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  1. From what I remember about al-Sadr, he is not a person you should piss off. Your tent might unexpectedly explode with you in it. You show them al-Sadr, just proclaim the new government the way you want it then really tick them off and revalue your currency.
  2. Stay away from those camel ranches. We just had 2 men killed by a camel in west Tennessee.
  3. It's only going to get worse. kerry and biden are secretly putting together a deal on the stupid nuclear deal from the past.
  4. Isn't the " jump thru UN 2 week look for more bodies or treasure hoops" up in the next few days?
  5. Blow him up, they will eventually get the message. How bout them Vols men's basketball team!
  6. It is great to hear they keep eliminating this ISIS trash. I've been worried that the one thing that could derail this momentum is another invasion by ISIS.
  7. I can't believe I could ever say something good about Sadr, but he must have more dinars than me and what he is proposing would help their citizens. It sure as hell would help me. Do it brother Sadr.
  8. Isn't the 22nd the day the UN is supposed to file their report from the 2-9-22 meeting? 2-22-22 sure has a nice ring to it. I'll be trying to get the perfect picture at Yosemite's Firefall. It would be a great day to celebrate.
  9. Happy birthday Half crazy, maybe we'll meet at the dinar celebration one day and get totally crazy.
  10. Mine was 4 days ago on the 29th. I'll be singing Rocky Top and happy birthday to you at the top of my lungs. I hope we all have a reason to celebrate.
  11. I was just wandering if anything had changed about the upcoming UN meeting. Is discussion about Iraq being released from chapter 7 on the 9th?
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