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  1. The NYT is an arm of Hezbollah and has no credibility. They have proven repeatedly to side with dictators in order to promote their agenda.
  2. MaryB thank you for all of the informative posts! When do you sleep? You post in the morning, in the afternoon and at supper time. Appreciate your hard work!
  3. Yes they should cut all the politicians pay and make them pay for each day they do not have a government formed.
  4. The retirees of the government were stealing money while they worked. They can do without until the rate changes like the regular people.
  5. Based on the article Iraq is caught between a rock and a hard place. The government wants money, but they don’t have a government. If they have a government they can borrow money or so they think. The government has forgotten that the CBI is autonomous. If the government is formed then maybe the RV could take place.
  6. I am going to be a guru and throw out the fact that Trump said that this will be under control in 15 days. Food for thought.
  7. They are stalling so they can go on another vacation. They don’t care because they make sure they get paid.
  8. We all know Frank has had a great imagination over the years, but every once in awhile he has been ahead of the curve. Overall he is entertaining.
  9. What is the public going to do now? They threaten riots and submit a list of demands that do not affect the politicians at all.
  10. Having been in this for 10+ years I am skeptical. When Adam was excited in September I started watching a little more closely than normal. I also thought about the people that have passed like Bondlady and others who waited for this little investment. Will this investment ever come to fruition? Who knows, but it's given me the opportunity to converse with some great people.
  11. The beat goes on, and on. Nothing to see here folks its Iraqi business as usual.
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