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  1. Synopsis, That's the way I see it going down also. IMHO the reason Abadi is not still the PM is because he didn't prosecute Maliki or any big time officials or bring prosperity to the people. Even though he liberated them from ISIS that still wasn't enough to win another election. The same with the current proxy CBI governor. With all his trophies an that a-boys will not be enough to keep his job. Putting his name on the new currency is only an excuse to fire him. If he would have given the people more purchasing power (RV) he would have been a hero an had a long term job but waiting until a more suitable, secure environment has back fired on him is my belief. The new PM appears to me is starting to replace everyone from previous administrations. I read an article not long ago stating the new PM would be Mahdi an Abadi would be the VP, they got half of it right now waiting to see if Abadi will be a VP...
  2. LB, I agree brother this move doesn't make sense. As I look through the articles I only see pictures of the 1000, 500, 250 notes, they mention coexisting with the notes already in circulation but I'm thinking they will not distribute anymore 25k, 10k, or 5k notes. The article today said a shipment of 1000k notes arrived last week an another shipment of 500 an 250 will be next week. Still no mention of a shipment of 25k, 10k or the 5k to be delivered. What I can't figure out is why the stall, there has to be a reason why they keep pushing this thing out...
  3. If they will hurry up an RV the Dinar to make it equal to the US Dollar I don't care if they give Maliki another palace to live in an make him Deputy PM....
  4. I hope Trump tells them to go crap in their hat. Also threaten them with pulling out of the UN, that should really piss them off....
  5. The light finally came on for France an now knows Trump was right when he pulled the USA out of this bogus nuclear deal with Iran. Some of the other European countries will soon follow suit but their dislike of Trump will make them hesitate. Most Americans an foreigners have yet to realize that Trump didn't become the businessman he is today by being politically correct an humble. He's rough an tough an takes no prisoners, just the kind of president America has been needing for the past 25 years...
  6. Leave it to the idiot Kurds to screw things up again, I guess a total recount is in order. Iraq needs another Sadame, they just can't think for themselves.
  7. Yep, business as usual with these inept corrupt morons. Same seats just different bodies occupying them, I'm beginning to think Iraq doesn't really have a chance. You gotta figure when a cafeteria takes presence over the Parliment hall you have voted again for the wrong people...
  8. Agreed Pitcher, I'm pretty sure Iran is really embarrassed by these terrorist coming inside their house an killing their elite guards an civilians. I would suggest this is the proper time for Iran to go bomb Israel, they have been wanting a fight a long time...
  9. DoD

    RV 2019 or Beyond?

    Theseus, big difference man apples an oranges...Romad said he was talking to the village people in Iraq an your just some faceless wizard on the internet. lol
  10. What I find hysterical is they can't agree on a PM, President or form their government but somehow gonna fix the problems in Basra. They can barely come up with enough of these monkeys to hold a quorum. This new speaker of parliament needs to take baby steps an work on getting a functioning government seated before they try to fix problems like Basra. I guess all this depends on who's paying you the biggest kick backs....
  11. LMAO!!! Just when you thought it was safe again to give Kurdistan the benefit of having a brain they prove again that's not the case. I'm beginning to belive the Kurds originated from the inbreeding of the Sunnis, Goats an Camels. It still appears the Barzani family pulling the strings in Kurdistan, I guess the sheep like being sheared.....
  12. DoD

    RV 2019 or Beyond?

    hspotman, don't let Romads post get you dishearten, his comments about the Dinar is no more fact than Frank, Walkingtick, Mt Goat or any of the gurus. He doesn't work for the CBI, he's a contractor talking to the local people in a small village over there which are giving him THEIR opinion. Nothing against him relaying opinions from the locals but in my 10 years over there in talking to the locals I found most didn't have bank accounts or very knowledgeable of current politics. If he was talking to people that worked for the CBI I would be more interested but the average Iraqi knows only the US Dollar is good an the Dinar is cheap. I would bet 8 out of 10 has never heard of or knows anything about a thing called the HCL...
  13. DoD

    Expired Account?

    A little advice about the temp password, I know because I did the same thing you did. Once you log into your account with that temp password go straight to the tab an change it. I suggest log off an then sign back on. That temp password is only good for that one time, it took me months an emailing a friend back an forth to figure out what I was doing wrong. Once you change your password, ignore the Wrong Password that pops up an log off. Then log back on with your new password. Try that next month when you get your new temp password from Mr I...
  14. No surprise here, what's the rush though heck they still have a couple of weeks to wheel an deal.

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