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  1. Interesting...but funny somewhat hearing “god” say how brilliant his plan is...sounds like the narcissist the ‘god’ of this world is....not our creator ...just the god of this world...fits the data from
  2. Sooooo......what’s the prophecy exactly as it concerns the Dinar?
  3. Am I the only one wondering and concerned Whether or not they’re going to take our paper bills even if they did RV? People are turning away dollar bills for fear of the virus throughout the United States in various locations and increasing. What are we supposed to do when or if it ever comes time that we can cash in? Adam, is their concern about that on your end? I know that you have a team of people that would walk us (VIP) through ..... but as things are unfolding – what do they say about dirty paper money in this situation if a miracle happens and we actually do see an RV ?
  4. I have not read this whole thread but just had to post my thought today. I am absolutely amazed that we are still talking about waiting for this damn RV. Now with this agenda 21 and controlled demolition of the world economy - what the hell is IRAQ waiting for. Soon – and I do mean very soon – it will be too late for what WE want to get out of this! Geesh-so frustrating. I finally got my act together and I have everything set up with the IBC etc. etc. etc. and now this damn engineered bullshit timing of starving people to death so that the New World order can be put in because they’ve got no freaking other way to force it on us. Global supply chain is no more than 1 to 2 months from collapse. The frustrating part also is that all of the world leaders are well aware of their role in this agenda ..... so I guess I’m not surprised that it hasn’t happened yet because the powers that be have not blessed it and have other things in mind. The idea being that people have to be put in great pain through a major crisis and loss of life so that the sheeple – the brainwashed programmed masses will be begging them for any and all help which includes a totalitarian World. This is not BS. This is real. I guess I just was hoping that Iraq was going to get it together for an RV before the entire world is in fear. Thankfully, there are enough people so absolutely asleep in the United States that may be this buys a little time but I’m not feeling optimistic today at all. Can you tell?
  5. A message from Adam that uplifting brightened my week and turned around an otherwise less than happy day that I was having !!! Thank You for that Adam. I have had my dinar for over 10 years and yet, only recently, lit a fire under my butt to get the IBC etc completed. I hope that my butt fire was all for good timing and for a great reason! May we all enter the age of IQD prosperity this year. 🌠
  6. Ron , what state is your CPA? Looking for one like this in GA.
  7. Actually Yes it does for the IBC .....not sure about straight charity....
  8. Thank You Adam - i learn so much from you and this community.
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