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  1. Hey now no long faces. Sit up straight and stop slouching. We will see the RV before 2019 is up. Everything is still being worked out behind the scenes. Sometimes when it looks the bleakest .....Suddenly!
  2. People neg God, His Son Jesus and Holy Spirit everyday because of their spiritual blindness. In the last days which we are in the Bible says it's only going to get worse, which is what we see going on right now. Never would I have ever thought I'd see the day when women brag and celebrate their abortion. Satan is laughing and the demons that control these people are partying. But Jesus is coming faster than we think and the Bible says God is going to give the wicked over to their lusts and wickedness and the evil will remain evil, locking them into their own chosen fate of going to eternal hell. They refuse to repent even now while they still have a chance for redemption. The red negs are proving God's Word, as always, to be true. They are the blind leading the blind right into their own traps. I pray God remove the scales off their eyes before it is too late.
  3. The Dems are like that little dog chasing it's own tail while the fat cat is eating its food. and as soon as he gets tired and dizzy and falls down the fat cat pulls his tail again and he jumps up and starts chasing it again. They look like they are accomplishing a lot with their flurry of activity but they get absolutely nothing done.
  4. How about the news that Ukrainian President again released a statement that there was No quid pro would not any pressure from Trump in regards to their military aid, not on that phone call or any face to face meetings. But the Left is not interested in that little inconvenient truth. As far as Trump's history it doesn't matter, he was never charged or indicted or served jail time so how is anything anybody tries to dig up to besmirch him or smear him mean anything. He has no criminal record. But he is saving our country and bringing back jobs, protecting our borders, standing up for our first responders, something that was ridiculously lacking from the Obama administration. I don't need to read anything from his past because it has nothing to do with what he is doing right now as President. Trump has spent over 5 decades in the public eye, doing thousands of deals, building a business all over the world, selling his name to developers to put on their buildings and condos. He is not responsible for how those people ran their businesses, they paid him for his name. I worked in Trump Towers in Miami when it was being built. Trump had nothing to do with it. They paid him for his name. If the developers stiffed somebody Trump wasn't liable. It was name only. Over fifty years of all of that and more I would be surprised if there weren't bad deals and lawsuits. Trump surely wasn't a choirboy but he has learned over the years good and bad and that has given him the qualifications andmakes him uniquely qualified to be president of the United States more so than any politician including two and a half years senator Barack Obama
  5. And I forgot to mention we are now energy independent for the first time ever. Our GDP growth is it at a level Obama stated we would never achieve again. WRONG again! Also pulling out of insane deals we never should have gotten into because we Americans were sold down the river giving our wealth to countries that hate us while corrupt politicians line their own pockets and neglect their constituents. That is Trump Making America Great Again and putting America first. Oh wow what a forgotten ideal that made us the greatest country on Earth flushed down the Leftists toilets by George Soros backed globalist socialists that have snaked their way into our Garden of Eden. Thus, Trump's next term is going to see us go over the top in wealth creation, manufacturing, infrastructure, etc. How sweet our future is going to be.
  6. Hi Carrello. Newsmax, The Political Insider, I read. But a good news channel to watch is OAN (One America News Network) on channel 347 on DirecTV.
  7. Ha! You lost me at USA Today. Another bought and paid for testic** I mean tentacle of the Dem party. Well, actually it may be testic**
  8. I don't know. Since the President is working for free maybe his hand picked people are too. But a man should be paid what he's worth. Don't you get paid for what you do?
  9. Plusses all the way across and down for this one Brother Synopsis. I couldn't have said it better myself.
  10. Yes we already have record unemployment, rising wages for middle to low income class, manufacturing jobs have come back because Trump has the "Magic Wand" Obama could never wield, and so many other incredible accomplishments in spite of the 24 hour seven day a week opposition to anything Trump does for our great country. So yes We the people will be in hog heaven when not only Trump gets re elected but the Republicans are taking back the House and increasing their majority in the Senate. Then watch our country be even greater. Oh yeah I'm salivating just thinking about it.
  11. That has nothing to do with Rudy or Trump. Another FAIL. There are laughable attempts by desperate Dems playing connect the dots much like they did during the Mueller investigation.
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