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  1. You know, I've heard it said that everywhere the Apostle Paul went, he started either a riot or a revival. I REALLY regret my post. I do not like strife (the Bible warns against it). I attempted an apology, but the damage was done. I disagree with a lot of posts that are not my political bent. I have a lot of close friends who disagree with me about politics and faith. What are we to do? Get into debates on a dinar website? Does that really please God? My personality is opinionated and vocal, so I have to work on restraint. Sometimes I fail. Jesus loves (he ate with the sinners instead of Pharisees). Let us love one another, as God does love us.
  2. "During the next phase" - wonder if that could be the next quarter, as Adam mentioned? Good find, Botz!!
  3. Joe, I believe you to be correct. But I feel I need to apologize. My question to Mule was really trying to get him to recognize that his accusational question was out of character for someone observing Lent. Then I realized that my question (even though I am not observing Lent) was not peaceable, either. So I do pray that those observing Lent are doing so with the purpose of drawing closer to God.
  4. I would be described as a full gospel, Charismatic, tongue-talking, Word of Faith believer.
  5. When I first heard of this in November 2010, I cautiously purchased a "sensible" amount. It was reported that it would happen by the end of the year because of some Paris thing LOL. And, of course, there was the Donald Trump having 30 million dinar. Anyway, I told co-workers (small office) and some family. Most family members jumped in, but my co-workers were skeptical (although one, who was a CPA and attorney, suggested a ROTH IRA). My point is that pretty soon after that I realized I should have kept my mouth shut. And I have been tight-lipped since then. Those who realized that from the beginning are to be commended.
  6. It was not a big deal to get. Her license was suspended because she did not complete the Continuing Education requirements. After age 70, they are no longer required. Many states do this. Now, why she applied could be a different issue.
  7. Great post, CL. I just read an article about the woman who won the Megaball $1.5 Billion lottery in October. She wisely took the time to assemble the best professional team to help her navigate the right path for her. I could not more passionately urge people to seek counsel before running to exchange. Even with a million or less dinar, there are strategies to employ. Many professionals may be caught unaware when this hits, but hopefully they can get up to speed quickly. VIP members will get a list from Adam, and I would expect them to be well aware. We are all going to have to make ourselves take a deep breath and chill a bit, even if we think we have it all planned out. It is going to be so surreal.
  8. Pretty sure the government already has records of purchases through Sterling. Have you looked at the questionaire? Maybe wanting to find customers who felt they were defrauded. I agree with Pitcher - disregard it.
  9. @Botzwana Yep, Breitling kind of shocked me, too. He and Bob also said to exchange all your dinar at the time of RV, which is what Kim Clement said to do years ago.
  10. Great post, WH. Agreeing with all the prayers for those facing challenges. God is faithful. I remember the scripture in Job that says "yea, though He slay me, yet will I trust him." We hang on, looking to him and not our circumstances. We will come out whole, entire, and wanting nothing!
  11. Hope things go well for you and all invested in Zim. Also, if it does, it will help us dinarians get a foretaste of the reaction to the RV; although, hopefully, the dinar will RV before we see how the IRS views the Zim exchange. One thing I know is that when the RV is announced, there will be panic and questions from those who have not gotten prepared. I was amazed at how many people asked Adam very basic questions when he posted recently of his excitement. He was so patient with them; but when this hits, he will be otherwise occupied.
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