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  1. The US troops have cleaned Iraq’s litter box long enough. If the Iraqis can keep the crap cleaned up on their own, have at it.
  2. GM, Yota, starting to sound real positive. Thank you, sir.
  3. Solution; Make it illegal for these lowlifes to breed. Problem solved .
  4. Quick Fix. Blow the Shiite out of Iran.
  5. Now, if we can wien the Shiites in the south off of Iran’s power supply, it would be go time, bombing Iran.
  6. The Kurds get paid and Baghdad comes out with 1.3-billion USD annually. Smells like a heck of a deal.
  7. It’s funny how a lazer works. One locks on the nose. One locks on the heat source. And one blows the Shiite out of zee mittle!
  8. gregp

    Holy moley! Rv tied into Trump

    Davos it is.
  9. This will stir up the global melting pot.
  10. That’s my IQ 😂
  11. One country can’t give up, what another country hasn’t done. Although, they sure did a good job of it. That’s for dang sure. Just didn’t say how many zeros Iraq did.
  12. Great find, Window Watcher! 😂 Walking stick may be right. Iran’s doing comparisons, but can’t reveal how many zeros Iraq deleted, due to the fact Iraq hasn’t announced it. Iran, the Sleeping Forex Giant. Come on Iran, bring it to daddy. Thanks DWS

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