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  1. Does a circulated 100 dollar bill spend like a new one? 😉
  2. @yota691 Thank you for this and ALL that you do to keep us informed!
  3. Can someone enlighten us as to the content of these laws?
  4. THANKS ADAM. And if you're on the fence regarding becoming a VIP, DO NOT forget that he has a guarantee that if you don't cover the cost in SPREAD ALONE, you're VIP cost is refunded. RIGHT, @Adam Montana?
  5. VIP or Platinum VIP? a regular VIP will not get their certificate until after the event. A support ticket is a better place for this. Please do not put personal information in the "public" eye.
  6. The Cash in guide has no info regarding OSI. I'd recommend getting VIP, a Name Reserve fast if you are EVEN contemplating it, do your gift letter(s), then READ READ READ and in the mean time get a passport.
  7. Somebody's blowing smoke to distract the average person from what is REALLY about to happen, dare I say, SOON.
  8. You would only have the certificate if you are Platinum VIP. Regular VIPs will get thier certificate after the rv.
  9. Again I say, it's not a matter of if but WHEN. And also, THANK YOU Adam and company for providing the means to be prepared through IBC and its supporting cast of products!
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