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  1. Thanks Adam. We're getting closer!!
  2. All these years (a decade actually), Adam has been emphasizing the HCL. Other sources in Dinarland are saying the same within the last year or so. Can't wait for this to be all over. Thanks Adam! 👍 😎
  3. I assume you are referring to the Iraqi 50 notes? I was curious about that also. They were taken out of circulation a couple years ago. I believe they are still "legal tender" though. Maybe others can share their thoughts on this?
  4. Be safe out there everyone if you're in the path of Hurricane Dorian....
  5. Great info. Of course it's nice to have wealth (after we get the green light), but also great health. Thanks for sharing! 👍
  6. The dinar is the main currency to invest in, but if you have extra funds, it's always good to diversify such as in the rupiah. Just my opinion. As always, don't risk money you can't afford to lose! Good luck to all!
  7. Thanks Adam for the update. I'm soooo ready for the "green light". Been in this 9 years. Others, have waited longer. I seek not the material things this Blessing will offer, but rather the greater peace and freedom we will all have. Hope and pray this happens ASAP!! 🙏 😎
  8. Thanks Adam for the update. Interesting to know Mexico could be a possible exchange place. It's nice for all of us to have several options. We appreciate all your hard work for the forum members. Thanks again.
  9. Happy New Year to you Adam and your family, and of course, everyone here at DinarVets!
  10. Thank you Adam for your update. Happy Thanksgiving Day tomorrow also to you and your family, and everyone here in our DinarVets forum!! 🦃
  11. Thank you Adam for the updates. Looking forward to this RV roller coaster coming to an end (VERY SOON I PRAY AND HOPE)! 😎
  12. I'm assuming at least 10% in gold and silver. If possible, do more. Either way, it's better than not having any. Always wise to diversify. Thanks for the video!
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