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  1. The screw keeps turning to move support over to the State and at each turn the State has to step up and do what is needed. E.g., Safety and security test: no protesters murdered by rogue elements in uniforms. Check✓ [Let's hope that continues.] Wondering how many more turns it is going to take, but things look like they are getting locked down more and more every day. Financial cooperation: G7 on board. Check✓ [Looking for repatriation of stolen monies and other assets.] What other 'stress tests' are still ahead?
  2. Keep upping the pressure on the streets to move Iraq closer to the people and further from Iran, and further from corrupt Iraqi factions. The brinkmanship just keeps building. Combine the news that we have been getting since Iran attacked Iraq using cruise missiles to attack US troops--falling into the trap of showing Iraqi's that Iran will attack Iraqis, Iraqi soil and Iraqi sovereignty if they step out of line. Those existential threats are rarely forgotten! Add these recent actions by Iran to the actions against Iran, such as all the economic tools being used against
  3. Get those smallies ready to trade, replace and count! "The Central Bank of Iraq has decided to reimpose the shortage fine on banks for small categories (1000,500,250) dinars, starting on 1/10/2020 as stipulated in the instructions of the criteria for trading and replacing banknotes and counting mechanisms."
  4. I am sure Mahdi's Communication Officer has enough dirt on Madhi to sink him. I reckon this is part of the judicial process to nail Madhi for the deaths and injuries of Iraqi protesters while Madhi was in charge. ... That and the Minister of Communication was on the take, or another Iranian puppet, or both? It would be amazing to hear if Madhi gave the orders to fire on the protesters. Either way, he still has accountable for letting it happen and doing nothing about it--all in violation of the Iraqi Constitution. Jailing Mahdi could continue to turn the popular tide ag
  5. Could that finish line be so close to get us all started!?
  6. Looks like the bullseye is getting closer than the bulls*it!? 😍
  7. He will be back with an empty suitcase to take more money out of the country.
  8. Is this some 'out of compliance' cover for the RV?
  9. Is this a 'good faith' preamble to supporting the announcement of Iraq's sovereignty?
  10. Looked like more than fireworks in there! Hezbollah probably lost some of their terror toys.
  11. This feels so close, but am I buying more dinar? Am I telling buddies to buy some? Hell NO! 😝 Gave some notes to my buddies a while back to share in the fun, then stopped talking about it, because they thought I had been conned and was Cat Bit Shrazy! Git 'er done!!!
  12. A smugglers' TAX at a 50% or 33% rate! Hahahahaha. Why not, if you have the evidence of malfeasance, pay the host country a bounty of 25% for seizing and returning YOUR money? And, work on developing your diplomatic solutions to return the thieves, too!?
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