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  1. CBI may RV to last year's 1170 rate at first. That doesn't mean it'll stops there. Don't give up or be discouraged. There may be other rate adjustments after the initial first one. IMHO.
  2. here's another article related to the above...nothing but good news... CandyKisses: ARTICLE: “Parliamentary: Discussions & Dialogues to Review the Dollar Exchange Rate” Quote: “MP Najwa Hamid confirmed the House’s move towards reconsidering the dollar exchange rate. Hamid told the News that “there are discussions & dialogues between members of the House of Representatives & the Finance Committee specifically to reconsider the dollar exchange rate & we believe that an appropriate price will be maintained.”
  3. Here's an article from Dinarland... It appears the RV-RI process may be getting under way. Treat as a rumor. Not verified. Your opine. Clare: Article: “Starting tomorrow… the Central Bank of Iraq is moving to reduce the price of the dollar (document)” Quote: “The Central Bank of Iraq decided, on Sunday, to increase the weekly sales of the US dollar in the currency auction, in an attempt to restore the exchange rate to its previous state.”
  4. It looks like everything is moving in the right direction for us in Dinarland. Go RV-RI.
  5. here's another article related to the above...Does Warren Buffet know something ordinary inverstors do not? MarkZ via PDK: ARTICLE: Warren Buffet put millions into the Iraqi Dinar. Many of the greatest financial minds have invested in the Iraqi dinar. The revaluation is a “when” not an “if”. You can doubt the timing…but, do not doubt it will be very lucrative at some point.
  6. here's another article related to the above...according to Nader, the decission has already been made...Go RV-RI. Nader From The Middle East: ARTICLE: IQD The Decision Has Been Made The Exchange Rate It’s Gonna Go Down To The Old Right.
  7. here's two more article that supports the above article...all good news... TNT via CandyKisses: ARTICLE: Parliamentary: Discussions and Dialogues to Review the Dollar Exchange Rate. KDP MP Najwa Hamid confirmed the House’s move towards reconsidering the dollar exchange rate. Hamid told The News that “there are discussions & dialogues between members of the House of Representatives & the Finance Committee specifically to reconsider the dollar exchange rate & we believe that an appropriate price will be maintained.” “The rapid rise has led to a clear economic deterioration, due to the lack of study of the negatives & pros about it, so there is a real need to return the dollar exchange rate,” she added. Tishwash: ARTICLE: Parliament addresses the government again to resolve the budget and send it before the end of the legislative term.
  8. Here's an article from Dinarland... Progressing forward. The Kurds & Baghdad are on the same page. Both agree to reconsider the ER of the UDS. Treat as a rumor. Not verified. Your opine. ARTICLE: Parliamentary: Discussions & Dialogues To Reconsider The Exchange Rate Of The Dollar. The representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Najwa Hamid, confirmed the parliament’s move towards reconsidering the exchange rate of the dollar.
  9. Great find. TRAVELEX is a start. Next step is FOREX. The UN also posts the exchange rates, twice a month.
  10. Luigi1


    Boom-bobba-boom-bobba-boom. Let's go RV.
  11. Yup. I was in Kuwait as a DOD contractor shortly after. Nobody but the highest echelons & few people privy to such information knew about the Kuwait RI. I had around 30+ K-IQD in pocket to purchase incidentals on the local economy. If only I would have only been there two weeks earlier & knew. That 30 would had turned into 34,000. It was never meant to be, I suppose. I purchased most of my IQD from Bank of Kuwait in 2006. Many military & contractors also did likewise. In fact, it was a Grunt at Al Jabar AB that turned me on the IQD. That's my story & I'm sticking to it.
  12. here's another article related to the above...big story...CBI to host IMF meeting... TNT via Tishwash: ARTICLE: The Central Bank hosts the meetings of the International Monetary Fund mission in Baghdad. The Central Bank of Iraq announced, on Sunday, that meetings of the International Monetary Fund mission will be held in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on Wednesday & Thursday.
  13. Not disagreeing with the Pimpy. Comparing Kuwait to Iraq are like comparing apples to oranges. They are two completely different scenarios, two different circumstances. We know the Iraq RV is coming. In Kuwait we were caught by surprise. IMHO.
  14. The good news is we have a completed Cabinet. Will they be able to overcome their differences & get things done? Corruption is still the biggest issue facing Iraq. IMHO.
  15. Here's another article related to the above... Clare: ARTICLE: “The Central Reserve exceeded $90 billion & revealed the date for offering the 20,000 class” Quote “The value of the Iraqi currency or the balance exceeded 160%, as the value of the Iraqi dinar amounted to more than one & a half dinars…He expected, The 20,000 dinars coin will be offered at the end of next year 2023.”
  16. Here's an article from Dinarland... Will there be a Jan 2023 RV-RI? That all depends on what GOI accomplished between now & then. GOI is famous for foot dragging & disputes. Don't hold your breath for something to happen any time soon. Treat as a rumor. Not verified. Your opine. MntGoat: ARTICLE: December! This is a very critical month for us investors in the IQD for if we are going to see any action by the CBI to reinstate the dinar anytime in January 2023. We must begin to hear news from them over the change out of the paper currency in circulation to the lower denominations to accommodate the new rate which they call the “project to delete the zeros”, which we all hope will be finally out of the program rate & to a much higher once on FOREX. Yes, a rate reflecting the true VALUE of the IQD, a rate we are all looking for.
  17. There are no China rates or any special humanitarian projects rates. When the rate is released on FOREX...we all get the same rate.
  18. here's another article related to the above... TNT via CandyKisses: ARTICLE: The Iraqi Parliament completes the Cabinet of the Sudanese gov by granting confidence to 2 ministers. Today, Saturday, the Iraqi Parliament voted to grant confidence to the Minister of Construction, Housing, Municipalities & Public Works, Bankin Abdullah Rikani, & to Minister Nizar Muhammad Saeed Amidi. A news agency reporter said that the parliament held its session headed by Muhammad al-Halbousi, Speaker of Parliament, after the completion of the legal quorum, in the presence of 208 members. A statement issued by the Media Department of the House of Representatives stated that an absolute majority voted to grant confidence to the two ministers & thus the ministerial cabinet of the current federal government headed by Prime Minister Mohamed Shia Al-Sudani has been completed.
  19. Here's a thread from Dinarland... After a slow start with many delays GOI is now fully seated. Treat as a rumor. Not verified. Your opine. MarkZ via PDK: Member: Happy weekend everybody! Can you believe this is the first weekend of December already?! We sure have been through a lot this year, but look at us… We’re still standing. Member: Good Morning Everyone!!! I hope you all are having an amazing holiday season!! Member: It would be more amazing if we have the RV. Member: IMO- RV has already started, just waiting for our turn. Member: Iraqi govt complete….they sat the last 2 ministers today. Member: That is good news out of the sand box. MZ: Great news out of the sandbox. Now we just need "the" news we are looking for. MZ: The Iraqi cabinet is nearly completely sat now. 2 key seatings have just occurred. It appears the entire cabinet will be done before the sun sets today. MZ: There is a lot of speculation out there that we should then see our RV within a few days of the completion of this cabinet. At least that is the chatter. MZ: I do believe the CBI had been waiting to make sure the government of Iraq has their ducks in a row before they change that rate. The CBI is firmly in charge of changing the rate in Iraq. So to me the news is pretty exciting coming out of Iraq. We are seeing it all come together. MZ: other than that it’s been pretty quiet. Redemption Center staff have not been called in today. So I am not looking for a big announcement today… this point. Member: Get ready for Iraq to go on FOREX. Alone. Member: Yes Iraq can go independently & first. Member: Even if Iraq goes alone…..even if its 1 to 1 & floats…….it would sure help most of us get breathing space while we wait for the entire GCR to go. So just “DO IT” Member: Is NEER (Nominal Effective Exchange Rate) rate possible)$1.60) …….or full RV? ($3+) MZ: The Neer rate is always possible…..But, I am looking for the full RV. or a reinstatement rate. Member: ‘you mentioned a reinstatement rate? What is it? MZ: The reinstatement rate would be around $3.20 something.. …..unless they factor in inflation would make it considerably higher. Member: When they devaued it - the rate was $3.22 I believe . MZ: Normally when they reinstate a rate from the past…..and you can look this up throughout history…..normally the correct the rate accounting for inflation …so I look for the rate to be higher than that. Member: Considering what is happening to the dollar, I wonder how will that affect the petro dollar and our contract rate with Dinar????? Member: There is a rumor that Zimbabwe have forfeited their obligation with the Chinese Elders & will no longer be exchanged??? MZ: None of my contacts in banking and redemption centers have heard that rumor . They firmly believe it is still going to be exchanged…..& they are key players in this. I believe that is misinformation. Member: if Iraq changes their rate today then go exchange some dinar on Monday…imo. Member: I'm ready to go to the bank Monday!! Come on Iraq. Member: Just hoping we get a good rate on the dinar…. Member: Kuwait’s Dinar is worth $3.26 US & Iraq is a much wealthier nation…so rate should be higher. Member: I'd take the Dong at even a dollar if it would just go!! MZ: So would I ….I’m ready to be on the other side of this journey. Member: Remember when we thought the Dinar was going to be .86 and the Dong .05? We were so excited then!!! MZ: I still believe the dong will come out at the $2-$2.25 range. Contacts say it may be closer to $3.50 or so……but I still expect $2-$2.25. Member: My bank is doing an unscheduled update today . Hmmmm. Member: It’s getting harder for a lot of people. I pray for all of this to happen soon for everyone. Member: Feels like news is coming out fast now hope RV is before Christmas. Member: Lynette Zang says silver will increase soon. Get ready for gold backed currency. Member: BIS Jan 1st deadline for gold as 1st tier asset & banks to comply. RV deadline? Member: or RV Backwall???? Member: Warren Buffet said the dinar is a good long term investment. MZ: Good point. Waren Buffet put millions into the Iraqi Dinar . Many if the greatest financial minds have invested in the Iraqi dinar. The revaluation is a “when” not an “if” .You can doubt the timing….but, do not doubt it will be very lucrative at some point. Member: What do you call an elf that runs away from Santa's workshop? A rebel without a Claus! Member: If a tree falls in the woods and my wife isn't there to hear it, am I still wrong? Member: Dear God, let this positive feeling I have spread to everyone in the room -- peace & prosperity is on the way. Better days ahead for so many. Amen! Member: I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend knowing the finish line may be coming into focus! I will remember everyone in prayers.
  20. here's another article related to the above... Treat as a rumor. Not verified. Your opine. Frank26: ARTICLE: “Al-Salhi Announces The Date Of Raising The Budget To The House Of Representatives & Voting On It” THEY SAY BUDGET BY TUESDAY… MISSED THE 5TH BY 1 DAY.
  21. here's an article from Dinarland... Treat as a rumor. Not verified. Your opine. Kaperoni: ARTICLE: Parliament will complete the Cabinet this weekend & then they can RV the dinar. Not going to happen. Not how monetary policy works.
  22. Iraq raked in over $8 Billion last month alone. That equates to roughly around $24 million in November, alone. Mnt Goat Article: "IRAQ’S OIL GENERATES MORE THAN 8 BILLION DOLLARS IN ONE MONTH" WOW! WOW! WOW! This is a filthy rich country!
  23. My biggest worry is Iran, Russia & China takes control of the RV-RI & then finds a way to exclude the US from cashing in. A RV-RI for them & a LOP for the rest of us. IMHO.
  24. There are still some ongoing negotiations behind the scenes, per Iraq news. Kurdistan is still asking for 17% of the Budget. Oil revenues coming from Kurdish oil accounts for nearly 20% of all Iraq's oil revenues. It's only fair that the Kurds get more. IMHO.
  25. here's an article related to the above... ARTICLE: From other Iraq economic sources. 12-2-22. “No Appointments In The 2023 Budget”… Iraq’s International Commitments May Overthrow Government Employment. The economist, Ahmed Fouad, suggested, on Thursday, that there will be no “real appointments” in the 2023 Budget, due to Iraq’s commitments with the World Bank, calling for finding alternatives to government jobs & moving towards the private sector. Fouad told Shafaq News agency, “The draft budget law for 2023 is still in the Ministry of Finance, & it will be transferred during the current month to the Prime Ministry to present it to Parliament early next year & then decide on the Budget after the first, second & third readings.” The economist ruled out the existence of new appointments in the 2023 budget, attributing this to the fact that “Iraq is subject to the conditions of the World Bank, just as the country has borrowed large sums of money from external parties & the World Bank has set a set of conditions, including not providing additional appointments at the expense of the government.”
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