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  1. Guess who's running for President? He simply didn't want that bill to be on his record for all to see.
  2. If people were paying attention they would have prepared. Buying Silver and Gold, food and water. Those who did that will not only survive they will profit amazingly. Those who are so caught up in their entertainment and lackadaisical lifestyle will suffer. Good or not doesn't matter. Humanity has forgotten the fact that we are animals. And animals always keep one eye on their surroundings. Looking for threats. Those poor fools that don't watch their surroundings become dinner for the predators.
  3. I'm sorry but the message you're sending sounds like we're still looking at a hundred thousand dollars or more per share. But because Aron deleted 90 percent of AMC'S stocks those dreams of fancy have mathematically changed. We're no longer looking at the "MOTHER OF ALL SQUEEZES". We're just looking at a decent short squeeze. If people don't wake up to that fact they will miss out all together. Mathematically this will most likely cap out around $700 a share. Or by some freak of nature $1000 a share. One thing I can almost guarantee you is the run up will be fast but the fall back down will be faster. Everyone really needs to consider this because otherwise they will blink and it will be over. Adam Aron knew this when he deleted the shares. He didn't do that to screw us, he did it to pay off debt and eventually give out dividends. Was it what we wanted? No. But it most certainly is what AMC needed to strengthen its position. And that's his job. Everyone, please rethink where this will go before you miss out.
  4. I've figured out why the DOJ and the FBI are going after this looser. And why several Democrats are calling for the loosers resignation. The overwhelming evidence against the puppet in charge and his crime family (Biden) of treason has become more than a little disturbing. And impossible to hide. So let's take down one of our own thus changing the narrative in the news. Sadly this is the crap that they ALL do. But Americans are like little sheep and always follow what they're told. If you ask me this country deserves what's about to happen.
  5. This "man" literally says he heard it crash and that his house was shaking but he never called the authorities because he didn't know what it was. Can someone check his bank account. Even an ignorant hillbilly from South Carolina would call someone.
  6. Bad. No way this bird crashed under the stated narrative. Now the Marine Corps grounded ALL IT'S AIRCRAFT. God help whoever it's target is.
  7. They're not sloppy, they just don't give a dam anymore. The demonic possessed politicians are going for broke and deception is only slowing them down. They believe, and I wonder if it's true, that Americans are too cowardly to do anything about it. I'd bet my silver that this bird will show up again. Possibly at a Trump rally.
  8. I'd bet good money (Gold and Silver) that this bird will show up again doing something extraordinarily evil. Transponder wasn't on, plane put on auto pilot before pilot ejected. PLEASE, I'm pissed at how stupid they think we are.
  9. All the more reason for everyone to take your money out of the banks. Buy precious metals and food. We have the power to destroy the evil people. Rockefeller said, " give me control of the money and I care not who makes the laws". When you leave all your money in a bank they control you. Likewise, when we refuse to leave all our money in the banking system they will collapse. The winners in this war will be whoever makes the first move. They fully intend to collapse their own system and steal your money. So they can implement the CBDC. Or we can destroy them by taking our money back.
  10. Everytime one of these morons opens their pie hole God makes them a fool. Guess what kind of winter we're going to have? Get better coats....
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