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  1. @Pitcher Hey, I'm still waiting on that George Robertson prophecy of May 31st at $3.76. I think that was in 2011. In other news, how 'bout my Diamond Hogs!!!
  2. Noticed that, too, CL. Unfortunately, apparently there was no major HCL news. But, hope springs eternal. We still have a week!!
  3. @6ly410. Gotta give it to ya - back when the rumor was that he was on his way out, you called it as false. Positive things are going on, for sure.
  4. Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.
  5. @Karsten. Breitling had said in a previous post that things had changed so geopolitically that he no longer sees it rising to $3 plus. He was advising people to exchange all at time of RV. People freaked out, so he explained he figured it could get up to $2.50 - $2.80 or so. I thought at first he was saying he thought it would RV at $2.50, but I'm not sure. A bit confusing.
  6. I need to listen to it again to be sure, but Breitling's lastest video talked about Trump (via Kushner) working with Iraq to establish economic relations with surrounding countries - I remember Egypt, Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Anyway, I think Breitling felt they would need to RV before these were implemented. Another great sign.
  7. Good morning Adam and DV!! Great to wake up to this. Adam, I do believe you think we are just about there. Thanks for the update.
  8. @Adam Montana. Hey, Adam. Can you expound on the different cash in times and rates? Thanks.
  9. Well, I had no idea how great a coach Chris Beard was!!! Congrats to he and Texas Tech!!
  10. Didn't you hear? Adam won the Powerball - we are on our own.
  11. You know, I've heard it said that everywhere the Apostle Paul went, he started either a riot or a revival. I REALLY regret my post. I do not like strife (the Bible warns against it). I attempted an apology, but the damage was done. I disagree with a lot of posts that are not my political bent. I have a lot of close friends who disagree with me about politics and faith. What are we to do? Get into debates on a dinar website? Does that really please God? My personality is opinionated and vocal, so I have to work on restraint. Sometimes I fail. Jesus loves (he ate with the sinners instead of Pharisees). Let us love one another, as God does love us.
  12. "During the next phase" - wonder if that could be the next quarter, as Adam mentioned? Good find, Botz!!
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