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  1. On this track On harmonica - the incredible Toots Thielemans-RIP from Belgium...Best harmonica player in the world....A sessionman always wanted by many artists
  2. One of his most popular tracks.... Great Randy Brecker ( whom I got to see live once at a jazz concert here in Trento) on flugelhorn Randy is brother to saxophone player and famous sessionman Michael Brecker-RIP
  3. Seriously now...To me he's unique... This one too is extra special....
  4. From "Passionfruit" 1983...Another extraordinary album..... Love this one ( and all other songs actually....)
  5. Magnificent despite the obvious sadness....Michael was much struck by Jobim's passing
  6. (Very) special one to me...Music & lyrics Leblon & Ipanema (mentioned in lyrics)...Both nice neighborhoods with beautiful beaches in Rio
  7. From magnificent album "Abandoned Garden" ...Entirely dedicated to the memory of Brazilian composer, musician & personal friend Antonio Carlos Jobim
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