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  1. shiba is on the move and saitama set to loose two zeros around december jan
  2. my son told me about it he said it was on their twitter feed said he think it should get to .001
  3. shiba just done a deal with amazon and tesla......get ready for moon launch....december is bull month usually...
  4. yes and UN troops will move to peacekeeping role! the question is RV just after i think if they are out by end of December we will see rate adjustment soon after maybe 4-6 weeks
  5. denial is great news! they can deny all they want their rate will change!!!! all dinar held outside the country will be exchnaged and sit in central banks as reserves.....
  6. any change no matter how small is a great change but i can tell you thins it will be high enough to stop banks and insurance companies from having their companies bought on the cheap through the isx. atleast 1:1
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