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  1. Thank you so much for posting this Video, Markinsa ! I’m pretty sure all this info will wake the public soon!
  2. Thank you very much, Floridian, for the correction. I really don’t know much about the technical stuff it takes to get the info on here. Just want to share what I believe others would like to know about. I do feel that there’s always the other side of any story......besides what the main stream media puts out there. So thanks again Floridian, very much appreciated ! 🙂
  3. Clk on - KENNEDY NEWS & VIEWS (Top right)
  4. I totally agree with you Kevin, and I Also agree with both Mikovits and Buttar on what they say about having to wear Masks.
  5. Dr. Judy Mikovits - and Dr. Rashid Buttar -
  6. Hi Adam, Thanks for checking worries.....Take care of yourself ! My Best To You n Yours !!😊
  7. Hi Kristi, Thanks for the your suggestion, seems to me I read on here a while back about that option. I’ll check ebay out. Have a Good Day ! 🙂 !!
  8. Hi There , Starr and Shedagal, Thanks for the Tip! How bout this then.........My asking Price is $900.00 and I’m Standing Firm ! ! !
  9. I’m declining your offer, Blitz, but thanks anyway.
  10. Hi Shedagal, Thank you so much for asking. For the most part, most everything is okay. Just need a little extra cash for right now .... again, thanks for your kind thoughts, I do appreciate them. 😊 !
  11. Hi There, I have 1,000,000 - Certified, Uncirculated, DINAR - in 25,000 Increments. Will Sell For - $900.00. Anyone interested, Please PM me.
  12. Hi Adam, Boy ! What a Fun Way to wake up and get this Great News ! ! ! Thanks , Adan, I can hardly contain myself.....I’ll be on ‘Cloud Nine’ for the rest of the day now ! ! ! ! ! !
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