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  1. Well it appears the peaceful demonstrations should come to an end. Time to start carrying AK-47s an grenades. Let’s burn this parliament building down, not used anyway. Moving on to the houses of present and former parliament members, burn them all down. CBI, here’s your warning. Give us a currency with some purchasing power or your next on the list. WOW, maybe I should go over there an be their leader being they don’t seem to have one...
  2. The protesters are slipping, they need to shut down the airport as well. An why they stopped the demand for this incompetent president to resign is beyond me. This screwed up country needs a complete do over from top to bottom. The problem with getting rid of this useless president would mean putting that Iranian puppet speaker of the Parliament in charge. Come on you bunch of protesters, step up the pressure on this sorry excuse of a government...
  3. This is a business man an not a politician is what I like, he also hates Maliki... I like this guy....good choice Iraq.
  4. Hoping they will choose this guy Allawi, the cousin to the ex PM. He’s a business man an not a politician but best part is he dislikes al-Maliki...
  5. Thug, are you finding any articles to back up the claim by Frank that many of the employees from the CBI was arrested yesterday?
  6. LMAO!!! I was wondering how long this beautiful marriage would last, I figured at least more than a What a mess of a country...
  7. Wait a minute, it has been my understanding that the World Bank, US Treasure, UN, IRS an many more agency’s been working in Iraq an the CBI for years. Now all of a sudden an employee says there’s been some illegal activity going on... Say it ain’t so....
  8. I have a question, does this mean Iraq will be with out a PM for at least another month an a half?
  9. I guess this is the reason for the month an a half vacation. What a weak an miserable country these sheep live in...
  10. No apologies needed Ron, this isn’t the news section. You have to remember you’ve been posting great news about the RV tomorrow from these gurus for a long
  11. I am to Pitcher, just a little put out with this so government. You would think a country that had any type of functional government that had a foreign government shooting missals an assassinating people and another foreign country shooting rockets into your military bases would be working around the clock not taking a month vacation...your country has turned into a battlefield for foreign governments to conduct their proxy wars. You people are beyond help, where’s Saddam when you need him?
  12. Officially, no hurry, take that money an go to the spa for the day. A sauna, steam room an massage will do wonders for the soul an body...
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