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  1. I am thinking 8 cents with a float that will double our money every 5-6 years. I have a decent and detailed plan for that outcome. If it is any more than that, my plan becomes indecent and has fewer details!
  2. Iraq is on chemo: IRG sanctioned, Maliki sanctioned. US military locked and loaded. WoW! It must be raw over there, just now!?
  3. @GregHi Yep! Delete the three zeros on the new budget. Done!
  4. Yes, an R.V. will create a lot of new jobs (i.e., our old ones)!
  5. Trump is really sweating the dollars and dinars out of the Iranians, after trashing their currency! I think this pressure might be a dynamic part of any RV!? I mean, who wants them with more money (RV'd) to terrorize their people and their neighbors? Sweat those Maliki billions out of them!
  6. bkeiller

    Go Iraq

    Anyone found a good G20 blog/ticker? 1) 2) 3)
  7. 4 emails from Adam, there. I thought we had hit a jackpot! Nope. #techtease
  8. To hit a moving target like that, you can bet they have satellites, or satellite access, but it is likely their own hardware. So, we will never know their truth!? But, there will likely be other nuclear nations who can verify the location?
  9. Big picture: I did listen to the video--every single word. Regards the speaker: The Iranian Ambassador to the UN spoke. I didn't hear any actual UN representatives talk on behalf of the UN organization. All I heard was the Iranian Ambassador's side of the story, as he was the only guy speaking. There is no word in the video from the UN organization, or behalf of any UN organization, or any UN employees or spokespeople confirming the coordinates, or anything for that matter. If you want to check, google the UN Ambassador who was speaking and you will find he works at the UN, but is not an UN spokesperson for the UN. He speaks for Iran. He is the Iranian ambassador. A small, but crucial point.
  10. I missed where the UN has taken Iran's side. Could you point that information out, please? thx
  11. @cranman Maybe, I was reading it the same way as you, Cranman? It's a little ambiguous, but I think Adam was comparing something major happening NOW with the lead up to Chapter 7. So, I was looking for that 'NOW' specificity, too, which is where that ambiguity came in.
  12. "The council directed a series of measures to make the treatments effective." ... Tell us more about these measures. 🤔
  13. Seems a little steep when you compare it with the value of the US economy--the largest economy in the world?
  14. bkeiller

    Go Iraq

    On the other hand ... is that the ass wiping hand? Time to get off the pot!
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