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  1. you are such a muppet… tell me Einstein if Hillarious was going to win by a landslide when they rigged the elections and made up the steele dossier and Russian collusion and still couldn't win what makes you think that a pedo dementia ridden criminal will beat trump! trump has it in the bag! you loose!
  2. exactly....only one result we are concerned with and that's a change of rate and how we cash in...the rest is irrelevant until the rate changes
  3. Zeros added put them under program rate
  4. It’s who’s got authority to remove the zeros added to the currency as per imf and what conditions they must meet! Who appoints the head of the imf and world bank?
  5. Yep....if your find the interview with Japanese prime minster Abe of Japan about currency this will make your smile
  6. Wasn’t there an article talking about borrowing law and suggesting a possible rate change? Months ago start of the year?
  7. Trumps wants the troops out and wars to end for this to happen countries must be stable and financial he has made statement about all countries being in a level playing field and has also stated that Iran will be a very powerful and Iraq will repay the cost of the war in trillions! Piece it together!
  8. As for trump owing dinar? Please show me something to suggest he does even fake news and i might become a trump dinar believer!
  9. Yes he’s openly stated a change to currencies yes he is in control and he controls the country with troops on the ground and as he does with Iran sanctions!
  10. 2- Implementing strategic reforms and creating sustainable job opportunities Key reforms include: Modernising and rehabilitating the financial sector Modernising and rehabilitating the banking system, supporting the development of private banks, reforming government banks and introducing and activating the Core Banking System in Al-Rafidain and Rasheed Banks Expediting the development of e-banking services Establishing new trading markets, such as a commodity market and a currency exchange market (Forex)
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