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  1. Here's another thing I don't understand. Can anyone explain how this is possible? Dr. Oz and others say Covid-19 will circulate like seasonal flu. They expect it to come back every year. But - if this is either a Chinese bio-weapon, or came from eating exotic animals from the "wet market", why would it come back every year? My thinking is, if it's gonna come back every year, it's neither a bio-weapon nor from eating exotic animals. Those would be one-time events, right? Anybody have any other explanations?
  2. After reading this, I don't know if I can get any angrier!
  3. I just heard this on a video - Riverside County, California - Things have changed overnight. It's now the law that you must wear something over your mouth, when you go outside. If you don't, it's $1,000 fine. WOW! $1,000 fine! That's a shocker!
  4. I listened to the President and I didn't hear any bragging (unless I missed it). Maybe someone told him to stop. Good update. Listening to Amir's video now. I see the good coming out of all this trouble, but Geez, so many deaths. I'm glad they found the antibodies for the virus. I hear him saying the left is losing the battle by attacking Trump through all this, because he's doing the right thing. Okay. Iran is a mess, yes. Russian economy can't last with low oil prices. Okay. Maybe this was all a plan to bring America down? Horrible thought! Amir thinks the Rapture is near. I think we need to pray that everyone gets saved, whether he's right about the timing of the Rapture or not.
  5. Incurable mental disorder? Uh Oh, I’m in trouble. 😁 The president is about to speak, and brag about what a good job he’s doing. After I listen to him, I will listen to Amir’s video.
  6. When we’re stuck in fight-flight because of worries or anxiety, our bodies are wasting a ton of energy because it actually thinks it might die at that current moment. And all that energy that’s gone now makes our bodies weaker and more vulnerable. Being afraid is literally making you even more susceptible to getting sick. And guess what else happens when you stay in fight-flight-freeze mode? You’re in a SELFISH, self-protective state. You literally lose the capability of thinking or having empathy. This is where the racism is coming from because people are so afraid and they’re only looking out for themselves. It’s what prevents us from thinking clearly and end up making matters worse. Such as the people who are in denial and go outdoors when unnecessary and put other people at risk. Or those who take up physicians’ time saying they think they have the virus when their symptoms aren’t even related. This takes time away from serving people who are actually infected. How to Powerfully Boost Your Immune System So while taking proper precautions during these times, do the things that keep your immune system strong. Taking the steps to help your brain feel safe puts your body out of fight-flight state and into a rest and digest state where your body is in recovery and ultimately maximizes your health. So how can you do this? Practice the act of shifting your focus to things you are grateful for. Take some time to think about the things you have other’s don’t. Or if that’s hard be grateful for try thinking about all the people in the front lines working their asses off to contain this pandemic. Whatever it is you do, take notice of things until you actually feel grateful. Doing this immediately gets you out of the fight-flight state. And practice empathy. Spend time connecting with your loved ones that you are home with. Laugh with them. Tell them you appreciate them. Spreading that joy to others boosts their immune systems as well. Spend these next few weeks as if it will be a long while before you have this rare time to connect with your loved ones at home or just have your alone time to recharge. And send your love to those who are getting ill because this is bigger than just ourselves. Turn off The News And Turn on Your Personal Connections The statistics you are seeing all over the media are not necessarily 100% accurate. For example, the mortality rate will likely end up being lower as we continue gathering data especially because of all the unconfirmed cases that are out there. And if you’re really curious about the data, search for science-based discussions from credible platforms other than the news. But limit that as well so you can take your mind off of this for a moment. With that said, take the proper precautions. Practice proper hand hygiene. Avoid large gatherings. And implement social distance. But don’t do all this out of fear. Do it as an act of service where you actually are preventing the potential deaths of more people. And instead of the news, watch something entertaining that makes you laugh and smile. Or perhaps break out that board game you used to love playing. Or get some sun! Going for a walk outside and getting some vitamin D also boosts your immune system. Or maybe pick up an old hobby you haven’t had the time to do until now. Whatever it is, being less concerned and afraid is what will help you make the best decisions and make your immune system stronger. Why Feeling Brave During Scary Times is Easier Than You Think For those of you who read this and feel like it’s cliché advice because this is hard for you to implement: I want to take a moment to provide some food for thought. In 2009, Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone ran a study in which he had a group of people learn to play a simple melody on the piano. Then he split them up into two groups. One group practiced the melody on a keyboard for two hours a day over the next five days. Then he had the other group sit in front of the keyboard for the same amount of time, but didn’t have them play. Instead, he had them imagine playing the melody on the keyboard. Photo by Michal Czyz on Unsplash During the whole study, Dr. Pascual-Leone was mapping the brain activity of all the participants before, during and after the experiment. And the results were shocking. He found the same exact brain changes happened in both groups. This meant that the brains of the people who only imagined playing the piano changed in a way as if they were really playing it. What does this mean? Our brains do not know the difference between imagination and reality. So how does this apply to you? If you’ve been anxious, worried, or afraid with all the uncertainty that exists around us, it means you can choose to be courageous, bold and confident simply by imagining what that would feel like. This means how you feel is YOUR choice. You Have a Lot More Power Over Your Feelings Than You Think Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash I want you to sit with this truth for a second. Your thoughts produce your feelings. If I had a brain scan hooked up to you, I can see what it looks like when you have a thought about something. You’d see a pulse of electrical activity occur at that moment. And that electrical activity stimulates the release of chemicals called neuropeptides that will communicate with your body to produce a feeling. So the thoughts you have determine how you feel. So if you’ve ever thought about someone you loved and then you felt all bubbly inside, that’s what’s happening. Or if you think about scary thoughts about all the bad things that can happen to you, then you feel your heart pounding along with the fear that comes with it. And if it’s proven that we can make changes occur in our brain simply by imagining it, then it means we can get out of the self-protective fight-flight state by imagining things that make us feel good instead of afraid. It’s your decision. How to Activate Your Brain’s Superpowers And Body’s Immune System There’s one part of your brain that has all of your amazing capabilities such as your decision making, critical thinking, and creative skills. But here’s the problem. Research shows the best part of our brain is turned off for about 70% of our adult lives When we are in the selfish fight-flight state, we turn off this amazing part of our brain known as the prefrontal cortex. And when your prefrontal cortex is off, you prevent your immune system from operating at it’s best. It’s also what makes you feel stuck and unable to figure out the best solutions for yourself especially if you’ve been taking a hit financially. And worst of all, you do not have the capability of having empathy. So that means if you’re with your loved ones and you’re feeling afraid for them, you can try to justify it all you want, but the person you’re really focused on is yourself. So while people are behaving like this is the apocalypse, spend the time to help comfort those around you who are genuinely afraid. Meet them where they are at and acknowledge that yes this can be scary, but do what it takes to brighten them up. Not only will you make them feel better, but you actually make their bodies stronger. I promise you, it will go a long way. More than ever, this is a time to stand together. So let’s make empathy and connection even more contagious than fear. 4/1/20 UPDATE: It has come to my attention that this article is going viral. Medical doctors and nurses are even sharing this. As a result, I am most moved to read posts about how this has brought comfort to people and even moved them to make a conscious decision to step up and figure out ways to help out. People have decided to work together online and make masks for law enforcement and health care workers. It’s this exact decision to get out of fight-flight and into empathy that is helping people collectively make an impact. It will save lives because you did so. Yes, this virus is taking people's lives. Yes, people on the front lines like my wife are short on supplies and could use more support. My heart breaks for the people we are losing to this virus. And what will be even more heartbreaking is if we don’t all collectively do whatever we can to help slow the spread. And the truth is this: When we stay stuck in fear, we are not capable of fully contributing to the current needs that exist. So to all who read this and are moved to continue spreading that support to those around you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You truly are changing the world. Want to Learn How to Turn On Your Superpowers at Will? Now is a time more than ever where your skills, talents and potential are desperately needed. If you’ve been becoming more aware that you’ve been in the disempowering fight-flight state, then you might be wondering how you can begin to tap into the part of yourself that’s extraordinary. The part of you that you know deep down can make a great impact on the world. Learn how neuroscience can significantly improve your decision making, critical thinking, and creative skills in my free in-depth training, How to Activate Your Brain’s Superpowers: A science-backed approach to discover your passions, find your purpose and transform your life So if all this virus business is a big fat nothing, why is nobody working? Why don’t they shut down all the businesses in flu season too? Everybody get up early tomorrow and go to work, you lazy so and so’s! ( that was sarcasm in case some people don’t recognize it.)
  7. @Synopsis, so you don't think this coronavirus is a big deal? I'm surprised. I think it is a big deal. I think it's a bio-weapon released from Wuhan bio-lab in error OR, as I've read, it could be that someone working in the lab sold "test animals" into the wet market to make extra money. Nobody really knows how it started, but it's really a curious thing that China's biggest bio-lab is located in Wuhan, and that's where the virus started. I fully blame the Chinese for this world-wide pandemic. Anyway, as far as statistics go, I have a cousin that has been insisting the flu is worse also. But then, I read that even people who die of something else are listed as "flu-related" deaths. In example, if you have a heart attack while having the flu, it's listed and counted as a "flu-related death". That's why the flu numbers are so big. Again, who knows? All we can do is read and come to our own conclusions about things. I'll say this - I really think our country had a very late response to this. I know - everybody says China lied, they didn't give us the information soon enough. They lie about the numbers, etc. etc. I believe it's all true, however, they clamped down on it immediately in their own country. From all the YouTube videos I've seen, everyone in China wears a mask. They have almost 1 1/2 billion people in China, and their strict Communist Government handled the virus. In the United States, President Trump, who up til now, I was crazy about - brags and brags about what a fabulous job he's doing. I can hardly stand the bragging anymore. Then he says wearing a mask is voluntary, but I'm not wearing one. All states not on lockdown. Oh, I forgot, we're leaving that up to the Governors. What the hell? I just am having a very hard time with what's going on. I have ALWAYS been a staunch Republican, but If this keeps up, my prediction is that the senile Joe Biden will be forced out of the race and the next President of the United States will be Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York. I knew nothing about Cuomo, since I've lived in Florida for more than 50 years, but seeing him talk on TV every day during this crises, shows me he knows how to lead. He could be a real jerk, I don't know anything about what goes on in New York. All I know is that he knows how to lead and a lot of Americans we see that. So, everybody, please don't put me on your "sh!t list". I'm only giving my opinion here. If anyone can convince me that Trump is great leader, please do so, because I'm really disappointed.
  8. Oh yes! Thank you so much for giving me your opinion and adding quotes from the Bible. I now feel I have a better understanding of all this. Your knowledge of so many subjects never ceases to amaze me. Thanks again, Synopsis. 😊
  9. @Synopsis, I forgot you posted a link to Amir Tsarfati's video regarding the mark of the beast. I'll watch it now and see what he says about it. Thank you. 🙂
  10. @Synopsis. Thanks for this breakdown. So I read that the dead are "sleeping" and will rise first, before the believers who are alive. This is what I've read before. Is this how you understand it also? To me, this means there is no one in heaven presently, and my cousin with the PhD who gives lectures every Sunday at church is wrong. He thinks those that die "in the Lord" are already in heaven. I think our loved ones who have died are just "sleeping" until the Lord returns. Is there any other way to read this? It's disappointing to me that all our loved ones are just sleeping. I would rather think of my loved ones in heaven with God. The only thing that is a little comforting is that when we sleep, we don't realize how long we have been sleeping, until we wake up. (Even if it's 100 years.) As far as the "mark of the beast", I still can't figure out what is meant by that. I read there will be a man that says he is God, but he is a false God. I suppose he will make people accept "the mark". But what do you think "the mark" is, that people will wrongly accept? A computer chip implanted on the hand? An emblem engraved on the forehead? What is your idea of what this mark might be?
  11. Oh Yeah! I guess it does! Too many years on the roller coaster affects us all. 😂
  12. Since so many countries have been stockpiling gold, is it possible that each country's currency will be priced according to the amount of gold they have? And if this is possible, how much will that make the Dinar worth? I think they have 96 tonnes of gold.
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