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  1. I do believe it will work out and Trump will have his second term. As far as others understanding what happened...the challenge is seeing the truth through their irrational Trump hate glasses. That may never happen. But definitely hanging tough my man. I will not be moved by what I see, but what I believe is God's plan.
  2. Thanks Chuck..Ha ha....crazy to think someone would neg wanting to have a free and fair election but frauds are everywhere in life, even in Dinarville...well...thinking of gurus.....mega frauds.....
  3. I agree with everything you said until the last line. It is not a "new majority" it is a "fraudulent majority". More people voted for President Trump than any President in history and then the 3 am back door votes were tabulated and added to the Dominion Voter Machines proven to be hacked and allowing vote switching in real time and suddenly within hours Hiden Biden and the Dems made up hundreds of thousands of votes pulling ahead and getting more votes than Obama did in 2008 when he was at the height of his popularity. Never did I know the 7 or 8 people that attended Biden's rallies could inf
  4. The Rapture is important but Jesus also said Occupy til I come. So even though my eyes are on the clouds because my redemption draweth nigh, my feet are on the ground enjoying the life God has blessed me with. And will be until that twinkling of an eye and we blow this popsicle stand.
  5. No problem Adam. Just send that little old larger than usual communicado package to me and I'll open it and post it for ya.
  6. Who cares. He gave it. HIs donors are Trumpers anyway. Just hoping when they finish counting the legal votes you will be just as gracious as you seem to be now. HA!
  7. Keep telling yourself those fairytales. Whatever helps you sleep at night. And makes you feel better about yourself. As for me, my faith is in what Jesus did, so there's no losing that thank you.
  8. And I'll add something else. Do you think it was coincidence God called RBG home just in time to put in Amy Coney Barret? God knows and laughs at the plans of the enemy and He is an infinite number of moves ahead of him. This was one of them. I figure if God is laughing I am going to join Him and enjoy the show. When it's all over and Trump is President for a second term I wonder how many of these Democrats demanding to move forward and we should just get along are going to still be in a Kum By Yah mood or are they going to fall back to the same defiant crybaby attitude they've portrayed
  9. Well he must have shown Graham the evidence because Graham gave him 500,000 dollars towards the defense fund. I would say that 500,000 is major evidence Graham has seen something legit. And this is a fact, not just my JMHO
  10. It is the same sham scam word game they use with "immigrants" The Republicans differentiate between "Legal" All are welcome Immigrants and "Illegal" Against our laws/criminal immigrants. But the Left lumps them into one category to make it seem like the Republicans are anti immigration. It's the same word play satan uses and used in the Garden of Eden. The oldest lie in the Book. Democrats learned it well and use it over and over.
  11. Master&utm_medium=email&utm_content=subscriber_id:18793770&utm_campaign=Former Michigan Senator Sounds the Alarm on Voting Scandal in Detroit
  12. It is a foreshadowing of how people will celebrate and give each other gifts as they dance over the dead bodies of the Two Witnesses in the Book of Revelation that tormented the unbelievers for three days until they were raised up before their very eyes and raptured into heaven. That's when they realized they were suddenly in deep doo doo. But can you imagine the evil that lives in these people's hearts that they would dance over dead bodies of people who tell them to repent and turn to God. This celebration of the Left is the dancing over Trump and Pence's dead bodies. BUT watch out for
  13. Amen! I believe the truth will win out. That what has been done in darkness(overnight in this case when hundreds of thousands of votes suddenly appeared all for Biden in all of these states) will be brought to the light. This was a co-ordinated effort to steal this election. The Dems knew one state would not be enough. Even when Pennsylvania's Governor said before the election after all the mail in ballots are counted Biden will win. HUH? Before the election? Biden will win because of the mail in ballots? Of course they counted the legal votes first to find out how many mail in ballots they ne
  14. The Bible says out of the mouths of two or three witnesses you can confirm the word that has been prophesied. As you said, there have been at least two that I believe are credible. Are they fallible? Yes. But they are credible. Kim Clement and Mark Taylor. They did prophesy two terms for Trump. Did they say they would be consecutive? Remember the Jews were looking for their Messiah to come in, overthrow Rome and set up his Kingdom right then all in one generation. They misread the two separate comings. I do believe the enemy is fighting overtime to steal this election. But God laughs at t
  15. I just quoted what Jesus said to answer your question about whether we are all children of God. God knows the heart and who His children are, whereas, we humans judge people by their outward appearance. Thank you though. I like you too.
  16. No we are not. Jesus said to the Pharisees, because they were uncircumcised in their heart and therefore unbelievers in His Messiahship, "You are of your Father the devil." When you believe in Jesus God adopts you into His family. Until then you are in darkness and are not a child of God. That doesn't mean you aren't a part of His creation, but you are not His child.
  17. The majority of God's children voted for Trump. By "His children " I am referring to Bible believing followers of Jesus Christ. Those are the ones , like me, who voted for Trump. And we are definitely not evil doers. Nor part of the swamp.
  18. The Bible says emphatically that God appoints the Kings and leaders of the nations. So, yes. However, he also may allow the people to choose their leadership for good or bad. Just as Israel in the Old Testament wanted a king to rule over them. That was not God's will for them because He wanted to lead them. But the people insisted, so God relented and allowed them to have a king. And God chose and anointed Saul to be their king. So God steps back from the affairs of men at times but when He has determined a thing, the Bible says He will do it. The prophecies concerning Donald( Me
  19. Ha! That's okay. God doesn't control peoples free will, but he can surely put you in a position to choose wisely which goes along with His will
  20. I don't want. It's all about what God wants and is going to do. We both know as long as the Dems have control of either house they will fight him on every thing he wants to accomplish. Thus, in the next 4 years if Trump is going to do all that God has put him in office for, he has to have both houses. Yes I would love to see it because I love what God is doing and is going to do.
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