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  1. Good stuff. Whether the CBI would put a cap on the growth or not... I am inclined to agree that they will. But there's a strong argument for that cap being $1
  2. So many things have ALREADY hit big! Glad you're in VIP my friend! Good things are coming
  3. @markb57 was just sent instructions on how to get his Platinum Certificate, and he is now a Platinum VIP member.
  4. It's not often I agree with Kaperoni, but this time he has a point. Funny thing is.... there is no overnight RV, this has been building for some time. Those of us here a while now already know this hasn't been an overnight process. But one night soon... just watch
  5. You are indeed Platinum; please keep personal information out of the public posting area
  6. I LOVE it when people who have been here a while, actually STUDIED the material, and years later speak up like you just did.... I just LOVE to see you and so many others benefiting from all of this. We don't have an RV yet, but I see so many people learn and grow with us, and it just makes the whole thing so much more amazing and exceptional to me. Thanks for the post, and keep on doing what you're doing!
  7. The community here is hands down, all around, the best. Period, end of story, 💥 Even if the founder occasionally offers a way to pay for benefits and education. (The nerve of some people 🙄 )
  8. #truth We can't save everyone! For those that are appreciative, respectful, and helpful - I can't wait to hand out copious amounts of rewards! For those that aren't... we have unlimited amounts of banhammer ammo
  9. Decent postulation on the topic, but unfortunately most of us are forced to deal with the situation as it is and not how it should be. I'm going to attach the Cash In Guide here for further reference on what we are actually dealing with. Enjoy Cash In Guide - Iraqi Dinar - v1.6.pdf
  10. Yes, and so much more. Enjoy your new account status - nobody has time or desire for negative or snarky comments from members that don't appreciate what's here or have anything positive to contribute.
  11. I didn't ask you to give me a project or a research assignment, I have enough of those already. Sheesh... 🤦‍♀️
  12. I don't work for Warka or pretend to provide support for them, sorry! Your best bet is to use this forum here - many of us have found our way through the Warka maze with the help of the posts in there.
  13. Good morning beautiful people of DV! We have a couple quick things to discuss here, now that the tryptophan has hopefully worn off for most of us. 1. Small security update on the site this morning. Shouldn't cause any issues, but please mention anything you notice different. 2. As most of you know, I don't do many "updates" anymore, and I miss you all! I'll discuss a bit of Dinar News in a moment. After over a decade of putting every ounce of energy I had into this site, it was time for me to make some changes. Don't let that fool you! I've shifted most of my focus onto other ventures, but I'm still 100% in touch with everything that so many of us have spent so much time studying and preparing for. Our DV office is still fully staffed and handling "behind the scenes" items in preparation for the eventual increase in the value of the IQD. The most important things I ever did here were always behind the scenes, and that's still happening. 3. Dinar News! Whether you see and acknowledge the progress or not, Iraq is continuing to move forward. The wait can seem eternal if you look at this situation through a microscope, but the big picture is much different. Many of us have been here through some incredible changes, even if we haven't seen THE change we really want. Many of us have thrown in the towel and given up on Iraq - but not me. Here's a prime example of the progress we can see clearly - in May of 2021, the number was 6 billion. Just a few short months later, we are reading 7.66 billion. The increase in dollar amount isn't just from the increased price of oil, either - Iraq is refining their entire production system, exporting more efficiently, and making progress. The price of oil isn't hurting them, either. That chart doesn't show anything that concerns me. In fact, I love it! Apparently, Iraq does too... Every time I look at this situation in a "big picture" way, I can't help but get excited. There's really only one way for this all to end, and that is with an increase in the value of the Dinar. How could it not end that way, when everywhere we look there is proof that, indeed, "Iraq possesses great and enormous wealth that allows it to be a major economic player," 💥 💥 This has never been a question of "IF", only "WHEN". 💥 💥 4. Finally.... It's Black Friday! This year's Black Friday is coming with a little twist... ... I'm closing the doors on VIP to new members soon. "Soon", as in... ... Monday. It's always been the plan to lock up the VIP entrance immediately when the dinar revalues, but since I've taken my focus more and more away from the daily ongoings here at DV, it's not fair to you that I am spreading myself even thinner with the limited time I'm allotting to this site, so going forward - I'll be "VIP only" for the most part. Knowing how much time I have to give, and giving it wisely, is something I take seriously. With that said, you can get in VIP as a Lifetime member right now at a major discount! As of MONDAY, all monthly/quarterly/yearly VIP memberships will no longer be available to new VIP members. If you have a quarterly subscription - you can keep it, but if you miss a billing... the only way to rejoin will be a lifetime membership. Overall, this isn't going to affect the majority of you. If you're a free non-VIP member, nothing is changing at the moment. If you have a quarterly (3 month) VIP membership, you'll be able to renew it (so long as you keep your VIP active!) And if you're already a Platinum lifetime member, none of this matters to you anyway. And now, it's about time for the family to start getting up - so I'm off to make pancakes and enjoy this glorious day. Thanks for tuning in, Stay positive, grounded, and see you in VIP. GOOOOOOO RRRRRRRVVVVVVVV!!!!!!
  14. See attached Cash In Guide - Iraqi Dinar - v1.6.pdf
  15. Hey all! Maintenance update just happened, usual drill here... this is the thread to let me know if anything major is messed up. As always, some custom things on the site may have been affected, but I don't expect anything major to be wrong. We test these things rigorously before doing it on the "public" side. AS ALWAYS, I'm still here with my finger on the pulse of "all that is Dinar", I'm in constant communication with my contacts, and I can't wait for this to be my last public update! As of now, we don't have any official RV news. I have an "official update" on my schedule, stay tuned for it (I'll send an email when it's up), but this thread SERIOUSLY PEOPLE THIS thread is just for maintenance.
  16. "Once a quarter or 6 months" might be the most reasonable request I've ever seen here! If you weren't already Platinum, I'd probably grant you a free Platinum account just for being you... since you're Platinum, please submit a support ticket and tell me who you want to give a Platinum VIP account to. And I'll do an "official update" in the upcoming days (NO THAT DOES NOT MEAN TWO DAYS FOR ANYONE THAT MIGHT ASK).
  17. What kind of "redemption" center are you looking for? This sounds like something you may have heard on a guru blog/vlog/call, let me know if I'm correct there.
  18. My health is great actually my mental health has been better than ever now that I am taking more time for my family and less time here. I sincerely appreciate everyone who supports my decision to make that change. Slight correction - all VIPs will be notified of our private VIP only site (different from the VIP section here) 💥 (That emoji is NOT big enough! ) Bahahahaha Thanks for being you, sir!
  19. I mostly came on here today to give my heartfelt appreciation to all the real vets we have in this community, and also to those that simply have them in their family and circle.
  20. Echoing TG. When you submit a support ticket, please include a little more information on the issue. Julie will have a hard time helping you if you don't.
  21. Good morning everyone! Small maintenance update performed this morning, please report any issues here. "No RV text yet" is not a maintenance issue, FYI. I'll be doing a dinar update in the coming week - waiting on confirmation of a few things that have been brewing for a bit now. Some of you will be able to guess what it is, based on recent news. That's the only tip I'm giving in this post. GOOOO RRRRVVVVVVVV!!!!!!
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