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  1. about right Karsten. It was said she had a tumor on her pancreas. A few rounds of direct radiation and they said the cancer was gone?? I believe she is not out of woods by a long shot and she and her handlers are doing enough to keep her alive and on the bench. Really sad if you think about it.
  2. the hard part is getting out of the US with Rial. Even though most of us bought it before sanctions were in place,It might be that now it is illegal to even own. Not sure on that one but, you have to declare it to fly out. Makes you wonder what we will actually be able to do.
  3. I believe I read where several PR officials have been arrested on corruption. Money thrown at them and they just took it for themselves. sorta like iraq......
  4. the iraqi dinar will be just as DOA as the rial if the iraqi's are allowing counterfeit dinars in country to exchange for $'s. Who's to say how much has come over. The iraqi's have now relinquished their country to Iran. I fear all is lost for any rv due to Iran. the rial many of us now have, bought before Trump dropped out of the Iranian agreement, is still just as illegal as to try and buy it now.
  5. Navira, any way you get give a what-if based on a million rial?
  6. from what I can see with the conversion and such, we will make a little. Not millions like we thought. BUT, it's not over yet so we'll see.
  7. 😲 wait...what????????? ok, if I have 1 million rial, that will translate to what in toman. I guess we really don't know what all this will translate to if and when the currency RV's. Since we all have the rial, we really don't know. Do we????? This is very confusing....
  8. so, by this article, 1 million Rial would be worth 100 rial or toman. SB, isn't this just a LOP? What am I missing?
  9. you just proved my point. Yes, you are very far left. Thats fine. Names don't bother me. Just shows the left is mentally unstable and a true danger to this country.
  10. Dark times...? what a disgusting racist article but it is the Guardian so it's to be expected....
  11. Trumpkins huh....? ah the tolerant left and the name calling....
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