but think of Abbott & Costello's famous routine of " Who's on First " Having difficulty bringing that over from YouTube into my phone. Perhaps somebody else might have better luck. That routine certainly speaks to the shenanigans these guys pull.
  13. Here's a new one..." Coming period " " Calm economic atmosphere " And the rest is the same ole rhetoric word salad stuff: no intentions so on & so forth. More stalling, sand bagging & foot dragging. What they're really up to is anyone's guess. They're not in the least bit interested in the people's welfare. This is a criminal enterprise & protests don't matter, the dead don't matter. What does matter is the continuation of the status quo. The stalemate in seating the government could last a very long time and the present " government " is weak & ineffective. Iraq remains stagnant with no end in site.
  14. what. In the coming days, soon, just around the corner, hope, seek, anticipate, expect These people commit to nothing and throw these words around like folks chucking Halloween candy at trick or treaters. I trust absolutely nothing these people say... nearly 20 years in this investment & still waiting for these clowns to make good.
  15. I'm lost for words... doesn't happen often I know, but after reading this I would think amongst the rank & file of the Iraqi people the phrase " get a rope " is being widely circulated.
  16. Yep, some time ago ( not in DV ) an article speaking to " assault rifles" clearly had an individual brandishing a sidearm. Always a good idea to match up the photo to the subject: doesn't seem to be too important nowadays. From what I've seen through the years, most " journalists " couldn't tell the difference between a bolt action rifle & an assault rifle. Reporting accurate information today whatever the field or media is downright pitiful.
  17. To clarify here: if you're using Artillery you're ' shelling ' NOT bombing. Just like every armored vehicle is NOT a tank. Journalism, responsible journalism is woefully lacking ( has been for a very long time ). Apparently there's no Military hardware ID classes for journalism students.
  18. Hmmm, it would appear there's no real mention of government officials corruption files being open. ..." corruption has become a phenomenon for us and not an exceptional case " Damned funniest thing I've read in quite a while. It's the way they've been doing things for thousands of years. Any way to explain it away while taking no real accountability. When the corrupt run it all, you get to shovel the BS any way you like.
  19. Just trying to figure out who the Good guys are in this 3 Ring Circus 🎪: the Police lineup for the Bad, Ugly & Stupid stretches for hundreds of miles.
  20. Too right, it would appear at least to the controling criminals in charge, they like this mess: it suits them just fine.
  21. Alien & " space employees " in the same article....this is shaping up to be quite a hilarious morning. You won't find them because the walk among us. Buh Wah Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !!! From the famous Ed Wood movie " Plan 9 From Outer Space" ... ALL YOU EARTH PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS "
  22. NEWSFLASH ! THIS JUST IN....The currency auction is a drain on the Dollar and a benefit for the corrupt !! This is the most shocking news of the last 20 years!!!!🤣 😆 🙃 😜 Hello Captain Obvious. Always count on Iraqi news to provide Saturday morning belly laughs.
  23. Perhaps I'm late in realizing this, I had no idea Sadr + family had residency in Iran. There's an entire litany of thoughts whirling about in my brain 🧠 pan on this issue. So how does a cleric supposedly so vehemently opposed to Iran come by this residency ? I'm not a very trusting soul by nature, this rings alarm bells & raises red flags. I get the internal struggle & all that it entails, however, there must be some deep connections & shenanigans nobody is aware of between ALL the key players in Iraq & Iran. Did I say I was a suspicious person too.
  24. Hows about taking that successful decision & implementing it for crying out loud. Please, stop the talking and get to the Got it Done part.
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