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  1. My thoughts too, The rest of the world is handing help in cash and kind abundantly where they can and yet the Govt of Iraq is still Squirreling it away..
  2. Thank you Adam .. Heres hoping that there is going to be much to look forward too .. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  3. Thanks Ronscarpa- Interesting times. Every other country is delivering either a stimulus package or some sort of assistance for their citizens and businesses to help and assist them during this Pandemic but good old Iraq seems to still muddle on and on.. JMO
  4. Thank you Pitcher.. a great perspective On what is becoming a knowledgeable buyers market. I was speaking to a friend who is a small trader and he was saying that he wished he had the money to buy more stocks because it has become a buyers market.
  5. Thank you .. I have never seen it this quiet on the forums- The world we live in changes on a daily basis and it has been the greatest wake up call ever for the masses. - I pray that one day soon or perhaps in the coming days that the Phoenix(Dinar) will rise from the ashes and lead a changed world on to greater achievements ..
  6. Thanks DInarThug - your posts are always a great read and topics and items in coloured is great but I am at the point where I am totally lost in getting my head around all the news that is being posted. So much happening watching the world imploding in on itself that is all seem so surreal.
  7. Thank you Ronscarpa.. I personally think the Auctions will start again when the market begins to trade again. The RV/RI train will then roll on again to its next destination wherever and whenever that will be. Bless you all and stay safe and healthy in these trying times and let God (Psalm 91) be our protector.
  8. Thank you Pitcher for a calm and rational explanation. True Markets rebound but we must also be reminded as we travel through these uncertain times that there are many younger ones worldwide that have never known tough times, never had to draw on their own reserves and inner strength to accept what is happening in the world today. But at the same time they are more fortunate than those of generations pasts because even in their isolation they have social media to help them keep in touch. My prayers and thoughts are with those who will struggle to keep the roof over theirs heads and food on their tables and their bills paid, and at the same time thank God for allowing me to appreciate the simple life I have.
  9. Thank you Ronscarpa.. Not confident about this weekend but the day is drawing nearer.. Bless you.
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