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  1. Dear Pitcher, Synopsis and CSM (R) Thackrey ...Thanks for your last posts which I bet are all extremely interesting but that sadly I won't get to read as you all (badge of honor for you, I'm sure) made my ignore list Good night and take ( right-wing) care
  2. Peace to you... I accept the fact that EVERYONE is entitled to their ideas and opinion on this and every other issue... That's the beauty of different minds and thoughts...Or else life would be too much boring...... It doesn't have to be a "war" between the climate change believers / advocates and those who are not... Of course.... We should all unite forces and try ways to live better on this planet for the benefit of us all......Esp for our sons and daughters and their sons and daughters and on and on...
  3. Ok...Back to the ignore list....No need for me to get all this I kindly and gently ask anyone here who hates, deems offensive, insulting and dislikable my posts to please ( oh pretty please...for real) do the same with me....Thanks in advance Everybody wins this way and gets more relaxed and doesn't add anymore hassle to this already tough life
  4. I'm sober...Never drink alcohol...Just expressing my thoughts...Sorry to sound insulting esp to you...Never was my intention
  5. Dear Pitcher...we have a strange times you sound more relaxed about me and my posts ..other times you take out your "symbolic" gun / stick and you (symbolically) use it...I guess that's ok ..Not a probem And I still think we could even agree on a lot of stuff...I always try to be optimistic when it comes to some folks..... Quote 1. It’s past your bedtime End Quote Who is the one who can decide about my bedtime????? I'm 62 ...Thanks Quote 2. You cry about people giving you Reds and not being understanding. You preach peace, love, tolerance and then you post a bunch of divisive articles degrading the US. End Quote Whenever I do deem negs to be very unjust I do...True......Like would do everybody else here if attacked on a daily basis for his / her thoughts And NO..I do not degrade the USA...I can't post anything divisive...Come on now.....Seriously...98% - 99% of folks here appear to be right-wing ( that's shown everyday with articles and posts...Fine) ... So....How could my posts being divisive in any way..? Really...... Here everybody can express their ideas on various topics ...And I do the same...Simple...About a lot of issues and a lot of Countries ( just check my thread in Politics) That will go on until I might be told by the big Boss here to stop for good....when that happens ( if it ever) ...I'll obey IMMEDIATELY.....It's his site Quote 3. You are here to agitate and further a Leftist agenda End Quote One person agitating folks in a site of 40,000 plus? Who surely are well-rooted in their political convictions already.....You can't be serious.....Don't give me power I do not have...But thanks anyway And lastly...There's always the choice ( I've done that myself with folks I do not like at all) either of skipping my posts ( NOT MANDATORY TO READ THEM...NEVER BEEN INFACT) and / or put me on their ignore list... Which would result in a lot of hassle, rage, tensions toward me and my posts etc spared easily with a simple click
  6. Because it's written nowhere " If you're not a US Citizen you cannot talk about US Politics" If Mr. A.Montana changes the rules in that sense...Fine...I'll stop writing whatever political...You of course would tell me same also if I'd happen to be right-wing and post continuously loving Trump posts...correct? I do own Dinars anyway
  7. I'll repeat what I wrote anyway 1) Val Kilmer is a fantastic actor 2) I do hate physical violence PS: I reserve the right to express my opinions ( wich can be correct or wrong of course) just the way everybody else does ( right or wrong) on this Forum when it comes to Politics Obviously I never thought and will never think / believe as I know you some that could be a veiled threat toward me...I am excluding that possibility ( the way I know you) What else am I supposed to say?
  8. I just commented on it on the other thread where you posted same clip...Or was this same thread and something was changed....
  9. Thanks for the clip... All I feel like saying is: 1) Val Kilmer is such a great actor 2) I hate physical violence
  10. Quote Tell do you access that Italian press?.....or the dynamic Italian Government? End Quote If you ever happen to access the Italian thread you will see that 90% or more of the time I do criticize the Italian Gov't and Politicians I mentioned Fox and Breitbart as I see them often reported here ( therefore I get to think most People here who happen to be right-wing enjoy those channels / sites which is of course perfectly fine) and whenever an article is somehow not Trump-happy (usually by other sites, not the ones I mentioned above except for a few times with Fox arguing about Trump) it's immediately tagged as fake news
  11. Quote Tell do you access that Italian press?.....or the dynamic Italian Government? End Quote If you ever happen to access the Italian thread you will see that 90% or more of the time I do criticize it
  12. Have to go see on the dictionary what "Huckleberry" means .....Or you mean Mark Twain's "Huckleberry Finn"? Ok....found 's the way my Mom used to call me when I was a child "Birbante" in Italian
  13. Quote She's a freshman congresswoman serving MN's 5th district, not Palestine. End Quote How about President Trump ( plus others in the cabinet)? He's supposed to serve the USA...Not Israel or Saudi Arabia ( to which US sold TONS of heavy and super-sophisticated Military equipment, mind you....Reminder: most 9/11 terrorists were SA Citizens....Problem being the Bush family and Bin Laden family are close friends) Oh....And President Trump just a few days ago called Mr Al-Sisi ( President of Egypt who became President due to a coup and not exactly one who respects human rights ( to put it mildly)..."My favorite dictator" ??????????
  14. Quote Ask yourselves why the Democratic Socialists Party doesn't silence this HATE FILLED B I T C H? End Quote That one is really sweet.....
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