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  1. Praying for you @davis411 and your dad. Believe me, I have been pissed many times at circumstances myself. Jesus understands, and you can be honest with him. There is no condemnation. May the supernatural power of God (the same power that raised Jesus from the dead) move over you and your dad today to bring hope, healing, and peace.
  2. FYI - the conference I'm attending is in early Feb., so I probably won't have any info until mid-Feb (after my phone consult with Bob). Great info on gifts, Floridian.
  3. Yes, we are already headed down that path. No news there. However, there is a point that when we are required to get the chip, we have to resist. Some of us may be martyred, although I pray for the Rapture before it comes to that.
  4. Will do. I will do gift letter and get it notarized just in case. Might not use it but want to have all bases covered. Thanks, again.
  5. Sad to see that someone laughed at this. This is most certainly a sign that we are moving toward the mark of the beast. Those of us who know the Word have seen this coming for some time, and it will happen. We know in whom we have believed and are prepared.
  6. Been thinking about this, and I will ask Bob. It seems to me that if you do a gifting letter, the IRS will rule the value of the dinar at the time you gifted it and not the time you physically turn it over. If the IRS does do that, the dollar value will be negligible. I have relatives who tithed their dinar years ago when they initially purchased it, so I know they will not get the tax advantage. Just thinking outloud.
  7. Thanks @KristiD. I signed up for the latest conference and will certainly take advantage of the free 30 minutes to consult with Bob. I am curious about tithing dinar to your church as it will obviously have more value than $15,000. The CPAs I worked with in the past had advised me to give physical dinar post RV and to get a receipt showing value in dollars.
  8. "While you wait, accumulate." How often have we heard that!?! I will admit the first few years allowed me to do that, but the last 5 years have been torture.
  9. Agree. There was an article posted about that bank account.
  10. I am not mad or upheaved. I am also not afraid to or deterred from expressing my opinion. I am not moved by approval or disapproval. And I certainly don't need or covet your suggestions on how I view Dinar Vets.
  11. My first thought when I saw this - oh, great, another thread to fester contention. There are, imo, enough of these already on DV. I don't believe anyone has changed their opinion, and all they have done is bring reproach.
  12. I think you nailed it, Chuck.
  13. Having followed Kim for years as he was a minister of the Gospel, I know he would be pleased that people were receiving the prophecies. But he would be more concerned about them recognizing the Source ( I know you do, wealthound) and being inspired to seek God and get wisdom and direction for their life.
  14. Chuck, your wife is a saint . . . LOL
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