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  1. Theseus, what is your take on time-frame or real possibility of our much awaited dinar RV? i understand nobody knows but I'd be interested in your prediction if you're willing to share one and why you think you're timeframe is possible. Thank you and if you're not interested in responding to this, that's fine too! Thank you for your consideration and have a nice day, ASUMama
  2. Laid Back, do you think Kuwait has to be paid before the RV? And thank you much for all your input!
  3. Praying for your complete and rapid recovery. I'm certain you will be a better man for it. God Bless you!
  4. @yota691what's your opinion regarding the possibility of RV this year? What does your gut tell you? Thank you!
  5. Yota, what's your opinion on how close we might be? Thank you so much for being the Master you are. Your kindness and thoroughness in bringing the news is second to none! You are very appreciated! 💞
  6. @TripleA1960prayers for your Buttons. My sweet Halo (tuxedo cat) is 18 and hanging in there. Her 5 year old sister (siamese ally cat) has cancer tho and suffers. Prayers for all Gods creatures great and small, including your Buttons.
  7. Yota, how soon do you think it will be? This month, end of the year or next year?
  8. Are there substantially more areas at dispute that would require agreement for HCL to happen? Is Shingal the only one? Sorry for being so uninformed and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!
  9. May you swiftly pass through the healing process knowing that the good Lord has chosen you for all to see that faith can move mountains.....and heal hips. God Bless you. Stay strong and quickly heal.
  10. God Bless you Master Yota. May you remember the words of your are loved! May your mother continue to heal and make many more memories with you. Many thanks for all you do. Peace be with you.
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