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  1. Good morning everyone! Just a brief flyby here, because there's a lot in the news and I want everyone to know I'm here. Last week, we started seeing signs that the HCL was picking up again. That's still happening, and there's some pretty solid news coming in on the backend over here. Nothing that says "RV by X date", but very encouraging just the same. And this week... Afghanistan. Afghanistan is not Iraq, but anything major that happens in the middle east is worth paying attention to. My understanding of the current situation leads me to believe that we don't need to be overly concerned about our "chances". Everyone stay calm, focused, and of course GOOOO RRRRRRRRVVVVVVVVV!!!!! I know I've mentioned this before, but I'll say it again: I'm still handling everything that needs to be handled. My daily routine still involves multiple contacts with my people, our legal team, and more. I'm just not posting as much anymore. But I'm still here.
  2. I'm not posting as much, but I'm still here and dedicated. You can all count on that!
  3. The next steps are already prepped VIP members get a text, and an email, and instructions to access our Post-RV VIP site. Everyone else gets an email. We cash in, at the best rates we can according to "who we know", and some of us end up broke again in a year or so. Others end up much better off.
  4. Sorry about the downtime, all! We experienced a hiccup during a routine maintenance procedure. The database was locked up, but luckily we were able to get it resolved with no loss of data or anything else terrible. Now back to your regularly scheduled browsing! P.S. I know, it's been a bit since my last "regular update". No news is good news. No news is not the best news, but it's also not bad news, so we have that going for us! P.P.S. I've seen some odd comments on here... (yes, I still read. I'm just not posting as much)... this investment has always been about the fundamentals. Iraq has a ton of the world's oil, they are making their way back up, and no amount of "updates" from me will change their schedule. My personal life and "real world" businesses (offline) have been going nuts (in the best ways) and my family has really been appreciating me being off the computer so much. I am loving it too, honestly Over a decade of constant updates and living on this site was enough for me. My change in posting habits has nothing to do with my confidence in the value of the Dinar increasing. 👆 Feel free to quote that anytime someone makes a silly comment about my lack of posting. 👆 We have our VIP systems in place. Our asset protections and growth strategies are rock solid. There is still amazing stuff being posted in VIP on a regular basis. Whenever there's something major to report, I'll be here to do it. If I decide I'm done with Dinar, and I'm selling all mine, you will hear it from ME. You won't get that information anywhere else, and that's a promise. Best regards, all, and GOOOOO RRRRRRRVVVVVVV!!!!! P.P.P.S. I guess that was a lot for a "PS" - just consider it an update
  5. Just fyi everyone, I had a bit of time to do an update last week and instead learned there was some security maintenance updates to handle... the 4 hours or so that I was going to use for a brief update turned into 8 hours of wrestling with code and patches, and one of the results is these new badges. We don't need no stinkin badges, indeed! For the record, they have nothing to do with any VIP benefits or post RV procedures. Carry on!
  6. Interesting to read the comments here. I've said many times that the Iraqi Dinar is about the fundamentals. The "fundamentals" are pretty simple.... Iraq is owner to a majority of the "black gold" in the world, and we aren't going to stop utilizing said black gold anytime in the near or distant future, right? Anyone who thinks we are actually going to stop using oil is plain silly, to be honest. Your input
  7. Hey everyone! I'm a little late getting this out here, but hey.... better late than never! In honor of the occasion (you all know what it is, and what it means to you!), you can take advantage of a limited time discount on anything VIP. I cleared a 25% discount with the bean counters, but that seems a little small to me... ... so I made it 35%. The beancounters can yell at me tomorrow. I've had to deal with worse Use discount code "MD35" here! See you in VIP, and GO RVVVVVV!!!!!! - Adam P.S. You can use this discount to gift a membership as well! Just send in a support ticket once you've made the purchase.
  8. I certainly understand where you are coming from. On the other hand, my "job" here is to Never "hype" anything. There is a ton of potential. I've worked my butt off to create all of the tools we have to be prepared for it. I can't predict when this is going to happen, but everyone here should know we - WE - are prepared to take full advantage of every aspect. Some people will be left wishing they were in VIP. And maybe I could help them by "creating hype", but that's not my M.O.
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