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  1. WOW! If I lived there, my Social Security check would put me in the Gazillionaire Category, compared to native Iraqis. (No Gazillions here in the US though, or I wouldn't be on the Dinar board every day.) 😂 It's really sad that in this day and age, their average income is $4,200 a year.
  2. I despise Fauci for this! They ought to do to him what he did to those puppies. What a sick SOB! 'Arrest Fauci': Hashtag goes viral after the latest Fauci controversy
  3. Thanks so much @Laid Back. I agree with you. I don't think they can wait that long either.
  4. Thanks, Laid Back. Are they only up to step 2, or have they done some of the other things in the White Paper? I hope they're not going in order. It would take another few years.
  5. Is this the reason they want to "kill off" the population? Makes sense to me. Below, some relevant excerpts. Full article is in the link. Social Security Running Out in 2028 Is it possible that the COVID jabs might cause premature death and be an intentional form of depopulation? Well, since we’re following the money, there’s certainly a financial incentive for such a scenario. As noted by Martin, if you’ve made financial promises to people who are closing in on retirement, the fewer there are of them the better. In short, having people live long enough to tap into their Social Security benefits and live to the full maturity of their life insurance policies is problematic with respect to the financial collapse that is looming. Based on these financial realities — which certainly are not advertised or publicly discussed — there’s clearly an economic incentive to shrink the population and get rid of as many people as possible before 2028. Unfortunately, based on previous lipid nanoparticle and mRNA trials, the chance of a mass casualty event is high. “There is no question … they jumped over animal trials for a very important reason,” Martin says. “We've been told it was to save time, but it wasn't to save time. It was to put this particular pathogen into humanity, so that a lot of people suffer and ultimately die of effects that we could have picked up if we had done it the traditional way, which is seven to eight years of safety studies, before we decide to put it in the arms of humans. That's not what we did. And if we look at the safety data from animal studies on mRNA, and on the lipid nanoparticle, there is no question that there is going to be a fatality increase because of this …
  6. Oh, okay. I thought maybe I knew you from a long time ago. 😂
  7. Thanks so much, RW. I've been wanting to ask you something for a long time. Is your name Ron?
  8. Okay, thanks a lot. The reason I bought on Webull in the first place is because you said you bought your shares there. Otherwise, I would have used an American Exchange.
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