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  1. These main points --thank you Synopsis. A VIP Politics group is a great idea and I hope that Adam considers it.
  2. I wrote to Texas Granny and got no response after I was given penalty points for using the word moron.
  3. Yes – and thank you for taking the time to write this post. Everything listed is true. I received 3 penalty points from a moderator for using the word moron. By definition the word moron means a foolish person. That got me penalty points – I’m done! . What is going on here that we are letting never Trumper‘s control a very important topic that affects the whole reason we are here? I don’t think it’s right at all. Anyway thank you for writing – and as I mentioned in my last post - I’m sticking only to dinar and IBC discussions only if at all. Bye
  4. So nice to hear likeminded people about the vitriol spewed in this forum towards Q and Trump supporters. Yet..... They are allowed to constantly demean and degrade us. I am done with trying to be a digital warrior on this board. If it has nothing directly to do with an IBC or IQD I’m out. This board about politics now belongs to the never trumpers I.e. the TDS people.
  5. Tweets have links moron. Open it and see. You see ....all you have to do is click on the hyperlink and wallah....information appears! Oh that’s right.... you MUST censor your little eyes from any information that doesn’t come from media matters, the dnc, or msm. I forgot. (Btw....that’s called being in a cult....when you are warned against reading the other side so it doesn’t upset you or get you thinking. They cannot have you critical thinking.) Regardless, it really is a fact that your cult is going down painfully and horrifically and actually mostly gone now. you just don’t know it. You still think Your players in the dnc are real.😂
  6. Leigh does outstanding vids...she is so well spoken and clear. Thanks for sharing her.I subscribed today to her vids.
  7. We have done a ton of research on XRP and feel strongly about it’s future for our future. Based on our research, XRP will be part of both resets...I.e. the NWO reset being pushed now and the one that is Trumps NESARA/ IMO you can’t go wrong getting it. Like all investments you just have to HODL and have faith.
  8. I don’t care who you support. Don’t patronize people or accuse me of that which you or others are doing-insulting and being a young smart ass who thinks he is funny. Youre not above anyone here and you are distastefully disrespectful. Funny how many years I have no been a member with no issue with other members until you and shamby and your glibness. Your opinion is not welcome in my posts so go play somewhere else. At this point. You’re purely trying to be a snarky little boy. I will report you at this point. Now go home.
  9. This isn’t Facebook. But it is sure good to know who’s TDS around here. Y’all seem to be coming out of the woodwork when truth is revealed. I don’t need more friends so Go play with yours.
  10. You know I try to stay so on top of what’s happening because it’s like watching the best movie ever on Twitter. I didn’t know about these new developments. Thank you for posting them.
  11. Sorry Adam – bothered that I have Been around this board for years and no issues and wonderful helpful members always.......then today .....two posts in one day – one incorrectly accusing me of promoting another site and another with multiple posts putting down anyone to do with Trump and Q....😡
  12. No I didn’t post a link and the man doesn’t sell dinar. The kind administrator removed the penalty because there was nothing wrong and no intention to promote another site.
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