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  1. I think Durham will obliterate the IG report. This is long from over but then the dems will like that since they seem to like long investigations. Case in point, The Impeachment Coup that started the day Trump won the 2016 election. Some say even before that. wait and see.......
  2. and now this! Echoes of 9/11: FBI hunting for missing Saudi pilots connected to Pensacola Terror Attack
  3. Iraq bought 90 tons of gold over the last 8 years all the while holding their hand out for grants and loans saying they were about corruption...
  4. guys like Buttigieg(and I use that term loosely) need to be stood before the wall.....
  5. 11/29 MM 04 20 21 37 45 mb19 11/30 PB 04 19 22 49 64 pb08
  6. 11/22 MM 01 33 39 50 51 mb15 11/23 PB 14 24 27 47 52 pb23
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