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  1. @DinarThugI'm still looking for the color code legend.
  2. HE REALLY DID MENTION RV (recreational vehicle)! Skip to 32:50
  3. I was thinking the exact same thing with regard to translation. When they say "next Sunday"we would say "this Sunday".
  4. THANK YOU, SIR. (So much for being 1st to reply now I better get back to reading the letter lol)
  5. WHOOP! DID YOU JUST MENTION A DATE?!?! I'm just HOPING that finalizing work on the gubberment isn't the only thing they do! THANKS for the uplifting update!
  6. I'm thinking Ramadan would be THE time to catch the world off guard!
  7. THANKS. I'm IN with Dinar ownership. Now I'm off to get IN on the POWERBALL group.
  8. Both of these amazing documentariesare available on Netflix. I first saw Forks Over Knives in October of 2017, almost 2 years after having a stroke. (MINOR but career changing. Thanks in advance for the sympathies but let's please stay on topic.) I was motivated to get off meds as many in FOK had done. I did get off of my meds and in the process lost 80 pounds. It can be seen as a huge challenge or a simple change. "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, YOU'RE RIGHT." I hear that this saying is attributed to Henry Ford. I don't know for certain. I wasn't there when it was first spoken. (Not following my own wish to stay on Anyway. I suggest folks watch these documentaries themselves and make up their own mind.
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