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  1. very possible...with trump saying on more than one occasion 2025 will be a year of year long celebrations then this could be part of it....who knows
  2. video is shite.....propaganda put out or promoted by company in Saudi Arabia...means nothing unless comes from CBI....and this is such poor quality its def smoke..
  3. what we know is simple...rate needs to change.....they need cash in homes in banks....if they change rate they need lower denoms which could be why notes have zeros missing?? who no one. video could be big misinformation....
  4. my wife always says how much is say too much....and trust no one....
  5. yep....and that why I set up bank accounts in iraq hold dinar over there and hold a **** ton of stocks because one way or another after 20 years I will make some money....I trust no one! even with my shares i would not be surprised if companies do reverse splits ie reduce shares in circulation to drive share price up.....
  6. there is the theory that the US can use the dinar they are holding to buy oil from iraq, remember they wil be selling oil in their own currency just another way to pay them back for the cost of the war!
  7. until we see rate change and instructions from cbi everything else is bullshite....
  8. how do you think the iraqis will feel about this????
  9. who knows who owns it......but they could hold and have invested billions theres definitely something suspicious about the video and timing of its release.
  10. no but they could behind the scenes helping them (Iraq) to force the hand of the US and releasing sanctions on the other banks....
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