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  1. “Soon” it willl have some value.. Hiw much is anyone’s guess and how “Soon” ?... Again no one really knows..
  2. Dinar Trashing sums it up CF and plugging his own book .. Eventually the Dinar has to increase in value even if it is only to .10 cents because Iraq needs to trade viably with the rest of the world.. It really is now a matter of when?
  3. Thank you Adam a much looked forward to news update ... I am quietly excited that I will receive a text soon.. 🙏🙏🙏
  4. I am not sure as it’s something I have wondered..
  5. It’s holiday time for near a week for Eid .. observances..
  6. I have always said anything above .10cents would do for a kick of for me LGD but at the moment I’m just wondering what part of the message doesn’t Iraq understand ... 🙏
  7. The most important thing you have is your health back ... because without that everything is nothing ..
  8. Thank you Pitcher for posting .. We are certainly living in the most unpredictable of times and that crash that is coming is going to be far worse than 2008 .. The US -China trade stalemate is virtually holding the whole world to ransom both materially and financially in my opinion Just here at home the AUD has dropped to its lowest against the USD in 10 years and is under 68cents. There is a generation just picking up from the last one and but far worse than that we have a new generation that sadly cannot even comprehend the consequences of what is impending. I Have an elderly friend who says to me often “that we grew up and lived in the best of times” .. That is so true when we look at the chaos of today’s world.
  9. Why am I skeptical ??? Maybe because it just past noon Monday here. 😃
  10. They could call “Go Iraq Part 5 .... Home Run?”
  11. Thank you Adam .. Words cannot express my thanks for all you have done and will continue to do ..
  12. Thanks Nav.. I have been on this journey for over a decade and lately the best part has been watching the enthusiasm that you and 64ly have generated and I have often wondered if you have ever slept muchover the past 9+/- months. But today I truly hope your predictions are right ..
  13. I get those calls every day .. I blow a whistle down the phone and then hang up ..
  14. My weekend is over Navira .. it’s the reality of Monday morning here ☹️
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