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  1. LOL, I just loved the Croc attack star...... Good one, er no, ... FANTASTIC ONE !! pp
  2. I would by far rather read Luigi's posts than absolutely anything you could offer. Like even you said, you don't need to read his posts AND as a matter of fact why don't you just block him ? It's better than popping that vein in your forehead don't cha think ? pp
  3. Oooppps, sorry Karsten, my bad pp
  4. Um, Karstan, there is sites other than here on DV you could find that kind of stuff. I'll bet my bottom dollar that Gypsy Girl is not like that... LOL Maybe I just read your post wrong 🤪 pp
  5. Nope. Just a bunch of letters and numbers. pp
  6. Hmmm, no picture, but the farmer one was hilarious !! pp
  7. Here, Here, I will take two boxes for me !! pp
  8. I will believe it when I see it... lol Thxs 6ly410. Hoping were on the down hill stretch now. pp
  9. Oppps, double post. Did not see the toolman had already posted in 2nd amendment humor thread. Sorry toolman pp
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