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  1. gregp

    Go Iraq Part 2

    I grew up in Utah. You can have it. One cop per ten residents. Stiff place. Although, the land is diverse and beautiful. Lots to do. Expensive homes. California is moving in. I love Oklahoma!
  2. Add this to the aviation travel agencies waiting to go live with the approval of the government. Thanks Yota!!
  3. I met a very interesting person yesterday. This person was a top US advisor to Iraq, and was involved in all the big decisions from 2003, up through Maliki’s reign, and sat in the daily meetings with the Iraqi Prime ministers, including Maliki. We talked for two hours. Absolutely amazing conversation!!!! As I listened, past articles started resurfacing in my head, and the puzzle pieces started to come together. Back in 2012, they heard some rambling, and thought it was going to revalue in 2012, but wasn’t involved in the CBI stuffs, but when I asked, “where did the missing 21-planes of USD go,” he replied, “I can’t speak about a lot of things, due to them being classified.” We are going to get together soon. Great person. FYI: Obummer was an idiot. Absolutely No clue as what the hell he was doing as president, and wouldn’t listen when advised. Also, the US screwed up when they got rid of the Iraq Army. They should have kept the Iraq army in place, and retrained them. That’s all I can say.
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