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  1. I don’t believe trumps announcement will be dinar related ...but could be wrong
  2. Yes no tax until your convert to usd...u Lea your money is and stays in Iraq then it’s 15%
  3. screwball

    Go Iraq

    Wait until they announce thy are number one with over 330 billion barrels
  4. Seriosuly..sooooo wrong need to learn more about banks and currency reserves...
  5. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion who knows what will happen...time will tell...I can tell you this if it doesn’t happen soon I will have to close to over a billion I am not sad, if it takes a little longer..LOL
  6. screwball

    Go Iraq

    Well all I can say is something is’s looking good and all we can do is wait.i do believe no budget, taxes etc and fml all has to do with new rate..IMHO
  7. Why three month, because they have said so , but they have also 12 months and beyond so changeover period is anyone’s guess!
  8. Let’s not forget when they have changed rates it’s also been September or April! Now let’s also not forget but then notes with three zeros were introduced in sept same time or roughly when zeros went on! So MO sept -feb 2020 is a good time for new rate, lowerdenoms! And three month changeover!
  9. Yep it appears very important all part of fml, ending auctions move to electronic transactions and payments with a new exchange rate at a guess!
  10. all the accounts of the budget will be recorded in accordance with the new currency! This state ent is key...a currency with three zeros removed as per IMF requirement!
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