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  1. My pleasure Outlawcig. I feel like when I share it, we unite in a corporate prayer sending up sweet incense to the Father and reminding Him of what He spoke. "This August Daddy! Please!" Our hearts cry out.
  2. Just the month. I heard in an audible voice several years ago. No year. Which is just like Him. It's as if He was saying, it's going to happen. And it's going to happen in August. Now relax and trust me. Live life, occupy til it happens and don't be consumed by it. When it happens it will be in my perfect timing. So every August that goes by, I relax for another year. But as a new August draws near, my excitement and anticipation builds again.
  3. I always pray "hopefully sooner", but yet another year has rolled over and August is almost upon us. I can't look forward enough to August this year. We seem so close, that it might truly be next month.
  4. Hello DVers. Just a reminder that August is the month I audibly heard as the answer to my question while I was praying, "When is the Dinar going to RV, Lord?" So here we are again. Less than a month away from our dream come true. I pray this is the year.
  5. "READY" as quoted from the "Prophet's" dictionary...."To always be in a state of perpetually never moving forward or accomplishing anything" IE: "My camel is READY for the long journey, but he is dead, and won't move."
  6. I can just hear the CBI in their dim little back room saying, "We cannot say 'We will increase the value of the Dinar!' So we will say, 'We will not decrease the value of the Dinar!" "Yes! Good idea! Let's do it! Now pass the hummus and felafel, I'm still hungry from Ramadan."
  7. The story behind this story is the CBI has been holding the RV until Yota finally hit 100,000 posts. This is the RV trigger!!! In the coming days we'll all be rich! Thank you Master Yota!!!!
  8. If ever anyone needs to pass a law like the Democrats, these fools need to -- First they should pass the FML and the HCL, then they can read it!
  9. It feels to me like this thing is in a fine silver bucket filled with ice and chilling like a beautiful bottle of bubbly just waiting to pop. Oh sommelier! We're ready to CELEBRATE!!!!
  10. Oh but don't forget they can do a bit of fasting during Ramadan and Allah forgives them so they can continue to steal from their own people with a clean conscience.
  11. "the file of the committees and the file of vacant ministries will not be resolved until the end of the month of Ramadan." Of course, but the money laundering, corrupt currency auctions go on.
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