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  1. These people need to get out of their diapers and put on some big boy pants. Why do other countries have to come in and show them how to implement their agreement. Jeesh, these people are two humps short of a camel.
  2. Three year fuel plan? And, "The ministry is going to implement the three-year fuel plan, in coordination with the oil ministry, so that the need for Iranian gas will be eliminated." If it rolls out like the rest of their plans they'll be needing Iranian gas till the camels come home. More like a "Fool's Plan" not a fuel plan.
  3. How bout this quid pro quo? RV your dinar and we will continue to rebuild your country, your military and your financial institutions and make you the envy of the ME.
  4. I'm not saying nuke this guy and everybody around him. But if they did, I would understand.
  5. The "Strategy" drawn up to 2020? From what I've read in the past it seems this so called plan includes raising the value of the dinar to its glory days. I guess after 2020 all plans are off, or they will begin to implement their Post RV strategy... like all of us. I wonder if Mahdi is a Dinarvets VIP? Ha! These parties are known before others through the evidence and achievements that the Central Bank of Iraq has proven to be the first economic institution through its important achievements in supporting the national economy and achieving economic resilience and seeking to achieve economic stability in accordance with its strategy drawn up to the year 2020.
  6. Excellent summary of looking at the trees through the forest! Amen I say!!!
  7. Let them play soccer has been the cry of the rich elite for centuries to the poor
  8. Mahdi. A man trying desperately to hang on to power will put on a new mask of co operation. Why did it take 15 months to agree to what you are agreeing to now? Something change your mind? Like being thrown to the citizens in the public square?
  9. Just one minute example of the FAKE media . CNN is bad. But MSNBC is the bottom of the barrel. They don't even try to hide how fake and biased they are anymore. I'm not attacking you. Just putting up exhibit A. MSNBC’s severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome is no secret. But hating Trump has now morphed into hating America. And what MSNBC did to help Iran during their attack on American troops will leave you speechless. During an Iranian attack on two U.S. airbases in Iraq, MSNBC fake news reporter and Tehran Bureau Chief Ali Arouzi delivered a stunning report. Arouzi claimed the missile attacks killed 30 American soldiers and “leveled” the Al Asad air base. Both of these claims were lies put out by the Iranian government on state run media. Mediaite reports: While missiles were flying through the air, MSNBC “reporters” parroted Iranian government propaganda that was nothing but lies and fake news. Iran’s goal in enlisting the American media to spread their lies and fake news was to demoralize Americans and military personnel. Because MSNBC “reporters” hate Trump they are all too willing to repeat foreign disinformation and lies even if it hurts the country. We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story. Just saying. Nothing against you Utahrock.
  10. These people always agree to agree to agree but never come to an agreement on what they need to agree on which is agree on what they agree to agree on.
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