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  1. He told me August but not the year. So every August I am hopeful this is the one. We shall soon see. Praying!
  2. A matter of time.....
  3. This could be a small boost for AMC. And sometimes a small boost is all anything needs. (2) From the 2000 to the 1000 : AMCSTOCKS (
  4. Millions of Apes around the world are doing just like you. Someone put up a chart on Reddit that proved not only are we not selling but we are steady filthy buying. This thing is winding up and if you can buy now then buy. Not financial advice. But this fake price has been shown it is ridiculously low. A legitimate price according to one publication based on fundamentals is in the 60s. This play is going to be good for millions who buy and hold. I am peaceful and willing to wait.
  5. Can you imagine that the SEC's Gary Gensler recently complained in an interview that his department couldn't even afford to provide coffee in the office then turned around and spent a pretty penny(tax payer monies all) on this tripe. Hasn't anyone of them done any RESEARCH on the so called MEME stocks they are making fun of? Is AMC a viable company? GAMESTOP? and the others? Aren't these legitimate businesses that employ millions around the world? Why shouldn't someone want to invest in a company that is hitched to vehicles that make 250 plus million in a weekend? Desperation never smelled so sweet. And Gary Gensler is head deep in the asses of these Hedgecrooks because he is one of them. "Stock market investing is not a game", they tout. And yet it is the biggest game on the planet. Their game that we have crashed and they are going to lose big time at their own rigged game with their own rigged rules. And they are mad as hell and can't take it anymore. But they will take it until they are forced to come clean which will end their charade of being a fair and honest market. This is going to turn out badly for them much like Hillarious Clinton and her "Undesirables comment" that rallied those same folks to go out and make sure she wasn't elected. This is going to rally the Apes to buy more, get the word out more, smelling the blood in the water to our stupid little meaningless MOASS. These psychopath/sociopaths aren't human or humane. They are bloodsuckers from the pit of hell wrapping their demonic bony fingers around their money god and they are going to lose it all.
  6. Indeed! I think we are all of one mind here and have joined the millions and millions around the world creating a movement never before seen or heard of. Our positive energy, prayers and thoughts are blowing this MOASS balloon up bigger and bigger so when it explodes there will be a whole new generation of wealthy people who actually care about people more than their money which will translate into a better world for all. The excitement balloon is blowing up right next to it. LOL!
  7. I think I can handle that part pretty good. I got my HOLD grip down pat from all the dinar practice. HA! And a Happy Memorial Day weekend to ALL fellow Apes and Dinarians!!!
  8. This is an excellent read in Reddit, comments included. "Executive Order" was the fly in the ointment according to this post (2) Posting my comment because most of you don't understand why memes are running : amcstock (
  9. The longer they keep it at this ridiculous sale price, I'm buying buying buying and buying some more. I do feel we are on the cusp of another June explosion. Only this time $72 will be in our rear view mirror
  10. If anyone is inclined to sign this petition. Looking to get 100,000 signatures.
  11. Excellent read and summary. About 95 percent of the market is played by the elite one percent. But a handful of apes holding their shares in a couple of "meme" stocks are the ones tanking the market. Mmm hmmm. Amazing these liars and thieves can spew this crap with a straight face. But that is what soulless people can do. This guy and the rest of them are empty shells masquerading as human beings. As Jesus once said of the man who saved up everything, filling his barn to the full, declaring he can now put his feet up and do nothing but enjoy a life of fat living, "Fool, your soul is required of you this evening." These people stop at nothing to gain the world, while losing their souls. Well, actually, they've already sold their souls, that's why they are soulless. Sad really. But they will all soon reap what they have sown.
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