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  1. well, if biden steals it, we will give him the same respect Trump was given. But we all know biden won't make it 6 months after inauguration before they find him incompetent and get heels up harris in there.
  2. in Gwinnett Co Ga. alone, there were 491000 registered voters and 809000 votes counted.....DUH! MASSIVE FRAUD!!!
  3. 11/20 MM 04 11 40 42 64 mb02 11/21 PB 02 03 26 48 52 pb26
  4. I have lived here all my life. There is no way Georgia turned blue except by theft and corruption....
  5. Translation.....America going back to paying for everything in the world, paying off dictators and kissing their ass(democrat specialty).
  6. Very unfortunate. Turns out the United States has the most corrupt government in the world thanks to the democrats. If you're a dem you can get away with anything. War is truly needed in this country, once and for all....
  7. wonder if the Trump team has seen this one?
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