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  1. Oh! Guess I'm taking things too seriously these days. πŸ˜‚
  2. @ladyGrace'sDaddy and @Synopsis Why are you guys predicting an RV in the next 30 days? What does the rocket landing in the Green Zone have to do with RV?
  3. Well, you're making a lot of sense here. You think of things I wouldn't think of. That's why I like consulting with you. LOL LOL
  4. That was very nice, Synopsis, and I appreciate the kind words. I was not thinking about getting some of our money back if this doesn't pan out. I'm glad you reminded me of that. There has been a lot of good news lately and I have been encouraged, but then the Iraqis say or do something stupid and I get discouraged again. It's such a totally different culture than ours. I don't understand them at all. They think so differently than we do in the West. You would think they would catch on after all these years. Hopefully, with the rise of the internet, the younger generation will be more modern in their thinking.
  5. Thanks for your reply, Synopsis. I know this is not about any of us and I know this is a "speculative" investment, however I have so far wasted almost 10 years following this speculation and if it doesn't pay off soon I'm not going to be happy. It will have been money and time wasted, and both are running out. I'm starting to regret ever hearing about it.
  6. Floridian

    Go Iraq

    Oh yeah! How could I forget that? πŸ˜‚
  7. Floridian

    Go Iraq

    I just read this. So when is "the next phase" supposed to be? β€œThe Commission is determined to make these changes during the next phase and not to follow the traditional methods are not appropriate at the moment.”
  8. Those are great thoughts, @Synopsis, thank you. However, I just read (in another thread) how the Iraqis are wanting to pass a law to get "compensation" from the U.S. and Israel for past wars and ruining their infrastructure, causing cancer to their people, and other complaints. To me, it looks like they never want to raise the price of the dinar and stand on their own. They just complain and beg for money. What a lowly bunch of people. They are a disgrace. I am very discouraged about the dinar today, after reading that article.
  9. No mention whatsoever about ISIS and how we saved their @sses. Ungrateful b@stards. If I said what I really wanted to say about these people, I'd be banned.
  10. Thanks, Synopsis. Yes, life could be better for all of them and all of us, if they would just "wise up".
  11. Are you saying the Iraqis did NOT take the offer of electricity to be supplied by the Saudis and the Kuwaitis, and instead are sticking with the Iranians to supply their electricity?
  12. This immediately brought to mind the CBI "test site" that we used to be able to bring up, but has since disappeared. They are probably all set to go whenever they deem the time appropriate.
  13. Aha! After reading 100 times, I think I might finally see what you're saying. I had forgotten about Bush's prior history with China and as Director of the CIA. So all these a-hole politicians were "Globalists" until Trump. This is why Washington hates him and will do anything to get him out of office. He is a "Nationalist". I just watched the video below: Globalists want open borders, cheap labor, and anti-nationalism to benefit their businesses and political visions. They despise the West and love the 3rd World. They are willing to shaft the little people to attain their goals. They laugh at religion. They push "diversity". Sound familiar????? Some famous "globalists" - George Soros, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, Angela Merkel. Government Entities - IMF, World Bank, United Nations, European Union. Everybody - you gotta watch this: I've learned a lot! Thanks, Synopsis.
  14. Chinese revenge? That made me laugh out loud. So they take revenge by killing us and we now want to do business with them. Okay, if you say so. Next, don't you believe that Bush lived wealthy, to a ripe old age, Carter is still living wealthy, to a ripe old age, and McCain had a 30 year career in the Senate until he got sick and died wealthy? Are you saying the "Agencies" gave him cancer? You could be right, but why wait till he was old? Why didn't they do it years ago, if that was their intention? And what have "the agencies" done to Bush and Carter? I totally agree with you about "the Deep State" and all the bad things they do. I also believe what you say about Biblical things happening now. When good is said to be bad, and bad is said to be good. I could give plenty of examples of THAT these days. Sick world we live in. You think Israel will nuke Iran and the world will turn against Israel? WOW! That sure is some scary shiite! That's something I never thought about. I pray that doesn't happen. That would surely be the end. Heavy stuff to ponder. Let's just hope the damn Dinar revalues before long, so that we who have been waiting so long can get to enjoy it before the world comes to an end.
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