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  1. Remember, these are GURU spews and this has no known validity that I could find. pp 1-20-2021 Newshound/Intel Gurus Walkingstick and Frank26 They finished. They found the sweet spot. They collected enough of the three zeros. We believe over 40 trillion extra. They are very happy with what they have as far as their numbers - the counts of the notes...we sense a rush to this process...they'll meet this coming Saturday. They're putting together the poster-boards to show to the citizens...This coming Saturday they are making their final decisions...
  2. For a new member posting, you wasted no time in stirring up the pot. Maybe you should go back to lurking. Just Saying. pp
  3. Hubby saw this and last night let a ripper go.... before I could say anything he went, COVID test, lol After I was done laughing, I smacked him... pp
  4. I suspect its from the rumored 1450 Dinars to 1 greenback. If that happens then moving over 3 decimal places ( removing 3 zeros ) would make the dinar $1.45 each. Hope this helps, if I'm wrong Dinarrock will clarify. pp
  5. Iraqis panic as leaked budget draft signals devaluation PTI BAGHDAD, DECEMBER 18, 2020 05:09 IST UPDATED: DECEMBER 18, 2020 04:26 IST Shop owners wait for customers at an almost empty market in Baghdad, Iraq. | Photo Credit: AP The draft law, which has to go through a Parliament vote first, gives an anticipated exchange rate of 1,450 Iraqi dinars for the dollar A leaked draft of Iraq’s state budget has sent Iraqis into a panic as it confirmed the government’s intentions to devalue th
  6. LINK Finance Minister: The previous dollar exchange rate distorted and damaged the economy 18th December 2020 The Minister of Finance, Ali Allawi, announced that the dollar exchange rate of 1182 dinars per dollar distorted and damaged the Iraqi economy, indicating that next year’s budget will impose new taxes Allawi said in a statement about the 2021 budget seen by "Al-Eqtisad News", that the 2021 budget adopted an exchange rate of 1450 dinars per dollar, because the previously approved exchange ra
  7. Economist: What happened today is a “game” whose goal is to withdraw the money supply from the market to achieve a political goal 1,207 Policy 12/17/2020 21:46 Baghdad today - Baghdad The economic expert, Rasim Al-Akidi, spoke today, Thursday, about political levers that caused the dollar to rise against the Iraqi dinar recently. "The budget is a hypothetical government vision of financial and economic reality," said Rasim al-Aqidi, in an interview with (Baghdad Today), indicating that "the recent leaks of the budget in the media have been expl
  8. The strange monetary policy and the strange exchange rate in this wondrous economy THURSDAY, 12-17-2020, PM 5:33 KARRAR AL-ASADI Written by: Dr. Emad Abdul Latif Salem - The price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar in the market now (Thursday 12/17/2020), ranges between 1330 and 1340 to 1350 dinars per dollar (up and down). See the link below. - The Central Bank continues to sell
  9. "Leak" annoys finance ... and a warning of "exciting" statements 17th December 2020 The Iraqi Ministry of Finance expressed, on Thursday, its "deep resentment and regret" for the unauthorized publication of the draft budget for 2021. The ministry said in a statement received by Shafaq News, that “budget preparation is a complex technical process that includes many ministries, government institutions and international agencies concerned with the budget over a long period of time and cannot be fully understood without referring to the data, policies
  10. Well I guess that is it then, we should all sell based on your math. No wonder your in the Lopster pp
  11. And you know this because............... ?? pp
  12. A two-point proposal to address the financial crisis without going to change the exchange rate 953 Economie 2020/12/16 21:06 Baghdad Today - Follow-up Economic expert Safwan Qusay revealed, on Wednesday (12-16-2020), that the increase in the exchange rate of the dollar was proposed to the Ministry of Finance to solve the crisis in Iraq, while indicating that the government must determine its position on that. "We do not like to use the dollar exchange rate as a tool to save the government from the financial crisis, and on the contrary, this will lead to the collapse of t
  13. Some pretty good words of Wisdom. Sorry for posting here in rumors as I was unsure were to post it. pp
  14. 12-16-2020 Newshound/Intel Guru Petra We are down to a very short amount of time based on the IMF's statements from 2 weeks ago. We've got the BIS waiting to invest in the reserves of the Iraq Central Bank...we've go the UST. We've got IMF. The Central Bank. Everybody is ready to go.
  15. Totally Correct Flamtap, and yes, I am not to proud to say it either. Thanks for sharing pp
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