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  1. Thank you for the detailed explanation. Never would of guessed. Thanks again Ron. pp
  2. I don't get it ? I am not nor ever been military so forgive my Ignorance please. pp
  3. Interesting article Luigi1 Thank you, pp
  4. Thxs for the kind words Gypsy. It just gets tough getting a beat down all the time when its out of your control is all.... Go Dinar pp
  5. Wish I could give you a bushel of trophies for that post MLD, but you'll have to settle for one. Great Post, pp
  6. Exciting times folks, it's going to happen, but when and that's a big when, will that be. pp
  7. If Someone already posted, forgive me. Did not see it anywhere. pp Economic calls to follow new measures to restore the dollar exchange rate Today 14:33 Information / Exclusive: Economic expert Nabil Al-Ali confirmed on Sunday that putting an end to the rise in the exchange rate of the US dollar requires new diplomatic measures, while pointing to the most prominent challenge of not declining the exchange rate. Al-Ali said in a statement to “Al-Ma’louma” that “the most prominent challenge facing the Central Bank of Iraq regarding the continued rise in the dollar exchange rate is its inability to find a way to address foreign trade transfers,” noting that “addressing these challenges requires a diplomatic effort to convince the US Federal Reserve to set a value.” specific for commercial exchange. He added, "The Central Bank's measures to grant travelers abroad the exchange of three thousand dollars at the official rate are incorrect and will not work." The economic expert called on the government to "intensify its diplomatic efforts to move to obtain approvals from the US Federal Reserve to open a financial transfer platform worth 30 to 40 million dollars per day." Washington continues to create crises and create chaos through its malicious cards that it uses from time to time, as America continues to obstruct Iraq’s progress through many files, most notably the dollar.
  8. Your Absolutly correct @BETTYBOOP Not sure about the 11 day part, but they do shut the Internet down during exams due to cheating. pp
  9. Thanks Luigi1, appreciate the breakdown explanation . If that works, then I would be doubly happy 😊 pp
  10. I have quite a bit of Riel's but i don't see the connection Luigi ? Not saying your right or wrong, just that I don't understand your comment. Can you elaborate a little please ? pp
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