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  1. That's a fair question, for sure. 1. I don't pay much attention to Iraqi "deadlines" because they don't follow them, and 2. The budget isn't a mandatory item for them to revalue their currency rate, regardless of what any of the Gurus say.
  2. Happy Wednesday, dinarvets! I'm in the middle of a blizzard (ok, it's just snowing a little) and I've got a bajillion fires to put out here at home, so this one will be quick! The good news is that I see lots of good reasons to come back with more updates before next Wednesday. In fact, I made a detour to buy a lottery ticket this morning - that's how good I feel about the near future! (Get in the lotto pool here.) It looks like the protest situation is coming to a head, all while budgetary and other government issues are also moving forward. The US is putting pressure on Iraq to do something about the protests, which really means the US is putting pressure on Iraq to get their butts in gear. This article I posted states that the Iraqis are grumbling about "US interference", but the fact of the matter is this: if the US is putting pressure on them, they are going to do something. And they are going to do something that moves Iraq in the direction we want, and it's not going to drag out forever. Personally, I see that as a positive sign and I'm looking forward to the next week. Here's some evidence of what I'm hearing that has me feeling positive... despite the blustering about not wanting US interference, the news says they are doing exactly what we want. Take a look at this and the 12 posts that immediately follow it: We are looking at a positive situation, friends. I'll be back with more as it develops - hopefully even before the weekend, if the rumors I'm hearing are correct. This can all come to a head very quickly. - Adam
  3. Link: *** I see a silver lining here. More on that in todays update Iraqi families grieve for slain protesters as politicians condemn US calls for reform Mourners gather at Tahrir Square in Baghdad on November 12, 2019. Photo: Ziyad Matti ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraqi families continue to grieve for their dead while Iraqi politicians busy themselves condemning US calls for snap elections and an end to violence against protesters. Since the start of the nationwide protests in Iraq on October 1, at least 319 protesters and members of the security forces have died and around 15,000 others have been wounded, according to the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee. Hundreds of families have lost beloved relatives during the protests. Tahrir Square, the focal point of the protests in the Iraq’s capital of Baghdad, has become a scene of mourning as the families of the dead light candles and pray for those killed. Women mourn protesters killed by security forces in Tahrir Square on November 12, 2019. Photo: Ziyad Matti Protests in Iraq started on October 1 against corruption, lack of basic services, and unemployment in Baghdad before it spreads to the southern parts of the country. However, they were met with deadly force, including the fire of live ammunition rounds and tear gas. Protests paused on October 8 as the Shiite religious pilgrimage of Arbaeen approached. A second wave of protests began on October 25. In response to the violence enacted during the first wave of demonstrations, protesters upped the ante and demanded the overthrow of the government, a change of Iraq’s system to a presidential one, and the amendment of the 2005 constitution, among other demands. In this video sourced from the messaging application Telegram, an elderly woman is seen transporting her son's body for burial. “I lost my son for the sake of Iraq, and if we lose another one , two or even 10 million we will keep on protesting against this corrupted government, all redeem for Muqtada al-Sadr, and the Sadrist movement,” she says. Iraqi politicians are busy responding to US statements released this week against the government crackdown on protesters. The White House released a statement on Sunday calling on the Iraqi government to “halt the violence against the protesters,” and also meet the demand of the protesters by holding “early elections.” Two days later, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo had a phone call with the Iraqi Prime Minister, Adil Abdul-Mahdi, in which he urged the Iraqi PM to “protect the protesters and to address their legitimate grievances.” A young girl joins commemorations in Tahrir Square. Photo: Ziyad Matti “The Secretary deplored the death toll among the protesters as a result of the Government of Iraq’s crackdown and use of lethal force, as well as the reports of kidnapped protesters. Secretary Pompeo urged Prime Minister Abd al-Mahdi to take immediate steps to address the protesters’ legitimate grievances by enacting reforms and tackling corruption,” according to a US State Department readout. Despite the difference of opinion between rival Iraqi blocs, many were united in their rejection of the US statement. Iranian-backed Islamic movements in Iraq have released statements accusing Washington of interfering in Iraq’s internal issues and affairs. Iranian-backed Kataab Hezbollah militia released a statement on Tuesday calling on expelling the US ambassador in Baghdad and closing the US embassy in the capital city of Iraq. “US has been interfering in Iraq’s issues in order to spread chaos and instability by creating unrest,” the statement read. “We ask to expel the US ambassador and close the US embassy in Baghdad.” Muqtada al-Sadr, firebrand Shiite cleric in Iraq and head of the biggest bloc in Iraqi parliament Sairoon coalition, tweeted on Monday that US interference in Iraq’s issues is “refused by Iraqis and Iraqis are capable to decide on their fate and country by themselves without the interference from US or the others.” In the tweet, Sadr described the US as “invaders.” Qais al-Khazali, the secretary general of Asaib Ahl al-Haq, a Hashd al-Shaabi unit, said in a Monday tweet that “The White House statement revealed the extent of American intervention in Iraqi affairs, and it is a proof that the early elections project is mainly an American project." Hashd al-Shaabi is the Arabic term for the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), which are also linked to Tehran.
  4. I just popped in here to say THANKS to who serve and have served, men and women, left or right, etc etc.
  5. Good morning and Happy Wednesday! Iraq isn't in the best possible spot this week... we are nearing a month of protests. Mahdi has promised to resign once a successor is named. They are working on a new election law that will likely eliminate a handful of positions in the GOI, and thereby reduce a bit of the corruption. Bad news - nothing is happening immediately. It appears that things are settling, but realistically this is going to take a couple more weeks. On the positive side, the exchange rate is stable in spite of the confusion. I can't imagine a more solid argument for Iraq's future than that! WTI oil pricing is stable. The work that was being done hasn't backtracked - it's just paused. Progress made has not been lost - just paused. On a related note, I've seen a couple of the "rumors" floating around about the dinar being released with "par value" (that means nothing to us), or Chapter 7 being reimplemented, and a few other things like that. I say it's related because when Iraqi news is slow, or negative, the "gurus" always seem to come up with some nonsense like this. That's what it is - nonsense. Just read it, give your favorite newshound or rumor sharing member a "❤️ " for sharing, and take a deep breath - the situation will work itself out, and we'll be back on track shortly. Crypto. BTC settles in over the $9000 mark after a nice boost up... remember a few updates ago when I told you I was going to trade some precious metals for crypto and grab a short term gain? China's news a couple weeks ago certainly happened at a good time! China continues to back off on their former ban on crypto, basically stating they are going to support blockchain... if not necessarily supporting bitcoin itself. Either way, this is really good for the crypto world in general. More blockchain projects and support means more adoption, which means more demand, and BTC stands to gain from that both short and long term. Recommendation for the day: Follow the Crypto section in VIP! You can choose more or less notifications, based on your preferences. Personally - I get an email anytime a new thread is posted, and of course a notification when a post is made in a thread I follow. If you don't know, you can't win. Just for fun: Courtesy of the brew, check out this amazing footage: That's it for now! It's unfortunate that we're seeing a delay in Iraq, more so for them than for us, but keep your head up and stay positive. This train is still heading the right direction. - Adam
  6. Good afternoon, DinarVets! Just a short note from me today. There are positive signs everywhere, but the protests and "civil unrest" that's going on right now has tossed an anchor out on the final progress we'd like to see. It's not something that will last forever. The face of Iraq, Iraq's current exchange rate, OIL news, and more... all mostly unchanged by the current situation. The country is NOT in a downward spiral... but they are in the middle of an annoyingly long "pause". Not much more to say at the moment! We wait. Some of us patiently... others, no so patiently. Keep your heads up and kee on smiling! This shall pass, and then 💥 (in a good way. Not 💥 in a bad way. Perhaps that's the wrong emoji for this situation. ) - Adam P.S. How about that resignation we've been hearing about?! Sounds a little like the so-called impeachment process we have here at home in the US of A Thread open for comments and questions.
  7. Good afternoon all! No weekly update this week. Our path to an RV of the Iraqi dinar is pretty clear, so I stay on top of the news and my messages from my people, but I had a major project come to a conclusion over the last week and it kept me away from the computer. I won't say it broke my heart to stay away from the computer for a few days longer than I usually do Normal updates resume next week.
  8. For the record... "moderators" here are not expected to have a neutral bias or lack of opinion when acting as a normal member and participating in conversations. The only time they have "neutral" stances is when it comes to interpreting the rules of the forum... I ask that they keep their personal feelings out of any actions that they may take as a moderator. Their personal views are not expected to change because they are a "moderator" here, nor do I ask them to act (much) different than they would otherwise. The fact stands that they can ban someone if they get annoyed enough but for the most part, the mods here are just normal people like you and I, and they deserve the same respect and considerations as you and I. No more, no less. Carry on.
  9. It didn't take a crystal ball to see that coming! Thanks for the article Cheers bud! Glad I could shed some light on a few things. Some of us, including myself. Sorry if you can't handle some light humor, but that's not on me... that's on you, my friend.
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