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  1. That should help flush out all of the ghosts and triple earners on their payrolls? Nice to see that accountants taking charge over the thieving shysters.
  2. @Officiallytook Your button made me laugh as I was just talking to a neighbor who is off the drink and on the weed. He is so much happier and healthier!
  3. Budget formula: 1) A dollar for the budget 2) A dollar for you 3) A dollar for me Click 'Send.'
  4. Suck up all these big notes! We've been here for years. So, waiting for change is nothing new. It is a process. 🤪
  5. Not sure, but if the majority of the economy is still based on petro-dollars (earning US dollars for every barrel), then they just gave themselves what is a pay/revenue increase allowing them to buy back (and presumably destroy?) more Iraqi currency (20+%) using those dollars. That fascinates me that they could potentially unwind 20+% of the money supply, so easily. Isn't that one function of a central bank (i.e., controlling the money supply)? Then the fun starts when (not if) the Iraqi dinar becomes an internationally traded currency?
  6. Riddle me this: Why is the Forex still showing the 1190 rate? Is it to prevent people buying cheap dinars, or something else? Dollar_Iraqi Dinar.html
  7. The Forex still shows the 1190 rate: Dollar_Iraqi Dinar.html 🤪
  8. Al-Maliki's stolen billions just took a haircut, too--assuming they are not already in Swiss francs? It is difficult to believe anything about that guy, especially when he is talking.
  9. Iraq's agricultural industries are sure to gain from this currency manipulation. Becoming less reliant on Iranian produce has got to be a good thing!? And, the IRGCs stock of stolen dinars just took a haircut. So, did ours, but I can live with that short term, if it helps the Iranian people rise up against their theocratic-terrorist rulers. It will also be cheaper to buy in-country products I Iraq which should help get manufacturing off of the ground. Good for Iraqi pharmaceuticals and extraction industries, etc. Good for foreign investors in this space. So,
  10. This sounds like a spoonful of salt before the spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!? Sorry for incepting the tune into this ... heheheheh!
  11. Is this a manufactured crisis or just simply greed? Are the banks sucking up dinar to reduce the supply of chunky money? Nothing like a good panic to move a lot of money around? Questions! Questions!
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