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  1. Good morning yota... Looking at these articles it appears the budget just passed was for only one year. The mid year supplemental budget could be something to watch, maybe a rate change after it passes. It does appear their getting the jump on the 2022 budget....
  2. Hey man, it’s all good. I have a 4 hour layover in the Atlanta airport drinking margaritas at 9:30. We have plenty of time to solve all of Iraq problems, I gave up on helping the USA with their
  3. I don’t think you offended anyone here but the point is what does the Kuwaiti RV or not have to do with Iraq. Countries RV or devalue their currency all the time, no big deal. I don’t work for the CBI but will go out on a limb an say Iraq could give a rats azz what Kuwait or any other country does with their currency....
  4. You know, there are probably people on this planet that think the world is flat, 9/11 was a Bush staged plan. My point is what in the hell does that have to do with Iraq and them RVing their currency? Have you really lost sleep about members of DV not believing Kuwait RVing their currency? Some folks are in dire need to step away from this circus for awhile and find a life...
  5. I don't know how long you've been in this circus but reading your post I will assume your pretty new. Question for you - why in the name of Allah would an Iraqi run to the bank to exchange his Dinar for a currency that is equal to or less than the currency he holds? Here's a couple of thoughts for you, remember what I told you Google is your friend. When or if the CBI ever reinstates or revalues the Dinar it will RV world wide "Not just IN-Country"...
  6. The boys are obviously not scared of the CBI messing with the exchange rate because their doubling down on the thievery it seems...
  7. I can help you out a little bit here with your questions. 1) First its obvious you don't have an Warka Bank account or you would know that they do not pay 8% interest... 2) Stay out of the rumor section, no such thing as an in-country RV... 3) Yes my 1 million in my Dinar account at Warka Bank would be worth 1 million USD if the CBI changed the rate to 1 to 1.
  8. Laid Back, it appears you’ve gone over to the pizza boys mind set. If your name wasn’t on this post I would have known it was from Kaperoni for sure. He has called it just as you mentioned an has always said no such thing as an RV. I will give it a few more months before I concede to this thinking but y’all could be 100% correct...
  9. Not according to the articles yota is posting. It appears the auctions have come back nearly as strong as before. I don't know if I'm missing something or if the PM is missing something...
  10. You gotta wonder what the PM is thinking about now being he was so bragging a couple of weeks ago about the auctions had stopped forever. Makes me believe that him and the other politicians are just making to much easy money to stop it. The only way for the Iraqi citizens to get what they want is start burning tires and get that million man demonstration back and going again. This time don't stop until all their demands are met...
  11. I'm sure that the crooked Barzani family and fellow crooks in Kurdistan has already sent the 250,000 barrels of oil to Baghdad for the months Jan, Feb and March...yeah right
  12. Good morning yota, I can’t help but laugh at these fools. They need to get some different spokespersons from their parliament circus because the ones they presently have are running out of excuses for the delays. This clown is now saying the electric grid and loans is the holdup...LMAO
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