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  1. You are absolutely correct ladyGrace's Daddy, Trump has an ace up "both sleeves". Watch him work his plan!

    Questions for Adam Montana 15 August 2018

    Adam, Thank you for all you do. Do you feel the RV will take place in 2018?

    Questions For Adam's Update 10-11-2017

    Adam, thank you for all you do! Do you still feel there will be an RV for the Iraqi dinar in 2017?

    Ministry of Finance articles with Ababi?

    Laid Back, what is the start date of the new year and new budget for Iraq? Appreciate all of your post!

    VIP MEMBERS - bypass picture instructions here.

    Badge me please.
  6. After the RV, is there a daily limit for the amount of funds that can be requested for withdrawal from our Warker savings account? REDREDRED

    Client ID and password

    birelkart, Thank you for taking time to reply. I will stay focused and patient.

    Client ID and password

    birelkart, I have experienced these same issues for over 2 months. Who did you email to resolve? Thanks, REDREDRED
  9. I opened a Warka savings account over 2 months ago. The ID and Password issued to me has never worked. For 2 months I sent daily emails to the following trying to resolve this issue: (customer service) (Issa's email) Does anyone have other effective contacts or methods that might resolve this issue? Thank you, REDREDRED
  10. I opened a Warka savings account a couple of months ago and was issued an ID and Password for electronic banking. Neither worked. For two months I have emailed the following without any response: (for customer service) (Issa's email address) Does anyone have suggestions to resolve this issue? Thanks, RED RED RED

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