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  1. His arrest/trial might be sooner than we think.. I'm thinking public military tribunal 👍
  2. With that kind of income and for how long he's been in that position, a net worth of 10m is definitely feasible. Having said that, and now knowing what kind of a person he is, I'd say he needs to be investigated for all kinds of things.. money being the least of my worries..
  3. $11 is not impossible when you figure how worthless the USD has become. The true value of the IQD has been climbing up for years while the true value of the USD is falling quickly. Since most currencies have been manipulated for the last 50 years there is no telling what the true values are today. I'm not saying $11 is accurate, I'm saying it is possible.
  4. M0 includes central bank reserves which is not in circulation.
  5. M1 M1 money supply includes coins and currency in circulation—the coins and bills that circulate in an economy that are not held by the U.S. Treasury, at the Federal Reserve Bank, or in bank vaults. Closely related to currency are checkable deposits, also known as demand deposits. These are the amounts held in checking accounts. They are called demand deposits or checkable deposits because the banking institution must give the deposit holder his money “on demand” when a check is written or a debit card is used. These items together—currency, and checking accounts in banks—make up the definition of money known as M1, which is measured daily by the Federal Reserve System. Traveler’s checks are also included in M1, but have decreased in use over the recent past.
  6. As of October 2021
  7. If Sadr doesn't choose wisely ( I think he will), he will have to deal with us dinarians.
  8. Thank you. Do you feel Iraq is killing kuwaits oil business currently, with the very low rate they have now?
  9. What makes you say that? I like it and think it will be eventually but I'm not sure the reasoning.
  10. Very interesting video showing good evidence of it being pre-meditated.
  11. Sounds like the DOD is about to get in trouble for "medical cover-up" by tampering with soldiers medical records regarding the vax.. 😳
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