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  1. This is a good indication, if the mediators can continue to work on contractual agreements while the streets are relatively calm it would be what is necessary. The wheels of true power have put a squeeze on the northern region…but, the international community could benefit soon from oil exported through the north. Turkish involvement complicates things. However, if both the people of Iraq and Europe can benefit simotaniously from an agreement. Then perhaps we are in the midst of a catalyst that can align the regional benefit with international benefit, that transcendent element would be key to sustainable long term growth and stability.
  2. That’s good. I hope in some way that they don’t sell out and give into the fiat system of fractional reserve banking and turn to 10% reserves rather than 130% to justify a change in currency on the international level. Sure, they can do it, it is a tremendous power to hold. Funny how it would be in my benefit for them to give into the fiat system and yet floating on this sinking ship “fiat system” somehow they look like a beacon of hope for humanity to have a civilization where the economic systems aren’t crumbling from within; but rather an economic system that has what is presented, a system where numbers make simple sense.
  3. This charade was a was of energy for the US, there is no mechanism to collect payment. Furthermore, using force to enforce the ruling on another entity simply promotes the violence. *** for Tat escalation in the one hand and a waste of energy on the other hand. I don’t understand this pretentious thought that when Americans are anywhere in the world they have special rights through their governmental body above and beyond the country they are visiting.
  4. They would be better off spending their money on infrastructure in Iraq.
  5. Interesting position by the US to advocate for a voice that ultimately wants them removed from influence or global partnership. Good, it is a decision to be made by the Iraqis.
  6. I’ve got an idea. How about America helps with a comprehensive plan of support for infrastructure rebuilding the electricity grid, streets and water. Have that support ready to go with contracts to help advise/plan, build and train locals implementing the contracts for profit. But here’s the big shift, stop pushing the military economic complex to make money. Use this opportunity for all Iraqis to benefit to bring together people to protect their own country, they already have all the weapons they need. I know, it’s simply complicated. I want to see a shift of support from drone strikes bringing death and destruction, to support rebuilding the country’s infrastructure. So far with respect to the infrastructure, all I see is Germany helping with the electrical grid.
  7. Biden hasn’t made things better yet, over the past 20 years. This isn’t going to help. I’m not sure what part of national strength, free from US and Iranian influence these politicians don’t understand. It’s like explaining to a three year old what part of no don’t you understand; is it the n or the o?
  8. Wow! Didn’t see that coming. It would appear that He leads by example and his own behavior, humbling. I understand the retirement from politics, it’s the retirement from religions leadership that’s shocking. He really isn’t looking for power, awe inspiring. Now, we will see what those who are greedy for power in Iraq and the region do. Hmm…
  9. Interesting, I don’t think it’s possible to have a clean slate like this. It would be beneficial in many respects. I’m just skeptical as to the willingness to implement such a sweeping change. . . I like the concept. . . We will see what Monday holds.
  10. al-Sadar is so frustrating, at some point if you don’t want to work towards a solution you are simply part of the problem. Pure fundamental intolerance has no place in a cooperative working group to support the people. It appears to be good progress, my heart is heavy without an inclusive working group. I am hopeful that time will reveal a choice of dialogue over violent action on this regional stage.
  11. Well that’s interesting America, I watched all those same tactics being used on citizens during the 2020 election. Must be easier to see when it’s in another country. So for the score card Bagdad finally gets a good mark, such a long time coming while America and Kurdistan are looking the same using force to maintain an established set of power to a small pet engage of ruling elite. I still think that the USA has the best republic in the world, we will see what time has to show us.
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