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  1. they will not leave.....and they will definitely not leave until the country is stable economically and Politically...
  2. And peeps believe this contacts all lies...
  3. Iraq has that much oil it’s a joke everyone knows it but corrupt Iranian backed politicians are the cause of this!
  4. Self-employment and the Iraqi private sector will then stimulate the foreigner," noting that "we will work to remove restrictions and obstacles for investors."
  5. Well I haven’t been buying shares and compounding reinvesting to buy a house mate! It’s calked property development and if all goes well I might very well have that penthouse overlooking Basra! It’s the future of investment getting in on the ground floor. It’s amazing how you have brief encounters with people during the dinar journey and they can change and introduce you to a whole level of investing. It’s why I have my own brokerage account and company so I can position myself for the new Iraq. For me it was always about building a property portfolio and property development and my brokerage account and share portfolio and relationship with my banks are a big part of it. Buffet and Sorros all became billionaires after they turned 50 so having hit that milestone I have positioned myself nicely.
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