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  1. GOOD AFTERNOON DINARVETS! First things first - the communication package I wasn't able to open earlier this week turned out to be interesting, informative, and encouraging. As much as I would love to relay some "top secret intel" on an upcoming date or rate for Iraq to make a move on their currency, that is not in the cards today. Perhaps next week. For now... this week's update has drug out long enough, so let's get to it! I can, however, give a summary of what I'm hearing. That is something I don't normally do... as this ridiculous year comes
  2. Hard to say without the full details, but my gut instinct is that the flow is wrong if you are intending to use the same IBC/OSI that the dinar was gifted to. These are different situations that require different handling. If you receive the money to your personal account, which is in your own country and in your personal name, and then you transfer it out of your personal account to the offshore account, you are creating complications. It is best if that cash never touches your personal account until you are ready to receive it and utilize it. There is nothing wrong wi
  3. Markinsa gave the short answer above - he is correct, you need a minimum of a Name Reserve. ========= To answer your post more fully would be to repeat everything that's been explained in many places here. There is a lot of information on this website here, so it can be hard to decide where to dedicate your valuable time - that's probably the only disadvantage to having this much information in one place! The power of OSI is actually proven in the fact that this conference call from years back still stands. When you invest in yourself, and you choose a plan
  4. Well, I guess I just have to apologize for this one... my first flight didn't have wifi today, the layover was too short, I got hung up working with one of my developers on the 2nd flight, and I was just informed that the wifi is about to disconnect on this last flight, and I still need to make it home after all this! Today just is not working out - I'll be back tomorrow though, as early as I can make it. If that was a vacation, I need a vacation from it! @fancy, the link below is a great one and all VIP members have access to it.
  5. Well, I made it to my destination BUT it's super late and I'm exhausted. I have meetings in the morning but I also have quite a bit of travel tomorrow as well, so I will download everything and I'll have time to write while confined to a small area on a large metal object hurtling through the air at 35,000 feet or so. Update will be posted by tomorrow night. From what I'm seeing in my briefings... I am going to have fun writing this one. Might even be worth an email announcement. You make some VERY good points there... particul
  6. Good afternoon all! The weekly update will be delayed until tonight or tomorrow - I'm travelling today and my internet is so weak I can't download my personal briefings from my contacts. These briefings are vital to my updates because even when I don't have anything major to announce - I always keep regular tabs on what's going on. I'm in communication with people at several sources that provide invaluable information to me, and this week's communicado package is larger than usual... I'm excited to open it but I need a better connection. Darn third world cou
  7. Good morning, and Happy Wednesday! First, foremost, and with the utmost reverence... Happy Veterans Day. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all who have served or are serving. There aren't words enough. Back by popular demand... the Rubies! Neggers be warned, however... you are no longer anonymous. You can't simply click the downvote button and run off to your cave anymore muah-ha-ha-ha Since I was in there playing with things, I added another reaction: We will see how that goes In the US of A, we have a political fusterclu
  8. My support team tells me it's an outdated browser cache or template - what browser are you using?
  9. Agreed on the "cash is trash" theory. Green is the color in the Iraqi flag, and it's also the color you see on a traffic light when it's time to "GO" - so that's what it means to me.
  10. (I'm keeping the other 1001 points because nobody put it all together in one post )
  11. 1333 points to the three of you! Black Red Green are indeed the colors in the Iraqi flag. Black is neutral, Red is "stopped / delayed", Green is the end of this ride.
  12. Good morning DinarVets, and happy Wednesday! Also, happy continuation-of-November-3rd, where the voting happened and the counting continues. I know there are a lot of people who are on the edge of their seats today, waiting for the ballots to be counted and the winner of the United States presidential election to be decided. The unfortunate fact is... it's too close of a race to call yet, and we probably won't have a clear answer until at least the end of the day. More likely, the end of the week. No matter who wins, life will go on. Love your lo
  13. Thank you for the follow up - it sounds like a browser issue, which isn't your fault. We also have issues on Internet Explorer that are being looked into and will hopefully be fixed soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  14. Ditto the above. No restrictions on your account that I can see - can you share a specific post you can’t reply to? Screenshots are great for problem solving
  15. Coded message... the red black green I've been using on "GO RV!!!" for some time now actually has meaning.
  16. Can you receive texts? Most can, even if you don't actually reply There will be no emoji - just a plain text. For exactly this reason, because we want as many as possible to get the message immediately, and I realize some people still do have a flip phone. For those of you with the rotary phone, or still using smoke signals... I'm sorry, but I won't be providing those services.
  17. Hi, welcome to the site! As a new member, you might be a little overwhelmed. There is a lot of information here! Regarding exchanging your Dinars when that time comes, we have a great (free) resource - it's a quick and easy read. Get it here.
  18. Good afternoon all! VIP members - I just put a post up in VIP here. I'll send an email shortly announcing it. Everyone else - no "dinar" update from me today. I've spent the majority of the day working through the final touches on what I just posted in VIP, and this is once again just part of the bigger picture. Iraq is moving at a brisk pace right now. We are seeing things we have never seen before. They are accomplishing things that many said would never happen. I think they are going to shock the world soon. These features
  19. It's still today last time I checked
  20. That's a fair question. In my opinion... we are now finally inside of a 6 month window. Do, or die, within that timeframe. I know, I know - I wish is was 6 days as well. I'll be expanding on that in the VIP section in the coming days/weeks.
  21. You might be, but then you're probably in a "protected group", so I'll have to get clearance from my attorneys before I create a special icon for you.
  22. Happy to have you here as long as the rules are respected and followed. Go RV!
  23. Take the quiz and you’ll get a discount and a rocker badge
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