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  1. So, if Turkey is a part of NATO, why isn't NATO slapping down Turkey for invading Syria???
  2. Wow. Just wow! You'd think that the mean ole USA could walk on water based on these articles. No other country can step in and assist or do anything but complain. But it's ok for American soldiers to put their lives on the line for a people that hate their guts. Trump was 110% right to pull out. Time for these people to stand on their own two feet, for once in their life! If all these other countries over their are so concerned, then send in their troops to help. Let their soldiers die for the cause. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
  3. So, all hell is about to break loose in that area because the US is pulling out 50 or so soldiers??!
  4. Worthless......amazing they can go to the bathroom unassisted......
  5. 2 things would help. 1. under UN moderation, freeze all bank accts of all govt workers, PM down, and find who has all the money and make them prove where they got it. Immediately arrest those that can't. 2. go to work. No more holidays. No more days off till everything is fixed. No exceptions. Don't come to work, you're fired. I know....pipe dream. The young people in Iraq at least know what is needed to run a govt and taking every other week off ain't it. Also they know that enough money has poured into Iraq since 2003 to make everyone comfortable but that too hasn't happened for the populace.
  6. probably the same reason most of the asian countries devalue their currency. Trade manipulation....
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