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  1. It is not her place to say how her opening would be filled. She was and is pure evil.
  2. follow the money. check her bank accts. bought and paid for RINO. That's actually worse than a democrat. She is garbage.
  3. I just love how our 3 horses of the apocalypse, Caddieman, Shabs and Johnny D want to appear as the all knowing, questioning and intellectuals of the board. Most liberals want to give that illusion. Y'all just keep on with your Anti-American BS!
  4. I don't hate people. I hate bad ideologies. Problem is that the dems, by their own admission, are socialists. I hate socialist ideology.
  5. Seriously???, yes. The russians and the dems are both socialists. Both are the downfall of this country. The only anti-americans are the dems!
  6. Don't twist what I say. Russians are pure evil but the Democrats are suppose to be American but you'd never know it by the pure evil and disgust that they are. All Dems can go straight to hell! Yes, I mean it!
  7. As bad as the russians are and everyone knows they really are, I'll take the russians over the democrats any day!
  8. Vindman hurried his retirement to keep Trump from court marshal him since his whole story is a proven lie. Lying about the president deserves hanging.
  9. California, Oregon and Washington on fire.... All I got to say is BURN BABY BURN.......
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