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  1. Thxs Pitcher, but there was not much laughing on my part at the Cheers, have a great day my friend. pp
  2. Wow, even after all the corrupt officials all stole " their fair share ", theirs STILL some left over. Not very good planning on their part Thxs Thugs, pp
  3. Your right, it is very nice. I love the place. Reasonably cheap and yes the people are friendly. Going off topic a bit, but this funny thing happened when we were there. Hubby and I were sitting on 2 benches across from each other downtown by the beach. Hubby says very slowly stand up and walk towards me. Being a women I say Why ? He says again just do it, again I say why ? Well all of a sudden I feel something down by my feet. Here it was a huge Iguana under my bench nibbling on the tassels on my sandals. Well in hubby's words, not mine, I jumped up screaming like a school girl... lol, Well does the Iguana take off the other way ? Heck No !! It races out from under my bench, right between my legs, then runs up a tree ! Well hubby is laughing so hard he started gasping for breath, which by the way was NOT funny at the time. I was not laughing. Funny now, back then ? Not so much. pp
  4. And thank you nstoolman1 and the rest of the USA for being they when the chips are down world wide. pp
  5. Who is vital Brad ? And what is never going to happen ? The RV ? or can you say ? pp
  6. Happy Birthday Mary. Hopefully an RV will be a great Birthday present for you. pp
  7. So do I lol. I remember being in Dubai for R&R and having someone approach and say..........Genuine Imitation Rolex, only $20.00 LOL Thanks for bringing me back the memories for a chuckle. pp
  8. Sorry to say but as a spectator from the North looking in, this is what I see. When Obama was in, his supporters were fish, they gulped in everything he said and did, no questions raised. Then when detractors complained, people howled and tossed out the race card. This forced people to be less vocal. Trump, on the other hand, is afraid of nothing, this scares the left as it rocks the boat and any easy cash they are getting. It must be noted that not all on the left are deranged, there are some who truly want to help serve those in true need. Off my soapbox pp
  9. It's NW of Moose Jaw about 125 miles, so nope, if it RV'd there I'd know that as well from my cousin that works in the local Igloo post office. pp
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