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  1. cranman

    Boy, now that was a big mistake !!!

  2. cranman

    Adam's update this week?

    Ha! I've been letting it "happen" since 2004. I guess technically we're getting closer everyday. But im also getting closer to dying everyday too. Haha. It's a race to the finish. I hope I'm not first! Lol
  3. Seems like oil is being discovered everywhere. There may be some in my backyard. Tell me again why it's such a great commodity if everyone has it and the technology to extract it.
  4. cranman

    Barzani meets with Mahdi re: HCL (?)

    So what's the big deal for tommorow? Passing of the HCL?
  5. cranman

    Barzani meets with Mahdi re: HCL (?)

    Hear hear!
  6. cranman

    Barzani meets with Mahdi re: HCL (?)

    Too many beers? Surely you jest good sir! Haha
  7. cranman

    Barzani meets with Mahdi re: HCL (?)

    A billion seconds is 31 years A trllion seconds is 31,709 years. Just something to think about. Lol. I'm over a billion seconds old.
  8. cranman

    Barzani meets with Mahdi re: HCL (?)

    Nope. My math is wrong. I'll get back to you. Lol
  9. cranman

    Barzani meets with Mahdi re: HCL (?)

    Here something to contemplate. A billion seconds is over 11, 574 years. A trillion seconds is 11,574, 074 year ago. Dinosaurs still roamed the earth.
  10. cranman

    Barzani meets with Mahdi re: HCL (?)

    That's a billion. Not a trillion. 12 zeroes needed after the 1.
  11. cranman

    Barzani meets with Mahdi re: HCL (?)

    I think your math is off. It's over $840 million.
  12. When I worked at nuclear power plant we had some of the best surveillance and detection systems around our perimeter. They were great at detecting the smallest animal, as well as people, when they came up to our perimeter which allowed as plenty of time to take the necessary actions. But the actual barrier itself was just a fence which could be breached somewhat quickly. The difference between that system and a wall is that at a nuclear power plant people crossing the barrier are assumed to be intent on causing radio-logical sabotage and death. That kind of action is to be met with deadly force and the barrier is there to slow them down so we can take aim and neutralize the threat, The perimeter is planted with many towers with armed security, roving patrols and additional armed responders in order to neutralize the threat. Illegal crossing of the border does not require deadly force but it does require an obstacle to dramatically slow down the crossing process so that there is ample time to get to the location. Again this would require less Border Patrol officers. Along with ground sensors, cameras, drones and regular physical patrols it should be and effective deterrent.
  13. Walls, as old an archaic as people say, do work. They are a great physical deterrent that slow down or all together prevent people from getting in. It also allow less man power needed to patrol a designated section as more time is allotted , due to the obstacle of the wall. for personnel to respond to illegal crossings. It will also assist in providing the Border Patrol with protection from small arms fire. The wall combined with a modern surveillance system is, and always has been, a good idea. We had walls around every base in Iraq and Afghanistan for a reason. They keep people out and provide protection. JMO Have a great day!
  14. cranman

    OOOTAH Says The RV Process Has Started.

    @Bull Dog Can you keep us updated on their progress? When are they supposed to exchange? Please keep us informed. Somebody will be right someday. Thank you

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