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  1. 35 trillion IQD represents 85% of their monetary mass. "the Iraqi government is facing great challenges in providing Iraqi cash to meet the requirements of employees salaries and operating expenses." They have a liquidity problem.! Let’s see what the CBI will do about it. Go RV Go Open market economy Go purchasing power
  2. Im not surprised, We all know what was going on with the daily auctions. Now they have a new sheriff in town that is dropping the hammer on corruption. Positives changes are coming for iraq, their people and us. Go battle against corruption Go reforms Go new monetary policy Go RV
  3. Thanks for your input Spartakus.! I believe they are close to implement a new monetary policy.
  4. Looks like they are about to move to an market economy with an international recognized currency.! Go RV Go open market economy Go international Go 10/1/2020
  5. “During the meeting, the governor of the Central Bank confirmed that a deliberate banking plan had been developed that would develop the work of the central bank, strengthen the national currency” deliberate definition: done consciously and intentionally. Go RV Go purchasing power Go 2020
  6. From the horse mouth. Looks like the CBI already have a target date. Go new CBI Governor Go Increase dinar exchange rate Go purchasing power It’s coming, get ready.! Go RV in 2020 Go Trump 2020
  7. Maliki knows Kazemi is not playing games.... Kazemi was the chief of intelligence. The battle against corruption is real... The rats are abandon ship. His time will come. Kazemi have many files, the fall of Mosul, money laundering, administrative and financial corruption, crimes against humanity. Go justice Go punishment
  8. The sources pointed out that the committee to investigate major corruption and exceptional crimes cases, which was formed by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi on the 27th of last month; It has received large corruption files, indicating that it will continue to implement the decisions issued against the accused, with the possibility that the campaign includes important figures, and it is likely that the next phase will witness accountability for a number of senior local officials (in the governorates) This is the reason why Al-Maliki flew to Iran.! Maliki, you can run but you can hid
  9. Thanks for your input HCR, I see a sense of urgency in the GOI, after Kazemi’s visited the US. Go RV Go asap
  10. Looks like we are heading to the end of this roller coaster ride Go agreement Go Budget Go HCL Go new CBI governor Go RV
  11. Thanks for your input Rochester, I agree with you, what we are seeing is totally different than the past. The leaders are relaxed, open and willing to cooperate. I believe all this was discussed and planned when Al-Kazemi visited the USA. Go agreement Go RV Go 2020
  12. I also believe it will be sooner than later.! Go battle against corruption Go justice Go punishment
  13. This time looks serious. Go agreement Go RV
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