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  1. So many places. Go look at the last few posts that I made. Watch Elijah Streams on Rumble. Go to the link I posted with the interview with Patel Patriot (real name Jon, Trump knows personally). Listen to the X22 Report on Rumble. Follow Hank Kunneman, Robin Bullock, Johnny Enlow. So many others who believe this. Don't believe that it will be a smooth undertaking. There will be a great shaking with probable violence and a blackout. We will win.
  2. Please, @Markinsaand other mods, appeal to Adam to put a cease and desist on flat earth discussion. I believe that there is almost as much discussion about this as dinar. It is glaringly obvious that no opinions are being changed, and I bet there are other websites where this debate can be taken. And, in the words of Hilarious, "what difference does it make?".
  3. Don't believe America will fall. There will be a blackout, but it will be short-lived because God will intervene. I recommended X22 because his reports agree with what the prophets are saying (Hank Kunneman, Johnny Enlow, Robin Bullock, even Kim Clement).
  4. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm the pathetic pervert monster Y'all think I am. @ladyGrace'sDaddy, you are passionate and unapologetic in your beliefs. And polarizing. I was told one time I had a sharp, argumentive tongue, and that it was more than likely a defense mechanism from past hurts. I was reading 1 John yesterday, and it said "don't be surprised that the world hates you." It's a given. How you react is not. Truth be told, I think you like the debate - its a desire to win battles. You are a warrior. Carry on!!!
  5. Would love to hear this from Adam.
  7. Just listened to a great interview of Patel Patriot (by Elijah Streams on Rumble). He is an expert on devolution, and he was recently acknowledged by Trump at a rally. He said he believes this (Trump taking action) will happen before the midterm election.
  8. Agree!! I have heard Gregg Phillips (who worked on 2000 Mules) interviewed, and he talked about something coming that would make 2000 Mules pale in comparison. He asked for witness protection because it is so damning. Of course, he was denied. But they have decided to release it, and trust God for protection. So many of our structures are masonic symbols. Nuff said.
  9. Interesting possibilities. I am hearing that the takedown of our fraudulent government and the reinstalling of the rightful one will be violent (although over quickly). I believe there will be many exposures and a major shaking. Certainly would qualify as "when things seem at their worst". I've heard that Sept. 3rd is the last day that voter data from the 2020 election has to be kept. If this shaking is a result of voter fraud, it will happen before then. I remember @keylimesaid the Lord told him it would RV in August. Exciting times.
  10. Sort of changing the subject, but Kim says in the above video that there will be a "grave surrender". I had always assumed it would occur in the Middle East, but the things the prophets say are coming makes me think it will occur here. What do you think @Longtimelurker?
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