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  1. I would like to suggest a 5th Measure. RV the Dinar. This would really strengthen the dinar against the dollar, provide the citizens with purchasing power, and catapult Iraq into one of the strongest, prime countries not just in the Middle East, but the world. You know. Just a suggestion. But do what you want.
  2. International Monetary is optimistic about the Iraqi economy: it is witnessing an improvement International Monetary is optimistic about the Iraqi economy: it is witnessing an improvement 2023-03-29 05:44 Shafaq News/ The Regional Director of the International Monetary Fund expressed, on Wednesday, his optimism about the improvement of the Iraqi economy, stressing at the same time his support for the government’s “reform” programmes. The Iraqi Ministry of Finance said, in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, that its Minister, Taif Sami Muhammad, received today the Regional Director of the International Monetary Fund in Iraq, Ghazi Shbeikat, indicating that the meeting discussed a number of files related to the framework of joint cooperation between the two sides, most notably providing technical advice. necessary by the Fund to enhance financial reform plans, in addition to involving international experts in the process of developing the performance of the banking sector and improving accounting systems and budget work. And the Minister of Finance stressed, according to the statement, that Iraq is looking forward to more cooperation with the IMF, in support of the government’s reform programs that it is implementing in the sectors of finance, economy, investment and sustainable development projects. For his part, Shbeikat expressed, according to the statement, his optimism that the Iraqi economy will witness an improvement in annual growth rates, and that this improvement will be reflected in supporting the rest of the development sectors.
  3. The Democrat reveals a consensus within the state forces to pass the oil law soon The Democrat reveals a consensus within the state forces to pass the oil law soon 3-29-2023 Information / Baghdad.. The leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Representative Mahma Khalil, confirmed, on Wednesday, the existence of a political consensus within the coalition of state forces to pass the oil and gas law during the current parliamentary session, indicating that this consensus contributed to resolving the differences between Baghdad and Erbil. Khalil said in a statement to Al-Maalouma, that “the multiple meetings between the federal government and the leaders of the Kurdish parties, as well as the technical delegations that held dozens of meetings, led to the existence of a political will to solve the issue of legislation of the oil and gas law.” He pointed out that “the current stage is stronger to push behind the adoption of the law than before, because of those positive meetings and understandings that took place between the federal government and the region during the past months and at the highest levels.” He added that “all the forces of the state coalition are unanimous in approving the oil and gas law and speeding up its legislation, and ending the problems with the Kurdistan Regional Government,” expecting that “the next stage will witness the inclusion of the law in the parliament’s agenda for its passage.” It is noteworthy that the relations between the federal government and the Kurdistan region have witnessed a remarkable improvement, especially after the accession of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan to the State Administration Alliance, which formed the government of Muhammad Shia al-Sudani.
  4. The Central Bank issues a decision regarding the possibility of printing a denomination of 20 thousand dinars during the coming days The Central Bank issues a decision regarding the possibility of printing a denomination of 20 thousand dinars during the coming days AM:11:37:29/03/2023 Today, Wednesday, the Central Bank issued a decision regarding the possibility of printing a denomination of 20,000 dinars, expecting a decrease in the difference between the official and parallel exchange rates during the coming period. The assistant general manager of the investment department in the bank, Muhammad Mounir, said in a press statement followed by NRT Arabia: “The packages and procedures of the Central Bank of Iraq contributed to limiting the continuous rise in the dollar exchange rate,” expecting “a decrease in the difference between the official and parallel exchange rates in the coming period from During the first, second and third packages of the Central Bank, as well as the government’s continuous support. Mounir added, “The Central Bank is in continuous updating of all procedures, and every step that is launched is reviewed and the extent of its response and impact on the market is measured, and what are its pros and cons, if any.” Regarding printing new cash denominations, he indicated that “the Central Bank is amending and updating currency notes in response to market requests and developments and limiting counterfeiting,” noting that “the Department of Issuance and Treasurys is working to study the possibility of printing a cash denomination of 20,000 dinars, and in the coming days it will take the decision to print it or not printed.” Regarding the Central Bank building, he stressed that “work is in full swing and 24 hours to complete it.” On the other hand, he pointed out, “The Banking and Credit Control Department monitors commercial banks, and there are field and office inspection teams that are responsible for monitoring the work and performance of banks.” And he stressed, “The doors and phones of the Central Bank are open to any complaint submitted by the citizen to the banks or one of the financial institutions or merchants, and the complaint is met and urgent action is taken in its regard.”
  5. They're not buying it back from me at a lower price. I've had this dinar tucked away for so long the only thing that's going to bring it back out is an RV. HA!
  6. When this thing RVs you won't need a text. Everyone and their mother will be talking about it on here and all the lying gurus will be claiming they called it, that they've been right and send your dinars to them so they can get you the best rate from their uncle's cousin's half brother who is president of the Central Bank of Iraq.
  7. If I go out and buy the Ford Lightning for 60,000, I still have to pay 15,000 to have a charger put in my house. They don't tell you that. Or I can pay to charge at a charging station. All electricity eventually uses oil and they know it. California the worst liberal state outlawing gas stoves. These people are anything but smart.
  8. What's going to happen around April 27th APE becomes AMC. When that happens AMC shares will do a reverse split by 10 and will get a new CUSIP number. So the price per share will be 10 times what AMC is at the time of merger with APE. Some believe that new CUSIP number will force all naked shares and failure to delivers to close which could cause the MOASS. Others think they will find a way to kick the can some more. I am buying up as many APE as I can so when it becomes AMC I will profit per share from the price increase. Then at the same time it will reverse split. So if I have 1000 shares of AMC at that point after the merger, I will have 100 shares of the new AMC at ten times the share price. From that point, people believe Adam Aaron can sell more shares and pay off all debt and kill the short thesis. Thus forcing them to close out their shorts and causing a massive squeeze and possibly the MOASS.
  9. The hedgefunds have a collective insurance policy. If you go to the beginning of this thread we discuss it. I just cant remember exactly where. You'll have to scroll.
  10. Um...first of all there are insurance policies in place to pay us. Secondly, if I thought like that I might as well quit working and go live under the first bus bench I can find so I can stake my claim since the whole world is going to implode and everyone is going to be broke and homeless. In the words of the worst President the US has ever had, "C'mon man"
  11. Next week I plan on picking up some more APE and every week until it merges.
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