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  1. Sudanese advisor: Wait for more reform packages - 05-07-2023 10:07 PM - Number of readings: 3378 Advisor to the Prime Minister Hisham Al-Rikabi affirmed today, Wednesday, the government's insistence on carrying out more reforms . Al-Rikabi stated in his tweet, "The prime minister's conversation yesterday with his ministerial team about continuing work to serve the citizen and stressing the fight against corruption, and the security changes that took place today show the government's insistence on conducting comprehensive administrative reforms and purification of state institutions, and the basic criterion is citizen service. " ‏ "Wait for more reform packages, " he added.
  2. Organized crime reveals new secrets about the dollar trade.. "There are detainees" Baghdad today - Baghdad The Director of Organized Crime Operations at the Ministry of Interior, Brigadier General Hussein Al-Tamimi, revealed new secrets related to the trade of foreign currency (the dollar) in the local (parallel) markets. Al-Tamimi said in a televised statement this evening, "50 companies in the provinces and Baghdad were seized in violation of the Central Bank of Iraq's regulations in selling dollars and foreign currency, and legal measures were taken against them." He added, "We also caught the owners of malls and residential complexes who charge rents from their occupants in dollars, and they were held accountable according to the law." Al-Tamimi predicted that "the dollar's exchange rate will decline after accounting for persons trading in currency outside the electronic system of the Central Bank." It is noteworthy that the local markets are witnessing a rise in the exchange rate of the dollar, as it sometimes reaches 1490 dinars per dollar, while the official price set by the state is 132 thousand dinars per hundred dollars. Economists blame speculators behind the rise in the exchange rate.الجريمة-المنظمة-تكشف-خفايا-جديدة-عن-تجارة-الدولار.-هناك-معتقلون.html
  3. Prime Minister: The corrupt are lurking to steal public money, and they must be confronted political | 09:51 - 04/07/2023 Baghdad - Mawazine News, Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani confirmed today, Tuesday, that the corrupt are waiting to steal public money, and they must be confronted. The Prime Minister said during today's council session, followed by Mawazine News, that "there is a group of corrupt people waiting to pounce on the financial allocations, as it did with the explosive budgets of the state previously, and they are the ones who talk about chastity and combating corruption, but they are corrupt, and all ministers must follow the procedures first-hand to prevent a loophole that is being implemented." by the corrupt.” He added, "We directed the competent security services to track down all pillars of corruption and follow them by all means, and to confront corruption and attempts to thwart the implementation of the government program and economic reform, and this is a legitimate and legal responsibility."
  4. On the parliament table.. A law to recover stolen money from the corrupt Policy |Today, 16:26 | Baghdad today - Baghdad Today, Wednesday, the Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed a parliamentary approach to submit a bill to recover stolen funds from the corrupt. Committee member Raed al-Maliki told "Baghdad Today" that "Parliament has a number of laws that will be passed after its legislative recess, as one of the most important of these laws will be the law of demonstration and freedom of expression, as well as important security laws, including a law related to the National Security Agency." Al-Maliki added, "The council is going to pass the law on the Authority for Persons with Disabilities, as it is one of the laws that the council seeks to pass." And on (May 23, 2021), the former President of the Republic, Barham Salih, announced the submission of a draft law to "recover the proceeds of corruption"; To recover corruption funds and hold the corrupt accountable and bring them to justice, indicating that the draft law includes subsequent steps to recover corruption funds, support financial and oversight institutions and activate their tools.على-طاولة-البرلمان.-قانون-لاسترداد-الاموال-المسروقة-من-الفاسدين.html
  5. Al-Rafidain announces the suspension of electronic advances temporarily Economy | 07:15 - 03/07/2023 Baghdad - Mawazine News Al-Rafidain Bank announced today, Monday, the temporary suspension of electronic advances. The bank stated, in a statement, received by Mawazine News, that "the promotion of advance transactions provided through the Ki services application from Al-Rafidain Bank has been temporarily suspended." The statement added, "All applicants will be paid in the coming days after completing the grant procedures." He added, "The suspension of receiving electronic advances transactions temporarily and until further notice came as a result of the entry into force of the allocation granted for advances and loans." And he indicated, “The bank will announce the date for re-submission after completing the grants for all applicants and currently registered.” And he continued, "The bank continues to collect the monthly installments from the borrowers, as the deduction is done electronically." Ended 29 / m
  6. Rasheed Bank announces the increase in the salaries of retirees for the month of July Economy | 08:38 - 03/07/2023 Rasheed Bank announces the increase in the salaries of retirees for the month of July
  7. Representative Hassan Salem: The economic sovereignty launched by Sheikh Khazali will liberate Iraq from Washington's pressures 23-07-02 14:36:00 Covenant / special The representative of the Sadiqun Bloc, Hassan Salem, affirmed that the vision of economic sovereignty launched by His Eminence Sheikh Khazali will liberate Iraq from Washington's pressures and control the movement of money. Salem said, in a statement to Al-Ahed website, today, Sunday, that "His Eminence Sheikh Khazali touched on very important issues, including economic sovereignty, in his Friday sermon." He added, "The United States continues its pressure on Iraq, and its desire not to achieve economic sovereignty over its money," noting that "Washington stands against many projects that revive the Iraqi economy and provide millions of job opportunities in addition to financial imports." Salem explained, "The United States is preventing Iraq from achieving stability in the electrical system by standing against contracting with the German company Siemens," noting that it "imposes restrictions on importing gas from the Islamic Republic of Iran." He pointed out, "Sheikh Khazali touched on the intervention of the United States in the Central Bank and the account of the Iraqi Commercial Bank, and preventing Iraq from disposing of its money is considered an economic occupation." The representative of Al-Sadiqun stressed that "the bloc always calls for the implementation of Parliament's decision to remove foreign forces from Iraqi lands, especially American ones, in addition to canceling or terminating the strategic agreement with the United States of America because it is not based on balance." He pointed out that "America does not allow thousands of idle factories to return, just as giant projects do not allow their completion, and it wants to make Iraq an importer and a consumer only."
  8. Economists: Achieving economic sovereignty will rid Iraq of the dominance of the dollar 23-07-02 14:50:00 Covenant / special Economic experts confirmed that achieving economic sovereignty will liberate Iraq from US pressures on the Central Bank and Iraqi banks. Economic expert Mustafa Akram Hantoush said, in a statement to Al-Ahed website, today, Sunday, that "economic sovereignty means the independence of the economic and financial decision in the implementation of strategic and vital projects." He added, "The economic openness to the world will enable Iraq to get rid of the dominance of the dollar and oil, which witnesses fluctuations in prices from time to time." Hantoush pointed to "the need to diversify sources of income through the implementation of major economic projects to achieve economic sovereignty," noting that "Iraq is facing a correct economic direction, if it succeeds in it, it will have economic diversity and sovereignty, which is entering into profitable economic projects such as the port of Faw."
  9. Deputy for the rule of law: Parliament supports the achievement of economic sovereignty 23-07-02 14:14:00 Iraq Covenant / special Representative of the State of Law Coalition, Hussein Mardan, affirmed that the House of Representatives supports the vision of economic sovereignty, which was presented by His Eminence Sheikh Qais Khazali on the first day of Eid. Mardan said in a statement to Al-Ahed website, today, Sunday, that "the government and the House of Representatives categorically reject the US hegemony over Iraqi funds." He added, "The pressures exerted by Washington on Iraq's money and oil are not new, and we support achieving financial independence and economic sovereignty to remove Washington's hand from this file." Mardan said, "Iraq today is looking for balance in its economic relations with major countries, especially China, Russia and other countries.
  10. Alahad TV-EN @ahad_en · 1h The MP of the State of Law, Hussein Mardan for Al-Ahad website: We reject Washington's hegemony over Iraq's funds and support the vision of economic sovereignty. #Iraq
  11. Alahad TV-EN @ahad_en · 1h Hassan Salem, The MP of the Sadiqun bloc, for Al-Ahad website: Al-Sheikh Al-Khazali's vision regarding economic sovereignty will liberate Iraq from American pressures. #Iraq
  12. Tweet Alahad TV-EN @ahad_en Economist Mustafa Akram Hantoush for Al-Ahad website: Achieving economic sovereignty will rid Iraq of the dominance of the dollar.
  13. @Shedagal, can you send/link me this word? I have not seen it yet. TY RJG
  14. The Integrity Commission arrests 46 owners of exchange companies on charges of currency manipulation 6/21/2023 The Federal Integrity Authority stated, on Wednesday, that its teams managed to seize 46 accused owners of private exchange companies. Against the backdrop of manipulation, forgery, and circumvention of the platform system for selling foreign currency. The investigations department of the commission, speaking of the arrest operations it carried out according to judicial notes, indicated that it had formed teams in the directorates and offices of the commission's investigations in Baghdad and the provinces. To investigate and audit information received by it that includes some private exchange companies committing fraud and violations; To circumvent the platform system approved by the Central Bank of Iraq to withdraw foreign currency and sell it on the black market. The department continued that its teams were able to launch an inspection campaign, and after investigations, investigations and audits, they overthrew (46) of the owners of money changers. Because they used the passports of citizens and uploaded them to the platform system approved by the Central Bank, and withdrew an amount of (2000) US dollars for each passport without the knowledge or approval of the holder of the passport and with a forged travel ticket, pointing to the absence of the customer’s documents and his signature on the form for disbursing the amount. The department also indicated that the arrested were distributed among several governorates, where (20) of them were seized in the capital, Baghdad, and (8) in Basra, while (7) accused were arrested in Wasit, while the number of owners of private exchange companies who were seized reached In each of Maysan, Anbar, Muthanna, Najaf and Diwaniyah, there are two accused in each of them, and one accused in Babil governorate. And she added that the teams were also able to seize dozens of transactions and passport records of private exchange companies, which showed that there were no signatures for the customer to receive the amounts in the records or transactions, warning that some of the owners of the transactions denied receiving the amounts, after they were contacted by the authority’s teams. The accused, accompanied by the exhibits and the arrest reports, were taken to the judges of the investigation courts specialized in hearing cases of integrity. Those who decided to arrest according to different legal articles, while the judge of the Second Karkh Investigation Court decided to assign the Commission’s Investigation Department to form an investigative committee to conduct an administrative investigation into the procedures of the Central Bank of Iraq by following up the work of some private exchange companies. The judge also decided to assign the aforementioned investigative committee to conduct investigations and clarify the shortcomings by checking the disbursement of money according to the tickets and the first passports seized by the commission and which it started authoring, according to the Integrity Commission.مجتـمع/هي-ة-النزاهة-تعتقل-46-شخصا-من-صحاب-شركات-الصرافة-بتهمة-التلاعب-بالعملة
  15. maybe he can electronically sign it and email it back while he is visiting Italy. 🤣
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