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  1. Whatever the 10th day falls on that al Sadr gave them is the day they will vote in the remaining cabinet vacancies an not a day sooner. These morons will wait until the last deadline to get things done. There is obviously something that needs to be voted on an passed through because they extended their session for another month. That puts us in July, could July be our month? We wont have long to wait an see....
  2. The smartest one of the bunch, to the rest of these thieving idiots, if you don't resign you will be terminated....DRAIN the SWAMP Unleash the hounds al Sadr, burn it down...
  3. I beg to differ about having only 3 possibilities, they could terminate all you idiots an have a special election for a do-over. Keep rotating these crooks an thieves out until you can find enough competent politicians to form a government. Over a year since the last elections an still can't form a government. The poor ole dumb Iraq's are so clueless they don't even know it....
  4. Here’s a thought for you bunch of morons, how about legal criminal actions to people SELLING oil to these companies....
  5. LMAO!!!! Now who would have thought it, the Barzani family keeps control of Kurdistan. They must have a bigger family mafia than the ones in Italy. I think they have the poor ignorant Kurds so scared they have actually gotten to the point where they don’t care how corrupt they are....
  6. 6ly410, you stopped highlighting to soon. The next paragraph tells what we need to hear. These cards are sold in Dollars because the US Dollar is recognized world wide. They are plainly telling us your gonna buy the dollar at the current 1200-1 price an use it world wide. Sounds like their planning a big media blitz next month to promote these cards. Man I was hoping next month would be our time but with each passing day an these articles popping out it surely is pointing to an early 2020 time frame in my opinion...
  7. Well after all these years as PM he couldn’t get it done maybe the title of president as more stroke. He’s a thieving politician just like the rest of them. As you can tell I’m not a Barzani family fan...
  8. Is this a lifetime position or just a 25 year term? These thieves an crooks will continue to steal Iraq blind until they can get them another king or dictator.
  9. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit he’s resigned every other position he’s held in Iraq hasn’t he?
  10. Good Saturday Morning yoga, you never seem to amaze me with your dedication to bringing the daily articles to DV even on the weekends. Hoping we will soon be finished with this journey that we been chasing all these years...
  11. Laid Back, these articles this week could give your early 2020 window a second thought an validation... Not what I’m wanting to see or hear but just following the news coming out of Iraq...
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