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  1. I haven’t checked your account BUT if you are Platinum VIP you should have your Certificate in hand or being shipped to you as long as you responded to support with your shipping address and name!
  2. Good morning and HAPPY WEDNESDAY! These Weekly updates are getting more and more fun for me, because Iraq is moving faster and faster. The proof is coming daily, hourly... we are looking at an HCL move soon, and that's about all we need right now! The comments on my Weekly update last week reached 6 pages pretty quickly... here's one of the highlights: That doesn't say "HCL tomorrow, RV by Friday"... but it's pretty darn close! The new PM Kazzamie is operating efficiently and effectively. We are going to hear some detractions and criticisms, but he is doing a great job in my opinion. Oil is slightly down this morning, but the overall trend is stable and upwards, currently at $39.24. The IMF is predicting a continuation - I agree. As we move closer to a successful resolution and completion with HCL, we are going to start hearing a LOT from the "gurus". Some of them will be right, some will always be "full of it", but the closer we get... the louder it's going to seem. Stay calm, don't let emotions get the best of you, and hang tight... we are closing in. That's all I'm posting for this morning. Go Iraq, go HCL, GO RV!!!!!!! - Adam
  3. If anyone is at all excited about what I had to say on Wednesday, I'm sure you're all DOUBLY excited about this stuff! KEEP IT COMING!!!
  4. If you’re referring to the email I sent - I don’t send them often. That’s how different things are right now - we are looking at serious possibility for the HCL to move, and I felt it warranted an email. I do these weekly updates every week but I do not send an email about every one. You can always “subscribe” (get notifications) to any specific forum section if you like.
  5. Platinum is $379.99, Corp VIP is $199, total: $578.99 OSI members already get Platinum at a discount: Platinum + Corp VIP is also already discounted: We can't cut those prices more than that! I'd have to outsource things I am not willing to outsource.
  6. Me: 06 08 22 40 66 PB 12 I'm entering for my office as well... if I can just put "STAFF", that's what it is. If I have to pick a favorite, it's @Julie.Moore (Sorry everyone else!) I intend that they/she counts as "one" for splitting up the winnings. Staff: 08 34 35 38 55 PB 18
  7. Good morning, good morning! This may end up being a "less is more" kind of post. Reason? HCL. I made mention last week that we are in a great spot, and I was hoping to see some movement on the HCL. @DinarThug, true to form, followed up with this. And this. ("The oil and gas law will be included in the upcoming sessions.") And this. And this! And this. And THIS!!! And... seriously, it just kept going. There are times when I find it perfectly acceptable to be calm, sit back, and not get too excited. This is not that time. We are looking at constant HCL news, constant mention of monetary change, constant clues that we are on the brink of a monumental event. I'm ready. === // This next part will be deleted tomorrow: // ===== (deleted) === // The above will be removed tomorrow. You snooze... you lose! // ==== Don't get me wrong... I'm pretty stoked about the stability of bitcoin (and the potential of quite a few other cryptos!), the markets are encouraging (hat tip to @Pitcher for the great analysis every week!), and a mess of other stuff! There is just so much going on right now that smells like "HCL", like this and this and this and... it's almost overwhelming. You can bet the gurus are going to be going nuts here pretty soon. As a VIP member, you can ignore all of the hype and the nonsense you read or hear, and relax while you watch for my text and email with the official RV announcement. Hang on to your hats, friends... stay grounded, get in VIP, and enjoy the ride. Go Kazzammie. Go HCL. GO RV. - Adam P.S. Don't forget about the Weekly Powerball Pool!
  8. I woke up this morning and decided to see who I could annoy first with a popup. Congrats, CL!
  9. Who would say no to a lucky goat?!?!?!!!!! Sign me up!
  10. Hi @prizmlab - I see in the support system that your question was answered, but I'll post here publicly as well before closing this thread. Your information was received and processed, all is good as confirmed by staff via support. No need to create new support tickets on the same subject - please just respond to the existing ticket if you have additional questions. I will add an additional response to your support ticket just to be sure you got it.
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