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  1. Hey everyone! Nothing dinar related here, just popping in to say two things: 1. We will be moving to a new server over the coming month - the current one is running fine but we could use a fresh set of tires and an oil change. There should be minimal downtime. 2. Although my time has been taken by other business, I still love you all! (Obviously, since the site is still here ) Also, as always - my finger is on the pulse of everything going on. When this (finally) happens, we have plans in place and announcements to be sent. Until that time comes, everyone stay healthy and happy and of course.... GO RV!!!
  2. Unfortunately (for my work schedule and everyone's viewing pleasure!), the site is still likely to have a bit of downtime. The security here is currently perfect, DUE (IN PART) TO THE DOWNTIME. The "read between the lines" version is that we may need to have a little more downtime, in order to restore ALL of the silly functions we enjoy here... things as simple as typing (: l o l to get can introduce security risks, and there are times when the security aspect can take a lot of time to perform the necessary maintenance to keep our security intact... ... our other option is to move to a text only platform, with no images, no votes, no real support system, etc. As this site is a COMMUNITY, and the community thrives on giving hearts and thumbs up and emojis and all that... I'll sacrifice a little uptime on the pretty presentation rather than scrap it all and just go to an "as needed only email alert through triple quadruple secure email notifications only" platform. To the latter half of the question... yep. All is well on the VIP side of things.
  3. You're VIP, buddy - you would have had a much different notification The downtime was unfortunate but in over a decade, we have never had an issue like this - I am confident the site functionality will be restored to 100% within about a week. In the meantime, the most important things are safe. We had some downtime, but 0 security breaches occurred, ZERO losses were maintained, and besides the slight inconvenience we all had... ZERO negative effects happened. We may have a little more downtime, but at this point I hope everyone will trust and be patient. If not...
  4. Hey all - sorry about the downtime. Expect a little more over the coming days. There were some security issues to deal with, and security is always the first and foremost priority - it was necessary to take the site offline. While the downtime of the main site is annoying, I will not compromise the security and integrity of our members, and I apologize that the site wasn't available for a bit, but at the moment it is online. As always, our VIP backup plan is in effect on a different server and was not affected at all by the main site (I tested this with several accounts), and while the downtime is inconvenient - if we have an RV, our backup plans and servers are ready to go at all times. Again, there are some things to deal with still, we may experience a little more downtime in the near future, and we ALL appreciate your patience and understanding as we do everything possible to keep this site the best dinar site ever.
  5. You're going to have to be a bit more specific - a link to exactly what you are concerned about is always helpful! I have been seeing a lot of positives. Just click "Unread Content" at the top of any page on this site and see for yourself. There's always going to be some level of craziness happening over there, so the main reason most of us are still here is because we've learned to tune out the day-to-day "noise" and remind ourselves what the fundamentals are in this venture.
  6. Hang on, I have to clarify something... GO RRRRRVVVVVVVV!!!! That's better
  7. Hooray hooray, the 17th of May! As the title implies - this is just a random post, because I felt like sharing some thoughts. Enjoy! Real Estate, Crypto, Dinar Social media sites aren’t a big part of my life these days, but reading what the public has to say about real estate, crypto, and a few other things is a good way to keep your finger on the pulse. Something jumped out at me early this morning as I was perusing the comments of the peanut gallery… you’ll see why I use that term in a second One person mentioned bitcoin, and another responded “Oh, I missed that ship”. I can understand why they would say that – BTC was around $29,000 when I looked at it yesterday. That’s a long way from the ATH (all time high) of over $68,000! But here is something I would almost guarantee… that same person probably said “I missed that ship” when BTC dropped from $1238 in 2013. Then they said the same thing after the next cycle, and the next "crash". And they said the same thing in 2018… And now they said it again today, and that mentality… that logic… is why they will always miss the crypto ship and every other ship that isn’t a guaranteed win. While many of us have and will make boatloads of money in the crypto space, that person (those people) will just keep on "missing the ship". Should you buy Bitcoin or any other Crypto right now? I can’t tell you that. Personally, I’ll continue to keep it on my radar (and yes, I am buying a little more today), but I can’t tell you what YOU should do. Real estate – another comment in another group was from someone who states: I’m not going to get into a long discussion about why this isn’t 2008, how lending regulations are completely different than the last huge crash, how inflation and irresponsible government spending and building regulations and population growth and housing shortage and… I could go on for a while, but I’ll just say this: In 2018, at a pretty key point in our current real estate market, I had many real estate investor friends tell me “this isn’t the time to keep buying real estate… a crash is coming.” They said the same thing though 2019… then through 2020… then through 2021… and they are still saying it today. My guess is they will continue to say it through 2022, and 2023, and at least partway through 2024. I’ll revise my current outlook on these things, based on what happens today, tomorrow, and beyond. Am I telling anyone here to invest in Real Estate, or Crypto, or Dinar? NOPE. I don’t know what’s right for you, and I won’t tell you what to do with your time, money, or anything else. Here’s what I will say: When BTC was at $10, I believed in it. When BTC was around $700, I recommended it to the good people here on DV. I did that based on 1. The fundamentals and 2. My understanding of it and 3. A little bit of calm, detached, rational thinking and reasoning, based on my understanding of the world, people, and economics. Because I believed in it, I continued buying in, and it’s worked out very well. When the Real Estate market was going bonkers in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021… same thing. At this point, BTC could go to $0 and I will still have came out ahead – because I bought, sold, took profits, and stayed the course through the cycles. Many of our VIP members are in the exact same boat. Real Estate will never go to $0, but what if we were to see another 2008 and it loses 15 or 20% overnight? Anyone who’s invested right since 2008, 2012, 2013 or even 2013 has had ample time to double their money, so an overnight loss of even 40% (more than 2008!) will still possibly be UP... can your 401k say that? At this point, you have been reading for a few minutes. We have shared some time together, and you know this hasn’t really been about Dinar… but at the same time, you also know it is all about Dinar. Those people that make comments about missing the ship on Crypto, and those people that have been running around like “Chicken Little” or Marvin from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy ( )... well, you can lead a horse to water, but I'm going to laugh at you if you try to force it to drink. So, bring on the comments about how long you've been waiting. Tell us all about how Iraq "never does anything", or this whole idea is bonkers, or how the market is going to crash. I'm going to keep on keeping on, and just like with Crypto and Real Estate... I'll save my "I told you so's", because those people won't listen anyway. The fundamentals that first got me into the Dinar are still there, and in fact, they are stronger than they were when I first got in. I'm sticking this one out. Oh.... GO RRRRRVVVVVVVV!!!! P.S. VIP / OSI - keep an eye out for an email and a couple posts in the VIP/OSI sections.
  8. Happy Sunday all! Reading through some of the internet chatter... it occurs to me that some people forget what a big deal Ramadan is, and also when it is. Ramadan isn't observed on the same dates everywhere - for Iraq this year, it is April 1 to May 1. A list of prayer times can be found here. Traditionally, nothing major happens during Ramadan... ... however, things like this and this make me wonder. @yota691 was on fire this morning - also posted was this: And from yesterday: Despite the holiday, there are things being done over in the desert... stay tuned!
  9. Good video. There are some bits where I think he's a little off base, but 95% accurate IMO. Thanks for sharing
  10. Thread will be locked in 3…. 2…. VIP MEMBERS: 1.
  11. paper certificate, individually signed and numbered. I’ll take a look yes
  12. I totally get that. Thankfully, I'm not in dinar based on what nutjobs say. I'm here because I believe in what Iraq has in their future, and that's a revalue... I doubt it will be $8, but I'm ok with that if that's what happens! Give me .10 or $1. That's fine by me.
  13. Hey hey everyone, Good afternoon! I'm not going to beat around the bush - this is going to be a QUICK post. And it's not about any dinar news (at least not yet), it's just an opportunity for you to save some money now... ... and make a whole lot more in the future. Ready? GOOD! I'm dropping the price for you to get in VIP, just for this weekend, and then the price will go back up on Monday. And then, on Monday, I'm releasing a few things into the VIP section. You won't get it if you're not in VIP, so I wanted to make VIP a little easier to access for you. That's it. No fluff, no bull, no hype, just a no-nonsense post designed to give you an opportunity to save some money and put yourself in the BEST POSSIBLE POSITION. There's some great stuff floating around out in the dinar world right now, and I'm pretty excited about it. A LOT of people are fired up about this stuff, actually... and for good reason. This is going to pop eventually. That's a given. But there's also the chance that it could happen quickly... and when it happens, you should be ready. The BEST way to be ready is to be in VIP. I'm giving you a no B.S. guarantee that if I don't make you at least the cost of your VIP membership when you cash in, I will refund every penny. Everything you profit and benefit beyond that is all part of the package. And you WILL benefit a heck of a lot more than just the cost of VIP!!!! We've got some great content coming in the VIP section shortly, and as you probably know - the only way to get in the VIP section now is as a Lifetime VIP member. Current cost of VIP - $479. For THIS WEEKEND ONLY, I'm dropping the price from the current $499 back to the earlier $299 price. That's it! Click here, join us in VIP, and I'll have more for you shortly. In VIP only. - Adam
  14. I'm kind of at a loss for words here. As the member here who has probably written more words on this site than any other 2 or three members combined (not counting yota, but those aren't all yota's words)... that's saying a lot
  15. If you did anything with Google recently, you may have a legit action to take, but this does sound fishy. When I send out any texts related to the RV or something like that, I will also post here in the Announcements section. If you're doing something like verifying your account here at DV, the text will come within 10 minutes or so, and I certainly hope your memory is good for 10 minutes... if not, I'd suggest duct taping a notepad to your arm or something
  16. Good stuff. Whether the CBI would put a cap on the growth or not... I am inclined to agree that they will. But there's a strong argument for that cap being $1
  17. I’m sure everyone here already understands how big this is… what an incredible milestone!
  18. So many things have ALREADY hit big! Glad you're in VIP my friend! Good things are coming
  19. @markb57 was just sent instructions on how to get his Platinum Certificate, and he is now a Platinum VIP member.
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