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  1. olivesman

    Frank26 On the 30th, of December, lifted the 3 zeros

    I'VE already deleted zero zeros from my currency, it's NOT a new thing.
  2. Interesting... 10 YEARS LATER is commenting on a post 2 MONTHS LATER... LOL
  3. My nerves are.... I'm relying on some step by step guidance... And I'M READY. (Gonna celebrate by purchasing a new phone and of course a bigger humidor)
  4. olivesman

    ARE OUR EMAIL ADDRESSES SAFE AT DV? I feel this is appropriate here, and Thanks to CL for this. Adam and/or mods please comment.
  5. olivesman

    Adam Montana Weekly 31 October 2018

    Sounds like you're asking Adam to post RUMORS. He'd never do that. I would never ask him to.
  6. olivesman

    Adam Montana Weekly 31 October 2018

    Well, Thank you.
  7. olivesman

    Adam Montana Weekly 31 October 2018

    Not to be nosy but I understand Platinum may strain the budget but have you considered the lesser plans? (Is it available monthly or is 3 month the least available? )
  8. A senior member having a senior moment...I'VE had those... 😉
  9. Just curious...why are you answering someones reply of October 4, 2016?
  10. olivesman

    Adam Montana 24 October 2018

    (Was supposed to say "GrammaOlive and I"....proofread, proofread, proofread!) ANYWAY, VIP is SO worth it! More valuable education per dollar can not be found.
  11. olivesman

    Adam Montana 24 October 2018

    THANK YOU, ADAM. I am SO GLAD that Grammaolive became VIPs and took advantage of all of strategies you suggested.
  12. Article already posted.
  13. olivesman

    GCR RV...USD Is now Gold Backed Ready.

    Let me help you out then. The rumor section is simply that: RUMORS. NOTHING TO SIFT HERE. Go to the news forum for more reliable information.

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