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  1. WOW, didn’t mean to hurt your buttercup feelings utah but just sharing the facts. Don’t want to hijack the thread with a bunch of political garbage (the liberals are doing that on TV now)....
  2. WOW an with the entire world knowing what’s going on they still continue with the corruption even today. You would think that the World Bank, IMF and the US Treasure would have something to say about it...
  3. Nothing surprising about this, probably 100's of Russian, Venezuela and Singapore countries there as well. This countries could give a rats azz about the USA sanctions….
  4. Being he’s the acting PM and a Kurd, why not activate the Pershmega army to protect the protesters...they could stop all that killing.
  5. Well, I'm thinking it's about time for al Sadr to bring in his armed militia to guard his protesters an start killing some of these Iranian military soldiers. It's also very obvious that the corruption in the GOI is so rampant that their not listening to Sistani or the protesters. All of them must go, a total redo of this GOI is in order.
  6. I would love to see the protesters burn down the house of parliament along with the cafeteria. Next demand all the resignations of these thieves. Then they need NATO, the European Union an USA to come in a set a new government just like they did when they ousted Sadame. At present their still kicking the can an doing nothing to help the protesters. Iran is still in control an until they are all forced out of the government nothing will change. Burn baby burn....
  7. King Bean, I'll give you an example of another useless group your wondering about. Ask to see the accomplishments of the US Congress for the year 2019, I would dare guess the Iraqi parliament got more done...
  8. These fools still don't get it an until they get more afraid of the demonstrators than they are of Iran the protest will continue...
  9. It's obvious that somehow the poor dumb Kurdish sheep have to find the courage to join the rest of the protesters in Iraq an start boycotting the Iranian goods an burning their embassies. When will they start demanding the removal of the crooked Barzani family from the Kurdish government. Until Kurdistan does this house cleaning like the GOI in Baghdad is doing Iraq will still have a major corruption problem...
  10. Somebody help me out here because to me it appears the same bunch of thieves an crooks in this government is now the caretaker government making the rules for the next government. It was my understanding that the protesters wanted all these corrupt thieves gone...
  11. Well I hope she doesn't recommend putting Iraq back in chapter 7 with all these sanctions because it would mean starting from all over from scratch. The corruption is so bad now it appears their not even paying any attention to Sistani any longer. Nothing will happen until they can remove the Iranians from the Iraqi government....
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