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  1. Shooting with both eyes open is very effective and tactically correct. Especially when kicking in doors and clearning rooms. Just saying. Lol
  2. Just curious. Do you not pay taxes? What do you so differently than everyone else? How are you living your life differently with a noticable absence of government affecting it? I may want to follow your footsteps
  3. I believe that violence only breeds more violence. The Taliban are misunderstood and need to be given a chance to explain their ideology and show how it will benefit others. It truly could bring the world together and prevent all future wars. Did you order the Code Red?
  4. I haven't got involved in many debates in awhile, but I need to have a say in this one. No matter who and when negotiated what kind of a withdraw, when the plan starts to go to hell, when the outcome is not turning out be what was expected, you pump the breaks and re evaluate the situation. Conduct an assessment and develop another course of action. I dont get to upset over world affairs easily but this pisses me off to no end. As a retired soldier who spent 10 months over there, to exit like we did is a disgrace. We could have easily temporarily halted or slowed down the Talibans crazy fast take over. We had other options than "the full speed" half baked plan. I want troops to be safe as well. But what we did (and what the local goverment, police and military) was just wrong and sent a signal to the rest of the terrorist around that Afghanistan is ready and open for business. A few weeks or months to conduct the evacuations, secure the visas and possibly direct the Afghan military with American leadership against the new assault by the Taliban would have been a better course of action. Certainly a better option than the Charlie Foxtrot that is occurring right now. Not an armchair QB. Just someone with experience who is looking past party lines and stating my opinion as a service member of the U.S. military.
  5. Are you my long lost brother? Lol. You said exactly everything I feel and believe. I have many friends who believe in God, in different denominations, and are great people. They indulge me in my discussions and often times go away having more belief in their faith while at the same time respecting my beliefs. I never try to change anyone's mind. I just want to be decent towards others and have them treat me the same. Thank you for participation.
  6. Tell my why you are a believer? Why do you believe what man has written? I know the bible was written by men who God spoke to. We can start there.
  7. The only reason I stated I have been baptized, confirmed, attended CCD and was an alter boy was to explain that I have been exposed to the catholic faith. My parents did the right thing and ensured I was exposed to make a choice. Nothing more and nothing less. I just thought about it and made a personal decision. I quoted scripture for 2 reasons. One, to show I'm not ignorant of the bible's teachings and secondly that one should not imply ( call) that someone is a fool just because they are not a believer. It wouldn't be nice if I called someone a fool for being a believer. The fact that they believe has no affect on the way I live my life. Just as me be being a non believer has no affect on the way you live your life. I am truly glad you found salvation by accepting God and his son into your life. I hope you have nothing but peace and love in your life. Just don't look down on us who do not believe. We still live our lives like you. We are decent people who respect others. We just dont believe. Simple as that. Your words carry great weight. As I have said before, I like to discuss ( not argue) religion. So by all means, carry on and say what you want to say about you beliefs and experiences.
  8. Did you ever stop to think that animals kill mostly just for food. Only go to war to protect territories and family (pack) members. Are very rarely monogamous and live a very basic existence. Gluttony and desecration of their environment is not a top priority in their life. Domination and complete destruction of different species is not a goal they aspire to have. I'm not suggesting we live like animals and stop trying to improve our lives. For all our knowledge and abilities you would think we would be better to each other and our world. But the more we know, the better we become at finding ways to destroy each other and our resources. Don't get me wrong. I think the average person the world over, are probably good and decent. I've been to Iraq and Aghanistan and seen the average person. Even at their lowest point in their life they wanted to be portrayed as good. I believe it is the few in high places, with unlimited resources and power that are evil and seek to divide by any means necessary. It just seems that race, religion and political affiliation are favorite issues to cause division and hatred towards each others. Discussion of any of these issues seems to raise hackles and put people on the defense therefore eliminating any chance of a civil discussion. JMO
  9. Sounds like a narcissistic God. We were created to believe in him or suffer for all eternity. Greek gods needed to be believed in to survive. If the believing stopped they would create a catastrophe to make people believe again. So they say. Not going to lie. Your post was very long and I just skimmed it. I could be talking out my arse.
  10. You can imply he created me all you want. It makes it true in your eyes only. I can respect that as it has no bearing or affect on my beliefs, or lack there of. See how that works? But tell me. Why do you believe?
  11. Don't act so like you didn't mean to imply I'm a fool. If you don't believe in what you wrote then what is the sense of posting it? If you know I'm not a believer what need was there to post that except to imply I'm a fool? I don't believe in God so how can I know his word? I get irritated when people quote scripture to those who don't because it makes me believe you are not listening. I don't believe in what the scripture says. I'm not a believer. Nothing more and nothing less . It's great that you do. If it makes you happy and guides you through life, that is truly a wonderful thing. I hope you understand that quoting scripture to non believer is like saying to a believer that the devil is good but just misunderstood. After all, he was an angel at one time. It doesn't make sense and accomplishes nothing.
  12. Stating someone's destiny is God's will is suggesting that the person has no free will and that their destiny has been pre ordained. If that is the case then who has free will to live their life as they see fit? Or are you saying God has judged this person and is manipulating the persons actions.? Again, I like to debate( not argue) religion.
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