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  1. maybe it's just me, but isn't it odd that many articles talking about the budget and the exchange rate, they use the wording speculators. I just don't remember that word being used so much. so, are they on to all us speculators??
  2. what I also mean, the price of 49.40, could show 1000.00 or whatever the price is jumping to?
  3. I am a total noob with the stock market. I am asking our stock gurus for assistance this coming week for sure to let us noobs know what to look for, how to proceed and such to get the most out of our investment. Please help us to maximize our profit. Thanks in advance!!!
  4. the current price shows 49.40. if it jumps to 1k or 10k or whatever, will it show it as such?
  5. hopefully this will end up in the SCOTUS. This is unconstitutional.
  6. thing is, I believe they used to have a vast agricultural and mineral sector. What happened to it?
  7. Oh wow! We're going to give them 4 hours of electricity instead of 2! What a great government taking care of it's citizens.... Iraq and the entire govt needs to be held for human rights violations against the citizens of Iraq. The govt is truly a waste of air. THEIVES OF BAGDAD HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE TRUE......
  8. LGD...did you not see this line I stated???????or is this guy a hedgie ^^^ in panic and BS'ing...??? I see vids on both sides of the isle. BTW, presale for the stock lost $10 more dollars... as of 5:15am
  9. or is this guy a hedgie ^^^ in panic and BS'ing...???
  10. not sure how to take this
  11. I haven't watched this today till now. down to 51. This really sucks. The hedgies working overtime on this to keep it down it seems. Very disappointing. I couldn't afford to buy much but had high hopes for this one. I will still hold in hopes of it doing what we all hope it will.
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