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  1. Well when you have the head of cia being a Muslim, Obama being a Muslim, you have deep state or cia controlling Iran, Iran controlling Iraq, Clinton’s selling guns to isis, Obama giving money to Iran, Clinton’s and uranium 1 selling uranium to Iran, iran killing Americans, and waging war through the Middle East, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, etc, can we see why killing the head of Iran’s military in Iraq sends a clear message to Iran and Iran’s politicians. Also think of 2013, fall of Mosul at the hands of isis, where they got there weapons, from Clinton’s, you can see the picture...
  2. The reality is the reason we have invested, and for whatever reason your invested has never changed in my opinion. I bought based upon what I knew at the time and that’s never changed. I bought dinar because of the following reasons: 1.coalition partners involved in the gulf wars 2.iraqs oil reserves which puts them at over 360 billion barrels 3.former price of the dinAr 4.executive orders permitting us citizens to invest in dinar and securities 5.former stock prices prior to the devaluation 6.the fact that the Israel prime minster authorised israelis investors to invest in the dinar 7.the fact that all the coalition partners also just happened to be involved in the printing of the dinar? From license by Delafue 8.rumours and I can’t recall or confirm that the us treasury holds dinar? Which would make sense? 9.comments made bush regarding cost of war costing them nothing 10.comments made by trump that the cost of war will be repaid in full in the trillions 11.lets not forget Shabibi and his comments and the countless articles talking about the former rAte, real value, true value, the 3.22 rate, and delete three zeros. Good or bad. what I didn’t count on and understand was the role Obama and Clinton’s role in causing civil War in Mosul, the creation of isis, the involvement of Iran in Iraq’s politics. What I am positive about is the fact that trump and what’s hes done. If I think back to 2013 when it was suppose to revalue, the sacking of Shabibi and the fall of Mosul in 2013...all planned by Iran and Obama and the deep state.
  3. On the note I will take you a warm and funny feeling and buy more shares, you can never have not enough
  4. yep...lets not forget thats it not unsual countries to buy each others currency, and for the US any dinar at a. rate of 3.22 would be used for oil credits
  5. i think we need to remember trump in a previous interview was saying they owe trillions, possibly 3 much they hold is anyones guess but i bet you a revaluation of bank assets is part of the plan its not unusual for countries to do currency swap...
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