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  1. Would capital markets die if the SEC doesn't do anything? And if they do anything, shitt sure is goanna fly. I hope we will get a run before the greedy prices set in and everything is halted and tied up in law suits or criminal cases.
  2. bkeiller


    It begins! Likely, slowly.
  3. Boom Boom 💥💥💥 The dominoes are falling!
  4. The thieves just keep on thieving. That's what they do.
  5. Q3
  6. My brother in law brought back my first million after his first tour in Iraq a long time ago. Kept buying more up until about 10 years ago mostly during the Bush presidency. Just growing old with y'all. 😆
  7. Folks remember Enron or the other rackets? Losing makes us smarter!? We know the enemy. If I lose on AMC+APE, I will definitely be active and look for alternative ways to invest, but my 403b payments will still be going into ETFs and mutual funds. 🍌 🍌🍌 🍌🍌 If I gain on AMC+APE, I aint done, yet! Why I put a lot of money on the line is to 1) make more money, 2) seek a fix/fairer market. If the markets are less broken, I aint going to run to the hills if it gets fixed or leads to fairer market. I am going to look for more money making opportunities in the markets. Any fix or partial fix will mean more money going to stocks/companies instead of shittty hedge funds. I will invest in some individual stocks/companies I have been tracking. E.g., there are some weed companies which are going to blow exponentially when there is some bipartisan love to approve the banking laws which will legitimize the industry on a state level. Inter-state commerce is something else and a different set of laws (i.e., legalization allowing interstate commerce.) I sold all my other stocks in July and have it sitting in cash just now and I am waiting to pounce, but we aint there yet. When we are and it might be months of pain away, I am buying when everyone else is afraid. Now, I can go back to eating crayons while the inferno in the markets rage and our captors decide what kind of future they want us to have. APE smart! APE strong!
  8. Going bananas! 🍌 🍌 🍌 Just bought more APE. It is possible that I will live to have regrets with diamond studded hands. 🤓
  9. Is the 20k note a MacGuffin? Y'know, one of those distractions that makes sense at the time, but is just camouflage. Always difficult to tell with so much gun smoke and broken mirrors circling around Iraq.
  10. Banks pants are on fire! The greatest swindle in the history of the world.
  11. If shorts are liquidated, will I have to dry my jeans?
  12. Looks like Adam Aaron could be the King Kong that delivers the blows to the hedgies!? Will we prevail I'm this manichaeistic struggle between good and evil!? Burp! (swallowed a dictionary this morning!) 😆
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