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  1. It says it's on Zoom so they aren't flying anywhere. Might be pretending to do business, but definitely not enjoying it.
  2. me neither. HA! But all are welcome, just like our great United States, as long as they come in the "right way" which it looks like they have.
  3. If you believe this I've got a Trillion Dollar note from Zimbabwe to sell you. Oh wait, I do have a Trillion Dollar note from Zimbabwe. Nevermind, I ain't selling. Might be a collector's item one day. HA!
  4. I'LL be reaching for an opener when we get some closure.
  5. I've seen some black pundits predict 30 % in their own demo. But I would probably not go that high. But you never know with the climate today. I come from a mixed race family who were Obama voters mostly. Now they only talk about voting for Trump since the rioting started months ago. They're pissed off and it's going to show on election day And the Left with their radical socialist agenda is pushing Latin voters to Trump.
  6. And he won. Again the black and Latino vote are going to be greater this time around. Biden can't make up those losses.
  7. And he wasn't the only one. On the face of it. Trump beat Hillarious with 7% of the black vote and about the same with the latino vote. Now according to polls he's going to get at least 15% of the black vote and the Latino vote is going up between 2 to 4 %. And if that wasn't enough Trump is also getting a huge increase in the Jewish vote. There's no place for Biden to pick up those losses. In fact every poll Biden leads is less of a lead that Hillarious had. Trump ain't worried. He's having a hard time not celebrating so early. Even saying he'll pass a bigger stimulus package after th
  8. take your time. gets some rest so you'll be at your best.
  9. Boy are you as wrong as they were in 2016 when every week they kept putting the nail in his coffin. The black American vote will be double the 7 % he beat Hillarious with. Same with the Latino vote. Trust me Trump ain't worried and he got to be President by the same thing he did last night; not holding back. Forget about landslide. It's going to be a landslaughter for Trump. The enthusiasm for him is off the charts this go round while Biden when he comes out of his basement can't scrape 5 people together wherever he goes, Trump gets 35,000 easy to come see him.
  10. Trump was brilliant. He hit him with everything the main stream media refuses to ask Biden. About Hunter Biden and being paid by Burisma, and China when Biden was VP. He asked him how many law enforcement agencies back him. He asked him why he said he went to an all black college in Delaware State of which Delaware State denied him ever going. Trump used this debate as his own media conference. He could care less about the soft balls Chris Wallace was throwing. Trump hit Biden on being a socialist and Bernie Sanders' manifesto. Biden had no answers. Trump told him he has done more in 47 months
  11. It's only about 27 Billion dollars. Uncle Sam craps that out on the regular.
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