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  1. I agree with a lot of what you're saying in the entire post, for example: I think the term "black market" carries a stigma that can be misleading. People immediately think of human organs, illegal drugs, and slaves... but in this case, the term mostly means "currency trading outside of the government actions". The term "black market" is technically correct, but in the case of the RV/RI the "black market" will be tiny and almost insignificant compared to CBI Auctions, FOREX, etc - the "not-black market". There are big numbers - lots of currency - that is and will be traded on the "black market". But those numbers will pale next to the official trading, and most people don't have access to the "black market" and will primarily use official channels. Which is why - although I agree with your logic and argument - I still think the GOI can successfully RV at ten cents. It would be most successful with a float, because the ability for IQD to increase more will encourage people to desire IQD over USD because of the opportunity for profits. The USD, after all, is not going to gain in value. Herd mentality kicks in, Iraqi people and outside sources will increase the demand for IQD based on further speculation, and that adds even more value. I do see and agree with some of the logic in the $1.16 argument. I just also see strategic value in a 10 cent + float. With a float, their currency will hold more potential than the USD. But I agree with you that at $1 or higher ($1.16) there is no question - at that rate it is more valuable. Both rates have positive aspects. Solid plan for anyone.
  2. Iraq has a stimulus built in and ready to go! I don't mean to sound jaded, but I don't expect Iraq to do it for "the citizens". It's not going to get done "for the people" - but it will get done, and many will benefit, including the little people. The "unsung heros" indeed - there are a lot of them! I just threw out a couple of examples off the top of my head, and that's one I know many people don't even realize exist. to yours and many more like her 💖
  3. Happy Wednesday DinarVets! It's April first, which means you can expect some pranks today... all from 6 feet away, of course! There will be no RV pranks in this Weekly update, for the record. If I send out an RV text today, it's the real deal. (I have not yet!) Day 534,691 of the CoronaVirus lockdown... how is everyone doing? I ask out of real concern. As humans, we are a social species. Social distancing is something we are currently doing to control the spread of a virus that should burn out on it's own if we don't find a cure, but it's still a scary situation. Verizon reports that phone calls are double what they are on a normal Mother's Day, which is proof enough that we need human interaction... the Butterfly Effect is real, my friends, and it applies to more than butterflies and typhoons on the other side of the world. Stay strong and healthy through this, both mentally and physically! Wash your hands and don't be afraid to phone a friend that you haven't talked to in ages - you're stuck in the house, how many more times can you organize the pantry or clean the garage?! Whatever you do, be sure to show extra love and patience and kindness to the people you're stuck with right now. That's good advice on any day, and it goes double right now. On to the Weekly! The markets are a jungle, cryptos seem stable, OIL may have stopped the plunge but that's still uncertain, unemployment levels are and continuing that way indefinitely... is there any hope? There is always hope. There is also always truth to be found in adages, for example: Better late than never. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. As dinar holders, we are most certainly living by those two! One day, soon, these will be things that we look back on and smile about. The world is being shaken up like never before. There has never been a better time to watch things - unprecedented things - unfold right in front of us. These are wild and crazy times. Here's an example: Politicians rarely agree on anything, but a recent (historic) stimulus passed, unanimously. If you read my recent Budget and Auctions post, I described an equally possible scenario that would turn the Iraqi Dinar around overnight. Many thought the Stimulus bill passing like that just could not happen, just like many would deny the possibility of the Iraqi Dinar increasing in value. It's not just a "possibility". This is something that is going to happen. The only question is, when will it be and how prepared are you? This is going to be the “I told you so” group. When the world is crying about unfairness and how the rich get richer and a hundred other things, you can join them... or you can think back to that time you could have spent $100 on Amazon stock at $1.73 (currently $1,949.72), $75 on btc at less than 10 cents per coin, or $50 on VIP at DinarVets when the IQD was undervalued and represented an incredible opportunity. Quick forum PSA: I'm all for diversity and contrary opinions and intelligent discussions. This thread is a great example of intelligent people politely discussing something they don't fully agree on. I could also link to some examples of how not to have an intelligent and respectful debate, but I won't - I'm just going to issue a warning to anyone that comes here just to antagonize members, hit the "dislike" icon, or click that annoying "report" link on anything that you personally don't like. Warning issued. On a lighter note... @tjokie shared a new crypto with us in the VIP section. Might be worth taking a sWipe at this one. Before I head out - I mean stay in - this morning, I want to give a quick shout out to the hard working women and men out there still taking care of us... truckers on the roads, people working in the schools to prepare meals for the kids that need them, teachers improvising and doing the best they can with online classes and connections, health care workers, the people in the grocery stores, and more... I appreciate you all. And last but not least - get in the Powerball Pool! Keep your heads up, stay safe, wash your hands, and GOOOO RRRVVVV!!!! - Adam
  4. That's a topic that has much room for discussion... gold will always be a store of value, but (countries / the global banking system) have way too much power due to central banking and the fiat system, and those are almost polar opposites of a system that uses a "gold standard". The concept of using "gold" to measure a country's currency value can be shifted to "resources", though. Resources can be physical (like gold or oil), or they can be measured in value by demand (technology, human resources, intellectual property, value services, etc) - in that light, Iraq has a measurably higher "value" than many other countries. This conversation easily leads into the Global Currency Reset topic and the Universal Currency topics - both of which have merits, but are unlikely without a "One Government, One Bank" world takeover type of situation. I'm just going to stop there before I get lost in that rabbit hole
  5. Whatever works for you is good by me, bud! I appreciate your efforts and commentary.
  6. There is a smallllllll small tiny chance. A sharknado could happen as well.
  7. Sorry, that posted too soon. I meant to add a similar scenario I outlined in my Auction and Budget post: Same type of thing
  8. SO much good stuff here! This is pure gold - obviously referring to Iran, separating themselves. Gathering support. Moving forward.
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