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  1. Thanks Umbertino. Great vinyl spin this one. Brings back memories, Cheers, pp
  2. Was at a bank here in town to use the ATM and guess what ? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, yup nothing, spit out my $40.00 and away I went. Just a new spin on things by the Gurus to keep sucking people in. Thanks Luigi, Cheers, pp
  3. Ron, gotta give you credit, I don't think I could handle 90% of the garbage they spew out. I like MM, Walking Stick and Bob the taxmans stuff but that's about pp
  4. Sorry for the rubies LTL, but I don't accept your reasoning about Betty. If that was true it would of surfaced years ago. pp
  5. OK folks whatever you do don't have an opinion or newbie Martin777 will slam you with a Dumbazz. 😆😅🤣😂 pp
  6. Lol, Well you really had me confused there for a second. Been on this site since 2009 and never remembered a firefly. This for the chuckle. pp
  7. Thanks Ron. I honestly don't believe there is any person called Firefly I think it's a scam for Frank To keep People coming to his site so he can make money on the clicks. Mind you that is just my opinion of course pp
  8. Yes she was very much an Icon. Talented as much as lovable. I stopped watching TV years ago but when I did she was one of my favorites. It was said that a teenager invited her to be her date for the Prom one year, She accepted. Rest in Peace Betty, you earned it. Thxs for sharing Divemaster5734 pp
  9. I'm in Saskatchewan so I go after a multitude of fish. Pickeral (Walleye), Northern Pike, Sturgeon, Gold Eye, perch, to name a few. pp
  10. Yes our time has come !! I'm pumped, I can finally get that graphite fishing rod from Cabelas. Hopefully it will still be on sale !! 🦈🐠🐳 pp
  11. The pokerplayer needs the win !!! It's -44 with the windchill this AM 🥶🥶🥶 pp
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