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  1. The voter turnout in Iraq for the next election will surely be higher!?
  2. The Saudis have lots of stables. Close? But, no cigar!? 😆
  3. This shouldn't surprise anyone at this point:
  4. Al-Sadr is sore about the Camp Stryker massacre and Maliki letting ISIL take huge swathes of land unimpeded. That and Maliki's sticky fingers for himself and Iran. Not sure if I get what is going on, but this looks like a boss fight for the country.
  5. Thanks for sharing, I got stuck wondering about Al-Sadr's motives. I think you are onto something there with your analysis. This might be an 'all in' move by Al-Sadr. Likely, carefully planned brinkmanship to avoid the same old swamp games with Iran as gator #1 and Maliki as gator #2 💩. It is certainly going to mobilize voters to participate in the next election, as there was a lot of apathy among voters in the last election. This move by Al-Sadr now has all eyes on him--just the way he wants it. I now think it is a systemic clarion call for independence, the State over the political clans and partisanship. Total baller move!
  6. This has got to be more than a political statement? There must be some political process that is triggered with the winning party resigning? It seems like a strange move if it is an empty protest without some tangible results? It is one thing making a point, but letting other parties put up cronies to fill their spots seems unusual to say the least? Seems like a scorched earth approach? Interested to read some political analysis of this tactic, unless early elections are guaranteed?
  7. Thought this was a fun flag to raise as the shittty hedge fund pirates continue to sink!
  8. At some point the synthetic shares have to be 'digitally' burned to get them off the books, but if no one is selling, I just can't see the SEC allowing this ' fraud' to go on unabated as the creation of synthetic shares impacts so many other stocks. I think this will end in a massive law suit, if the stock goes parabolic and there is a 'Bernie Madoff' moment. The question is always going to be when to sell?!
  9. Interesting charting and advice on the future squeezes.
  10. Up 33% in the last 5 days! We needed this! Now, show us dem bananas and we will leave the peels down for the shittty hedge fund managers. 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌
  11. Up 11% at lunchtime today. Let's light up those green candles!
  12. Even if it hit 1cent I would be doing back flips!! If it hits 1.17, I will pay someone to do my backflips. 😆
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