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  1. Luigi asks...Who says Iraq don't give a rat's a** about a Christian holiday. 10/21/2018 Sandfly... sandyf @joeSchmoe: laugh Mr F seems to think that he can just start sounding positive, and we will all forget his claims of 'LOP/RD' Obviously Mr Joe is quite selective in what he chooses to read, ignored the posts from the days before. ------------------- "Delete the zeros" or redenomination will take some time to prepare for implementation, usually about 2 years. In the meantime there are positive indications for a very good Christmas. --------------- @Baxter Tell SandyF... that the Delete the Zero Process...thats going to take 2 years to Implement... started about 6 years ago... LOL. Obviously you are perfectly free to distort the context and have a laugh. The plan to redenominate has been discussed for a lot more than 6 years but has never been passed. Once the Bill has passed through parliament the redenomination will take about 2 years to prepare.
  2. Luigi1

    RV/RI HCL Coming Early 2019?

    They're back...time to re-load...we are running out of rumors.
  3. Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests... It's a long read but it's loaded with news. Not varified. Your opine. 18/10/2018 Delta... WOW....EXCELLENT CC....Thank you, FRANK, WALKINGSTICK, DELTA, ANGEL-1 & TEAMS!!! "What was Told to the Rose that Caused it to Unfold & Open Up".....(Much was told @ the Symposium) Delta -- from Budget 90 Billion Dinars to print Currency...rate has to be high. Video translation from more more delays... Video interpretation is a repeat of escort articles, of Art 2... Value / Strategic from CBI, spoke of; --Existing plan to delete zeros. --Alak proving he was right about signature. --talking about how plan was to take place in 2014...stopped due to isis. --no more excuses --more education for citizens --timing --implementation will benefit economy, currency, power of purchase etc. -- rehashing/repeating we are about to delete the 3 zeros....metals introduced without hesitation... WS-- A Sovereign Currency for a Sovereign Country...When a Governor puts a signature on currency it's because preparing to leave and go International / Global markets... Table has turned... CBI saying we are getting it Done! So much in place ...Very impressive... GOI tipped their hat by supporting Alak's signature...GOI is saying currency is going international....IQD is going to change the face of the global market, because of a Basket! Article--"Delete Zeros Is Still in Existence" Video WS brought us was CBI defending Alak & MR...Video is all the articles we have been wanting from. Art 2 ... All of a sudden from an Article to Video form, so all could understand...CBI saying We are doing it! CBI has taken 2/3 of the 3 zero notes out of markets/off street of Iraq. Out globally ...44 trillion... Include all assets, gold & oil...good condition for dinar to come out globally.... Symposium ...Extremely Important...was all about Iraqi Currency... -- Many Meetings -- CBI Reps -- All over Iraq -- Will have more meetings in Kurdistan -- different Universities -- being done by Economists who are students of CBI (education process) -- other Entities having meetings, ie. financial communities... Why? Education is everything! Must not fail with Citizens of which 47% are illiterate & 80% have never seen their currency with value...perfect environment to teach young blood... WS's firm there... Coming week will see more of Art 2 escorts, that will expose themselves due to Symposium meetings... Article- "Indicators of Important & Realistic Stability" Alak wanted S & S... Security Outline from Economist everyone trusts... This is Huge... --Open Green Zone --Disappearance of Arms from Streets --Service Index Uninterrupted Power --Industrial Indicators --Commercial Sector Exploding --Education (Technocrat Government) --Health & Medical Index --We Can Travel (passports) --Universities --Economy Booming (evidence of what CBI wanted) --FINANCIAL INDICATOR INDEX deletion of zeros from IQD is evidence of the strength of purchasing power of IQD & return to predecessor of it's reign... (re-arranged Shabbi's words PAST TENSE)!!!! Abadi is still PM for a reason...MR & ER still plowing forward....Nothing stopping it! Mahdi, when are you going to sit your Gov.? So called support are actually fighting against Mahdi...trying to seat their candidates...not the ones Mahdi selected. Don't lose control or USA could place you under Emergency Gov, Military Embargo... because tired of waiting!!! We have literally been watching Iraqi history unfold before our eyes...we've been taught by the Best of the Best...Frank, Walkingstick, Delta & All Teams...who have never let us down, nor wavered... Standing in strength, truth & integrity... Much gratitude to you all... The seeds you all have sown will come back to you in very great measure...huge blessings! This CC is in Frank's opinion & this post is in my opinion.
  4. Luigi says... Treat as a Bruce rumor. Not varafied. Your opine. 18/10/2018 Bruce The Goose... Our USD is also now gold backed and we call it USTN, United States Treasury Note. Every few people call it that. Most people call it USN. I been told the new term is on this call is United States Treasury Note, USTN. We heard as a result of what Neil Kennan did as a result of his announcement today that real money which I take to mean real gold back USTN money started flowing out of Big Reno, out west today at about 2:30 EST . That would have been before lunchtime out west. What Neil did which is 4am EST overnight, he signed off all the paperwork that gave him the responsibility to take over as Trustee over all these gold assets. Then today at 3:08:19 EST he did an announcement that explained sort of what he was doing and what it meant for the world in the assets back currencies.
  6. Luigi found these articles of Dinarian interests... It looks like GOI is not ready. Everything is not done. The next window should be sometime in the 1st quarter 2019. Not varified. Your opine. 10-16-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article quote: "...the Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister confirmed the appearance of Mohammed Salih on Sunday that the sovereign wealth fund (now 20 trillion dollars (not dinars) will be launched next year 2019 after the implementation of the law of the National Oil Company, noting that the fund will be used for development purposes directly." Talk about “financial stability”? WOW! 10-16-2018 Newshound Guru Kaperoni‏ Another article states...Iraq is going to have a great economic renaissance and investment from non-oil in the coming period. Let's hope. 10-16-2018 Newshound Guru Breitling …But if anything ever comes up…I will say hey guys shut it down, get rid of your dinar at any rate you can because it’s not going to revalue. I promise you that…nothing has changed. If the CBI has not put anything out then nothing has changed…unbelievable happy situation for us what Iraq wants to do…what Iran is plotting for Iraq to do. That’s what they want. All of a sudden it’s a big deal for Iraq to revalue because they [Iran] can benefit from it. Why? Because their country is being shut off from the world. That’s a huge plus for us. You should be excited. I’m not kidding, you should be very very excited because it means something. Now what’s the rate and what’s the date it’s going to come out? I haven’t got a clue… If I see there is no path at all. I have no problem of telling you, ‘Hey guys this probably is not going to work out.’ I have absolutely no problem telling you all knock it off and get out. I’m not emotionally, physically, anything, attached to this. I’m speculating and I’m watching the numbers. Now I happen to think it’s going to revalue and I have absolute confidence that it’s going to. And you guys know why… because I’m showing you the numbers. I keep going over it over and over again. Absolute confidence.
  7. Luigi says... We will have to just put all out trust & faith in the Gurus. All the links are in way to confirm or varify. Frank26: WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS FROM THE CBI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Walkingstick: Friday, October 12 Video: delete the zeros is still exist and the mass of cash is 44 trillion dinars LINK DELTA: THANK YOU BROTHER I DID WATCH IT LIVE……. NO WAIT NO EXCUSE …..FROM THEM… Alison: Despite whatever little steps backwards those knuckleheads may be tempted to take from time to time is also VERY encouraging to be reminded that what we all seek is on track. Thank you Walkingstick, Delta, Frank and all teams...LINK... Popeye7: Article: “Turkey: release of US priest Branson” LINK Remember that this was one of the main reasons that the US placed sanctions on Turkey… The imprisonment of this priest, and our country demanding his release… Well, I believe his release is very significant as far as timing goes… IMHO…LINK...
  8. Luigi1

    The RV Holdup Has Now Been Resolved.

    HOT...this latest just in...we are now in alert status... 10-11-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru Bluedog... CAN'T STOP THE FEELING!...To what's coming, and now we need to get ready... and prepare NOW... 10-11-2018 Newshound Guru Bloodloch... Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat quote: "...the day the reinstatement occurs and the rate changes they are NOT dropping the three zero's and 5,000 will not become 5 and 25,000 will not becomes 25 in-country or out of country. The CBI has told us many times over and over again in multiple articles that these older 3 zero notes will “coincide” with the smaller category notes." I agree 100% with Mt Goat's statement. Upon reading, it occurred to me that I may have been unclear in one of my earlier posts. ...some may have thought that I was suggesting they were simply going to drop the 3 zeros from their existing currency. Not at all. What I do believe is that they may be preparing to issue VLD (Very Low Denomination) classes of currency in addition to the three-zero notes, the latter being phased out in the natural course of almost 40 million Iraqis going about their daily lives, buying and selling, earning and consuming, transacting normal business in favor of the new, dimensionally smaller, lower face value, maybe even prettier and more patriotic, VLD notes. It is possible this gravitation could have a pronounced effect on various macroeconomic values and ratios, which may, in turn, have further pronounced effects on things like intrinsic values and purchasing power, all occurring at reasonably controllable, predictable speeds. And if this turns out to be true, it might end up being said in retrospect that never was the term "less is more" more profoundly appropriate.
  9. Luigi says... The dispute over the Governor's name on the new Dinar has been resolved. This also paves the way of the new lower 50 & 100 Dinars. Coins should be next. Go RV...Let's cash out. 10/11/2018 KTFA: Sunkissed: HUGE - HUGER - HUGEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100 Dinars!!!! and 50 Dinars!!!!!! Samson: Economist: Putting the name of the governor on the currency is universally recognized. 10th October, 2018... The economic expert Hussein al-Khakani said Wednesday that the issue of placing the name of the governor and signing it is universally recognized, while stressed the need to shine with the issuance of small currency. Al-Khakani said in a statement to the "Trend News" and viewed by "Economy News", that the national currency is constantly exposed to damage and the Central Bank of Iraq sets up cash collections ready to be replaced with the damaged currency after the reference with red ink certain and put numbers for the new currency and then put it In markets.
  10. now we have a 7th Gurus in is the day.... 10/9/2018 KTFA... WOW! The Mother Of All Time Frames!!! Awesome CC... Thanks Frank, Walkingstick, Delta & Teams! Spot on....over and over again! I am so grateful for all you have done for us! Nothing is clearer in this CC... Embrace the RI...we are at the point of Welcoming it! Watch for Article 2... We saw LD's last Thursday...replacement of worn, torn notes is done... Next is, Article 2 for the Citizens...This must not fail with the Citizens... Art 2 will have date of ------>RD/RV --When to go to bank --Pictures of small notes & coins --Descriptions/labeling --Explanation of RI --Location where to pick up notes This does not mean rate has to go up with 2nd Art...Do not expect rate to go up... After Article 2, very shortly after.... boom, rate changes.... when small notes are released to Iraqi Citizens... Article 2 is well calculated....been in preparation, because they have a date... Along with LD article, focus now is... RD for a specific manner to reach RV & RI Turkmenistan Article is golden road.... but not indicative of their time frame! The MR is the Hottest thing in Iraq!!! Frank is closing the Door of our study... Continue with FAITH....It's happening/wrapping up, right before our eyes...just as we've been told to expect...because we have the Best of the Best...leading us to where we, now are at... Mission Accomplished Frank, Walkingstick, Delta & Teams...Bravo! This CC is in Frank's opinion, and this post is in my opinion.---
  11. Dan's tidbit update just in. Tuesday Afternoon: SUMMARY: UST sources are still saying that we are in the window for release of the 800 numbers and of the funds to hydrate the exchanges, and that we will probably not make it to Friday before it is done. Tuesday Evening: SUMMARY: UST sources are still saying that we are in the window for release of the 800 numbers and of the funds to hydrate the exchanges, and that we will probably not make it to Friday before it is done.
  12. 9/10/2018 GURU DAN... 1. A UST contact says that the window is now open from now until the 15th for the 800 numbers to be released and the release codes on the paymaster funds. He does not expect that we will go to Friday Oct. 12 without exchanging, or at least getting an appointment to exchange. 2. Sharing info from an “Authority on the Financial Markets” Zap says that the money for the RV was paid out in China last weekend and that we will be paid in October, possibly as early as tomorrow Wed. Oct. 10. 3. Doug Jones of Landa has a good explanation of the legendary Private Placement Platforms, or PPPs, which have been used to make billions of dollars for the planet, only to have it stolen by the Cabal, including how they might be useful to you in the future. 4. Ben Fulford reveals to his readers the utter depravity of the Cabal. But it is old hat to you guys, right? 5. Phil Tilton says that Donald Trump was installed as President of the Republic at midnight last night Oct. 8-9. He offers no evidence or support for such a statement. 6. Ex-CIA counterintelligence officer reveals that the “three dark amigos” Mueller, Comey and Lynch, have been involved in protecting Hillarious in her evil deeds back since the 1990s up to the current time! Important revelations! 9/10/2018 Bruce The Goose... 1. Bruce was put on alert to receive the 800#s today Oct. 9. 2. On Oct. 8 the Chinese Yaun was placed by the IMF into the SDR drawing basket. 3. This morning Oct. 9 the Iraqi Dinar was traded on NASDAX, Forex and CBOE Exchanges. 4. The Dinar Back Screen rate was very high today Oct. 9. 5. The Zim was going up in value every eight hours. 6. Your project has to show a need for the higher Zim rate. 7. This may go no matter what the storm was doing. 8. The platforms in different parts of the world were treating the Dinar, Dong and Zim as Historical Bonds. 9. They may start paying out after midnight tonight Oct. 9 EST. 10. We should be paid at the same time the groups were made liquid. 9/10/2018 Many Gurus from around the web.... 1. Q Post #2361 Oct. 7: ‘[BOOM WEEK]’ Q 2. Dan: Release of funds and 800 numbers would be somewhere between now and Mon. Oct. 15, though we do not expect that it would go past Friday Oct. 12 without exchanging, or at least getting an appointment to exchange. 3. Bruce: On Oct. 8 the Chinese Yaun was placed by the IMF into the SDR drawing basket. Bruce was put on High Alert to receive the 800#s today Oct. 9. This morning Oct. 9 the Iraqi Dinar was traded on NASDAX, Forex and CBOE Exchanges. They may start paying out after midnight tonight Oct. 9 EST. We should be paid at the same time the groups were made liquid. 4. TNT: It appeared that the RV could go anywhere from Tues. Oct. 9 through the weekend to Mon Oct. 15. The banks were ready to go this week. The Iraqi Parliament would vote on their new government Tues. Oct. 9 or Thurs. Oct. 11, with expected RV release within 72 hours after their new President was sworn in, or by next weekend. The date on their new notes was Friday Oct. 12 2018. Iraq had a three day holiday scheduled for Sat. through Mon. Oct. 13, 14 and 15. 5. Chloe: A contact who was in a position above the Bankers in Reno said that they did not expect it to go until Wed. Oct. 10. 6. Poofness: The funds for the RV were deposited to seller accounts in China last weekend and would be available on Tues. Oct. 9 or Wed. Oct. 10. 7. Wikileaks Assange: “Hillarious Clinton has committed High Treason and if not formally charged by Oct. 21 for mishandling sensitive material we will release proof that she is guilty of high treason against the US for selling patented military secrets to Saudi Arabia, with crimes against Russia, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Caledonia, and Brazil.” 8. QAnon: Nov. 3-4 Temporary Martial Law, Activation of Emergency Broadcast System, Arrest of John Podesta. (This would include the unsealing of over 55,000 indictments filed in federal courts across the nation this year, many of which involved prominent people and US government officials who were part of Clinton’s international Satanic Pedogate/ Pizzagate/ Comet Ping Pong/ Hollywoodgate Pedophile Child Trafficking Ring run by the Vatican and funded by US taxpayers through a Black Budget of the CIA Mind Control Program).
  13. Luigi1

    Baghdad Post...RV Jan 2019?

    Luigi asks... Could we be looking at Jan 2019 as the next possible RV window? The RV is in the budget or so we been told. Not varified. Your opine. 7/10/2018 Baghdad Post ...FY2019 budget to be passed by parliament at end of 2018... The Council of Representatives of Iraq will pass the budget bill for fiscal year (FY) 2019 by the end of this year, according to Fatah Coalition MP Amer al-Fayez on Sunday. He affirmed that the former government has drafted the budget, to be handed to the new one for amendments and submitting it to the parliament. “The budget for FY2019 is ready, waits for the formation of new government to make amendments and submit it to the parliament,” al-Fayez stated on Sunday. The new government should make amendments according to its vision and reform plan, then submit it to parliament for approval. The newly-appointed PM Adil Abdul Mahdi is tasked to form a new government within the next 30 days of his appointment, according to the Iraqi constitution. Source
  14. Luigi1

    Be Prepared & Amazed...Next Week.

    6/10/2018 hot hot “The 1, 5, 10, 20, 100, etc., notes are to be new, as will be the coins.” – Newshound Guru MilitiaMan. Head of nail meet hammer. My own guess would be 100, 50, 25, 10, 5 and 1, as I surreptitiously suggested Oct 1st …but now I’m just splitting hairs. Why those denominations? Easy, because they match 100,000, 50,000, 25,000, 10,000, 5,000 and 1,000 but without the triple zeros. Did I mention it was simple? I think I mentioned that. As our friend Randy [Gru Randy Koonce] likes to say… Breathe. Change can be a scary thing, but if they’re doing what I think they’re doing, I’ll be able to explain how it’s going to work, and why it’s going to work, and even how quickly I believe it will work, but not until they actually step forward and initiate it. There is still a hidden aspect to it that won’t be evident until after it starts. The ball is definitely in their court.
  15. Luigi1

    Be Prepared & Amazed...Next Week.

    The RAT also weighs in on the above... 5/10/2018 RAYRAT: There is speculation that even smaller currency will be introduced next week also...TIME WILL TELL...

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