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  1. We're getting closer everyday but we still have sometime to go.
  2. @nstoolman1 That's an option. I like it. It happens in other countries. It could work.
  3. So your saying that people who want to come here legally won't want to become citizens or at least get a green card? That they won't do what they need to do to properly assimilate? That's a broad statement to make about everyone. You'll have some violators. That happens no matter how they come in.
  4. @caz1104 I stated in my post that the funds could come from the normal funds we send to them to help their countries or the countries with the mass exodus could donate money to help their people here.. How hard is it to track people in a camp. At least at a camp, they voluntarily came to, they would be in one central location. At that time they could be processed, vetted, and if deemed acceptable, released. If they try to come in any other way then away they go. Boot in ass back over the border. A wall is a good start and deterrent but not a fix all/ stop all solution. As long as there is a massive delay to enter the country, they will come in way they can. I don't agree but that's the way it is.
  5. i agree the wall should be built as well. They shouldn't be allowed in illegally.
  6. I will say I am a Trump supporter but the wall , as far as I know , is not being paid for by Mexico. I never thought it would be. A bad and improbable promise made from the start. Unless it was hidden somewhere in the new NAFTA agreement and would be paid for by Mexico in some other way over the course of many years or decades. Who knows? Running a country is a business and may be happening that way.
  7. @Texstorm You say lock the border up and then say you have some good workers who have green cards. Which is it? Are you saying that no immigrants should have a chance? I don't think that it was you meant. I'm just asking for clarification.
  8. @caz1104 I guess I should have stated that it be voluntary for them to come tot he camp. But read the rest of the post. It would be a place for them to stay until they are vetted and processed to come in to the country legally. Or be sent back to their country. Either way we would have some accountability of them. Some of them come in illegally because the process is so long and the system is backed up. What I proposed is not illegal.. It's called a refugee camp and that's exactly what they're for. If you're for nothing else than locking down the border then you will continue to have the problem with them crossing in illegally. If you haven't figured it out you can't shoot them and we don't just send them back. They are already detained, questioned and housed when we catch them any way. Then we decide what to do with them. That's if and when we catch them.
  9. Haha. I know. But I've yet too see someone have a better idea except close the borders. You notice I said some could get sent back. Not everyone would be granted entrance. I do believe that most people are good and want to be an American. But what gets sensationalized are the bad people that get through and do terrible things. But that makes good news and divides people. My idea may not be popular, 100% percent right or 100% percent wrong. If someone has a better proposal or wants to tweak mine, go for it. It's called compromising and inclusion. If more elected officials, and people in general, would do that so much could be accomplished and so much money would be saved. I truly believe that Republican and Democrat elected officials have fallen to the "divide and conquer" idea and are bringing the hard liners with them. I like to think for myself. Just having a little fun.
  10. I say let the countries that have mass exodus donate money to us to set up a transition camp in for the immigrants to stay while we process them, vet them or send them back. Or use the aide we send them to do this. This would make the decision to enter legally much easier. Unfortunately it would have to look like an interment camp and secured so people couldn't just walk out and disappear into the American landscape. But let's face it ,the immigration office is so back logged I can see why people try to get in here illegally. I don't agree with that line of reasoning. It would keep families together and in a safe environment. The Border Patrol wouldn't be as overwhelmed either. Let's face it, they're never going to stop coming. If I had a family from these I would want something better for them too.
  11. @ShabibiliciousNot everywhere in Mexico is dangerous. That's a little extreme. But I feel you didn't literally mean that. That being said, do you agree they should come here legally and not just anyway possible? Would you say that people that come to this country that are not documented have a hard time enjoying all the benefits this county has to offer ? Would you agree that if you come to this country that you should be paying taxes, paying for insurance and registered for Social Security?

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