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  1. Thanks, Weegie Boy Floyd. 😁😁😁 Here’s one for ya. Last week, While trying to find a business in Tulsa, I stopped in at the Central Bank Of Oklahoma, on 2021 S Lewis Ave, to see if they had heard of the company I was looking for. The gentleman hadn’t, but we both agreed, we had previously met. I asked if he was into foreign currency, and he stated no, but our bank buys and sells foreign currency. What about Iraqi Dinar, I asked? He said yes, we trade Dinar. There you have it folks. A Prime A-rated FDIC Insured bank in AMERICA, trades in IRAQI DINAR. So the only dang thing we’re waiting on, is Iraq to increase their rate. No......I never followed up on a cost. Feel free. 😊😊
  2. The fantasy is Iraq increasing their rate, so you can buy your dream boat and sail away. Make sure you sail to the left, you don’t deserve any benefits from the right.
  3. Morning Yota, It seems Iraq has voted on UNESCO a hundred times? It seems every time we’re expecting an important vote, Iraq slips another vote on UNESCO. It’s always on the front of the votes. Thanks. 👍🏻
  4. The #Dubai Prince is wondering how the entire police department suddenly retired.
  5. I was wondering how your friend was doing. Thanks!
  6. This Thread is for ALL who Suffer from TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME And here here they are minus-one.
  7. I got out of the Wholesale business two years ago. After Trump took office, there was one driver for every 100-loads. Before he took office, we were dragging nails across the chalkboard, looking for loads and sending drivers home with no pay. I personally lost my azz, the minute the Obummer Brothers took office, and I’ll start seeing the light about January. Thanks to recent policies. What a a waste of everyone’s time. Perpetual Every day........
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