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  1. Great artist ( French of Armenian origin) Italian version How sad Venice can be When you return alone A fond memory In every paving stone I walk among the birds That fill San Marco's Square With echoes of her words Around me in the air How sad Venice can be When mandolins play A song she sung for me One unforgotten day Like images of sleep The gondoliers go by But when I try to weep I find my tears are dry How sad Venice can be When mist is in your eyes And you can hardly see As pigeons fill the skies I find the little street And then the old cafe Where we would always meet To dream away the day How sad Venice can be Beneath the silent moon That rises from the sea And silvers the lagoon I hear the vespers chime And cross the Bridge of Sighs I know that it is time To bid my last goodbye There's nothing more to say I pass beneath the light And then I turn away From Venice in the night How sad Venice can be It's too lonely to bear When you have lost the love That you discovered there
  2. "Supper's Ready" suite ( Awesome...Esp the first part imo) a. "Lover's Leap" b. "The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man" c. "Ikhnaton and Itsacon and Their Band of Merry Men" d. "How Dare I Be So Beautiful?" e. "Willow Farm" f. "Apocalypse in 9/8 (Co-Starring the Delicious Talents of Gabble Ratchet)" g. "As Sure as Eggs Is Eggs (Aching Men's Feet)"
  3. Extremely important social issue...Even moreso nowadays ( song was composed around 1971/2)
  4. From "Foxtrot" 1972 Keyboardist Tony Banks AKA King / Emperor of mellotron for the way he has mastered the instrument
  5. Such an effective (and sad) vid ... I once just felt like writing this on youtube comments: Our lives are just meant to be like symbolically going up and down those escalators.......Until the end comes....With the hope it did make some ( if at all...) sense for ourselves and for the ones around us .....JMVHO of course.....
  6. Painfully beautiful & moving imo ( just like most of his songs)... He will not be forgotten Respect for a Giant Artist
  7. So powerful...Deep...It does get to you...JMHO The great jazz bass player Ron Carter on "The Prisoner"
  8. Another great track ( and critical issue...worldwide...Many socio-economical factors involved)
  9. Special to me..... RIP Karen Silkwood (mentioned in lyrics) There's a great movie about her life ( & murder) featuring Meryl Streep & Kurt Russell ..It's called "Silkwood"
  11. Note: song should be understood / interpreted in the ( difficult) context of its time ( many years ago when struggle was real strong)...Just saying....JMHO
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