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  1. We don't hate the people; we hate the platform. It is a necessary responsibility to call out the evil in their agenda. As the saying says, the way for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.
  2. That has actually been suggested, but she/he has said "not interested."
  3. Like I have said before, I follow truthers AND spiritual leaders. If a truther disagrees with the Bible, I disregard that statement. Doesn't mean they are wrong on other FACTS. Hank Kunneman is one of the most accurate prophets used today. You can research his prophecies and see that. Is God pleased with everything Israel does? Nope. Was He pleased at everything David did? Nope. But His hand is on Israel, and woe to those who come against it. Netanyahu is God-appointed. You can disagree with me, but you will find yourself disagreeing with God. Research the prophecies of Robin Bullock with God calling Netanyahu back into office. God wins - always.
  4. Robin Bullock's last interview on Elijah Streams was on fire explaining what is happening now.
  5. Patriots Rising on telegram has the video.
  6. I saw the video on telegram. Went back and looked at it. It came from Tic Tok - date of video May 2014. I don't do Tic Tok. Maybe someone can bring it over.
  7. A black swan event. Gen. Flynn said there could be 'one or two' of them.
  8. Don't follow Markz on daily basis, but I find his interviews with Dr Scott Young (Nesara/Gesara) and Andy Schectman (gold/silver) to be educational.
  9. I saw a video on telegram the other day of Kim saying to look to the 14th of April. Tried to share it but was unsuccessful. Then tried to find it on rumble and youtube. No luck. Sure seemed legit. .
  10. Even Biden can't mess this up. NCSWIC.
  11. Charlie Ward posted a picture on his telegram page of he and Bob Joyce at Mar-a-Lago last night. That's interesting. There are lots of events at Mar-a-Lago, so it could be nothing.
  12. Also, if you are interested from a spiritual standpoint, look at Elijah Streams on Truth Social. Watch interviews with Robin Bullock and Johnny Enlow.
  13. Sorry. White hats are those you know to be the good guys. Gen. Flynn and Kash Patel are examples.
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