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  1. Thank you, great video! We've got 6 days to get this out to everybody we can. People who support these lies because the swamp is being drained and cannot celebrate every victory or achievement we have accomplished the last 4 years. Amen.
  2. Adam, Good day to you and appreciate your and all the Dinar Vets comments here, daily weekly regarding Nevada Corporation, VIP, OSI, ect. We've gotten much information the last 10 plus years on this site, all great, exciting, getting ready for RV! With all that said, I wanted to know if the group could be on possibly a weekly confernece call for clarifications, updates, suggestions. Also, could we have a meeting, seminar, or conference back in Wisconsin Adam, for a charge of course, maybe 2- 4 weeks after RV for maybe a Friday, Saturday, Sunday meeting? To distill 10 years worth of data, it would be usefull for many of us to get a step by step approach to the Dinar Investment, by using your known resources advice, suggestions ect? I know you will have OSi and VIP investment opportunites available also and that will be fantastic. An overall current review and commaraderie of a get together somehow could bring us all into lazer focus on what the main priorities are for us all with resources, questions and answers, commaraderie, diner party, would be great if we could pull it off. With deep appreciation mr these opportunites and further friendship and partners. Thank you. andy3232 California
  3. andy3232


    Very cool character, the great Admiral Al Calavicci! Thanks for sharing olivesman, He must be retired by now. Did he do any movies or shows after Quantum Leap?
  4. Welcome back Yota. We missed you.
  5. Yeah, corruption starts at the top.They should put a fork in Maliki first. How did he become the 5th richest person on the planet coming in at a tidy 50 Billion? Hello...Hello and why hasn't this happened yet or will it ever, good night now!
  6. What is the best way for me to get the China Contract Rte upon exchanged the Iraqi Dinar. I understand there is a Non-Disclosure Agreement to sign and can receive anywhere from $20 - $36 per dinar at exchange. Are there exchange groups that I could be included in? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you Adam and staff. andy3232
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