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  1. That would be my guess also, Shedagal. I can’t read the names in yellow listed below, because the color is too pale. I thought the problem was on my end.......tried to fix it, to no avail.
  2. Life, Liberty & Levin 9/19/20 | Fox & Friends September 19, 2020 Mark Levin explores the fundamental values and principles undergirding American society.
  3. The [DS]/MSM are now pushing everything to the next level, they are preparing for the elections. The playbook is known, the architect has been exposed and the people can see exactly what the [DS]/MSM are preparing to do. This has always been about the election and the [DS] 16 year plan.
  4. The MSM/[CB] have now lost the narrative of why the economy has not crashed. The states and cities where they are keeping everything locked down are now hurting economically. Retail spending it up but Aug slowed a bit, but the holiday season is coming and we know what happens. The real estate market is in a strong V recovery. The patriots are dismantling the globalists system and they are feeling pain.
  5. Todays Interview: Cyrus Parsa is has been dealing with China for many years. Their plan was to infiltrate the US from within by blackmailing those at the top. Once these people were controlled they were able to carry out their mission. China’s objective was to destroy the US and take over the world from within. The virus event is being used to create a cure so each and every person would need to take it. This cure would have nano technology and it would have been used to shrink the population and to control those who were left. This Video is - 1:09:45. Min
  6. Hi Adam . I Love The NEW LOOK. ! ! And BLUE ..🦋..Just Happens To Be My Very Favorite COLOR. ! ! ! 🦋 I have just one Question, if I May. I used to be able to click on a little box in the upper right hand corner......an Create Beautiful Colored lettering. It’s not there now. Wondering If will be back ? I am ,However, Very Appreciative for all the hard work You and your Staff do, for All of us ‘ Dinarians ‘ ! !
  7. I totally Agree with Chuck ! In the meantime....I’ll be Practicing my Patience ! Many Thankyous toYou and your Staff, Adam, for all your hard work!
  8. In My Opinion , Fauci DEFINITELY SHOULD BE FIRED❗️ Mark Levin Interviews Dr Harvey A Risch...... ( a renowned Professor of Epidemiology)....He talks about Fauci.
  9. Thanks Adam......SOON.... Works for me Too ! ! GOooooooooo ........... RV ‼️ ❗️❗️❗️
  10. ‼️ Totally Agree, Coorslite21.......Yep, Agree 100%. ❗️❗️❗️
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