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  1. Talk & more action. They'll be at a 100 Billion and they'll still be talking.
  2. health issues are purely mental-after 19 years following these mutant screw heads and never ending shenanigans, I have psychotic episodes daily 🤣
  3. The criminal politicians are front loading all their offshore bank accounts
  4. So the current government under Kaz appears to be working, while the newly elected politicians who should be forming the NEXT government still have their collective disagreeable, whining ( some) Iranian backed, others with arms folded turn their backs block heads still firmly STUCK up their you know " whats " The entire world must be laughing at this yet again another election Epic Diva Soap Opera Drama....looks to me like an entire cargo ship full of Snickers Bar will be needed.
  5. Uh oh...the sky is falling again. What a bunch O cheesy crud they're trotting out yet again. The predicability BB of these people had become an nauseating after 19 years. God forbid they actually do the right thing...panic fear chaos doom& gloom seems to be their stick in trade. The real global pandemic is the horrific corruption of politicians globally. Not forgetting the UN/IMF/WB/CENTRAL BANKS & the wealthiest families that run it all. They're running the global population like a massive herd of frightened stampeding cattle...and it's working out quite well, isn't it !!
  6. The lion's share of politicians globally are full of ... The world is unravelling like a cheap suit and all the care about is lining their own pockets & pushing suicidal economic, political & social agendas that do nothing but cripple & stifle peoples around the world.
  7. ...and sell them ( & their daughters too ) if there's a profit to be made. How do I know this ? Because Iraqi's I have known have told me they have witnessed this: they speak of their outrage & sadness that this still goes on.
  8. These folks are such pathological liars I don't trust a thing they say... Like the TV advert days : " I want my $$$$$ and I want it NOW " Thanks for letting me vent.
  9. Would like to have had a bug in the room listening to all those discussions leading up to this decision. Even with Kurdistan dealing from the bottom of the deck they came up short. There's a limit to everything...time to stop whining ( & stealing-like that's gonna happen anytime soon ) & begin cooperating. UN/WB/IMF & lord knows how many companies & countries are fed up with all the stonewalling, sandbagging & foot dragging from both countries - 19 years and what a mess. Glad to see some progress somewhere.
  10. Gotta hand it to George: if you're gonna step in your own Go Big ! One heck of a Freudian Slip that throws even more gasoline onto an already raging fire. This country has deserved better leadership but it seems garbage in garbage out has pretty much been the norm. Always thought a business man should have a shot at being POTUS: y'all can make up your own minds about his administration to today's, see what you come up with.
  11. Just sick & tired of being sick & tired reading about the same idiotic back & forth on this issue for close to 20 years. A hapless & feckless despicable bunch to include the " Mighty " UN people tasked to seeing to all things Iraq. People waiting, hoping, praying for relief & a better future and this is what they get year in & year out. All the while the Barzani Syndicate gets wealthier at an astonishing rate. Not forgetting Iraqi treachery in all this: and those UN pin heads are doing what exactly to alleviate & get Beyond this impasse you ask ? Don't need to be a " rocket surgeon " to see this for what it is. Just one helluva FUBAR/ SNAFU that benefits only the " Special Club Members " who control ALL the $$$$$.
  12. This back & forth has been going since the the first election when the arguments ensued about the Oil & Gas...enough of the stupidity for goodness sake. Beyond pathetic. Just disgraceful behavior, even for criminals.
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