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  1. I say I have to agree with Jaygo. Half of the posts on the 2 threads are Navira-6ly chest-pumping each other. I would definitely encourage you both to use Private Message. Navira, I appreciate the news you bring in. I do not appreciate your disrespect of Yota, who has been around a long time and has earned the respect of DVers AND Adam.
  2. Shedagal

    Go Iraq

    Thanks, Navira.
  3. Shedagal

    Go Iraq

    What does special grades mean?
  4. Have bought from them in past. No problems. Did get e-mail the other day saying they were relocating their office. Perfect time for RV lol.
  5. Those who understand spiritual attacks would never joke about this.
  6. LOL - scroll to bottom and see subsequent updates.
  7. Shedagal

    Go Iraq

    Hey, Navira, they are 8 hours ahead Central time. It is 6 a.m. Central time now, so it is 2 p.m. Sunday in Iraq.
  8. People may be tired of references to Kim Clement, but in Feb. 2014 he said "I heard gold. I wasn't sure if this was attached to his name. He will restore the fortunes of this nation because of his brilliance. This man will throttle the enemies of Israel."
  9. Shedagal

    Go Iraq

    I remember some "expert" in the past predicting that the RV would be just a blip on the radar and a one-liner news announcement. I would hope that is true so that we can proceed with our exchanges without alot of fanfare.
  10. So, so sorry to hear Pitcher. And you, too, lmb4321. Praying for supernatural peace and comfort.
  11. @yendor I believe this thread is referring to "online" banking, which is normally available even if banks are closed.
  12. @new york kevin great advice!!
  13. I think lots of times banks do maintenance on holidays. Just a guess. Wish it had been true, pp.
  14. Seems like only yesterday we were wondering if it would RV before you hit 50,000. A sincere thank you for keeping us informed all these years!!
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