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  1. How to maintain macroeconomic stability? Some macroeconomic measures are opening up to trade, finding an appropriate exchange rate, managing inflation, and bringing the budget deficit to a manageable level. Finding an appropriate exchange rate….. Boom💥 We are close to see the appropriate exchange rate GO STRONGER DINAR
  2. Iraq, Turkey sign 10-Yr Water Management Agreement. I see more progress.!
  3. If that’s the case. I like Sunday April 28. Go Stronger Dinar.!
  4. The Freedom of Iraq-Live by Google translate
  5. Al Sudani is on a mission to bring Iraq 🇮🇶 to the international stage. Go Sudani Go reforms Go stronger dinar
  6. “According to Hussein Mouanes, a committee member, the CBI's decision to cancel the currency sale window for 2024 has been made, but the exact commencement date for this change has not been specified.“ Has not been specified to the General Public. In my opinion we are really close. Go end of daily auctions Go delete of 000 Go Stronger Dinar
  7. The dollar auction must come to an end. Go end of dollar auctions Go free market economy Go stronger dinar
  8. “Prime Minister Al-Sudani emphasized the importance of the company's commitment to establishing aircraft maintenance centers and providing spare parts within Iraq. This is crucial for the upkeep of Iraq’s aircraft fleet and ensuring the country's security.” A sovereign nation has to be able to defend itself. Go Iraq 🇮🇶 Go sovereignty Go free economy Go Stronger dinar
  9. We wait and watch, time reveals everything.!
  10. “Political analyst, Abbas Al-Ardawi, confirmed that the visit of Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani to Washington came to liberate the Iraqi dinar and stabilize the economy.” Liberate the dinar let it be FREE. Go end of exchange control Go Free dinar Go open market economy Go stronger Dinar
  11. “Things are moving towards complete control of the dollar exchange rate, and we may witness a clear and rapid decline in the coming days.” The only way for a rapid decline and complete control of the dollar exchange rate is ending the exchange control. Go end of exchange control Go end of daily auction Go free market economy Go STRONGER DINAR
  12. US Support means WTO membership coming for Iraq. Just my opinion.L Go WTO Go trade Go imports/ exports Go economic growth Go stronger dinar
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