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  1. Take a breath, Folks. You are all get'n a time out. Remember, the reason we come on here is to trade knowledge, opinions, and our goals for get'n richer, regardless of our political perspectives. You can be red or blue, but let's be green for each other.💲♥️😁 Peace out.
  2. Maliki retire from ripping off Iraq and it's citizens?
  3. Could this be smoke and mirrors before the BIG changes? Or, it is just being practical for big ticket purchases in a cash prevalent culture? (100,000 IQD would be close to a 100$US?)
  4. bkeiller

    Questions for Adam Montana 3 October 2018

    How is the political map looking now that Barham Saleh has been announced as the President?
  5. I think Sadr is pressuring Abadi to go after Maliki. That is why Abadi is outreaching to Trump, as M threatened a civil war if he didn't get what he wanted. This is just more Iranian interference in Iraq's rise.
  6. So, is the surplus for the whole year (covered) and then some, or are they just ahead $12.3 billion for the first six months and could be short if the oil prices fell quickly? Big difference, but I don't know how to understand it.
  7. bkeiller

    Questions for Adam Montana 22 August 2018

    Do you think the IMF has to give the nod to an RV?
  8. Just a FYI: Eid al-Adha is Wednesday 22, August through to Saturday 25, August.
  9. UNAMI coming in to pin the tail on the Maliki donkey for the fall of Mosul, acquiring 50 billion to line his pockets, aiding and abetting Iranian 'diplomacy' in the region, and threatening to start a civil war if he didn't get a position in the government. Hmmmmm ... if it looks like terrorism and smells like terrorism ...? The only way to get the donkey is from the outside, it appears. Likely, UNAMI will make the call and it will be exported to the Hague for war crimes. So, give it a few years!?
  10. Here is a good introduction to Exchange Traded Funds: Compare these to Mutual Funds. Enjoy!
  11. Thanks for all these recent posts, Pitcher. Stuffing oil ETFs in my portfolio over the last three weeks and, now, Monday. I will probably make more on these plays short term than anything else. Cheers!
  12. Get those 401k and 403b working: Time to buy mutual or ETF energy (oil) funds as a hedge?
  13. bkeiller

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    So, he hands Iraq to ISIS, now he wants to hand it to Iran. What a peice of work! Time to lock him up, although it might start an Iranian proxy war? Folks will be buying more oil stocks, as this could create high energy prices and international turmoil, short term?
  14. Yep. The math doesn't add up. Assuming a trillion is 1000 billion and a billion is 1000 million. If you used all of the reserves of 55.7 billion to 'buy back' the 40 trillion, you have one dinar valued at 0.00139 of a cent, which would equate to $1392.5 per million dinar. But, we know economic activity and a country's resources are some of the keys to valuing currency, the reserves are ... well, simply the reserves. A country's debt and GDP and a whole host of other considerations come into play when the currency is international. So, these types of calculations are somewhat two dimensional at best. The good news is, hopefully, none of us paid $1392.50 for a million dinars and the future for our speculation brightens daily, based in improving security and the massive resources in Iraq. Keep in mind, too, that I am no currency expert, but I understand there are great complexities to this investment that I truly do not understand. So, what do I know? Still in it though and making money in other areas, based upon what I am learning here. So 'cheers!' to y'all for sharing!

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