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  1. Oh I plan on it, whining, whining…LMAO Would you Iranian cheerleaders please post the articles where they and Maliki say their going to RV the Iraqi Dinar. Do you people not read the articles who this new PM is? Knowledge and Google are wonderful things if used….
  2. I hope you’re right yota but the whole world is giving Iraq high fives and congratulations for their new government. Maliki and Iran has pressed forward with forming the government ever since Al Sadr gave up. I’m thinking with all the influence Iran has with the Iraqi federal courts this could be pushed back for a long time. It’s hard for me to believe that we’re gonna wake up in the next few months and Iraq under the guidance of Iran is gonna change the Dinar exchange rate to match the dollar…
  3. WOW, what took the Iranians so long to takeover Baghdad? 48 hours, they must be slipping. I’m surprised with all the demonstrations and protests in Iran they were able to mobilize that quickly. You gotta know Maliki and the boys are having one hell of a party this weekend…
  4. Agreed Keylime, what I’m missing is why Iran would want to strengthen the Iraqi Dinar. Oh, I hope they do but just don’t know their endgame. Could it be by strengthening the Dinar it would be more profitable in the black market smuggling of their currency?
  5. Well sure it is, Iran will annex Iraq in a matter of months in my opinion. I haven’t figured out yet what I’m gonna do with all this Dinar I’m holding, any suggestions? Iran has about bankrupt their country so it only figures they will do the same with Iraq. I haven’t seen any articles on the response from Al Sadr yet. Sorry for venting my disappointment on here but I’ve obviously wasted a lot of years in this big gamble….
  6. I bet it doesn’t take Al Maliki and Iran 30 days to form the government. The next few weeks should be a blast…WHOOPS
  7. I guess we can always hope but going off the record of the past 25 years I’m not really expecting anything to happen on Thursday. The Kurdish politicians haven’t put out a press release stating they have all agreed on a candidate that I can remember…hope I’m wrong
  8. You gotta know that there was some back room deal making before Al-Maliki turned himself into the courts…. I guess when you own a couple of the judges it’s just a matter of making an appearance….
  9. It’s starting, Iran now telling the citizens of a supposedly sovereign country where they can travel. This is why Al-Sadr will never agree to the puppet that Iran wants as the PM. I’m not sure Iraq can go another year with this circus their going through now. It appears to me that the only solution is for Al-Sadr to take his army and run the Iranians out of the country. The last time Iraq was free from the Iranian influence was when Sadam went to war with them….
  10. This meeting with the UN Security Council ended with exactly what I predicted the other day. Dialog seems to be the catch phrase for all the incompetent tribes and organizations over there. They all know by now that the new government formation runs through the Sadrist block. If Al Sadr will stick to his guns he will eventually force enough of the blocks to side with him…
  11. Any bets on the recommendation of the UN to resolve the crisis is more dialogue? Probably one of the most useless organizations in the world and the USA continues to waste money on them. I can’t wait to hear all the latest developments going on in Iraq…lol
  12. Probably came up with a brilliant idea of more dialogue needed. Also probably stressed that the country needed to get out of some type of political crises.. I know I’m probably way off base in my thinking but that’s the first thing that came to mind…
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