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  1. bkeiller

    Go Iraq

    On the other hand ... is that the ass wiping hand? Time to get off the pot!
  2. You have earned your Day of Remembrance against Tyranny. This aint no vacation, as most folks have lost someone! Now, secure those trade routes and keep working on your security and Article 8 initiatives.
  3. Looks like this image has been around the boards, before. Still, none the wiser. Original article:البنك-المركزي-العراقي-خارج-العقوبات-الأوروبية
  4. Thanks for keeping us well fed and interested in logging in to read all of the updates you have posted. Cheers! 🍻🥂
  5. Non-standard US English: A tool is vernacular for a prick where I am from.
  6. Yee haw, again! To buy or not to buy? That is the question. I have asked this question a few times over this journey and bought more dinar during the peak news cycles, only to be disappointed, then told by well-meaning folks that this whole thing is a scam, and I am a tool, etc., etc. Then the doubt crept in. Then, there was the 'I should have bought Netflix stock instead' remorse, etc. etc. Taking a moment to breathe and a moment to reflect on everything and savoring what it is like to be ... 'Pre-Rich'!
  7. Thanks, Adam. Nice buzzzz! Middle East economic peace deals floated, govt. finance committee meetings in Baghdad, US military in place, dastardly 'communist' nations exposed for who they are ... . What next, Maliki jailed, IRG hog tied, Hezbollah running out of dough, Iraqi nationalism on the rise, ... and a RV blipping on the radar!? We are certainly living in interesting times!
  8. Something interesting here in the new 'Gazette website,' but can't get to the bottom of it, as there are no deets, but it would be interesting to know what funds have been frozen, especially if they belong to the IRGC, or their proxies? 3.Decisions issued by the Committee for the freezing of terrorist funds No. (15) and (16) for the year 2019 Issued No. (4539) of the Iraqi fact sheet 2019-05-08 11:05:00
  9. jb4388, Nice find. I did a cut and paste then google the Arabic (الوقائع العراقية - وزارة العد ) for the Iraqi Law Gazette and arrived at what appears to be their new website:, which you shared. Thanks for sharing the NEW URL for the Ministry of Justice's Iraqi Law Gazette where they are posting new decrees via these Iraqi Fact Sheets. Here is the latest publication, or fact sheet: one for victim compensation that went through this week for folks who have lost limbs, etc., due to the war: I think I will delete the old links I have to the Iraqi Gazette now. Cheers!
  10. A healthy, consistent heart beat each quarter feeding oxygen into the system. Kurdistan and Baghdad unite as it pumps dinar through the healing body on a quarterly basis. The patient is recovering, Doc.
  11. Adam, Can you put a 'guide of guides' together, or distilled information that isn't cluttered with feedback comments, etc.? As things may be kicking off soon, it would be great to have access to that type of file or information. Cheers, b
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