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  1. His tater head is so big, it has its own gravity and meatballs orbiting around it.
  2. Things/news might get a little worse before they get better as they try to shake/make more chunky money from the tree. Likely, they want to drain/discount more IQD from Iran and from all the stashes people have under their mattresses, floorboards, etc. Hanging tight, like everyone else. It's a process.
  3. Another invitation to 'digitize' those hoarded and potentially contaminated notes into crispy new ones or an electronic balance in an insured account with an accompanying bank card.
  4. Big issues: 1) Sharia law over secular laws. 2) Privatization over regional monopolies. 1)Understandable that the Yezidis and Christians aren't signing up for some of those religious laws. Must be a deep sticking point and connected to the Pope's visit? 2) Also, the 'parties' are fighting against privatization as they will lose their territorial monopolies. Again, big issues as the 'gangs' fight for control for their rackets over State control. The battle continues to break the hegemony of the hydra tentacles of Iran and the Iraqi zealots and mob
  5. Adam wrote: P.S. At the moment, I'm leaning towards Saturday or Sunday, but I'll have to wing that one for a bit to see what fits best.' From what I can tell, it is still Sunday, eager peeps. So, he ain't MIA, yet.
  6. While this back and forward is frustrating, these are deep issues of mistrust over generations. The Kurds were gassed under Saddam, abused by Maliki., ignored by other leaders when they were lucky. So, there is a long history of mistrust between the Kurds and Baghdad. Also, the Kurds are trying to keep a window open for continued autonomy and a future independent state [supported by Biden at one point]. So, they likely don't want to sell out everything to Baghdad. That and the two political Kurdish parties (both have paramilitary support and have fundamental political differences) are trying t
  7. Things are looking a lot better for Iraq, now: 1) The budgeted spending is down from 164 to 127 trillion. This a similar percentage to the recent drop in the value of the dinar (just over 20%). That change may be a direct outcome of the devaluation? 2) The deficit for the budget is down over 60% which is quite spectacular. This might be more evidence of corruption being tackled (e.g., ghosts off of double salaries and tax revenue coming in). 3) The current oil prices ($67 a barrel) are almost 50% higher than the budgeted revenue at $45. That is great news. Prices could go
  8. Ah, yes, you are right. Thanks for taking the time. That was a Monday morning 'Doh!' by me.
  9. Thank goodness I am not an accountant! Thanks for your correction.
  10. Thinking aloud here, based on the MNT GOAT's post, if this rate were true, it sounds interesting. So, the three zeros on a million 'pre-RV/RD' dinar are deleted (old million = 10,000 RV'd dinar). Then, if I want to exchange it for USD, each RV'd dinar is multiplied by $5.00+ US (= $50,000+ USD). At that point, the bank will subtract the CBI spread and their own costs. Exchanging a million dinar could then yield a maximum of up to $50K per million (minus the spread and costs) in USD. AND, then there are taxes depending on the exchanger's home country's tax laws--all ass
  11. $60.50 a barrel will pay off the now discounted dinar debts a lot quicker than before the dinar was discounted. That oil price could delete Iraq's national debt likely within a few months? Cheap dinar, high dollar sales, regionalized debt settlement through BUNA membership. Possibly a budget agreement with the Kurds. What is next on the nation building agenda?
  12. That should help flush out all of the ghosts and triple earners on their payrolls? Nice to see that accountants taking charge over the thieving shysters.
  13. @Officiallytook Your button made me laugh as I was just talking to a neighbor who is off the drink and on the weed. He is so much happier and healthier!
  14. Budget formula: 1) A dollar for the budget 2) A dollar for you 3) A dollar for me Click 'Send.'
  15. Suck up all these big notes! We've been here for years. So, waiting for change is nothing new. It is a process. 🤪
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