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  1. I told you that I have been holding my tongue. You are wrong in your approach, but you are driven, so have at it. I've had my say.
  2. My issue is that you are trying to force your decisions on others. It isn't a sin to get the vaccine. What is a sin is to fail to walk in love, such as calling Shabs a 'dead man walking'. That is speaking word curses, not pleasing to God. By the way, I will ALWAYS stake my life on following God.
  3. I have previously stated that I went to God, and He told me to take it. That I understand.
  4. Exactly. I have held my tongue on all your fear-mongering posts regarding the vaccine (tried to ignore you, but apparently that's not an option for a moderator). If you choose not to get the vaccine, I respect that. Please respect those who do.
  5. Great to hear from you, Adam. You have earned this prosperous, exciting time in your life. I am totally confident that if there was something in the dinar world to report, you would let us know. To be honest, I do not gauge my confidence in this investment on whether or not I hear from you. Been in this too long for that. Plans have been established, and we occupy until it manifests. Go have fun with your family and make lots of money!!!
  6. And those who are wise take advantage of it.
  7. Praying, Edith. God desires above all things that we prosper and be in health.
  8. Correct. You are not going to stop it. A positive reaction would be to ignore it and concentrate on the really great positive news we are hearing now.
  9. If that were true, you wouldn't continue to respond the way you do.
  10. As I stated before in another thread, I went to the Lord about the vaccine, and His exact words to me were "Don't think about it, just get it." That settled it for me. The Bible says Wisdom is the principle thing. Personally seeking God's Wisdom FOR YOU is paramount.
  11. Got an e-mail from Treasury Vault a week or so ago saying they were buying dinar. Can't remember price.
  12. Just an observation. You seem to be easily offended. And you beat a dead horse. And you emphasize the 10% you disagree with and forget the 90% that is great about this site.
  13. I would suggest you follow Adam. You will get a notification when he posts.
  14. Thanks, @coorslite21. Always the voice of reason. I, too, am in for the loooooong haul. It has been excruciating, and I wish I had known beforehand how long we would have to wait. Your explanation should be very calming to those who are beginning to doubt.
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