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  1. Luigi found these articles of Dinarian interests... Bruce says the global GCR has started. The signing of USMCA trade deal & US-China trade deal are the triggers. The Goat says sanctions on Iraq are to be lifted. Teat as rumors. Not varafied. Your opine. 12 Dec 2019 Bruce... 1. The USMCA Agreement was signed off on Tues. 10 Dec. The China Trade Agreement was signed off by Trump today 12 Dec. – meaning that the GCR has begun. 2. At 3:40 am EST today 12 Dec. the 27 Chinese Elders drew on their accounts and were paid out. 3. The groups, CMKX, etc. got started or continued today Thurs. 12 Dec. They could possibly get paid overnight tonight. 4. Banks and Redemption Centers were looking for this to be a very important weekend. 5. We were being told that everything would cut lose after 5 pm EST Fri. 13 Dec. and close by Sun. 15 Dec., though we may not get liquidity until Tues. 17 Dec. We do not know when the 800#s were coming out, but it could be this weekend. 6. Tier 5 (the general public) was supposed to start on Mon. 23 Dec. 7. The new US Treasury Note should be available on that Mon. 23 Dec. 8. You can take home in cash up to $14,000. That would be in USD. 9. There were calls with the banks in the last few days. They were told. 10. There has been clean up since Oct. 11 and was ongoing. 12 Dec 2019 MntGoat... What [is]… on that first list of demands by the demonstrators? Yes, currency reform is on the list (as to do away with the currency auctions)? This situation is fluid. But one day very soon this is going to just come out and the OFAC sanctions will be lifted on Iraq. When? I keep listing out the issues that seem now plausible for Iraq to deal with. It is now all about getting rid of corruption and Iranian influence in Iraq politics. I truly believe…these two items are blocking the reinstatement and must be accomplished to some degree.
  2. Your right. CBI is a separate independent identity from GOI. GOI can give CBI it's blessing to RV if conditions are in place to do so.
  3. ANOTHER URGENT UPDATE: DELTA: UDATE FROM IRAQI TV: Parliamentary Finance Committee intends to raise the price of the dinar against the dollar and give it strength between currencies Other
  4. Luigi found these articles of Dinarian interests... These two articles suggest a USD rate change is coming. Could the article mean a IQD exchange rate against the USD. Could CBI be disguising the IQD rate change by signaling a rate change in the USD? Treat as rumors. Not varafied. Your opine. Go RV. 12-6-2019 Intel Guru Delta ...Bank in Iraq...they had a statement that was very interesting, "THE U.S. DOLLAR RATE MIGHT CHANGE." That was very strange...November 29 they started putting that small memo there...this is the first time I've seen something like that...this is HUGE. 12-7-2019 Intel Guru Frank26: The CBI [representative Iraqi bank] came out and not only did THEY PUT IT ON THEIR WEBSITE BUT THEY PUT IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA...''THE US DOLLAR RATE MIGHT CHANGE'' ...all of this is coming together...
  5. Vanishing rubies. Why it's magic. There simply is no other explanation. It could also be the Roug a Roug.
  6. Luigi asks who's right...the Gurus or Iraq News? Who has more credibility? Read & heed...things are NOT going well in Iraq. The gurus claim everything is done & the RV is upon us. Can new elections & a stable government be accomplished in 2020 & beyond. Iraq News says Iraq is going back on some sanctions. Iraq News says Care Taker government's hands are new legislation until after new elections. Corruption & human rights abuses are rampant in Iraq. Then there's more news over more Iran interference in Iraq. Iran is moving missiles closer to US forces in Iraq. How can there be a RV in 2020 & how will foreign investors want to come in to Iraq under such conditions? We'll be very fortunate to even see a discussion of an RV in 2020. IMO. Where's the stability? Treat as rumors except for the real news stories out of Iraq. Not varafied. Your opine. Frank26 ...They're [the CBI] is talking like crazy...they came out and told...Iraq citizens we are not going to give out any more loans for a month...when you do an accounting move like that it's suspicious...this is because IMO there is a new rate coming...the logic that we're following here is not emotional... TNT: Red: HEARD 800 NUMBERS COULD BE THIS WEEK. Dedar: Yes there seems to be some very positive news out there at the moment. Lets pray this weekend will be a very special one. Phantom809: Today is Friday......Tony has often said that Friday was positive for an RV release! Iraq News: Abdul Mahdi “Iraq CARETAKER Gov’t Cant Do Anything”: (link removed) Shafaaq News: The US Treasury imposes sanctions on Iraqi officials, including militia leaders. The US Treasury Department announced on Friday the imposition of sanctions on 4 Iraqi officials for human rights violations and corruption. The US sanctions included the leader of the Asaib Ahl al-Haq group, Qais Khazali, and his brother Laith. Source THE BAGHDAD POST: Iranian Missiles Secretly Moved into Iraq: Report. Iran has taken advantage of the current unrest in Iraq and moved ballistic missiles into the neighboring country, US intelligence and military officials were quoted as saying. Asharq al-Awsat cited the officials as explaining that Iran is working on building a hidden arsenal of short-range ballistic missiles, as the US has rebuilt its military presence in the Middle East to counter threats to Washington’s interests in the region. The Baghdad Post: Iran ‘meddling’ a ‘huge violation of Iraqi sovereignty’: US The United States on Friday accused Iran of meddling in Iraq’s quest to form a government, calling it a “huge violation” of sovereignty.
  7. You read Cousin Brucie's mind, perfectly. Bruce The Goose says it's all done. RV Celebrating now. Iraq wants America to have this RV for Christmas.
  8. Guru just changed the date to make it appear legit.
  9. Luigi asks... Guru Jeff says a mouthful but can he back it up. Has anyone seen any CBI news articles to support Jeff's claims? Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine. 12-4-2019 Newshound Guru Jeff Document "The Exchange Rate of Foreign Currency in Economic Feasibility Studies 12/4/2019". Quote: "3. Estimate the amended exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar to be used in technical and economical feasibility studies and for (1.134) dollar per dinar. This price should be approved for 3 years until re-appreciation by the competent authorities."
  10. Luigi asks... This don't make any sense to nobody. Why would CBI give the general public their own RV window? CBI tells the Goat, the HCL is in the 2020 budget to be passed any day now. Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine. 12-1-2019 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan Quote: "The Iraqi Commercial Bank would like to draw the attention of its valued customers to the fact that the receipt of all credit transactions for loans will be suspended from 12/01/2019 until 01/02/2020" They did mention awhile ago about the need to modify contracts.. Wala... They are now telling us a window of that to occur... A rate change is coming... Modified contracts are in suspension while the rate gets taken care of. Wow! - IMO. 12-1-2019 Newshound Guru Mnt Goat I AM TOLD BY MY OWN CBI CONTACT that nothing is going to happen until at least the NEW 2020 BUDGET is opened. IT CONTAINS THE HCL money something the citizens are demanding...
  11. Luigi found these articles of Dinarian interests... Mahdi resigns over 40+ killed protesters. Treat as rumors. Not varafied. Your opine. CNN: Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi says he will resign. IKH News: Sadr welcomes the resignation of Abdul Mahdi and calls for a referendum. chattels: Iraq PM says ‘mistakes happen’ after UN slams protest abuses. chattels ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Adil Abdul-Mahdi, the embattled Iraqi prime minister, admitted human rights violations have occurred during Iraq’s nationwide protests, claiming “mistakes happen”, after a new UN report called for restraint. chattels Protesters say the masked men who routinely fire upon them are Iran-backed militiamen, not regular Iraqi security personnel.
  12. Luigi found this critical bit of intel of Dinarian interests... Sleep tight, sleep easy, tonight. The Goat is in negotiation with CBI in our best interests. Treat as a Goat (TerryK) rumor. Not varafied. Your opine. 11-27-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat We now approach January, again. Is Iraq going to be ready? We know that the demonstrators want the HCL payments promised them. Remember this was delayed from September 2018 until January 2019 and then the RV did not happen and so no HCL payments happened...Some say the CBI is still moving ahead with the “project to delete the zeros”. I agree but right now at a snail’s pace. They are waiting for the demonstrators to settle down. EVEN THEN, I AM TOLD BY MY CBI CONTACT THST NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN UNTIL AT LEAST THE 2020 BUDGET IS OPENED. It contains the HCL money something the citizens are demanding...
  13. Luigi says...your intel is just as good, if not better than the so called Gurus. Go RV.
  14. Luigi1

    RV Feb 2020?

    Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests... The RV wait is not very coming days soon after Feb 2020. It'll be a little late Christmas but still within the season. Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine. 26 Nov 2019 Frank26: The government came out and told the citizens ‘all the things you want it’s going to take a little time. But I want to let you know everything you want we put it in the budget for 2020. We included HCL. We included article 140. We’ve got everything in there. It’s all set for the year 2020.’ They were telling them FEB but the rate would have to be changed before that. I like that they actually came out and told the citizens everything you want we got it.
  15. Luigi found these articles of Dinarian interests... U.S. Hammer Coming Down on Iraq? Pence surprise visit to Iraq. Pence grants more leverage to the Kurds. Will Iraq go back on UN sanctions? Iraq is not taking care of business. Iraq is progressing backwards, not forward. The bloodiest week, ever of killed protesters. Treat as rumors. Not varafied. Your opine. 11-24-2019 Militiaman: Article: "Pence gave the green light to the Kurds on the sale of oil without involving Baghdad" I don't believe this is an aside for not paying the 250,000 barrels a day to Baghdad. In fact it is above and beyond that amount that could be sold. This bodes very well for the Kurds and us as investors, as it will seal the agreement for the implementation of the 2019 Federal Budget Law that will usher in the 2020 Budget cycle to come (imo) that has the Kurdistan's Regional share of it inside. 11-24-2019 Twisted Christian: U.S. Hammer Coming Down on Iraq? More Central Banks Buying Gold!: 11-24-2019 Chattels: Al Mada Special security groups & 2 armed factions are shooting protesters in Baghdad ISF is spreading stories that demonstrators are trying to storm the Central Bank of Iraq as excuse to shoot people. The protesters death toll rises over the weekend.
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