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  1. I guess what I don't understand is that when President Trump and the president of Ukraine both say there was no quid pro quo that this is still judged as an impeachable offense. It's kind of like a boyfriend and girlfriend having consensual sex and the friends of the girlfriend says it was non consensual. They friends weren't there, they told their version of the story, but the two people involved in the act say it occurred with mutual consent and yet their words mean nothing. If perception is reality and that's the law we are going to live by then we are in a world of hurt. We would have to scrap the whole system and start a new. We don't need a president anymore. The next president , no matter what party, doesn't stand a chance. Bring back the monarchy or dictator system. At least more laws will get passed with less divisiveness and in less time. (I don't really mean that.) At this point in time it is the people of the United States that are allowing this tragedy to play out and setting a terrible precedence. I can find equal number people both against and for Trump just like I could do the same for Obama. People are making the issue about the man and not the act.
  2. I say, until the owner of the site says enough is enough, post away. Most of us know what Luigi post is BS and yet we still decide to read it. It's not like Luigi is posting it as gospel. I agree Theseus. Whats good for one is good for the other
  3. I would like for it to happen before the end of the month. I fear it may be longer. Hoping for 1st quarter 2020. I have no knowledge of anything. I've been in this for 15 years and am willing to wait until it RI/ RV or it's a bust. I think we all deserve a sweet release from this ride. Haha
  4. Hmmmmm. How smart can we be? One has to wonder? Lol
  5. Hey now I like Trump and i would never shoot my neighbors. Now the people 3 house down might be a different story. Just kidding. Couldn't resist. I know you didn't mean it literally.
  6. It was an example. Not an article. He was simply saying that paragraph such as that one would all it would take to adjust the rate. But I could be wrong.
  7. Yep. Nothing will happen remotely close to Martial Law. But you are entitled to your opinion as am I
  8. No. It will not. There is nothing happening even close to justifying implementation of Martial Law.
  9. Yep. I hear you there. It is going to take a lot forgiving and building of trust for that to happen again. From both sides!
  10. Sipping a whiskey on the couch. It's good but not as good as what you're doing and where. Lol
  11. Thank you for the compliment. I truly believe that people forget the purpose of two party system and that's why they try to demonize each other. The president is supposed to be a representative of all the people not just one party. His purpose is to reach across the aisle and try to make compromises for the good of all the people. Now it's fair to say that when the president is a Republican then the Republican party may get some favoritism and vice versa. That's human nature I guess. I couldn't imagine what it would be like if one party ruled and no compromises were made. I mean, we are seeing a glimpse of it now and it isn't good. For anyone. Have great night!
  12. One of these things is not like the others.....
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