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  1. Zero is a nice round number I'dsay....I've seen it many times in my own account....
  2. Maybe. But considering Iraq is going to be a major player in trade, oil, revalued dinar, etc... I would beg to differ. The Rothchild's are not ones to let trillions go unnoticed.
  3. So they say but the Rothschild and the other Upper elite banking families pull the strings. The President has little to say about it. You don't think these families would allow a 4 year leader to control or influence their generational control of worldwide banking do you?
  4. I would from my reading but that is an elite banking cabal well above any President or leader of any country beholding to them.
  5. It didn't happen under Trump either and he supposedly has millions of Dinar so I doubt any President has anything to do with the RV. Or power to stop it. However, with this article the RV has never felt closer if what Adam has maintained that the HCL will trigger the RV.
  6. Please laugh. There is so much evidence of election fraud it is laughable and obvious to any one who dares to seek the truth. But hate is blinding and the hate for Trump is the very reason those who had the power to investigate squashed it to protect their own power. But life has a way of evening things out.
  7. The only thing you got wrong is that "our country elected". Our country elected President Trump again but it was stolen. In plain sight. 4 years , over 30 billion dollars and over 200 hundred left wing attorneys to come up with something on Trump because they knew the investigation was a sham in the first place and nothing. But no one wanted to investigate the election fraud testified under oath and affidavits under penalty of imprisonment, including video evidence, live footage of vote switching on multiple media outlets, statistical inconsistencies such as more votes than registered voters,
  8. I know you are frustrated and you should take a break, but hang on because if it does RV all that frustration will melt away like a horse pissing on an ice cube. God bless and just enjoy the breath and life God gave you today because if it RV's tonight we are not promised tomorrow anyway.
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