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  1. Interesting how the video starts out with stupid stuff statements and then ends with the entertainment disclaimer. Just like ALL the other "flat" Earth "assertions". "flat" Earth. STUPID. STUPID. STUPID. Beyond ANY doubt. "flat" Earth. Yeah, man has ALREADY set foot on the moon. WHY, pray tell, HAS NO ONE COME FORWARD AT THE TIME OF THEE Saturn V LAUNCHES TO DECLARE THEM "flat" Earth CGI???!!! After ALL, Conspiracy "theories" for man having gone to the moon and back to THEE, OBVIOUSLY. Spherical (geoidal) Earth would have been CALLED OUT AT THEE TIME THEE Saturn V launches happened. "flat" Earth. Oh, YEAH....... STUPID. STUPID. STUPID. Beyond ANY doubt. "flat" Earth.
  2. Flattening "flat" Earth ERRANT "assertions" SINCE THEE Beginning Of Creation....... Well, here YOU have it....... ALIENS = Admiral Byrd DID IT = "ice" "wall" = "flat" Earth "flat" Earth STUPID. STUPID. STUPID. Beyond ANY doubt.
  3. Flattening "flat" Earth ERRANT "assertions" SINCE THEE Beginning Of Creation....... WHY, pray tell, does NO ONE account "flat" Earth OBVIOUS ERRANT "assertions" to Psychological Operations COMMONLY deployed by CULTS AND Gubmint "operatives" DENYING OBVIOUS REALITIES to "promote" "captivation" OF THEE "gullible" AND LIKEWISE "willing"???!!! To THEE "demise" of THEE "gullible" AND LIKEWISE "willing"???!!! How can anyone side idly by and watch the victims get hurt and the perpetrators post STUPID things? Where will this all lead? Typically, cults twist Scripture and demand adherents hold unwaveringly to the denial of verifiable facts that contradict cult initiatives. Such is the case with the litany of denials of obviously verifiable facts. By "flat" Earth "adherents". "flat" Earth = COVID-19 whackcinations being "safe" AND "effective"
  4. Flattening "flat" Earth ERRANT "assertions" since THEE Beginning Of Creation....... So, HOW, pray tell, does the MOON NOT SHINE DURING A TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE???!!! Well, OF COURSE, the moon can ONLY reflect light. NOT EMIT LIGHT!!! So, HOW, pray tell, does the MOON ECLIPSE THEE SUN???!!! Well, OF COURSE, the moon BLOCKS the rays of the sun traversing BETWEEN the sun AND THEE Spherical (geoidal) Earth!!! WHY, pray tell, DOES THEE MOON NOT SHINE DURING A Solar Eclipse???!!! To NOTE: THEE Sun creates an aura AROUND THEE Moon DURING a Solar Eclipse so THEE Sun SHINES while THEE Moon DOES NOT SHINE!!! Again, Well, OF COURSE, the moon can ONLY reflect light. NOT EMIT LIGHT!!! "flat" Earth "hypotheses" DENY readily observable FACTS dimissing ANY "flat" Earth ERRANT "assertions"!!! "flat" Earth. Yep. "flat" Earth. STUPID. STUPID. STUPID. Beyond ANY DOUBT. It is beyond belief that "flat" Earth "adherents" can support "flat" Earth IDIOTOLOGY formulated to undermine the credibility of The Bible. "flat" Earth = IDIOT = CULT = The Bible ENEMY
  5. Thank You @coorslite21 for posting the video. I did watch the video in entirety. It appears the information presented was authentic and I did not detect any misinformation presented. I hope I am wrong. This is NOT an indictment to those who have been mRNA vaccinated. The information DOES indicate adverse effects on MULTIPLE dimensions ultimately ending in premature deaths. EVEN for the unborn. When the gubmint STUPIDITY initially rolled out in March 2020, I thought people would reequilibrate to normality shortly regarding COVID-19 and it's severity. It NEVER happened. INSTEAD, mass complicit idiots lined up for the COVID-19 whackcination. MULTIPLE times. Psy Ops is likely THEE most effective tool. COVID-19 whackcinations is ONE tool. WHAT, pray tell, is THEE NEXT Psy Ops???!!! The implications are dire. The video mentioned an airline pilot dying in mid flight. There were also multiple land based municipal transit employees "suddenly" "expiring". A fear I have for air, land, and marine transportation. The one effected could harm multiple others due to "expiring" AND being "incapacitated" "piloting" THEIR "vehicle". Honestly, I thought the damage to tissue with incomplete healing would lead to spontaneous tissue damage leading to spontaneous hemorraghing of mostly lung tissue with a subsequent discharge of blood all over the place. Looks like the REAL effects of protein induced "blood" "clots" are equally, or more so, dire than "spontaneous" "hemorraghing". I trust I am wrong. However, I anticipate a more accelerated death rate due to the COVID-19 whackcinated. As a result, to prepare for the typically unexpected. Including supply chain delivery and access to typical commercial goods. Maybe Q1 of 2023 will be an indication of "too" "late". Mad Max rolls through my mind. In THIS case, not a nuclear Alpacca Lips but a "complicit" "medically" "induced" BIOLOGICAL Alpacca Lips. Time will tell................... In The Mean Time................. Keep Yer Powder Dry................. When duty calls, enlist or reenlist due to the diminished military personnel. Nothing like a bunch of crusty old men who do not give a rip about anything except principle who know death is inevitable regardless of circumstance. Somethings are worth the ultimate price. IF the account is called. Good luck with confronting THAT........
  6. Flattening "flat" Earth ERRANT "assertions" SINCE THE BEGINNING OF CREATION....... The Spherical (geoidal) Earth rotates at a constant rate of 360 degrees PER DAY. This rate of rotation is equal to 15 degrees per hour OR 0.25 degrees per minute OR 0.004167 degrees per second. Hardly an observable rate of instantaneous rotation. The dummies posting STUPID "flat" Earth "assertions" OBVIOUSLY neglect basic observations. Take, for example, the "dome" containing the "stars" rotating "above" the "flat" Earth. If true, one would ONLY need to get near the "ice" "wall" to observe the "stars" passing by at a blinding rate. Which, of course, DOES NOT HAPPEN. IF it did, then the friction of the dome acting on the "surrounding" "air" would generate SO MUCH HEAT THEE "ice" "wall" WOULD MELT AND FORCE THEE OCEANS INTO THEE "flat" Earth "oblivian". This, OF COURSE, does NOT happen EITHER. "flat" Earth. Yep. STUPID. STUPID. STUPID. Beyond ANY doubt WHATSOEVER. "flat" Earth.
  7. Thank You, DiveMaster5734! I think of those who have gone before me/us. They paid the ultimate sacrifice so I could do the same as principle dictates. Those to follow are dependent on the predecessors doing the same. I can’t hang my head in shame knowing what my predecessors provided or the extreme consequences of my abdication to the pressing evil on my successors.
  8. It is hard to express the depth of my gratitude for your critical thinking and likewise posting, DiveMaster5734!!! THANK YOU!!!
  9. Flattening "flat" Earth ERRANT "asertions" since the BEGINNING OF CREATION....... Obvious to the Ancients A little background. Just one example of someone who thought that the earth is a globe was the Greek mathematician Pythagoras (sixth century BC), though we don’t have a record of his reasons. Another example is Aristotle, who lived in the fourth century BC and gave several sound reasons, based on observation, why the earth must be a sphere. Ditto for Ptolemy, who wrote in the early second century AD. Between them, another famous Greek, Eratosthenes, accurately measured the earth’s circumference around 200 BC. All these sources were known and often referenced in antiquity and throughout the Middle Ages, at least in the West and in the Middle East. None other than Washington Irving, the famous American author of “Rip Van Winkle,” invented the flat-earth myth in his popular biography of Columbus (1828), where he felt it necessary to embellish the facts to make the story more interesting. Along the way, he took a jab at the church and the supposed errors in the Bible. Others took up his story with gusto to bolster their own attacks on Christianity’s supposed war against science, such as John Draper’s History of the Conflict Between Religion and Science (1874). Sadly, some Christians in the 1800s chose to adopt the flat-earth myth and push it as truth. The primary instigator in the flat-earth movement was Samuel Rowbotham (1816–1884). What convinced Rowbotham that the earth was flat? Rowbotham watched a small boat depart along the Bedford Level, a six-mile straight strip of water in England. He could see the boat the entire six miles, though he calculated that if the earth were a globe, the boat ought to have completely disappeared over the earth’s curvature. Rowbotham then combined this argument with his own hyper-literal interpretations of certain biblical passages. He lectured and even wrote a book promoting his ideas. His work sparked so much interest that by the time of his death in 1884, he had quite a following with flat-earth organizations around the globe. Other authors wrote their own books in defense of a flat earth, and the movement reached a peak in the late 1800s before it waned. By the late 1900s, few people believed that the earth was flat, and flat earth became a byword for scientific ignorance. All this has changed in the last decade. Around 2012, videos promoting the notion that the earth is flat began appearing on the internet. The revival of the flat-earth movement seems to have been rekindled by Eric Dubay, a somewhat mysterious American yoga instructor living in Thailand. Apparently, Dubay encountered the century-old writings of Rowbotham and others, reintroducing their ideas to a new generation. While Dubay is not a Christian, some Christians, apparently impressed with the supposed biblical arguments for the flat earth, took up the mantle. YouTube and social media proved to be ideal media for promulgating this belief. Willful Ignorance, Cognitive Dissonance, Transferrence Nuerosis, AND Tactical STUPIDITY AT BEST to "entertain" a "flat" Earth is "reality". The REALITY is CULTS ignore OBVIOUS Reality to segregate the "faithful" from TRUTH. In THIS instance, ALL can readily observe the CULT practices of "flat" Earth philosophies and "subsequent" "adherents". A Church or a Cult? For a while, I wondered if the Christian version of the flat-earth movement might coalesce into a new denomination or perhaps an association of churches, unified by a common belief that the earth is flat. There now are local churches that include the earth being flat among their core beliefs. And the leaders of those assemblies are zealous about planting similar local churches in other cities. Some flat-earthers feel alienated from their local churches, that in many cases they have attended for years, solely because the leadership of those churches doesn’t agree with them on cosmology, and hence they seek out flat-earth churches that they can attend. However, as strong as the bond of flat-earth belief may be, there are many other differences that divide these local churches. KJV-only, flat-earth people will not tolerate other flat-earthers who stray from the King James Version. The KJV-only, flat-earth pastors are not loath to condemn as false teachers otherflat-earth pastors who from time to time use other translations of the Bible. Eschatology is another issue that divides flat-earth pastors. Additionally, many flat-earth pastors are very domineering and dictatorial. This rubs many people the wrong way, particularly when other, much smaller, differences arise. These factors probably will prevent a large unified flat-earth church movement from coming about. This raises the question of whether the Christian version of the flat-earth movement is a cult. The flat-earth movement has some elements of a cult. Flat-earthers insist that their understanding of the Bible is the only true meaning of Scripture, dismissing all others as the mere teachings of men at best, and at worst, the work of the devil. This is the major defining characteristic of a cult. On the other hand, a cult often denies one or more cardinal doctrines of Christianity, such as the deity of Jesus Christ. While some individual flat-earthers who identify as Christian may stray a bit from orthodoxy, there is no consistent pattern of denying central tenets of Christianity among flat-earthers. Furthermore, a cult usually is led by a central figure. As of yet, there is not a single person who seems to be leading the Christian version of the flat-earth movement. There are various individuals within this subset of the flat-earth movement that have their followings, but it is far from centralized. However, there is a common conduit through whichflat-earth arguments flow and converts are made: the internet, particularly social media and YouTube. Therefore, it is this new medium that amounts to the leader of the movement. Perhaps we need to revisit the definition of a cult to include “faceless” social media leadership. Conclusion As I previously stated, the ignorance of many flat-earthers is astounding. But their ignorance often is surpassed by their arrogance. The term for arrogant ignorance is hubris. There is much pride among flat-earthers, at least among the vocal ones. It is pride that attracts people to flat earth in the first place. It is the self-congratulatory confidence that a flat-earther has found the deepest hidden truth that few people have found. If they have figured it out while most people have not, that must be evidence that they truly are far ahead of nearly everyone in understanding. That is the appeal of the secret knowledge of Gnosticism. But it is pride that keeps flat-earthers trapped. In order to escape the delusion of a flat earth, believers in such ideology must first realize that they have been duped by some very poor arguments. But this means that they aren’t at the head of the class. Perhaps they aren’t even the bottom of the class. They may be miles away from the school building altogether. This is humiliating, even to admit to oneself. But if a flat-earther has been vocal, coming out to friends and family as a flat-earther, this is even more difficult. The arguments for flat earth that began to arise in the 19th century didn’t originate with Christians. Instead, the belief that the Bible teaches the earth is flat first arose among skeptics who used this false charge as a bludgeon to intimidate the church and attempt to discredit the Bible. Regrettably, few Christians refuted this lie at the time, and some Christians even accepted this false notion and took it up as a badge of honor. I suspect that Samuel Rowbotham, the founder of the modernflat-earth movement in the 19th century, wasn’t earnest in his claims. Rather, I believe that Rowbotham did this as a cruel joke. If so, then he must have had perverse delight in fooling so many people. I believe that part of the agenda of the flat-earth movement today is to mock and undermine arguments for biblical creation. Similarly, I suspect that some of the people who relaunched the flat-earth movement in the 21st century did so for the same reasons. Except that there is a twist. Many flat-earthers who claim to be Christian use terminology about their supposed biblical arguments that appear to have been lifted from creationists. I don’t think that this similarity is a coincidence. I believe that part of the agenda of the flat-earth movement today is to mock and undermine arguments for biblical creation. Since studying and teaching biblical creation is my calling, that is a direct threat to my ministry. The sad irony is that many of the foot soldiers in the flat-earth movement are creationists and have no idea of the role that they are playing in this diabolical scheme. Finally, I have learned of the corrosive effect that the flat-earth movement is having on Christians who have been sucked up into it. I’ve heard from wives whose husbands have been turned into surly, paranoid, negative men because of their belief in all sorts of conspiracies. I’ve heard from husbands whose wives no longer give them due respect because the wives are convinced that their husbands are deceived and hence can’t be viewed as the spiritual leaders in their families. The flat-earth movement is tearing families and churchesapart. Many flat-earthers leave their churches in search of another church that teaches what they consider to be true biblical cosmology. Unable to find a flat-earth church, many flat-earthers simply stop attending church. All these attitudes and actions directly violate God’s commands and will for our lives. So, I continue to battle this threat to biblical Christianity. I’m not interested in debating flat-earthers. I don’t even try to convince them. Instead, my target audience is those who are true seekers, not those who think that they’ve already found truth in the falsity of flat earth, without doing the proper research. I also provide answers to those who have seen the unfortunate effects of the flat-earth movement in people that they know and love. "flat" Earth is UNSUPPORTABLE either Biblically or in natural REALITY. "flat" Earth "adherents" DENY Biblical grammatical specificity AND deny readily provable experiences LIKE THEE RISING AND SETTING OF THE Sun AND Moon!!! "flat" Earth. STUPID. STUPID. STUPID. Without ANY DOUBT!!! "flat" Earth "adherents" NEVER acknowledge THEE TRUTH THEE Sun (AND Moon for THAT matter) RISE AND SET. Simple proof "flat" Earth IS A LIE AND A CULT PROPAGANDA TOOL!!!
  10. !!!MD11Fr8Dawg!!! For some reason, THEE COVID-19 "pandemic" has ELIMINATED the "ability" of THEE fear prone AND THEE panic stricken to "critically" "think". WUZ UP WITH THAT???!!! Unbelievable how effective and pervasive Phychological Operations are on THEE "masses". Get THEM to "self" "eliminate". Imagine what will happen when the absence of "critical" "thinking" takes hold and the fear prone AND panic stricken realize THEIR mistake in subjecting themselves to THEE Psychological Operations to ELIMINATE a significant portion of mankind and THEY are being ELIMINATED!!! Social Chaos. in THEIR mind, "Hey, if I am going down, SO is EVERYONE else." Keep Yer Powder Dry!!!
  11. OUCH!!! Reality here. Thank You, DiveMaster5734! My experience was to see the blatant misrespresentation of actual reality through the limited viewing of Faux, er, FALSE, er, Fox representation of reporting. How does one obfuscate actual personal experience???!!! I had COVID twice AND I am still here!!! Wuz Up With THAT???!!! The initial CDC statistics showed COVID-19 to be nothing to be concerned about. My PERSONAL experience and non medically intervened recovery BOTH times showed there is NOTHING to be concerned about for normally healthy and non immunce system compromised individuals who have NOT compromised themselves with COVID whackcinations. Compromised individuals will experience heightened medical conditions with infection with COVID. I have a friend who nearly died from COVID and was hopitalized for 44 days. He has SEVERAL medical issues. I am compassionate for him. HOWEVER, being COVID whackcinated is NOT the "solution" to the COVID whackcination BUT THEE FINAL SOLUTION. What suprises me is THEE very people subjected to genocide are the ones most comprehensively subjecting themselves to fratricide. Uh, oh........ @Shabibilicious and the same may take offense and muster a "counter" "attack". Ah, come what may we'll take back THESE United States Of America to return to the original foundation the Founding Fathers established who, without question, were geniuses then as well as for all times. Yep. SEMPER FI DO OR DIE!!!
  12. I want to Thank Adam and all the affiliates for supporting us here at DinarVets. I recently had a paid purchase follow up item that was resolved lightning fast. I did my part. DinarVets closed their part. Thank You Adam and all the affiliates! I suspect those noting lack of responsiveness may have overlooked their own due diligence. I have tried to always do what I am supposed to do to support the paid purchase requirements and it appears that facilitates DinarVets and all the affiliates to timely process my compliance requirements. I try to be easy peasy to work with. Hopefully others do the same. Just something to consider. In The Mean Time!!!!!!!....... Go Moola Nova!
  13. I am Thankful for ALL our The United States Of America Veterans in EVERY branch and function. Psychological Operations is a very valued service. People can see through Psycological Operations. It doesn't take any training. There are ALWAYS dimensional shifts with Psychological Operations. Can we see them? Fundemental roots show the shifts sought by Psychological Operations. Stay vigilant! Time will tell! Ronald Reagan and Phil Gramm are probably examples of those who identified and chose to operate on differing principles than their originating party. Others will need to demonstrate the same template. I have some strong reservations as have been previously noted. In the mean time, I'll let events play out and show themselves. Until then..........
  14. My opinion is everyone will be called to account in the matter of COVID and COVID whackcinations. I had COVID TWICE and recovered without medical attention or special intervention. Absolutely. The LORD healed me while I didn't go into panick or do crazy stuff. Or run out and get the COVID whackcination. I just relaxed and let HIS bodily recovery functions do their job. My opinion is the "fear" issue will be dealt with. Especially with Christian Leaders who did not recognize the ploy and passively ignored or succombed to the propaganda and subjected themselves to the inclinations of the perpetrators. Social lies MUST be identified and dealt with appropriately. Persecution may come due to Christian leaders NOT standing up and calling out COVID and COVID whackcination LIES.
  15. My opinion is various hacks can be attempted on a variety of different levels for differing purposes. I am surprised this site has not had more intrusive hacks than what we have experienced to date. The greater the value. The increased likelihood of sophisticated hacks. I, for one, am appreciative of the current measures. My only suggestion is to have two step verification. I know, more cost. So maybe we all are OK with the exceptional due diligence for now?
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