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  1. The point about caring about other’s welfare when they are being lied to and embrace the lie is really what matters. Especially in acute or chronic life or death issues. Eternity, of course, is paramount while addressing with truth temporal matters is essential to demonstrate authentic care and concern.
  2. My opinion is the past cycle was needed to have all the Deep State actors show themselves. Much broader and deeper now when the Dragnet is deployed! Keep yer powder dry!!! NO tellin' what the Snowflake AND Buttercup Idiot Brigade Volunteer Forces will do!!!
  3. An ever increasing war on Christianity. One of my recent past (past three years) and current concerns is the potential for an increased intensity flash war on Christianity as the truth about COVID and the COVID Whackcinations is undoubtedly and widely apparent. The very Christian people, and especially Christian Leaders, who proclaim they know and acknowledge in practice the TRUTH about God The Son Jesus Christ that have succumbed and kowtowed to the lies about COVID and the COVID Whackcinations will likely be taken in ill repute since they have embraced the lies and did not stand up to herald the ill consequences of COVID practices and, especially, the COVID Whackcinations that could have prevented ill consequence to those around them. Of course, born again believers in God The Son Jesus Christ will also likely be targeted for not having been outspoken in Christian relationships to warm fellow believers about the COVID and COVID Whackcination lies. I wholly acknowlege there are very well intentioned born again believers in God The Son Jesus Christ who thought at the time they were doing the right thing by the instituted COVID practices and COVID Whackcinations who have regretted (repented) of their actions. These are people I can support and act in best measure to potentially avert any ill consequence on them. The nonregretting (unrepenting) born again believers in God The Son Jesus Christ are ones I can do nothing about to protect them from ill consequences due from the deceived. I cannot avert an undesireable circumstance to a culpable person or group of persons who ever they are or may be. The very born again believers in God The Son Jesus Christ who proclaim to be TRUTH seekers and practicioners are the very same who had embraced and promoted the lies about COVID and the COVID Whackcinations. So, the flash war on Christianity may happen when the inescapable consequences of COVID practices and the COVID Whackcinations become widely and undeniably apparent. Maybe. Hope not. One item I cringe to think about is the potential for otherwise healthy people who have been COVID Whackcinated would suffer premature death or otherwise be unable to work due to having been COVID Whackcinated who ever they are. This could be a huge drain on the economy in The United States Of America and across the world since people will be taken out of the work force and The United States Of America and across the world supply chains that could entirely disrupt and potentially disable various supply chains or eliminate them in entirety. The drain on the economy due to a removed segment of the work force and the associated crippling of Health Services due to the overwhelming volume of COVID Whackcinated individuals flooding the hospitals could generate localized flash riots further crippling the economy due to the lack of goods and services. Maybe. Hope not. So, yes, of course, your statement, "so it does apply to your post..." is undeniable and entirely warranted without any doubt or contest whatsoever. Thank You, @yota691!!!
  4. Shame. Shame. Shame. In August of 2021, there were 10 (total) hospitalized at a local hospital with COVID-19. ALL were COVID-19 whackcinated AND over weight. NONE were COVID-19 whackcinated.
  5. Rest assured, I have no wishes for ill consequences in any regard on either the COVID-19 (or subsequent mutations or variants) infected or COVID-19 whackcinated no matter who they are. I have a coworker who has a friend that happens to be a mortician. I met the mortician approximately 18 months ago. This mortician had been COVID-19 whackcinated at the time I met him. I just found out this mortician now has a form a blood cancer. The evil of the COVID-19 propaganda and terminal COVID-19 whackcinations that has been perpetrated on the masses is unconscionable. The ones instigating this evil must be indicted, prosecuted, and executed for Crimes Against Humanity. For the survivors of the COVID-19 whackcination, the reproduction has dire and irreversible consequences on the human gene pool. I can not imagine the ill health consequences faced by children born of one or both parents who were COVID-19 whackcinated prior to conception. Remember this? WHO, pray tell, would do THIS to THEIR children???!!! I cringe to think what may result from the parental (one or both) whackcination on THEIR children.
  6. Are YOU, @caddieman, REALLY THAT STUPID TO BELIEVE THIS AND OTHER RELATED ARTICLES???!!! No kidding here. I have an 89 year old mother who recently (starting one month ago) has had proof positive COVID-19 BY A PRACTICING AND LICENSED MEDICAL DOCTOR. No medical attention. AND NO COVID-19 WHACKCINATION. She FULLY recovered. I have NOT had ANY relatives with PROOF POSITIVE COVID-19 WHO HAD ANY MEDICAL ATTENTION OR WERE HOSPITALIZED. AGAIN.................... Are YOU, @caddieman, REALLY THAT STUPID TO BELIEVE THIS AND OTHER RELATED ARTICLES???!!!
  7. Did you ACTUALLY read THIS article???!!! No use reposting my COVID-19 infections AND recovery WITHOUT ANY medical assistance AND WITHOUT ANY COVID-19 WHACKCINATION!!! I have an ardent COVID-19 whackcination coworker (Safety Supervisor) who RELIGIOUSLY whackcinates AND HAS RECENTLY BEEN INFECTED WITH COVID-19 BY PROOF POSITIVE DOCTOR TESTING. STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES!!! His wife AND child have ALL been whackcinated AND HAVE BEEN INFECTED WITH COVID-19. Uh. NOT. Conspiracy. REAL facts INSPITE of THEE IDIOTS WHO WRITE THEE ARTICLE YOU POSTED!!!
  8. Does this threaten you? Are your really a Democrat and/or Hollywood elite?
  9. Many people have flown in Commercial Airliners. Take Off. Ascent. Cruising Altitude. Descent. Landing. These Commercial Airliners typically have 0 mph velocity relative to the ground just before take off. As the Commercial Airliner accelerates, one feels the acceleration as they are pushed back in their seat. As the Commercial Airliner ascends, one feels the force in their seat. Once the Commercial Airliner reaches Cruising Altitude, the acceleration forces cease since there is no change in altitude or speed. Commercial Airliners have a nominal cruising altitude air speed of nominally Mach 0.6 or nominally 450 mph. The ground speed will vary depending on wind conditions at and around the Commercial Airliner so ground speed can be more or less. Surely at this speed, ALL the breathable air would be sucked out of the cabin and ALL the people would DIE IMMEDIATELY in a "flat" Earth "model". More notably, Commercial Airline passengers ARE NOT FLUNG INTO THEE OUTER REACHES OF THEE "flat" Earth "dome". Sure, the Spherical (geoidal) Earth has a tangential velocity of nominally Mach 1.33 or nominally 1,000 mph at the Equator. The Spherical (geoidal) Earth's atmosphere AND people are NOT flung into OUTER SPACE at the Equator OR elsewhere on the surface of the Spherical (geoidal) Earth. The Commercial Airliner also has somewhat of an incline in relation to the surface of the Spherical (geoidal) Earth directly below at cruising altitude and speed. Simple aerodynamics determine the Commercial Airliner will have a slight incline. The Commercial Airliner descends. The Commercial Airliner lands and eventually come to a complete stop at 0 mph relative to the ground. Commercial Airline passengers are typically in the same physical condition when at the destination terminal as they are at the origination terminal. "flat" Earth. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Yep. Without ANY doubt WHATSOEVER. "flat" Earth.
  10. Well, OK, mine are big and brass so you wouldn't want to hurt yourself with the ill advised "kick". No "fart' there! Can't even acknowledge the sun AND moon rise and set with a Spherical (geoidal) Earth impossible with a "flat" Earth. OR Produce pictures of God's feet on a "flat" Earth. BECAUSE The Earth is ACTUALLY Spherical (geoidal) in shape. NOT "flat". Like "flat" Earth "proofs". ALSO NO ACTUAL pictures of stars passing at multi mach speed over the mystical South ice wall. "flat" Earth. REALLY STUPID. WITHOUT any DOUBT. In all honesty, do YOU REALLY NOT see the physical realities of a Spherical (geoidal) Earth readily apparent to the most casual observer???!!! I have ACTUALLY been to South Africa and Botswana and can personally verify Polaris (North Star) is NOT visible from those locations AND the Southern Cross is visible from those locations. ONLY possible on from a Spherical (geoidal) Earth NOT a "flat" Earth. The unknowing AND unwitting are sheepishly taken captive by the CULT practices of THEE "flat" Earth perveyors. There is NO Biblical declaration of a "flat" Earth. OR Provide the ACTUAL, NOT CGI, pictures of God's feet on THEE "flat" Earth. "flat" Earth. REALLY STUPID. Without ANY Doubt. While "flat" Earth "adherents" claim the Spherical (geoidal) Earth is CGI.
  11. Basic preventatives go a long ways. Sure, not all the way. I believe ACTUAL vaccinations are beneficial. I received the Hepatitis A & B vaccines in the late 1990's. I did not get the six month follow up. So, now I am redoing the Hepatitis A & B vaccines. For certain, I did ask about any mRNA components. The pharmacist noted the Hepatitis A & B vaccinations are non mRNA and are old school vaccinations. I did have my Tdap recently, too. Old school NOT mRNA. So, I am vaccinated NOT whackcinated. I had both my hips replaced last year. I gave SPECIFIC instructions to the surgeon to NOT give blood. IF I were to pass out due to blood loss THEN DO NOT RESUSCITATE - NO BLOOD TRANSFUSION!!! Careless? WHY, pray tell, risk mRNA contamination due to a blood transfusion AND have REFUSED THEE COVID whackcination???!!!
  12. What isn't reported is the Western Nation's, including elements of The United States Of America Agencies, underworld activities in Ukraine negatively impacting Russia fomenting the Russian response. Two evil forces competing with innocent people expiring in the middle. Could soon be Young The United States Of America Citizens. Support the service personnel. War against the warmongers. Not another Vietnam. Or, heaven forbid, World War. Neither is acceptable while The United States Of America military personnel, past and present, is cherished and valued. The warmongers and profiteers are the actual enemy. I wonder what would happen if the warmongers and profiteers were exposed? A new war? Actual peace and prosperity as as result?
  13. My opinion is the realization of the ill consequences of the COVID whackcination causing these episodic social disorders will be coupled by International Agency command and control tools to be implemented on the masses to reduce the individuals en masse to utter despotism. It won't be pretty. Disrupted and controlled supply chains. Do "this" or the individual will not get basic human necessities. Nationalization of all personal assets. Like Socialist/Communist take overs. Keep yer powder dry! I wish I could say an overwhelming and quick counter offense could be delivered against this carefully crafted and constructed foe. The one all pervasive and prevailing tool against such a foe is critical thinking with constructive and focused action. The video alluded to the irrational antics of the hysteria prone and panic stricken. Careful analysis by even the most casual observer will conclude we are all gonna die. Some by terminal effects due to old age while others to abnormal and unpredictable causes with instantaneous to longer term occurrence. The hysteria prone and panic stricken will go ballistic of far greater magnitude when their self chosen actions to willing participate in prematurely terminating their existence is undeniably apparent. People my senior, who I have respected, willingly participated in the COVID whackcination as a self and community respecting responsible action to do without considering the rationale for providing the so called "remedy" to the COVID "situation". My mother is 89 years old and is recovering from COVID WITHOUT the COVID whackcination OR medical attention. Two weeks into COVID and merely fatigued. I have had COVID TWICE without ANY medical attention. I have an aunt who is still living who had COVID at 89 years old and DID NOT have any medical attention. She got over the effects of COVID in about four weeks. My uncle, who is married to her, lived with her in the retirement home and DID NOT get COVID. NONE of my relatives who had VERIFIABLE COVID INCLUDING MYSELF DIED OR RECEIVED MEDICAL ATTENTION DUE TO COVID. I have regular contact with individuals significantly my junior who are now having immune system challenges DUE TO THEE COVID whackcination. My last COVID episode was nearly two years ago. Since then, I have been taking Vitamin C, Magnesium/Calcium/Zinc, Vitamin K2, and liquid Vitamin D3. Haven't gotten sick. Sure, I may get sick AND die from a mutated strain of COVID OR something else but no big deal. Right? That's life. Well, on the other hand, standing for what is really right against the grievances noted in The United States Of America Declaration Of Independence might be hazardous to my "longevity". Come what may. I am gonna die sometime AND I WILL NOT GET hysteria prone and/or panic stricken about "whatever" "ordeal". WHAT, pray tell, will YOU ALL "do"???!!! I do remain hopeful and optimistic. Gotta believe in positive outcomes with applied critical thinking based on requisite and time tested principles. We can ALL lay down and die. NOT ME!!! WILL, pray tell, YOU???!!!
  14. OK. So where is the picture of God's feet on a "flat" Earth???!!! WHY, pray tell, do ALL see the sun AND moon rising and setting???!!! Do YOU, @MyLadiesDaddy, see the sun AND moon rising and setting???!!! Take a look. The sun AND moon rising AND setting is real. REALLY pretty, too, when you see the rays of the sun illuminating THEE BOTTOM OF THEE CLOUDS WHEN THEE SUN IS RISING AND SETTING from a Spherical (geoidal) Earth!!! "flat" Earth. REALLY STUPID. WITHOUT ANY DOUBT!!!
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