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  1. The additional information brings the topic into compliance with forum guidelines from my brief glance.
  2. This is dangerously close to soliciting... I'm sure there are members here interested. I would be, but we can't allow threads like this that require members to give personal info before seeing relevant information.
  3. Good morning good morning good morning! It's another beautiful day full of blessings and love, and also a short update. In the news... not much. It's Ramadan. Oil is still strong above $60. Remember I said months ago that $60 was the target? Target reached, stability is being proven on a daily basis, and that is perfect. Any huge spikes or drops would be bad. OIL is solid right now... even with some tensions in the Middle East. This is exactly what we want. @bostonangler finally gives credit where it's due and recognizes Obama is still hurting the economy. Bitcoin breaks $8000, and the other coins are following. XRP had a nice boost - are you getting all the crypto news you need? We have a section in VIP dedicated to cryptos, and there are profits to be made! (One good trade with a tiny bit invested will more than pay for a Lifetime VIP membership... kind of a no-brainer, isn't it?) Bitcoin, and cryptos in general, are high on my "watch list". The high of over 19k last year was a little premature, and the resulting decline in value was to be expected. The current price of $8000 is very justified, and we may be watching the last time it will ever be this cheap. That's not to say that it won't fluctuate! Of course it will... but my opinion is that it will continue to trend up. I'm HODLing. Before I head off this morning, be sure to enter the Lotto pool! You can't win if you don't play, you know! And on that note, I'm going to go buy my own ticket to enter into the pool, and I'll be sure to tell the cashier to give me the winning numbers. Thank me later. Happy Wednesday everyone! It's definitely Ramadan, but I'm still keeping an eye on things. The current situation is just too close to ignore the possibility that things can happen this year despite the normal holiday lull. GOOO RRRRVVVVV!!!!
  4. Clickbait - a term used to describe a headline or wording that is dramatic in order to get someone to click it. Generally the actual content turns out to be a disappointment. In this case, someone needs to sign up for the site in order to see what the “shocking news” is... there’s a reason I’ve never done that in a decade of being at the forefront of dinar news. When I eventually send the email or text that says “look NOW”, you’ll know it’s the real deal.
  5. Tariffs on China. Pretty sure Trump said he would. Iran mucking up the world news. Despite the above, OIL (WTI) refuses to go below $60. Uber going public... this should be interesting! Bezos... to the moon! (Pretty sure that's going to be an upgrade from your normal Prime membership.) Bitcoin refused to fall below $5000, in fact it topped $6000, Fidelity steps up again, and the SEC will give a major green light one of these days. All that, and more! Good morning everyone! My apologies for being absent a few days this last week. I had some personal matters to tend to, and they took me away from the updates I wanted to do. Don't think for a minute I wasn't on top of things! I just wasn't able to get my regular posts here done. Ramadan is officially under way, and for once in this wild ride... I'm very pleased to see how things are moving. OF COURSE there are going to be snippets about things being pushed back to outside of Ramadan, but we're not even a week in and we are already seeing a difference. Case in point... start here and read the next few articles. Not only are Parliament meetings continuing as of tomorrow (Saturday), but we're finally talking about OIL! OIL has been missing from the news over the last couple months, and I was expecting it to resurface shortly. It is unusual, but not surprising, to see it popping up now. I say it's not surprising because even though it's Ramadan, the timing is right. This time around, they may just surprise us. More later. - Adam
  6. You are a Platinum member, we will do it for you (one time). Please click this support link and submit your request.
  7. Good Morning DinarVets! It seems we are in an interesting situation right now. I've been watching the news shift directions slightly... not in an opposing way, just a shift. In the past, we've had some key things happen around mid-year. Major items, like Chapter 7, for example. The "shift" in the news that I'm seeing is - and I say this with a little bit of reservation, because I'm not substituting my intuition for an actual crystal ball - it is encouraging, in a way that may be signaling another big announcement in the middle of the year. Are you in VIP yet? Join here. I'm expecting a revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar to be preceded by a bit of silence... and we do have that right now. Don't get me wrong, we have a lot of encouraging articles to read right now, but the subtle shift in tone... It's hard to explain, but take a look at this comment and the posts that follow: Things happen slowly in Iraq. We know this. It was about 3 months ago when I posted that original link, and starting with the comment I just linked to, the discerning person can see how the articles are starting to focus on the higher level agreements. This is the fine tuning, and the polishing. That's what I'm seeing happening right now... and it's all coming full circle, about 3-6 months after the last big round of "regular" news. This just happens to fall in place perfectly, if you ask me. I'm on the fence about Ramadan this year - it might not be as quiet as it has been in the past. I'm hoping to find some more clues, or get some "boots on the ground" feedback over the next couple days. With that in mind, I'll be making another post to further explain my stance. Expect it Friday or Saturday, unless there's an RV announcement before then. Make sure you're in VIP, either way! That's it for this morning - more to come. - Adam
  8. Oh man, I just read through the comments here and saw that I left you hanging on that! Sorry about that. I am undecided about Ramadan this year, but IF news is slow, it will give me time to get into an OSI discussion that I've been working on for a bit now. This is something that is happening regardless of how Iraq is progressing over/before/after Ramadan.
  9. As long as you’re VIP that “final” email will just be the beginning
  10. Good morning DV! The sun is shining most places and it's a great day to be here! No major updates on the dinar, but that's not discouraging in the least. If you check my last couple weekly updates, and then compare to the news posts over the last week, you'll see that we're simply tracking on a positive course. All good stuff, my friends! VIPs, there is a new post up for you in the VIP section: I also sent out an email yesterday to all VIPs. If you're in VIP, and you did not see that email in your inbox, then it went to your spam or promotions or some other email destination... it's up to you to fix that! I can't control your email inbox, and we don't want you to miss important updates, so take a minute to ensure DinarVets emails are landing in your Primary inbox and you'll enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with that. One last thing - in that VIP post, I mentioned an upcoming OSI post. After sleeping on it last night, I am going to save that post for during Ramadan. That's it from me for today - let's use this thread for Q's from the members for my next update. The current news trend is really positive and I have a suspicion that I'll be doing more than one update next week. GOOOOO RRRRVVVVVV!!!!!
  11. VIP email just went out, FYI. Weekly update will be tomorrow.
  12. Sri Lanka suicide bomber was previously arrested and then released, government says - CNN Sri Lanka suicide bomber was previously arrested and then released, government says - CNN I saw that one this morning as well. Sri Lanka suicide bomber was previously arrested and then released By James Griffiths, Sandi Sidhu, Rebecca Wright and Ivan Watson, CNN Updated 9:50 AM ET, Thu April 25, 2019 Play MuteMute Fullscreen Now PlayingSri Lankan: We have... Sri Lanka attacks leave more than 200 dead Moment blast strikes church caught on camera Pope Francis reacts after Sri Lanka bombings Now Playing Sri Lankan: We have failed as a community to be vigilant Hundreds killed in Sri Lanka bomb attacks Sri Lanka attacks leave more than 200 dead Moment blast strikes church caught on camera Pope Francis reacts after Sri Lanka bombings Sri Lankan: We have failed as a community to be vigilant Hundreds killed in Sri Lanka bomb attacks Sri Lanka attacks leave more than 200 dead Colombo, Sri Lanka (CNN)One of the Sri Lanka suicide bombers was previously arrested by police and then released, a senior government official told CNN Thursday. Ilham Ahmed Ibrahim -- one of two sons of a spice tycoon who blew themselves up in Sunday's attacks -- detonated a device at the Cinnamon Grand hotel in Colombo, the official told CNN. "It was the suicide bomber of the Cinnamon Grand bomb attack who was released earlier," the official said. Ilham Ahmed Ibrahim and his brother Imsath Ahmed Ibrahim were previously identified as two of the suicide bombers in Sunday's attacks, which left at least 359 people dead across the country. Live updates: The latest on Sri Lanka's investigation Police have confirmed to CNN that they are holding the brothers' father, Mohamed Yusuf Ibrahim, a wealthy spice trader, on suspicion of aiding and abetting his sons. Police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekera said the elder Ibrahim was in custody, as were all other members of the Ibrahim family known to police. CNN has not been able to reach Mohamed Yusuf Ibrahim or other members of his family for comment. In an interview with CNN, Sri Lanka's Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said the suspected bombers were upper and middle class, well-educated and educated abroad, a profile he described as "surprising." He added that several of them were under surveillance ahead of the attacks, but that there had not been "sufficient" evidence to take them into custody. Spice trader Mohamed Ibrahim, center, looks on as his son Imsath, right, shakes the hand of a government minister, in a 2016 photo. Meanwhile, a huge international criminal investigation is ramping up in Sri Lanka, with six foreign police agencies and Interpol assisting local police, including Scotland Yard from the UK and the FBI from the US. Gunasekera told CNN that officers from Sri Lanka's Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and Terrorism Investigation Department (TID) have raided five safe houses across the country in connection with Sunday's attacks. Those locations have since been sealed for forensic investigation. More than 70 suspects have been taken into custody on a range of charges, including suspicion of terrorism, aiding and abetting terrorism and conspiracy to commit terrorism, Gunasekera said. Four high level suspects are being held by TID, and 33 are being held by CID, he added. Of those arrested, four suspects are female, and all are Muslims. Gunasekera said most of them are family members and friends of the suspected suicide bombers. None of those arrested are foreigners. Significant raids were carried out on Wednesday night, he added, in which 16 people were arrested at various locations, most near the capital Colombo. Three shotguns and two walkie-talkies were also seized. A security officer stands guard outside St. Anthony's Shrine where bombing was carried out on Easter Sunday, in Colombo. As police continue to investigate how a previously little known terror group managed to pull off a huge and coordinated series of attacks, Gunasekera also revealed that police had confirmed that an explosion in the predominantly Muslim area of Kathankudi, in eastern Sri Lanka, in early April was a test run by the terrorists. In that explosion they blew up a motorcycle. On Thursday, police said search operations were currently underway across Colombo, including the setting up of roadblocks. Police have asked the public not to panic, a police spokesman told CNN. Sri Lanka remains on high alert and numerous controlled demolitions have been carried out of suspicious packages and vehicles in recent days. However, Gunasekera said that he did not believe the controlled demolitions on Thursday were of actual explosives. Prime Minister Wickremesinghe warned of the potential for more attacks in the country. In his CNN intevriew, he said authorities were targeting "sleepers" -- terrorists who could activate to initiate another round of attacks. "Police and security forces are rounding up those involved, but they're also rounding up the sleepers, those used on second and third rounds (of attacks)," he said.
  13. As I was reading this, it occurred to me that we could have a lot of fun uploading audio clips of these things read out loud...
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