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  1. It will RV one day but I’m not holding my breath waiting 🙂
  2. What better way to shake more Dinar from under the mattresses than by putting out negative news. JMO ...
  3. The rest of the world moves on but Iraq continues to stagnate.
  4. Agreed.. Age is just a number but as you age life’s plans and focus change because of the physical and mental limits we place on ourselves.
  5. If the IMF are going keep to Iraq in the Doldrums till 2025 - I will be long past thinking about or wanting an RV of the Dinar because I will be pushing up daisies. ..
  6. Sad to hear of the loss of your mother..May She Rest In Peace. I do hope that your Dad will be OK. God Bless you and your family.
  7. Iraq will never move forward until they are politically united with a common goal. - That goal is the future of Iraq and it’s citizens
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