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  1. ‘People are hungry’: why Tunisia's youth are taking to the streets Unemployment – especially among the young – falling living standards and lockdowns have sparked riots across the country Simon Speakman Cordall in Tunis Wed 20 Jan 2021 07.15 GMT
  2. British Virgin Islands' governor launches inquiry into alleged corruption Gus Jaspert’s extraordinary step comes amid claims of a climate of fear in the UK overseas territory Patrick Wintour Diplomatic editor Mon 18 Jan 2021 17.36 GMT
  3. The Hill We Climb: the Amanda Gorman poem that stole the inauguration show The 22-year-old poet wowed the crowd with her reading during Joe Biden’s swearing-in. Here’s the transcript of her text • An inspiration to us all’: Amanda Gorman stirs hope and awe Amanda Gorman Wed 20 Jan 2021 19.11 GMT Vid
  4. London buses turned into ambulances to ease Covid strain Exclusive: Adapted single-deckers with seats removed and oxygen onboard will transfer patients Denis Campbell Health policy editor Thu 21 Jan 2021 06.00 GMT
  5. Two suicide bombers kill at least 32 shoppers in Baghdad strike The attack wounded more than 100 people and was the first in the Iraqi capital for three years Martin Chulov Middle East correspondent Thu 21 Jan 2021 16.44 GMT
  6. From beautiful ( yes I know...Repeating myself...But I do like them enormously) "Elegy" album Awesome piano ( as usual) and tambourine ( somehow essential imo....You be the judge) To me ( I'm very biased mind you) a dropdead track...Esp the 1st half...JMHO
  7. This is the original ( composed by K.Emerson).... Then Dutch band "Ekseption" (with awesome keyboardist Rick Van Der Linden - RIP) made its own version which is as good...More modern somehow....
  8. From "Five Bridges" live and studio (beautiful) album Fugue: 4th Bridge
  9. Country Pie (B.Dylan) intertwined with Brandenburg Concerto No.6 (J.S.Bach)...Live
  10. Featuring keyboardist Keith Emerson ( later to found ELP .....RIP) at age 24... Likely greatest keyboardist in pop-rock history.... Right after him for me there's Rick Van Der Linden-RIP of Dutch band Ekseption...JMHO Got so overwhelmed when I heard this for the 1st tme......I was around 16.....
  11. Loving the special atmosphere here... But I do love all tracks on album
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