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    Yea bro let’s go IQD
  2. Prime Minister Barzani receives US Congressional Delegation WED, 20 MAR 2019 21:16 | KRG Cabinet Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq ( – Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani received a United States congressional delegation, led by Congressman John Garamendi. The delegation commended the role of the Kurdistan Region’s Peshmerga forces in the fight against terrorism, and praised the people and Kurdistan Regional Government for protecting, accommodating, and offering assistance to a large number of IDPs and refugees. They opined that the coordination among all parties was a reason for victory over terrorism. Further, they expressed their satisfaction with the progress made in the elations between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad. Prime Minister Barzani thanked the United States for its continued support to the Kurdistan Region, particularly in humanitarian and military fields. He highlighted improvement in relations between the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad, stressing the Kurdistan Regional Government’s support to Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi and resolving outstanding issues through negotiations and mutual understanding. Both Prime Minister Barzani and the delegation stressed the importance of the role of US forces and the international coalition, as well as the need for these forces to remain in Iraq to strengthen stability and confront threats of the reemergence of terrorism. The need for coordination between Iraq and the United States, the post-ISIS era, return of displaced persons and refugees, reconstruction of devastated areas and the support of the international community were also discussed. The two sides stressed the importance of women’s active participation in administration. Prime Minister Barzani spoke of KRG programmes enabling women's active participation in all parts of governance.
  3. Baghdad-Erbil Reconciliation Reviving Region's Economy - Kurdish Party © Sputnik / Dmitriy Vinogradov Middle East 15:37 21.03.2019(updated 15:44 21.03.2019) G MOSCOW (Sputnik) - The reconciliation deal reached by Baghdad and Iraqi Kurdistan last fall has helped improve bilateral relations and revive the autonomous region's economy, Hoshawi Babakr, representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Russia, told Sputnik. "After new Iraqi Prime Minister [Adel Abdul Mahdi] was elected [in October 2018], relations between Baghdad and Erbil changed a lot. [Kurdistan Regional Government's Prime Minister Nechirvan] Barzani's trip to Baghdad changed everything after their frank talks. Iraq now allocates a budget to Kurdistan; wages are being paid regularly to officials. This has resuscitated Kurdistan's economy. The agreement between Baghdad and Erbil works well", Babakr said. Erbil and Baghdad are now in the process of negotiating the terms pertaining to Iraqi Kurdistan's participation in Iraq's new government, which it is rebuilding itself after years of military conflict with the Daesh* terrorist group. These developments come after bilateral relations significantly deteriorated in 2017, when the region held a referendum in a bid to secede from Iraq. Baghdad declared the referendum illegitimate and launched a military operation in the region, notably capturing the capital of the oil-rich northern province of Kirkuk. We plan oil production in Kirkuk to increase even further, up to 600,000 [bpd]. Back in the day, the norm was 500,000 barrels per day", he said The official expressed hope that Iraq would receive waivers from the OPEC-non-OPEC deal in order to boost its oil production. "Iraq is OPEC's member and tries to comply with the agreement. But we see that Iran decreases production. Who will take its place? Probably Iraq will be given the opportunity because the country still has to recover its economy, destroyed cities. That's the way I see it", Babakr added. Last December, the signatories to the oil output cut deal, which has been in force since 2017, agreed to reduce overall production by 1.2 million bpd for six months starting from 2019. OPEC member states pledged to cut their production by 800,000 bpd, while non-OPEC countries agreed to reduce the output by 400,000 bpd. Oil exports from the Kirkuk oil field were disrupted after the Iraqi military carried out an operation in the area and took control of Kirkuk in the fall of 2017 in response to Iraqi Kurdistan's independence referendum.
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    Go Iraq

    all the great news lately... how much longer? ... this is rdy to go at any moment imo cheers
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    Go Iraq

    wide open bro..haha cheers
  6. US Hails Kurdistan for Combatting Terrorism, Sheltering IDPs, Syrian Refugees BasNews 20/03/2019 - 00:06 Published inKurdistan ERBIL - The United States has praised the role of the Kurdistan Region and its people in, alongside the Peshmerga forces, combatting terrorism while sheltering nearly 2 million IDPs and Syrian refugees in the past few years. The message was conveyed by a delegation from the US Congress, led by John Garamendi, during their visit they paid to Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani on Tuesday where the Kurdish premier expressed gratitude to prolonged humanitarian and military assistance by the US to both Kurdistan Region and Iraq in the hard times, according to a statement by Barzani's office. He further briefed the foreign diplomats with the developments in the Erbil-Baghdad relations, reiterating support to his Iraqi counterpart Adil Abdul-Mahdi in resolving the remaining issues between the sides through dialogue, the press release added. The two sides, in the meantime, stressed the need of the presence of coalition forces in Iraq to restore stability and face the threats of returning terrorism in the region, discussing the importance of collaborations among the Peshmerga, Iraqi, and coalition forces to deal with the post-Islamic State (IS) war era in the region, the return of the IDPs and Syrian refugees, and the reconstruction of the affected areas and the support of the international community in this regard. The two sides additionally stressed the role of women in the management of the country and PM Barzani mentioned about the steps and plans of his government aimed at protecting women and develop their conditions and participation in the governance.
  7. Central Bank: Reserve of foreign currency grew by 32.6% Central Bank of Iraq Banks Economy News Baghdad: The Central Bank of Iraq, that foreign reserves grew by 32.6% during the year 2018, noting that Iraq's reserves of gold amounted to 96 tons. The Central Bank of Iraq (CBE) said in a press release that the foreign reserves annual report showed a positive performance in 2018 compared with 2017. Foreign reserves grew by 32.6 percent, driven mainly by the positive difference between the bank's purchases of the dollar from The Ministry of Finance and sales through the window selling foreign currency in addition to the profits realized from the proceeds of the investment portfolio in various segments. "At the portfolio level, the portfolio in US dollars in 2018 grew by almost 25 percent from 2017 as a result of the positive difference between the central bank's purchases of the US dollar and its sales, as well as the conversion of a large part of the other currencies resulting from The maturity of some investment instruments and returns on them to the currency of the US dollar. " He explained that "gold rose in value in 2018 by about 6% than in 2017, as a result of increased investment in this asset, and the reserves of gold at the Central Bank of Iraq by nearly 96 tons in 2018, Iraq comes in fifth place in the Arab world rank 37 In terms of possession of gold reserves, Iraq was one of the largest buyers of gold in 2018 along with India, China and Kazakhstan. "Investment in Islamic bonds issued by the Islamic Development Bank in 2018 increased by more than 33% in 2017," he said. Views 368 Date Added 19/03/2019
  8. True to the "Covenant News" we will ask to accelerate the activation of Article 30 of the Iraqi Constitution 19th March, 2019 The MP for the alliance of the Sadikun parliamentary bloc Fadel Jaber, on Tuesday, that the program Sadiqun aims to lift poverty and destitution and promote the provision of the best services to the Iraqi citizen. Noting that Sadiqon "seeks to enact a number of laws that concern segments of Iraqi society to obtain a decent living is appropriate." Jaber said in a statement singled out by the "Covenant News" that "the poor class in Iraq is increasing breadth, and therefore will be activated an important part of the Saqun program is to demand the acceleration of the activation of Article 30 of the Iraqi constitution." Adding that "the article guarantees each Iraqi individual a share and a decent life." Jaber said that "the sincere seek to legislate a law on this article to ensure the share of each individual Iraqi and access to full rights."
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