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  1. I believe the cbdc's are deep state but we will have a digital currency mixed with asset backed cash.
  2. I'm sure we will find a way 😁
  3. 90% of our govt will be gone.
  4. I believe this "rumor", as it coincides with my research. This move is necessary to expose the central banks. Good stuff👍
  5. The corrupt CBI is being exposed, they will fail at saving the iqd and every other currency the central bank is a part of..
  6. Appreciate you sharing, definitely plausible
  7. We know there is a very good reason for every move he makes, it's fun to watch
  8. You're absolutely correct, both sides of the isle are just as bad. 98% of DC will drain with the swamp and there's approximately 98% listed in the Brunson case. Exciting times!
  9. She is named in the lawsuit as well so she will be removed if the supreme court votes according to the constitution 👍
  10. Even if the FDIC was healthy, they reimburse us little folks last so it would take years for us to see a single penny.... Be prepared, buy precious metals.
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