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  1. Yes NEP it’s an indescribable tragedy but today’s rain has been heaven sent to the areas that it reached ..
  2. Thank you Adam and your team .. a much appreciated update .. And another good news story to end the week is that It’s RAINING in Australia.. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  3. Yes, jeepguy it’s soon the end Month 1 2020 and the journey still continues with many jaded passengers but ... the ride has been enjoyable and I too have learnt a lot and the light hearted fun has lightened moments but I am so ready for the train to stop but the station is forever out of view ..
  4. Holding that said amount is definitely not helping to reduce the note count ..
  5. It’s has a population of about 800 and the same gun laws and tax laws apply are the same there as the rest of Oz ..
  6. There is a small Town in Queensland called Texas ..
  7. The fires are catastrophic LB.. Lives, Livelihoods, Homes, Livestock, Lands, whole communities and small towns gone and Billions of Native Wildlife Killed or injured iand species possible wiped out.. A ecological disaster .🙏🏻
  8. Thank you Adam for the update and yours and fellow DV’s comments. It was much appreciated. When I first read your update and comments therein I wasn’t sure if you were referring that this conflict would either “ speed or impede” the much awaited RV .. There’s not much anyone can do now but wait, pray and watch events unfold for the betterment of Iraq and it’s people ..
  9. Thank you Adam for the update.. a short sentence to describe Iraq today .. Complacency to Chaos ..
  10. And they will be far more Broke if Iraq would stop feeding them money through those auctions ..
  11. Ok I’m am happy to still disagree ..
  12. Thanks 6ly410 and every .. Much to keep up with at the moment.. We can kiss goodbye to any change in monetary values while they are busy dealing with the fallout of Iran’s retaliation ..
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