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  1. @jcfrag and @NEPatriotsFan1 Here are some notes I made about it and more info: You must be put on Budesonide EARLY in your diagnosis. I looked up the Med by the way; Budesonide is also branded as Pulmicor. Good to know. Also prescribed by Dr. Bartlett were a Z-Pack and Baby Aspirin.
  2. He's not smart enough to be a communist dictator. 😂
  3. This sounds like it will be good. Let me know too, Screwball. Thank you. 😊
  4. Yes, I saw the same thing today. I saved a bunch of "before and after" pictures so that I could compare them. This is too much. These people don't even look alike. The hair color doesn't even match. What the heck is going on? Are you thinking he's dead too? Oh man, if Charlie Ward is really right about all this stuff, I will have to eat my hat. 😂
  5. And his wife is going along with the whole charade? Or is she a fake too? Is she sleeping with the actor or do they live in separate places? How about Hunter? Is he a fake? How about Biden's brother, grandchildren, friends, etc? Are they all "in on it"?????????? I think it's you that needs to wake up, not me.
  6. I think they are forcing the people to trade their dinars for dollars by making the dinar rate so low. What would you do if you were an Iraqi, and your currency kept losing value but you think that the dollar is not losing value? They might just trade in all the money in their mattresses for dollars, no? That's when they revalue the dinar, when they get all that "mattress money" into the banks. And this is not my idea, but was suggested by someone on this board. I wish I could remember who it was so that I could give them credit. I really believe this is the pla
  7. This makes a lot of sense to me, GreedyDinar07. Seems like a sure way to collect those bills is to make them more and more worthless.
  8. Right! We were told it's the Central Bank that makes the decision. The problem is who knows what the truth is anymore? They lie about EVERYTHING!
  9. Oh! What a bunch of dysfunctional idiots! I wonder if they know what other governments must think of them. I know, I know - there are plenty of other dysfunctional governments, including our own, but the Iraqi Government is at the top of the list.
  10. ".....the International Prize for Economics and Banking Management." How is this even possible when most Iraqis hide their money at home because they don't trust the banks, and the money is worthless anyway?
  11. Thanks, so much, Dinar Thug. The headlines sound great! I'll read the articles now. 😄
  12. Thanks, so much, Dinarham. I'm trying to do so many things at once. Too much for me to juggle. 😂
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