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  1. This looks like a great opportunity for the biden and kerry boys to scam off a big payday before their dads send Iraq an airplane load of cash in the middle of the night. Hell this could be more lucrative than China and Ukrain.
  2. Diet coke and bourbon please. rvmydinar, (brother or sister) you really need to cut caffeine from your diet. Chill out, what will be will be.
  3. Come on fellow investors, like many of you, I've been on this ride about 15 yrs. Don't quit your day job. IF they actually vote today I'd say there is a 50/50 chance at best that we will be this excited tomorrow. I'd be tickled to death with .25
  4. Thought provoking post Ziggy, if you had to pick 2 sources of a more honest news source, who would they be?
  5. I recently saw my first $1,000.00 dollar bill with Grover Cleveland on the bill. If I can get someone to show me how to get it from phone to dinarvets, I'll share it.
  6. He is an Iranian Shiite,just another puppet. I realize that America setting up a government in this region never works, but Iraq sure as hell can't do it. Give them the option to side with Iran, or side with us and they will go down with them when teach Iran the lesson they have had coming for years. It's time to force them to use their currency, not ours, and irans currency sure isn't worth crap.
  7. Iran is about to learn a valuable lesson. Don't mess with President Trump.
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