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  1. Soooooo we should stay their forever? Or should they figure it out and not depend on us forever? We probably could probably have gave them a heads up but then we would drag the redeployment out and the outcome would be the same. They need to come together and understand ISIS wont stop in Iraq. They will try to spread like a cancer and affect the Middle East and Europe. Thet need to face the problem head on. People will die unfortunately. It's a terrible thing but this issue needs to be taken care of by them.
  2. True. If they want to start reconstruction and bring businesses in then they will need an intentionally traded currency. Unless they traded for oil credits for everything which is highly unlikely. The countries that have forgiven debts and want in Iraq to do business will want an international recognized currency. Again JMO
  3. I'm not Navira but it seems like there is a lot pressure being put on the Iraqi government to get the 2020 budget passed and implemented. Per the news articles anyway. This could very well be done before 2020. This is Iraq. Anything good and bad is possible without warning. JMO
  4. When the poor mismanage money and resources the poor hold theirs hands out asking more from the rich. The rich needs to say enough and get your sh@t straight.
  5. There will/ would never be a good time for us to leave the Middle East. As long as we stay there they will always count on us to carry the lions share. We trained, armed. provided intelligence and logistics and led the way over there for too long. At some point in time we have to say enough is enough. I imagine behind closed doors other countries are saying "We're not surprised. The only surprise is that we stayed so long with so little reward". I could be wrong.
  6. Thanks. I feel that the Kurds coming to Baghdad to recommend passing the budget speaks volumes. It says, to me anyway, that everyone agrees on the terms and that it is beneficial to all. Just read it, vote omit and get it passed and implemented. Your buddy (LOL) so and so is saying March 2020. I saw one of his videos today stating that he once again caught something in an article that rest of missed. Such a condescending and arrogant person. A lot of articles he references are on this site long before his videos.
  7. I hope so. Got myself into a financial mess possibly. May have to go back to work overseas.
  8. So and so is all over the map. First the formation of the government was linchpin. It was going to be done July, September and now in Q3 sometime. 2020 budget has to be passed in Q3 and now it's Q1 2020. Protesters have nothing to do with government being formed and reform packages coming out. He moves the goal post because he is so in tune with what's going on and the we can't possibly understand. He has been getting backlash from his followers because he sounds like other gurus. I follow him just to see what his next benchmark will be due to his extreme abilities to understand Iraqs situation. Lol
  9. Yes. Let's hope and see.
  10. In your opinion right? Not fact. Haha. Just trying to cover you. I hope you're right.
  11. Well I for one believed them and am seriously heart broken it didn't come true. I expected them to be wrong the first 999 times in a row. But 1000th time I was sure would be correct! I don't know what to believe anymore. Those guys were my idols. Bwahahahahahaha!
  12. Too each their own I say. When it comes to religion. politics, sexual orientation or gun owning (or not). Their choice, their life. We are humans and we will never agree on everything. Have a good day!
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