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  1. I got off FB but keep my account for friends and family and that's it. I also signed up for Rumble a while ago but never got on it. Politics burn out I am. Just want to take back the House and Senate and Trump back in 24. Finally take back our country. And MOASS and RV!
  2. By the way. I've already made out my " Stupid ****" list! Ha!
  3. I'd be doing the same thing too, but this is just a tell they know this Boss Adam Aaron move is a check mate .
  4. I didn't know they did that to Trump but I still like to listen to Trey's Trades live stream, and Roensch Capital, and the English kid. Plus I love playing Christian music on YouTube as I work. But Lou I Unsubscribed to him months ago.
  5. You know the Hedgies and Market Makers are getting desperate when they are sending twitter posts like this to AMC. They are about to get hurt really bad. LOL! Firstly, it is NOT a share dilution because it is a separate stock for the same company, which is why we didn't have to vote for it. Secondly, it came as a surprise to everyone. A most pleasant, exciting surprise! Thirdly, I doubt this guy/bot even owns AMC. Something is definitely brewing when they are paying to put out this nonsense.
  6. I love how he gives himself an Out. "Al Kazemi could announce on that date OR AFTERWARDS" Ha ha ha. Yeah "Afterwards" could be three years from now and he could say, "See. Told you all." LOL!
  7. Bappy Hirthday! I've had a few dranks you for! Hic!
  8. Here in south fla you can now catch the busses for free as a newly old gray senior. So many perks. So so much time. HA!
  9. The most exciting thing about turning 55 is you can now order off the Denny's 55+ menu. In fact, you can take advantage of all the "Old Folks" offerings from all businesses out there. LOL! And I almost feel guilty because I still feel like I'm in my thirties!
  10. Cheers! What's funny is they think all these retail investors in the so called meme stocks are 20 somethings living in their mothers basements. HA! There's probably an even ratio of young, middle and old investors in this. And I would say by now we've proven it's not "dumb money."
  11. Right behind you. Going to be 60 in December. What's Medicare? 😂
  12. The 4 dollars is the minimum a stock price can be to trade on the NYSE. So people say the range is minimum 4 to up to half of what AMC is at the time of the official day APE trades. No one knows what APE will come out at. My feeling is it doesn't matter because it is going to fly from there 😜 The 0.01 comes from the par-value of the stock which has nothing to do with the trade value it will be listed and subsequently traded at.
  13. My pleasure. When this hits we will all be on here chatting it up, so no one will be in the dark about what is going on and what to expect.
  14. Here's another explanation of the way this all could happen. The main thing is do what you do with AMC. HOLD!!! Also when he says "Every shareholder will receive their APE share..." He means per AMC share. 1 for 1 so as not to cause further confusion. Now I don't know if this "internal" thing is going to happen as he says, but it only seems fair to do it that way so that every investor gets their APE and let them battle it out behind the curtain.
  15. You and me both. It's a Buy one AMC get an APE share for free. I can't imagine what kind of plan the crooks are coming up with to answer this POUNCE move by Adam Aaron.
  16. No. APE will automatically be credited to your account. So if you have 25 AMC shares. You will receive 25 APE shares for free.
  17. The MOASS is going to take at least a week to shake out and now that APE is added into the equation, no telling how long it will take to clear the books. They say sell on the way down, so if it goes past 100,000 dollars you can set you sell limit at 100,000 and catch it on the way down. And for me I will be selling in batches, not all at once unless it screams to a million then I'm selling all. Don't want to be greedy. LOL! As far as the AMC/APE split. If they start out APE at 4 dollars then AMC will only be docked 4 dollars. So If AMC is at 34 dollars when APE offcially becomes tradable, AMC will be 30 and APE will be 4. Can you imagine no one selling and billions of APEs needing to be bought to cover the naked illegal shorts? It could take weeks to get that situation fixed. And retail traders are going to be trying to get in on the fun as well. FOMO is going to be beserk. Up and Up and Up they go, where they top, nobody knows.
  18. It's going to split with APE to give APE it's value and I think they are both going to go up. Hedgies and market makers are all going to need APE and if retail holds which they should, it's going to skyrocket and bring AMC with it. Once naked shorts are revealed by APE it's going to get ugly/beautiful fast. UP is my humble prediction
  19. They borrowed a ton of fake shares to keep us below 25. But if we get volume we will work it back up. People are buying not selling. Obvious manipulation. Still looking for the 30s
  20. Feeling like we could see 30s today my fellow great APES! Let's go AMC!!!
  21. After listening and reading more on Adam Aaron's brilliant issuing of an APE preferred stock unit per AMC share I am even more excited and impressed. One investor likened an APE share to a Certificate of Authenticity for a legitimate AMC share, adding to the fact that it will also be given a value up to half(but not less than 4 dollars to trade on the NYSE) of whatever AMC is worth on August 21st. A double whammy to the Hedgies and Market Making crooks. Secondly what I have garnered is that Adam also has another 5 billion shares of APE over the 500 million plus legitimate AMC/APE shares ready to go when these same crooks need to fulfil their obligation of depositing the APE shares into every AMC investor's account if he decides to release them. Whether he does or not, that means he will have an actual share count of how many AMC shares are actually floating around out there over the legitimate float! But why would he need another 500 billion shares of APE if he didn't believe his company was being naked shorted? All he would need is the legitimate float share amount to divvy out. Things that make you go hmmmm. Again, brilliant. It truly is a well thought out move. At minimum he will have all the evidence he needs to take this up the totem pole to fix the naked shorting and failure to deliver problem without having to seek a share recall count which has its own legal ramifications and without putting himself in jeopardy as the CEO of a world wide company. Thirdly, he basically laid down the gauntlet and taunted the crooks that this was the "pounce" that will benefit both the company, his investors, and gut those crooks to the bone in one swift blow. If he didn't think this was the death blow I don't believe he would put himself out there in such a public manner. Yep. BRILLIANT!!! Now the time bomb that is APE is ticking and those dastardly criminals are creating even more naked shares with over 5 million borrowed in the last two days making their last fatal stand before the theater popcorn explodes all over them. Custard must be turning over in his grave. And I may be turning in my retirement letter. HA! GO AMC! GO APES!!!!
  22. Oh this isn't crazy. Crazy is during MOASS when it shoots up hundreds at a time and falls back hundreds at a time then shoots back up by a thousand or so on its way to the 100,000 plus moon. Hmmm.....maybe I should buy into some stomach antacid stocks for a quick hit.
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