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  1. Thanks @ronscarpa for bringing these updates.....the problem Guru Pimpy has overlooked is that Iraq has never allowed an established constitutional or otherwise time frame interfere with their footloose and fancy free lifestyles.
  2. I wonder how much of the pilfered funds from the currency auctions is physical bills vs. electronic... This might be an unforeseen way to stop the flow of physical currency as several provinces in China have quarantined hard currency for sanitizing. Just a thought.
  3. Indeed Bigwave.....@Pitcher must have a much stronger stomach than I.
  4. This is quite extraordinary coming from the past his liberal rants reminded me of what I imagined it would be like for a chihuahua on crack cocaine.
  5. I heard they were hanging out at the dam store..
  6. "Amazing grace, my chains are gone" .... unfortunately, many are unaware of the "invisible prisons" they have built for themselves.
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