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  1. Alert! Alert! Yup, waist of good time.
  2. That’s kinda what I’m thinking. In a large scenario, ATM’s won’t be able to keep up with the countries demand. This sounds like a deployment of portable ATMs, with some kind of monetary differences.
  3. This article is interesting. I sell ATMs, and I also sell Point-is-Sale systems. Let me dig a bit. Thanks!
  4. Good Morning, Yota, I sell ATMs. IF this is about cash changes in the machines, then yes, we would get a notice to change the cash trays, and load with whatever notes they want. Sounds like the bank window, but if they are including ATMs, we could be about to hit it big time.
  5. We’re constantly held up at the turnpike gate, in Oklahoma all times of day, due to 25-40-year old Californians, lost while moving East, because they’re tired of the state being destroyed by the left. ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. A FRICKEN CALIFORNIA WAGON TRAIN.
  6. Yes, but somehow, about five of you got crossed bread with a goat. Not sure who held it....not sure who nailed it. But it’s always stinks. .
  7. Your reputation coincides with the votes your corrupt party will receive next election. TRUMPS GONNA KICK THE DEMS AZZ TO ANOTHER DIMENSION.
  8. why? They’ve been given a free domain to post their left wing agenda globally. I’m a believer in keeping it’s a close watch on your enemies, but this crap is WAY PAST OLD. DANG. I believe in freedom of the press, but not freedom to suppress, and destroy. It’s like a evil magnet. Slowly, piece by piece gets attracted. At one point, it becomes a distraction nuisance. We’re way past that point.
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