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  1. Nice promo.....let's get this party started!
  2. DinarDavo

    Go Iraq

    Count me in too.....I'm ready.
  3. Just a theory but based on what I have learned about the Prez from sites that actually report the news I suspect he may have allowed that drone to be shot down to see what their military posturing might be in the event of a potential major, eminent attack.....just I idea.
  4. Indeed.....they have an "economic vision" but it doesn't have anything to do with the citizens of Iraq.
  5. Just watched a friend in Orlando on FB live......spent the night at the Amway Arena..... claimed "we are in the first 8,000!" You go girl !!!
  6. Only by 10%........not by 99% like with Hillarious.
  7. It's a good day when you go to a music awards program and church breaks out....
  8. DinarDavo

    Go Iraq

    "the aim of passing important laws."....has been at the top of the agenda for every new parliamentary session as far back as I can remember.....what's the odds now?
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