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  1. Guy in vid is Ben Watt ("Some things don't matter", "North Marine Drive" etc)
  2. Neapolitan red (1974) Trying to put into music the atmosphere, sounds, colors, noises, feel of Naples streets and its people..... With Edoardo Bennato ( vocals) , Paul Buckmaster ( keyboards) etc.
  3. The elastic band vendor ..... Showing Toni's ability especially as a percussionist ....In this track he uses / plays everyday usage tools ie. pots & pans, bottles, cutlery, glasses etc ... Absolutely awesome imo
  4. Dance of buttons (meaning real buttons...not belly-button mind you)...From his 1st album ( "Toni Esposito")
  5. Dawn in the neighborhoods Voice wants to re-create the feel of one of the many street market vendors namely in Naples where st. markets do take place every day and in most city neighborhoods....Actually it's Renato Marengo's voice, a music journalist ( from Naples himself so he has just the right accent...), a friend of Toni
  6. Winter song ( love this one....Great atmosphere....I swear it can be listened to in every season of the year with no consequences....)
  7. Celebration on the mountain Album lineup: Toni Esposito (drums, percussion) Gigi De Rienzo (bass) Francesco Bruno (guitar) Stefano Sabatini (keyboards) Robert Fix (sax)
  8. Market stand ( so typical in Naples) There's also (or at least used to) a big US Military Base in Naples ( it's a port city) in the Bagnoli area
  9. Guitar - Francesco Bruno (magnificent tune imo...magical) Moorish Tale
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