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  1. OOOWWWWW! (howling at the moon)
  2. @genique05 I wanted to tag you to be sure that you caught Adams reply. It's an easy misunderstanding to have as someone who may be less experienced with these matters. I suggest that you open the OSI Forum and read the pinned posts. And WELCOME ABOARD THE OSI YACHT.
  3. We'll see if this blind squirrel finds a nut.
  4. These would be the type of people that it AMAZES me that they had the foresight to buy Dinar.
  5. I googled it. It's today and tomorrow for this year. (Somebody else said this earlier in this thread also)
  6. 8.5 years with DV + about half a year as a Dinar owner before that. I AM SO READY.
  7. the deployment of commercial agencies in line with the economic policy of Iraq and its approach to opening up to all international markets. BINGO!
  8. Right after his thumbs up, he started on the topic of Chapter 7.
  9. PERHAPS this is what the hubbub in the rumors forum regarding the item President Trump was talking about. 🤞 🤞
  10. Please read (or at least browse through) the whole thread to get the whole message.
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