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  1. That is correct. It would be a tragedy for those traveling to cross some Central American countries and all the way through Mexico. with all its beauty and hospitality, only to twist an ankle tripping over a panel laying on the ground at the border. Very irresponsible of us.
  2. Also, that news clip about FLOTUS comparing Latinos to tacos is just more divisive BS. That was not her intent. But hey, let's not waste an opportunity to be offended. I mean the more the country can be divided and weakened the better right? Were you really so bothered by that you felt a need to copy a link? It's getting to the point where you won't able to say "Good Morning " with out offending some sensitive sally.
  3. Ok. Believe what you want. I'm not going to try to convince you to think otherwise. I won't lose any sleep over it. Obviously you don't understand the military culture. 99% ( give or take) of the population don't either. Some people in the military struggle to understand it. Especially the younger generation. But none the less, the culture, expectations, standards and code of conduct exist and are expected to be accepted and followed in all branches of the military. It's just the way it is
  4. Not sure why you care what FLOTUS says in regards to this issue. She is not in military. This was about the Generals statements who was working / contracted by the military. I can't make it any clearer than that. What FLOTUS said is irrelevant. Your opinion is irrelevant as it does not coincide with the conduct expected from an officer. It's not a " she said something so I can say something " situation. But that's what appears to be your stance.
  5. Again, that's a civilians opinion. The military expects the officers and enlisted personnel to act and speak in a certain manner. It's not really about your opinion. It's what you agree to when you voluntarily enlist. Ecepecially as an officer. Kind of like calling your commanders wife an stupid, babbling idiot. The wife is not a military member but you don't bad mouth or mock your commanders wife. You just don't do it. Conduct unbecoming of an officer and enlisted personnel.
  6. This explains the military's view. Not a civilians view which is irrelevant in this case.
  7. That's your opinion and you're entitled to it. I was simply stating if he signed a contract with the military that required him to abide my the military's standards and conduct, then he absolutely has to consider what he says, and on what forum he says it on. He was working under contract for the military as a mentor for officers. There is a certain conduct that officers in all branches need to adhere too. I'm sure stating anything about the FLOTUS, the presidents wife, is something that is highly discouraged and not something they want a mentor teaching new officers. I'll say it again, when you voluntarily join the military, you give up some freedoms. It's the military way. You dont have to like it. But then again you dont have to enlist either.
  8. When you enlist in the military you agree to become part of an organization that has rules, standards and espirit de corps. You don't go to public forums and state disparaging remarks about the POTOUS, FLOTUS and government officials. You don't get to choose which war to fight, which deployment you embark on or what your physical state of readiness is. Freedom in all forms is wonderful thing and needs to be protected at all cost. But freedom is also the main reason we have so much divisiveness, violence and states moving in different directions in regards to judicial issues. The military is an organization, that you volunteer for, that tries to remove all that as much as possible as its goal is to train, fight wars and protect our freedom. Hard to do to if everyone is allowed to do what they want, when they want and only when it fits thier religious beliefs, political views or physical abilities. You give up certain parts of your freedoms in order to protect Freedom for others. If the retired generals contract with the military required him to abide the same rules, regulations and standards as an enlisted personnel then he needs to be very careful what he says and where he says. Or he shouldn't sign. He was supposed to be acting as a mentor for other officers I believe. Just my opinion as someone who served for many years. Others who have served may not agree. But I'm old fashion that way. Lol
  9. Retired General at that. He's allowed to have an opinion and enjoy free speech. Unless the contract, he agreed to and signed, stated otherwise.
  10. To be fair Ron, a lot of what you post fom numerous Gurus are outright lies as well. Just not as obvious, but lies none the less. Frankie is one of the biggest BSers there is. But we come here to be entertained, get some hopium and possibly get some sliver of truth. But mostly its garbage (i.e. lies). We know it, you know it and most of us are ok with it. What's reasonable to you may not be reasonable to others. This is an unusual event that was supposed to have happened numerous times based on rumors (lies). Tiers may be a possibility. Who's to say politicians and other elite people of society won't cash out before us? I doubt it BUT it's a possibility. Rumors and lies are all false truths until proven to be facts. Just my opinion. Keep posting you rumors. I enjoy them
  11. This is a pretty eye opening situation. A little off topic, but if a person wants to do harm or kill other people or groups of people, they will find a way to do it. Either with a vehicle, pipe bomb , IED or in this case a homemade double barrel shotgun. Background checks and other REASONABLE gun control measures should be implemented to prevent felons, people with mental isssues and people of interest from obtaining a firearm of any kind. But at the end of a day where there is a will to cause death, injury and chaos, there is a way. Guns in their hands just make it more convenient. Guns in my hands may prevent it. My opinion.
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