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  1. If Zurfi is America's guy, they need to bring the hammer down on this parliament once and for all.
  2. The easy thing to believe is nothing is going to change because that's Iraq's MO. But that's the only way the. "SUDDENLY " comes into play.
  3. I dreamed April 18th. I pray and hope it comes tp pass, even though I wonder if it really could. Seems like it is pointing to April. Please Jesus let it RV!
  4. I'd surely love to cut into those reserves even if it is just kibbles and bits to them.
  5. April 18th was my dream. Less than a month away.
  6. The best news is toilet paper value is going up. That's a huge plus for the dinar
  7. For the first time I've ever noticed an ad popped up on my cell phone from a currency company stating they're buying a million dinar for 1,000 dollars. I've seen in the 7 and 8 hundreds but never a thousand. Wonder if that's because it's getting harder to get dinar even for currency sellers.
  8. If you had all the oil and resources they have you wouldn't care what your credit rating is.
  9. As long as you don't sell, it doesn't matter how you feel or what you think. Just forget about it. If it happens, you win.
  10. They chain a red painted camel to their leg so they can find them quickly if they don't come back.
  11. Good. You can start with paying me off for your dinar back.
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