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  1. NYK, I think the French woman you are referring to is Christine LeGarde, the current head of the IMF. Ivanka is certainly qualified; and I, too, would love her over the World Bank. But can you imagine the backlash?
  2. Looks like Forum Rules need to be reminded. Where are the Mods?
  3. Googled him and looked at his patient reviews. Most described him as rude, arrogant, and condescending. May have had some personal issues which drove him to suicide, and the family wanted to deal with it quietly.
  4. Shedagal

    Amazing Acts of Love

    Good for you, LGD. Thanks for getting it back on track.
  5. Shedagal

    Amazing Acts of Love

    A loving God will allow people to go to hell - just saying. Even He has laws that must be obeyed.
  6. Shedagal

    Amazing Acts of Love

    B/A, why did you have to go political with this thread? Sad.
  7. It looks like they have allowed the post to stay so people can click on the link.
  8. So sorry to hear this. Prayers for healing and provision.
  9. I actually think Sam did dinarland a great service. I remember Kim Clement warning us that there were a lot of corrupt people involved in dinar. Over time we have seen some of these people exposed. I appreciate the research Sam did - truth is paramount. I don't agree with him and Marcus Curtis concluding there will be no RV, but i don't see any evidence that they are trying to scam anyone.
  10. CBI is closed on Friday and Saturday. Seems interesting this is all happening while bank is closed. FYI, our night is their day, so if they were to RV at the opening of business, it would be about midnight our time.
  11. I think this guy is from Kuwait - not same guy. I saw where an Al-Sarraf was on the Board of an Iraqi Islamic Bank.
  12. Remember in 2012 when Shabibbi was ready to RV, so Maliki had him arrested and took control of the CBI? I see all of this now as cleaning house (sort of like draining the swamp). I think this is a great move.
  13. He was Mr. Rich on DV. Real name is Rod Saunders. He and Marcus Curtis were once avid believers in revaluation but have since come out against it. **Rod Saunders**
  14. He was Mr. Rich on DV. Real name is Ron Saunders. He and Marcus Curtis were once avid believers in revaluation but have since come out against it.
  15. Shedagal

    Amazing Acts of Love

    I am sincerely sorry that you experienced such loss. Many of us have our own stories of loss, embarrassment, humiliation, etc. But when I remember that there are orphan children in Cambodia living in garbage dumps, I get some perspective and switch back to being thankful for what I have. Christians tell you they will pray for you, and many will do that. What do you want them to do for you? We all look to God, who is The Restorer and Finisher of our faith. The Bible says Paul learned how to abound and abase. I do believe God's will is for us to have every need met, but our financial condition should not affect our walk with God. I guess what I'm saying is that we have the Good News of God's gift of salvation and healing, and we should get over ourselves and be about the Father's business. We can do that without ever seeing an RV.

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