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  1. A message from Adam that uplifting brightened my week and turned around an otherwise less than happy day that I was having !!! Thank You for that Adam. I have had my dinar for over 10 years and yet, only recently, lit a fire under my butt to get the IBC etc completed. I hope that my butt fire was all for good timing and for a great reason! May we all enter the age of IQD prosperity this year. 🌠
  2. Ron , what state is your CPA? Looking for one like this in GA.
  3. Actually Yes it does for the IBC .....not sure about straight charity....
  4. Thank You Adam - i learn so much from you and this community.
  5. Is $50 considered a lower denom? Anyone see an issue with having $50 dinar bills after RV?
  6. preface: opinion-no criticism please. If you dont agree-move on as I do to posts that I dont agree with. Not caring who agrees-just my opinion of it all as it relates to the possibility of Dinar wealth heaven. I am of the well thought out and well read opinion now turned 'belief' that this world is not run by the world leaders but by an elite that we do not know anything about. This resonates with me strongly and answers every single question I have ever had about life, the duality of this existence, the pain and misery of many as well as it explains any religious or new age question I have ever asked in my 50+ years. I am talking about forces/people/whatever above e.g. the Rothchilds and the other evil families they share commonality with. Everyone else in leadership (world governments) are pawns doing what they are supposed to do and are told to do including the Rothchilds et al. This data comes from many sources from Wes Penre ( and many others and corroborates with the very best remote viewers (e.g **** Allgire etc from cryptoviewing on Patreon). With that hypothesis as a basis, all world currencies will be changing in the next 1-5 years crypto. Everyone on earth will have a blockchain ID with their life digitized and stored. You wont be able to do anything with privacy or without crypto unless you can live off the land with no use for goods and services. Having said that....any iraqi dinar changes that could effect us with wealth is pre-planned and pre-determined because like the USD, dinars will be gone in short order and the world will be crypto. Unfortunately, the governments will have their hand in it all or as much as they can control although I have hopes that they wont control it al. I am not convinced this dinar RV will pan out for us - but I am participating because my gut told me to! So, to be honest--it is anyone's guess when in the next few months to several more years this will drag on --because nothing having to do with wealth--NOTHING.... is orchestrated by one little country by itself. Iraq is on its way to being healthy financially again because the powers running this shithole earth have decided it will be in line with a new world order/power timing. Its all orchestrated. This is not to say we wont get rich with this deal...we may....I PRAY......but its all tied and timed into collapsing the financial system of the world to usher in a monitored, trackable and controlled world population system through cryptocurrency. The question is.... are we being played with the dinar promise like we are played in all other aspects of our lives due to programming from birth or will some folks truly gain wealth before cryptocurrency runs the world? Quantum Physics dictates that what we all collectively think affects the outcome greatly. Soooo my last message is this.... as a Dinar Vets group with billions of dinars collectively (per Adam) we all as a collective group need to control our thoughts and practice like HELL ONLY ONLY thinking RICH, thinking BIG RV profit, thinking and knowing that we will all be wealthy in short order. Quantum Physics has proven that what we think ...happens. Cheers.
  7. With most remote viewers for crypto saying we will have a new world economy by or in 2020 it would seem that there is a motivation to get this done this time....not sure how it all ties into crypto since whatever USA money is made from this has an apparent short shelf life if these remote viewers are correct. Any input on this if we are able to cash out with a profit-
  8. Of course, I stopped holding my breath long ago waiting for the RV....but still the idea of millions(s) in return for my old investment was that shining light in the distance. But that shining light in the distance was based on $1....NOT .10 ! Somehow I need to find a way to do a happy dance with .10 IF that even happens.... .10 is NOT 'retire and costa rica beach-house' in my life! LOL.
  9. hell...all I know is that my astrologers promised me that I was coming into big money in September so with assurance I can tell you that this RV is happening in September after mercury retrograde....there...done.
  10. Ok....sooooo..assuming that .10 happens ....who is holding out for it to rise? Is the general consensus to take the .1 and run?
  11. Soooo..RV of .10 (per adam above) means what for trade value of 1,000,000 dinar.....? Sorry I am confused....
  12. Looking to sell dinars- how to know where to start , who to trust and any solid info would be appreciated.
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