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  1. Thanks. Do you know why the site is so sluggish? Has Adam told the mods if the site issues have been resolved?
  2. Haven't noticed that, but it sure seems like the site is very slow to open a thread.
  3. @roadtrippers, I sent you a private message.
  4. I do have a Roth with a few million dinar held there. Shocked to see this. I had had issue with them the last time I paid my annual fee, but thought they had straightened it out. When did you hear about this? I know @ddprint22has a Roth with them, too. Hopefully, we will hear from the attorney. I will contact my IRA company tomorrow. Thanks for the heads-up.
  5. So, I was visiting with my siblings last night as we have gathered for Thanksgiving. The discussion turned to the moral state of the Nation. I said one thing I hated the most was how the "F word" had become part of normal conversation.
  6. Oh, how I love a good bank story. Brings back memories of the good ole days when we would get excited about each story and enthusiastically react. Too sad many have become so cynical. I love the hopium!!!
  7. Love James Woods' posts on Twitter. A true patriot.
  8. If true, this would be something I would expect @Adam Montanato post about. He has long said he expected an RV/RI very quickly after the HCL was passed.
  9. Many have, for sure. Most of those have quietly sold their dinar and moved on. There are those who, not having bought more than they can afford to lose, have put the dinar in a safe place, and moved on. There are also those who have engaged in this forum (some continuing to do so) and have learned much about the world of investment opportunities; and even if the dinar never revalues, they believe it has been a great ride.
  10. I don't think Adam has lost interest in the dinar as an investment. I do think he has lost interest in this community that he built (which is dwindling in activity). You are right, I believe, that if there was something to report, he would let us know.
  11. Fond memories of many USMC Birthday Balls. Happy Birthday, Marines!!!
  12. The same Biden who said his son died in Iraq and the economy looks great?
  13. I believe what Kim Clement said "nothing, nothing, nothing . . . SUDDENLY!! A MASSIVE BREAKTHROUGH."
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