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  1. I don’t choose my posts based on anything other than who I like best
  2. Good day and happy Wednesday! Not a ton to chat about right now. We have some optimism on the Budget side, namely: If the Kurds weren't happy with their share, there would be a problem with HCL. This says the opposite - all in agreement, ready to go next week, and that says to me: Let's go HCL! Other than that... I could sit here and hypothesize about the little news bits and rumors floating around, but I've got other things to do Get in the lotto pool here. The crypto world is an amazing
  3. Agreed. Other countries may follow suit, capitalizing on the situation, but the concept of a GCR is... I'll just put it in a "low likelihood", unlike the IQD.
  4. Happy Wednesday all! I hate to start an update on a bad note, but I'm slammed with work right now, travelling with slow internet, and I accidentally swiped the wrong way just a minute ago... ... and lost a few hours of work that I had done on this weekly update. GRRRR!!!! Oh well, that's what I get for counting on auto-save. I'm sure there's a lesson to be learned here Iraqi Dinar - we are looking so good here. There is nothing going on that has me even the slightest bit concerned, in fact! The way things are going, we
  5. I'm actually slightly amused at the members who are complaining about no dinar news when I clearly mentioned HCL, and then some of the same members whining about life in general while the VIP members are all posting about how great the benefits are in VIP. Some people just want things handed to them, and that's fine - it's what happens in VIP. Of course, you have to actually read. And maybe even take action. There's nothing stopping you from taking control of your own life and changing the direction at any given time. Today is a great day to get started, if you are one
  6. "2021"... that was weird to type in the thread title! Happy Wednesday everyone, and welcome to another rousing edition of "The Weekly"! We don't have any guest speakers, we're not giving away ginsu knives, but we do have a great chance of "YOU GET AN HCL! YOU GET AN HCL! EVERYONE GETS AN HCL!!!" in the near future! I know, we can't wait for that to be "in the rearview", but some things take time. While we wait, I sure hope you're paying attention - and making money - while so much good stuff is happening in the crypto world! Check th
  7. Me: 09 14 31 44 67 PB 07 Staff: 05 24 30 43 51 PB 07 Lucky number 7 on both powerballs... let's gooooo!!!!
  8. VIP members have already paid
  9. XE has always been "off" with IQD for some reason.
  10. Good morning beautiful people!!! I'm forced to keep this one short and sweet - luckily all you need to do is skim this thread for the information you really need. Highlights: 2021 Budget. 20-30 days - this means January for completion (probability: good, for once!): Agreement with Kurds - this is not precisely HCL, but it's also not not precisely HCL. The point there is that if there was ever a time this is going to happen... it's probably upon us. We don't have an RV yet, but it isn't hard to see this comin
  11. They are all connected, really. So... yes and no. It's an opinion piece... my opinion is at the beginning of this thread. I will say "the Dinar bites the dust" is a bit sensational and great for some clicks. That takes away from the author's credibility, in my opinion. I wouldn't call a move from 1190 to 1450 "biting the dust".
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