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  1. Will Sudanese’s visit to Washington resolve the controversy over identifying Iraq’s allies and Chapter 7? Will Sudanese’s visit to Washington resolve the controversy over identifying Iraq’s allies and Chapter 7? 2-28-2024 Information/report.. Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani is scheduled to pay a visit to the White House next April, which is widely viewed as being pivotal in determining the future relationship between Baghdad and Washington. The Sudanese has many files that he can achieve, even gradually, because the Americans do not always want to achieve what is asked of them with one basket. Michael Knights, a specialist in military and security affairs for Iraq, Iran, and the Arab Gulf states, said in a report published by the Washington Institute that the Sudanese yearns to achieve his ambition during an official visit to the White House this year. He has enough reasons to appear as a strong person with a positive influence. Al-Sudani received two direct invitations at separate times, delivered to him by US Ambassador Alina Romonsky and the other by US Secretary of State Blinken, but he postponed them for reasons that may relate to the maturity of the preparation of files that will be discussed there, especially security, economic and other files. Al-Sudani’s visit to Washington is receiving wide attention from observers, who believe that it will be important and detailed because it is linked to a dangerous issue, which is the removal of American forces from Iraq. Political observer Sabah Al-Ugaili confirmed that the Sudanese visit to Washington will be special and with a distinguished and historic delegation. Al-Ugaili told Al-Maalouma, “The issues that will be discussed are summed up in defining the bilateral relationship with the United States of America, as well as discussing the scheduling of the withdrawal of the American-led coalition forces.” He pointed out, “The other file is no less important than the security file and the withdrawal of American forces, the economic file and the request for support for Iraq to exit Chapter 7, which allows Iraq to free its money from the US Federal Reserve and transfer revenues from the sale of oil directly to the Central Bank of Iraq, especially since Iraq has fulfilled all its obligations.” This is a very important matter, in addition to discussing the Palestinian file and the Gaza war.” Al-Ugaili believes that Al-Sudani has important pressure cards during his discussions in Washington with the American administration to change the face of American policy towards Iraq, which are summed up by the fact that Iraq is considered an attractive country for investments. He pointed out that “the biggest competitor is Russia and China, especially with the Russian-Iraqi rapprochement and its welcoming of the BRICS economic group, as well as the Iraqi-Chinese tendencies to participate in vital and giant projects that may provoke the negotiator.” In addition, former member of the Foreign Relations Committee, Khaled Al-Asadi, confirmed that the Sudanese government’s request to join the BRICS economic group is an extremely important step to organize the relationship with the Russian side politically, economically and security-wise, noting that Russia announced its support for the Iraqi request. Al-Asadi told Al-Maalouma, “The Iraqi government’s request to join the BRICS economic group is a very important step for the Sudanese government to diversify its relations with various countries of the world, especially Russia and the countries organizing the group.” He added, “Iraq will actually participate in the group’s meetings until it gains full membership after completing the membership requirements procedures, noting that Russia announced its support for the Iraqi request.” The Russian ambassador to Baghdad, Elbrus Kutrashev, confirmed Russia’s position in support of Iraq’s joining the BRICS economic group, expressing Russia’s readiness to generously help Iraq if it joins BRICS, and that Iraq is the one who chooses its partners and no relations are imposed on it.
  2. Parliamentary insistence on legislating investment, oil and gas laws Parliamentary insistence on legislating investment, oil and gas laws 2-28-2024 Information / Baghdad.. Member of the Economy and Investment Committee, MP Muhammad Al-Ziyadi, confirmed on Wednesday that the committee has begun discussing amendments to the National Investment Law for approval during the current semester, indicating that there is parliamentary insistence to approve the oil and gas law. Al-Ziyadi told Al-Maalouma, “The Economy and Investment Committee has begun making amendments to the National Investment Law, suggesting that the amendments will be completed next week before submitting it to the Presidency of the Council for approval.” He added that “the Federal Court’s decision regarding the region’s oil prompted the political forces to move to approve the law.” “Oil and gas.” It is noteworthy that the Federal Supreme Court, in its session held last Wednesday, obligated the Kurdistan Regional Government to hand over all oil and non-oil revenues to Baghdad.
  3. Not a member yet...but in the "queue" WTO | 2024 News items - China Round Table looks at Arab perspectives on WTO accession
  4. They can flap into eternity as long as they "flip" the RV/RI switch toot sweet! Not sure how long toot sweet is but it's gotta be shorter than "soon".
  5. I don"t have to even lift a pinky. He's doing just great on his own about that. May be the only thing he does great.
  6. I don't care if she's from Pluto, our government wastes trillions on everything but helping the American people. The Biden administration has done nothing for the American people but put us in further debt, further danger, further from energy independence, and further from the American dream.
  7. Hey Einstein's second cousin twice removed, The US takes our taxes and supports the UN more than any country in the world not to mention it is housed in the US, NY city. That's what I am talking about.
  8. LOL! It's not what any of us want. But hey, this is an online Dinarvets auction so that's my bid....
  9. So this lady is working on tax payer money that we give to the United Nations to resolve something that's already been resolved? Sounds like the Biden Administration.
  10. I'm saying I will buy your 25,000 dinar note for 10 dollars....they are worth about 19 usd right now, so I'm giving you a good deal....LOL!
  11. Apparently they are still under Chapter 7. With Guru's lying right and left them being out of Chap 7 was one of their big ones it looks like. So the question is, can they RV?
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