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  1. Yes, dated August 17th. Not exactly the final weekend of summer. Seriously not worth a response. Have a great weekend.
  2. I'm a bit confused. Did we hear from our beloved leader? Or, are you hoping he will do a drive-by (me, too)?
  3. "When things seem at their worst". Are we there yet?!?
  4. Fast forward to 1:30 to hear the prophecies.
  5. It's hard to hear God's voice when you have already decided what you want Him to say.
  6. I am thinking that 'soon' if you are not a paid member, you will have no access to this site. And it's quite possible there will be no forewarning. I am not pushing VIP - just stating a possibility. Adam has stated it will definitely be that way immediately following an RV.
  7. Most rv peeps have kept up with Adam and are up-to-date.
  8. I told you that I have been holding my tongue. You are wrong in your approach, but you are driven, so have at it. I've had my say.
  9. My issue is that you are trying to force your decisions on others. It isn't a sin to get the vaccine. What is a sin is to fail to walk in love, such as calling Shabs a 'dead man walking'. That is speaking word curses, not pleasing to God. By the way, I will ALWAYS stake my life on following God.
  10. I have previously stated that I went to God, and He told me to take it. That I understand.
  11. Exactly. I have held my tongue on all your fear-mongering posts regarding the vaccine (tried to ignore you, but apparently that's not an option for a moderator). If you choose not to get the vaccine, I respect that. Please respect those who do.
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