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  1. They sure do throw that word "Journalist" around pretty loosely in the article but look at the money he's saving the tax payers....
  2. Another way to boost the states budget would be quit stealing from it....
  3. It's funny they are allocating 50 billion Dinar for this project but in reality it will end up being 50 billion Dollars. If you calculate how long it's taking to form a government after the May elections, (which still by the way is not complete) an take in consideration all the bribes an corruption involved in this adventure, 50 billion Dollars will probably not cover this 5 + year project....
  4. DoD


    mylilpony, no need to apologize for your comments, yours are as good or bad as any of the rest of ours. You continue to speak what's on your mind an tell us your opinion on these articles just like the rest of us do. I hope your husband regains his health an you start to sleep better...
  5. jg1, correct again, that's the only site to check on...don't believe me ask Adam Montana....
  6. jg1, now that is a true statement if I ever heard one. People need to realize that these guru sites are like our rumors section here at DV's, only for entertainment. If they would only notice that hardly any of them give any links to a credible source which only makes it an opinion piece for them. I've heard the phrase a "Roller Coaster Ride" for many years, what makes it a roller coaster ride is peoples emotions. If you go by facts an not these gurus opinions of when the RV will happen they wouldn't be on a daily roller coaster ride of ups an downs. The fact that Adam Montana doesn't get on here every week an feed the sheep with all that RV BS is another reason I hang around this site. When I see the auctions stopped an the lower LD's ( 1,5,10, 25, etc.) I will start to get a little excited.
  7. Floridian, read my previous post, there are no 250, 500 Dinar notes on the streets. The cab drivers an vendors can not make change for the 10k, 25k Dinar notes people are paying with. These articles have been in the news for months, they are finally getting them issued. Nothing to get excited about here...
  8. Agreed Laid Back, all their doing is replacing the worn out notes on the street. As previous articles has stated there are none of these notes on the streets an they need them.
  9. DoD

    Go Iraq

    Now that's funny, makes for a good photo op but will probably be years before that will happen. These idiots can't even agree who will be their next Minister of Defense an they want to open up the green zone, LMAO... It sounds like a campaign slogan from Mahdi rather than a realistic operation from his government. The US Embassy is there along with most of the international agents. Until Iran is completely out of the picture the green zone an our Embassy will remain behind the blast walls. In case your not familiar with the green zone, it is a big area that was established when we took over Baghdad to house our troops an eventually build our Embassy. This area has blast walls around them an the traffic was diverted through other areas. There are checkpoints to enter the green zone an to enter the US Embassy takes a little time, even with the right credentials. I just don't think President Trump will allow Mahadi to let Iran drive up to the gates of our embassy an throw a bomb over the wall or set up some rocket launchers across the street to shoot inside the compound.
  10. If I was Mahdi I would tell these morons to forget about a vote an I would run each of these offices proxy... I was surprised to see that Abadi wasn't nominated for any position in his cabinet.
  11. Folks, this is not a typo, look up the exchange rate of the Kuwaiti Dinar an you will find the article is correct. The article is referring to the Kuwaiti Dinar...
  12. So does the USA the only country that uses the Straight of Hormuz? I would think not so where are the ships from Japan, China, England etc. this is the part where a lot of Americans get tired an worn out. Trump needs to send the bill to the UN for policing this straight if the rest of the world wants their oil to continue.
  13. It would probably be easier for these morons to send out a working day schedule than a holiday schedule...

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