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  1. Thank you Adam your post was enlightening and much appreciated as are the comments .. i too hope this journey is soon over πŸ™
  2. With their trading day already started .. do you think your wait could be in vain... I am hoping that your close to the mark πŸ˜ŠπŸ™
  3. Sadly, homelessness is a scourge of modern society that knows no class barrier.. I wish I had the answer ..
  4. Would be awesome news ... but whatever eventuates keep the momentum of positivity going..
  5. Conspiracy theory or not .. Iraq and it’s people have lived in a state of stagnation for years and It’s time the Government stopped their internal bickering and apathy and took responsibility for their own country’s well being instead of relying on and making their problems the rest of the worlds responsiblity. JMO
  6. Thank you Adam for your post and your calm and restrained post although I am looking forward to your next update.
  7. Nor did they outline any decisive monetary reforms. JMO but To me the whole thing has gone belly up and retreated back to the dark ages again ...
  8. A good thought scenario but i don’t think anyone could have predicted protests of this magnitude.. such sadness to read of young lives lost πŸ™
  9. Like it or not .. It looks like the train has been derailed, and it looks like repairs to the track are going to take some time.
  10. Thank you Adam for your weekly update ... Not sure what day it will be but I hope you will get to send out that text ... πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
  11. Waiting to Pass the Oil & Gas Law willl simply constipate the Parliament further ...
  12. Thank you for the update and Blessings to you and all, however Even though cautiously optimistic I can no longer get excited ..
  13. Today Floridian I would have to agree with you .. The news of the past few weeks has been mixed but mostly optimism, however to me there has always been something to drag the can further down the road .. TBH I am so jaded by news of the past couple of days I am wondering if I want to have the inclination to continue.
  14. Reading the above articles in this post leads my thinking to a early 2920 RV.. JMO
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