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  1. I have consumed all of the bottles of red wine I have set aside for "the event". When this goes downs I plan to remain as "sober as a judge" least until my feet are back on the ground!
  2. For Iraq it's easy to talk crap but actually doing something is a whole different thing....
  3. If Maliki is looking to dissolve the current government they must be doing something right!
  4. Agreed...... "I chose love because hate is too great a burden to bear." MLK A far cry from Barry's "GD America" Rev. Wright.
  5. "Yes, I ordered the flaming pu-pu platter and the little woman ordered the Chicken Egg Foo Young...."
  6. Usually the top 3 "important" laws first up are Article 140, Oil and Gas, and Investment least for the last several years.
  7. Thanks! I'm not a tweeter so I wasn't sure if that was the original date or possibly the re-tweet date. Good news either way!
  8. Here's what happens to inquiring minds.... Chairman of Iraq’s Integrity Commission dies in car accident in Duhok
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