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  1. gregp

    CBI News 10/23/2018

    This sounds really good. Thanks, Yota. 👍
  2. Line up the Warthogs! They worked real good in Panama.
  3. Dang thing should have went off!!
  4. Ahli group company’s; 1- Commercial Bank of Iraq 2- Ahli Bank. SAOG 3-Al Hilal Life Thanks Yota.
  5. I don’t believe it. Wait till the new cabinet is announced. 👍
  6. Abadi held Maliki close, so Interpol could get a case against him. Abadi was one cool hand 😎. 👍
  7. gregp

    CBI News 10/16/2018

    Merge these companies unless there were issues. Controlling the corrupt. 👍
  8. I’ll bet Obummer collects the money. He knows where they’re at.
  9. Bruce be securing a one way ticket to paradise. PRISON. 👮🏻‍♀️👮🏻‍♂️
  10. I wonder what kind of food there serving?

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