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  1. It would be great if that be the case..I am just being swept up in your enthusiasm..
  2. "This Connection Is Not Private" is all that comes up on my screen.
  3. NoviceInvestor

    Adam Montana 14 November 2018

    Thank you Adam for you updates they are always looked forward as are the comments that follow thereafter.. Tough call to speculate on a date , float or flat rate? .. My opinion is sometime in 2019 and a very low value float under 10 cents. Having said that it would be great if it were before the end of the year but like most will await your message of confirmation. Thanks
  4. Positive news again thank you Butifldrm and I wonder as I read all that is happening is how is this all going to play out in the months ahead, and once the auction s stop will the currency float from a gradual dropping of the zeroes or will it be a fixed rate..etc or will it still be a pipe dream.
  5. Keep on keeping us all posted 😊 Aside from keeping us posted maybe the site is simply having technical issues if it is fluctuating on and off..
  6. They say good apples dont fall till they are ripe ..I think these apples (this investment) are just about ripe and ready to be picked..JMO
  7. NoviceInvestor

    CBI News 11/06/2018

    I agree that its great to be excited and looking forward to something however I am wondering what it is that I should be excited about...I am encouraged but I cannot get excited. This is Iraq and over there a Camel moves faster than the wheels of bureaucracy. The champagne has been on ice for so long it has turned to vinegar and its been so long since I stored my Dinar I have forgotten where they are.
  8. NoviceInvestor

    CBI News 11/06/2018

    6ly410, your enthusiasm is like a breath of fresh air, keep it up as it is infectious and sustaining on what is a never ending journey..
  9. NoviceInvestor

    CBI News 11/06/2018

    Cannot decipher the link..
  10. Valued your comments Synopsis..i too am interested in how the outcome of your mid term elections will affect the way things work out.. Both short and long term.

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