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  1. I watched an interview with Joyce Meyer (look her up) the other day. She mentioned the moral decline in our nation. She reminded us that not too many years ago men would not curse in front of women and certainly not speak sexual innuendo. I am saddened when I see it, although it is just a sign of the times. I also see curse words here abbreviated, and that is thought funny. Mock me (I don't care), but eschatology points to an imminent rapture of the church, and I would pray that everyone would examine their hearts. Some things are more important than the dinar.
  2. Really hope those who have been on the fence take advantage to at least get into VIP. I believe the discount on bank exchange fees is definitely worth it.
  3. T B, I understand your discouragement. Many have put all their focus on the hopes of the dinar giving them a new life. It is looking good with all the news we are hearing. Hang in there!! Maybe someone more tech savvy can post that Bob Seger song for you.
  4. If my memory of end-time teaching is correct, Russia and China align to attack Israel. Ashamed to admit I don't remember if it is the Ps. 83 war or Armageddon. Anyway, things are sure lining up. Maybe why Kim Clement said to get out of the dinar ASAP after it increases.
  5. Available to those who are in VIP.
  6. If I understood correctly, Breitling's last video talked about Iraq leaning either to the East (China) or West (US). He said if they go East, the RV would probably be at a lower rate. Did anyone else listen to him and get that?
  7. Has it not said this in the past??? Great if it is something they just added. Anybody heard from pokerplayer lately?
  8. Last time I bought (several years ago) was with Treasury Vault. Very pleased with them. Is Ali still going to be involved with exchanges at RV?
  9. Learning, in all this, you never answered my question. But you are correct in that God allows evil when the hedge of protection is removed. God gave the devil free will, as He has given us. We are not all His children. God does not use the devil. I'm done here - moving on.
  10. In the original language the Bible verses people use to show God controlling is actually God saying "I will allow . .". See Deuteronomy 28 for the blessings and curses. Jesus functioned on Earth as a man full of the Holy Spirit. He told us to do as He did. Evil comes, and we rebuke it. Not everything that happens is His will and certainly not His doing.
  11. Hey, can you explain why Jesus had to tell the storm to cease? Wouldn't that be opposing himself?
  12. Thanks, Caye. I agree with you on some points. I remember when our kids were in elementary school, we observed 'values clarification' and 'secular humanism' creeping in. We adjusted our budget and put the kids into a private Christian school. As adults, they have re-evaluated their belief system and developed their own strong relationship with God and His Word. Because of their upbringing, they have a strong moral and spiritual compass. We even disagree on some issues, but they have a solid understanding of God as the ultimate authority. The greatest satisfaction is seeing my grandchildren being raised in the faith.
  13. @Caye98, I have always disliked the "question authority" mindset. I understand there are times where there is injustice, but obedience to authority is paramount to growth. Ask any parent with a teenager who did not learn that.
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