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  1. Neglected tropical diseases are the landmines of global health They are 20 disparate diseases that, like mines, unduly affect the world’s poorest people. Now there’s a plan to eradicate them by 2030 Wed 14 Apr 2021 07.00 BST Albert Picado and John H Amuasi
  2. What did 20 years of western intervention in Afghanistan achieve? Ruination Britain’s justifications for invading were having influence and deterring terror. They are just neo-imperialist platitudes Fri 16 Apr 2021 12.40 BST Simon Jenkins
  3. Spreading faster, hitting harder – why young Brazilians are dying of Covid Highly transmissible variant and behavioural factors blamed as intensive care units fill with younger patients Tom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro Fri 16 Apr 2021 10.00 BST
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