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  1. Well I guess the time is finally here to see if Iraq is ready to get a clean break from its terrorist neighbor. Al-Kazemi will have a choice now to rid Iraq of its Iranian corrupt ways an take the Iraq army and cleanse the streets of its militias. Maliki and his bunch of Iranian puppets will be the ones to watch out for and I’m thinking that’s one reason why Al-Sadr is making provisions to work with the USA….
  2. Stay out of the rumor (BS) section and you won’t keep getting disappointed….. Thats why they call it a roller coaster ride, emotions up, emotions down. No wonder people are fed up with the Dinar speculation…
  3. Thanks yota for the articles…. Folks you need to read this because this was a directive from the IMF years ago to restructure the state banks to the private sector. They don’t mention the other state bank, Rasheed but I will assume it’s also in the works. I had forgotten about the restructuring of the state banks as one of the IMF mandates because it has been that long ago. Some of you folks that’s been here awhile can remember the list the IMF put out. Stop the auctions Restructure state banks Stop using duel currency ect….. I may live long enough after all to see a profit on all this Dinar I hold….
  4. Well coming from a member of the Iranian regime you can chalk this statement up to the typical propaganda garbage. I’m not an Al-Sadr fan but with him combining seats with a few other blocks he will seat this new government rather quickly is my guess….
  5. mark, you are correct sir…. Oil was over 140.00 a barrel in the summer of 2007 and the the average Iraqi was a lot worse off than they are today. I know because I was there and witnessed it first hand. The level of corruption is what’s gonna make the difference in the standard of living for the citizens of Iraq, not the price of oil….
  6. LMAO!!! A country that can’t supply its citizens with electricity and basic living essentials talking about building satellites and nuclear reactors. Still wanting to borrow money and corruption abound. It appears this new burst of oil money from the recent price hike has these crooks brains all messed up. The up coming elections is gonna be pretty interesting, curious to see if they will elect any honest goat herders this session…
  7. You would think that Iraq would make getting electricity to all the houses a higher priority than making a satellite…..
  8. Iraq with all the oil in the world and all it’s world allies is still a third world country. They are probably still 3 generations away from coming into a total international unified togetherness. They have to rid themselves of this 1000 year religious cult ideology and join the 21st century. If they will RV the Dinar to whatever, I will forever be grateful and do not ever want to hear the word Iraq again….
  9. They need to eliminate Parliament not just postpone it. They should have a committee of about 9 people and maybe they could actually govern, would save a ton of money to boot.
  10. Sounds like the same politicians BS here in the USA trying to get a vote for an election.
  11. Hang in there Floridian don’t let these guys get to ya. I will agree to the statement about the pizza boy though. We been in this circus long enough to know that none of these gurus knows anymore than the rest of us. I would think only the CBI could tell you how much Dinar is out there. Maybe this insane speculation will soon come to an end….
  12. Good Morning yota and thanks for the articles on this subject. All the years I worked in Afghanistan was a waste, I can only imagine what our military thinks about this. I wonder what all our liberal friends think of the terrorist starting to retake the region….
  13. Very true Sage, it’s a shame that a country like Afghanistan has nothing to offer the world but heroin and terrorist are the only people who want to own it. They have no government and the military is a bunch of gutless cowards. There has been way to many American lives lost in that wasteland for us to stay there. Iran will set up their own terrorist network in that god forsaken country because the world knows now that the country of Afghanistan is a failed and hopeless state….
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