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  1. The visit of the commander of the Iranian Quds forces, is a sign of desperation. They know they’re losing political control over Iraq. Al Sadr with the Kurds and the Sunnis are blocking any attempt of Al Maliki and the leaders of the coordination framework to form a majority government. The Iranian are going to start targeting political figures. Go Iraq Go Al Sadr Go sovereignty Go freedom
  2. The losers of the elections the “Shiite party” with the help of Hezbollah brigades and the orders coming from Iran. Are destabilizing the country to prevent the formation of the government. Just my opinion Go Al Sadr Go Sovereignty Go freedom
  3. I prefer the $32 rate prediction from Okie’s the oil man. 😂😂😂😂😂
  4. Political maneuver to continue having parliamentary immunity to protect him against civil or criminal liability for actions done or made in the course of their legislative duties. Justice is chasing him… His time will come.! Go Justice Go rope
  5. “The belt or the Silk Road is very important because it transports goods from China and East Asia towards Europe and all countries of the world, and therefore Iraq must be one of the countries belonging to this belt, and everyone knows that Iraq is a pivotal country in The Silk Road as a link between the regions of East Asia.” Just imagen the amount of investment and trade the Silk Road will bring to Iraq. Go Iraq Go investment Go development Go Silk Road Go trade imports/exports Go Stronger Dinar
  6. Maliki’s time to face Justice is getting closer. He knows Iran is losing political power over Iraq. He’s doing all kind of political maneuvers to create the largest block in parliament but Al Sadr is blocking every attempt. Go Iraq Go new GOI Go Justice Go freedom
  7. Iran is losing political control over Iraq 🇮🇶 Go Iraq Go sovereignty Go freedom
  8. More good news.!! Iraq continues moving forward. “The World Bank expected that Iraq will witness the highest economic growth among the Arab countries during the years 2022 and 2023, while an expert confirmed that the country is still a rentier economy.” This could be year when Iraq will move to an open market economy. Go Iraq Go international Go stronger dinar Go growth
  9. More positive news….. More progress.! it will "pave the way for deepening financial cooperation and investment." Just imagine the amount of trade with the European Union 🇪🇺 when Iraq 🇮🇶 move to an open market economy. Go Iraq Go International Go stronger dinar
  10. “The technical electrical connection project with the Gulf countries has been completed by 88%, and negotiations are underway with the Gulf Interconnection Authority to agree on the tariff price." All I see is progress.! Go Iraq Go development Go growth
  11. The mastermind behind the monetary policy to increase the value of the dinar….. Rest In Peace and Love Mr. Shabibi
  12. Al Amiri the guy who challenged the elections results, arguing the elections were manipulated. He’s Enemy of State
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