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  1. Thank you Adam for another positive update .. I look forward to what your next post (or message🙏) will contain. My usually organised and prepared mind is mixed about forthcoming Blessings because before “COVID” and a life and Country in lockdown life had a definite focus, but now I seem to have to redefine every situation daily.
  2. Ronscarpa is correct in saying do your research.. And it’s true Banks, like every other business on the Planet are in the business of making money - But as the consumer you hold what they want and that is your custom and money. .. So wizard1 you have the choice to shop around and get the deal that suits you. Good luck with your choice. 🙂
  3. If Payment of salaries has been secured for the next two months that surely rolls us towards another round of excitement from about Mid September on ???? JMO.
  4. Thank you Adam .. I really look forward to your weekly news ..
  5. Yes, things do seem a lot better than ever.. Since I began this journey I have aged more than 12 years, need less, and because of ”COVID19” Restrictions I cannot even leave my State. So it will be cashed up with nowhere to go 😃
  6. I am on the “Believe when I see it” team at the moment, but I am also quietly praying .🙏
  7. Agreed. There is one thing Governments can’t control Yet? Is what their citizens are inwardly thinking.
  8. Thank you @ChuckFinley..I hope you and yours are doing well. They say Tough times don’t last but tough people do and I also know that one day we will all get there and we will receive that elusive text. That’s if death and taxes doesn’t get there first.
  9. Look how far you have come Iraq ... And if you RV .. Look ahead to how far you will go .
  10. It’s OK .. I have sorted it .. Thanks 🙏
  11. Has the VIP Section closed?
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