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  1. Doesn't it seem odd that Abadi isn't a major player in the new government, considering his most recent experience?
  2. All good points Pitcher......the problem now is that the Dems are in a "do or die" situation and if they take their attention off of destroying President Trump they will most certainly go to prison and the last 30-40 years of ground work will be lost. They presently have nothing positive to offer the citizens of USA.
  3. Apparently the use of this term caused a great deal of confusion on the Iraqi side as there was no direct translation......
  4. Hey are in good company! I will be 67 next month....still not sure how that happened...LOL
  5. My great grandmother used to say "the road to hell is paved with good intentions"....hmmm.
  6. It will be interesting to see if the Investment Law is still on the agenda for next (this) Wednesday or has drown in the sea of minutia....
  7. I want to see some "perps talk" ASAP!
  8. Here is Hannity clip from April 3rd.....Devin Nunes and others discussing fallout from Russia investigation......
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