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  1. I am SO ready for a surprise! I would be too happy to be out of town during the mother in laws birthday party. 😉
  2. There haven't been any in quite some time.
  3. It's on the internet so it has to be true...
  4. I'm not Adam but he has addressed this before and said the passing of the budget is not an issue.
  5. It IS saved to my phone. Wish I could assign it as THE text message ringtone.
  6. Unless SOMETHING happhappens that we can experience it rather than you having to explain it. 🙏
  7. @debra lack of confidence in your knowledge is precisely a great reason to join VIP as there are a LOT of people that will be glad to walk you through some money saving steps that will MORE THAN pay you back for the cost of VIP. AND post-rv you'll STILL be able to take advantage of the site, which will NOT be available to those not in VIP.
  8. Once the currency revalues, it does so for EVERYONE.
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