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  1. The camels were always committed. It's the goats who couldn't get over the hump.
  2. Phone number correct? CHECK. Best email? CHECK. Whitelisted Adam's emails? CHECK. OSI Certificate of Good Standing for my Company? Coming attractions. HCL? No check. RV? No check. Thank Adam? Thank you Adam! CHECK! And a GOOD FRIDAY and HAPPY EASTER to ALL!!! Life is nothing without knowing Jesus.
  3. So the budget was a hurdle they cleared which is nice. Now the HCL, which stands for the next Hurdle CLeared. Don't stop now guys even though they seem to be taking off until April 10th patting themselves on the back for a couple of weeks. I mean, Yota worked just as hard or harder than you guys. Do you see him taking a couple weeks off? No! Au Contraire my dear Fair! He is back at it already. Take a lesson Parliament and do the YOTA!!! Keep working! Keep giving him something to do!!!! Pass the HCL and make us all go away. Regardi
  4. On that note. If by chance while you are posting all these "Articles", if you come across one that says, "HCL PASSED, and RV COMPLETE" please post that several times because I probably won't believe my eyes. LOL!
  5. Yota must have seen it on the newswire and reposted it. HA! That's what happens on a slow news day.
  6. Then we have a majority it sounds like. Let it be known Dinarvets passes the whole kit and kaboodle!!!
  7. Well I would like to go ahead and cast my vote. I vote "Yay" to the budget, to the HCL and to the RV. Just getting it on record.
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