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  1. The biggest threat to Iraq is their own parliament, a few drone strikes will take out these rouge militias but it's gonna take some balls an backbone to clean the garbage from their government....
  2. It appears to me that the president has only one option in resolving this delay from the parliament of thieves. He has to dissolve this farce of a government an call for immediate elections....
  3. This retiree could be correct but I know for fact that Iraq was in pretty bad shape from 2004-2009 while I was there....
  4. Just reading where the ISX will resume trading on 4/12 an find it interesting that the curfew will last until 4/11. I’m thinking if the auctions remained stopped until after 4/12 we could really be onto something...
  5. The only way Iraq can avoid these American sanctions in 30 days is for al-Zrafi to be able to form a new government. I'm thinking even the thieving crooks in parliament have figured that out because they know if the USA puts these sanctions on them, all their money will be gone. It appears they are finally at place where they have no choice but to allow someone other than an Iranian puppet to run the country. I'm just curious to see how long the auctions and the ISX will be stopped, if the ISX doesn't resume on Sunday like planned this could really get interesting...
  6. Thanks everyone for their response, I can now take the coronavirus out of anything to do with the stopping of the auctions...
  7. Ron, I have a question on these auctions. What is the buying an selling format of these daily auctions? Is it done all electronically or do they meet in a big room like the ISX does an do their buying. I guess I'm trying to eliminate the coronavirus from the reason of no auctions.... Thanks
  8. Agreed LB, it's interesting but I'm wondering why they extended the opening for another 5 days. Their blaming it on the Health Crisis Cell in Iraq but the coronavirus won't be resolved by Sunday...
  9. navira, its obvious from your comment that you don't deal in the stock market. A market maker can an does change the price of a stock at the click of a button. These guys could adjust the price of the entire ISX is a matter of 10 minutes if that was case. I'm not saying their changing anything for the mighty RV but I don't buy them stopping trading for a week to change the price of a stock, hell they don't have but about 40 stocks trading anyhow....
  10. Finally, the adult in the room says no more money. The World Bank should have done this 2 loans ago because making the thieves richer doesn't help the Iraqi citizens. This bad news to the crooks of Iraq could be just the thing to force them to think of the citizens for once an do the right thing. Thanks Mary B for the article......
  11. Ah Theseus, I respectfully disagree with you on this. Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year or maybe it’s the season. Yeah, I was born 2 days after Christmas....
  12. LMAO!!! These thieves have no shame. In one breath they say their stopping the payment of loans for 3 months an in the next breath begging for more loans. Is there any hope for this basackwards country???
  13. These thieves will continue to bankrupt Iraq until a real government is in place. The crooks don’t care about draining the reserves or external borrowing as long as they continue to get their salaries. This new PM may have a chance to actually make a change if he can get enough support from the Sunnis and Kurds to out vote the Shites. First priority is to handle the economy issues then call for the immediate elections, IMHO....
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