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  1. Is this the lever/mechanism that opens the RV trapdoor! Thoughts?
  2. Iraq's "Victory Day" is a national holiday this Tuesday, December the 10th. I wonder how they will celebrate it?
  3. The Mountainous Goat shared this link. Scroll down to the IQD: If you use the calculator, though, it is still using the 1190 rate. Maybe, a typo? Definitely a tease! 😝 Oops! I see this was already posted in a separate thread. My bad!
  4. I got into this into this investment, because I love being pre-rich and teasing myself on a daily basis.
  5. Where do you think the stolen billions are? Welcome to Switzerland, bankers to the Nazis and ... Maliki?
  6. Another 2-3 months of being pre-rich, again!? What's new?
  7. The report seemed to disappear from a few sites very quickly. So, I am not sure. It surprised me how quickly some of those sites came down, but the 'news' didn't really spread widely, which surprised me. So, it's anyone's guess. Other than the dinar sites, this was one of the few places left with the story, below, but it is difficult to believe that it is true as the story didn't travel widely, unlike reports of Maliki's 'personal' wealth. Not familiar with the X22 tweet. Interested, though.تقارير-وتحليلات/بعد-اتهام-نوري-المالكي-الامارات-تفجر-مفاجأة-عن-عائدية-صندوق-الدولارات/ Twitter:
  8. ... Yes, Al-Maliki, I would like to buy your plane. Does it come fully loaded ... ? (i.e., with cases holding billions of stolen dollars, like the one you had that flew into UAE?)
  9. Got the sliders (crave case) and pink champagne. Ready to celebrate, ... soon! (Seriously, try it, if you haven't.)
  10. I like the idea of a dinar raft! Folks have told me that my dinar is best used for wallpaper, but it is red ... F.F.S.! And, I will be using it, instead, to take some walls down and renovating, all going well.
  11. Thanks for your feedback and input, LB. That we are agreed upon, that the dinar is and has been seriously undervalued, whether at 2.5 times or highly likely more. It sure is going to be a great day for us all when that value is realized. To be honest, even at 1 cent to a dinar, I will be doing a little dance. If more, I'd feel like breakdancing ( ... any Coming to America fans?).
  12. I am confused, LB, and want to recognize I am not knocking your calculations, but want to look at the theory behind them: So, if in practice you could buy all the dinar in circulation with $35.3 billion dollars and they have $87 billion in reserve, which is a coverage ratio of 2.47 (so, around two and a half times the coverage of the current dinar value). So, if we then take that ratio (i.e., 2.47), then apply it against the current value of the dinar at 1190 to 'guestimate' the current value of the dinar, then that is 1190 dinar divided by the 2.47, to create a 'covered' value of 481 dinars to the dollar? So, the dinar is undervalued through this monetary supply-versus-reserves lens. But, is the calculation (i.e., bigger picture) as easy to understand as that? Do we not have to consider the value of the economy, including the known potentials (current and future mineral, land, industry, GDP, real estate, human, etc.)? I am no economist, but these types of calculations seem overly simplistic to me. Or, am I just overthinking this in my little bubble of ignorance? ... And, I am forever blowing bubbles. [No Michael Jackson ripostes, please!]. Cheers! B
  13. The Iranians are trying to bait Saudi Arabia into a war and pump the oil prices, so they can shake down their Chinese buyers. They are also baiting Israel, the US and Europe--the latter allowing, almost inviting, themselves to be blackmailed. But, with oil prices stabilizing and reasonable folks seeing Iran for the troublemaker it is, the tide of opinions are likely turning against Iran. I wonder how much longer this klepto-theocracy can hold out and how desperate will they get? Feeling bad for regular folks in the ME who have to put up with this medieval BS.
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