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  1. RIP Francesco Di Giacomo (vocalist) 00:00 Canto nomade per un prigioniero politico (Nomad song for a political prisoner) 15:45 Non mi rompete ( Leave me alone...literally "don't break me"...) 20:52 La città sottile ( Subtle city) 28:04 Dopo... niente è più lo stesso ( Afterwards...Nothing is the same anymore) 37:59 Traccia II ( Track II) Francesco Di Giacomo / lead vocals - Marcello Todaro / electric & acoustic guitars - Gianni Nocenzi / electric & acoustic pianos - Vittorio Nocenzi / organ, spinet, synths - Renato D'Angelo / bass, acoustic guitar - Pier Luigi Calderoni / drums, percussion Review by loserboy PROG REVIEWER Now here is a great recording that will please all fans of Italian Prog. Sophisticated yet delicately beautiful tension building prog with a touch of the ol' psycho - bizarre. This is in my opinion BANCO's finest hour with amazing keyboard work. "Non Mi Rompete" is one of my all time favorite progressive rock tracks as it reaches out with a very sweet spirtual element. This is pure classic prog of the highest intelligence which will please all fans of PFM and Le ORME. "Io Sona nato libero" is a complete recording and offers a wide range from the organ drenched materpiece "Canto Nomande Per Un Prigioniero Politico" the acoustic guitar Soliloquy "Non Mi Rompete". Once again all the lyrics are in Italian so be warned for those who are linguistic-centric! For the rest this will be an album of choice. What always stands out for me on this album is the amount of classical piano used and how well it mixes witht eh rest of the instruments. Fabulous music.....It is essential! umb's note: Saw them twice......Great Concerts .....Talented musicians....One of their secrets is the 2 keyboards players ( Nocenzi Bros.) Canto nomade...Nomad chant for a political prisoner What are you, city, non-city? Lyrics start of " Subtle city" Non mi rompete ( leave me alone) Dopo ..Niente e' piu' lo stesso ( afterwards..Nothing is the same anymore)
  2. 1 - Inca roads 00:00 2 - Can't afford no shoes 08:45 3 - Sofa no. 1 11:24 4 - Po-jama people 14:04 5 - Florentine Pogen 21:43 6 - Evelyn, a modified dog 27:10 7 - San Ber'dino 28:15 8 - Andy 34:12 9 - Sofa no. 2 40:16
  3. RIP Ian Carr - band leader, composer, trumpet player Really good track imo "Torrid Zone" • Written by Karl Jenkins Ian Carr: trumpet, flugelhorn Karl Jenkins (future "Soft Machine"): baritone saxophone, oboe, piano, electric piano — Brian Smith: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute — Chris Spedding (a prolific session guitarist): guitar — Jeff Clyne (future "Gilgamesh" & "Isotope"): bass, eletric bass — John Marshall (future "Soft Machine"): drums, percussion
  4. Carlinhos (who is much committed in the social reality of Salvador besides being a musician) explaining the meaning of rhythm to street and/or poor children in Salvador, Bahia In Portuguese ( w Spanish subtitles) but easy to understand From Doc. "The Miracle Of Candeal".... That's just one of the projects he chose to get involved with Moving imo
  5. Sergio Mendes, Carlinhos Brown, Will. I. Am., Siedah Garrett Vid shot in Salvador, Bahia and environs C. Brown & S.Mendes Salvador is more than beautiful....Visited twice so far.....More than 3M People ( Country's 3rd largest city)...Crime is its huge problem (as in most Brazilian cities) sadly 5 /7 homicides a day on average in Salvador....Unfortunately
  6. Magano in Brazil Portuguese means person of low condition / status
  7. Composed by Sergio Mendes Youtube image: Brazilian flag stating "Ordem e Progresso" ( order & progress/advancement) Great percussion ( typical of Brazil and esp Salvador, Bahia) called "batuque" I met someone in Salvador, Brazil who knows Carlinhos personally as she was involved in social projects along with him....Said to me he's really a great person...Very down-to-earth and genuine.....
  8. RIP Dic.k Morrissey - tenor and soprano saxophones, backing vocals, flute My fellow countryman mathematician
  9. RIP Felix Pappalardi & Leslie West
  10. Thought / Present of love ( Pensiero may mean both things in Italian depending on context)
  11. English singer living in Italy ( and singing in Italian...with a band, the Primitives, first....then solo).... Real name: Paul Bradley Couling....Very famous here at the end of the 60's / beginning of 70's
  12. This song....And the lyrics....Breath-taking imo....And much more....Shivers......An absolute gem....Masterpiece One of my faves
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