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  1. This seems to be a reoccurring problem even with those that should know better......buffalo dude is a documented antifa operative.
  2. I think bacteria and viruses are the least of the dinar's concerns.....
  3. This will work for me as my B-Day is the 19th.
  4. Of course, DINAR may be the one exception to the rule.....LOL
  5. There is an old saying about investors...."those that don't know, don't go".....hope that is the case here.
  6. Well, at long-last I think I have discovered one of the main problems with the Iraqi government.....I searched an Iraqi dictionary and they have no equivalent word for the English word "implement"!
  7. Prayers for you and Jimmy....
  8. That's a very interesting possibility.....if I was "dead", the gubberment would never investigate and the IRS wouldn't know any different. Thinking for a friend.....
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