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  1. An we call Iraq a third world country, there are some things that even a poor ignorant sheep herder knows.....
  2. Short answer, yes your stock portfolio is gone. Your shares were sold an transferred to your Dinar account at Warka Bank. Unfortunately at this time you can’t correspond with the bank....
  3. I have to agree an while we’re at wishing we had a future vision of what to spend our money on, what about Google, Apple an Facebook. If I had invested all the money I have invested in the Dinar into anyone of these stocks I would be laughing at anyone who suggested buying a crazy currency called the Iraqi Dinar....
  4. You see all these pretty pictures of gas being flared off, that’s what their buying from the Iranians. The Iraqis don’t have the technology to use this gas to run their power plants for electricity. Maybe one day they’ll get caught up with the 21st century....
  5. You phony Iranian puppet, what you really mean to say is Warns Against Targeting any diplomatic mission in Iraq other than the USA embassy....
  6. I would recommend educating yourself on the real Dinar. Google is a wonderful tool for learning new things. eBay is where I’ve been buying my Dinar for many years. The first thing I do when I open an envelope is count the notes, second thing is hold them up to the light to make sure the horse head is there. There are several other security features to look for like the strip running through it. This is not rocket science for sure but like other things buyer beware...
  7. The price of cigarettes not the dollar is what made me quit....
  8. I haven't seen one article that states the CBI is devaluing the Dinar, as matter of fact the only thing I've read from the CBI is that aren't responsible for the large gap in the exchange rate. I can see all these CBI members sitting around the table at tea time smoking on their bongs an laughing hysterically at all these idiot speculators buying up the US Dollar. Slapping each other on the back an saying their plan is working as planned..
  9. Laid Back, I'm thinking the CBI has a masterful plan without saying a word. They let out a leak to a couple of these ministers an economist about a devaluation of the Dinar coming an their helping them do what they've been trying to do for years, draw in the chunk money. These speculators will wake up one morning an the currency auctions will have stopped an find out their Dinar is worth as much as their US Dollar. Now they will need to exchange their US Dollar for the new lower denomination Dinar notes for a fee of course. I'm gonna bet with the house this time around an buy anothe
  10. yota, if these morons continue to drive the exchange rate lower on the Dinar an allow for inflation to climb, they haven't seen protesting an tires burning in the streets like what's gonna happen. The protesters are already being killed in Kurdistan an when the poor people around Baghdad can't buy anything on account of a worthless Dinar, the entire country will be on fire. I think the budget will get passed this week by the counsel and by parliament next week. I guess the gambler in me is thinking the CBI is allowing all these The Sky is Falling articles to circulate for a reason...come on 1/
  11. Well the hell, if we’re gonna turn this into a political thread let’s go. What do y’all think about the ridiculous picks that your new president elect is picking for his cabinet? Can you believe he’s just recycling the same crooks in the swamp? What’s your thoughts on the state with more votes for Biden than voters? Can you believe that FOX news, they should fire everyone of them. Damn I’m getting exhausted on all this political knowledge I’m obtaining, please someone help me....
  12. Rmc10, I'm not dogging you sir, I'm simply asking to respect the thread that the owner of the site has started that relates to his update. If I'm not mistaken there is a political section on Dinar Vets that encourages you to obtain ALL the knowledge an BS you can stand. Trust me when I say their are a lot of folks on here that are burned out on all the corruption the Washington swamp has created the past few years. Sorry Adam your weekly update thread has been highjacked. Maybe we can get back to talking Dinar again....
  13. Thanks yota for the articles... Sounds like some of the parliament MP's are a little ticked off about all the corruption in the currency auctions. Could this be part of the tsunami in the monetary reforms that are about to hit...I'm loving the timing of all this.
  14. Rmc10, you happen to be the last quote on this thread so I will just pick it up from here... I don’t watch Fox or any other so called news broadcast anymore so I kinda hang out in the DV section. I like to see Adams update an seems I’m getting the same BS here in his update. Could I make a request to keep all this political BS in another section an leave Adams update to his section alone please. I’m sure there’s another section in DV’s for all this garbage that most of us could care less about, thanks....
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