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  1. So I’m guessing that with the failure to elect a new Speaker there will be a short notice postponement of the expected “extraordinary’ meeting on Sunday - 🤔
  2. Thank you, I agree. That cash should alway be able to be used, however I live in Australia and some Banks and Financial institutions are limiting the use of cash and phasing out the depositing and withdrawals of cash at their branches, From next week I will no longer be able to Withdraw or deposit cash at my Bank. Withdrawals of Cash at Supermarkets is limited now to $200 per transaction. In the town where I live there used to be 5 Banks and a Credit Union now there is one Bank and a Credit Union. That is why I await an RV soon.
  3. I hope the sort something out at this extraordinary meeting and RV soon because with the world going digital and banks and businesses refusing cash transactions we may end up with a worthless fist full of dinar. JMO
  4. I know that the Parliamentary Term end date has been extended for another 30 days- when is the due date now of the session end. I haven’t been keeping up with dates etc. Thank you in advance.
  5. Even though the Goal Post keeps moving Iraq will eventually score a Home Run. 🤔
  6. The legislative term was extended when they were trying get this current 3 year Budget passed if I recall correctly.
  7. I agree with you and as time rolls on so does my age and if the don’t make a move soon ill will be too old to enjoy the worth of my speculation. I guess though my heirs and benefactors will enjoy it.
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