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  1. I expect that's the way the cookie will crumble....
  2. Don't forget the New Moon, Full Moon, Crescent Moon, every prophets birthday and death, and 365 other holidays....
  3. New speakers for his 4-track player.....they were originally in the door panels.
  4. I need to start thinking about who to bequeath my dinar to....
  5. Watched the video...that's a lot to take in! Reminded me of a comment made by Dr. Chuck Missler in a bible teaching called The Feast of Israel. Every Jot and Tittle "The great discovery in my life has been the realization that every detail in the Scriptures is there by supernatural engineering. Every number, every location, name, even implied punctuation is there by design. The Bible contains 66 books by 40 authors, and yet the entire volume is an integrated message system. Once you discover that, you have a whole new appreciation for why God puts His Word even above His own
  6. Thanks for re-sharing. I had set this aside to watch because I didn't have time at the moment of initial post....I plan to watch after church tonight.
  7. ...and they interchange the decimal point and comma which adds to the confusion....hopefully we shall see really, really, soon.
  8. Surprised spell check didn't catch this... should read, "Opium Research"......or translated, "Pipe Dream Research"
  9. Well stated brob.....and I believe that Kadhimi would like to see that but he has a major mountain to climb to get there.
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