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  1. I believe it's the opposite. The Iraqi Dinar can't go up unless people feel that it will be supported. Why is BTC close to $10,000, or TSLA at $800? Neither of those examples show in black and white that they "should" be at that level - they are there because people feel and think. The same is true for the dinar - there will never be a black and white absolute "yes", only a long list of "no". Luckily, that's not the deciding factor here.
  2. These are individual to each IBC and have to be handled through support. Late fees are increasing and regulations are getting more strict - you can’t take out insurance on your car after an accident, even if you sent a letter of intent or try to pay double. It just doesn’t work that way.
  3. Tomorrow or Monday will work just fine with my schedule!
  4. Happy Wednesday everyone! Just dropping a note to say I am here, just swamped today with some work that's unrelated to Dinar. Rather than give 20%, I'm going to postpone until later this week. This one has some potential... more on that when I return. Have a fantastic day, everyone! Life is good, don't forget to smell the roses and dance in the rain. Or snow, if that's what you have outside. You get my point. - Adam
  5. Yota and I have no problems. Regarding the "thread length" topic, my decisions were made with the functionality of the community in mind, and have nothing to do with anyone's personal preferences or any issues members may have with each other on a personal level. You can't stick 50,000+ people in a room and expect everyone to get along Our Yota has over 100k posts on this forum, which is an incredible feat and nobody can doubt his dedication, skill, intelligence, tenacity, or value here. Sometimes people just need a break. Especially after 100,000 posts!!! My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. I could try to replace him but I'd be spending all of my Post-RV money on programmers and probably fail anyway!
  6. Thanks! Bummer about the situation but yes, family always first!
  7. @yota691 - calling Yota! APB being issued shortly.
  8. I’ll send out a basic email to every member on the site. There is a text message service (click the “store” tab at the top of the page) and for $10 you can get the text, OR it’s included with VIP at no additional charge. VIPs, you get one phone number with your VIP membership. If you have additional numbers you want to ring or text (the system sends a text first, if it bounces back from a landline then a recorded message will call you back), you can simply order the service for the extra ten dollars.
  9. Click the link in the first post in this thread. That takes you where I posted in the OSI section. Or at the top of the site here, click “store” then “OSI” To find the options.
  10. @navira did someone pee in your Cheerios this morning?
  11. Good morning good morning!!! We are a couple days past the presentation of the new (possibly interim) Prime Minister, and my sentiments thus far can be summarized in a word: HAPPY. The abbreviated backstory goes like this: Iraq thrown into dark ages, currency plummets in value. A decade of work later, Iraq is fairly stable and they still have enough black gold to fill a gazillion olympic pools. Corruption remains a problem, citizens tire of the charades, demand change. November 2019, former PM Mahdi resigns. Several unsuitable candidates were presented, we hung in limbo. The new PM was selected late last week. He's had less than a full week to screw it up, and he has not. Seriously - 5 days is plenty of time to drive the bus right off a cliff, and he has not. In fact, he's doing things right. One great example of what's going on in the background - the stuff we don't see on the news - is this thread, where Iran is obviously making a last ditch effort to hold ground. Does anyone think Iran is going to win this ultimatum? I do not. Especially not with Allawi at the helm, who is presumably approved by greater powers than Iran. This is precisely why Iran is making their last ditch, desperate attempt to gain footing... and it looks like a failed attempt from the start. If Iran has any success whatsoever in this attempt, we are going to see it immediately. I can't wait to see this Iranian attempt fall on it's face! Another example? The Budget, which was approved-but-held-and-now-this (back on track!). I'll be candid - Tawfik Allawi was not my "top pick" for the new PM. But, current PM Allawi does have a very solid history of butting heads with Maliki, and that's about as solid of an endorsement as anyone should need. We are standing by. I'm still expecting some significant reports to come of this development, and while we are watching the news feeds for it to come out - here's a discount on VIP. You WANT to be in VIP because when Iraq changes the value of their currency and we all go cash in - VIP here at DinarVets is going to put more cash in your pocket, help you protect those gains, and much much more. Join us here, and use the code "newPM" to get a 25% discount. I'm going to end this post here, but I'm not going far! GOOOOOO RRRRRRVVVVVV!!!!! - Adam P.S. OSI members, click here. P.P.S. Get in the Powerball Pool here. P.P.P.S. Nice work in Iowa, voters! Here's your result:
  12. I LOVE that this is happening right now, with a new PM in place. The new PM could have thrown everything GOI into a tailspin. Instead, business is happening.
  13. I gave my opinion of the situation in the thread title. Iran is giving it one last go and did it with an Ultimatum: The USA, or us. Link: Iran Offers Support To New Iraq PM, Demands Removal Of US Forces Iran is willing to give any assistance necessary to help Iraq overcome problems and to pass through a sensitive time, Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said, local news agency reported. Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi has been appointed as the new Prime Minister Of Iraq. Dubai: Iran on Sunday offered its full support for new Iraqi prime minister Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi and reiterated its backing for the government's demand for US forces to leave the country. Iran has deep ties with many Shi'ite political parties and militias in Iraq as well as Kurdish parties from the north. Iranian officials have tried to use their influence to keep a government sympathetic to their interests in power in Baghdad. "In continuing support for the independence, national sovereignty, territorial integrity and strengthening the foundations of democracy in Iraq along with the legitimate request by the government and people of Iraq for the exit of American forces from the soil of that country, Iran welcomes the selection of Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi as the new prime minister of this country," Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said. Iran is willing to give any assistance necessary to help Iraq overcome problems and to pass through a sensitive time, Mousavi said, according to the official IRNA news agency.
  14. Elon is a wild one... check this out, if you hadn't already seen it:
  15. I read something this morning stating that TSLA shorts are down to the tune of over 8 BILLION smackeroonies so far!
  16. I just wanted to quote the "booger eating morons" part so I could emphasise it Interesting that they put it that way... I mentioned in my recent update that I feel the current "protests" are likely supported by Maliki or Iran sympathizers, especially given that the current PM Allawi defected from Maliki at least twice, and it's easy to argue that the original protests were prompted in anger against actions that delayed a raise in the Iraqi Dinar - such as making decisions that violate the Constitution. Any countries Constitutional foundation, afterall, is supposed to be in the best interest of the people - not in the interest of promoting corruption. Iraq is not unique in this aspect.
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