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  1. It's ok. Breathe. It will all be good. Goozfaba, goozfaba. Lol
  2. I think this is a good thing. Can you imagine paying Iran 10 billion Dinar before an RV then the very next day Iraq goes 1 to 1? I'd rather they take euros now and dinar after the RV. I imagine other countries said same thing. At least I hope they did.
  3. I voted for Trump and for the most part am happy with his results. I'm not happy with some of his behavior. His Temper is as bad as mine. What I'm really not happy about is this damn investigation that has done nothing but divide the country and make Trumps behavior look worse than it is. Not to say that it's all that great to begin with. But I think to hold the office as president you can't be all rainbows and smiles. You have to be an a$$ once in awhile. You are surrounded by them! That being said he has to to improve and needs to start doing a better job. I still think he is/ was a better choice than Hillarious or Bernie. No matter who it is or how good looking they are I don't like being kicked in the nuts! Just saying. LOL
  4. Uh, yeah! I totally agree with AOC. The cows have got to go. BUT not until I die. I love steak. Stupid cows. Lol
  5. That's what I was thinking too. Unfortunately the small note are equivalent to our coins. Can't dispute your reasoning. When coins come out then I will be excited. That being said, it doesn't hurt to have fresh low notes out there already circulating when/ if the coins come out. No ruby from me.
  6. Too....Late! Must ...get ... cash.........out! I believed dinar! Damn! Bank is closed. I'll try again tommorow! LOL
  7. Why do average , everyday people say that the report is skewed, or that Mueller covered for the president , etc..? What information does the average person have that those investigating didn't have that proves collusion and obstruction? I just don't understand how when an investigation is being conducted that everyday citizens with no insight to those involved, no special privileges to sit in on interviews, no ability to witness how information is obtained and most importantly no thorough legal understanding of how the investigation is to be conducted can say that it is false and / or a cover up was executed. This happens every time an investigation takes place. Whether an R or D is the subject people always say the outcome was skewed and that they know more. How is that possible? What am I missing. News media have proven to be bias and unreliable. They might as well be politicians they lie so much. So where is every one getting their super secret, for their eyes only, black OP information? I want to be part of that club too. Investigation may not result in a favorable outcome for some of us. But at the end of the day we may just have to admit we were wrong and misled by news sources and other politicians. Shouldn't we be glad that collusion and obstruction of justice was not found to have occurred and that our election process worked as designed? Do we really want to set a precedence that when a president or elected official that gets into office if we don't like them we will start and investigation under rumors ,or worse yet, manufacture false evidence to start and investigation that will hamper anything getting done in the government and further divide the people of the US? Trump is not perfect, well liked or even truthful all the time. He says some unpresidential things and stick his nose into some everyday, common man issues other presidents would steer clear away from. At the end of the day he is still a human being able to say what he wants when he wants. If that results in him not being re-elected so be it. But until then he is our duly elected president. End of story. Investigation conducted, completed and time to move on. Damn that was long!
  8. @Botzwana Where has anyone said they would rather wait 5 more years? Saying it may be awhile is not a wish we want to come true by any means. If you're going to make snarky remarks you better come correct. Otherwise, IMO, you are just inviting/ inciting responses just so you can argue.
  9. @dinarham Why do people always feel the need to tell others to go away because they simply say that this may not happen for awhile yet? Is it appropriate for me to say "please quit turning every article into a sign that it is inevitable that the R V will happen soon" ? Or how about I say "you're hopium that this is going to pop soon is annoying as you ,as well as others, have been wrong for the last few years and I'm tired of hearing it"? Look, most lopsters are in the lopster tank. The ones who say it may be awhile and are entitle to state their opinions JUST LIKE YOU. You can either suck it up and read their statements and move on, not read their statements or block them and never see their statements. You have choices.
  10. You have said this a few times. I agree with your statement 100% If more people thought this and held their own party accountable for doing the terrible and underhanded things they do (both R and D) MAYBE the politicians would be inclined to do whats right or they would be gone. What's that called again? Oh yeah.........Fantasy!
  11. You said it! Couldn't agree more!
  12. Where will Moe go? Obviously not with anyone who said they would help. Not today anyway. Probably ended up going with the interviewer back to the place she found him at. His own apartment.
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