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  1. Are you my long lost brother? Lol. You said exactly everything I feel and believe. I have many friends who believe in God, in different denominations, and are great people. They indulge me in my discussions and often times go away having more belief in their faith while at the same time respecting my beliefs. I never try to change anyone's mind. I just want to be decent towards others and have them treat me the same. Thank you for participation.
  2. Tell my why you are a believer? Why do you believe what man has written? I know the bible was written by men who God spoke to. We can start there.
  3. The only reason I stated I have been baptized, confirmed, attended CCD and was an alter boy was to explain that I have been exposed to the catholic faith. My parents did the right thing and ensured I was exposed to make a choice. Nothing more and nothing less. I just thought about it and made a personal decision. I quoted scripture for 2 reasons. One, to show I'm not ignorant of the bible's teachings and secondly that one should not imply ( call) that someone is a fool just because they are not a believer. It wouldn't be nice if I called someone a fool for being a believer. The fact that
  4. Did you ever stop to think that animals kill mostly just for food. Only go to war to protect territories and family (pack) members. Are very rarely monogamous and live a very basic existence. Gluttony and desecration of their environment is not a top priority in their life. Domination and complete destruction of different species is not a goal they aspire to have. I'm not suggesting we live like animals and stop trying to improve our lives. For all our knowledge and abilities you would think we would be better to each other and our world. But the more we
  5. Sounds like a narcissistic God. We were created to believe in him or suffer for all eternity. Greek gods needed to be believed in to survive. If the believing stopped they would create a catastrophe to make people believe again. So they say. Not going to lie. Your post was very long and I just skimmed it. I could be talking out my arse.
  6. You can imply he created me all you want. It makes it true in your eyes only. I can respect that as it has no bearing or affect on my beliefs, or lack there of. See how that works? But tell me. Why do you believe?
  7. Don't act so like you didn't mean to imply I'm a fool. If you don't believe in what you wrote then what is the sense of posting it? If you know I'm not a believer what need was there to post that except to imply I'm a fool? I don't believe in God so how can I know his word? I get irritated when people quote scripture to those who don't because it makes me believe you are not listening. I don't believe in what the scripture says. I'm not a believer. Nothing more and nothing less . It's great that you do. If it makes you happy and guides you through life, that is truly a wonderful thing.
  8. Stating someone's destiny is God's will is suggesting that the person has no free will and that their destiny has been pre ordained. If that is the case then who has free will to live their life as they see fit? Or are you saying God has judged this person and is manipulating the persons actions.? Again, I like to debate( not argue) religion.
  9. Good questions u have to admit I'm a cynic ( I think it is healthy) when government and the military get involved with the general populations health and quarantine issues. I was all for the militaries ability to set up additional facilities to handle the expected increase of Covid cases early on. When you start talking about zones, camps and infringing on how people want to perform their own health care I get a little suspicious. I served on the guard for 21 years and have some insight on internment and resettlement operatlions ( not an expert) and I have to say I do not like the sound of
  10. Do you think this is a good approach? Would you abide by this and allow it to happen? Just curious.
  11. Hmmmm. Are you calling me a fool? Do unto others as you would have done to you . I do not recall asking you to call me a name or ask you to quote scripture. I have been confirmed, baptized, attended CCD and was an alter boy for 4 years. I just don't believe. I live my life like most people and am a generally good person. You don't have to believe in a deity to be a good person. You implying I'm a fool because I don't believe shows what a shallow person you are. Almost implying you are better. All that matters in life is that you treat others with respect regard
  12. Well I'm a Trump supporter and I believe that. The election may ( or may not have) have been stolen. But due to lack of evidence citing that it was Biden is now the president. I like to think that the State Courts and Supreme Courts act impartially and do there jobs correctly. At least a good majority do I hope. It is what it is and there is not much anyone can do, legally ,about it. Providing proof of someone's guilt is on the accuser. But let's face it, in the world we live in today even proof of guilt will not place those with power, money and connections in a place they shoul
  13. Topic Spilt from: Due to be interpreted differently and written and rewritten by man, is one reason we have mutiple religions in the world. Even in our own country we have mutiple denominations with different understandings of the bible and it's writings. It's called faith for a reason. But I'm an atheist so there's that. Lol
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