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  1. I'm thinking this is further education for the masses...
  2. Joe, I sent Mr. I an email a couple of days ago to reset my password that will expire in a couple of days an received my temporary password today. Their still in business....
  3. miquel, I was thinking the same thing. Logic would say that Iraq would need to RV their currency before they started trading it to Iran. They signed the papers today so you would think if this is the plan that the RV should be imenant.
  4. I knew there was a good reason I never bought any of that currency....
  5. These bunch of morons, their just about as stupid as these Iraqi clowns. I’m sure Trumps phone is burning up with calls I told you so, not... You probably won’t hear anything from John Kerry or Barack on these missiles either...
  6. At some time one of Iraq’s PM has to find some guts an balls to make a decision on Iran. Maliki, Abadi an now Mahdi has danced on the fence trying to please the US an Iran an look like fools. I’m thinking Trump is going to make these little people finally grow up.
  7. Never have been a big fan of Kurdistan but glad to see the Barzani family knows who can help them keep all their evil secrets...They will always vote to keep a US force in Iraq.
  8. Pitcher, we will never find where all that money went. I was in Baghdad fron 2004 - 2009 an what people don’t realize that LOGCAP was the biggest logistical operation in the history of the US. We were trying to mobilize thousands of personnel into Iraq every week. What the average Joe in the US doesn’t know that there were probably as many US military personnel went to prison as civilians. That was the Wild West where money made everything happen an could buy a lot of usually honest folks. On a personal note, when the guy was on R&R that made the trip to BIAP (airport) to the duty free for alcohol, I would buy it from a soldier. A lot of people involved in these crimes have probably died or in hiding someplace where they will never be found...
  9. I got the same email, if I get time today or tomorrow I might check into this 7 day a week location at the Vegas location.
  10. How about passing a law that mandates Iraq to leave the Stone Age an join the rest of the civilized world. Maybe in a few more generations some of the cave man DNA will go away an they can begin to start thinking like normal humans...
  11. An the year before that an the year before that...
  12. Kurdistan an the corrupt Kurds, holding up progress as usual.
  13. Thanks yota, it appears some of the crooks aren't getting their share of the bounty so they want to stop it. About time....
  14. DoD

    Warka Bank Interest

    Steelwire, Warka paid me right at 1.3 % on my account. That's a mighty big drop from years gone by....

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