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  2. Kamala Harris Is An Anchor Baby, Not A ‘Natural Born Citizen’ Of The United States Here’s a key paragraph from Prof. Eastman’s Newsweek article that goes to the heart of the question: …before we so cavalierly accept Senator Harris' eligibility for the office of vice president, we should ask her a few questions about the status of her parents at the time of her birth. Were Harris' parents lawful permanent residents at the time of her birth? If so, then under the actual holding of Wong Kim Ark, she should be deemed a citizen at birth—that is, a natural-born citizen—and hence
  3. Kamala Harris Owes Homage and Allegiance to Queen of Jamaica As a person born with dual allegiance, foreign influence, and dual-citizenship – Kamala Harris is thus NOT a “natural born Citizen” of the United States. A “natural born Citizen” of the United States is a person born with sole allegiance at birth to the USA and only the USA, a person born in the USA to parents who were both Citizens (born or naturalized) at the time of their child’s birth in the USA. For more about Kamala Harris being a Jamaican Citizenship at Birth per the Constitution of Jamaica, Chapter 2, Section
  4. Huge Crowd of Trump Supporters Line Up to Greet Joe Biden Outside Union Training Center in Minnesota (VIDEO)
  5. Black Lives Matter Mob Blocks NBA Bus with Referees and Media — Flips Them Off
  6. Joe Biden has Not Held a Rally with More than 100 People IN SIX MONTHS — Since March 9th!
  7. Great Again: Trump Approval Rating Hits 53%
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