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  1. It would be nice if they could build actual roads, electrical generation and distribution systems, provide clean water supply and give an education to the next generation when they are building this theoretical bridge. Politics is politics, all talk; I would love to see the infrastructure actually manifest within this reality. That’s what these people need, help rebuilding after a war. Human beings will fight less when they are not trying to survive, but rather overcoming obstacles in cooperation as they have an opportunity to thrive.
  2. Interesting proposition, would be good to see regional cooperation like this. Hopefully the USA doesn’t interfere and start a world war over the idea that countries can cooperate without their permission. Would be terrible to see the fear of America trying to enforce international monetary sanctions react inappropriately and destabilizing the region when they want to cooperate.
  3. Continuing thought, Turkey does not have the ability to print/create the underlying monetary unit as both the US and the EU. That’s a similarity with Turkey and South and Central American countries.
  4. So how is it that when the interest rate of the US is lowered to near zero the USD is stronger, that when in Europe the rate is negative the Euro stays globally strong, but then when Turkey reduces their interest rate the TL becomes weaker? Looks to me like the systemic distribution of wealth the USD leverages as the world reserve currency has moved from the devaluation of South American currencies across the Atlantic Ocean landing in both Asia and Europe at once through Turkey. Even a child understands if there’s one full plate of cookies on the table that for one kid to get a mostly full plate of cookies the other kid gets less. BTC is going to transition to the world reserve currency. This will remove the elements of human nature while managing of human nature; the solution to removing corruption from established architectural systems. Anyways, back to the original question. Why the inverse relationship with respect to interest rates and currency value for Turkey? How does this work? Why is this presentation of market divergence in existence? I’m very intrigued.
  5. Yeah, we should have all war authorizations for the USA removed. We, the USA are not in a time of war but a time of peace. For many countries joint agreements of military cooperation are necessary as mutually beneficial. It’s time to re-gear the military industrial complex into a system that produces skilled and educated Americans to refill the middle class. If we don’t repopulate the middle class with skilled labor the USA will implode when those in power dictating others what to do cannot do the job themselves they are demanding of others to do. The USA needs independent self sufficiency, we can’t support our own demands; like an opioid addict withering away incapable of taking care of their own needs.
  6. Things are on a precipice of real change. We will see if those making change and progress for the people of Iraq can stay alive. That would be something different.
  7. With the latest news stating that 100 are wounded as the protests turned violent and the entrances to the green zone sealed due to the escalating tension; I am very pleased. The progression from foreign invasion/liberation transforming into civil war with a grass roots nationalist movement emerging from the forcefully imposed democracy has been quite the spectacle to observe. This is about as raw as emotions can be while preserving life. I think we truly are observing a beacon of democracy in the Middle East. But, it’s hard to put both the USA and Iran on the same side of the fence as Iraq re-centers itself independently. My thoughts are with continued progress, peacefully with opposing views and open dialogue.
  8. Last time it was possession of WMDs when they wanted to trade oil outside the petro dollar. Now as the USD is loosing strength as world reserve currency we see this narrative.
  9. I can hear the pitch now, let the IMF regulate all digital transactions and each country will maintain their sovereignty with control of commerce of physical goods within their borders and all transactions in their native currency. Then, BAM 💥 the SDR is King of Planet Earth.
  10. I wonder if we will see a new global tax enforcement group with the growth and global acceptance of the UN and IMF, it would make sense to see a parallel IRS as the UN is to the USA as the IMF is to the FED. It will be established as a digital enforcement arm of the IMF with distribution back to the international countries. Soon we will see the Global Digital Commerce Board, GDCB. Just my morning thoughts for a solution to manage a global digital fiat currency.
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