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  1. Yes. I also seem to remember he said Gates was not far from the Kingdom. Hopefully he will get saved and do a 180.
  2. He is going to be on The Victory Channel show Flashpoint Tues. Night at 7 p.m. central with Lance Wallnau and Mario Murillo. Always has a word from the Lord on these programs. He is very accurate.
  3. I'm thinking that statement may have freed her up to be able to receive funds from the Trumps.
  4. Lin Wood just tweeted they are aligned correctly. He and Sidney Powell are working the criminal fraud cases and will be separate from the Trump legal team.
  5. Feeling a sense of urgency. We have been so close before, but it is time (past time). I would say if you have ever thought about VIP or OSI, take the plunge. Missed opportunity brings regret.
  6. The reason I posted this is because there is a fake account for her. I checked, and that is her real account. The tweet must be a few days old. Thanks @Pepperina.
  7. I am not seeing this on Sidney's twitter feed. Anyone else?
  8. Wow, that is crazy. The one I posted is on The Victory Channel's fb page.
  9. Last night's show on The Victory Channel. Lance Wallnau, Mario Murillo. And Hank Kunneman together. Powerful.
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