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  1. NAKS

    Adam Montana 27 June 2018

    Of course, I stopped holding my breath long ago waiting for the RV....but still the idea of millions(s) in return for my old investment was that shining light in the distance. But that shining light in the distance was based on $1....NOT .10 ! Somehow I need to find a way to do a happy dance with .10 IF that even happens.... .10 is NOT 'retire and costa rica beach-house' in my life! LOL.
  2. hell...all I know is that my astrologers promised me that I was coming into big money in September so with assurance I can tell you that this RV is happening in September after mercury retrograde....there...done.
  3. NAKS

    Adam Montana Weekly 17 May 2017

    Ok....sooooo..assuming that .10 happens ....who is holding out for it to rise? Is the general consensus to take the .1 and run?
  4. NAKS

    Adam Montana Weekly 10 May 2017

    Soooo..RV of .10 (per adam above) means what for trade value of 1,000,000 dinar.....? Sorry I am confused....
  5. Looking to sell dinars- how to know where to start , who to trust and any solid info would be appreciated.

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