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  1. A side note to the Evergrande situation. The bloodbath is happening in our market, but the market that can't get into until Wednesday may really pull the plug on Evergrande and pull the rug out from under the US Market. Wednesday through Friday could make today's bloodbath look like a blood drizzle.
  2. The solution whose time has come....
  3. As always Pitcher, I thank you for your insight and expertise. Pre Market will be a big tell as to whether investors feel comfortable jumping back in. Tomorrow may be a little early I think because of Evergrande possibly going down. Any little thing scares investors and they may just hold out on the sideline tomorrow which will allow Hedgies to short AMC and GME down even more. However, we did have a strong push to the upside during power hour and that could signal some buying power and belief that these Meme stocks are indeed swimming against the tide. We may get a hard push down like today with a small bounce back to nibble at the losses. Then as the market corrects and investors feel more comfortable we will take that lost ground back. If Evergrande goes down, the market goes down, and AMC and GME will reap the benefits of that whirlwind in the end. Blackrock is a huge bagholder in Evergrande and may have to sell off their large stake in AMC, although the interesting and ironic thing is, (and they very well may have planned this) they have loaned out a ton of shares and would be in the position to demand them back, which means those Hedgies would have to buy them back, which would drive the price up, making Blackrock a winner on both ends of the candlestick. They are perfectly positioned to make huge profits both ways. Genius, I'd say. Either way we are in a win win situation. Hedgies have to cover, sooner or later. This situation in China which bleeds into our market may very well be the catalyst that has those crooks sweating balls right now and they are throwing everything at us to make it look like a sell off. But as always... APES AIN'T SELLIN'! This is really getting fun.
  4. Actually with a crash or pre crash banks will begin margin calling because they are going to protect themselves. That's when negative beta will do it's thing. The Hedgies will have to liquidate their other holdings to cover AMC and GME. When that happens other investors will jump in as AMC/GME swim upstream against the tide of falling stocks. MOASS will be triggered. This is just beginning. The price now doesn't reflect what has been planted for months but the Grim Reaper is coming for the market and the APES will be left standing because of diamond handing.
  5. The whole market with Cryptos is saying a Big "Tanks you very much!" HODL STRONG...When the smoke and their fun is over, Apes fun will just be starting.
  6. Perhaps this is a good time do what Trump had been trying to do and bring back Made In America. To say the hell with the IMF telling countries what they can export and what they can't through their loan agreements. What are they going to do? Foreclose on a country? The US should close it's import/export lines and once again pay our farmers for their products, and pay our people to make it here, and not rely on imports from other countries except those of our choosing, not the IMFs choosing. Oh. I forgot. Biden is sitting in President Trump's chair. Oh, well, looks like open borders, higher gas and food prices, and empty shelves for the 99 percent. Nevermind
  7. And may that GREEN HIGH TIDE lift our MOASS BOAT higher and higher above all of their crimes until it comes to rest safely on the MOON!!!! Cheers and Salutations APES!!!!
  8. Up and down she goes. Where she stops nobody knows. At least today. Hard to get a read on it because we don't know if the Apes have enough buying power to combat the Hedgies short attacks and dark pool, and PFOF shennanigans and leave us seeing green, or even if the Hedgies shot their wad this week and won't have the firepower to keep it from becoming a Green Boom Candle. Add to the fact that this is quadruple witching day, which in the past has meant very little to the price movement but with the new regulations it could affect the Hedgies ability to kick the can down the road and force them to buy back some of their out of the money shares from months ago. Or will it just trade sideways all day until the power hour where the tug of war will begin for 50.01? Time my fellow Apes is on our side. Even if nothing else in this crooked market isn't. Buy, Hold, and Share in any order. Not financial advice.....Let's have fun most of all!!! It's FRIDAY!!!!
  9. Well while not green, but we did go green for a time, which really shows buying and holding strength, they spent millions to drop it 44 cents. 44 CENTS!!!! I can't even wrap my brain around the arrogance and stupidity and criminality behind the mask that is supposed to be a fair market. BOOM! Mind blown...Ha ha ha!!! 44 cents that cost millions of dollars...LOL!!!! And more millions tomorrow....And we were so strong today, we actually could go green tomorrow....
  10. If we go green today, the millions they spent to knock us down has got to rip their heart out....LOL!!!!
  11. NOTHING should run any of us off. How long are you willing to hold for Life Changing Wealth like the 1% have? Or does working til you drop dead make a better alternative? So if they want to play these games I will just stand on the side line until they wear themselves out, and if I can afford to buy more, I will buy more, but they aren't getting what I got until they pay my dream price for it. All this other green/red, up and down by dollars and cents is part of the blinking, flashing lights, and loud music you see on a carnival ride that only adds to the fun and excitement. Ultimately, it has nothing to do with the actual ride that you paid for. Stay strong Apes. We've weathered way harder than anything these numbnuts can throw at us in our lives.
  12. I saw it coming with tapering volume yesterday and low volume in pre market. Perfect time to attack and push us down. But when that volume goes back up so will we. There's still way more buying than selling but they hide it in the dark pools. Volume can overcome some of that and the price can rise. Without it we will see a dip. However that creates more buying opportunities and thus more volume to take back the ground they steal.
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