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  1. I havent heard that biden received any "football" and that he was denied but i will check further, thank you.
  2. Did anyone notice Trump took the nuclear codes in the leather bag they call the "football" on airforce one when he left before inauguration? Also, Biden was not allowed to fly in for the inauguration on a government owned jet, he flew in on a private jet. First time in US history.
  3. We have no president at the moment. We are under military (FEMA) Control. You cant find this info on any fake news, independent journalists are discussing it. I highly recommend "X22 report".
  4. Are any of you going through the declass info? Im reading the 9/11 pages now. George Soros was the mastermind behind it all and is sentenced to death by firing squad on television. If you want to research it get the Telegram app and search "the true great awakening" scroll to bottom of that page and tap "join"
  5. I admit already, my beliefs may be incorrect. Having said that, this scenario is so "crazy" or "unreal" that i feel it is my duty to try and help prepare people for what may come. It wont be easy on a lot of people and if people are at least exposed to it ahead of time, it will be easier on them. I waited a long time to start discussing it because i didnt believe it would happen. Now, it definitely appears to be happening to me. Im willing to look crazy for a bit to help others.
  6. X22 Report is amazing! I think we are all tired and ready!
  7. Yes, i will admit it, apologize and continue on with my life after a week of deep depression👍
  8. I am serious, obviously you haven't checked it out just like voter fraud. Its easy enough to do, i even gave you the location. Take 10 minutes out of your Dinarvets trolling time and check it out. Unless of course you're not interested in truth, which is becoming apparent.
  9. This article is correct, a large percent of Q followers felt defeated yesterday as they were expecting arrests to happen. Q hasn't given us the date of arrests but many were hoping to see it yesterday including myself. A great war plan is not known by many.. Q followers are coming back around as we are "Trusting the plan" myself included. The MSM will take every opportunity to make Qanons look less credible, you can count on that👍 I am staying the course.
  10. Interesting timing considering the USA is releasing our declassified files now👍
  11. I just posted related info about exposure in the rumors section "when things seem at their worst" Big release of declassified info happening now.
  12. Here comes the exposure of corruption! Download Telegram app. Join "The true great awakening". Look through quite a bit of unclassified information. Topics i have viewed- 2020 election fraud. JFK Assassination. UFO. Adrenochrome pricing sheet. And more... Welcome to the "Great Awakening"!
  13. I couldn't agree more. The fact that your school taught you about the gold fringe in 7th grade is quite impressive. Great teacher! The evil cabal will not participate in the reset or great times coming up, clean up necessary first!
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