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  1. Certainly closer than yesterday.
  2. The crypto world is not looking to promising right now.
  3. Iraq fiscal year starts and ends with the calendar year. So............maybe January?
  4. 70 Trillion IQD at $1 USD per IQD is $70 Trillion . Right now 70 Trillion IQD is only $47.6 Billion USD Correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Doesn't the fiscal year and calendar year start at different times? Or is that just the US?
  6. We already have a laws prohibiting pre mediated murder, manslaughter and physical harm/ abuse against one another. Those laws would imply that use of any type of weapon to perpetrate those acts would be illegal. What would one more gun law achieve? I forget. All the gun laws in the world would not prevent someone from commting murder with a rifle or hand gun when they are committed. We probably should get a law on the books for pipe bombs, suicide vest and VBIEDs before they become popular. (Sarcasm)
  7. What would be the point? Why did you post this trash? Don't tell me you believe this. This is just garbage click bait on YouTube.
  8. Agree to disagree. I'm not a compassionate or empathetic person. Just not my nature. But I know many people that are. I'm sure there are more of that kind of people than there are of my kind. That's a good thing.
  9. I get my information from multiple sources and decide what's real, a lie and what's just slanted mis information. I follow no one and watch what's going on around me from my little corner of the world. There are too many people blinded by party affiliation, religion or conspiracy theorist groups that actively look for any type of news to prove they're right. The problem is they won't fact check the info they receive. They just blindly believe it and pass it on therefore adding to an already inflamed populace. Not one person can say they have an unbiased source. Most people are biased by nature. Add religion, politics or other woke items into the mix and you will really see the bias flare up. As long as humans live there will always be greed, corruption, war, murder, hate and lies in the world. There will also be love, compassion, happiness, innovation, honor and truth at the same time. It's just the way it has been, is and always will be. As long as humans exist so will all the above. Good and bad. No one knows what is truly going on or what will happen. To say unequivocally you/ they do is to promote ones own vision of self grandiose. Just my opinion.
  10. Another clip from the game Arma3. Look familiar?
  11. Seriously. This is a video game clip. Why would Russian ships have a stream of smoke coming from them? Do artillery shells really leave a smoke trail? This was not an actual event. And I didn't vote for Biden. Not that it should matter in regards to this issue.
  12. You know this is a fake video, right? Is that what you meant by don't believe anything the media says?
  13. Well hell, I'll join in on the fun. Ahemmm........... I live in Texas and can confirm I am now a multi- millionaire. Wells Fargo exchanged Iraqi Dinar at $4.95 USD for 1 IQD. BUT it was for a limited time only and you had to be in Tier 1 and you could only exchange the currency from 12 AM to 3 AM . It was a safety protocol to avoid the average bank customer. You would have been notified by the bank manager to set up your appointment if you were in Tier 1. It was a glorious but secretive event. Champagne, chocolate truffles, caviar and an extensive charcuterie board. I'm sure I wasn't the only one that was able to exchange Please share your experiences.
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