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  1. @MyLadiesDaddy Thank you so, so much. I really appreciate the information you provided. Maybe this will convince the family, I hope.
  2. Oh man! 25,000 notes are all I have. How would I go about trading them in for smaller denominations?
  3. MyLadiesDaddy, please tell me where to look, where it's documented by the government about future silver and gold prices. I have been trying to convince my family to buy some gold and silver, but they think I'm nuts. They refuse to do it.
  4. Oh, I see. Thanks Markinsa.
  5. If Governments hate gold, why are all Governments stocking up on so much gold these days? The top 20 gold hoarders in the world based on the most recent data from the World Gold Council. 8/18/2022: The United States. – 8,133.5 tons Germany – 3,355.1 tons Italy – 2,451.8 tons France – 2436.6 tons Russia – 2298.5 tons China – 1948.3 tons Switzerland – 1,040.0 tons Japan – 846.0 tons India – 768.8 tons The Netherlands – 612.5 tons Turkey – 457.7 tons Taiwan – 423.6 tons Kazakhstan – 383.9 tons Portugal – 382.6 tons Uzbekistan – 363.9 tons Saudi Arabia – 323.1 tons United Kingdom – 310.3 tons Lebanon – 286.8 tons Spain – 281.6 tons Austria – 280.0 tons The IMF holds 2,814.0 tons of gold. It would rank third in the world if it were a country. The European Central Bank holds 504.8 tons of gold, ranking it 12th among countries.
  6. If XRP is to be backed by gold, wouldn't that mean that each XRP would be worth around $1,800 or so? Oh boy! I hope so!
  7. Kaparoni is a Dinar "Guru" who has a website and a big following.
  8. WOW! That was some video, @Markinsa. Thanks for posting it. So glad I watched it. And @Synopsis, I too think it’s population control, but I never thought about people suddenly dying from Myocarditis while flying a plane or driving. causing plane crashes and vehicle accidents - and then doctor shortages on top of that. We’re in for some really bad times. Also, I thought that the “Build Back Better” phrase was only something that Jerky Joe Biden says. When I heard Jacinda Ardern, Justin Trudeau and Boris Johnson say it, I realized how quickly we are heading toward the “New World Order” debacle. Why is this being allowed to happen? Where are all the good guys, the heroes who will save the world? It doesn’t even look like anybody’s gonna try.
  9. The whole world can see what a moron Biden is and wants no part of America anymore. Sad future for our country. Looks like China and Russia win without firing a single shot. Thanks a lot Brandon and Kamala, and all who voted for them.
  10. Is this happening to anyone else? Lately, I click on an article that was posted here and it says that they are checking my browser before I can read the article. This time it's the above article from It makes me uncomfortable that Iraq is checking to see who's reading about them. I don't like the idea at all. Am I the only one this is happening to?
  11. How do you know they will reset back to the gold standard in September? Did you read it somewhere? If so, where? I'd love to see it for myself. Hope it's true because our money is just worthless paper now.
  12. You're one of the good guys, LGD. God Bless you, too! 😊
  13. Keylime, you are truly a wonderful person. God bless you! 😊
  14. I remember reading about that. Thanks so much. He ought to be in jail.
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