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  1. Just saw this now as I had stepped back for a break. Hubby and I are heartbroken about your loss. She is such a treasure but I am sure the lord will be looking after her. Our prayers go to you and your family pp
  2. Thxs Gypsygirl11. Been a very long haul but doing quite a better. I do not recommend anyone get this. Shes definitely not fun pp
  3. Living the dream Thugs, survived pneumonia and am now semi quasi back to normal, what ever that is.... lol Pp
  4. I am from Canada and say unequivocally that our banking system is not blacked out....... Dumb Azzes. pp
  5. Hello gregp !! thxs to you and everyone for the great articles and posts and for keeping this thread alive pp
  6. Well thanks for all the great posts everyone. Took me quite awhile to read them all and yes it does look promising to say the least. here is hoping something positive happens soon !! pp
  7. LOL thugs, been gone on sabbatical awhile, but I see you still got it. pp
  8. Thanks Navira. I'm hoping at least 1 of my 4 WAG currencies come in before I bite the big one. Cheers, pp
  9. A ruby ? Really ? Heres a purple one for ya Mark. pp
  10. Lived here all my life, so you kind of get use to it ( so they say ) but I still hate winter. Cheers, pp
  11. Thxs Ron. Hopefully some day you won't have to do this anymore as it will finally be done. pp
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