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  1. He only missed it on 2 counts.....the rate and the date.
  2. "putting together" and "ratifying/enacting" are two completely different animals...
  3. Good point @ronscarpa..... I see two possibilities: 1) Maliki already has paid off/threatened those that will exonerate him, or 2) If the possibility that he may be unsuccessful in freeing himself, a self imposed exile living in the lap of luxury the rest of his days would be a second best choice. The problem is its difficult to try and think like these egomaniacs and what they consider "reasonable".
  4. Where were they when ISIS was slaughtering tens of thousands of Iraqi much for "peace keepers".
  5. Interesting.....thanks for sharing.
  6. I heard that after much heated debate the IMF has agreed to finance the cafeteria expansion and remodel....
  7. I will believe it when I see dancing in the streets.....and not the kind we are presently witnessing.
  8. Deja vu....all over again. He meant to say "important laws" that don't interfere with the status quo.
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