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  1. Question re who's online. I've noticed lately there are about 3-4 times more guests than members. May be stupid question, but why wouldn't people log in? They would be able to browse more (and VIP would be without ads)? Also, who logs in anonymously? I am assuming that is Adam/staff/mods? Just curious.
  2. Thanks. Do you know why the site is so sluggish? Has Adam told the mods if the site issues have been resolved?
  3. Haven't noticed that, but it sure seems like the site is very slow to open a thread.
  4. @roadtrippers, I sent you a private message.
  5. I do have a Roth with a few million dinar held there. Shocked to see this. I had had issue with them the last time I paid my annual fee, but thought they had straightened it out. When did you hear about this? I know @ddprint22has a Roth with them, too. Hopefully, we will hear from the attorney. I will contact my IRA company tomorrow. Thanks for the heads-up.
  6. So, I was visiting with my siblings last night as we have gathered for Thanksgiving. The discussion turned to the moral state of the Nation. I said one thing I hated the most was how the "F word" had become part of normal conversation.
  7. Oh, how I love a good bank story. Brings back memories of the good ole days when we would get excited about each story and enthusiastically react. Too sad many have become so cynical. I love the hopium!!!
  8. Love James Woods' posts on Twitter. A true patriot.
  9. If true, this would be something I would expect @Adam Montanato post about. He has long said he expected an RV/RI very quickly after the HCL was passed.
  10. Many have, for sure. Most of those have quietly sold their dinar and moved on. There are those who, not having bought more than they can afford to lose, have put the dinar in a safe place, and moved on. There are also those who have engaged in this forum (some continuing to do so) and have learned much about the world of investment opportunities; and even if the dinar never revalues, they believe it has been a great ride.
  11. I don't think Adam has lost interest in the dinar as an investment. I do think he has lost interest in this community that he built (which is dwindling in activity). You are right, I believe, that if there was something to report, he would let us know.
  12. Fond memories of many USMC Birthday Balls. Happy Birthday, Marines!!!
  13. The same Biden who said his son died in Iraq and the economy looks great?
  14. I believe what Kim Clement said "nothing, nothing, nothing . . . SUDDENLY!! A MASSIVE BREAKTHROUGH."
  15. Yep, me, too. I also do not see the feature that breaks down who are members, guests, and anonymous.
  16. I do see it on some sections, but not on the unread section (where I normally see it).
  17. GM all. Not seeing the who's online feature this morning. Has it been removed, or did I hit a wrong button?
  18. Breitling is getting harder to listen to. He is clueless.
  19. I so look forward to people having the "oh, my God, it's God" moment (coming soon to a theater near you). Truthfully, we will be otherwise occupied with gathering the plunder.
  20. Trump posted on Truth Social the interview where Biden said he would stop the Nord Stream. He said it could lead to WW III. CNN is reporting that the US is telling Americans to get out of Russia. Devolution is upon us.
  21. Wow - well, we have been told it will be scary and to keep our eyes on Jesus. This would surely fit.
  22. Prophetic Word: EBS Warning for the USA September 22,2022,4:56 am Respectfully Submitted Barry Wunsch Holy Spirit woke me up and immediately began to speak to me. With fear and trembling, this is what He said, nothing more nothing less: Barry, the next few days are going to be critical. The world as you know it is about to change forever. There is going to be an event. Obey the EBS (Emergency Broadcasting System) when it comes. Barry, tell my people to stay inside as instructed. It will be clear when it is safe to come out. Things are going to run very hot for a few days. I have had to hide my people away before; this is not the first time. Watch the northeast. USA Those who have been asleep are soon to be wide awake. The enemy has ramped up his game but has nothing on me. Barry, tell my people not to fear but to celebrate as it unfolds. You will see my hand at work as I pull the carpet out from under them. The great awakening is upon you. This is not to bring fear to my people, but rather show them the path i have for them. These are days of Biblical importance. Do not take your eyes off of me lest you come into fear and unbelief. Have I not told you, have I not given you warning? What is about to happen will change the nations forever. The powers of darkness have nothing to lose, and time is not on their side. For as this year comes to an end and a new one begins you shall enter into a new Era. These shall be the worst of days, and these shall be the best of days. You are about to know me as never before. I am calling on my remnant to stand up like never before. Draw near to me and I will draw near to you. All creation is calling out for the manifest sons and daughters to arise, so it is on this day and in this hour that I call you forth! Arise! Arise! Arise! Take your place and take your stand! This is the hour; this is the time! Be empowered and released by the fullness of my spirit! There is nothing that we cannot do together! So let your faith arise and you enemies be scattered! Holy is the word of the Lord HOLD THE LINE! God Bless and Protect you and your families! God Bless and Protect Israel! God Bless the United States of America the Beautiful! God Bless Canada the True North Strong and Free! Most sincerely Barry Wunsch PO Box 25069 Deer Park Red Deer, Alberta T4R 2M2 Truth Social / Facebook Page / The Canadian Hammer Telegram Channel (to Join) /
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