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  1. I'm a year behind you. I really didn't think it would take this long. But if/when it does occur it will be worth the wait. Especially since I have never depended on it in the first place.
  2. cranman

    IQD Fact sheet

    It may happen that way. Government formed and HCL implemented and nothing happens. The dinar stays the same or a LOP happens. Then at least I never have to think about it again. I'll just continue to wonder what GWB meant when he said the war wouldn't cost us anything. Lol
  3. cranman

    IQD Fact sheet

    You are right about ther internal friction. I don't think they will ever get past it. EVER! It will always be their greatest obstacle.
  4. cranman

    IQD Fact sheet

    Haha. Yes, just messing with you about the lotto. I heard about the possible revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar back in 2004 when I first got back from Iraq. Others I was deployed with heard about it before we left Iraq and had bought currency in country. I'm not sure where they got it or if it was even the new currency. When I said "I considered it money gone" I meant that it was money I could live without should it not revalue. If I really thought I was going to lose it all I would never have invested as much as I did. At worst I'll break even if nothing happens as I bought it at $650 per million. That money I spent 14 years ago wouldn't have changed my life one way or the other. I have been very fortunate to have had a good work ethic instilled in me, and people in my life to educate me, so that I always had a good paying job. Which is a surprise since I barely graduated high school. Girls, fishing and working damned near ruined me. Haha As far as what I expect, yeah, I expect to walk into a bank and convert my money. Will it work that way? I can't say. I suppose I look at it as that this may be one of the events that will go a direction that no one saw coming. It will zig when it should have zagged. I just think that there is just too much interest in this country and important people want to succeed. What success is I don't know. Could be just to be terrorist free and everyone getting along personally and economically. Could just be cheaper oil and/ or the revaluation of the Dinar. Where will the dollars come from? If I was smart enough to answer that correctly then this wouldn't be so speculative. The 40 trillion dinar in circulation is a concern. BUT (that's a big but), I like to think there is a plan that economist have ready to put in place. Something this big is not done quickly, haphazardly or will be forecast in advance. Sometimes the rich get rich by being lucky. Sometimes it's being in the right place at the right time. For now I will just keep working for myself. No one will work harder for me than me. I will make my own success and the dinar will be the icing on the cake. Or not. Sometimes icing is over rated anyway. LOL Don't let this irritate you. You sound like someone who plans, researches and thinks about their investments before taking the plunge. I do invest in other items with planning and forethought. Some of us just took a chance on this one.
  5. Hey Floridian, based on all the information you have read what's your take? I'm sure people on this board are intelligent. But just because they post what they think doesn't make them correct. You are probably just as intelligent as they are. You ask a lot of questions about what you read but don't understand. That's a sign of intelligence gathering to me. IMO, I think the players and countries involved won't let a LOP happen. We are owed too much money and oil just isn't going to do it. People in important positions have said the war will be paid for and we have Trump asking to show us the money. This is an unusual time with and unusual event happening. I'm happy to be a part of it and will hopefully reap the benefits, The Marshall Plan was an unusual event that many people benefited from greatly. Just something to think about. Again, JMO.
  6. cranman

    Birth of a Democrat

    Well I like her. She is absolutely right. She is a young lady that has special needs and should be catered too. I don't know if people understand how hard it is to keep up in a public school when you're a kid. There is no time to study and do home work when there is Facebook, Snapchat, Hotmail, Tinder, Twitter and Youtube that needs tending too. Then of course you have to get a real look at reality by watching the Kardashians, Real Housewives of Wherever, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Survivor, Catfish and Tosh.O. I live on an allowance of about $200 a month my wife lets me have. I would be devastated if she took that away. Also I deserve my 2010 Hyundai Sonata with 130,000 miles. I'm worth every penny of it. This young lady and I are alot alike . We have needs and standards that need to be kept up at any cost. As long as it doesn't cost me! Before you guys start name calling her and judging her, take a look in the mirror and ask your self " What good reason do I have to not help this poor girl? Isn't this what a good human being should do?" Sarcasm complete.
  7. cranman

    Adam Montana Weekly 12 December 2018

    No worries. Not much going on anyway. Just a lot of talking. Someday it will happen. Have a great evening.
  8. @Pitcher A lot of people said HRC was a nut job, an alcoholic, a vindictive b word. People still voted for her. Are all those people morons, deplorables, uneducated, smelly, and delusional. Probably not just like most Trump supporters aren’t either. Do you have proof they're smelly? Thats a very hurtful thing to say. LOL That just kind of struck me as a funny adjective to describe HRC voters.
  9. cranman

    IQD Fact sheet

    Just messing with you. I don't have any small notes. This may happen, this may not. To say I'm an expert on currency reform, redenomination, revaluation, etc.... would be a lie at best. I just think that there is a possibility this may happen as the people and countries involved have a tendency to make things happen. I bought my Dinar 14 years ago and considered it money gone that very day. It makes the waiting bearable. But it's definitely not my retirement plan. I buy lotto tickets for that. JK. I can respect your outlook and comments on this speculative investment. I respectfully hope your wrong though.
  10. cranman

    IQD Fact sheet

    Aw man! Now you tell me!
  11. When did it become a crime or make you a lesser person because you don't know something? To all the young people out there, listen up. It's alright to say "I don't know and therefore cannot give you an answer at this time". Practice in the mirror saying it. It will be a huge burden lifted off you when you realize that you don't have to comment on every issue even though you know nothing about it. No one in the history of mankind has known everything, or will know everything. This has been a Public Service Announcement.
  12. It's not that they can't catch a break. They have to break their tribal way of thinking and think about the greater good. I spent 15 months there in 2003-2004 and saw it first hand. Im very frustrated with this investment because those in power like to keep the others poor. Easier to control that way. If it wasn't for ther US being involved I would have walked away a long time ago. JMO
  13. cranman

    Silly Smiles II

    Starrider you are definitely my kind of person. I'm going to have that cocktail and LMAO as I watch the videos over and over again.
  14. cranman


    No one said don't post. Keep it coming. I think everyone's thoughts and ideas are most welcomed.

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