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  1. Joe ‘Jellybean’ Bryant, former NBA player and father of Kobe, dies at age of 69 Joe Bryant played in the NBA and in Europe Kobe credited father for his growth as a player Guardian sport Tue 16 Jul 2024 18.12 CEST Yep....Mostly in Italy....That's why Kobe used to speak perfect Italian...I saw a few interviews in the past.....
  2. Iranian TV presenter stabbed in London moves abroad for safety Exclusive: Pouria Zeraati ‘no longer felt safe in UK’ as Tehran regime steps up threats and attacks on critics in exile Mark Townsend and Deepa Parent Tue 16 Jul 2024 16.30 CEST
  3. More than 10 million people displaced by Sudan war, IOM says By Reuters July 16, 20241:39 PM GMT+2 Another forgotten war unfortunately....I am guilty as everybody else in not giving due press coverage to this tragedy and plight
  4. Israeli strikes across Gaza kill at least 50, Palestinian health officials say By Nidal Al-Mughrabi and Ramadan Abed July 16, 20242:41 PM GMT+2
  5. Italian PM Meloni sends condolences to family of 'hero' firefighter who was killed at Trump rally Italy's Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is the latest world leader to offer her condolences to the family of Corey Comperatore By Stepheny Price Fox News Published July 16, 2024 12:30am EDT
  6. Biden’s Woes Have Created an Opening for Antiwar Forces By Liza Featherstone 07.15.2024
  7. Syrians vote for new parliament that could pave the way to extend Assad's rule Monday, July 15, 2024
  8. Germany bans ‘rightwing extremist’ Compact magazine AfD-supporting publication has fed racist and far-right nationalist conspiracy theories Deborah Cole in Berlin Tue 16 Jul 2024 14.37 CEST
  9. Israel-Gaza war live: US warns of ‘serious concern’ about recent civilian casualties in Gaza The US secretary of state reportedly told senior Israeli leaders they must do more to reduce civilian casualties Tom Ambrose Tue 16 Jul 2024 14.50 CEST
  10. What is an AR-15 and how did it become so popular and ubiquitous? The rifle is a central symbol in the US gun debate – but will Trump’s assassination attempt change the way it’s seen? Caitlin Yoshiko Kandil Tue 16 Jul 2024 13.00 CEST
  11. Trump has ‘detailed and well-founded’ plans to end Ukraine war, says Orbán ‘Likely outcome’ of Trump victory means EU should reopen diplomatic talks with Moscow, says Hungarian PM Jennifer Rankin in Brussels Tue 16 Jul 2024 14.26 CEST
  12. With Alberto Radius ( Formula 3 guitarist who then took on a solo career)....Alberto passed away February 16, 2023.... Maybe one of the best , if not the best, Italian guitarist
  13. Greek language ultrafast word play - very short interview in Italian - another word play
  14. One of the few songs Demetrio recorded in English ( that I know of at least...) Plus another one I found....
  15. I Ribelli ( The Rebels) - Pugni Chiusi ( Clenched Fists)...Circa 1965/66 This was Demetrio Stratos' first Italian Band in the 60's...They used to be the accompanying band of a very famous (here in Italy) singer, Adriano Celentano This was one of their very few singles as a band (without A.Celentano) Clenched fists I no longer have hopes in me there is the blackest night Eyes off in the darkness of the world for those like stone me Clenched fists lost forever has no more reason life My salvation is you six clear water for me, yeah the sun warm you love back back here by me Clenched fists I no longer have hopes in me there is the blackest night comes the dawn and a ray of sunshine draw your face to me Oh, hands clasped you are here with me and embrace life with you, yeah ...
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