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  1. I shut Facebook and LinkedIn down three weeks ago. I found out through upper cyber intelligence that most robocalls and financial scams are through Facebook. The cyber criminals can get your bank info and everything with a click of a few buttons. Took an agent three minutes to get all personal info and bank info, including card numbers off Facebook. After I shut it down the robocalls stopped.
  2. Maybe Capps having a bad day. We all get down on it sometime.
  3. They’ve still got 8-months to fight out the election results. Time to get out the shovel, bury my deenar and forget about it.
  4. It’s from all those sticky hookers Hillarious brought home.
  5. They have to actually do something to be able to hide it.
  6. We’ll take a slow increase. You’ve wasted our time this long. Still don’t believe it.
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