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  1. Frank be careful, your eyes 👀 are turning brown and your diarrhea of the mouth is squeezing out the corners. Just saying , pp
  2. Merry Christmas 🎅 🎄 @Pitcher and a great New Years my friend. See you in the New Year pp
  3. The only one's pressuring you to stop talking is the other Guru's as your giving them a bad name, , which I might add they already have. pp
  4. Hey Frank, where's your stellar news hounds Samson, Petra and Militiaman these days ? Heard they all jumped ship and started their own site due to your constant BS and taking credit for their finds. Soon you be in the same boat as Okie, a has-been Guru... LOL pp
  5. Bought mine at a Sobey grocery store here in Canada 🇨🇦. pp
  6. Just saw this !!! Welcome back @Yota, you were surly missed by many !! pp
  7. Yes I have. Had a part of one today as a matter of fact. pp
  8. Boom Chakalaka, release the Kraken !! pp
  9. A ruby for giving your opinion ? I evened you out Luigi1. pp
  10. I can't seem to Google translate. Anyone ? pp
  11. Been looking for a article but can't seem to find anything. Anyone see a news article ? pp
  12. Happy Dead Bird Day all my American friends. Have a safe and Happy Holiday. pp
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