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  1. Same here. I been in this gig since 2004. Another few years is a no game changer.
  2. All the sudden, the RV/RI is not such a high priority anymore, thanks to high oil prices & the revenues it's bringing in.
  3. Luigi asks... Can Iraq afford to post bone the RV for another 3 to 4 years? This is not so much a rumor as it is a question. Treat as my own opine. Your opine. There have been numerous articles & rumors out over the past month of so much revenues coming into Iraq from high oil prices that the RV is not such a high priority, anymore. Iraq says it's monthly revenues are so high that it can afford to delay the RV & still have plenty of funds to increase their budget even more. High oil prices won't last forever. Iraq needs to be think
  4. Frank26 The Kurds are back in town...whenever they come to's for business & right now the Kurds along with the rest of the world are waiting for the opening of the budget & the new rate. We are in a great time - frame. Watch the CBI !!!! All IMO.
  5. That's exactly what we've all been hearing since 2014...were're next. We are still here.
  6. The never ending Ground Hog Day. The Gurus are once again talking of Whales being paid out last week, funds on the move, Tier 4A accounts being made liquid, Dubai-1, Dubai-2 & Dubai-3 funds ready to be released so we (Tier 4B) can get started, once again. It sounds just like 2014 all over again. Same old regurgitated alerts from years past. Your opine.
  7. The 90 day rule is just a tool, IMF does every three months to monitor potential problem areas & take evasive actions. As far as compliance, the IMF looks at central banks policies & performances over a year or longer. CBI is within compliance going back years. Once or twice out of compliance is a no game breaker. Relax folks...the rate change is coming.
  8. Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests... Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine. FRANK26: CBI website down about 12:15, yesterday in Iraq. There was nothing wrong with the CBI server in TX. I believe there are many things that are being implemented right now inside the CBI because of the movement of the Exchange Rate.
  9. Here's some verification there's a signed HCL agreement in amendment to the passed bill is being worked out. Zig's Place: The vote on amending the National Oil Company Law (HCL) was postboned. Justification for withdrawing the 1st amendment bill to the Iraq National Oil Company, which was included for a vote on the agenda of the Parliament session, yesterday. Saturday.
  10. Kurds & Baghdad agreed in principle on HCL two moths ago. A agreement may already been signed sealed & delivered. This is just a dog & pony show as they stall for a date & time to make the official announcement.
  11. Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests... Treat as a rumor. Not verified. Your opine. Frank26: I was recently told everything is completed as far as the US Treasury is concerned. The US Treasury is now waiting for the new exchange rate. I think this is coming to an end.
  12. Miracles do happen. The Kaps talking of a substantial rise in the IQD rather than a float. Go RV.
  13. We know there's a date & a rate coming. CBI confirms that's their intention. Let's hope it's sometime in our lifetime.
  14. The issue with Digital Dinars are all large international transactions such as Iraq oil purchased requirements to be paid in Digital IQD only, could possibly render the paper IQD a dead currency. Just curious will the Digital Dinar be gold backed & not the paper IQD. Will new the lower denoms replace high denom notes then high denom notes rendered useless? These are questions nobody's asking or answering. We won't know until it's all over. There are some powers that be, that want to keep small investors locked out of the RV/RI.
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