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  1. My brother. I have learned it is a daily walk. I get up, I thank Him for my breath and for waking me up, knowing many did not get up. I tell Him, I don't know what the day holds, but I know He holds the day. And I know all good things come from the Father of lights and I receive all the good things He has for me. I also daily acknowledge because of Jesus I am not under the curse of Adam and anything that includes, but instead I am under the blessing of salvation and all that includes. When I first began to realize it those many years ago, He told me when I get frustrated or I am not seeing life from His perspective to give myself a time out and just begin to praise Him for anything and everything that comes to mind. If I am driving and I hit all the greens I just start thanking my Daddy for helping me "Hit the greens." I call it. Look for His Hand(Jesus) in every area of your life. I've heard people say make God first in your life. But He gave me a revelation that blew the doors off my thinking. Because I struggled with making Him first. Ok. So I watched football all day, so now I have to read the Bible and dedicate prayer time that surpassed my football watching so I made sure He was first. That just became impossible and made me feel like a chump Christian. Then Holy Spirit told me one day, "No. Don't try to make Me first in your life. Make Me the CENTER of your life." That changed me forever. He didn't want to be first, He wanted to be the center of everything I said and did. If I watched football, I invited Him to watch it with me. If I crawled through an attic to run wire for a customer, I invited Him to come with me. He became the hub of my existence. No longer did I have to count hours, or anything that was ridiculous to live up to. I simply had to realize He was always with me, and invite Him to join me all day long. What a way to live now.
  2. You could not be more right. I am consciously aware my every breath comes from the Lord. I have worked for myself for over 35 years. I am in constant prayer for work, and know that He has never let me down. I always have work. I treat every job as an answer to prayer and a blessing. I never read your post asking God what they are living on. I know for me I am living on "Jesus Juice" I like to call it. I live by the grace and mercy of God. He is my everything and everyday I acknowledge His awesome hand on my life, for just today. He is my food, my breath, and I love to tell Him so. And I too pray God raise up the church by bringing them to their knees, just as He did with me years and years ago. I used to ask God daily to "Mold me, Make me, and Break me. Do not let me stand in the way of what He wants for my life. Help me to please Him in every area, and remove everything that does not please Him." I absolutely welcome and invite Holy Spirit's intervention in everything I say and do. For me it is the only way to live. I experience God's goodness everyday because I am always aware of it working in my life. I tell people all the time, "Take it to God. Nothing is too small to take to Him. He loves it when we come to Him. He wants to be included in every thing." And I do include Him in everything. And another thing. He has the greatest sense of humor. He does things that make me laugh all the time and I just rejoice and say, "Daddy, you are hilarious." So I know exactly where you are coming from, and now I understand what you were getting at. God bless you always my brother. Love you and I love your heart for the Lord and the things of the Lord.
  3. Hang tough. It's coming. You can only load a camel with so much before it finally collapses. Which straw will do it and when it's hard to say, but the camel's legs are shakey and his knees are knocking
  4. No. We are in great shape. There's trillions of dollars already printed for our coffers as the chickens are coming home to roost for all of these crooks. Their greedy criminal house of cards are about to have the sweet MOASS rug pulled out from underneath it.
  5. (2) Want to know why the squeeze is taking so long? This is why. : AMCSTOCKS (
  6. There are many ways to stand against the wiles of the devil. Some are out there on the front line leading the charge, some are like little grandmothers in their prayer closets fight the war on their knees. God honors them all. No one can say or judge another's faith or walk. God knows the heart, the anguish, the prayers that person sends up. My conviction to not take the shot, is my conviction. Another's conviction to take it, is between them and God. I will never take the jab, even when it meant I lost work because of it. But God has honored my faith by keeping me safe even as I worked side by side with co workers and friends and even family who had the virus and I didn't get it. And God has honored my faith by giving me more work than I know what to do with, including in places that use to demand vaccinated workers but have since changed their stance and now allow unvaxed workers in. These miracles alone tells me I am on the right side of faith, because Only God. It's like I am Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego in the middle of the virus fire and not even a hair on my head has been touched by it because the Lord Jesus is in the fire with me.
  7. As the spiritual head of my family, I have the authority to speak safety and a hedge of protection over my family even when they decide to take the jab. God honors my speaking His word over them and His Word does not return to me void. My faith stands in the gap for them. The Bible says, God honors the prayers of a righteous man. I am righteous by the righteousness of Christ. He honors my prayers because of Jesus and my faith that He will.
  8. Thank you for sharing Markinsa. Before my family members took the vaccine we prayed over them that it would do them no harm. I believe everyone should pray that no harm come to their families, neither from the virus nor the shot. The Chemist is right. We are at war with the wicked and evil in this world. Though a thousand fall to my left and ten thousand to my right, me and my family will be the ones standing. I have the spiritual authority to pray over my family supernatural protection against the plans of the enemy. And so do you. God says " My people perish for lack of knowledge." Lack of knowing His Word and the Authority we have to speak it. We've all heard of "Natural Immunity" I'm calling forth "Supernatural Immunity"!
  9. I'm doing the same thing. And today looks like a sub 20 sale. I will be adding to my position and a thanks to the shorters in advance.
  10. Totally agree. If an owner of any business decides only vaxed folks can come in. That is their right as a privately owned business. Just like an owner can assert a certain dress code. No shirt no shoes no service. On the same set of standards, there was a school in Miami that said, if any teachers get vaxed they can no longer work there. They believed those that were vaxed put off a kind of radiation for lack of a better word, (and on the Pfizer website they do request any pregnant females who are unvaxed but have been exposed to a vaxed person download and fill out a form right from their website, because the possibility of an adverse reaction to their pregnancy after being exposed to a vaxed person is a possibility)...Boy did they get blasted. So if we are going to hold up one side, a private business can say no unvaxed people served, then another private business can say, no vaxed people served. Both sides should be held up.
  11. I hear you. You're right numbers don't lie. But how you look at the numbers you can come up with a different or opposing perspective. A 6 turned upside down looks like a 9. I see the number of people dying from the vaccine. I see the lack of testing and the unknown of what it will eventually do to a person's body, especially since you have to keep boosting. Just the thought of getting a booster every six months goes against the definition of a vaccine. In fact, I have family that took the vaccine, took the second shot, took the booster, and they are done. They are "vaccined out". They see me with no vaccine, having been intimately exposed to the virus on quite a number of occasions, some being a week or so, and God has protected me from it. They are starting to see, albeit, trickling out, the negative and sometimes fatal side effects of the shot. They see the new variations and threat of more coming out, and they are just done. They feel like they were lied to, which is true. They know there has been more flip flopping by MSM, Fauci, and the rest of the pro vaxers, that they are burned out. They know the likelihood of them dying from it is so miniscule, and believe now that they do have the so called vaccine, that they have enough protection. Unfortunately, for the vaxer world their message has changed from get vaxed and you won't get the virus, to...well I don't have to go over it, you know the messaging has changed more than the wind in a hurricane. But what hasn't changed is the anti vaxers message. And the more that comes out, the more it looks like they are on the right side of it. Again, I prayed over all my family that got the vaccine and that no harm will come to them from it. But for folks who haven't prayed over it, I can't tell you what the outcome might be IF(and I say IF because I can't say for sure as no one can say it won't happen for sure, but the possibility of this occurring is definitely out there, and I hope I, and everyone else who warns about this are totally wrong) people start getting ill and dying by the thousands in a year or a couple years when their body, their bloodcells, are inundated with the results of the shot. Now the very thought of that is horrible and scary. Talk about hospitals over run. Morgues overrun. Family's destroyed and not just this country but the world decimated. Is that being a fear monger? Or is that considering the other side of the coin of this vaccine that truly is a real possibility? This is not cut and dried. There is a saying. Err on the side of caution. You can't treat this vaccine as a one size fits all, but that's exactly what they are doing. Even simple diets don't work the same for everyone. Now you're going to take an virtually untested(according to normal testing habits and procedures for this kind of thing) solution and jab it in everyone's veins and expect the same results for everyone. Even the virus affects people differently. How much more the introduction of it into someone's system. I just look at it and shake my head. And see the dark thunder clouds off in the distance. I hope I am wrong, I really do. So all I can do is reject the jab, and when people ask why, I tell them my feelings on it. I don't tell them they shouldn't get it. If they are comfortable and trusting in it and want it, then by all means. But don't make me out to be a pariah because I think it is deadly and don't trust the elite and those that run things in places we can't even dream about. But that's just me.
  12. Sorry. Don't mean to come off as angry. But when I read a statement like "the vaccine has saved many, many, many lives...." and that those of us believe that the vaccine has killed perfectly healthy people, I guess, yes, when someone is trying to defend it and attacks us as being "borderline sick" it does tick me off. Your statement above is as foundless. How can you say the vaccine has saved many many many lives? That has no basis of facts. The virus has killed less than one percent of the folks who got it. Even more than half had other symptoms that the virus exacerbated, but those people were in bad shape as it was. So less than a half of one percent died of virus and we don't really know if it was the virus alone that killed that number. Now you say the vaccine saved, "many many many lives." You can't justify that statement because you have no idea if the ones who took the vaccine were saved by the shot, because if they never took the shot you don't know that they would not have survived. The odds indicate they would have. But once you inject the vaccine, and a person lives, you immediately say, see the vaccine saved their life. What? You can never know that because ninety nine plus percent of the people who contracted Covid lived. But your narrative dictates you insist the vaccine saved them. Again, sorry to sound angry, but this is the kind of rationale that people who don't believe in the shot are up against. It is illogical to assume with zero evidence that the vaccine has saved anyone because if the person who is vaccinated didn't get the shot, they stood almost a one hundred percent chance of living. That's huge odds against whether the vaccine has saved anyone, but anyone that has died because of taking the vaccine, of which you know there are many, many, many of those deaths, and more to come as time goes on, not knowing the adverse affects it will have in a couple years, especially as they keep adding shots...the odds are more likely you die from the shot than the virus. And I say this in the most friendly of terms.
  13. And you have ZERO proof that it wasn't.....How do you know it is a massively inaccurate interpretation of his death. Did you do the autopsy? Give me a break....We can both only speculate....The facts are he was healthy, he took the vaccine, and he mysteriously died. I say it could have been the vax. You say "How inaccurate!" And "borderline sick" to even consider it. Please. Pull your head out of Fauci's behind. Like you know something nobody else does not even the coroner. You'd be more intellectually honest to say, "Well I can't say it was the vax but I can't say it was." I'm not saying it was. I simply said that "mysterious death" after having taken it as a healthy man sure does look suspiciously like it was the vax that killed him. You even admit there have been deaths because of the vax, so why is this so fear mongering? Others can die of it, but not Bob Saget?
  14. Yes Shabiblicious. Nefarious Population Control Experiment. You know the ones where the billionaire elite meet every year to discuss population control and what to do about it....Yeah they think because they have money they can decide who should live and who should die, or rather how many should be living on this earth, because, well, you know, they have money and so it's up to them to determine such things for the good of the earth and the rest of us. The character Thanos in Marvel movies was basically a conglomeration of the elite. The SNAP that eliminated half the population of the universe is their so called vaccine. The saying does art imitate life or life imitate art can clearly be seen through the lens of Hollywood movies if you are willing to look.
  15. This is the first thing I thought of when they said "No foul play..." And why does Betty White's autopsy results take a week and Bob's they say will take about 10 months....Something is definitely fishy...and when it does come out how many really believe they will claim the so called vaccine was the reason he passed away as a healthy 65 year old. How many more are going to suddenly drop dead before the sheep realize what the anti vaxers suspect this whole thing is a nefarious population control experiment.
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