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  1. why not the longer it takes the more we make...i keep buying shares, with another 17,000,000 added to the portfolio...shares or cash you have to be in the game!
  2. They have also stated in articles that there will be no recombination and there will be a revaluation!!!!!! So let’s see this out
  3. oh its coming...and when iraq revalues it will come a lot quicker!
  4. i just logged on using my apple mac.....nothing special buts is there and working
  5. Back online...account all good funds safe for now
  6. Excellent news few days will be interesting let’s see what happens with auctions
  7. yep got the same for the first time.....maybe site upgrade or they did not renew their security certificate
  8. it seams iran has a history of shooting dead protestors.....iraq
  9. i do believe it was the start...someone once told me what happened in turkey was a test a run for iran....
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