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  1. Agree with your comment my brother Wiljor 👍🏼 We patiently wait.! Once it’s’s open... more trade, more investment and more purchasing power. Go open market economy Go trade Go investment Go Purchasing power
  2. I found interesting the amount of articles talking about stopping the auctions and also the dinar exchange rate against the dollar. Where there’s smoke there’s 🔥 Go open market economy Go RV Go purchasing power
  3. Just imagine when they move to an open market economy..... Investment will flood the country.! Go iraq Go sovereignty Go open market economy Go investment
  4. I agree Engine1, But you still have the chance to get into VIP...... 😂😂😂
  5. Thanks yota and Good morning to you too. I appreciate all you bring to DV. Brother Wiljor, Looks like we are close to the end of this crazy ride. - Fully seated government - Sovereignty - White papers - Exchange rate - Taxation Go RV Go ASAP
  6. A lot of articles about the dinar exchange rate lately. -from the CBI -from the ministry of finance -from the National business council -from different deputies Where there’s smoke there’s is fire. Go new exchange rate Go purchasing power Go ASAP
  7. If the banks are waiting for the notice to pay salaries, it means they are ready.! Go RV Go Asap
  8. Totally agree with your comment my friend LGD. Iraq is becoming a Sovereign nation again.
  9. Why they want to borrow more money to cover fiscal deficit instead of increase the dinar exchange rate against the dollar.? 🤔
  10. There you have it, from the horse mouth. “The devaluation of the dinar should not be the first line of defense to confront the financial crisis“ What about a Revaluation Mr. Al-Alaq? Go RV Go $1:1
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