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  1. Thank you Adam .. Have to agree that Crypto is getting very interesting- Either one particular Crypto or the RV of the Dinar will float my boat nicely. However on both we wait. 🙏
  2. Love listening to Alan Jones - He has always called a “spade a spade”.
  3. Thank you Adam.. Look forward to your weekend updates. 🙏
  4. I’m outwardly calm( like you I’m not really) .. inwardly impatient, excited and hoping “soon” is not weeks away.
  5. Thank you Adam — Very happy to read your positive weekly update. I too am enjoying all the postings In the VIP Crypto. I have learnt much. Thanks everyone 🙏
  6. Thank you Adam and Team - it will be interesting to see how the days ahead play out.
  7. Thanks Ronscarpa you do a mighty job bring it all together in one spot. One day the gurus will hit the Jackpot and get it right. With all that’s going on in the world right now we could all use some good news.
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