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  1. Hey everyone! I'm a little late getting this out here, but hey.... better late than never! In honor of the occasion (you all know what it is, and what it means to you!), you can take advantage of a limited time discount on anything VIP. I cleared a 25% discount with the bean counters, but that seems a little small to me... ... so I made it 35%. The beancounters can yell at me tomorrow. I've had to deal with worse Use discount code "MD35" here! See you in VIP, and GO RVVVVVV!!!!!!
  2. Yes really - no official update since then. I’m still here, just taking a break from the regular weekly updates. @DoDcan fill in for a while
  3. I'm looking forward to what the CBI has to say as well! There was a little server hiccup this evening, sorry about that everyone! There was about 2 hours of downtime. Luckily I know people who know people, otherwise it could have been a couple DAYS of downtime It actually made me think I should do a "planned downtime" and use it to show the VIP members what we have set up for contingency plans. That's all that matters, at the end of the day... what do you do when the time comes? For the VIP members, we have a lot of contingency plan
  4. things behind the scenes - definitely. finding the time I need to update here... that’s not so easy to find. I had every intention of doing a bigger update this weekend, but flights and life got in the way. —————- I've got an update for everyone - it’s just half written and there’s no way I can get it all done from my phone so it’s going to have to wait till tomorrow. Monday is kind of part of the weekend, right?! Be well everyone - GO RV!!!!!
  5. Brief - and I do mean that! - drive by! I’m in an airport right now. Heading to see family, and taking a quasi-break from the incredible whirlwind of a beast that my “real life” business has became lately. I’ll have some time through this week to take the time to write up a decent post. Unlike this one, which is just going to end abruptly.
  6. I mean... I'm going to make a ton of money on the RV, but I'm still not going to give away services to those that aren't supporting the site
  7. You can update your phone number in your profile, but only those with paid services will get a text from me.
  8. That was a test on one of the older membergroups... you must have done one of the test "surveys" I put on the site at one time or another. Consider it a badge of honor, an easter egg, or something like that. Limited quantities, many will look but not many will find.
  9. Happy Friday! This anticipation is kind of getting to me. We are ridiculously close to seeing some HCL info... ... check this out regarding the Budget: WTI is currently in the $61 range. The budget was formulated at much less than that. This is GOOD. HCL is on the way. All of you VIP members definitely need to be sure your phone number is correct, be sure you are using the best email and be sure you have whitelisted my emails! OSI members, same thing - with one addition - there's a good cha
  10. I certainly understand where you are coming from. On the other hand, my "job" here is to Never "hype" anything. There is a ton of potential. I've worked my butt off to create all of the tools we have to be prepared for it. I can't predict when this is going to happen, but everyone here should know we - WE - are prepared to take full advantage of every aspect. Some people will be left wishing they were in VIP. And maybe I could help them by "creating hype", but that's not my M.O.
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