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  1. Lance Wallnau explains difference between revival and reformation and how God can use someone like Trump to bring reformation.
  2. I stand in agreement with you for total and complete healing.
  3. I remember a minister talking about his child who had gone to Heaven. He said he never worried about her as he had his other children. He knew where she was. You know God did not take her from you; but you know He has her. I think about the movie scene from The Shack when the father gets a glimpse of his daughter in Heaven. She is laughing and at peace. My prayer is for you, your wife, and your precious girls to pull together in love and tenderness. I come against every negative thought the devil tries to torment you with. I pray God gives you the right words to comfort a
  4. Kim Clement prophesied that there would be a new political party called the American Party.
  5. Judgment begins in the house of God. When we pray every hidden thing be exposed, we mean everything. It goes beyond politics.
  6. Guess I missed that. I will relisten. He definitely encouraged investment in Iraq. He takked about instability being a factor, and we know Iraq is becoming much more stable. I pray we are close.
  7. Someone probably reposted with dinar heading. He didn't actually mention the dinar.
  8. Hey @Rmc10, are you sure this was 11 months ago? I think I saw this several years ago.
  9. Praying. So very sorry to hear. When one hurts, we all hurt.
  10. @ladyGrace'sDaddy and @Pitcher, thanks to you both for being willing to share the results of your research. We do what we can now, but this will help us post-RV to accurately prepare for our and our descendants' future.
  11. You haven't missed the boat yet, but dinar is getting harder to find. Those of us who have had dinar for 10+ years have believed now was always a good time. As to the amount, i just attended a webinar where the range of dinar holdings per person was 200k to 500 mil. The rule of thumb is to invest only what you can afford to lose. Welcome to the site. You have a wealth of information available, even more if you upgrade to VIP.
  12. So much evidence is surfacing, it will be obvious to all when, as Mark Meadows said, things unravel. Not only the Russian hoax, but also pedophilia involvement by Hollywood and politicians (from both sides). It will be ugly, but the truth must come out.
  13. You are truly blessed! Loved the pics.
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