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  1. All the banks will use this eliminates the corrupt swift system which is one of the reasons why the deep sate and cabal are fighting hard.
  2. Bullshit….they need to remove them as part of the IMF requirements, this will create the fiscal space needed to rebuild and pay ills. As for the approval to remove the zeros the reset is imminent and will come off it was part of the plan to return its value to their former rate as per the planning for the new currency and transitional government. I would post a screen shot but two big to post.
  3. This will be forced upon them. Digital currency is part of the gold back system and settlement
  4. There goes any warka money that was sitting there…if you remember the Al Bunnia family that owned warka smuggled money out to their branch in Lebanon
  5. Some countries will go up, some down and some stay the same. Countires will use own currency in trade not USD
  6. To put it simply this is the date given for blackout of all internet and comms and opportunity to reset the banking system. This date came from a source not Dinar guru his information directly relates to what’s going on in the United States. October is the month the 29/10 is date given. Iraq will move to gold standard and BRiCS system and will reset like all the other countries. At what rate it will come out no one knows but atleast 1. Also told that Trudeau and macron will go before feb 2023. Uk has signed onto BRiCS as well germany will fall, China are fighting against CCP in countrie the PRC and Xi Ping will prevail. Watch for major black swan event. Democrats don’t want election and the white hats don’t either. They want military invention marshall law which will lead to black out and reset. Stock up on food.
  7. It can be stopped the moment they trade on the forex…and go international.
  8. Debt jubilee with a move back to the gold standard elimination of income taxes and world wide flat rate consumption tax.
  9. Under a reset this will be wiped they call it a debt jubilee it was planned for 2008 financial collapse instead opted for QE. This is why Governments have spent big under the scamdemic because they all know under a rest the debt gets wiped. Let’s hope our debt gets wiped. That’s the plan
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