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  1. I guess those 5 different emotions tell us where they are mentally within the "awakening" process.. looks like more than 50% are awake and thats pretty good.
  2. After the arrests that may or may not have happened publicly yet, we will receive our blessing.. Trumps return will be soon👍
  3. Pedo Joe loves your support... kinda weird if you ask me..
  4. There is a lot more info coming out soon. Much worse than treason... Regardless of what they say to me, I'll still be here to help them.
  5. I hope you reach out to us for help when the time comes, It's going to get a bit tough.. Welcome to "The Great Awakening"!
  6. The "economic reform" will take 5 years. Nowhere did they say the RI/RV will be in 5 years. We dont know where the RV/RI falls in that 5 year timeline. Having said that, it makes sense to me that everything they want to do to rebuild their country will be easier, quicker and cheaper to do after the currency increases in value so lets RV at the beginning!
  7. Watch "Ukraine gets a Central Bank Digital Currency ( CBDC ) Its not a blockhain" on YouTube
  8. I think we are seeing the transfer of gold amongst countries to balance their currencies value. If all countries are going to be on a "level playing field" (Trump) and going to an asset backed currency, this makes sense.
  9. Trump prepared for the USDs collapse. It is imminent and i dont feel its to far away.. im ready to switch to an asset backed currency and im ready to use a much more valuable currency
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