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  1. I am of the same opinion.. They may be passing many laws and get up to speed on others but with only 50 days left in 2020 and a few holidays thrown in time will run out. Then again Iraq could surprise us 🤔
  2. Thank you Adam for your words of encouragement - Each days does bring us closer. Bless you all 🙏
  3. I can sympathise with your wife because I have had them .. if you can get to see a doctor within 72 hours they can give you something that stop it spreading .. I can assure though it doesn’t stop the pain nor the risk of getting it again.
  4. One has to question many things with this result because for days and weeks before the election the momentum of enthusiasm that the crowds at Trumps rallies showed was so positive that his win was a certainty. And how could everyone of the thousands pre polling votes be all for one person — It beggars belief ... JMO
  5. Sky News Australia is very good for a Main Stream News Site. Particularly Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt comes a close second.
  6. In Australia we have been giving our addresses and phone numbers when we sit down in any eating or drinking place since our lock down was lifted. In some places they take your temperature as well. Covid restrictions have stifled socialising to the point I rarely venture out.
  7. Thank you Adam for you update - Much appreciated update as we wait 🙏🙏
  8. One word that encompasses my reaction to the US Election Results impact on the future of the USA, it’s Citizens and the World as a whole... ”Gutted”
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