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  1. Working on it? How about make it $3.45? Doesn't take any work. Which is right down their alley. Since they don't know what real work is. Just a flip of the switch. BANG! Dinar worth $3.45!!!
  2. Personally I would feel better if "soon" was yesterday. HA!
  3. I support Iraq to lift themselves out of poverty. I support them Revaluing their Dinar. That will do it. Iraq you now have been Internationally supported. Now DO IT!!!
  4. NEVADASAM "We have to remember that 2020 has been a weird and strange year, so be on the look out " If ever there was a year that saw the worst of something world wide, the balance of that would be to see a world wide something at the other end of the spectrum. For my money, HA!, it would be the RV. TURN THIS BOAT AROUND CAPTAIN!!!!
  5. I think this should be posted in its own thread. This is about the Financial Management Law and Kurdistan and Iraq agreeing on and the settlement of financial conditions. I would think this is important to the HCL!
  6. "And al-Hamash stressed: "The successive governments did not realize the size of manipulating Iraq's capabilities , and investing the surplus funds from the high oil prices in investment and commercial projects that contribute to Reviving the economy, "he said, noting that" Iraq is currently negotiating with donors not to pay $ 11 billion due from previous loans, as well as the biggest crisis, which is the payment of salaries. " How does one negotiate with donors NOT to pay 11 billion dollars due? I can't even negotiate not to pay my 10,000 dollar car loan. Or the remainder of what I owe on my Samsung 10 cell phone. HA! You have to have something to offer them if you are not going to pay them. I mean, if these donors, let's just say, have millions if not billions of dinar, and you tell them, "Looky here, if you forgive what we owe you, we will raise our rate and that worthless stuff you have will be worth billions and trillions", then you have something to offer. Unless you just work a deal to give up your oil and not raise the rate. But then you are paying them back with oil. So that's not negotiating NOT to pay. So I lean toward the "raise the rate" form of negotiations NOT to pay 11 billion dollars.
  7. Parliamentary source confirmed, Thursday, that the government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Krazemi will go to print a new local currency in order to pay the salaries of employees. He pointed out that we, "after the application of this procedure, we expect a decrease in the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar," stressing that "this will have a positive impact on activating the industry in Iraq and not resorting to global or regional markets that provide goods to Iraq at low prices because of the high exchange rate The dinar compared to the price of currencies in Turkey, Iran and others. " I believe this does indicate that this is some sort of new LOWER LD otherwise they can pay the "salaries of employees" with what is already out there, especially since they can just pay them electronically. I also think the statement "decrease in the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar" coupled with "provide goods to Iraq at low prices because of the high exchange rate (of) the dinar" can be interpreted as the "decrease" referring to, as was stated by other members, the 1190 decreasing to whatever will give them greater purchasing power "against the dollar" which is actually an INCREASE of the value of the Dinar against the dollar. Thus, it would have a "positive impact" unlike now where "regional markets" have to sell Iraq goods at low prices because of the "HIGH Exchange Rate" of the Dinar. So the opposite of the "HIGH" exchange rate, is a "LOWER" exchange rate, or a decrease in the 1190 against the dollar to raise the value and purchasing power of the Dinar so that the Iraqis can purchase quality items at higher prices or value and no longer depend on global or regional markets selling them cheap crap at nothing prices. Lastly it "compares" its HIGH exchange rate to the Turkish Lire which is at 14 cents to the dollar "stressing" how printing this new currency will be a positive bringing it in line or even higher with the Turkish Lire vs the US Dollar. Why he mentions Iran I have no idea because the Rial doesn't compare to the Lire. All of this may be wishful interpretation or right on the money(Dinar) so to speak. But I honestly see this as HUGE!!!!
  8. Now set up the RV Booth so we can give you your dang money back!
  9. Keep 'em coming Yota. Great job! Have a blessed, and Al-Kazimi passing day!
  10. Well positive is better than negative and I'm reading all positive here. Looking forward to the announcement that Al-Kazemi's cabinet has passed and he is officially the PM. After that only God knows what's next. HA!
  11. Perhaps if they started calling it AL-RV it would pass this Tuesday next! Or maybe we can trade them AL Sharpton for the RV.
  12. Unless you read this headline... " Maliki the Bucket He Kicki"
  13. To whom it may concern. STOP. The RV is coming. STOP. When is anyone's guess . STOP. Oh. And Kids Don't Do Drugs. STOP. I could be a little off on the last part.
  14. The great thing about God giving us free will is that He wouldn't violate, however, He is still God and can arrange things, or put a person in a corner where they have to make a choice. Now they may not choose what God would choose for them, but they do have to make that choice. Like Moses told the Israelites, "You can choose life or death. And in case you don't know what to choose. Choose life" Then God put them in a position to make that choice and most of them chose death, and they wandered around the desert for 40 years til they were all dead, except the two that chose life with that generation, Joshua and Caleb. So, we can pray for God to turn their hearts, because the Bible also says, "the heart of the King is in God's hand", and He can answer it by putting them into a situation where they have to make that choice. Perhaps, Covid is that situation, and perhaps the RV is that choice. Miracles happen everyday, even in Iraq.
  15. No but they put it through to compromise and get the deal done. These people don't know how to do that. BTW Trump has his people in charge of the Performing arts center to make sure the money goes where it's supposed to. So it is still a win for him
  16. Yes. Insert RV under one of those shells.
  17. Um....Bertino? It's a joke. No explanation needed.
  18. America just opened it's coffers to the tune of 4 to 5 trillion and looking to do more. Uncle Sam just said, "Iraq. You are paying for it."
  19. If Zurfi is America's guy, they need to bring the hammer down on this parliament once and for all.
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