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  1. Thank you Adam .. More positive news and once again love the site upgrade .
  2. Very impressed with the site upgrade - it’s nice, fresh and bright.
  3. Thank you Ronscarpa .. Bringing all the guru opinions into one spot is great and it all sounds positive but I’m in DebbieD mood about it all at the moment.
  4. Thank you Adam.. I read a certain undertone of quiet expectation in your weekly update- I will continue to wait with patience knowing what may be coming. 🙏
  5. Thank you Yota for all the news you research and bring to us - it feels like “soon” will finally be “soon”
  6. I have been holding mine for so long that every day the wait continues I am grateful that the paper is mothproof.
  7. Thank you Adam it’s always good to read your weekly update. “ Some day - One day in the not too distance future Iraq will surprise us all.” Take care and God Bless you and each and all.
  8. Thank you Adam.. As we wait my prayers and Thoughts are with those in the Hurricanes path. RV or not I will be more than pleased when 2020 is a year in the past.
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