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  1. Please Lord, let the 2nd round be immediate! I know you know this already Master Yota but I can't go longer without thanking you profusely for all you do. You are suso kind to share with of us. Good things are coming your way!
  2. Thank you for your service....and for this information. It's kind of you to share! I will pray for your safe return and for a very prosperous future!
  3. Unfortunately I'm not knowledgeable enough to know how to research it but I too remember this $5 allocation per barrel probably more than a year ago. Perhaps the Master can teach us...Yota?
  4. So based on this article, the fat lady has no plans to sing this month then? Dang it! Please be kind and prosperous to us February!
  5. yes, Yota...please feel the love! Daily hugs and kisses and well wishes to you for your tireless sharing of knowledge. We bow to you Master Yota and thank you!
  6. I worked for a very large trucking company that obtained ISO certification. It was a year of hell but we achieved it. It is amazing that the CBI now has this certification and very interesting that they have been secretly working on it for a year without our knowledge! I thought we knew everything! Lol. I personally know very little unless Yota unearths it and shares like this. Thank you again precious are loved!
  7. Thank you fearless leader! In case you're doubting any appreciation for all you do, I really, really, really appreciate all you do! I was lucky to find this site five years ago and smart to keep this site. Can't hardly wait to give appropriate thanks in person to all who have shared their vast time, minds, and opinions here! I'm one lucky girl! Thank you!
  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am blessed to be a part of this madness and am grateful for the opportunity. Cannot wait to see this thing pop. You are a kind and smart man Adam, as is Yota, Synopsis, and all the others who work so tirelessly to provide updates and info and opinion regarding this ride. I am desperate to get off it but I cannot deny it has been a hell of a ride! Thank you!
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