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    I would love to give you 2 thxs votes syn, 1 purple one and 1 LOL vote. Love your posts, keep em' coming pp
  2. pokerplayer

    D.V. lottery game for 11/13--11/14-- 2018

    We can only wish jeep, we can only wish. pp
  3. Scary stuff, but most of us have seen this rapid transition coming...... pp
  4. Iraq chairs the meeting of the Strategic Dialogue Committee with the Gulf Cooperation Council Today at 10:54 November 6, 2018 Baghdad - Journal News The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Al-Alaq meeting of the Joint Strategic Dialogue Committee between the GCC and Iraq. "The committee was formed by a decision of the Council of Ministers which supported Iraq's joint plan with the Gulf Cooperation Council to prepare a master plan for the years 2018-2023," the Secretary-General said in a statement. The ministries' observations for the preparation of a comprehensive plan within one month, and presented to the Council of Ministers for approval and guidance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Gulf Cooperation Council in this regard. The Secretary-General pointed out that "a ministerial committee headed by former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi after his visit to Saudi Arabia has worked to activate the sectoral cooperation with the Ministries of Education, Culture, Youth, Sports, Industry, Transport and Energy, and areas of cooperation have gone a long way in this regard, but the second meeting was postponed due to the Iraqi parliamentary elections "He said. The Secretary-General called on "ministries to prepare their plans and views on the strategic dialogue with the Gulf Cooperation Council, and send it to the Committee's decisions within one month, to be developed and sent to the Council of Ministers." The joint action plan for cooperation between the GCC and Iraq has raised the political, security, economic, educational, cultural, media, youth and sports fields. "العراق-يرأس-اجتماع-لجنة-الحوار-
  5. Arab Monetary Fund: Cooperation with the Association of Iraqi private banks will be bigger in the future Today at 13:11 5th November, 2018 The Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) said in its first visit to Iraq in 30 years that its cooperation with the Association of Iraqi Private Banks will be "bigger" in the future, pointing out the multiplicity of reasons for the low financial coverage in the Arab countries, considering that Iraq is ready to launch in the field of financial inclusion "The Arab Monetary Fund visited Baghdad at the head of a mission that includes a number of institutions such as the World Bank, the German Development Agency and the Global Alliance for Financial Inclusion," said Abdul Rahman Al-Humaidi, head of the IMF's board of directors. Technical assistance in the area of financial inclusion, and we are happy to work with the Central Bank of Iraq, "noting that" the Governor of the Central Bank Ali Al-Aal wise leadership and an important role in the subject of financial inclusion Al-Humaidi added that "the visit of the Arab Monetary Fund to Baghdad is the first since 1988, and henceforth the Fund will work with the other Arab financial institutions with Iraq and will do its part as required." He pointed out that "the Central Bank of Iraq has a comprehensive view of the project of financial inclusion The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fund, "The purpose of the visit and meeting with the concerned parties, is to draw a general framework for financial coverage and then submitted to the Central Bank of Iraq, and then the development of indicators for progress, and will be a report is submitted and then ends, but there will be visits and reports To continue and work side by side with the Iraqi authorities to implement what will come in the issue of financial inclusion, and we look forward in the coming years to announce what we have reached by this technical aid And Al-Humaidi that "Iraq has the most important infrastructure of human resources, because the Iraqi talents are known at the Arab and global levels in the financial and banking, and this is more important than other infrastructure and able to build the structures that lack it," pointing out that "Iraq is ready to launch in The scope of financial inclusion and does not lack anything in this regard Al-Humaidi explained that "the percentage of financial coverage in the Arab regions according to a report prepared by international institutions is 12%, but the Arab Monetary Fund designed a survey distributed to the Arab countries consists of 5 main components, and after the survey results will be announced, and I expect the results This questionnaire is different from the results announced by international institutions as a general questionnaire that did not specialize in Arab countries, in contrast to the Arab Monetary Fund survey Al-Humaidi pointed out that "the reasons for the low percentage of financial coverage in the Arab countries are due to various reasons, including that the financial sector in the Arab countries is incomplete, but located in these countries is the banking sector only, and the rest of the components of the financial sector is in the process of growth, Such as insurance companies, financial leasing companies and insurance companies, and therefore can not achieve a high financial coverage without the rest of the components of the financial sector, in addition to access to finance and I think it is a matter that needs to use modern financial techniques Al-Humaidi said that "on the sidelines of the meetings, we met with a number of Iraqi private banks and found that they are ready to launch and have the ability and desire," but I thank the Association of Iraqi private banks, which had a major role in this visit and honored the team of the Association and visited its headquarters and understand them the nature of their work and their role In the Iraqi economy, and cooperation with the Association of Banks in the future will be the largest and greater role of Arab banks in the Arab, regional and international groups Al-Hamidi pointed out that "the Arab Monetary Fund is optimistic about the growth of the non-oil sector in Iraq in the coming year and the years that follow "We are honored to come to Iraq after these years and I can assure you that it will not be the last, but multiple visits each year through other initiatives and workshops and technical assistance in the areas of economic and capacity building and participation in conferences and accommodation," Al-Humaidi told Al-Iktissad News. High-level meetings
  6. pokerplayer

    Lava flow on Big Island Hawaii

    Wishing you great speed in realising your new set of dreams. pp
  7. pokerplayer

    Central Bank: Deletes zeros still exist

    I don't think they would reprint/replace at all. I strongly believe as they come in to financial Institutions they would be pulled from circulation and maybe replaced with an equal amount of small notes. Just my 2 cents with nothing to really back it up. pp
  8. Mods, please move/Hide if already posted as I have not seen this yet. pp Judiciary announces the exit of Iraq from the list of tight control of the Organization (FATF) October 30, 2018 Baghdad - Journal News The Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) announced on Monday that Iraq has withdrawn from the FATF monitoring list after it has fulfilled its international obligations in the field of combating money laundering and terrorist financing . FATF is an intergovernmental body charged with studying techniques and trends in money laundering and terrorist financing, and developing and developing anti-money laundering and terrorist financing policies locally and internationally. "The judiciary has played a major role in improving the international situation of Iraq and actively contributing to the implementation of the international recommendations adopted by FATF through the Supreme Judicial Council's facilities," said Judge Eyad Mohsen Samad from the Specialized Investigation Court on Integrity and Money Laundering in Rusafa. The cooperation of the Central Bank of Iraq and partner institutions in this area and over the past years, these efforts resulted in the exit of Iraq from the black list to the list of countries listed in the White List and complied with the international recommendations. "The FATF is an intergovernmental organization established by the ministers of its member states," said Judge Samad. The development of international standards against money-laundering and the financing of terrorism at the level of regulation, legal and executive legislation and the identification of threats related to the integrity of the international financial system. " "The FATF recommendations define the risks facing the world in the field of money laundering and financing of terrorism and the development of the necessary policies to curb these crimes and to track down the perpetrators," he said, adding that the recommendations of the FATF are a reference framework and guide for countries to combat money laundering and terrorism financing. . The FATF noted in 2012 that Iraq is one of the countries that did not implement the international recommendations in this area. The Central Bank has formed a team representing a large number of institutions, notably the Supreme Judicial Council to work on implementing and implementing FATF recommendations. He pointed out that the Supreme Judicial Council was a major contributor to the drafting of the articles of the law and the extent to which it conforms to international standards, as well as the formation of a criminal court, a misdemeanor court and a specialized investigative court in the field of combating money laundering and terrorism financing. He stressed that "the teams formed by the Central Bank of Iraq has taken it upon themselves to work to develop policies to ensure Iraq's implementation of international standards." The money laundering judge, according to the newspaper "Judiciary": "The results of the work that have been important, including the exit of Iraq from the list of countries under strict control." "This will make it a safe environment for investments by the private sector, both domestic and foreign, and Iraq is not one of the countries of tax havens, nor of countries that are safe corridors for money laundering," he said. Judge Ayad Mohsen said that "one of the important issues in FATF's recommendations is to identify people with risks in the field of combating money laundering and terrorism financing." "There is a list of professions that are considered to be professionals who are on the list of those who have the risk, To pay due diligence towards their open accounts in banks and to monitor the movements of funds in their accounts, whether cash deposits or the transfer of funds with arithmetic limits. " "Work has already been done on this aspect, and a range of professions have already been included, such as heads of state or government, senior politicians, senior judges, senior military personnel, senior executives of institutions, state companies and others," he said. "The instructions for people with risk stipulated that financial institutions and banks must, according to the statement of the Central Bank, open an account for them to verify their original official documents and ascertain the nature of the financial transaction and the purpose of it and the real beneficiary of it and the nature of the relationship between the parties to the financial deal, . He added that "in case of any suspicion in dealing with the bank or financial institution to immediately report the suspicious transaction and stop before completion and custody of the financial assets of the client." The judge concluded that "the reason for the inclusion of some professions on the list of risks in the field of money laundering and the financing of terrorism is that the owners are influential and decision-makers and can through their functions to acquire large funds without the right to monitor their accounts and audit to prevent the process of embezzlement Mali Or funding for terrorism. "العراق-يخرج-من-لائحة-المراقبة-المشددة/

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