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  1. Shumer and Pelosi are probably getting $$$$ kickback from Iran raiding the Iraqi banks....
  2. No Problem. Glad I could help. When I saw your post I thought,! Retiredaf, you are always on top of it and I thank you for that.
  3. This BG Seely is probably an Obama supporter and drafted the letter to confuse the whole situation. Hopefully Trump will fire him and toss his commission in the garbage
  4. so Iraq has gone in full Iran. Ok, cut a check for 2-4 trillion $'s and we gone with all our equipment and we level our embassy before we leave.
  5. I will hire the best financial adviser I can but right now my tax person says it is capitol gains, not income tax. we'll see....
  6. hand them a bill for about 2 trillion $ and we'll leave. Also, didn't they already pass the oil and gas law last year? The Kurds signed it.
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