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  1. Thanks B/A for reading....... Sorry....Ran out of my pluses load ( just for a change)
  2. A Short History of Brexit by Kevin O’Rourke review – a devastating account After Theresa May’s historic defeat, what next for Brexit? The past, imagined and real, offers fascinating answers Fintan O'Toole Wed 16 Jan 2019 12.05 GMT Last modified on Wed 16 Jan 2019 12.07 GMT Trump's war on science: how the US is putting politics above evidence Experts say the administration is blatantly dismantling proven programs, and the consequences could be dire Emily Holden in Washington Wed 16 Jan 2019 06.00 GM Sexual abuse of boys often overlooked by state laws, global study warns Stronger support urged for young men affected by abuse as researchers find existing measures tailored towards girls Rebecca Ratcliffe Wed 16 Jan 2019 13.24 GMT Last modified on Wed 16 Jan 2019 13.26 GMT China has some of world's most advanced weapon systems, Pentagon warns With medium- and intermediate-range missiles and hypersonic weapons, China now is at leading edge Agence France-Presse Wed 16 Jan 2019 03.22 GMT Why freedom of movement is causing divisions – across Europe Foreign ‘posted’ workers are both exploited and blamed for undercutting wages. EU governments must crack down Wed 16 Jan 2019 14.00 GMT Last modified on Wed 16 Jan 2019 15.05 GMT By Ines Wagner Trump's economy is great for billionaires, not for working people Instead of giving tax breaks to billionaires and large corporations, we must demand that they pay their fair share Wed 16 Jan 2019 10.00 GMT Last modified on Wed 16 Jan 2019 13.12 GMT By Bernie Sanders Trump replacement for Obama climate plan worse than doing nothing – study Administration’s alternative to clean power plan would let emissions ‘rebound’ via coal-fired power plants, researchers find Oliver Milman Wed 16 Jan 2019 06.00 GMT Last modified on Wed 16 Jan 2019 13.03 GMT Chris Christie accuses Jared Kushner of political 'hit job' in explosive new book Exclusive: ex-New Jersey governor, who had prosecuted Kushner’s father, was sacked as head of Trump’s transition team Ed Pilkington and Martin Pengelly in New York Tue 15 Jan 2019 13.52 GMT Pelosi asks Trump to reschedule State of the Union due to shutdown – live Donald Trump is meeting with a bipartisan congressional group to end the government shutdown as William Barr’s confirmation hearing resumes Ben Jacobs in Washington Wed 16 Jan 2019 14.52 GMT Key events 47m ago Pelosi asks Trump to reschedule State of the Union Live feed
  3. umbertino

    May 18, 2018 - Articles

    Kerching! 400,000 new dollar millionaires created in 2018 Wealth report shows near 2% rise in high-net-worth individuals last year despite stock market woes Rupert Neate Wealth correspondent Wed 16 Jan 2019 14.11 GMT There’s now 22.6m people worth more than $1m. Not all of them want a yacht (though we bet most want one) Photograph: Pietrangeli/REX/Shutterstock
  4. umbertino

    'Like I Said: A Puppet'

    Quote rigging the election against Sanders, End Quote Agreed (FWIW)
  5. Yep Sage..... Here in Italy , immigrants take all the jobs Italians don't feel like going for (they'll say "too hard, too humiliating, that's not what I studied for all these years" etc)......So here one really can't talk about them ( immigrants) stealing jobs....At all Immigrants will instead take everything offered to them cos they are hungry ...Our young folks ( at least here) are not...Evidently... Still.... we have the highest unemployment rate in Western Europe......Bah.....
  6. Grest post, Shabs..... Same situation you so aptly depicted happens here in this Country of mine...... I have no chidren myself but my buddies tell me that's what's happening with their chidren / teens......Sad state of affairs, I know......
  7. umbertino

    May 18, 2018 - Articles

    'Climate of panic': bombings in Brazil reveal growing power of gangs Wave of attacks in Ceará state exposes how poverty, lack of policies for young people and creaking prison system add up to perfect storm Jo Griffin Tue 15 Jan 2019 09.00 GMT Last modified on Tue 15 Jan 2019 09.01 GMT The remains of a burnt-out vehicle after an attack in Fortaleza. The wave of such attacks in Ceará state shows no sign of letting up Photograph: Alex Gomes/dpa/Alamy Stock Photo More pics
  8. Trump threatens to 'devastate' Turkey's economy if they attack Kurds in Syria By Kate Sullivan and Liz Stark, CNN Updated 1103 GMT (1903 HKT) January 14, 2019 Good
  9. umbertino

    May 18, 2018 - Articles

    Rescuers search for toddler who fell into 110-metre (120yd.) well in Spain Firefighters, police officers and rescuers search for boy who fell down borehole on Sunday Sam Jones in Madrid Mon 14 Jan 2019 12.41 GMT Last modified on Mon 14 Jan 2019 13.35 GMT Spanish Civil Guard agents work near the well into which the two-year-old boy fell Photograph: Daniel Perez/EPA
  10. Cesare Battisti arrives in Rome after almost 40 years on run Brazil’s new far-right president oversees speedy extradition of former leftwing guerrilla Angela Giuffrida in Rome Mon 14 Jan 2019 12.27 GMT Cesare Battisti escorted by Italian police at Rome’s Ciampino airport Photograph: Alessandro Di Meo/EPA Good
  11. RIP Chris Squire (bass) I. "The Solid Time of Change" II. "Total Mass Retain" III. "I Get Up, I Get Down" IV. "Seasons of Man" Jon Anderson – lead vocals Steve Howe – guitar, backing vocals Chris Squire – bass, backing vocals Rick Wakeman – keyboards Bill Bruford – drums, percussion  Saw them in October 1977 at the Oakland, CA. Coliseum....By then drummer Bill Bruford had already left to join King Crimson and had been replaced by Alan White... Fantastic 3 hr long concert.........Donovan Leitch ("Mellow Yellow" etc) was the opener.......
  12. Instrument played for "The Only Way" : St. Mark's Church (likely in London) organ

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