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  1. Lived here all my life, so you kind of get use to it ( so they say ) but I still hate winter. Cheers, pp
  2. Thxs Ron. Hopefully some day you won't have to do this anymore as it will finally be done. pp
  3. Thxs B/A Bit of a sabbatical B/A. Was under a little stress being unemployed for awhile there. Back to work now and all the new training is done. Back to my good old self. Still looking for that elusive RV though. Cheers, pp
  4. Its actually quite nice out today compared to the last several days. Only -11 outside right now. Still need a sweater though with the ice and snow here in Regina Saskatchewan Canada pp
  5. Nothing more to add here LGD, your postings say what we all feel for our respective Veterans of our home Countries. pp
  6. Hi GregP and FW, took a bit of a sabatical and got a new job finally. All is good now. Thanks for the kind words. Cheers, pp
  7. Have fun Cheers, pp
  8. Hey jeepster !! Good to see your still picking away !! Would sure love a call saying we hammered the big one !! pp
  9. Holy Makeral Batman !! When I was last here it was Go Iraq Part 6 !! Did not realize I was gone over 2 weeks LOL Did a quick run through and did not see Navira. Did he give up ? Cheers, pp
  10. Thxs LGD, I have a lot of friends here and missed you all as well. Needed the break and with a new job came lots of training. pp
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