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  1. Adam Aaron says it will be available to shareholders outside US. His people are working on it.
  2. He would only be able to issue the legitimate float number. So he has to go step by step and get the shareholders to come forward that would give them a count above the float. Then they can go to the SEC and say "Look. We are being syntheticized."
  3. That's what I was thinking when I wrote that, then I realized the NFT goes to every shareholder that signs up for their connect deal. So that gives them a shareholder count that could exceed the float if they get 40 to 50 percent to sign up if the estimates of 12 to 15 million shareholders are close.
  4. The next step is NFT for shareholders and bingo! We have a true shareholder count exposing all the synthetic shares. Brilliant!!!
  5. If you think it could go higher, put in higher. If you think 500 is the peak, put in lower. If you want to sell right then and there, and are satisfied with that or less, put in lower. They will get you then or on the way down.
  6. I for one like new blood. I'm hoping for a Cincinnati championship. Meanwhile my Canes are about to make Mario Cristobal one of the highest paid coaches in college football and mucho monies for his assistants. So looking forward to the U getting back.
  7. My hands are so diamond hard I was washing my windows and cut them into pieces. At least it's breezy in my house now.
  8. Then I am still on the safely Unvaxed side. Lol! No sticky the sicky in me!!!
  9. Next week could be wonderful for us and going into Christmas according to some. It's so hard to say because of the tricks these criminals pull. But I believe they can only do it for so long, unlike the Apes who can hold forever. We shall see. Have a blessed and safe omicronless weekend everyone!
  10. I couldn't help myself. I'm sorry! I just bought more. I couldn't resist this fire sale. Lol!
  11. I'm with you. Gold, silver, real estate. I'd rather buy a house to upgrade and flip. At least I am in control. The stock market has more thieves than prisons in this country.
  12. This Reddit poster says a mouthful.... Not here to predict, but I think we're close... : amcstock (
  13. For some reason it's not coming through anymore
  14. ESPECIALLY!!!! LOL!!!
  15. If the market crashes, it will trigger margin calls. Those margin calls will demand buying back all the failed to deliver shares that the hedgies have shorted. So when the money has to be used to buy back those shares which are billions unknown, stocks that have that money will be syphoned off causing them to collapse and AMC to moon. YES is the answer.
  16. Here is a video showing how AMC is plotted by an algorithm. This is why I don't buy into Lou's strategy of not buying. Our volume has been low for a month even hitting all time lows and still no MOASS. It is the buying and holding that creates the pressure of billions of synthetics that will have to be covered. Anytime you have seen a spike in price, and I mean a big run up, like in January or June the volume exceeded the float. Buying may put money in the hedgies pockets to keep playing but they are burning ten times that when their shorts fail to come in the money losing billions a week, while the days to cover goes up, which also puts pressure to cover on the hedgies and MM's. Buying and Holding is our ammo. Not buying takes the pressure off.
  17. So it is said along with the manipulation games there is also an underlying algorithm that AMC follows. This guy on reddit shows that pattern. We are either at the bottom of the last dip before another run up or are starting to trend up toward the run up in which December could see the run up or like last January we could see it not knowing if this is a 6 month algo cycle from June or a one year cycle from January....The bottom line is this is going to run up only this time there are millions of APES Holding and billions of synthetic shares to be covered when it finally hits a predetermined price point trigger. Many speculate that trigger is between 60 dollars and 120 dollars. We will see and hopefully if this algorithm holds it could be in December through January sometime.
  18. And yet the price goes down...LOL! But they can't keep this freight train from chugging forward for long. This month alone is going to break mega ticket sales records with Spidey and Matrix, etc. They are simply eeking out a slow death.
  19. The negative beta is legit. But so are the short ladder attacks and the 60 to 70 percent dark pool buys. But when the market crashes and the margin calls begin that will end the ladder attacks and the dark pool craziness. That's when the negative beta will kick in. Until then it is overwhelmed by all the real nonsense.
  20. I finally got through that night, held on line for over an hour which was about 130 in the morning and laid down to wait for the last twenty minutes and fell asleep. When I woke up it said my time was up and I had to get back in line. I hung up and said forget it.
  21. I have to tell ya, it took many years for me to get into a position to become a Platinum VIP and OSI guy, and I can't tell you how grateful and thankful I am that you continued to offer your sales, and payment schedules, because I could finally take advantage of them. I want this thing to pop yesterday, but until then, I know there are those out there excited for you to offer discounts on what is probably the best plan and service to not only cash in our Dinar but invest beyond the RV. PRICELESS!!!
  22. No worries. I don't mind the questions. We're in this together. I'm going to be glued to my screen when the MOASS hits. I will sell shares in blocks. The block size will depend on the price. For those blocks I will set a sell order. The blocks will get larger as the price gets better. Larger blocks at 100,000 plus. Smaller blocks at say, 10,000-100,000. I will also be buying back in on the dips to sell on the rips
  23. If you are not able to watch the market and maybe even if you are, a limit sell order is a good idea. You will sell when it reaches your price or higher but no lower than what you set. However, if it sells and the price flies way up from your limit you have to grin and bear it. If I set a limit sell order it will be for a portion of my shares that I am willing to sell for a minimum price not my top price. Looking forward to getting to that point.
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