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  1. So, per the above video, Iran never signed any agreement with the United States regarding limiting enriching uranium or continuing with developing nuclear weapons? They just verbally agreed to it, no signed documents? Well, well! Whaddaya know about that? Surprise! Surprise! Another job well done by the left! Aren't they just terrific? As you might guess, I am seething!
  2. "In conclusion, there were comments from the audience and views and proposals on the decision to reduce the Iraqi dinar." Is it just me, or does this article sound like this is something that they are just starting to talk about and getting opinions on, as to whether this is a good idea or not? They needed a symposium about this, at this late date?
  3. Floridian

    Go Iraq

    When does the new CBI Governor take over? I thought someone said September. Does anyone know for sure when? I doubt, very much, they would have an RV without the new CBI Governor in place.
  4. " The other part was more directed at the guy in the video." Wish you would have made that more clear. Okay, no worries, all good. It's terrible that school children in Iran are taught to hate Americans. Also terrible, government spying with microphones. Our schools teach kids to be liberals. There's no winning these days.
  5. Floridian

    Go Iraq

    It's okay. Let the new CBI Governor get settled in, and then I believe we'll see some fireworks.
  6. I hope you don't think I'm against the sanctions, because I am not. I'm all for the sanctions and all for Trump! Also, I am very against paying Iran money, as Obama did. He was a lousy President who did not have America's best interests at heart. I do not trust the Iranian Government one bit! I thought that was apparent, but I see I needed to spell it out.
  7. This was a very nice video. I'm sure there are wonderful people in Iran. However, I must ask, why do we always see and hear crowds of people chanting "Death to America", "Death to Israel"? We don't go around chanting "Death to Iran", do we? I'm sure the "chanters" don't represent all Iranians, but this is the face they show the world, so what do they expect us to think?
  8. Oh my! I will Google him, but just by reading what you said, it seems the CBI and Iraq are getting very serious about this RV business. 😀
  9. Thanks, 10YL. You're right. I didn't think of it that way. I hope this new guy knows what to do and doesn't need extensive training. That would help a lot.
  10. Floridian

    Go Iraq

    You say nothing? I always say $1.98 😂
  11. True, but they need to turn on their money, pronto!
  12. Is this guy talking about the same Iraq I've been reading about for the past 9 years? Sure doesn't sound like it.
  13. Wouldn't the launch of Forex HAVE TO end the auctions? They can't have both, right?
  14. CL, I love your opinion. Why do you believe the USG holds a lot of IQD? I think so too, because of old NY Times article entitled "Billions Over Baghdad". Do you have another or a different reason?
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