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  1. I agree. Steal from the poor then steal a little more.
  2. Glad I didn't get splashed on. This guy talks fundamentals, this play is anything but fundamentals. It is fractals and crime. The Fractals guarantee this thing is squeezing and the crime guarantees it will be big and last a week or so.
  3. I hadn't heard the 52.. And didn't see it on my brokerage account. However, when this thing does blow sky high and brings down this evil empire I will never look back lest I turn into a pillar of salt.
  4. I think that would be illegal or anything over 10,000 US would have to be declared which will immediately stop it from going out. Obviously some may be able to get it out but not the majority of people.
  5. I think you misunderstood the post above. Outside Iraq the 25000 dinar will not be exchanged for a 25 dinar note. Only inside Iraq. We will be exchanging it for whatever they revalue or reinstate it to.
  6. Here's how I look at it. I do work in the Bahamas. Their economy is tourism based. Their GDP is roughly 12 billion. Their currency is equal to ours. 1 to 1. I just came back from Panama. Their economy is tourism and of course the Canal. They're GDP is about 76 billion. They are 1 to 1 with the dollar. We know Iraq's economy is oil and gas based mostly. Their GDP is about 276 billion. That's 20 times the Bahamas and over 3 times Panama. Iraq coming out over 3 dollars does not seem far fetched.
  7. I have always felt that Iraq would come out at or above the Kuwaiti Dinar on pride alone. So 3.26 or higher if it were to happen today.
  8. Nobody could have explained it any better. Thank you for putting it in a nutshell. I completely agree with this.
  9. I think when this hits the numbers are going to jump like crazy. Not incrementally but exponentially. I also think it will happen over a one to two week period so you will have time to figure it out. But yes you have to determine your sell points. i say points because I am going to sell in small blocks not all at once as it hits the numbers I am looking for. Greed is good. HA!
  10. Have you ever seen an ambitious snail. That bad boy can move and will not be stopped.
  11. you're absolutely correct! I am "sick" and don't forget "tired". i am sick and tired of the radical left democrats crying for women's rights then letting a man who thinks they are a woman compete against girls and women in sports and destroying them and all they have worked for because physically they are still men. Hypocrisy at its finest. I am sick and tired of the left not being able to say a man cannot have a baby, because if they admitted this physiological fact their whole wicked satanic narrative would blow up in their lying ass faces. I am sick and tired of them spewing lie after lie and then when they are caught in their own web of deception they cry foul and try to respin the lie in the opposite direction. IE: The Supreme Court's decisions on Row VS Wade should not be accepted. Oh, but the gerry-rigged constitutionally illegal trial to take down President Trump to stop him from winning the next election should not be questioned. OR...Trump did not win the 2016 election because he stole it with Russia operatives. Oh, but questioning Biden's obviously tainted crooked stolen win with him getting more votes than Obama ever did even though he couldn't fill a bathtub with people to hear him speak is unAmerican and saying it was stolen is a "Big Lie". I am sick and tired of the far left constantly stripping men of their masculinity, passing laws for illegal immigrants to vote, threatening to pack the Supreme Court because they don't get the outcomes they scream for all the while using threatening language and encouraging their sheep to rise up and get in anyone's face, even physical violence, who dares to disagree with them, then turn around and cry foul when Trump says march peacefully to protest the rigged election as is the people's right to do. I am sick and tired of Black Lives Matter threatening and rioting and burning down cities while the dems say nothing to see here, and encouraging the chaos and violence all the while black on black crime is at it's highest levels in these democrat run cities like Chicago, and Baltimore, and Detroit, and nary a peep out of the Dems or BLMers. The Hypocrisy runs deep through the radical left's veins as they allow their cities to be overrun by illegal immigrant gangs, rereleasing violent criminals back on to the streets with no bail and no consequences freeing them to kill and destroy innocent family's lives and still turning a blind eye. Letting drug addicts and dealers and the homeless ruin their cities, talking to you Pelosi and San Francisco, with your dirty used needles spread across the streets and children's parks, lying next to their mounds of defecation and rivers of urine. Open borders that no other nation, not even a third world nation would allow, but to get more voters on their side at the detriment of their own constituents. (Although their constituents deserve it for putting them in office, so at least there's that silver lining.) I could go on and on over the things I am "Sick and tired" of from this evil sect of inhumanity. They lie and use their power without conscience or morals. They yell, berate and riot all the while lecturing Republicans not to. MyLady'sDaddy's post list several other far left democrat party accomplishments from hell that I am also "Sick and Tired" of. So yes, I am "SICK" and "TIRED" of America being dragged down into hell by this far left filth. And I say "far left" because I am friends and family to many Dems who are decent, hardworking, loving people whose compass is pointing in the wrong direction. However, many of them, thank God, are beginning to see the light and they don't like what they see and are voting for Trump, even though some may hate him. But they hate what their own party is doing even more.
  12. I like the way you feel. Ha!
  13. I've heard him in my spirit ear as well but this was an audible voice. It was low, deep and forceful. One word. "AUGUST" It made me sit up and look around my room for where the voice came from.
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