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  1. He also has direct contact with aliens. Do some research on him.
  2. But he believes they will start out much lower (.50 to .70), and he recommends getting out quickly. Which for those not having a tax avoidance plan will, under Biden's plan, give the government way too much of their increase.
  3. I believe the PM's are monitored, too. By the way, do you follow Breitling?
  4. Thanks for posting Dutch Sheets. He also had an excellent commentary on Afghanistan today. He is on Flashpoint (The Victory Channel) alot and flows beautifully with Gene Bailey, Lance Wallnau, Hank Kunneman, and Mario Murillo. A true prophet.
  5. I have heard of a program where they are buying your current dinars, setting up the Roth, and having you buy back dinars. I trust them, but I don't think I can mention who "they" are.
  6. Yes. You have to set up the Roth and buy dinar within the Roth ( can't use currently owned dinar). You will have to be age 59-1/2 and have had the Roth for at least 5 years in order to pull the money out without penalty.
  7. CPA? I suggest you go to your state's accounting board website and look them up. You would be surprised how many out there have been brought before the board.
  8. @coorslite21Hey, the first video is now set to private. Any chance you can repost?
  9. Contrary to popular belief, not all women think alike. . . obviously.
  10. Got an email from my Roth IRA firm warning of changes that Biden's tax proposal will have if passed. It includes a cap of $10 million and restrictions on entities within the Roth. I am of age and have had the Roth long enough to be able to take out any excess over the cap tax free. BUT, this does show the government can invade your investments. I am a firm believer in diversification. I have IQD in house, some in the Roth, and some gifted to an IBC (Name Reserve). I think at the very least people need to be watchful of the changing tax laws and seeking ways to counter them.
  11. The 4 CPA/2 tax attorney office I worked at studied the current laws and determined it would be ordinary income. With Biden currently in office, we will for sure have to wait and see.
  12. Yes, dated August 17th. Not exactly the final weekend of summer. Seriously not worth a response. Have a great weekend.
  13. I'm a bit confused. Did we hear from our beloved leader? Or, are you hoping he will do a drive-by (me, too)?
  14. "When things seem at their worst". Are we there yet?!?
  15. Fast forward to 1:30 to hear the prophecies.
  16. It's hard to hear God's voice when you have already decided what you want Him to say.
  17. I am thinking that 'soon' if you are not a paid member, you will have no access to this site. And it's quite possible there will be no forewarning. I am not pushing VIP - just stating a possibility. Adam has stated it will definitely be that way immediately following an RV.
  18. Most rv peeps have kept up with Adam and are up-to-date.
  19. I told you that I have been holding my tongue. You are wrong in your approach, but you are driven, so have at it. I've had my say.
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