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  1. Oh my goodness......this is revolutionary......when has there ever been a "lack of time"?
  2. This must be a new revelation for Maliki....he didn't seem to have a problem with ISIS slaughtering them by the thousands.
  3. DinarDavo


    Unavoidable certainty.....
  4. DinarDavo

    Today's Mid Term Elections

    Missouri has a new pro-God, pro-life, pro-2nd amendment, pro-America senator! Congratulations Sen. Josh Hawley!
  5. Didn't Maliki and Abadi both retain these two offices by proxy during their administraions???
  6. Hope they can make this stick....they might actually complete some "important laws".
  7. DinarDavo

    Mangelo Prepares For Dancing In The Streets.

    So true SD....unfortunately, on several occasions the gurus have mistaken chronic fire ant infestations with a rate change.
  8. Nation shall rise against nation (geo-political) and kingdoms againts kingdoms (Kingdom of Light, Kingdom of Darkness)....Choose the Kingdom of Light or default to the Kingdom of Darkness.
  9. She has been a lock step Obamanite since I moved to Missouri....
  10. DinarDavo

    Slip of the tongue is no fault to the mind

    That may be part of the equation but power and greed is most certainly the drug of choice.
  11. Thanks just nailed it.
  12. DinarDavo

    A must watch

    Someone's aim is apparently far left....
  13. Good question.....and the keys to the govt. biz jet as well?

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