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  1. This is what Kim clement says right in his prophecy..when things get at worst... interesting ..
  2. Absoluty agree...Nothing.. nothing... sudden change...GO DINAR
  3. the news in general from Iraq / CBI are absolutely incredible... just sitting back watching this unfold... very exciting
  4. 6ly410

    Go Iraq

  5. 6ly410

    CBI NEWS 11/18/2018

    The Central Bank commits commercial banks to the capital adequacy standard 19/11/2018 Economy News Baghdad The Central Bank of Iraq (CBE) has committed all commercial banks to the minimum capital adequacy standard. "In order to keep abreast of developments in the global banking system and in order to reach the Basel Committee's decisions, banks will have to adhere to the minimum capital adequacy criteria," the central bank said in a statement read by Al-Iktissad News. He added that "the minimum limits will be based on the method of calculation
  6. Why mix papers? The central bank is targeted Economic Adviser Samir Nusairi Articles Samir Nusairi At the time that our people are looking to complete the cabinet cabin for Prime Minister Dr. Adel Abdul Mahdi for the purpose of direct government to implement its government program, which outlines the road map to provide services and meet the basic needs of the people and the elimination of financial and administrative corruption, making the accused corruption and those well known by the people who stole the money of Iraq To raise a whirlwind sinking seven billion dinars in 2013 in the safe of the Rafidain Bank has been mixing the papers and directed charges to the Central Bank and try to undermine his administration and his portfolio on the real estate and they are not responsible for the sinking of the money. The reason is to turn the attention away from corruption and real spoilers and draw attention to the central bank, which has achieved great achievements at the local and international level, which explained by the governor in detail last week when he was hosted in the House of Representatives. The other objective is to privatize the subject and to divide the administrations that have played a distinguished role in supporting the national economy and protecting the economic and banking system from the collapse of the circumstances under which Iraq is going to face the economic and security shocks and the construction of international financial and banking relations and the transition of financial and monetary works from the 20th century to the one century Twenty. In order to minimize the rights of state cadres responsible for the management of monetary policy applications and who have achieved qualitative achievements locally and internationally, we include below the administrative, technical and technical developments carried out by the Central Bank in the Iraqi banking sector under the responsibility of the current administration of the Central Bank of Iraq. According to the following: Developments in the Iraqi Banking Sector (2015-2018) I. Commitment and action in accordance with the regulations issued by the Central Bank of Iraq regarding the combating of money laundering and terrorism financing derived from FATF recommendations and in light of the principles derived from the Anti-Money Laundering Law No. 39 of 2015. II - Compliance with regulatory instructions that have been developed by theCentral Bank in collaboration with MiTAC Center of the International Fund and make them live up to international standards and the requirements of the Basel - III . Third: The transition in the preparation of final and interim statements to international standards ( IFRS ), which ensures transparency of data and dealing with it by all parties responsible for financial reporting. Fourth: To encourage and stimulate the processes of financial inclusion and the attempt to increase its proportion in Iraq through the adoption of the project to settle salaries is a step to reduce the use of cash and the direction of growth of the non-monetary society. V. Work on the implementation of the plans of the Central Bank to revitalize the economic cycle and achieve economic stability and increase bank financing granted to small and medium enterprises. Sixth: The use of all methods and procedures required to be approved to verify the sources of funds of applicants for the purchase of foreign currency for the purpose of preserving the foreign currency from the detrimental behavior of the national economy. 7. Take the necessary measures to adopt the risk criteria and adopt a precautionary policy to contribute to the perception of risks and then to take appropriate measures to address any risk. Eighth: Adoption of the unified banking number ( IBAN ) which contributes to improving the level of banking services and clearing services and settling payments locally and internationally. IX Establishment of a deposit guarantee company to maintain the insurance of customers' deposits in circumstances that expose banks to financial collapses, which is a state of reassurance among customers to go to deal with the banking system. X. Commitment and action In accordance with the policies and procedures of the Governance Guide, which provides for transparency, disclosure and separation of management from ownership. * Economic and banking consultant Views 120 Date Added 11/19/2018

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