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  1. 'Hire the best and fire the worst': Trump proposes biggest civil service change in 40 years Trump plan: 'Hire the best and fire the worst' WASHINGTON — President Trump will seek to "hire the best and fire the worst" federal government employees under the most ambitious proposal to overhaul the civil service in 40 years, officials said. The measures will be outlined in the budget plan that Trump will send to Congress Monday, said four Office of Management and Budget officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because the budget hasn't been released.
  2. I was just going to comment on that. A bloated Goberment is costing We The People dearly.
  3. @Boomerjeff FollowFollow @Boomerjeff More Democrats built FENCES around their 2016 convention venue to protect themselves from Bernie voters. But a fence to protect YOU from international threats is "IMMORAL"? Really? #Trump #BuildTheWall #BorderSecurity #Shutdown
  4. She did however give a dollar towards the wall. LOL
  5. My little sister got shot in the head dead by one someone slipping across the border. He needed a "tear drop." The cops got him several weeks later. The Judge gave him 7 years saying :"The defendant did not know her when he shot her." You have no idea at all until you live it. WE the People Need a wall.
  6. Another Clinton Body Count....this time her Secret Service Agent (or Doctor?). Anyone remember that Black guy who kept following Hillarious around with a medical Pen during 2016 campaign, ready to inject her if she went into seizure in public? Poor guy has now been bumped off as well. Clintons cleaning up behind them, I guess. Dead agents/assistants tell no tales. I guess he didn't keep an "Insurance File" on his laptop at home like Huma did, or Huma would have been bumped off long ago. He Carriied a Medical Injection Pen with him at all times: Fox News: Who is Clinton’s ‘mystery man?’ Here he is: helping her into the Van when she had a seizure and collapsed at the 911 Memorial event in 2016. She can’t walk or stand, she is being held up by a post till the van gets there. Then she gets thrown into the van like a side of beef, losing one of her shoes in the process, as they had to drag her that short distance to the van. After all that loyal service they bumped him off. Maybe he asked for a pay raise???
  7. This sure explains some things. I've left a link for General Flynn's defense fund at the bottom too.
  8. "I Went a Little Bit Crazy..."
  9. PERTH JUST RECORDED ITS COLDEST JANUARY NIGHT IN 18 YEARS Despite Perth being at the height of summer, the temperature in the metro area dipped to 10C at 5.42am on Thursday Jan 03.
  10. Caltrans warns about snow prediction this weekend
  11. Heavy snowing in Kashmir disrupts normal life
  12. One dead, two missing after blizzards hit Greece Saturday, January 5, 2019, 6:04 PM - An elderly woman was found dead and two men were missing after blizzards hit parts of Greece, police officials said on Saturday.

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