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  1. Thank You, Adam, For ALL Your Help!!! Yes, on my iPad, I still see the Gray Dots. No, on my iPhone, no Gray Dots. In the Grand Scheme of things, NO "biggie" for me. I just noted the Big Ole Gray Dots for awareness in case there was some more pervasive issue with the roll out that may need addressing. The value of the pre paid services far outstrip the "minor" "inconvenience" of some GUI (Graphical User Interface) "issue(s)"!!! Thank You, Adam, for ALL You AND Your Affiliates Are Doing For Us!!! Go Moola Nova!
  2. I am on my iPhone now and the Big Ole Gray Dots have “disappeared”!!! THANK YOU DinarVets Technical Support Team!!! You’re THEE BEST!!! Go Moola Nova!
  3. First, the preliminaries.................................. Many Thanks for the wonderful format recently rolled out!!! For some reason on my iPad, I have gray dots over the voting selector. Does anyone else see this on their screen? In The Mean Time.......................................... Go Moola Nova!
  4. !!!CSM (R) Thack!!! What SHOULD happen to Governor Newsom is VERY MAJOR Gruesome AND people persuaded LIKE him!!!
  5. You The MAN!!!, Floridian, AND ALL The Very Best!!! In ALL the Glow Bull pieces going on, I am NOT sure when enough is enough. I am PRETTY SURE defunding evil NOW AND ELIMINATING FOR THE FUTURE FINANCIAL SYSYEM ROLL OUT IS IMPERATIVE. Flash back to late 15 and early 16 www.xe.com. I believe the rollout was going to occur THEN THEN The True The United States If America Patriot AND Whirled Wide Patriots STOPPED IT. So, likely to occur in 2021 AFTER The True The United States Of America Patriot President Donald J Trump is REinaugurated!
  6. First, the preliminaries................................................. You The MAN, Floridian, AND ALL The Very Best!!! My opinion is the video is well worth the listen. Sure, collaborate the information elsewhere. Much of the information in the video has already been noted by others previously and hits on a lot of different topics that could be related as noted. One thing is for sure.................................................... Times are a changin'!!! Whether this is a partial display of good vs. evil remains
  7. I am amazed at how tight the damage is with this Cat 4 land fall hurricane. I have a friend that lives just south of Baton Rouge and works for Shell NORCO near New Orleans on the west side. He said everything is OK with him and NORCO was ramping back up to full rates yesterday. Pretty sure there will be some logistical issues with feedstocks and products at some point but nothing insurmountable and maybe just a mild speed bump. Go Moola Nova!
  8. For Sure, DinarDavo!!! Peter, Andrew, James and John, Zebedee, Matthew, the Romans, Nicodemus, Mary Magdalene, and, of course, Jesus! Jesus laughing and giving HIS disciples a hard time. Imagine THAT!!! I find the interactions of Nicodemuis withJesus and Nicodemus with John The Baptist to be very powerful. Makes one weep in Episode 8 when Jesus had called HIS disciples to meet and Nicodemus left some money for them yet was just around the corner and out of sight weeping since he refused to accept Jesus's invitation to Follow HIM. Jesus said, "
  9. Thank You @Markinsa for the clip! From the appstore on a phone, season 1 with eight episodes can be accessed: thechosen.tv/app Although artistic license is used extensively, I was unable to detect any deviation from Scriptures so far. I really like how they develop the characters and portray them while interweaving the character narratives so fluidly. I recommend downloading the app. The episodes are nominally 1/2 hour to one hour in length without the credits. Shortly after the intro scene in each episode is a catchy jingle about one
  10. Thank You, Adam, for the upbeat post AND all You and Your Affiliates have done AND are doing for us!!! Go Moola Nova!
  11. Here is a video by Amir Tsarfati that explains the Peace Agreement between the UAE AND Israel: !!!HotCurl!!! The True The United States Of America Patriot President Donald J Trump IS my President, TOO!!! Go Moola Nova!
  12. Here is a video to explain the Peace Agreement.
  13. Well, OK, THEE "noted" "birth" "certificate" "notes" Kamala AS "female" in Box 2. WHERE, pray tell, is MICHAEL OBAMA'S ACTUAL "birth" "certificate" WITH GENDER "notation"???!!!
  14. You know, Pitcher, I REALLY like yer posts. To me, it starts from THEE ONLY BENCHMARK(s): The Bible. The Declaration Of Independence/The United States Of America Constitution TO INCLUDE The Ratified Bill Of Rights/The Federalist Papers. Blackstone English Common Law stripped of ALL the Crown Entities AND Obligations. The Magna Carte. Pretty simple. The True The United States Of America Patriots AND miscreants are differentiated by THEIR acknowledgement AND PRACTICE THEREOF. Well, OK, THEE miscreants digress to PERSONAL ISSUES
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