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  1. wasn't Obama pushing his book while he was President? I understand he made millions on it.
  2. I fear this will only lead to a major war in the ME since the US doesn't have backing from the EU.
  3. this is referring to the Rial, not the Dinar. The big thing I see is the EU stabbing the US in the back. Right now, Trump should just go ahead and drop the sanctions since they will be meaningless with the EU creating a new exchange vehicle. But then when Iran kicks up with more terrorism in the ME and the EU, let them all fall. The EU has been mad at the US since Trump put his foot down on all these old treaties and agreements that have suckered the American taxpayers for generations.The whole backing out of the JCPOA may have backfired on the US now due to the EU backstabbing us. Iran will still do it's terrorism thing but we just need to back out and let them have at it unless it affects Israel.
  4. 3/12 MM 06 11 19 39 55 mb06 3/13 PB 08 09 24 62 65 pb04
  5. the real women deserve this because they won't stand up and say NO!
  6. Transgenders now allowed by the Olympic committee.
  7. like the article you posted above where the numbers are thinning and Macron isn't listening. He doesn't have to. He has an army of police squashing the protesters, right? Yellow Vest didn't make their plight loud enough and hard enough to make it stick. As far as guns blazing, I don't think most Europeans are allowed guns so it's a moot point. People of Europe are subjects, not citizens.
  8. The problem with the Yellow Vests is that they started out too peaceful. They should have gone in guns blazing....
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