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  1. Master Yota, you are such a beacon of hope around here. I have always thought you would be the one to announce the change in the value of the dinar. I'm elated that you are back! Many prayers for you and your family. Thank you again for all that you do. Blessings to us all!
  2. Hey what is everyone's gut telling them about how much longer you think this might take? Just really interested in opinions...especially from those much wiser than me. That pretty much opens it up to EVERYONE!!
  3. And may He bless you as well Ronscarpa. Thank you for all your contributions but especially this one. You are correct. Thank you for the reminder.
  4. Wow Presence! Pat you yourself on the back. I enjoyed reading your story and am thrilled for you that you have thus far prevailed! I love your spirit. I wish you and your brother well. May your parents rest in peace...knowing they didn't raise no dummy! May justice prevail for you! Best of luck to you and may all of our future endeavors be positive and prosperous!
  5. Dear Valued Customer, We wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing our company to serve your world currency and precious metals (gold and silver) needs, whether that be for the Vietnamese Dong, Chinese Yuan, Korean Won, Canadian Dollar, the Iraqi Dinar, or any of the other 40+ foreign currency bank note options we offer. We always stand ready to deliver our currency solutions to your door in as timely and convenient a manner as possible. Recently, we have had an overwhelming response to our short-term offer of raising our buy-back rates on the Iraqi Dinar to the highest rates in the industry. We did this to accommodate our most loyal of clients' needs during their summer months. We also did this to help off-set the slowdown in supplier channels coming to us from around the world, particularly the Iraqi Dinar. Our clients’ responses were so strong that now we've found ourselves in yet another small imbalance on the supply side. In order to maintain our status quo of equal supply and demand we are offering this very short "Christmas in July" offer of uncirculated Iraqi Dinar (IQD) for the very low rate of $1,025/million... currently the lowest rate you can directly acquire Iraqi Dinar. We are allotting about 400 million to this limited supply equalization effort. Once this amount has been purchased (verified funds in hand), this special will end. This is not a sale that ends within a specified period of time. It’s simply a blowout sale of excess inventory at a set low rate for however long it takes till there is no more of the set aside amount. This is not our typical marketing promotion. We are normally very reserved in simply allowing our customers to approach us when wanting to obtain their desired foreign currency. However, due to the recent extreme volatility of supply and demand; we've simply found ourselves bouncing from one extreme to the other in inventory supply. Once this settles, we hope to run business as usual. In the meantime, we always want to inform our loyal customers of the incredible opportunities that come from this challenging money market. The reason I share this email is for your opinions, perspectives and responses. I, of course, totally read into this with my rose colored glasses on as a sign that the IQD is about to blow. My theory is that vendors selling IQD will not be able to exchange their unsold or leftover dinars at revalued prices for gain. So naturally they are wanting to unload as much as possible as soon as possible. Sorry for the long post. Any response is appreciated!
  6. What impact might this have on our investment? If any of you incredibly smart and kind folks care to give an opinion, as always, it is very appreciated!
  7. We all bow to you Master Yota! Thank you, thank you, thank you! May you celebrate big! 💗💗💗
  8. There may be a bias around here, but it is warranted. Yota has provided all pertinent information which allows others to make decisions, predictions, guesses or whatever. Without his input Adam wouldn't have a site. I have always felt Adam wouldn't be the one advising me of an RV but Yota would. Any attack or negativity toward Yota is unnecessary and should be reconsidered. He has more than earned his stripes around here.
  9. Please Lord, let the 2nd round be immediate! I know you know this already Master Yota but I can't go longer without thanking you profusely for all you do. You are suso kind to share with of us. Good things are coming your way!
  10. Thank you Newbie! I appreciate your input and thank you much for your contributions!
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