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  1. Thanks all. I guess I got "all shook up" for nothing. It's been a long wait. I just wish they would revalue and make us all happy.
  2. I just watched a video about gold and silver, and starting at 1:28 minutes, he started talking about countries joining the “BRICS” nations. At 2:28 he says the Iraqi government just banned all entities in Iraq from initiating any business transactions with the United States dollar. Offenders will face a penalty of up to 1,000,000 Iraqi Dinar. Repeat offenders will face jail time of 1 year or more, and have their business license overturned. A lot of countries are aligning with China and moving away from the US. What should we do? Should we sell our dinar before it becomes even more worthless??? All opinions welcome.
  3. Yeah! Dollar going down the tubes. Terrible! What do we do? Buy gold and silver? That's all I've been reading about lately.
  4. I just now heard this video. Iraqi Central Bank now accepting Chinese Yuan in trade and getting away from the dollar. What does this mean for us? Start listening at 18:30:
  5. Alice???? Is that supposed to be an insult because you think I'm a man????? LOL LOL You're wrong again! 😂
  6. That's where I found it, on Twitter. I just Googled it and it came up. I copied it exactly, but left out the name of the "poster".
  7. LEGAL Florida clears officials in treatment of Jeffrey Epstein The Florida Department of Law Enforcement said it found no evidence that Epstein received any special treatment. He was known for his wealth and his connections, including former presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump and Prince Andrew of Great Britain.
  8. Oh! So you got this reliable information from Twitter postings???? 😂😂 I most definitely believe it now. 😂😂😂 Feb 8 It's important to know that DeSantis came from Harvard and Jeffrey Epstein funded huge amounts into Harvard the same time DeSantis was there and huge part the funding went into Harvard Law studies and students graduating there. .> Later on DESANTIS would work as a Florida Feb 8 State Prosecutor,> >>the same time EPSTEIN would be investigated of having sex with underage girls //))) Epstein was investigated for Underage sex with minors and a SECRET DEAL was made with the Florida Prosecutors and Epstein got a slap on the wrist*.> ... Epstein went to jail Feb 8 shortly but was released daily to live his normal life and return to jail in the evenings (some evenings) , the Florida Prosecutors also agreed to stop investigations into Epstein and all Police reports were seized by the Florida Prosecutors, and officers were silenced on discussing Epstein case[s] > Ron DeSantis played a huge role behind the scenes in securing a light sentence for Epstein and allowing the SECRET DEAL to happen with Epstein< 9:28 AM · Feb 8, 2023· 15 Views
  9. WOW! Are you ever insulting! Nice person!!!!! Is this what you're talking about? I just read it. It's a bunch of crap. I'm really disappointed in Trump. Always loved him. Voted for him, but no more. Trump escalates DeSantis rift with social media posts
  10. If you're talking about Trump, he doesn't want the competition DeSantis would give him.
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