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  1. Until the last four years the plan has not been for anyone's benefit other than our politicians. Now, we're seeing great progress with middle east peace plans, central banks losing their grip over govts etc. People across the globe see what's going on and appreciate the usa again. We have to let this war between good and evil playout by exposing the evil before we see the world in a better light. I think we're close to better times. IMHO
  2. I can't help but think the are trying to scare people into exchanging their dinars for cash. The CBI has said the dinars value hasn't changed and if I check, the value is the same. Its pegged to the usd.
  3. I dont believe I've ever heard of them. If you get anymore info from them, I'd like to read it if you don't mind👍
  4. Where did you get this info and why is it huge news? International?
  5. He adds that "among the proposals presented to the central bank, which it rejected is to raise the exchange rate," noting that "this option is one of the last options that the central bank may resort to in the absence of other solutions to address the financial crisis ." Change of tune? 😳😁
  6. This article discusses both increasing and decreasing the exchange rate. Regardless of how its translated, they mention both👍
  7. I've seen where they leave the 0s out of the figure. When they said 120 for every 100 usd, it meant to read 120,000 for every 100 usd. This could be different than what I've seen in the past, who knows.
  8. Watch "THE BIG BANG RESET: $200T to RESET, with $80T This Weekend...(VERSION WITH SLIDES)" on YouTube
  9. I don't think I can post the link to the multiple YouTube personalities that deal with dinar on here. Search it! Starting today! Is this the beginning to the reset?
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