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  1. People need to chill until this ride is over forget rate date and let’s look forward to the end of April after then we can all re assess
  2. To be honest if they did the reference rate would reflect to some degree I would think
  3. Sorry mate they are pumpers and dumpers! They have no intel just adddimportance to each other! We keep it real say it the way is! No one has intel no one knows rate or date we can guess and one day some muppet will be right and claim it as theirs! Lol
  4. Smile be the bad guy for being honest! Opinions are like butt holes! I work in a job where everyone has an opinion and no one is right!
  5. I personally think the us will pull back stay in country until Rate change key to security is financial security
  6. it is possible. i have noticed xrp is on the rise and this crypto supposedly has signed over 200 NDA's with banks and possible central banks? thank god i have lots LOL
  7. i don't agree with negative comments unless someone is being a muppett.....negative comments all the time is toxic.
  8. people would be crae crae to sell out at this point.....just my opinion based on years of investment and foolish investment decisions LOL
  9. yep if I am correct they have stated they will use large notes for interbank transfers
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