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  1. It was the announcement from Alaq that he had translated.
  2. I have 2 warnings for posting links to various sites. Next time I won't be able to post until my post has been reviewed by moderators. I don't want that to happen so post in code now. Ex MM has a new video. It seems to be working lol
  3. Clearly we need a census to be completed before the hcl can be done. If the hcl is necessary before the RI/RV is done then we're looking at beginning of next year. I listened to the whole Sudani speech driving up to Tennessee on Thursday and he said the census will be completed in November and it sounded like the last census was done in 1959.. if the hcl is not necessary beforehand, it could go any day now..
  4. "When things seem at their worst" implys it will happen during difficult times. Who knows... all I know is its moving in the right direction and everything seems to be falling into place! Could be this month, or next year.
  5. Latest MM video talks about Alaqs prerecorded message. Good stuff!
  6. Have you heard anything about the announcement yet? I haven't seen anything yet
  7. I organized all my iqd, receipts etc the other day and realized I bought my first iqd in 2012. I'm pretty sure I've been telling everyone it was 2009... twilight zone is right ✅️
  8. Vietnam released an article very recently that they were about to fix their currency. Not sure if "fix" is the right word but that is what was implying
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