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  1. At least he is consistent. He always moves it. But please don't question him He gets upset. Lol
  2. I like whiskey ( not an alcoholic), have been divorced (amicably and used the same laywer) 21 years in the National guard . Somehow I'll be a villain and unable to get elected.
  3. I like that idea. But only if term limits are enacted. I would hate to changed by a life long career in politics. You become too out of touch with the common folk you are trying to help.
  4. Come on now. BOTH sides have lost their way. The system is broke. I can almost guarantee that some Democrats and Republicans can find common ground and move forward if it wasn't for the state of the politics today.
  5. I'm no tax expert but I'm sure he has very little in his name. Most millionaires and billionaires protect themselves by having assets spread around in LLC and Corporations so if sued not everything can be taken away. The LLCs and Corporations will pay taxes but not necessarily the man himself. If those businesses pay out dividends, I believe and I could be wrong, that income is not taxed. Most of our people in congress play by the same rules and use the same loopholes. That's one way a civil servant in Congress becomes a millionaire. That and corruption. Asking Trump for his taxes prove
  6. I don't know what those few things may be. I have ready many of your post and we think alike in many instances. If we do disagree I'm sure your reasons are well thought out and an intelligent conversation could be had.
  7. It is what it is. I can't control what others do or how they feel. I hope I am proven wrong come Nov. 3rd or when ever the votes are finally counted. It is just my opinion based on conversations and info gathered from many sources ( although any data can be manipulated) that it isn't looking good AT THIS TIME. The situation can change in an instant. I just state my opinion based on the situation as I see it at this time.
  8. The same thing is being said about Trump and Penece. People ask how can we vote for them. Politics have reached an all time high of telling bold face lies, dragging family's through the mud and using any issue (such a Covid] to divide the people. It's a sad situation.
  9. Buyers remorse " early and uninformed voting" may have sealed the deal. Trump isn't winning by a landslide. If he wins at all. I voted for him but I can see him losing. The Democrats have shown up in large numbers. I hope I'm wrong.
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