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  1. Luigi says... Direct from the "A TEAM" from the Dynamic Duo...Judy Lyington & Bruce the Goose. Treat as rumors. Not varafied. Your opine. Judy Lyington... Today Thurs. 9 July ended a successful testing of the new financial system in the US and Canada, a blackout in Canada of their financial system, plus a hold on the Dinar – of which the value has now settled. Behind the scenes NESARA / GESARA was being implemented and scheduled to be fully in place by the 3 Nov. Presidential Election. Bruce the Goose... 1. There was more confirmation that exchanges were being done in Canada and other countries around the globe. 2. The US could be in a position of going last because of security issues and currency values that were different than other countries, possibly higher. 3. Iraq officials were coming to the US Mon. or Tues. 13, 14 July to announce that they were a sovereign nation. That could be the day that Tier 4b went. 4. Dr. Shabibi had said that the Dinar could support a rate of around $16. (According to reports, the Dinar has been fluctuating between $6 and $28). 5. Last night Wed. 8 July there was a meeting in Washington DC with all the principles (over 800 people) to put the bankers up to speed. They let them know that this was real and going. 6. If your project would be going 80 years or more the interest rate you could ask for your structured Zim payouts would be up to 9 ½ %.
  2. Luigi found this bank story of Dinarian interests... The Rattlesnake has a bank story...sort of. Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine. 7-8-2020 Guest Guru Texas Snake [via PDK] Having been in investment banking for many years I have some really good contacts. I had a call in the middle of the night with some folks from London and Hong Kong. They are very confident that between now and the middle of the month that this thing should go.
  3. Luigi says... Another Guru, Frank26 along with Guru Beny had revelations (visions) of the RV/RI. It must be has to be so...two heavyweights have the very same vision. Go RV. Treat as a rumors. Not varafied. Your opine. 7-8-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 ...I DREAMED about a very big meeting. A sit-down meeting is coming up with a U.S. delegations, including the Fab 4 and Pompeyo as well, to introduced a new exchange rate for the Iraqi dinar prior to or during this meeting...the IMF was there. The World Bank. The United States Treasury. Representatives of the White House for President Donald Trump. The AMF. IN MY DREAM I saw the GOI and CBI meeting and talking about the introduction of a new exchange rate for the Iraqi dinar...everyone was there. They were standing shoulder to shoulder to make the announcement of a new exchange rate for their currency...the main reason was just to announce this but to "sell" the announcement to the citizens...the citizens must see that all of these shoulders to shoulders are standing united... Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests... Things are hopping in Saskatoon. Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine. From The "A TEAM" Judy Lyington & Bruce The Goose... 1. Last night Mon. 6 July at 11 pm EDT to 2 am EDT there was a meeting with Shelton, US Treasury to try to get this pushed through. 2. At 2-2:45 this am Tues. 6 July it was released to go. 3. At 11 this am Tues 7 July there was another meeting and at 12:30 pm EDT a schedule for release was given for Tier 4b (us, the Internet Group). 4. In Canada they have done some exchanges today Tues. 7 July, though others in Canada have not. 5. Hearing that Exchanges have started in the Far East – Hong Kong, mainland China. 6. Some private exchanges have occurred, though did not have access to most of their monies. 7. SKRs have not been made liquid yet. 8. They would be offering 9 ¾% interest for monies in your structured payout.
  4. Luigi says... From the throat of the Goat. No RV, No RI. No way. Another Guru reported our IQD will be replaced with a brand new currency. Will our IQD we are now holding be declared a dead currency? Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine. 7-7-2020 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Today is Tuesday and we will quickly move through July. THERE WILL BE NO REVALUEATION NO REINSTATEMENT, this I can say with certainty...I HAVE CHECKED WITH MY CBI CONTACTS & they do want to execute the last phase of the project to delete the zeros, however they must have the political incentive to do it too and this they do not currently have. Yes, the currency auctions do still continue but under the supervision of the finance committee. Yes, the CBI did stop the currency auctions but all they did was turn them over to the finance committee for supervision. GET IT? Folks, there is no other way they can import goods and services without these auctions...
  5. Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests... Chinese Elders just pushed the RV button. The entire world is exchanging. Over a half million exchanges. Where's the US...When is it our turn...Will we be completely left out? Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine. Judy Lyington Note: "The A Team" Judy Lyington & Bruce The Goose (Rumors) 1- The Global Currency Reset STARTED internationally at 12:01 am Wed. 1 July. China RELEASED the GCR & STARTED exchanges in the Far East that EXCEEDED OVER 500,000 EXCHANGES. 2- According to Fleming’s Military Intel Contact in the US on Thurs. evening 2 July funds were in accounts and fully accessible to start Tier 4b. The release of Secured Websites (and thus personal 800#s to obtain your appointment to exchange currency and redeem Zim) could happen at any moment from now through Mon. 6 July, although Bruce said it would more likely happen on Tues. 7 July. 3- In the US on Wed. 1 July at 2:15 pm groups and cores all started, though it was just in emergency and travel funds that was paid out. 4- There was a possibility of Tier 4b being notified of the Secured Website and thus 800#s Mon. afternoon 6 July, though more likely it would be on Tues. 7 July. 5- We would see some announcements from Trump in celebrations either Fri. 3 July at Mt. Rushmore or Sat. 4 July in Washington DC. Those announcements would likely be on NESARA/GESARA, a return to the original Republic, Common Law, a return to the Gold Standard and the new US Note. 6- Overnight last night Wed. 1 July 65 individuals were arrested. Beginning this morning Thurs. 2 July 168 high value arrests would take place and complete by midnight Fri. 3 July. 7- There were 2,200 small banks not connected to the QFS that have become the target for siphoning monies. At 12:05 this morning Thurs. 2 July arrests of those doing that were completed. These banks were getting higher servers to be completed in six days. 8- The Zim currency was on par with our dollar as of 1 July. 9- Iraq had done everything they needed to do as of 1 July. 10- There was a coin shortage going on because the US Treasury was collecting silver coins to melt down to make new coinage in silver half dollars, quarters and dimes that should come out this weekend.
  6. Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests... If true, no RV anytime soon...maybe the start of the new fiscal year, 1 Oct. Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine. TNT: From across the pond..... All talk today is the plan to cover the salaries for next 3 months at reduced rates so Iraq can pay salaries. Then after 3 months, the new plans and reforms will assist. This indicates no rate change for 3 months going into the new fiscal year just like they talked about this morning and now is on Iraqi TV. [REMEMBER: Watch they DO... not what they say]
  7. Luigi found this article of Z Note holder's interests... Zimbabwe declared the 2008-09 series Promissory Trillion Z Notes a dead currency in 2014. That is illegal. Zimbabwe is the wealthiest nation on earth & must honor the notes. Zimbabwe must honor the Z as it is a legal tender Promissory note. Joey McHale: I read this earlier... The Zim 2008-2009 printed Trillions Series aren’t fiat money, they’re “Promissory Notes”. Each & every note says “Promise to pay the bearer on demand”. Therefore it is illegal in every country per UCC law not to honor. All the Trillions Series must be removed from circulation only after a legally mandated set in stone publicly advertised redemption of “Zimbabwe Trillions Series” note redemption period paid only by legal tender of the country you are redeeming in, all of which has yet to take place by law. It is 100% illegal to lop any zeroes off any financial instrument with this promissory note language, which ALL NOTES on the Trillions Series have. PERIOD. IMF created the Trillions Series for Zimbabwe in the first place in 2008 printing stopped early in 2009. IMF has ascertained in writing that Zimbabwe has the highest wealth of all 209 nations in the new worldwide financial system which is SOLELY based on in ground assets up to 22 miles deep. Zim as calculated by IMF prior to the signing of the GCR by all 209 nations in December 2016. The redeeming staff at your RV appt will negotiate with you on your rate, they have to buy UCC Law since it’s a promissory note. After Zimbabwe has conducted worldwide PUBLIC notification and held a worldwide redemption period for the PUBLIC only then can the Trillions Series be declared VOID by law. Period end of discussion. Anything else is illegal and the note holder may bring suit. IMF ascertained Zimbabwe’s wealth in the new Quantum Financial System to be 125,000x greater then the United States. So there’s no way Zimbabwe will be allow to get away scot free not honoring some of their Trillions Series in a public redemption period of at least 30 days by UCC law. Don’t argue with your redeemer be very nice but inform them by handing them this on a sheet of paper when stating the amount of money you are requesting.
  8. Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests... China threatens to ban US from GCR over delays...issues ultimatum. Treat as a rumor. Not verafied. Your opine. JUDY LYINGTON: Due to security risks of riots and destruction across the nation & need to arrest 41 Antifa and Riot Leaders, the 800#s release has been delayed to Tues. 30 June. Two weeks ago Judy Shelton begged China for ten more days due to security issues within the US – Antifa led riots, murders and destruction. The delay was given. The US had until last night Thurs. 25 June to get Tier 4b started – which didn’t happen. Because that deadline wasn’t met the Chinese Elders threatened to withdraw the US from Zim & currency redemptions. After tumultuous all-night & next day discussions, the Chinese, US Treasury, Department of Defense & RV Teams finally decided on another RV release schedule. This afternoon Fri. 26 June the DoD Update confirmed that the new schedule was the final end of this journey – Fri. evening 26 June through Tues. 30 June. The 800#s release was slated for next Tues. 30 June.
  9. Luigi found this article of denarian interests... This article has mostly gone unnoticed with all that's going on. Did Trump quietly, without fan fair, announce the new Gold Standard? Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine. 'Gold is the Standard' -- Sierra (NZ) June 25, 2020...A cryptic text from Trump Vegas Hotel today will get currency exchangers buzzing with excitement... 'Gold is the standard but silver linings are pretty good too.' President Trump said the word 'gold' yesterday when he related a story about a man carrying satchels into a DOJ meeting. President Trump said, 'He had lots of gold in those satchels. We caught them...'. Check it out in this KarliQ tweet... In the case of the gold in the satchels, and 'We caught them...' it could also be connected to Deep State arrests and the confiscation of their assets as represented by the word 'gold'. When it comes to President Trump, the Alliance & Q there are often multiple meanings. President Trump is sending plenty of signals about the incoming financial reforms - including the RV and Gold Standard - for those of us with ears to hear and eyes to see. We are ready and waiting, Sir. Currency at the ready... In other news, the Federal Appeals Court ordered Judge Sullivan to dismiss the case against General Flynn. Check the details in this tweet montage by Lisa Mei Crowley...
  10. Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests... CBI states it now has political & economic stability to RV. Treat as rumors. Not varafied. Your opine. 6-24-2020 Newshound Guru Pimpy ...In the foreign expo for Iraq, ALLAK GAVE A SPEECH...basically what he was saying was before we can go international (he was talking about the dinar) we have to make sure we have reform that makes everything stable internally. The ECONOMY needed to be stable. The BANKING needed to be stable. Pricing needed to be stable. Low and behold today guess what happens... Article: "The Central Bank of Iraq announces the SUCCESS of its efforts to REFORM the economic environment and achieve stability in prices". This is why so many people feel like the dinar is going to happen this year - 2020...these things are exciting...this is great if the stability locally is done, what does that mean for us internationally? It's looking good guys - really good. I have faith this thing is going to happen really soon...
  11. Confucius says...The white toilet papers are white until they're used.
  12. Luigi finds these articles of Dinarian interests... Luigi says...Urgent: White Papers released in Feb, now made public. WP are the blueprints to the RV, the date, rate, economic reform. Treat as rumors. Not varafied. Your opine. Go RV! 6-23-2020 Newshound/‌Intel Guru Walkingstick [via Frank26] ...these WHITE PAPERS are the end result of when they have pulled the trigger of the monetary reform...the White Papers have the RATE & the DATE... [Reference Frank26 6-23-2020] 6-23-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 ...the CBI has introduced something that was in those meeting two months's called "WHITE PAPERS". It's a report. It's a guide. It's a definition of an agreement...White Paper is extremely important. It's an authoritative report. It comes from the authorities of the Fab 4. It's important for the structure of Iraq and it's important for the international structure of Iraq. This White Paper is extremely's been introduced from the CBI to the GOI. What's it for? Mainly it's for the BUDGET. What's in the budget? The ECONOMIC REFORM. I told you they need the financial reform first in order to have the economic reform...these White Papers are the passport for the NEW IRAQI DINAR...
  13. Bruce was right. The #800 were released then stopped... Judy Lyington: There were 3,300+ 800# notification emails sent out Wed.-Thurs. 17, 18 June to those who the Department of Defense Security Teams knew were Deep State connected. The Sting Operation netted 3,100+ higher level Deep State operative arrests after they called the 800# and tried to make appointments to exchange / redeem. Because of that successful and we have been told very last Sting Operation on Deep State members, before or by Tues. 23 June we in Tier 4b (the Internet Group) would receive 800# notifications to start our exchanges/ redemptions on that same Tues. 23 June.
  14. Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests... BREAKING...We have a new price. Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine. 6-20-2020 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan ...Alak just said, "WE HAVE A NEW PRICE"... As in past tense. That's fascinating because he's already got it ready. It's ready to go. I think the other thing he's going to come back to tell you is "when". And how does he tell you when? ...The central bank, I don't care who you are they're not gonna come out and say we're revaluing our currency tomorrow at xyz. At such and such a time. They're not going to do that...the central bank is not in the business of telling you exactly what they're going to do...they do give you a guidance...and that's what they're doing here. They're being very very careful... 6-20-2020 Intel/Newshound Guru Frank26 ...the citizens know very well what's going on...the lava flow of preparing the banking system to go international - done. The lava flow to explain to the citizens has been accomplished pretty good but it will continue long after they raise the value of the currency. Now the lava flow is spilling out around the borders and the international world already knows this...the lava flow which is unstoppable is now at the point now that the United States got involved...
  15. Luigi found these articles of Dinarian intersts...Let's celebrate. Treat as rumors. Not varafied. Your opine. Guru Nick Fleming: Our military intel contact just got back with this update: EVERYTHING ON SCHEDULE for T4B to join 4A appts on TUE 6/23 -- He is confirming Mr. Fleming's sources that everything is still on schedule, & the UST, the IMF, along with DOD & the CHINESE are still on the same RV release schedule for the T4B 800# notifications to come out next Tue 6/23 to start redemption appointments then, as long as initial payouts of higher levels above T4B are completed from today Fri 6/19 to Sun 6/21--so he confirmed that all RV teams are working aggressively now to get those completed; at this point funds have been moving to execute these payouts from about 11am EDT this morning Fri 6/19 and will continue through the weekend, so that we in T4B can join the 120-30 T4A APPOINTMENTS ALREADY SET for NEXT TUE 6/23; Bruce The Goose: The #800 were released then stopped. This was to catch the bad guys in a sting operation.
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