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  1. Thanks paperboy. I was in osi and was paid up for awhile but didn’t continue. Was planing to be reinstated when the the rv seemed to be about to happen. Do you think the time is now? When I was married people use to ask me where I met my husband and I would say I met him in Paris and married him in Palestine. They would be so impressed till I told them they both in Texas. Thought you enjoy that sense you are from there. Wish they would my location from my email. Thanks again
  2. Adam, There Are those of us that are platinum that for reason or other may not be able to attend the get together in #####. What plans do you have of informing us of the details of the meeting. My son and daughter as well as myself are platinum and will be in Europe most of March and are concerned that the RV will happen during that time. Would welcome some assurance that we won’t miss out on the advantages of being part of your group . I have dinars for years and been on your site daily also for years, would be grateful for a response. I’m 92, but still going strong. Speedo
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