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  1. Holly Shiite NYK.....Yes Bring It On ! Lock her up ! Lock her up ! Lock her up !
  2. Texstorm

    Amazing Acts of Love

    Good morning LGD ! When a person takes just a few minutes to make a positive impact on someones life , it make everyone feel good.
  3. Texstorm

    Amazing Acts of Love

    awesome ! Thanks LGD ! Have a great weekend.
  4. The problem BA is that who do you want to control The M.E. It's the USA or Russia or China. What do you not understand ? What happened with the reporter was terrible ! But be the needs of the masses aways predicates the needs of a few. Yes it's not even close to being right and it's not ! More than 5000 US soldiers have paid their lives for peace in the M.E. ......we can't walk away now. Sorry just the way it's going to be. If you got the answer please contact Trump on Twitter. Thanks
  5. Texstorm

    Iraqi Dinar on the For Ex?

    Classic my friend ! And after a 14 hr day I'm laughing as well ! I really think his wife wanted his foreskin for a lampshade for her new flashlight ! It is what it is. Have a great Christmas King Bean !
  6. Texstorm

    IQD Fact sheet

    Let's just go to 15 negs everyweek and they are mummy dust ! I'm tired of the negatives , don't need them in my life ! This SOB has been dissected into a zygote " a single cell organism " and now worse trying to break it down to DNA " Deoxiribonuclicacid ". Shut the tank down please !
  7. Texstorm

    IQD Fact sheet

    Also I ask that DV shut down the lop tank , it is no longer needed because either you are here or not ! We are not stupid and we don't need someone who can one sidedy bring annoyances with to this site without consequences. Shut it down ! Top side and if you get voted out it because it's not what we want to hear. It's time to be accountable for what we say. The tank is now outdated ! Pull the plug and send the Lopster's to Davy Jones locker ! There is not a soul here now that doesn't know what is going on. Good bye negs !
  8. Texstorm

    IQD Fact sheet

    Hello Rock ! It is true that some of us have entered into this for religious beliefs which is not of your concern because you have never acknowledged God. It is also true that some of us have had the funds and could afford it, to enter into this debenture for the love of our family and the hope of providing for them in the future. It is also true that this may never go anywhere ! I admit that to you. We are all going to win big time ! Or not ! However none of us are ever going to loose big time or not ! Fact ! The IQD probably will never go any lower than it is now... And if it does we are talking dollars and cents. WTF that ain't going to break 90 % of most of us here. I've already lost $ from the first day I purchased , like it seems a hundred years ago now....but we are not all at a total loss should the IQD never rise. My 401 lost me more money than the IQD ever cost me.... just think about that for a second. I really think that you are not a happy person to tell everyone here about a situation that none of us , including you are not in control ! What is your catalyst to come here and attack people of good nature ? I just spoke my complete heart.... show us yours ! Thanks / Mark Hamilton
  9. Texstorm

    Amazing Acts of Love

    I'm tired of hearing about our vets in this light " Living on the streets or in shelters " ! They are the only thing between right and wrong ! When a man gives his life or heart or soul or his self for our great nation .....they should be first ! They deserve what ever they need to get back from where they came from. Just some sense of be wanted ! War is a f..... Thing for those who pay for our freedoms. God please help them to find a way to re-assimilate back to us before all others. They are first in my book. I do wish the best for all of the rest but our citizens should come first ! Thanks DV ! And LGD for bringing this post to our attention.
  10. The art of the deal ! The master has spoken. Everyone knows that you can never negotiate from a point of weakness. We are the United States of America the most powerful country on Earth ! Politically correct is weakness ! Bowing to a Sultan is weakness ! Lighting up the White House like a rainbow is weakness. Pulling out of Iraq cost a million more life's...not cool ! God has already spoken....we are all from sin. Condoning sin is not ! Making everything as ok is not okay. Call a spade a spade and an apple and apple an orange and orange , it is what it is ! And it's not really right ! Right is right and wrong is wrong , thats we what we already know. None of us is above the reproach of sin ! But it is our destiny to fight it ! And win it ! And own it ! That's what we got ! May God bless us with his Mercy and I want y'all to know that our sins are completely bought and paid for by the blood of our savoir Jesus Christ. And our country the United States of America has been bought and paid for by the blood of our American Soilders in the name of freedom , so enjoy your freedoms and know that your path to heaven is still open as long as you have your breath to take. May God bless us all ! Amen 🙏
  11. Texstorm

    Transgender wins Miss Spain - Insane World

    Still a man with a sheepskin......Jeeesee ! Might as well cut it off !
  12. Texstorm

    Troops Head For Gitmo/D5

    Start the water boarding again ! Root out those crazy F....s and their agenda's. Make America great again ! Make America safe again ! IDGAF ....kill them all ! When you go to sleep tonight just know American Soilders got your ass ! Thanks to our protectors ! May y'all see your children grow and prosper in peace. Amen
  13. "Song , song of the South sweet potato pie shut my mouth " . Spoken like a true Southern Bell ! Thanks
  14. Texstorm

    IQD Fact sheet

    Hey caz ! My hot button was the VSM can I be a guru for just one day ? Please .... just kidding... Not ! I'm probably better off going there in person with my lady .....when I get a couple hundred extra dollars. LOL 🤗
  15. Starr the Ruby queen ! LOL must be some fat fingers out there , sure no one would hurt the Queen ......not here on DV ! Fat fingers it was. 😄

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