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  1. At the moment I am not sure if I could say that I am feeling grounded... Because my years holding my Dinar is well into double figures and it’s been such a roller coaster ride I am feeling quite nervous that it may go “belly up” 😀.. Many times I have thought of selling ...
  2. Thank you Adam ... Waiting for that elusive text.. 🙏
  3. With your above comment Adam I am really looking forward to that all important text.. hopefully “$$$$” 🙏😊 Thanks Adam and all who wait with me ...
  4. If the sitting Parliament is going to be extended another few weeks that effectively puts the end of this legislative term forward to the end of July?? That is a possibility
  5. I’ll wait to get the party started when the Goose is cooked ...😊
  6. My thoughts are if they hadn’t voted to have this week off and actually worked they might have had everything done and dusted by June 30th...
  7. June 22... sounds great, however skepticism creeps as this is Iraq and a very complacent Parliament ..
  8. Bettyboops crystal may be a few days off because they still don’t have a fully seated Government ...
  9. They are Bro’sing
  10. Thank you Adam and your team .. Blessing to all and so looking forward to your txt... 😊🙏
  11. Thanks PP ...if the legislature ends in two weeks and only 8 sessions? it doesn’t give them much time to get their act together... Aside from the positive vibes of our Bros’ I think our wait will be a little longer .. JMO
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