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  1. Perhaps it's temporary because they know the RV will completely change their budgetscape and they'll have an emergency budget meeting to put through a permanent RVd budget.
  2. Depends on if they are crossing the road or cross dressing ūüėČ
  3. I suggest getting rid of Abdul Mahdi and replacing him with a better A. M. Adam Montana! He'll get that HCL passed and all the other reforms. Not to mention the RV!!!! Just a suggestion.
  4. A statement by the House of Representatives received (Euphrates News) a copy of "that Balskhart during the presentation of the proposals of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), and included immediate measures and other short-term and medium, and included reforms to the electoral system, the security sector, and the file against corruption, Amending the constitution, enacting a number of laws, including the Where-to-You Law, the Federal Court, Social Security, Resolving the Housing Crisis, Oil and Gas, and the Reconstruction Council, and amending the Investment Promotion and Public-Private Partnership Act. The statement added that "the Speaker of the House of Representatives stressed the solidarity of all political forces in the Council to proceed with the necessary legislation and necessary, especially the reform laws that have been mentioned whether they are concerned with the electoral system or those related to the provision of decent life for citizens in various sectors." Al-Halbousi said, according to the statement, the executive authority to "send the remaining laws urgently, which will not spare any effort in the House of Representatives to pass, and will have the responsibility to address the failures of previous years." Now this part I can read over and over til they do it!!! Here let me read it one more time. Ha!
  5. The day I really lost it with "Nothing O " is when he told small business/ self employed business owners like I have been for over 30 years without a guaranteed weekly paycheck "You didn't build that." Meaning our business. Oh, so it was the government that got up every morning at 630 and got my boy to school before I (the government)went and took care of the clients I (the government) worked hard to get for me and worked until I (the government) had to go pick up my son from school so I ( the government) could spend the next ,4 to 6 hours everyday tutoring him and helping him with his homework. Only to do it all again the next day. Meanwhile, this ignorant, lead from behind nothing, has gotten rich off of accomplishing failed policies and undermining the very country he and his he/she wife hates. Hypocrites ALL! Other than that I'm sure this Kenyan born Muslim American is a great guy! NOT!!!!!!!!
  6. Actually it's the New Iraqi Government. Work on holidays take off the rest of the year
  7. Me too. I think these reform packages lays the necessary groundwork for passing the HCL. Even paving the way for it. Could be a great end of the year for Iraqis and Dinarians.
  8. "We strongly condemn the burning of public institutions, facilities and homes of citizens, as the law considers criminal crimes severely punishable, and has nothing to do with peaceful demonstrations." And the Protestors strongly condemn the many years of stealing their money, keeping them in poverty and squalor while you corrupt politicians line your pockets with their oil money and live like kings, as the law considers these crimes treasonous and severely punishable by public execution.
  9. "...We do not see there is no reason not to convene this week and at least three meetings." Ya think? I'm sure they can come up with at least one reason not to meet as that is what they are experts at. In fact they've never needed a reason to not meet before. But for the sake of false impressions they will find it in their gracious hearts to meet at least three days this week to make it look like they are intent on resolving all demands for the citizens. I can't even read this article without wanting to puke. Maybe if they dragged a few of them out and started a BBQ you'd see the rest pass laws so fast it would make allahs head spin.
  10. Yep! Another win by leading from the front and setting the tone for this agreement. These countries only respect strength and they know Trump does what he says, but Trump also seeks to broker deals that are fair for all parties. So now we have a peaceful resolution to a situation everyone was crying "the sky is falling!" Great job President Trump!!! And NO AMERICAN lives were lost! #eggonnaysayersfaceagain#Trump2020
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