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  1. the government is still not aware that it leads to the country to the loss, and therefore must develop economic plans to return to history and done by foreign countries to promote their economy and the use of experts to avoid sliding the country into crises, which does not follow." return to history....I likely....that would be $3.24....sooner the better
  2. no he just was in Arabic as well but I sent mine back within hours
  3. could be nothing or could be something
  4. maybe a reason why my broker and bank in iraq asked me to urgently complete some forms last night and get them back to them asap....
  5. october could be very exciting, as previous history has shown regarding currency or monetary changes
  6. Yep and get paid to build their own cycle
  7. In Iraq’s terms it’s kniwn as the Iraq stabilisation Plan.....during world war 2 it was known as the European stabilisation plan..a plan to rebuild...
  8. not that far....
  9. lets hope this ride is over soon!
  10. armoured trucks? i hope this is not from guru intel...because that is shite if it is!
  11. true they want and need money, real purchasing power
  12. Chilling baby...
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