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  1. Not a problem If you used something like "Bobs Investment Group Corp", you can simply add "LTD" to the end of that when you complete the paperwork for the IBC.
  2. You can rest assured that if your items were sent on time, you will not see a non-compliance charge. If it's on her to-file list, she will follow up once it's been taken care of.
  3. Good afternoon, DV! Surprise, it's THURSDAY! Let's talk about dinar for a few moments: Oil saw a nice upward spike yesterday. We're not quite to $60, but the trend is still positive. I expect it to pull back a tiny smidge, then continue the steady pace in this direction: This is probably a good time to be sure you all understand something - I'm not saying "the day OIL hits $60, we will have an RV"! $60 was the direction I wanted to see, and we're basically there. As long as the current trend continues, we are in the (green) zone. Steady and controlled oil prices, + steady and stable GOI, + some HCL goodies... that's what we're looking for, and it keeps coming! One item that is of note, and may push us out just a little bit, is the budget/fiscal year. There is a LOT of accounting to be done with any kind of monetary change, and it would certainly make things cleaner to change the rate on a specific date that coincided with something logical like the start of a fiscal year or quarter, or perhaps the beginning of a new budget, or something like that. We are a couple weeks away from the end of Iraq's first fiscal quarter. Their fiscal (XYZ) can be a bit confusing because they don't get the new budget out until after the new fiscal year has already begun, and in the past they have stated that surplus in the budget applies to the following year. Oh, there's nothing like proper planning, where the first three months of the year you have no idea what's in your checking account or what bills are in the mailbox! 🤦‍♂️ That's nothing to concern us, of course. In fact, with the steady progress we're seeing in all other areas, the prospect of a currency value change at the start of Iraq's Q2 is a pretty reasonable thought. In other news... not much I can say right now! Parliament is in session and WORKING. The latest on a relevant HCL thread is here: We don't have an announcement, but all of the clues are saying *soon*. That's what I have for you this fine Thursday, friends! I'll be monitoring, have a fantastic day, and GOO RRRVVVVVV!!! - Adam
  4. We had a security upgrade this morning... I'm sure this won't be the last glitch in the matrix!
  5. Good morning all! Happy International Women's Day, especially to those of you amazing women on our staff and member list here at DV. The world, and DV, would not be as awesome without you! This has been an interesting week in the markets, but not so much for Dinar when it comes to actual news. There's a good reason for this. Oil has been pretty flat, just like the news on HCL. Step back and take a "big picture" view of the situation, and it's easy to understand that this is to be expected. I find it amusing to read the headlines that state "Oil production falls to (X time frame) lows..." Hang on a second, oil "falls"?! That's the headline? I don't think that's accurate. It's not "falling" - it's being controlled, exactly as they planned. This is a topic we've been on top of since 2017, before the talk of OPEC agreeing to slowing oil production. The headlines would be more accurate if they said "Planned reduction in oil production to stabilize prices" But that doesn't get as many clicks, it's just not as sensational... even though it's the truth. And we've been expecting it, because we have been watching this sector through a fairly specialized set of glasses. Interpretation: All is going according to plan. And if all is going according to plan, then it's just a matter of time. Sunday is the first day of work for the Iraqi week, so I'd suggest taking a couple days away from the "news" - get in VIP for the peace of mind, do some reading in there if you want to be prepared, informed, and ready. Otherwise enjoy a couple of days away, because we're not going to have an RV in the next couple days. Unless I'm wrong. I'm always open to that possibility! - Adam
  6. Sorry everyone, didn't mean to throw your whole calendar off Weekly update will be posted today
  7. 🤦‍♂️ I’ll turn this bus right around, I swear I’ll do it!!
  8. This thread was listed as a “related topic” to something I was just viewing in the VIP section, otherwise I may have never seen it. The responses above are sufficient, but I’ll chime in anyway. HCL is indeed merely a profit sharing agreement, and until there’s a decent agreement in place regarding profit sharing, we have a difficult road to travel for an RV, which is all about profit. The profits little people like us will see from a change in the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar are small compared to what larger instituitions will realize. This is something that happens every day, and that’s not particularly important. What IS important is this; We can certainly have an RV without the HCL, but doesn’t it make sense that a written agreement that guarantees a portion of the spoils to a major part of the Iraqi (bicracky) population would grease the wheels? I think so. There are times that I oversimplify things - my weekly updates would be regular 6 hour long dissertations if I didn’t. Over the years, I’ve given more than a few deeper looks into my reasonings for the importance of the HCL but I hope I’ve also expressed that it’s not a “requirement”. The Iraqi dinar will increase in value with or without an official HCL. Personally I think the rate will be stronger with the HCL. Also personally, I’d be happy with a lower rate without an official HCL.
  9. Good morning everyone! I think at this point... I officially give up trying to move the weekly updates to Friday. Or Thursday. So I'm going to officially move them to Wednesdays for now I'm about to lose my internet, and my laptop battery is at 4%, so this will be a short post. Unless you all see anything different - I'd say things are still pointed the right direction. OIL took a tiny step backwards, but still tracking for a win if my target of $60 is correct. I'll include a super-technical chart analysis below: In addition to what I'm hearing from the other side of the pond, and what my own experience and insights conclude, I still believe that $60 mark is where we want to be headed. Hitting that price, on the current trajectory, is solid evidence of stability in the markets and will be reassuring to the CBI so they can take some bold steps. There is a low rumble off in the distance that sounds like an HCL thunderstorm, so we'll keep an eye on that. And I just hit 2% battery, so I'll get this posted now and rejoin the conversation(s) later. Be well, everyone! - Adam
  10. As a VIP member, you can also edit your phone for the text message in that section. FYI to everyone who is NOT VIP, you can still enter your phone number - but you won't get a text. I see a lot of people with phone numbers in there, probably hoping you can sneak in a freebie... it won't work Every member of DV will get a general email. VIPs will get a text and a detailed series of emails with instructions on VIP partner banks, legal professionals, etc.
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