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  1. I could use one of those "Marked Safe From: being considered a guru" signs.
  2. olivesman

    2020 RV

    It's darkest before the dawn.
  3. For all that want to know what a certain individual has to say, and those not tech savvy enough to be aware, simply tap that person's avatar and scroll down to their recent posts.
  4. As I recall, Adam has said that it's totally up to the Central Bank. I'm sure I'll be corrected soon if my recollection is mistaken.
  5. @Synopsis I thought we weren't going to be political... 😉
  6. @Adam MontanaPlease text while I'm home. I'm afraid I couldn't help but LOSE MY $H1+ if I were at work!
  7. YES, you would think that they would know what the issue is. Wishful thinking is ALL GOOD.
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