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  1. Totally agree keylime, I don't have many, but I'm in till the end for sure. Thanks so much again, pp
  2. Iraq seeks funding from Russian and Korean partners to build nuclear reactors 9th June, 2021 The Iraqi Radioactive Resources Regulatory Commission announced, on Wednesday, June 9, 2021, that Iraq intends to build 8 reactors capable of producing about 11 gigawatts. The head of the authority, Kamal Hussein Latif, said in a statement to media outlets followed by "The Obelisk" that the authority is seeking to obtain funding from potential partners for the $40 billion plan and pay the costs over a period of 20 years. He added that the authority discussed cooperation with Russ
  3. The central bank takes a measure that may lead to a decrease in the dollar price 10th June, 2021 Today, Thursday, the Central Bank of Iraq announced an increase in the amount of cash sales from foreign currency to banks and exchange companies, according to the classified categories. The bank said in a statement received by Alsumaria News, that it "decided to increase the amount of cash sales from foreign currency to banks and exchange companies and meet them in full," noting that "the purpose of this is to meet requests from foreign currency and achieve monetary policy goals."
  4. Rubies are earned for a reason. Your idiotic comments are why you get you them. While I don't agree with lots of Shabs posts, they don't really deserve them when they are his opinion. pp
  5. Thxs Ron. If this was not coming from the Goat I would say " Bang On ". I do agree with the HCL part though. Cheers, pp
  6. While I call BS on Kaps post, I still realize this is Iraq and anything can happen. Thxs Ron, pp
  7. The reason behind all that nonsense about Dubai, is there having a tough time stringing people along anymore. Thxs Ron, pp
  8. Interesting article @ Longtimelurker Thanks for posting. pp
  9. Fingers crossed 🤞 thxs artitech, no noose if it does not happen lol pp
  10. He actually makes some sense here. Thxs Ron. pp
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