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  1. Heck. Bill Gates probably financed China's virus in the first place. Then he can finance the vaccine that will include a chip. Crashing the worlds economy was a well planned occurrence.
  2. the media has shown a few refrigerated box trailers parked beside the hospitals that are said to be used as morgues but that's all I've seen. I do believe the numbers are very inflated but time will tell. I only hope the country and for that matter the world can recover economically.
  3. Al-Tamimi stressed that "according to Article 27 of the 2008 Iraqi-American Strategic Agreement, Iraq can request economic assistance from America, as this article required. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they want us out of their country but now want to ask for a loan?! They can pound sand!
  4. SMH....I give up...The corruption wins in Iraq. Debt forgiveness and handouts......Never have they mentioned to revalue their currency. Everyone in the world knows the Iraqi govt steals the money as fast as they get and yet they still get bailouts and forgiveness.......
  5. yes and no. during wartime, the guard is considered an active part of the military. Also, you have a thing called Posse Comitatus. The Posse Comitatus Act, which passed after the Civil War to keep federal troops from policing the South, limits federal troops' deployment on U.S. soil and forbids using them to enforce domestic laws. The President can deploy troops if there's an insurrection or invasion on U.S. soil.
  6. Governors already have the ability to call in the National Guard where needed. No need to call in the military, yet.....
  7. i saw this series several times. bought the dvd's. Yes, I'd read that it hit to close to reality as to why it was discontinued. Scary stuff....however I still feel this is mostly political at this time....
  8. more politics than virus.....
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