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  1. I second that nannab. 6ly and thugs are on a roll today. pp
  2. Great question PrehistoricMan, don't have an answer for that, but maybe that is the place he can go yet still voice his opinion. JMHO, pp
  3. While I totally disagree with GreedyDinar07 logic, they do have their right to post their opinion, good/bad/ or otherwise. the same as I do and everyone else. Go RV !! pp
  4. Bwahahahahaha, don't know why I found this so hilarious............. but I did pp
  5. As always jeepguy, Thank You I have a feeling that it's my turn to "win" something, I sure hope that feeling means BIG TIME WIN !! pp
  6. I personally wont know if she is correct because I will be racing to the bank to cash out !! pp
  7. After all these years I am oh so good with .25 and you won't see me for dust !! AKA " the roadrunner" Beep Beep, pp
  8. This is an old chat log from last summer. Just wanted to mention this in case some people missed the title. pp
  9. Personally I believe it will happen between now and the start of Ramadan. Why ? Because this will give them time to make any of the required changes to contracts, Goods and Services, Removing all large bills from banks to be destroyed/Removed from Circulation and what ever else that is required for a smooth transition. Contrary to popular belief, this is not as easy as throwing a " switch ", there will be a lot of work Involved. pp
  10. So did I at first, but then when they became belligerent about uranium enrichment I thought oh oh, not happening this month ...😆 pp
  11. Thanks for keeping this thread alive @ Freedomwish. Would it not be awesome if this one "popped " as well as the Dinar ? Here is hoping this ( Dinar and Riel ) ride is over in the near future !! pp
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