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  1. a lot of warka customers who bought shares through warka.....I have been invested in the share market since 2004
  2. been invested for over 10 years with commercial bank and al karmal....early days warka bank allowed people to invest dinar but they gave you time frames to transfer shares in your own name and if you didnt they were gone.
  3. well you wrong becaause all currencies will adjust with the end of the petro dollar.....and move to gold back currencies. Russia started it they have moved to sell oil and gas for ruble and their currency has gone up by 30% now they are backing their currrency with Gold and now China has said same, china very soon around June will move to Gold back yuan, and that will be the end of the USD.... all currencies will move to asset backed as per IMF. The United States will back theirs with Gold and Oil as well, the USD will do just nicely in the reset
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