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  1. Ah! Thank you very much Paperboy. You've answered my question. I'm happy to know there are local options to cash in. I am considering joining VIP, but I don't fly so I'm glad to know there are options close to home to cash in my dinar.
  2. May I ask a question, if a VIP member would be so kind as to answer? I've read posts about everyone going to Belize or Hawaii or some such far-off place. Is that where you are turning in your dinars? Can people not turn them in locally? Do you have to fly off to another place? I would appreciate if someone would answer. I don't have to know where, I just want to know there are arrangements to cash in at local banks or if you have to travel to another place for a good rate. Thank you.
  3. Solar flares and CMEs pose no direct threat to humans—Earth’s atmosphere protects us from the radiation of space weather. (If an astronaut out in space is bombarded with the high-energy particles from a CME, he or she could be seriously injured or killed. But most of us won’t have to worry about that situation.) We could, however, feel the effects of CMEs indirectly, through the disruptions to our technology—some of which could have devastating and lingering effects on civilization.
  4. @ladyGrace'sDaddy and everyone else, take a look at this. Only 5 minutes long.
  5. Hmmmm. .82 is pretty close to the .84 VISA rate that shows on the world currency exchange rates site. Give: IQD – iraqi dinar How much to exchange or Receive: USD – US dollar How much to receive Selling 100.00 IQD you will receive: Visa 84.03 $ 0.8403 And let's not forget they want to start taxing the Iraqis this month. 🙏 🙏 🙏
  6. This sounds good to me. You would think that the people would complain about being taxed, unless the the value of their money is about to be changed for the better.
  7. That's a good idea, also. Maybe the next President (after Trump's next 4 years) will be our first woman President.
  8. There's a thought! I guess we'll see in time. 😊
  9. @coorslite21 I've never heard that prophecy before. Any ideas who he's talking about? Who is the woman named Esther?
  10. I didn't know all the other stuff, but I never did believe they buried Bin Laden at sea. And this video brings to mind something else - What about that Navy Seal, Rob O"Neill, who was all over television claiming that he killed Bin Laden? (I had to look up his name as I haven't seen him on TV in a long time.) We complain about Iraqi politicians, but it looks like our own politicians are just as bad or worse.
  11. Isn't she disgusting? A phony smile plastered on her face for the whole 13 1/2 minutes of the video. I can't even stand looking at her. She refuses to make any kind of a deal. She says "They do not share our values". Go back home, Nancy, and have some of your $25 a pint gourmet ice cream. Biatch!
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