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  1. Hi Adam, Thanks for checking worries.....Take care of yourself ! My Best To You n Yours !!😊
  2. Hi Kristi, Thanks for the your suggestion, seems to me I read on here a while back about that option. I’ll check ebay out. Have a Good Day ! 🙂 !!
  3. Hi There , Starr and Shedagal, Thanks for the Tip! How bout this then.........My asking Price is $900.00 and I’m Standing Firm ! ! !
  4. I’m declining your offer, Blitz, but thanks anyway.
  5. Hi Shedagal, Thank you so much for asking. For the most part, most everything is okay. Just need a little extra cash for right now .... again, thanks for your kind thoughts, I do appreciate them. 😊 !
  6. Hi There, I have 1,000,000 - Certified, Uncirculated, DINAR - in 25,000 Increments. Will Sell For - $900.00. Anyone interested, Please PM me.
  7. Hi Adam, Boy ! What a Fun Way to wake up and get this Great News ! ! ! Thanks , Adan, I can hardly contain myself.....I’ll be on ‘Cloud Nine’ for the rest of the day now ! ! ! ! ! !
  8. Well Adam, You have exceeded Well Beyond My expectations for the Fantastic News I asked for !!! Again, Thank you so Very Much. I am Truly Looking Forward to meeting You , as Well as other Folks here......when that Fantastic Day Arrives......To Cash In Our Dinar !!!
  9. Hi there, Adam ! I am waiting with Bated Breath, and with Wild Anticipation .......for Some Fantastic News from you !!! Also want to send Many MANY THANKS to You and All your Staff, for All the hard work you do after day !! !!!!
  10. Here Here, Synopsis, my sentiments exactly! ! My Very Best to You and Your Staff, Adam, you are all very Much Appreciated ! !👏
  11. Sorry Adam, I guess you were referring to the one you sent out earlier , about OSI Q&A Email . I did get that one. Thanks for all you and your staff do for all of us.....Much Appreciated !!!
  12. Hi Adam, To my knowledge, I did Not receive an Email from you about OSI, today. Anything I should do? Best Regards to You n Yours.
  13. Adam, I apologize, For not keeping up with all the info on Bitcoin. For the past two months, I have been dealing with severe Sciatica pain. I can only sit at my Desk top Computer for 10 to 15 minuets at a time. I have been trying to keep up with your info on Bitcom, but a lot of it is Way over my head. Is there any possible way .....That there could be List put on the forum of Reputable Investers for people like me choose from? I would be expect to pay a reasonable Fee, for their services . Either that ....or I’m open to any suggestions you may have.
  14. As a matter of fact.....I was wondering about that too, raeeman. How bout it, Adam? Got something for us ‘Ole Timers’ ? ! Also: About sending a Support Ticket. I Did Send one! November 30th, 2017, # 6740. I haven’t as Yet, received an Answer, from anyone. I will close with saying: I know You and your Staff are terribly Busy, And I commend All of you for the Fantastic Job you’re doing! This is by Far .....The Best Site for Dinar Info, available to us on the ‘Net’ and so glad A friend told me about you!
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