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  1. Speaking of "all the digital currency updates", I just posted this in the Crypto section: "Crypto Coin Outperforming Bitcoin Is About to See Supply Reduced"... it's information on a crypto that's already gone up 536% this year. And that up there 👆 could push it higher yet!
  2. Pure insanity. It boggles my mind how some of these countries work sometimes
  3. Hey hey, happy Sunday! Things are still cruising along nicely. In addition to everything else I could share, I decided to just pick one topic... OIL. The HCL, or "Hydro Carbon Law", is a key element in Iraq's eventual ReValuation of their currency exchange rate. In simple terms... when they finalize the agreement on how the profits will be shared, via the HCL, we are either past the RV date or it's a different kind of "soon", like immediately or tomorrow. OIL was at $61.53 when I did my last update. I stated then that we only really n
  4. Just popping in to say “TOLD YA!” 😂
  5. Happy Sunday, everyone! I'm tagging this "Adam Montana Weekly", even though the updates are no longer weekly, just to keep them showing up in the same searches for your convenience. Also, I don't have a lot to say... but I wanted to check in so you all didn't think I'm abandoning you! I'm just incredibly busy with some new projects in my life that have taken me away from the computer. I'm very thankful for the reprieve from the computer screen, my eyes and my back have been screaming at me the last couple of years. It was time for a change.
  6. First, HAPPY HATCH DAY to Thugs! It's almost 4:30 on Wednesday and I'm still buried with other work, and extremely grateful for it to be honest. This last week was a bit of craziness for me, it should be calming down soon. Then it will ramp up again, and then it will calm down, but there is one thing that will always always remain true: I am absolutely here. That is true, has always been true, and will not change. That's it, nail on the head. I hold myself to a high standard, and I feel like my chat
  7. The current answer is "random times". I'll figure out a consistent schedule again, but it will take a few weeks for me to do that. Thanks for the understanding and my apologies to anyone who may not find the new schedule to their liking. Whatever day we end up with going forward, I'm sure everyone will learn to love it. 😘
  8. I'll have to check if we have a tutorial on "dollar cost averaging" in the VIP crypto thread. I am often surprised when I'm talking to people and they don't know what it is. I shouldn't be surprised, because there was a time I didn't know what it was... but it's certainly something that should be in there.
  9. It's not too late for investing in bitcoin OR for getting yourself educated on international banking and business and asset protection. I'm not sure if you are implying that anyone is being disrespected, and I assume that you are not, but if that's how you feel - please elaborate. Thank you for the post, sir! The bright minds in our VIP section have taught me a few things as well! Just one of the reasons I'm so grateful for this community Cheers Ziggy! I agree about the nickname It's not too la
  10. The support you all show is amazing and I will be eternally grateful for all of the positive feedback and comments. This has been a while coming, and it was an immediate weight off my shoulders yesterday, and sense of relief, to make the decision to change that part of my schedule. Things you love should not be stressful, and I love this community. Now that I've made the decision, I can get back to enjoying my time with you instead of letting it be a mid-week stressor. Thank you all
  11. Good afternoon all! Before I continue, let me be clear - this is not a bad or negative update! Life has kept me incredibly busy lately - some of my other businesses have taken fantastic turns and I've been flying all over the place. It's a great thing for my family and I, but it's really put a cramp on my mid-week updates. "Hump Day" just has too much else going on to give you all the attention and quality that you deserve. So: Until further notice, I'm going to suspend the "scheduled" chats and I'll probably start doing them on the
  12. Good afternoon-evening, all! This has been a roller coaster of a week for so many sectors... I know some of you are here for "Just the Dinar News, sir.... just the dinar news". I'll start with IQD. There is talk - and I'll leave it to you to research this, because I have 17 articles on my notepad that would really only cause confusion - but there is TALK that Iraq isn't able to use USD anymore. Or they won't be able to, or they shouldn't, or whatever. Listen, this is a fundamental issue, and anyone that's followed me for any amount
  13. That's one of the best bets of the millenia!
  14. 👆 IQD is ALL politics. So is pretty much everything else associated with money.
  15. I am VERY excited to do this update, but I'm forced to postpone until tomorrow rather than give a shortened update. Thank you all for the understanding! See you tomorrow
  16. 99% of the time when I talk about crypto, I get "deer in headlights" stares. Then a few years later, I get a text or a message saying "hey... so, about that crypto?" Glad you're here! And... It aint over yet!!!!
  17. Good afternoon, beautiful people! Budget: All you need to know about it is here: What that doesn't tell you is that the Budget doesn't have to have the rate. The Rate also does not need to be included in the Budget! That's not to say that the Budget doesn't matter - it does! But what really matters is the satisfaction of the Kurds... and that, my friends, is happening very nicely. In fact, it's happening more than just "nicely" - check this one out: I don't have much more to say on it t
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