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  1. Hey Greg, I have a question for your friend. If the Dinar is equal to the dollar why would he change them in for the dollar? I’ll also assume that in the coming days that paying taxes will not be a voluntary action but will be applied across the board on salaries, cars and food goods....
  2. I didn't think NATO did combat operations, the only operations I've read they do is rape the women of the countries their in...
  3. Whatever happened to their hit squads that roamed the streets an took out unpopular people? You know the ones with the silencers on their guns. Surely Iraq hasn't become that civilized yet have they? A good hit squad could solve a lot Iraq's issues in just a couple of weeks under the right supervision an correct targets...just saying
  4. al Sadr, I don’t think you have much creditably left to create any type of security for anyone. Where were you when your Iranian buddies were killing these same protesters...
  5. LMAO...Where was this phony Iranian stooge when ISIS was taking over the country an destroying their Mosque an ancient artifacts. He's about as useless as Maliki, they both are washed up has been's that will eventually retire back to Iran...
  6. Well it appears they have found the honey hole to get these salaries paid. There is obvious a couple of check an balances associated with this fund or it would have already been stolen by these thieves. I bet the Chinese haven't spent any of their resources in Iraq an now looks like will be even longer. It seems to me like the walls are starting to close in on Iraq from top to bottom...
  7. OK al-Abadi I will say it for you. Iraq will turn into another Iran, there, that's what you really wanted to say right... It appears the USA is finally putting enough pressure on Iraq that they will be forced to make a decision about Iran, I hope they choose wisely.
  8. I’ve had a Warka Bank account for many years an they have always had a daily limit on how much Dinar you could take out. When my credit card was operational I think it was 10,000. So I think Warka Bank will act like every other bank in the world an have a limit on a daily withdrawal.
  9. Al-Kazemi needs to dissolve this parliament as soon as possible. ASAP would be too late to rid the country of these corrupt basta$$$...
  10. Sounds like to me they have to many people on the governments payroll. Might be a good time to cut half of them off, probably wouldn't miss them anyway. A lot of them need to go jail plus they have countless ghost employees, heck I could go on an on but they already know this....
  11. Since when was Kurdistan not part of Iraq? Al-Kazemi should make a point to these thieves that if you want money from Iraq you fall under the same guidelines as everyone else. The corruption in Kurdistan is probably 10 times worse than the rest of Iraq. He would probably have to open files on all the Barzani family is the reason their telling Al-Kazemi to chill out you can't open any files up here an we will take care of this ourselves....yeah right
  12. Folks we need to be praying hard for Al-Kazimi because Iran an others will surely have a hit out on him...he’s about to expose a lot of corrupt people in the region.
  13. It appears the time has come for Iraq an several other Muslim countries to evolve into the 21st century. I also believe that Trump an this new PM will help them do it. The protesters in Iraq are young people who welcome change an would probably have enough support to rid the country of al-Sadr. In time I think Iran will also move into this new amazing world of the 21st century....
  14. blueskyline, totally a matter of fact he just yesterday spoke about a plan they already have to improve the value of the Dinar. I’m thinking the time of listening to these so called experts are long gone.
  15. I think Al-Kazemi should list in the gazette every last one of these crooks names an under each thief's name include what their offense is. Some of the bigger fish go into detail what they stole an where they were last seen. I would let the Iraqi citizens help punish these thieves. I'm liking this guy, he's the real deal. Going down the list of the protesters demands, I'll be glad when he gets to the increasing the purchasing power of the Dinar part....
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