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  1. I am not holding my breath for the RV this weekend .. but snowed in might be a possibility for you and one thing I am definitely certain of is that it’s going to be a very hot and humid day where I live. 🙂
  2. And more... We are no longer the “The lucky country Down Under”. A simple cup of coffee in an outdoor setting can lead to an arrest and a $1300 fine even if your happy to provide your name and address but not your Private Medical (Vaccination Status) Details. That happened yesterday and it is not the first time this has happened.
  3. Agreed, also With all that’s happening in Iraq at the moment I can honestly say I look forward to reading whatever news is being posted and the comments as the news is all so positive.. it had been a long and educating journey and There have been tough times Where I have thought the only way through something was to sell my Dinar but a problem solving door always opened. God is and will be good to us all.
  4. Is the Al-Rafidain Bank the only Bank closing for the 10 days? If there is intended to be such a major update/restructure taking place as we are hoping I would have expected other banks to follow suit and close as well. However it would be a wonderful start to 2022 if it did RV but I think I can contain my excitement and wait and see. But my 🤞and I am 🙏. Happy Holidays each and all.
  5. Thank you @Engine1for all those Red Arrows on several of my posts. Instead of venting with Negative arrows try and be grateful for the Dedication and Hard Work Adam and his team put in to this site to make it informative and enjoyable for those who are able to appreciate it.
  6. My interpretation of the word “Verge” is that it means - Something is about to happen. 🙏
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