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  1. alreis, I don’t think forming a committee will work for them this time. These are some serious pissed off hungry people in the streets this time. What I like they are giving deadlines, just like the head religious man did. It appears their ready to keep these protests going as long as needled.....I’m loving it
  2. Main Platform news Protests return again on the 25th of this month .. Going for round two, I think a lot of them seems to be in no hurry... The protests are back again on the 25th of this month .. The demonstrators identify 23 demands 2019-10-14 Baghdad: Yes Iraq The coordinating committees responsible for the demonstrations in Iraq, set 25 this month as the date for renewed protests, while announcing 23 demands. A statement spread on social networking sites and followed by "Yes Iraq," that "our demonstrations after the visit of the forty on the 25th of this month, will be demands are not service because services are a duty imposed on the state to provide and this is the most basic rights of the citizen." "Our demands will be as follows:" 1. Reconsider some paragraphs of the Constitution and amend them for the benefit of the nation and the people 2..Cancel the excess rings ((provincial councils… independent bodies .. Shiite endowment .. Sunni endowment .. Foundation prisoners… salaries Rafha… .. Foundation martyrs .. Hajj and Umrah)) 3. Reducing the number of members of the House of Representatives, while reducing their salaries and privileges…. 4..Activating the law ((Where did you get this)) ... And start with officials from the year 2003 and so far .. And compare what he had before this date .. And what he owns now 5 .. Financial control audits the accounts of financial parties .. And know the source of their money…. 6… Equitable distribution of the wealth of the country to the people and the adjustment of the salary scale of employees .. so that there are no differences between the ministry and another 7 .. Abolish the privileges and prose of the three presidents. 8 .. Re - Ministry of Information as the former and the cancellation of the Iraqi Information Network 9 .. Transformation from a parliamentary system to a republican system 10 .. Support the national product and activate the rehabilitation of factories, factories and agriculture and the provision of water shares in Iraq within the framework of international treaties and agreements 11 .. Dissolution of religious party factions and the establishment and reconstruction of a strong Iraqi army and building a national intelligence service is the pillar of the state 12 .. Abolition of the law of question and justice put by Bremer and Ahmad Chalabi and the abolition of the Integrity Commission 13 .. Rumaila gas exploitation to lose Iraq daily $ 20 million must be invested and make fuel for power plants and prevent the import of Iranian gas 14… Construction of substations on black oil and gas Construction of alternative plants on solar energy, wind and landfill waste like the rest of the world 15… Abolish the idea of developing the provinces or territory and make all 18 provinces of Iraq belong to Baghdad, the central capital 16 .. Revenues and imports of religious shrines and shrines go to the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs as a national import within the budget of the country 17 .. Support the farmer seeds and fertilizer and agricultural mechanisms and support the agricultural product so that Iraq is self-sufficient in agriculture, livestock and fisheries 18… Making Iraq as a former era of ownership of an agricultural country, tourist, industrial, oil, spare parts for young people .. 19… Fixing all contracts working in the state institutions such as ministerial, daily wages, contracts for the development of regions, lecturers and free employees on permanent owners. 20. Allocation of a monthly salary to each Iraqi individual of the oil quota of not less than five hundred dollars per month 21. Allocation of salary for graduates, the unemployed and those with special needs 22 .. Construction of housing complexes to housing the poor and the distribution of plots of land 23. Reduce the interest of government bank advances
  3. Not sure if there's enough balls or guts between the 3 of them to hold the folks responsible for the killing of innocent civilians or not. They know Iran was the one behind the shootings but I'm thinking these spineless politicians wont be able to bring themselves to say anything or question their master...
  4. Floridian, you are absolutely correct. Not only gutless wonders but politicians an Trump is either. Sometimes I shake my head an wonder what the hell were you thinking but usually it works out to his Benefit...
  5. Welll, Well, Well, the Arab nations calling for a big sit down concerning one of their country's security. I will admit I scratch my head at some of Trumps decisions but you have to admit they seem to work. Example, I'm sure every saw where the USA an China signed a trade agreement on Friday an now the Arab nations talking about defending one of their country's themselves obviously without help from the USA. These countries it appears are being forced to put on their big boy pants an defend their own countr, wow what a concept...
  6. fancy, your kidding right... These liberal demons knows no God except for the satanist they worship. All the example I need to justify that statement is to look at their policies an principles...
  7. The protesters are doing a real good job but need to place a few more burning tires in front of the parliament doors to keep them in until they vote an pass some of these demands.... I’m thinking all these blocks, postponing an soon BS this bunch of incompetent crooks has been running on the citizens has about run its course. These demonstrations are a lot different from previous protest because there are people from all ethnic groups and locations rather than just the Sadrists protesting.
  8. Well it appears that Turkey has call Donald Trumps bluff about invading Syria. You can't really blame them, their just looking at his response to Iran after trying to blow up oil tankers an shooting down one of his drones. Turkey has probably calculated an made a phone call or two to Russia an China to make sure they had their back before the invasion. The threat of economic destruction obviously wasn't much of a threat to them, they didn't even wait 48 hours before they started the bombing. JMHO of course....
  9. wciappetta, well I went back an reread all this BS Mahdi is spewing an it sounds like a lot BS to me. For instance, this 3 days of morning is such a crop. Even the dumbest Iraqi can see he just wants the demonstrations to stop an maybe they will be satisfied with the other packages he presented. Other articles indicate he’s gonna approve a third package, that’s the one the corruption, currency auctions and the economic reforms should be addressed. I’m hopping the demonstrations continue until all these packages are passed an implemented...
  10. It’s a shame the weak Kurds don’t have the balls or brains to create a good protest are demonstration. They’ve been led around by the nose for so many generations they like it. They can’t think for themselves an will take any of the scraps the Barzani family decides to drop them. I hope this RV doesn’t hinge on these sheep of Kurdistan to make a decision....
  11. WOW, it didn’t take but 110 Iraq’s to die an over 6000 injured for these incompetent thieves to do their jobs. I’m hoping they continue these protests until all their demands are not only passed but IMPLEMENTED....
  12. Before I comment, I would love to know where the president stands on our bases in Japan, Germany, Italy to name a few. I’m certainly in agreement the USA needs to get out of the world police business but needs to support our foreign allies. The democrats an liberals have been trying to shrink our military an stop all these wars as far back as Clinton, you would think they would be celebrating an cheering. Oh but wait, they hate him to bad for that...idiots
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