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  1. Thanks Indraman ! I really wish her well true or not true. I can't imagine that any of those Justice's would be bad. And yes I would welcome a republican for sure.
  2. Texstorm

    Whatever happened to sandfly?

    I would have said it the other way around
  3. Texstorm

    Varney on Gas Prices

    Thank the good Lord ! I'm not in y'all's neck of the woods ! I guess as an oil and gas producing state it should be cheaper. Perhaps if president D-REX Trump can allow refineries where you live , it could be way cheaper. I really think this old world is a lot older than we think it is. I'm 100 % sure that the structurs we marvel at today and can not be explained by scientist , and that technology was already hear. No one would move giant stones and boulders just for fun ! All of these big structures across the planet were accomplished simotaniously. My conclusion is that there was a whole world before our world.....the Bible didn't lie ! It's our perception of time is off !
  4. Texstorm

    Stan Lee, Marvel Comics godfather, dead at 95

    I was never a big comic book person, but my daddy was , that was the great entertainment of those days. My daddy was born in 1927 and he has told me stories about all of these Super hero's. I thank God for everyday he is still alive ! WW2 vet and all !
  5. Texstorm

    Whatever happened to sandfly?

    Heck I still miss SWFloridaguy ! We've had so many great people come thy this site. I know we are fortunate for the time we have together. Take care !
  6. I know Mohhamed Halabusi and all of Iraq needs the USA and our constitution and our military to survive ! I know we ain't giving it up ! And it's time for Iraq to get up and running as a competent government.
  7. Texstorm

    IQD Fact sheet

    We will all learn from this ! I know what I've learned is already priceless. I know there are so many good people and smart people and loving people and religious people here that it's a great place to be ! I know I'm not always politically correct but I don't give a damn at 61. I know I'm not a republican anymore but yet I stand with Trump. I know that the old Washington swamp Democrats and Republicans have both duped us for years ! I know that if it were not for Trump I would have never known how really crooked these SOB's are at the top level of government ! I know I ain't going to take their Shiite anymore ! I know that this debenture may never go anywhere but when I bought in I had my family's future in mind over greed ! I know that I could afford it ! I know that it's not in my hands or anyone else's hands other than GOD ! Maybe that's why we are all here , even if y'all don't know him. God bless DV ! Take care.
  8. Texstorm

    IQD Fact sheet

    Fact# 1.....The IQD we hold is grossly undervalued. Fact #2 .....The IQD was once fixed to the U.S. dollar at rate of $2.8 Fact # 3 There is currently no currency in the world pegged to the IQD Fact# 4 I am not buying anymore IQD in this lifetime. Thanks
  9. Texstorm

    Amazing Acts of Love

    Bump ! 😭
  10. Thanks Yota ! Dear Lord please bless all of DV ......we could use a little boost. Amen !
  11. I love rubies ! Just means the deep staters are crumbling , crying , and I got to Piss on their Post Toasties this morning ! What a beautiful day ! 😉
  12. Good morning Yota ! and all of DV ! Hot damn you just can't make this Shiite up. Everyday is like Christmas with President D-Rex Trump at the helm. I can't wait to see all of those swamp creatures baking in the hot sun . God it's going to be a great day !

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