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  1. There is no honor amongst theives. At a certain price point with all the interest added up over the last 6 months and losing billions a week the lending institutions are going to demand payment. Or go belly up with the MMs/Hedgies. This thing is a balloon that if we keep adding to our numbers, buying and holding it will pop. They do not have an endless supply of money. A body only has so much blood in it. Once it bleeds out at a certain point it does. How much more blood do they have? That's the question. They are also doing this with a few stocks so more than one artery is bleeding out. Peopl
  2. If not 70, I am thinking 80-100 will be our so called HCL for this to get triggered. They are going to fight like H E Double Hockey Sticks to keep it below even 60 because once over that FOMO will kick in and their ship will start to sink. Next week with all the 40 dollar call options coming due on Friday we may just have the week of our dreams. One thing for sure, they're going to pull out all stops to keep it down to 40. Exciting battle ahead. Put on your APE helmet.
  3. Charles Payne Silver Back Ape Hope going into the weekend, can’t wait for Monday : AMCSTOCKS (
  4. Trey Trades (45) AMC Stock - AMC is going to rip. period. - YouTube
  5. (45) AMC FRIDAY UPDATE. 65% Dark Pool Volume Today! Taking a SHOT for APES! AMC Up 15% Today! - YouTube
  6. (45) 🔥 SHORTS Desperate Move Might Cost Everything - YouTube
  7. (45) AMC Stock & GME Stock New News Show Squeeze Is Near! Fed Is Preparing For MOASS. Apes Own The Float! - YouTube
  8. I beg your pardon sir. I haven't castigated in years. Ha!
  9. I gotta tell you this movement is becoming mainstream with good Apes like Charles who hasn't been bought and paid for and wants this criminal activity to stop. If the market isn't fair for one it's not fair for anyone.
  10. She was also on Charles Paynes show today. Getting good press.
  11. Preparation for the squeze🚨🚨🚨 IMPORTANT : amcstock (
  12. HA! Over 50 now! See how long it stays there.
  13. Plus 15 percent on the day. A very good day and way to end the week. Now into the After hours.
  14. Even now as it sells off a bit, we are up about 8 percent today. Hoping we get back over 10 percent during power hour though. But that's still a good day for any stock. I said at the beginning of the day this thing is going to battle between 40 and 50. I am glad it hasn't dipped to the 30s today so far though. Looking forward to what Power Hour might bring.
  15. I'm not in front of my chart but it sounds good to me. Maybe Pitcher can address that as well. I will say there has been a positive upward momentum over the last two months since it has reached all time highs and has been trading and or treading at the 50 dollar level. So it does indicate a strong upward trend.
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