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  1. gd07, "WHO" said the rate won't change? Was it someone that has authority over changing the rate or was that an opinion piece of news? I saw the article, i dont recall who it was at this point but remember thinking they don't have say in changing or maintaining the rate.
  2. My research on other topics (QFS, Cryptos, reset etc) all appear to be coming to a head at the same time and the iqd rv is included in that. Some of my previous posts explains how i believe this will all happen during or directly after mass riots.. I've always felt Trump returning to power would be the catalyst for those riots but now im thinking the george floyd trial might kick it off this week or next.. I still believe we are very close and the end of Ramadan could be a potential time frame. 🤷
  3. Yes, and there are some recently saying it doesnt control inflation.. I believe it does for what it's worth.
  4. I haven't asked my bank contact (regional bank mgr) in a while, i will try this weekend and post his response. Every time I've asked him in the past he acts like he's heard nothing about it.
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