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  1. Thank You AND I Am Honored To Be In YOUR Honored Company, GregP My Friend, AND ALL The Very Best!!! CoronaVirus Hysteria Pandemic Diseased Individuals are readily identified and easily run to ground ON ACTUAL INDEPENDENT FACTS AND DATA AND CORRESPONDING REASON.
  2. I am disappointed in your left handed views. Fear is to be identified and eliminated due to adverse physiological and psychological outcomes. Noting ACTUAL conditions AND taking appropriate actions IS NEVER AN OUTCOME OF FEAR. Inevitable experiences will happen anyway. I, as all others, will need to identify responsible perspectives and take appropriate action without fear. Contradicting Yourself in the same line? Political view points influence personal actions and influences on others with varying degrees of benefit or detriment. COVID-19 should not even be addressed by politics or any government function just like the flu and other non essential items with the exception I noted earlier to address the Chinese and The United States Of America and other compliant actors in the manufacture of and distribution of a man modified virus for weaponization and dispertion model testing. Nah. I am not a group hug type of person. What will the reunitization consist of and what will be compromised regarding the free exercise of the four (4) Textual Cornerstones? As A The United States Of America Patriot, I will chose my own destiny and application of my rights as a Citizen Of The United States Of America. So Help Me God. I am not a fan of Tulsi Gabbard for the group hug type of "coning" "together" she noted. I do NOT care about what ever HONORABLE military service she provided and I DEFINITELY Thank Tulsi Gabbard AND ALL OTHER Honorably Serving OR Have Served The United States Of America Service Men AND Women. Free thinking and intelligent people were, obviously, imprisoned and killed for being critical actors and thinkers from a Communist group hug stand point. I choose what Alexis de Tocqueville had to say about America over Nikita Khrushchev any day. Well, OK, Alexander Fraser Tytler has a compelling viewpoint as well that I choose: I am a free thinker without a doubt so I am in good company? Or do I need thought police due to my, "Display(s) Of Intellectual Speed And Power"? JFK is questionable to me due to the family dealings with his biological father and paterfamilias, Joseph Kennedy, so like father like son? I would NEVER agree to JFK being assassinated and agree with JFK pulling The United States Of America out of Vietnam. The French stated THAT, let THEM own up to it and close it out PROPERLY. See above. I just started going down the line. Tulsi Gabbards political party choice and campaign manager choices should have been more thoroughly assessed. Tulsi Gabbard is using the Covid-19 Hysteria to apply measures that are inappropriate to begin with. Why is there not an outcry for international action on China for releasing this man made bioweapon? What about swine flu, bird flu, SARS, MERS, etc. that all came from China and the appropriate measures where never before applied against China? Why is Tulsi Gabbard not focused on calling China to account for biological warfare? IF Tulsi Gabbard was calling out President Trump for not taking said actions against China, I would be inclined to a different view in this dimensional respect. IF the Left ACTUALLY fears Tulsi Gabbard, why would Tulsi Gabbard now, "offering my full support to Vice President Joe Biden in his quest to bring our country together". Why wouldn't she refrain from commenting but when asked say, "Let We The People decide". If Tulsi Gabbard wants to present herself as a fore runner in the future as a Democratic Candidate for President, she would do far better to let the current Democratic Party implode and then be the rising Phoenix for future Presidential aspirations. Now Tulsi is bound by her statements and her rise as the Phoenix is compromised. When one knows more than enough to know enough then no more knowledge is needed. When a Globalist talks like a Globalist, acts like a Globalist, articulates Globalist philosophies then the Globalist is a Globalist. No need for further knowledge about that particular person. A Trojan Horse is a Trojan Horse. A Touareg Raider is a Touareg Raider. Further, no acceptable circumstances exist to have a Globalist represent We The People in a unified Globalist manner. I'll not allow Globalism to circumvent free exercise of The Constitution Of The United States Of America TO INCLUDE The Ratified Bill Of Rights with the benefits of exercise thereof. 39 was and is a Globalist. No need to repeat history to prove history again no matter how humanitarian or beneficial the Globalist is presented. One item not mentioned earlier is the multi lateral nuclear threat. I am a strong advocate of superior strength and technology on all fronts including nuclear warfare. Just like with the Soviets, the best way to deal with them or other enemy is to talk down to them. I am an advocate of The United States Of America tactical nuclear armaments in space if truly technically advanced and effective. The Chinese are at least as much of a threat now, albeit not the same threat while each is unique, as the Soviets/Russians have been and are now. As such, any past bilateral nuclear related treaties are truly obsolete even though never observed by the Soviets/Russians sufficiently. Any degree of "unifying" The United States Of America Citizens would essentially, by necessity, be upon the Foundation Of THIS Great Nation that is, namely, the Personal Acknowledgement, Personal Responsibility, AND Personal Ownership WITH appropriate application of the four (4) Textual Cornerstones. Good enough for the Founding Fathers. Good enough for me. Thank You, Coorslite21. No worries THERE. My fearlessness and objective practices have not had ANY adverse effects ESPECIALLY WITHOUT ANY USE OF PPE OR INTELLECTUAL PROPHYLACTICS. I had the flu and lived. IF I contract the COVID-19, I'll live. NO "luck" THERE.
  3. I VERY MUCH AGREE, MD11Fr8Dawg, AND ALL The Very Best!!! Outcome? I noted earlier: Sane minds typically have similar conclusions on ACTUALLY supportive bases. Thank You, MD11Fr8Dawg, for posting Your own sane assessments of Your own origin and making. !!!MD11Fr8Dawg!!!
  5. WOWZERS!!! A Red Rubymeister (to date), being a COVID-19 Hysteria Pandemic Disease Perpetrator, ACTUALLY Gave ME A Red Ruby Citation As A Badge Of Honor For ME For "Display Of Intellectual Speed And Power" For Posting Sane, Fact Based, AND NON Hysteria Related Information AND Comments!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Red Rubymeister(s)!!! Honestly, though, it saddens me to know You and associates are out and about perpetrating Your baseless AND inviable VERIFIABLE nonsense. People should be afforded the voices of reason at every instance and not perpetrators of hysteria for a seemingly non related agenda. The hysteria has had a far more severe effect than the condition, or conditions, people are actually subject to. What is next? Forced vaccines? ADDED Government surveillance? Stripping of The Bill Of Rights AND OTHER Citizen Of The United States Of America RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES? What pandemic or other psychological weapon will be released on the masses in the future? Will the hysteria perpetrators still be among us ignoring VERIFIABLE facts and data AND/OR suggesting inappropriate responses to the ACTUAL condition apart from the hysteria and the effects of the hysteria? Let's Get REAL, People.
  6. Thank You For Your Mentally Stable AND Fact Based Posts, Karsten And GregHi, AND ALL The Very Best!!! The 2019-2020 flu season is far more of an ACTUAL Pandemic and I didn't die from THAT. Lot's of good folks have ACTUALLY contracted COVID-19 AND DID NOT DIE FROM THAT, EITHER. So, IF I contract COVID-19, NO BIG DEAL SINCE I AM NOT GOING TO DIE. As noted, the COVID-19 Hysteria Pandemic Disease KILLS FAR, FAR MORE PEOPLE THAN THE COVID-19 ITSELF. The 2019-2020 flu HAS KILLED FAR MORE PEOPLE THAN COVID-19. Where is the 2019-2020 flu pandemic outcry? Are we being quarantined in place and the stock markets and world trade being impacted due to the 2019-2020 flu???!!! Get REAL People for those given over to the COVID-19 Hysteria Pandemic Disease AND COVID-19 Hysteria Pandemic Disease sympathizers.
  7. Not exactly. Contracting COVID-19 is no big deal. The 95 yr old and 104 yr old WWII Veterans are verified COVID-19 cases and no longer have chronic effects. Looks like approximately three weeks is the total recovery time. If anyone would have likely passed away from the COVID-19, it would have likely been these two WWII Veterans - at least according to the CDC mortality rate statistics by age group. The 95 yr old WWII Veteran even had significant pre existing conditions that would have greatly contributed to the likelihood of being a fatal COVID-19 case but was not. I don't think I had COVID-19 early this year but did have a case of severe flu. Down resting for three days and then had lingering chest congestion issues for about two weeks thereafter. The article You posted on another thread is very telling. Fear compromises the immune system. Succumbing to irrational thoughts and fear of dying from COVID-19 has a far more severe effect on the recovery potential from COVID-19 and far more likely to lead to adding to the mortality statistics. For example, stress levels can lead to the swelling of the lung tissue that constricts the alveoli in the lungs impeding the gas transfer of CO2 out of the blood stream and O2 into the blood stream giving a sensation of suffocation. This is a symptom of a panic attack. I had this happen once some time ago in the middle of the night. I got up and walked around then drove around for a while for the anxiety/stress to subside both physically and psychologically. I asked a doctor about it once and he described what happened and he described it as noted. So, the anxiety is greatly compounded with the fear stricken COVID-19 "patients" by: Unfounded fear they will die from COVID-19. Added stress for being hospitalized. Added stress for having additional hospital bills. Added stress for impact on family members. Other. All THIS leading to degrees of panic attack swelling the lung tissue to impede gas transfer of CO2 out of the blood stream and O2 into the blood stream giving a sensation of suffocation further compounding and exacerbating the COVID-19 effects that further retain fluid in the alveoli leading to the need to be on a ventilator. The article You posted on another thread illustrates the potency of the fear of COVID-19 being far more severe than COVID-19 itself. Useful information here for Your : They should tell the COVID-19 patients they are not going to die unless they think/believe they are as noted from the article You posted and the reasons noted here they should be well acquainted with due to their profession. All THIS from You who believes: Flimsy Carter is a moral individual and not culpable for acts as President Of The United States Of America. Subsequent to Flimsy Carter's action as President Of The United States Of America, Iran became an enemy of The United States Of America with radicalized Muslim leaders ascending to power. The subsequent loss of life and maiming of The United States Of America Service Men and Women in the Middle East due to Flimsy Carter is no big deal. There actually is plane wreckage in the Pentagon when the Pentagon was damaged during 9/11. Vietnam veterans, such as Howard Rutledge and James Stockdale, didn't kill all the bad guys and fight their way back to safety and were taken prisoner becasue they weren't bad and/or smart enough. How is Your R.H.I.P. working for You? Obviously not well at all so Your delusional uniformed, unthinking, and subsequent ludicrous statements. I'd suggest just YOU trying the facts: Noted, of course, by the CDC. There are NOT 10s of thousands of NEW COVID-19 in The United States Of America per day while the daily increase in cases is reducing. The projection is now there are less than 100s of cases per day from a peak of 4,500 cases per day. The root cause of all this is a man modified virus that was weaponized and used to estimate dispersion models that targets the elderly. If anything, this must be an issue the Chinese are forced to correct and cease and desist from doing with severe penalties for such acts while the perpetrators in The United States Of America and elsewhere participating in such acts must also be summarily penalized. The COVID-19 Hysteria Pandemic Disease has done far more damage to The United States Of America Stock Markets and World Markets so must also be considered a Psychological Economic Weapon and treated as such for the perpetrators. Realy? What a joke. I am engaged in activities almost every day considered an essential worker where I have a further elevated risk of being exposed to COVID-19. I don't wear ANY PPE and NEVER will since I have no fear of COVID-19 if I actually do contract it. These activities have gone on since late January this year so I would have likely contracted COVID-19 and have died from it as panic stricken individuals, such as yourself, believe. Just a VERIFIABLE fact from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. The other comments and statements, of course, based on VERIFIABLE facts AND data. For the VERIFIABLE reasons noted above.
  8. US-Backed Iraqi PM-Designate Adnan al-Zurfi Succeeds in Forming New Government; Awaiting Parliament’s Approval Adnan al-Zurfi presents his government agenda to parliament on Saturday; Several protestors were present; The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to delay the approval of his new government. Iraqi PM-designate Adnan al-Zurfi has succeeded in forming a new government and presented his agenda to Parliament on Saturday, despite being met with a multitude of anti-government protestors. The deadline for Zurfi to submit his new government for approval is April 16th. While he has done so, it’s unclear as to when Parliament will be able to convene due to the current global pandemic of COVID-19. Zurfi, in some ways, is a bit of an anomaly to Iraqi politics. Not only is he backed by the United States, but he is not well-liked by several of his own nationals. Some accuse him of being a “candidate of the CIA” according to one report. Those behind this accusation are eight pro-Iranian Shi’ite political parties who are also responsible for threatening US forces in Iraq. If Parliament should approve of his new government, this would be a major setback for Iran and their proxies in the region who remain hellbent on spreading their arms of terror throughout the Middle East and surrounding the Jewish State. Hence, the oppositions from the pro-Iranian parties in Parliament. His success in forming a government is found in the fact that while he’s facing oppositions from multiple Shi’ite parties, he’s garnered heavy support from Sunni and Kurdish parties, as well as some Shi’ite Parliament members. It is believed that has economic focus also helped boost him to the top. Iraq is facing an economy that is deeply struggling, and with the growing COVID-19 crisis, the long-term outlook is not hopeful. April 5th, 2020|News Go Moola Nova!
  9. Israel’s Mossad Collects Hundreds of Thousands of Coronavirus Test Kits Israel’s Mossad is said to be collecting hundreds of thousands of test kits from other countries in recent days; The country or countries they were received from remain unknown; The office of the Prime Minister confirms Mossad’s role. As more and more COVID-19 test kits are needed throughout the Jewish State, Israel’s elite intelligence community, Mossad, has been increasing their involvement in the retrieval of such items. One source even claims that in exchange for the test kits, Mossad is training the undisclosed country in the area of intelligence. As of last Thursday, Mossad had delivered an additional 400,000 test kits from an undisclosed country, likely meaning it is a nation that Israel currently has minimal to no diplomatic ties with. Mossad’s involvement has been confirmed by the office of the Prime Minister. They’ve now retrieved a minimum of 500,000 test kits in the last few weeks. Israel is continuing to increase its test rate which is now well into the thousands each day. A report from last week shows that there were less than 3,000 confirmed cases at the time. As of Friday, one week later, Israel exceeded 7,000 confirmed cases. Mossad isn’t the only Israeli community involved in the battle against coronavirus. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), the Defense Ministry, and Inovytec are all collaborating to produce medical ventilators, 30 of which have been completed as of this week. April 4th, 2020|News Go Moola Nova!
  10. Israel’s Aerospace Industries Begins Production of Medical Ventilators Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Inovytec, and the Defense Ministry begin production of ventilators amid the growing need throughout the Jewish State; Bennett: Israel must develop independent capabilities in everything related to dealing with the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Medical ventilators continue to be highly sought after amid the current global pandemic of COVID-19. While Israel has over 2,100 functioning ventilators, the need is increasing as the Jewish State reports over 7,000 infections. While they have over 2,100 ventilators, nearly 30 are reported to have issues. IAI, along with the Directorate of Production and Procurement (DOPP) and the Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D) branches of the Defense Ministry, as well as another medical device provider, Inovytec, are now collaborating to mass-produce ventilators to be used. Explaining how IAI switched from missile production to ventilators, Israel’s Defense Ministry released a statement that reads, “This morning, the production line was inaugurated in the classified missile production department of IAI, after which dozens of ventilators were tested and assembled.” Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett spoke to the significance of Israel being completely self-dependent during this time, stating, “The State of Israel must develop independent capabilities in everything related to dealing with the COVID-19 virus pandemic. We cannot remain dependent on procurement from other countries. We must develop independent, advanced capabilities.” The ventilators being produced now are known as the Ventway Sparrow ventilation systems and are the first of their kind, being extremely efficient and portable. As of earlier in the week, 30 ventilators had been produced and delivered to Israel’s Health Ministry. Summing up the task ahead of them, Director of the DDR&D, Brig. Gen. (Res.), Dr. Dani Gold stated, “Turning a missile production line into a ventilator assembly plant is a very complex task, made possible by the collaboration between the Defense Ministry and the defense industry. We are continuing in the race around the clock to translate the extraordinary tech capabilities of the defense establishment, to the fight against coronavirus.” April 4th, 2020|Articles Go Moola Nova!
  11. Not on U2 Tube, yet........................................................... The Israelis have developed antibodies for the CoronaVirus NOW but NOT yet for the likely incurable CoronaVirus Hysteria Pandemic Disease. Go Moola Nova!
  12. THAT, My Good Friend, is DIRECTLY due to the CoronaVirus Hysteria Pandemic Disease NOT the CoronaVirus!!! Here is some GOOD News!!! WILL NOT "help" THEE CoronaVirus Hysteria Pandemic Disease victims AT ALL, though, since THEE CoronaVirus Hysteria Pandemic Disease is AN INCURABLE MENTAL DISORDER!!!
  13. YES, OF COURSE AND Thank You, Karsten, AND ALL The Very Best!!! THEE CoronaVirus HAS A 99.267% SURVIVAL Probability!!! THEE CoronaVirus Hysteria Pandemic Disease HAS A !00% MORTALITY RATE!!!
  14. MOST Excellent, Floridian, AND ALL The Very Best!!! Looking at the CDC data, the CoronaVirus Hysteria Pandemic has GREATLY overtaken and eclipsed the CoronaVirus impacts on human mortality rates. We are NOW on the right side of the "bell" "curve" for the CoronaVirus. HOWEVER, we are on THEE FAR LEFT SIDE FOR THEE CoronaVirus Hysteria Pandemic. The CoronaVirus Hysteria Pandemic has a FAR GREATER "death" "toll" THAN THEE CoronaVirus itself WITHOUT A DOUBT. The following article makes the TRUE AND ACCURATE STATEMENT: The FEAR of the Coronavirus is deadlier than the virus itself. [COVID-19] One Important Recommendation You May Not be Hearing Especially if you don’t have it yet Dr. Eugene K. Choi Follow Mar 18 · 8 min read Photo by Ani Kolleshi on Unsplash My daughter’s preschool is now closed until the end of the month. My wife works as a nurse in a hospital that has one of the busiest emergency rooms in the country. People camp out at stores hours before they open, then run the shelves empty by mid-day. Everyday, we’re flooded with more information in our feeds about this pandemic. And it’s all pretty scary the more you think about it. I was contemplating if I should voice my perspective on this or not. But it’s way too important not to. Wherever you are in the world, you’re hearing about how Coronavirus (COVID-19) is rapidly spreading. I mean countries have shut down over this. First, let me say yes it’s important to take the necessary precautions. I’m not writing this to argue about that. But what I do want to share something that’s been on my mind about what the biggest problem going on with all of this. There’s something much worse that’s spreading a lot faster. It’s FEAR. And here’s the truth. The FEAR of the Coronavirus is deadlier than the virus itself. You see, when you are in fear, a reactive part of your brain called the amygdala takes control of your actions. You enter into a fight-flight-freeze response. (It’s what's causing people to buy way too much toilet paper.) And when you are in this reactive state, your body starts producing a steroid called cortisol to help you handle the stress. And guess what cortisol does to your immune system? It WEAKENS it! We have bacteria, viruses, fungus and a whole array of foreign particles we are exposed to every day, but it’s your immune system that prevents you from getting sick. When we’re stuck in fight-flight because of worries or anxiety, our bodies are wasting a ton of energy because it actually thinks it might die at that current moment. And all that energy that’s gone now makes our bodies weaker and more vulnerable. Being afraid is literally making you even more susceptible to getting sick. And guess what else happens when you stay in fight-flight-freeze mode? You’re in a SELFISH, self-protective state. You literally lose the capability of thinking or having empathy. This is where the racism is coming from because people are so afraid and they’re only looking out for themselves. It’s what prevents us from thinking clearly and end up making matters worse. Such as the people who are in denial and go outdoors when unnecessary and put other people at risk. Or those who take up physicians’ time saying they think they have the virus when their symptoms aren’t even related. This takes time away from serving people who are actually infected. How to Powerfully Boost Your Immune System So while taking proper precautions during these times, do the things that keep your immune system strong. Taking the steps to help your brain feel safe puts your body out of fight-flight state and into a rest and digest state where your body is in recovery and ultimately maximizes your health. So how can you do this? Practice the act of shifting your focus to things you are grateful for. Take some time to think about the things you have other’s don’t. Or if that’s hard be grateful for try thinking about all the people in the front lines working their asses off to contain this pandemic. Whatever it is you do, take notice of things until you actually feel grateful. Doing this immediately gets you out of the fight-flight state. And practice empathy. Spend time connecting with your loved ones that you are home with. Laugh with them. Tell them you appreciate them. Spreading that joy to others boosts their immune systems as well. Spend these next few weeks as if it will be a long while before you have this rare time to connect with your loved ones at home or just have your alone time to recharge. And send your love to those who are getting ill because this is bigger than just ourselves. Turn off The News And Turn on Your Personal Connections The statistics you are seeing all over the media are not necessarily 100% accurate. For example, the mortality rate will likely end up being lower as we continue gathering data especially because of all the unconfirmed cases that are out there. And if you’re really curious about the data, search for science-based discussions from credible platforms other than the news. But limit that as well so you can take your mind off of this for a moment. With that said, take the proper precautions. Practice proper hand hygiene. Avoid large gatherings. And implement social distance. But don’t do all this out of fear. Do it as an act of service where you actually are preventing the potential deaths of more people. And instead of the news, watch something entertaining that makes you laugh and smile. Or perhaps break out that board game you used to love playing. Or get some sun! Going for a walk outside and getting some vitamin D also boosts your immune system. Or maybe pick up an old hobby you haven’t had the time to do until now. Whatever it is, being less concerned and afraid is what will help you make the best decisions and make your immune system stronger. Why Feeling Brave During Scary Times is Easier Than You Think For those of you who read this and feel like it’s cliché advice because this is hard for you to implement: I want to take a moment to provide some food for thought. In 2009, Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone ran a study in which he had a group of people learn to play a simple melody on the piano. Then he split them up into two groups. One group practiced the melody on a keyboard for two hours a day over the next five days. Then he had the other group sit in front of the keyboard for the same amount of time, but didn’t have them play. Instead, he had them imagine playing the melody on the keyboard. Photo by Michal Czyz on Unsplash During the whole study, Dr. Pascual-Leone was mapping the brain activity of all the participants before, during and after the experiment. And the results were shocking. He found the same exact brain changes happened in both groups. This meant that the brains of the people who only imagined playing the piano changed in a way as if they were really playing it. What does this mean? Our brains do not know the difference between imagination and reality. So how does this apply to you? If you’ve been anxious, worried, or afraid with all the uncertainty that exists around us, it means you can choose to be courageous, bold and confident simply by imagining what that would feel like. This means how you feel is YOUR choice. You Have a Lot More Power Over Your Feelings Than You Think Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash I want you to sit with this truth for a second. Your thoughts produce your feelings. If I had a brain scan hooked up to you, I can see what it looks like when you have a thought about something. You’d see a pulse of electrical activity occur at that moment. And that electrical activity stimulates the release of chemicals called neuropeptides that will communicate with your body to produce a feeling. So the thoughts you have determine how you feel. So if you’ve ever thought about someone you loved and then you felt all bubbly inside, that’s what’s happening. Or if you think about scary thoughts about all the bad things that can happen to you, then you feel your heart pounding along with the fear that comes with it. And if it’s proven that we can make changes occur in our brain simply by imagining it, then it means we can get out of the self-protective fight-flight state by imagining things that make us feel good instead of afraid. It’s your decision. How to Activate Your Brain’s Superpowers And Body’s Immune System There’s one part of your brain that has all of your amazing capabilities such as your decision making, critical thinking, and creative skills. But here’s the problem. Research shows the best part of our brain is turned off for about 70% of our adult lives When we are in the selfish fight-flight state, we turn off this amazing part of our brain known as the prefrontal cortex. And when your prefrontal cortex is off, you prevent your immune system from operating at it’s best. It’s also what makes you feel stuck and unable to figure out the best solutions for yourself especially if you’ve been taking a hit financially. And worst of all, you do not have the capability of having empathy. So that means if you’re with your loved ones and you’re feeling afraid for them, you can try to justify it all you want, but the person you’re really focused on is yourself. So while people are behaving like this is the apocalypse, spend the time to help comfort those around you who are genuinely afraid. Meet them where they are at and acknowledge that yes this can be scary, but do what it takes to brighten them up. Not only will you make them feel better, but you actually make their bodies stronger. I promise you, it will go a long way. More than ever, this is a time to stand together. So let’s make empathy and connection even more contagious than fear. 4/1/20 UPDATE: It has come to my attention that this article is going viral. Medical doctors and nurses are even sharing this. As a result, I am most moved to read posts about how this has brought comfort to people and even moved them to make a conscious decision to step up and figure out ways to help out. People have decided to work together online and make masks for law enforcement and health care workers. It’s this exact decision to get out of fight-flight and into empathy that is helping people collectively make an impact. It will save lives because you did so. Yes, this virus is taking people's lives. Yes, people on the front lines like my wife are short on supplies and could use more support. My heart breaks for the people we are losing to this virus. And what will be even more heartbreaking is if we don’t all collectively do whatever we can to help slow the spread. And the truth is this: When we stay stuck in fear, we are not capable of fully contributing to the current needs that exist. So to all who read this and are moved to continue spreading that support to those around you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You truly are changing the world. Want to Learn How to Turn On Your Superpowers at Will? Now is a time more than ever where your skills, talents and potential are desperately needed. If you’ve been becoming more aware that you’ve been in the disempowering fight-flight state, then you might be wondering how you can begin to tap into the part of yourself that’s extraordinary. The part of you that you know deep down can make a great impact on the world. Learn how neuroscience can significantly improve your decision making, critical thinking, and creative skills in my free in-depth training, How to Activate Your Brain’s Superpowers: A science-backed approach to discover your passions, find your purpose and transform your life
  15. Thank You for Your Great Comments, @Floridian!!! Nope. The CoronaVirus is NOT a big deal. The big deal is the idiocracy that has raised the REAL threat of the CoronaVirus Hysteria Pandemic. People die from the CoronaVirus. People die from the flu. People die from, well, a variety of DIFFERENT things. Still, EVEN MORE PEOPLE DIE FROM THE FLU THAN THE ACTUAL CoronaVirus. The recovery from the CoronaVirus is REAL. VERY Senior WWII Veterans have contracted CoronaVirus AND RECOVERED!!! WHAT, pray tell, IS THE "moral" OF THEE "story"???!!! I posted the meme with the "blue" "background" for SPECIFIC LIBTARD INSTRUCTIONS. Well, OK, the "moral" OF THEE "story" is REALLY DO NOT GET ONE'S UNDER GARMENTS IN A BIND IF THEY CONTRACT THE CoronaVirus!!! The "fear" OF "dying" CoronaVirus Hysteria Disease KILLS FAR MORE PEOPLE THAN THE CoronaVirus ITSELF!!! i.e. IF one "thinks" THEY ARE GOING TO DIE ONCE HAVING CONTRACTED THE CoronaVirus, THEN THEY WILL!!! 100% Mortality Rate THERE!!! In REALITY, I REALLY hope something else GOOD is going on while we are ALL "self" "quarantined". The CoronaVirus Hysteria disease has raised PANDEMIC ECONOMIC DESTRUCTION AT THE WILLING HANDS OF THE AGREEABLE MASSES!!!
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