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  1. Biden is a puppet. Go and see the 15 minute video I posted under "New World Order" in this section.
  2. Please take the time to watch this very important, 15 minute video. My guess is that no one can fix it but God, so we had better be praying a lot to save our country.
  3. I didn't give you the down arrow, Shabs. I'm more about discussion. No, I don't think he's as much of a motivator as he is a person that gets things done. And if he's not much of a motivator, then he didn't incite a riot as the Democrats are saying he did.
  4. Yeah, wouldn't that be something? I would be jumping up and down for joy, and that's not easy at my age. 😂
  5. Not even thinking about "criminal and traitor" at the moment. Thinking about the senile old man that China will own. How the hell will he stand up to them? He can't even complete a sentence!
  6. Been waiting for it to "play out" for a month. Why is this taking so long? Time's up tomorrow!
  7. Thanks Shabs, but I really think there was fraud. It's just that none of these talking heads seem to be able to prove it. I don't believe that 80 million Americans voted for a senile old man. I don't think the American people want open borders. I don't think Americans want morons like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her progressive friends spouting their crap all over television. No, there definitely was voter fraud. I just pray to God that something is done IMMEDIATELY, or our beloved country is going to be owned by China.
  8. How long do we have to wait? The moving trucks have left the White House and are heading to Palm Beach.
  9. Waiting, waiting, waiting for Sidney Powell or Lin Wood, or whoever, to show all this proof they say they have. I'm at the point where I say - Show the damn proof or shut the hell up!
  10. @Synopsis I sent the above photo around (by text) and was immediately told "It could be photoshopped". Had I thought about it, I wouldn't have sent it to so many people. How do we know these photos are real?
  11. I just noticed this. I guess Google misunderstood your question (and mine too, when I checked it out). 2,021 Iraqi Dinar equals 1.38 United States Dollar
  12. Is there anybody who thinks he's not senile?
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