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  1. Great! Love the proposal and progress. Finally I think we see the light at the end of the tunnel and maybe even this legislative session which coincidentally is being extended for the budget. Dare I say this may be coming together for really real?
  2. Okay you so called Gurus who keep insisting, ignorantly or deliberately misleading, the RV is not in the budget. It never has been in the past and it never will be in the future. It is NOT Parliaments job to raise the exchange rate. So stop with the lies already!!! She added: "According to the leaks, the budget does not include changing the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar, because the government is not empowered to change the exchange rate, since the Central Bank of Iraq is the body concerned exclusively with drawing monetary policy in accordance with Article 110 / III of the Constitution, and recently confirmed in the report sent to the Parliamentary Finance Committee that there is no intention to make a change to the exchange rate for several reasons mentioned in the report.”
  3. So their answer to the weakening dinar against the dollar because there are less dollars in the marketplace and the demand for the US dollar is increasing is to inflate the amount of dollars in the market to decrease the value of it against their toilet paper currency rather than raise the value of their dinar directly to give the citizens more purchasing power. Seems like a bandaid that is only going to make the situation worse. Backasswsrds if you ask me.
  4. I don't see in the article where he was quoted as saying I am not reducing the dollar exchange rate. Hmmmm......Maybe mistranslation since his last quote refers to empowering the citizens financially. You have to raise the dinar against the dollar to do that.
  5. It does. Maybe it is to get in line with our 20 dollar bill. Drop the three zeroes, recall over time the 25,000 notes. The 50,000 becomes a fifty, 100,000 a hundred, etc. Or they are just hedging their bet and keeping the door open to release at the end of 2023 if the RV doesn't happen before that. If it does, they can change the design of the 20,000 note to a 20 since they won't have printed them yet, all while keeping the colors and security measures. In other words, who knows? HA!
  6. I thought that about the 50,000 dinar. So it may or may not be smoke and mirrors. But for me, I don't care, my dinars are not coming out until I can take them to a local bank/exchange and get at least a dollar a dinar for them. So either RV or chunky mattress for me. LOL!
  7. You must not remember not posting it. LOL! Coconut oil anyone?
  8. Wow how low can you go? They must be in panic mode to put out this crap. LOL! Ape is also the MOST shorted stock on the market. They absolutely have to keep Ape down or their game is over. It's over anyway. Just a matter of time.
  9. If another twenty years go by and they still haven't RV'd I will have to agree with you. LOL!
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