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  1. You think the negs are bad now wait and see what happens if this doesn't go the way everyone is saying it will. I don't think I've ever seen this many people excited at one time. I hope it happens otherwise I think there will be a lot more cynical and jaded dinar owners. JMO
  2. cranman

    Go Iraq

    Who is dinar investor? What is his back ground that makes him a reliable source? I'm curious because I see you mention him all the time. I just watched some of his videos. He seems genuine but does he have connections or does he just report news and interject his opinions?
  3. So do we really think the RV will happen before the end of June because the ministry has been seated?
  4. Ha. That wasn't a threat. It was me acknowledging that I get riled up and angry over things that I shouldn't and I try to avoid that from happening. A little defensive aren't you? Never said I was leading you. I was merely referring to times in my life where I was misunderstood in my communications. You were in the military. Were the orders you gave or were issued to you always clear and concise? Maybe you don't understand as well as you think you do.
  5. You know, in my past experiences in leadership roles when your orders or statements are misconstrued or not clearly understood it is often because the orders or statements were not presented clearly. Notice I said some times. I'm going to leave this conversation now because neither of us is understanding what the other is trying to say. That's the problem with typing responses sometimes. It may require a small novel to get a point across.
  6. Your last post asked if murder, abortion and stealing was ok with me. I took that as if you have no tolerance for anything that goes against Gods law. My apologies if that's not what you meant. So you are saying you can tolerate 2 people of the same sex being married? Great. If not great. I don't judge or care. Don't label me either. I don't understand how you can place a label on me as if you know everything that I stand for or believe. As if from this site and our limited conversations you know what I have done in my life for my country, family and friends. This happens easy and often on different threads and tempers rise and nasty things get said. I've learned to tolerate what I can and avoid things that I can't. I have a nasty temper but am wise enough to avoid situation that don't warrant it coming out. So again, please don't label me.
  7. I say again, I was responding to the above issue that started this thread. I don't know what to tell you if that 2 people of the same sex being married is to much for you tolerate. I don't and won't get involved in every moral issue that tend to go against others belief because it is a losing battle.
  8. In a perfect world that would happen. Since man never has been,nor will be, perfect we do the best we can. Everyone has the choice to believe what they believe and practice as such. I understand that the law of God should always be held over the law of man. But unfortunately, for some issues tolerance needs to be practiced and have faith that the world will not fall in to depravity just because some things we don't agree with occur. I really didn't want this thread to turn into a debate about religion. Just expressing my opinion on the above story.
  9. Nicely stated. As for the ruby givers, they are entitled to give them as they seem fit. I just wish they would explain why they give them. I have received a few in the past myself.
  10. True. I could get into a whole different conversation about that but I hate those debates. People who believe Gods laws need to accept that some laws that have been passed (such as same sex marriage) need to be recognized and respected even if it goes against your values and beliefs. After all, they are Laws!
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