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  1. I remember Adam saying it could happen within hours after the HCL is settled. Settle today, RV today.
  2. Know what you mean. Years ago we had no idea of what needed to be done before an RV was feasible and, therefore, believed all those we have now realized were pumpers. I do believe we are making progress, but we are not as naive as we once were.
  3. Our very own commander in chief just said we are getting close. I appreciate that there has been hysteria in the past (reference the bros lol), but your posts are not indicating caution, but denial. With the amount of dinar you have, your investment is under $1500. Not enough to warrant the negativity, especially if, as you have stated, you don't need it.
  4. Fact checkers say Krauthammer did not write this. I do believe Barry and Michael are going down.
  5. Ok, you are right about getting to voice your opinion - until Adam moves you to the lopster tank. If you don't need it, why are you so ticked? Go enjoy your wealth.
  6. Engine1, you are such a sourpuss, lol. You made your point the first time you posted your disbelief. Why haven't you sold your dinar? Treasury Vault is giving more than you probably paid. If you truly believed what you said, you would be gone.
  7. Link didn't work, but I went to site and listened. I had heard of it (someone asked Mark Taylor about it), but I didn't know who the pastor was. Mark cautioned to be very careful who you listened to and to walk in faith, not fear. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide and not some obscure prophecy. I trust God for protection, provision, and direction. I believe the RV will occur when things seem at their worst. I also trust and pray for President Trump and believe God will use him to restore this nation.
  8. Maybe not for you, but I want all the investment knowledge Pitcher is willing to divulge. This is, in fact, primarily an investment site.
  9. I listened to it, and agree it was very detailed. Will need to listen again, but he made some distinction on the rate based on whether or not they went global. I believe he said $.66 to meet their budget, but it could be more if they went global to get into western markets. Would love to hear other's take on it.
  10. Learning to Trust in Him. Subtitle - There was never a reason to worry.
  11. I seem to remember one of the bullet points that I have seen of NESARA is a required election within 120 days of enactment. That would put it around August to meet the Nov. election. Right?
  12. I agree. Looks like selling one million dinar for $1000, roughly where we are now.
  13. Appreciate where you are coming from, and you are correct. But you and I both know that is not what Floridian meant. FYI, @Floridian, the Bible says life and death is in the power of the tongue. I wouldn't advise even joking about such a thing.
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