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  1. The hold meetings to look like they are working, but not really.
  2. It sounds like Iran is not very happy losing a foot hold on Iraq economically. Iran is losing power a little at a time.
  3. Could it be because Alak withdrew that money for Malaki. I think the kitchen is about to overheat.
  4. Too bad Maliki learned how to steal votes like Killary and her ilk.
  5. Now he needs ro translate that to each government official so we can get off this ride.
  6. Let's see the Kurds wanted 22% way back when and Malaiki jerked them around. Then it went 17% and the Kurds weren't happy because they wanted 17% plus war expenses. Then it went to 15% and they weren't happy. Now they are at 12% because the IMF says so. The IMF just forced the Kurds into a corner because no amount was ever going to be a good amount. Once Maliki was out there were no more excuses for participating they just became obstructionist because they want to keep their hand in the proverbial cookie jar.
  7. I about fell out of my chair laughing about a 5 year vacation. Thanks for all the news Yota.
  8. They need to call in the notes for ailure to comply with the terms of the loans to break them financially then maybe just maybe they will adjust the currency.
  9. Talky, talky and steal money are the only two things Iraq is good at. Actually doing something good for their people well they jusst dont care. This investment is done. I have been at this 10 years and no changes.
  10. Trump is right! We know he ia right. The Iraqis just get their feelings hurt because they have been called out by a business man who doesn't have time to pussyyfoot around.
  11. "...receipt of assets from the Iraqi authorities." This is a weird statement ro make. Thing that make you go hmmm.
  12. Thry should triple it, withhold pay until they show up and if they miss three meetings in 30 days be fired.
  13. The below statement ccaught my attention because why would non-members of a bank need to transfer money wherever he is. I think we are close. The bank's information office said in a statement received by "Economy News" a copy of it, "It was decided to apply the system of electronic remittances and a citizen who has funds in the banks of civil authorities in the transfer of assets to Rafidain Bank in any province and a short period." "This step also includes a citizen who does not have an account at the bank who can also transfer his money wherever he is," the statement said
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