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  1. LOL...this was 2017. Has putin looked at the latest Muslim populations of Europe lately?? France, Germany etc....They have just about lost all their culture.
  2. I think it's past time for the US to step in, setup their govt and get things rolling. They should be told that they have a choice that we do it or we're out of there and never to support again. Iraqi's can't do this on their own.
  3. Great video: ISIS didn't really mess with Kurdistan I guess. 1. notice the buildings and sidewalks are very clean. 2. The police car driving by had the word POLICE on the side. Thought that was strange 3. Seems all transactions are in dollars, not dinar. 4. looks like quite a bit of wealth there Truly amazing for a war torn country??????????
  4. 5/10 MM 32 34 35 49 50 mb21 5/11 PB 19 33 47 57 60 pb02
  5. It will eventually show that the true leader of the coup is Obama.
  6. I have a bad feeling that since the US is alone in this process of sanctions, that it's going to backfire on us badly.
  7. markb57

    Go Iraq

    another video from the couple. fascinating.
  8. markb57

    Go Iraq

    exactly! you look at some of these very lavish conference rooms when the govt has their meetings. Very nice furnishings, flowers everywhere, bottled water. just seems out of place for a war torn, run down, bearly making it country.....
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